“If anybody has any empathy it’s hard not to feel like maybe David didn’t get to really play I’m nice, I’m genuine, I’m helping, I clean”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony – Memphis did not use the veto David and NicA remain on the block.
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

10:19 am Janelle and Kaysar
Janelle says someone is still pissed (not sure who I think it’s NicF)
Kaysar – f* that shit what do you want me to do sit around and go home. Like what am I suppose to do ask her permission
Kaysar – they think they have the advantage they will be really pissed next week
Kaysar – I just don’t understand why she would be mad
Kaysar says they are offering Ian into their alliance and will say “no no we never got around to it”
Kaysar – he’s not stupid
Janelle – I know
Kaysar – I think he trusts me

They move to the storage room.
Kaysar warns her they can listen through the storage room door
Janelle asks what time “she” got pissed at
Kaysar – sometime in the evening, Tyler and Cody watching me chatting with Ian for a long time
Kaysar explains that he was talking to Ian and talking real close they could tell he was making inroads with Ian. “In about an hour”
Janelle – so they saw you talking to Ian and they started freaking out
Kaysar – They were like this is bad news.
Kaysar says after he finished talking to Ian he went and talked to NicoleF on the hammock for hours “the expression on their face was serious”
Kaysar – she hasn’t been the same ever since she’s trying to be super nice to him so it’s obvious something went down .

10:43 am Kevin and David
David – I’m sorry you are stuck in the middle with two people you care about
Kevin – you have it worse than me because you are on have-nots and up against someone you care about I didn’t have that situation.
David starts talking about his ethnicity and how he identifies with people of the same ethnicity.
David says he identifies with Kevin and Kasyar because they are both minority men.
David about Kaysar – I don’t know how far he played or how good he is.
David – now he’s campaigning against me and wants me out.. well not wanting me out .. it just hurts. especially this early
Kevin – I think there is a strategy to exaggerate things on their part I don’t know if there’s even a campaign there’s just 3 people
David – they are making up stuff and get it out there
Kevin – Make it seem like it really has it has momentum
David – people are smart enough in here to see that (Umm no)
Kevin says Kasyar and Janelle are playing like Rookies
Kevin – they are vets this is their second Allstars so something ain’t adding up
David – I know
Kevin can’t figure out why Kaysar and Janelle are playing so bad “Damn either you are so disconnected or you have something genius going on” (Nope you’re the only genius in the house Kevin)
Kevin – unless we’re the ones being dupped.. double dupped (DING DING DING)
Kevin – you think you can get Tyler
David – I think so
David – people don’t want to see me go they don’t want to see Nic go.
David – if anybody has any empathy it’s hard not to feel like maybe David didn’t get to really play I’m nice, I’m genuine, I’m helping I clean (we’re nearing the Kraken folks)
David- it’s something its not something I’m doing for the game.. I live here. it has some value outside of this game. I just don’t want to live here
Kevin – you have a similar mission as me
Kevin says David needs to start talking to everyone today and then put the extra work in tomorrow with the people that need it.
Kevin says he was begging NicA to get away from Janelle and Kasyar but she was lured in

11:03 am Bayleigh and David
Bayleigh – I see what is going on in this game.
David – I cannot go through what I went through last year in this house.. that hurt

David says if it’s a tie he thinks Memphis will “get me out”
Bayleigh – I agree
David – I feel like I have enough votes but Kaysar is pushing
David says Da’Vonne won’t be in the same room as him.
Bayleigh says Da’vonne will vote for David because of “her cause” The other people in the house are just trying to pick a side.
David saying that NicA was “Thrown out there by them”
David – we heard talk
Bayleigh – people are not voting on teams.

Bayleigh – everybody has their side things. it’s fine. there has to be what’s the ultimate. you know what I’m saying
Bayleigh says she has one goal the same one she told David and Da’Vonne. “Mingle, mingle, mingle as long as that comes first”
David says he’s been trying to communicate that to Da’Vonne
Bayleigh – she doesn’t know you so it’s hard
David – I’m not putting all my cards out there.
Bayleigh – why did you tell Janelle she had a one-week free pass
David – if she keeps me.
Bayleigh – a one-week free pass just tells her you’re coming after her anyways
David says he didn’t frame it that way. “I need votes I’m going to every person to ask”
Bayleigh – just lie next time and say I’m not coming after you
Bayleigh – this will be an interesting week and if you do stay our game will be PEW.. because a side was chosen. It’s fine we’re going to play a game.
David – I talked to Tyler.
Bayleigh – me and Tyler are Okay because what we went through was so traumatic because of what I went through everyone blamed Tyler for it it really hurt him. I don’t want him to get hate (wounded baby bird)

Bayleigh says she’s not going after Tyler she doesn’t want a redo of season 20
David – I didn’t like level 6
Bayleigh – nobody did level 6 sucks (nobody likes the 4000 alliance you all have made this season)
Bayleigh tells him she thinks it’s leaning his way for it to be a tie both Da’Vonne and her have to vote him out.
Bayleigh – Memphis has got to go, I want to come back put him on the block win veto cause he thinks he’s the veto king. He beat me once not twice. Now I know what it’s like

11:21 am NicF and Ian
NicF claiming that Ian is her “best friend”
NicF – they’re going to say whatever they can to everyone because they are desperate (Corey?)
Ian says Janelle and Kaysar are going to be sent out. Janelle will be first and Kaysar will be left. “His position is really good.. He’s going to be put up and unless there’s a veto Janelle will go and he’ll be the residual. he’ll be around for awhile. You have to think about those sort of things”
NicF says she’s loyal to ian
Ian – that’s not a question no matter what you will push for me to be in the core
Ian brings up teh Brigade and how Brintey made it far because lane wanted her there.
NicF – you’re not on the outside of anything don’t be scared of that ian
Ian – if we can manage to keep David this week and he’s going to be with us I think
(Ians’ the 7th person of a 6 person alliance of which 2 of it’s members have him as their main target)

David joins them.

12:06 pm Bros in the water..

12:07 am NicF slithers outside searching for a heat rock

12:45 pm NicA and Janelle
nicA says that the house will vote as a block on Thursday because everyone wants to be on the same page.

Janelle – did I tell you David’s pitch to me.. (how David is targeting Memphis)
NicA – you need to talk to Memphis about that
Janelle – I did
Janelle says Memphis told her he’s voting out David if it’s a tie.

1:12 pm NicA and Kevin Perfect read on the house
NicA saying that Jenelle is hell-bent on getting rid of NicF and Kevin.
NicA says Janelle used her and manipulated her “I’m embarrassed” (you sure will be. NicA and Kevin Allstars)
NicA – she can manipulate Bayleigh she can manipulate Christmas and Ian that’s all the people she wants on her side the people she will keep safe the people then she’ll dispose of them
NicA – you don’t dispose of your allies week 2

NicA – she’s campaigning for me to bury me
Kevin says she’s using Nica to form an alliance.
Feeds cut
When we’re back they’re talking about convincing the house that NicA is with Janelle and kaysar but only to take them out.
Kevin bring sup forming a “shadow” alliance in the house to keep her.
Kevin going on about as long as Kaysar and Janelle don’t win HOH they’re going up.
Kevin goes on about how NicA can convince the house that she will lull Kasyar and Janelle to let her win the HOH because they think she’s with them than NicA wins and puts them up.

2:02 pm Nica and NicF, Ian
NicA says Janelle came up with a plan to turn Ian against NicF adds that Janelle thinks it’s funny.
NicA – I’m not with them

2:36 pm Dani, Ian, Cody
Ian filling them in on what NicA is saying.
Ian calls it that Kaysar is going for the Spencer spot this season.

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It’s funny that J and K trash themselves and this season while the rest of the house can’t get over themselves….Xmas seriously thinking that anyone (outside of crossfit) would want to see her host anything!? Crossfit community only likes her for the image in the magazines and edited videos (and good edits on BB)…she does a good Reggie Jackson, though.


Their play wouldn’t look bad if they had a correct understanding of anything. If it was true that Janelle and Kayser were lying to her they would be smart to not listen. Instead they swallow one misdirection after another and miss every clue to the truth. Who couldn’t see the large alliance of New School players. Yes Nicole, you are bring left out as usual but you are being left out by your peers not the mature decent people.


Good lord, these have to be the dumbest people on the planet. What a freaking joke of a cast for All Stars. I’m sorry you have to watch all this mess Simon, I’m thankful for the updates though!


WTH is going on? All that’s missing is Twilight Zone music. I had average expectations. I set the bar way too high.


It’s painful to watch. I wish Nic A hadn’t returned this season. I think this game is taking a toll on her. Perhaps getting voted out this week is best. I think she’s a nice person and wish her the best.


Did anyone see Janelle & NicF talk at the very 1st that they were really in an alliance, but would not be seen together? But now with all the talk about Nicole ruining Derrick & someone else from coming on the show or am I wrong?

Bring Back Johnny Mac

Yes! I swear I remember this too and have been wondering about it but at this point I guess they were both lying.


Janelle did say not to mention that she was invited to the wedding, yet NicF has made mention to HGs last night about the invite.


I thought I remembered them talking too!


They are playing exactly as they did before… Kevin has not changed a bit since Season 11, the people he is playing with are different but he is the same. NicoleA is doing exactly what she did before… Neither one was the strongest player… to be as nice as possible.. they are nice people that suck at Big Brother who benefited from other peoples drama and egos not skill.

Kid Rock

Is it just me or is Kevin the only one with a long term strategy?

What’s weird is, I think the others aren’t on to his game. Watch for him to quickly link up with Janelle when NicA leaves.

The Beef


All Stars???

Not unless his strategy is to win America’s LEAST Favorite Player. And with these houseguests, there is some tough competition for that title.


THIS “NicF slithers outside searching for a heat rock”

Team Janelle

LOL!!! I didn’t even let that one sink in until your comment.


That made my day.


Who campaigns for you that hard to bury you? I think it’s safe to say that Nic A’s gone mad.

I feel bad for you Simon, Kevin and Nic A’s BS is not we all have been waiting for. It sucks. Thanks for your hard work though.

Houka Inumuta

Nicole and Ian are playing the best games in this house. No one is targeting Ian and no one is targeting Nicole. Meanwhile Jayser said he wants to put Tyler on the block.

My predictions are really coming true.


Best game, possibly. But it’s so obvious that Memphis wants to revenge for Dan by getting Ian out and Jaysar want Nicole F outta there. (Maybe after Cody though.) I hate to say this, but I think the person who is in the best and safest spot right now is Christmas. I think no one is nominating her, unless Janelle notices Christmas was playing her, which I think is not gonna happen soon.

Starry night

That’s what I said. As of now Christmas is playing the best game.


David & Bayleigh: Nobody liked Level 6. Level 6 sucks.


Level 6 managed to send home members of the opposing alliance week after week, despite not winning HOH. Level 6 was the last alliance that utilized brain activity in the BB House.


Bayleigh thinks she’s a queen because she was raised as a little princess. Watch the challenge, she is way up in her own mind. Once she cracks, it’s excuse, excuse, excuse.

She doesn’t like Level 6 because they played her and her alliance for fools.

The Beef

Level 6 was one of the best alliances in the history of Big Brother! Is it shocking really that Bayleigh wouldn’t be high on them since she wasn’t with them? And since David has admittedly not watched even a single season of the show, I’m not sure how he can even have an opinion on ANY alliance or how it may have functioned. This appears to be a case of the blind leading the blind.


No, Bayleigh, no one liked “FOUTTE”.


Brutal…all these alliances are so confusing and hard to tell who’s real and who’s not. I wish DR was on live feeds lol


Even then, production pushes them for an angle. They aren’t 100% accurate.

another name

How do you not end up typing full on sentences of cursewords?

Okay. so the boys alliance that David admitted to is fine.
Tyler is a sweet wounded baby bird.

Kaysar doesn’t pick up that Memphis has too much other side information, and is too pushy on protecting Cody for a guy that spends most of his time away from the houseguests. Of course Kaysar doesn’t put it together, even after Memphis turned down their alliance.

David’s campaign sucks. NicA’s campaign sucks. Can we insist on a double eviction.. just both. Out. Season 21 and all references should be with season 15 anyway, bad punchlines. Only thing worth note that came out of either is Helen was pushed.

NicA. Kevin. (leaves for twenty minutes because fek that, they could inadvertently stumble on the cure for cancer, say Janelle is killing poor cancer, that bitch!)

Ian seems to believe Nicf. and she’s not even season 18ing him, I can see both of her hands.

Still disbelief about Janelle cries a day later. Haven’t seen that since Howie left… that doesn’t happen on cam much.
That’s like… Okay comparison example: it would be like if Derrick said “who flipped?”

My season projection seems to still be on track.
I’m still convinced NicA leaves. I’m still convinced Janelle is out pre-jury. but i think a guy goes in between (not sure which one, but i can’t help but think that’s the story arc).


Let’s see if this gets any responses…casting a no nonsense BB of players who won’t run and cry. The best at separating emotion from gameplay (seriously, for everything about Boogie, once he saw Ian’s GBM, he showed how to exit with no hard feelings because it was a great play).

BB19 Cody – Alpha, not a beat. No victim noises. Serious game mode once he makes it to the stage, will compete, is strategic, his season goes differently if Paul has no safety.

For obvious reasons: Will, Dan, Tyler, Derrick, Evel Dick, Kaysar, James Rhine, Johnny Mac, Enzo, Hayden Moss.

I am thinking Frankie and Paul (even though I wouldn’t want to see either in the house).

BB19 Kevin (after now knowing the show, I think he would do much better – be a smoother operator.)

BB21 Tommy – would like to see him in the house without Chrisite.

Janelle, Rachel, Danielle Reyes, Kaycee, Vanessa Rousso, BB4 Jun and Allison. Really, there aren’t that many BBUS females that I would like to see return for a great competition. I think they would have to look at BBCAN where there have been more stronger women in one third of the seasons – Ika, Neda, Erica, Veronica, Jillian, Paras, Kaela, Samantha.


I think that would be a great cast. I’d love to see Cody 19 on again. I wouldn’t want Frankie or Paul either though.


I wouldn’t want them, but they can play the game.


Really disappointed by Ian this year. One of my all time favorites, but this fascination with NicF will be his downfall.

David you are a joke. You got f*cked last year I get it (first season I didn’t follow at all — I am 25 fwiw) but you literally aren’t doing anything this year. The house is ultra sensitive to our current racial/social situation and if anything your race helps you this year and you still sit here doing jack sh*t.

Kevin and NicA omg you people are morons.

I am a millennial and this group think mentality has ruined the game, all stars or all newbies.


Also I loved DaniD, but even in her last season she seems obsessed in getting out her contemporaries (Rachel Reilly now Janelle) and working with lesser players. Over her.

Don’t look now, but who is in the best position in the house? The good looking surfer dude who happened to come in 2nd place in his season. Tyler knows this style of BB and has proved successful playing this way better than any other all star here.

another name

Tyler is currently in how many alliances? And has how many side deals? And isn’t actively maintaining his relationships. He’s reactively trying to fix them when they get shaky.

I didn’t hate Tyler last time. I don’t hate Tyler this time.
I see his flaws. They’re an extension of the flaws he had last time.


Now talk that David is only playing for jury?

That is another part that ruined the game, which is also the reason for the big alliance – to get everyone to jury. In past seasons, it meant a full season in one of either the BB or jury house and therefore weekly pay.

This season, if you’re gone 1st or 14th, you get the same amount, unless you win some prizes. Everyone should be playing win or bust. David playing for jury is like sitting at a card table, playing a few hands while hoping that you leave with the same amount that you started with.

Imagine, what great cast can they come up with next…maybe Felicity Huffman or Lori Loughlin’s kids want to be on the show…

All Stars???

Do you know if all the houseguests are being paid the same amount, or do some get more than others? Thanks.


40k guaranteed for everyone.

50k for 2nd
500k for winner

Xmas won extra 5k. There will still be the prize and swap veto, which usually has money and a trip.


For real I can’t stand when they let race influence them so much. The fact that day initially said she’d never vote out David because he is black is just mind boggling to me. Should I never vote out Enzo or Cody since I’m Italian? She may feel more of a connection to David but giving him a free pass just because of his color, instead of seeing him as an individual is a backwards notion. Hopefully she will realize this is a poor way to play the game. I am also a millennial around your age and I get tired of this bizarre sheep like thinking paired with a woe is me mentality. No one takes responsibility for anything. They just blame others and take everything personally. David is actually saying he can’t believe kaysar would target him because they are both minorities. Why does that matter?? I’m so over it. I hope people look at the way these people act and realize this is not a good way to be.


Meanwhile all this drama Enzo hiding not even being noticed … tired of hearing Ian and Nicole F not happening Enzo is only smart one on to them and with people that won not winning again he’s a doofus but he’s not dumb to the fact of you keep Ian in he will win


Your comments in parenthesis are killing me… HAHAHAH so funny!
David – people are smart enough in here to see that (Umm no)”
“NicA says Janelle used her and manipulated her “I’m embarrassed” (you sure will be. NicA and Kevin Allstars)”

another name

waiting to see Kevin enters an alliance with the pictures on the photo room wall, that speak to him, and tell him what people are saying in that room… he quickly runs to tell his side alliance the grasshopper in the back yard that everyone is out to get him.


All this means is Kevin Must GO! I don’t want Kevin to fully “Cliff” Ian

Purple Aki

Doug you sacrifice, so Purple Aki doesn’t have to.
Thank you for your sacrifice

Linguini Pants

I feel you! Thanks for taking the laboring oar! Hopefully it gets better after this waste of a week and won’t continue to feel like torture. Thanks again for all the updates!

Someone already mentioned this, but, “NicF slithers outside searching for a heat rock.” Hahahahahahahahah!


I find it repulsive that Davonne thinks that this show is her own personal platform for Black Lives Matter. This is a social game and all members of the house should be treated and respected the same…regardless of race, sexual preferences, or whatever!


Man these guys really lost their intuition and aren’t playing well. J and K may be able to sneak their way further in the game due to everyone else playing so poorly. I personally want to see them do well. Do you have a feel on who is going home? It sounded like it was Nicole for sure but then possibly changed after David told Day that he is part of an all guys alliance. Any truth to this?

another name

I don’t know who this podcast guy that NicoleA works with is, but he better come get her,

ease it to her gently that the big alliance already split the house day 2 and she’s one of the idiots left out / that Nicf is NOT this pinnacle of virtue, and the other cool kids have actively laughed about or made fun of her / that Kevin has to be an outpatient of some clinical trial / that the ENTIRE house EXCEPT Kaysar and Janelle have lied to her constantly, and pushed her to start a confrontation so they can vote her out anyway.

But that’s right Nicf, Kaysar and Janelle exposing your lies is them trying to intentionally harm Ian. You picked the right girl to sell that too.


omg . how the hell did she get it in her head Janelle was trying to get her out when she has done nothing but try to protect her. I want to understand how she decided this.

another name

Janelle at beginning of the week was sure Memphis was with them.
She told NicA Memphis was with them.
Memphis isn’t with them.

Kevin is mad Janelle wanted to keep Keesha. He doesn’t see keep Keesha as the motivation, he sees evict Kevin as the motivation. Smear campaign of hate that was already happening intensifies.

NicA doesn’t use her safety after talking to Memphis. He told her to use it. She keeps it to herself, part thinking ‘but Janelle said Memphis is with her.’

People pleaser that wants so desperately to be in with the crowd, she listens to Nicf and Dani, who for their own reason have been on the kill Janelle boat since entering the house. She listened to Enzo who admitted he was screwing with her head to confuse her and turn her against Janelle and Kaysar as a spy. She listened to Dani, who swooped in to tell her to have a house meeting and expose them.
She has been gaslit. Quite effectively. By people that will leave such a great girl goodbye messages.

When she told everyone she is friends with the dicks of last season, how did she expect them not to say “Oh, we can feed this nitwit anything.”


In a nutshell….. well said

Yellow dog

Thanks for the explanation, I couldn’t figure it out either


thank you..

another name


Nicf and NicA. Hammock last night. Practically word for word.
The entire spin of what Janelle and Kaysar have shared with NicA is constanly put through the filter of someone else’s opinion, which NicA then adopts.

Memphis Told Cody they have to pull in and work WITH Janelle.

WHAT the BLooDy bLuE anGel is THIS new FresH HeLl??????

another name

every conversation every room: lying bitch evil bully janelle. *they used bully.
at the same moment janelle is talking about charity work for sick children.

PART of me hopes NicA DOES try to come for Janelle. Anyone remember what happened when they tried to come for Janelle in Six? Honestly. Angry Pissed Off on the Defense Janelle isn’t the one you want…. couldn’t care less i’m 40 and getting paid regardless is the one you want to stick with.

Okay. Someone smack Christmas with her scooter (METAPHORICALLY). Nicolef’s interpretation fed through NicoleA’s filter and parrot about Ian has Christmas saying it’s so unnecessary and hurtful.

Hmm. the woman that WANTED to make fun of someone’s military service, WANTED to trigger PTSD in more than one veteran that was on the show, Laughed about and encouraged the Pedophelia Insinuation Crap…. thinks this is too far. hurt feelings is too far? Hurt feelings when being told the TRUTH is too far?

When she says she doesn’t remember her season and she hasn’t watched her season or read about her season… suddenly i believe her. And my dislike has completely flooded back.

If she wasn’t on my nope list before: She’s THERE.

another name

Nicf to Christmas:

I’ve never trusted another woman as much as i trust you.

she thinks Christmas is secretly a man i tell you.


They are just both ego-driven crazy. Who they are in their own minds is nowhere near how they appear.

They are what they bitch about.

Linguini Pants



Truly this is all stars. These guys are playing on a level so beyond me I can’t even fathom the intricacies of their movements. It’s so amazing it looks like drunken toddlers flailing around to my unenlightened eye. Hopefully I’ll understand this extraordinary, strategic gameplay by the end of the season! I am in awe…right? I’m supposed to be in awe…I think…am I playing Big Brother? I think I’m in an alliance…I do have a final two with Tyler.

My 2 cents

I needed that laugh!! Thanks. You and Simon’s asides are making it bearable today. My remote’s mute button is worn out from hitting it everytime one of the Nicole’s speaks or stupid star screen pops up. Arrrrgh.


It always seems that in an all-men alliance, the first one to become insecure within the group is the one that gets left out.

In an all-women alliance, the first one to become insecure, spreads those insecurities amongst the rest until they eliminate their strength, who is the source of the initial insecurity.


As someone who has seen only 4 seasons of BB, I’m surprised with the love Janelle is getting. I don’t get it. It’s my first time seeing her and I am not impressed. Great players should know how the game is, but from the get-go she has just aligned herself with Kaysar and nothing else that would make her go further in the game. She strikes me as someone so full of herself. Kaysar bores me to death.

Well, I will see as the season progresses.

another name

She is NOT playing well.

Season 6:
playing bubble head dumb blonde. got the boys to teach her chess (that she already knew how to play) to assess their strategic capabilities. Strategically used showmancing to survive the block (considered the dumb weak one of the two).
Saved herself with comp wins. repeatedly once they realized she wasn’t stupid.
She was famously acid tongued in arguments. Picking a fight with her was never a good idea. It just made her fight harder.
She threw comps for the first six weeks (except food comps. she won practically every food comp to keep herself off have not).
then won 5 comps over the next 4 weeks. As the prime target.

Season 7:
won first hoh (co-hoh) and veto in week one knowing there was a pre-season alliance she was not in.
again won most food and luxury comps to avoid being a have not.
Got in a showmance group with chilltown and erica after Kaysar was evicted.
won 9 out of the 11 hoh and pov comps she was eligible or picked to play in over the season.
evicted dr. will as a blindside.

This is the reason she gets a lot of fan cred.


Currently, they aren’t the same players they were (which is expectable…how many people are the same at 40 as they were at 25). Kaysar is smart, but he’s overvaluing that the smartest mind in this game is a benefit and his ego is also hurting because he thinks he has the ability to be the greatest mind in the history of the show.

The big alliance play reeks of desperation, it can lead to survival, but even rats will eat their own to survive. Keep in mind, that even though they all seem to tell each other that they wanted to work with K and J, there was no one other than Keesha, Kevin, or NicA that seriously entertained that idea (in the beginning).

They were made outcasts before the show started, became the targets of Cod(Derrick)y and have been off on reads due to Kaysar’s ego.

If you do like the current format of BB, and you want to watch back seasons 2,6,7,8 are the ones to check.

These past number of seasons have seen one or two alpha surround themselves with the lowest of the low and make them think they are strong threats and amazing, while using them to attack the ones they are scared of.

To any fan who has not seen those past seasons and still speaks about “why are they legends”, ask yourself this…if they are such sh*t players, why would the entire house be so concerned about them from the first second to now? Why will every room feature trash talk about them, except for their own room? Why are they targets?

A bird does not fear the branch breaking because it knows it has the wings to fly. This house has no wings, they are all trying to fit themselves onto a weak branch. Soon they will all fall, go to jury, be clueless to how bad they played and how they appeared on the feeds, be coached by production on how to smooth things over, and this show will continue to see it’s ratings drop, just as the integrity of the show has been.

It’s a shame, because it should be one of the best things going. It just keeps getting harder to watch.


NicA is going to be so upset with herself when she finds out Janelle and Kaysar really did want to work with her. This is some of the most horrible play in al 22 seasons. Kevin isn’t any better.

Sick of this season already

If her history shows us anything she will not be. She saw what happened on her season and just decided it was part of the game and still stayed friends with those people. She will just come out and make an excuse or two and go right back to her podcast and unicorns!


Nicole A has lost it wtf would Janelle try to save you if she wanted you gone. Has all this Janelle hate spread from Nicole F who started being paranoid about her week 1. I don’t get Nicole A she is clearly not an all star and got so far last season by being clueless but does not deserve to be on this season. Also David’s okay but is he really an all star I can think of a million other people not even A list BB players that deserved a shot more then him over the seasons. This season is too many wanna be’s. Lets get down to at least the real players battling it out Janelle, Cody, Dani, Enzo maybe then this season will get interesting. Also why do we have the worst winners in history of BBB for all stars…Ian obviously should have lost to Dan and Nicole F should have lost to Paul. They are not great at the game at all.


David is doing his pitch all wrong. He isn’t observing things correctly. For example he sits in groups that does not like Janelle and Kayser and talks shit about Janelle and Kayser and thinks Janelle and Kayser have power in the house.

He needs to offer them things Nicole A can not give them. What they mostly want to hear is … 1) How he is going to save them. B) Information C) How he would work with them. If it was anyone other than Da’vonne he would have lost their vote and they would tell everyone David is sketchy. He does not realize Kevin is not with him… he’s with Nicole F and Kevin does care they are both black… tell Kevin you will compete to save Kevin and that is something Kevin needs… because he is aliened with the losers who suck at comps.

Cody, Dani and Christmas need to hear Janelle, is his target… they might be able to realize David would take out Memphis for them.

Enzo he only needs to bro with.

Tyler is the toughest read in the house.

I love NicoleA but for so many aspects of this game she is useless. She is someone you drag to the end… but this isn’t a normal Season. You have to work with people who can do stuff for you… kind of Season.

Not Jason’s Holly

“ NicF slithers outside searching for a heat rock” Best line ever! Thanks for the laugh!