Danielle the Ambassador to China and Jenn is ready to play washed her *** and put a smile on her face

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

5:28pm Cam 1-4 Hammock the 4 Girls Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney asks them what has been happening in the house.. she’s been sleeping all day.
Jenn: “I washed my a$$ put a smile on my face and got over the 24 hours of Rage.. “

Danielle and Jenn climb off the hammock because it’s about to collapse under the weight.

The girls decide that the Yoga last night was a great idea they are thinking about doing it again.

Danielle now telling them in High School she spent a summer in China as an ambassador from the US to spread good will.. She had to learn Chinese.
Jenn and Britney start to talk about New York and how hard it is for people. .. talk is chit chat girl stuff.

5:39pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank Kitchen

Boogie points out that the girls have all kissed up.. “Why do you think that means.. you think she feels comfortable? “
Frank: “No.. I think she finally figured out that her being sore was hurting her game”
Boogie: “Look at her.. I have to call her out a little bit”
Frank isn’t sure that is a good idea because any drama Boogie starts may hurt their chances at getting Joe’s vote.

5:48pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Boogie Backyard Couch
Frank wants them to have code words for certain players so they can do a bit of talking in front of the other players
Boogie: “You know your Sh!t Frank.. out of everyone here only you and Dan deserve the win.. You know I hate the guy but gotta tip the hat to Dan”
Frank: ‘I think Dan is cleaver.. but I think he pulled it too early”
Boogie: “Sorta.. he might have done it too early but he did it with the right group”
Frank no realizes that Dan never wanted to play with him since day one.. Dan was playing him all along. Boogie says Frank is a lot like Will. During season 7 Will would talk Boogie down all the time.

Conversation moves to diet, exercise and sweet tea…

6:24pm Cam 1-4
The Core working out yo..
All 4 Girls are now on the hammock still chatting about random stuff.

(Boogie is starting to get a bit pissed at this.. because Jenn is probably successfully getting votes)
(earlier in the day Shane, Ian and Joe were in the hot tub commenting on the girls getting so close isn’t a good idea)

6:33pm the guys working out.. Britney keeps getting in trouble by production for singing (You can hear them over the load speaker).

6:50pm CAm 1-2 Britney and Ashley
Ashley tells Brit that she will still vote to keep Jenn, Boogie and Frank have been campaigning hard on her but she knows what is the best thing to do for her game. Ashley feels bad for everyone involved in this HOH, Shane, Frank, Boogie, Jenn.

Ian Joins them

Britney starts downplaying Dan. She says even if Dan’s only being nice for his social game she would still prefer that than someone being mean in the house. Britney adds that Dan is a nice guy regardless if that his game or not thats not bad to have in the house
Britney: “If that make him dangerous and the best social player in the game fine better than being nasty”

Britney says that if she’s in the jury house she’ll base the vote on game and how the person was socially in the game. She’s not going to vote for someone that was a total douche bag.

6:59pm CAm 1-2 Hammock Ian and Britney
Britney whispers that Ashley just told him she voting to keep Jenn. Ian: ‘Interesting.. it changes every hour… makes this game very difficult to play when someone plays so random”
Ian says that boogie is going to ask Britney if there is someone in the house that is jerking him around.
Ian: “Say it’s Joe”
Britney: “I think Joe is telling Boogie tonight”

7:07pm Cam 1-2 Britney, Shane and Joe HOH

Britney just heard from Ashley that she voting to keep Jenn. Joe says she’s lying she was trying to get Joe’s vote last this morning. Joe: “She’s rolling with Boogie.. i’m tellin you that” Joe goes into the shower. Britney tells Shane that she’s getting

Joe tells them that he’s going to talk to Ashley ask her who she is voting for and if it’s Boogie.. I’m calling her out when I draw the line. Joe says the one thing he doesn’t get is he told Jenn she is safe this week and right away Jenn runs to Boogie to tell him that. It doesn’t make sense to Joe since they are both on the block why would Jenn say anything. Britney explains that Jenn, Boogie and Frank are still in a team together for some reason.
Joe leaves to put clothes on.

Britney: “My god if Dan ever wanted to win he needs to win it now… “
Shane “I know I added that to my blog

7:24pm Joe comes up says he just asked Ashley what she’s doing and she told him 1000% she’s voting out Jenn. Joe is getting all fired up.. he’s going to tell Jenn after dinner.

Shane: “Thats crazy.. that sucks for you I’m sorry”
Britney: ‘Oh I don’t care.. I’m sure ashley is like Britney is 100% with Dan.. thats great AShley go be with someone who’s going home on Thursday”
Britney: “oh my god Ashley is soo too faced.. and really good at it she had janelle fooled”

7:21pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Ian

Boogie had called Britney a b!tch and Ian is a bit pissed about it. Frank explains to him that Boogie is heated because he sees BRitney talking to you trying to get information.

Frank start pitching to Ian if Boogie goes home they start a group of four Ian, Frank, Britney and Ashley. Frank says they need to get Shane and Dan out first.

7:46pm Cam 1-2 HOH Head Hunters

Joe saying he walked outside and Boogie said to him “Lets turn the heat up in this b!tch yo” Joe is going to call Ashley out in the backyard. Joe isn’t going to give his vote to Boogie when AShley is flip flopping 5 times. Dan tells him to make sure that Jenn is in the room when Joe does it.

Britney: “Great game move ashley… now’s the time to pick your alliance by picking people that are on the block”

Danielle thinks the best time to do it is when they are all outside doing yoga.
They all decide to head outside incase someone needs support. Dan reminds Joe not to make stuff up just tell the truth.

Blow up will probably happen tonight!!

8:05pm – 8:36pm Yoga

8:25pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank

Boogie and Frank eating in the kitchen. Boogie saying how delicious the food Joe made is. Joe joins them tells them his blood pressure is down but he’s still going to see the Doctor tomorrow. Boogie tells Joe that it’s the best pork chop he has ever eaten and he’s not just saying that because they need his vote.

Boogie warns Joe that the other side is going to really be working him hard.. They are worried because they do not have AShley anymore. Frank tells him that he wants him Joe and Ashley to sit down and have a talk because they are just as close as the other 4 are. (DDBS)

Frank asks Joe how he wants to play things if he decides to roll with them. JOe would like to play straight up.

Share it YO!!

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There may be a fight tonight.


why? and between who?

Willie Hantz

God….I should have just gone ahead and beat Joe’s ass that night. I bet both sides wish I would have just broke his jaw and wired his mouth shut after dealing with this douche the past couple of days! Joe really believes he is the King of this house right now.


yeah .. booger against boogie .. now one wants to waiste their time on him anymore ….lmao


i meant no one wants to waiste their time … sry for mis spell


Yeah! Fight night.

For the women:
Danielle vs Britney

And for the men:
Joe vs Jenn


AAHHHAA! LOL! So that’s the tattooed boys name.


Why does joe (and the others) feel the need to let them know that joe is not voting for boogie? Why rock the boat? I’m worried that the ‘fight’ will cause a storm that will be good for boogie.


@IamMo.I tought Joe and the others(Dan,Danielle,Shane&Britney) want Joe to call out Ashley for flip floping.If Joe does this,that won’t help Boogie’s chances of staying in the game.It’s not like Joe is going to call out Jenn in front of everybody.If he called out Jenn,then I can see how that will probably help Boogie stay in the game,because Jenn is on the block with Boogie.I think they(Dan,Danielle,Shane&Britney)should get Joe to call out Frank in front of everyone.That way,it might turn Ashley&Ian(I know Ian is suppose to be with Dan’s alliance,but he acts like he will never put up Frank,because he likes Frank)against him.Which will mean there will be more people trying to get Frank out during the double eviction.


Dan calls Ian a smart kid, Boogie calls Ian an idiot. That’s the difference between Dan and Boogie.


And I call him Aspie-Ian
and a bunch of idiots get their panties all
in a twist…go figure!


Maybe because of your insulting


Being an Aspie myself.. it is not an insultt.. neither is having aspergers

it is a phrase we use to distinguish ourselves…. just like you are prolly a neuro-typical

and as dr. will posted in a previous post he has a family member with it so he understands it


Maybe because of your constant degrading and insulting post i took offense. Maybe if you saw outside of your narrow opinion that someone may be insulted or sensitive by what you say and want to stand up for the underdog.
I don’t feel we have the right to use their terms, should accept Ian for who he is and be compassionate of the difficult life he has probably had. He will be success in his career and will not let this hold him back, but you can believe his professional and business life will be challenging. He did not ask for this and I wish him the best.
I am entitled to get my panties in a bunch, as you got your panties in a bunch too.
Not everyone is always going to agree with you and we are all entitled to our opinion. Be respectful of that and we all need to stop the personal attacks. We can agree to disagree. Put this to rest and stop trying to recruit people for your viewpoint. They all don’t know the full facts of our posts. Truce?


You said it well Patty!!!! (better than I at expressing my thoughts on calling Ian “Aspie Ian”


Ian doesn’t have Asperger’s, you idiots.


Actually something you said and the way you said it is very insulting
and condescending to Aspies. It was your use of “their terms”, you
need to be more sensitive, Patty.

If you want a truce, that’s fine, I’m a very forgiving person and know
that I have a lot of my own “foibles”. So let it be water under the

As for “alwayslovedJanelleNotNow” let her stew in her own
bitterness and hatred.


Get over it! I don’t like you calling Ian “Aspie”. Guess what?? I don’t have to like your comments.

Call me an idiot if makes you feel better. Misery loves company! You miserable much??!


I like my panties in a wad! Baaahaaaa


Boogie is either going to be beyond pissed that Ian has played him or he’s going to respect the hell out of him for doing it. Boogie has shown everyone that thought he was such a good player exactly who he is this week. A no good dirtbag that will bully people for “doing him wrong” when he should be considering one of the biggest scumbags in the history of BB! I’ve never liked the guy or been able to understand why anyone else could. He rode Dr. Will’s coattails thru 2 seasons the second of which he only got invited to because Dr. Will wouldn’t have played again without him. Karma is a bitch and it’s finally (hopefully) gonna rain down on him come Thursday night!


Not that i am a huge boogie fan but Dan knows all the stuff Ian has pulled he has no idea that he is on the block because of Ian not Dan


He’ll find out Thursday assuming he’s evicted. I want to think Boogie will find it somewhat admirable that it was little Ian that actually scumbagged him. I expect Julie Chen will reveal it to him during their interview and/or Ian and/or Dan will say something in their goodbye messages that will open Boogie’s eyes!


LMFAO @ booger not realizing ??? already has the votes to stay.. I wonder did they tell ??? she was stayin??


Who has the votes to stay?


The person that just came in the house, no idea who the guy is, he wears makeup and has tattoos


how true, you cant even call her a floater, at least floaters know they’re playing a game. i really think she pissed because her vacation might be cut short


Will – been a fan of yours for years. Keep up the good work!!


Man, Ashley is looking hit, so danielle without makeup is terrible, that one pic with zits on her forehead before she put on makeup yuck…the prettiest girl in the house with the most natural beauty is brittney, by far. britney no matter what she says, i think she would be a boring lay….ashley would fall asleep on u from all the xanax…..someone should ask danielle to speak chinese…lol….she would say, well i forgot that was in high school…so simon, do u think ian is kinda diggin a grave with ddbs/???????


LOL , britney is kinda ugly:)


There only needs to be 3 guys leave, and the Girls
Alliance will have the numbers on their side.


“Girl’s alliance” ? that sounds pretty sexist.


Are Ian’s plans still to evict Boogie and stick with the Quack Pack?


I would say yes because at this point the line is draw unless Ian can fool team boogie they will know after this vote he has been working with the other side and if he decided to turn on the quack pack then he burns his bridge with them on top of it they know what Ian has been up to as well the reason boogie and frank are so mad at dan for is really about what Ian did so i would think they would spill that and Ian would be out of alliences


eric u r right….dan is a mastermind, everything he does is for his social game…he picked 3 weak minded players,,,because he knows he can control them like chess pieces, everything he does is a move in his game…no matter what when people are in the jury they will look back and say well atleast dan was always nice to me


Seems to me that the strong alliance that he’s in, just fell into his lap. He didn’t really orchestrate anything. He was trying to toss that alliance to be with Boogie, but Boogie was already in love with someone else. Dan’s social game may be good, but, so far, it hasn’t helped him too much.


time for production to bring out the alcohol. too much nothingness going on now in the house.


I vote for “hard liquor” enough of this “wine and beer” it’s not doin much for entertainment, I wanna see Joe puke all over one of the girls, then yell at them for not moving out the way


Anyone who comes on here to bash women for gaining weight are pretty sad because half the guys on here are virgins and the other half have a wildebeest in the other room with more chins than a (you get the picture).

Danielle is hot and any person on here would love to get her and they know it. She might have gained a bit, but she is still workin it.

Ashley is a chick that should be looked at poorly….She is trying to use her assets to get her farther and her assets are just OK so don’t be surprised if she fails.

Boogie needs to go because anyone who talks that much about how great they are and how well they do in life are frauds….He is not willing to admit he is a homosexual which is the case with guys that bag on women so much….It was pretty evident when he made the statement about F***ing Dan’s wife……What a low class piece of Sh*t.

Frank seems like a nice guy in life, but he has been led astray by that little troll Boogie so it’s just tough luck……He won’t make it past a couple more weeks.

Ian is just scared period. He only wants to be considered a good player after it’s over….He is afraid to be looked at in a negative way and is terrified on being confronted like they confronted Dan.

Britney is playing with no strategy….she just doesn’t want to go home and look stupid.

Who is Jen?

Dan is playing it exactly the same way he did in 10 and it looks good for him if he can get through double eviction.

Shane….He is weak in every way but athletic…. He will be used until he is taken out, but he is not in control at all.

Joe is in a good place to go far……He is the odd man out and will take any option and is not looked at for eviction for a while…..He could be a top 3 guy

Tell me I’m wrong


Oh, hi Trey.


You know these are all jokes right? we do this every season. only real bashin on her are form those nuts who wish harm on the HGs… The reast of us are just talkin shit.,..

Britney,Janelle,Ashley, and Dani are all HOT.

Captaim Wedgie the one thick pony

Too early to tell. Once I see Ian’s next move (after Boogie goes), we’ll have a better idea.


But seriously, I cannot agree that Joe will make the final 3. Final 4 or 5 maybe. Not final 3.


OK. “Your wrong.”


At James, I think you’re dead on. I agree with everything you just said.


what’s a wildebeest and where can i get one?


I agree with everything you siad except the comment about Britney. Her strategy is to keep the target off her and shes doing a good job. When Frank and Boogie talk about getting rid of the other side, they only mention Shane, Dan and Danielle even though she’s been with Shane since day one.


LMAO at Britney describing herself.

She is just as bad, if not worse than Boogie.

All she does is trash talk people for no reason; at least Boogie has one.

Power of Veto Corleone

Dan’s a kiss ass. Boogie will tell you to go f$&@ yourself to your face.
That’s the difference between pussy Dan and Boogie.


I have to say I disagree. don’t thnk Dan is a kiss ass. I think Dan is just a really nice guy.



Oh Dan’s the kiss ass and pussy, why??? As far as I can see Dan is getting A LOT of slack for protecting Ian and his alliance. He’s also getting slack for not letting someone like Boogie bully him. Personally I think Dan is a MUCH bigger person and role model for his students than Boogie is for his own son. I would be mortified if I acted like Boogie on national T.V. especially if I had someone at home who was depending on me to teach them how to act and treat others.

the king

bye bye boogie bye bye, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, it’s funny how boogie dont like being kicked out but thought it was great to back door Jannelle. Looks good on him. This was a good move. Then on Thursday Frank gets the boot to both gone in the same week. As we know Dan will win HOH.


Bye Bye captain douche nozzle Booger!

the king

Boogie is just a punk, and LOST!!! His worse move was getting rid of Jannelle came back to bite him in the ass, Remember Joe will seek reveange for her


If they’d only give them alcohol, and I don’t mean a few beers a couple bottles of wine. Give them Moonshine!


It’s been a while since the voting status of several players is so “up in the air”. I am not completely convinced that Ian and Joe will vote to evict Boogie.

If Ashley was smart (she might be) she would evict Boogie and form an alliance with Frank, Jenn, Joe and Ian (he might flip). That would be an equal playing alliance vs keeping Boogie in the game. Boogie and Frank will never scumbag (the word of the season) each other. Frank will HAVE to partner with someone new if Boohoogie is gone!


The problem with that is Frank has no one to partner with (or should i say worth partnering with) boogie is the one that did any moves so i am not sure if frank can actually play alone, his only option is jenn or ashley. Ashley is a complete airhead she managed in one week to burn any bridges she had to the other side and she couldn’t win anything unless all the good players were not playing. Ian has already flipped and can’t really flip back with out being outed by the quack pack which i am guessing is why dan took the blame. Jenn is the wild card she may team with frank but she also can’t be to thrilled with him over him trying to get her out.


I tihnk he can he was going to back door dan in his last HOH but didn’t because boogie talked him out of it…. and it would have been the perfect week to get rid of dan as the weeks go along his play will get stronger and stronger


this is like the 100th name i have posted under, i have 3 roommates and we all watch big brother, except for one, i say that because…overall this has to be the best big brother blog site …im not kissing butt to simon or dawg, but it is the most detailed, the easiest to navigate, and simon and dawg are nice guys, there are some sites that the webhoster that is associated with a gerbil lol, thinks if u dont watch the live feeds as much as her u dont belong in the chat…lol, i greatly appreciate the site and the hard work u guys do…i know i wouldnt be able to do it…i definately have to show a little love on that donate link on top soon…


I agree about other sites it’s like you need a freaking map to find your way, there’s so much happening it’s like a maze. This is the easiest site to navigate , best update format I don’t go blind when I land on the home page, easy to read. Other sites you don’t know where to look it’s just a mess……

Ian's hairball

I thought I was the only one that feels that way about other sites, thanks for your spot-on comment. This is by far the best site and format and the app for ipad is good (a few bugs but eh, no biggie).
Thanks again Simon and Dawg! (except because of this site I am way to addicted to the updates since I don’t get the feeds!) :o)


Yes I’m very happy with your site. Thank you. BTW, I am actually navigating it on my Playstation 3 Browser right now and it’s working fine(my computer crashed a while ago).


Been reading this site for years. No need to go anywhere else. Don’t forget to donate. Simon and Dawg Rule!!


I completely agree!! I check the app probably ever 30 minutes for an update.. I can honestly say I’d pay $5-10 for this app if there was a charge for it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!


I found this site first and iit is the site i constantly use… i have been using it for the last 3 seasons as i have been getting into it late ( normal for me ) and i agree with your comments about this site being easy to navigate… and i found it cool that there are also 2 former houseguests who come on here regularly as well


Well, it looks like Ian is gonna rattle some cages now. after the B@#$% remark. I feel bad since he idolized Boogie tho.


Ian hasn’t idolized boogie for awhile if anything he is more in ew of dan


I may be wrong but from what I’ve read Ian has thought of Boogie as his Hero for 10 years. Maybe it was Dan. My point was that for him to be such a fan of the show and realize that they aren’t who they seem has to be crushing. Anyone else notice his hammock swinging is getting worse? I believe that if someone oils it he’s gonna have a breakdown.


I love watching the feeds and hearing Britney calling Ashley two-faced for saying to Joe she’s (Ashley’s) keeping Boogie, and saying to others that she’s keeping Jenn. It’s almost comical. :-\
At least she decided to work with people that are bigger targets, even though kissing Shane’s ass (like Joe’s been doing) could have helped her. Almost everyone in the house lies about who they’re voting out in order to look a certain way. Granted, she’s not playing a great game but she’s not done anything that other people haven’t done (lying about how she’s voting) and she’s getting crap for it.


Everyone lies!

Britney lied to her so called friend Janelle’s face repeatedly & she’s upset that Ashley’s doing it.

It’s apart of the game. Brit just needs to take several seats. She’s in a fairly good position & all she does is talk talk talk. Shut up, lay low & ride Shane to the end since that’s the only way you’ll make it there anyway.


3 out of 4 of us watch the live feeds when we can, the general consensus is that dan and shane are going to be in the final three, or will the third be? no clue…but i dont see dan or shane being evicted anytime soon

Aqua Bernie

What does Boogie think, he controls everyone in the house? He needs to control is puppet Frank, he needs to control Jenn and Ian? He’s an idiot. Please get him out thursday. He’s so gross to look at any more. He’s uglier now than before, and that’s not saying much.Eeew!


I love Boogie!!

Captaim Wedgie the one thick pony

He’s all yours. Enjoy!


Jenn washing his a@@, ugh
get a mental picture of him washing
his hairy a@@ !!!


So what did Joe do to get Ian so mad at him? He is laser focused on getting Joe out.


OK. I am confused now. There are supposed to be 2 people on the block. Isn’t Boogie the only one on the block now? The vote has to be 7 – 0 if there is no one esle up. How did Shane manage to pull off not putting anyone up to replace Frank?


Jenn is up beside Boogie

That one guy

Lets drop some Grenades yo.


If Shane tells Dan(or if Dan notice the girls are becoming close) that he thinks the girls are getting close(girls alliance),then I’m pretty sure that Dan will talk to Danielle in private.Dan will convince her that he’s taking her to final 2 and remind her that they’ve been together since day 1.He’ll tell her to keep hanging out with the girls,but basically get information from them.Dan will want her to be a spy in the girls alliance and give him a heads up,if the girls start talking/planning to target him.I think the changes of Danielle being a spy in the girls alliance are extermely high,because Dan is great at convincing her and other people to do what he wants.Go Dan! Lol.


Dan and Shane know about the girls alliance. Brit and dani told them. It was also suggested that Dan and Shane stay close to Joe. All part of keeping your enemies close.


boogie has turned out to be nothing but a big whiny baby. OMG you got got dude get over it. Treating people like this is just not acceptable. Ian needs to grow some balls and stand up for himself some time. Tell them assholes to fk off and he can play pool with who he wants to.

VA Vet

I never thought I would say this but I’m starting to feel bad for Boogie. His future on BB is in the hands of Ashley, Joe and Ian and he doesn’t have a clue as to how they are going to vote.

Shane should tell Frank to vote Boogie out so the vote will be unanimous. Once that gets back to Boogie, he will definitely lose control.

God, I wish I was back in my prime so I could try out for the show. I might not last long on the show but I’d have a blast while I was there.


Quick lesson, take note commentators:



Welcome to the English language.

Carol & Steve

me too Simon! guess the first grenade has deen dropped! LOL!!




yoyoyoyoyoyoyo, im about to turn the heat up in da house, cuz im cold. i told ian he isnt allowed to talk with anyone but me, yoyoyoyoyo thats how this pimp roles…


Even Ashley’s yoga is amateur. Britney’s even doing better and isn’t that Ashley’s thing? She said she could put her legs behind her head, I wanna see. Dwi Pada Sirsasana, bitch. Let’s go. I’m almost sure this chick is the most useless of any player I’ve ever seen. In the house and outside, I doubt she’s much different. She gives Easy like Sunday morning a whole new meaning. No wonder Ian straight up asked for a handjob. He’s not stupid, that’s all she’s good for. What a pimp’s dream, she could be led into anything.

I know I’m being hard on her, but her game is beyond shit and she’s so dopey and boring. Half the game she was sick with her period, then her back and on drugs. I think comparing her to Kaiser Soze is reaching. Her avatar should be a dead fishhead.


Ashley’s moaning sounded like she was laying the track for an adult movie….ooooo, mmmmmm, aaaaaaa


You have a lot of animosity toward someone that doesn’t even know you exist.


Why is it okay for Brit , Dan, Fat ass (Danielle) and Shane to be in an alliance but its not okay for Ashley


I would guess peoples reactions to that is the fact that she’s leading Ian on while making out with Frank. Also, telling Jenn one thing and Boogie another. Floater?


Ashley’s on the wrong side of the grenade yo.



Simon is there two DrWill:BBKing/TattooGuru posting on the threads, I have noticed that sometimes the text are blue linked and some are just black?


LOL… I love the fact Mike told Frank that he cracked a joke in the DR about going to Michigan to fuk Dan’s wife; he said the DR cracked up laughing.


i wouldnt say danielle is hot…i think in order to be hot, u have to look good without makeup…..dani does not look good without make up,,,,there are plenty of pics of her from the live feeds that ppl have captured that if u seen them u would almost vomit, not to mention those wrestling pics with shane are disgusting, i was turned off when i saw her bare ass…u would think she has a nice ass, but no…far from nice…this is just my opinion, and no i would not have sexual contact with danielle, there are plenty of girls i would pursue rather than her, anyway, im really trying to focus on bb without danielle lol, and u guys r making it hard…im trying to not let her lunatic and dillusional ways get into my bb season…..i wonder how many times tonight she will make the conversation about her….the HOH room is hilarious at night….casual talk and then bam so hey guys did u hear what jenn did to me….did u see me fall….did u see me hang on that pirate ship….AHHHHHHHHHH i wish we could block her from the feeds, its like an edgar allen poe obsession i have with her, the lazy eye


I think she looks better without make-up. It’s all that eyeliner around and inside her eyes that makes her look crazy. She has a pretty face, her and Brit have delicate, feminine features unlike Janelle, who by no means is unnattractive, but I wouldn’t say she’s pretty or beautiful. Her features are very stong.

And don’t get me started on Ash, like I said earlier, her avatar should be a dead fishead. But to each their own…


M: what did you do today?
F: nothing. How about you?
M: well I just f***ed Dan’s fugly wife.
F: you did too?!


Can somebody please explain to me what Joe is doing? He already picked a side and keeps saying “I’m just trying to figure this out.” What does he need to figure out. He’s driving himself crazy to be the sixth man in an alliance.


That fuking double crossing rat turd retard Ian needs a good punch in the face. This retarded little prick will get back home to his miserable life and find out that he still has no friends. He’ll be waiting by the phone anticipating a call from that scrawny bug eyed Dan. Actually Dan looks like he has eyes like a fuking down syndrome/retard to go with his rather bulbous head.


OH my GOD …AN asshole knows how to type. I understand that you don’t like Ian and Dan .. Fine thats all cool… going off and calling them retards and saying people have downs syndrome That TAKES REAL FUCKING CLASS. I think you are the type who has internet courage… you would not say anything like that in person or you would get your ass kicked…… so in essence have your opinion , say your opinion but dont be a 2 year old kid who belittles someone for a medical infirmary


I’m so confused on how those three are voting…who is actually voting to keep boogie (if any do) I feel like one will and they might all claim to have to the vote to franks face…


Well the for sure votes should be

danielle vote boogie
dan vote boogie
brit votes booge
Ian votes boogie
Joe votes boogie
Frank votes jenn
As for ashley who knows that girl is all over the place and is telling people what they want to hear which is why nobody is trusting her and it will come back to bite her. Ironic she didn’t play game since bb started and now all of a sudden decides to play and is playing it badly instead of picking a side she seems to have picked every side


I think danielle is hot… I like big booty and she’s had a couple of nip slips and I like what I’m seeing so Idk why you guys hating
Also the face area is all good. All these women on here be hating

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Do you agree Simon or are you a hater


Agree that danielle is hot or not

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Dear Lord,

I know you have more Important prayers to answer tonight, but please work your Magic so our Co Founder Mike Boggie can somehow stay in the house this week. AMEN #Rating #Chilltown


Just how many things has Danielle done by the age of 23?

A nurse
Working towards her master’s
A model, just sexy stuff
A teacher
An ambassador to China

Next all stars should be the good, the bad and the ugly.


she’s also been “engaged” and survived her abusive parents.


what is this line that joe speaks of drawing and when can we expect it to be drawn because he’s said he was gonna do it several times now but has yet to so…powerhouse, we’re all waiting.


LOL! Powerhouse is dying to draw that line!


Powerhouse isn’t going to do anything, he is all talk no power.


Popcorn in the microwave nice tall cold crisp glass of tea getting ready for the BB rumble lol (cheers)


I am such a fool. I should have seen but I was blind. I should have hooked up with that stud Joe. He’s such a POWER HOUSE!!! Maybe I can entice him with some S & M?!?!


day 1 after veto, mike still on the way home, thank you bb hg. can we survive day 2???


Amen to Boogie going AWAY! Thank you too HG’s!!
Then, the game can change again.


I think some guys like brunettes …red heads …. blondes…. just because someone thinks Danielle is ugly and a little chunky that may be because that person likes skinny blondes… idk… but everyone has thier own type…shane i think he like the skinny blondes….