Boogie Offer to Joe “Final 3, my own restaurant, statue of liberty, Land back from the White House”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

2:42pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Joe and Frank

Joe is asking him if they have Ian’s vote.. He’s hearing things .. “I’m getting played a few head games right now.
Joe says his decision is very close he’s been trying to get all the information today.

2:44pm Frank and Ian
Frank telling him that JOe is saying that Ian is voting to evict Boogie
Ian: “Bullshit .. Who’s telling joe this”
Frank: “Not sure could have been shane”
Frank is running through scenarios says they need to take Shane out first. Ian: “The key is to get the other side to waste their HOH on JOE” Frank runs by him that they need to keep Joe around for awhile.
Ian: “I have the feeling he’ll have his tongue up the a$$ hole of whoever is upstairs”
Frank isn’t sure he points out that Joe was with Janelle til the end he thinks he can be loyal.
Ian wants a cut loose plan for JOe.. He doesn’t want Joe to make it past 6. Frank agrees, Ian :’Which one do we want to drag far” (who out of the quack pack)
Frank: “Britney”
Ian:”I agree”

They discuss how Shane has no game is is only relying on winning competitions to move ahead in the game.

3:03pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Ian

Joe: “where’s your vote
Ian: “Keeping boogs”
Joe: “I heard you were wishy washy and your were getting close with the other side”
Ian: “No way that is all BullS!t.. NIP that in the BUTT now i’m keeping Boogs”
Ian: “Keep boogie around we can go far in this game.. YOu go with the other side you are the 5th man they’ll cut you first Chance”
Ian asks Joe if he’s giving a definite answer. Joe plans on it tonight.

3:07pm Cam 1-4 Bedroom Joe and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

JOe: “There are a few other things that I’m a trying to figure out”
Joe: “There is some lies going around.. I’m kinda hearing that Ian isn’t voting for you”
Boogie: ‘They’re trying.. thats Dan talking.. They are playing you..”
Boogie tells him he’s the swing vote and it’s all about him.. “You can do the easy thing and vote me out.. but it benefits you to stick with us”
Boogie says that next HOH will be JOe, Boogie, Frank, Ian and Ashley against Britney, Dan and Danielle. They are going to win it.
Boogie offers him that they can do business together after this and be friends outside the house. They can work on making Joe’s dreams whatever they may be in his career world become reality.

Boogie: ‘You hold all the power this week.. you think that Shane will keep you over Danielle.. I started talking game with Ashley 48 hours ago.. there is no Hierarchy in our group like there is in that group” Boogie reminds him that Dan can’t help him with his restaurant desires but Boogie can.

3:10pm Cam 1-2 Brit, Dan, Danielle, Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They are going over how the house stands right now.

They agree that Ashley is much more dangerous now, Dan points out her fake smile. Danielle and Britney point out that AShley is acting very flirtatious with Frank and Ian. Danielle calls it gross. Danielle: “I wonder if Ian even notices it.. Frank knew Ian has had a crush on AShley since day one.. “

Britney: “Does it not hurt Jenn’s feelings that Frank doesn’t even consider keeping her”
They count the votes out and Boogie has Ashley, Frank and they think Ian. Dan says it’s over for AShley he would work with Jenn over Ashley in a heartbeat. Dan points out that Jenn won’t have a home next week. Britney: ‘She’ll be back with Frank.. but I never would have predicted her acting this way when she’s nominated so what do I know”

3:34pm cam 3-4 Frank and Boogie

They are pretty sour about Joe not committing to them. Frank goes on and on how it’s better for Joe to stick with Boogie and Frank.

Boogie goes off that they need to start threatening JOe telling him if he votes to evict Boogie he’s moved to slot number one.
Frank says if he wins HOH he’ll put signs up on the memory wall targets number 1 and 2 (Pointing to Dan and Shane)
Boogie reminds Frank he needs Joe to know that he’s not 100% going for Shane or Dan he’ll go for Joe if joe turns on them.
Boogie looks at the camera says: “ahhh Man.. I F***** Hate these people… I F***** Hate these people”

3:45pm Backyard Joe, Shane, Danielle, Shane

Joe is saying he’s having trouble with his blood pressure because Frank, Boogie and Jenn keep cornering him. Joe says they are offering him all sorts of deals saying he can lie to the other side and that they will cut him loose when they get to 5.

Joe saying that tomorrow boogie going to offer him the statue of liberty.. Dan :’He’ll offer the land back from the white house”

they said to Joe: “If you vote for me We can be friends on the outside.. and I can help you”
Shane: “He’s done that before offering jobs”
Dan :”You would much rather conquer that journey on your own”
Joe: “I’ve been swindled before.. I told him ‘ve been swindled before”
Joe he says if I do give boogie his vote Boogie told me I can still hang out with your guys then back stab you on Thursday. Danielle: “Like he controls who you hang out with.. that is so juvenile.. They want the target on you”
Joe brings up how Boogie wants him to backstab you all which will rattle them for the HOH. Joe: “I can’t believe they think I don’t come tell you everything.. They don’t know true loyalty.. Final 3 and my own restaurant..He’s offering me more than the prize for one week.. people will got deep”

Dan: “If we get Alcohol tonight it’s going to get ugly”

Joe’s been treating his conversation with Boogie and Frank as business negotiations because he has done that before with top tier food distributors.

4:21pm Dan and Danielle

Danielle thinks that Ian will vote out Boogie so he has that one epic moment. After this week Ian is going to probably turn on them. Danielle predicts that after Boogie leaves Ian and Frank will become extremely close. Danielle predicts that Frank will continue to showmance Ashley. Dan: “If we win HOH jenn will come to us if they win she’ll go with them.. “

Danielle is infuriated with Ashley right now. She notes that Britney is super paranoid about Boogie having a power.. Danielle doesn’t see the point becuase if Boogie really had the power he would not be running around panicing trying to get votes.

Dan is worried that Britney is talking to Frank trying to keep her and Shane off the block next week.

Danielle never sees them to much more than small talk. Danille somehow believes that Shane gets jealous when Frank flirts with her. Danielle plans to continue to be sweet with Shane, she’s confident that he will keep them safe for a good long time.

Danielle: Do you think we pulled the trigger too soon”
Dan: “Nope.. keeps one of them out of Jury plus we don’t have to worry about them together”
Danielle: “This is our final week with Ian”
Dan: “Doesn’t matter because he won’t win anything as long as Frank stay in the game.. Once Frank is gone I am willing to take out anyone outside of our 4”

Dan about AShley: “She’s so Fake… Ashley is the definition of a flotation device and I don’t like how she treats Ian”
Danielle: “I don’t like how she made out with Frank, Boogie and Ian.. and none of them care”

4:45pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Britney
Dan asks her if everything is OK. Britney is bummed out today. She may be starting her period… she’s late a week on her period.. Dan Jokes asks her if there is something between Ian and Her he doesn’t know about. Britney thinks it’s the stress getting to her.

4:58pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Jenn and Danielle

Jenn saying she’s pretty upset because there are 2 people campaigning for Boogie and then she’s left on her own.. Danielle asks her if it makes her upset that the other team has picked Boogie over her. Jenn says it does.

Ashley comes in and says she cannot stand Ian squeaking back and forth on the Hammock.

Danielle now saying she has ADHD and she takes medication for it and it make her feel so much better. AShley adds that she’s taken ADHD medication before and it had the opposite effect on her she was super hyper. Danielle: ‘Thats because you don’t have ADHD.. “ Danielle adds that they took the medication from her because it’s a controlled substance. Danielle now claims that when she is on the medication before coming in the house and she lost a lot of weight. She thinks that because she hasn’t taken her ADHD medicine is gaining weight. AShley adds that when she takes those pills she loses her appetite.

(The medication they were talking about is Adderall)

5:12pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Frank and Boogie

Ian thinks that Shane, Frank and himself will be the only ones out of the cast ask back in.
Frank saying if they do a dumb, dumber and dumbest season they will call Shane up. Frank leaves and Ian goes on and on about Joe. Ian wants Joe gone, Joe is F*** with us, Joe is my target, JOe will be the reason Boogie goes home, Joe joe joe joe.
Ian: “If the wife looks anything like that tattoo he must have stock in viagra”

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Team 10K

Dan lol the typical right wing republican that would bring up “taking back land from the white house”…I’m sure he loves Mormon Mittens–two peas in a pod…He admitted he was racist/sexist right winger in his previous season…I never liked Dan…

Carol & Steve

Obviously you didn’t hear about Joe’s story that his family owned the land that the White House is on & that they sold it for?? (can’t remember how much now). In fact it was played on Sunday’s show when they had a montage of Joe stories. So get that fact straight.

Leading into my next thought – this is a big brother site and that’s the topic of conversation, so can we leave the political stuff out of this? Again betting that you went that way b/c you misunderstood the White House remark.


Dan a racist? where did u get that info from? Dan kept saying since his first season that he’s in love with halle berry…
I mean stop making those kind of comments when they’re not true


He’s been main up shit supporting Booger for a while now…. like Booger is “Honorable and Decent”

Team 10K

You’ve been a hater since day 1 Mike cameback into the game–f’off…


in season ten when he was on the block with steven he said he didnt know any gay people and never thought hed be friends with a gay person but steven made him realise how closed minded he was being when it came to things like that i dont remember any issues about race ever being brought up though



Team 10K

Dan said he was GOP’er in his first season based on his fake religion–atleast MIke is real…Dan is a fake, always has been…I don’t care who wins at this point, I just don’t want him in the final 3 with chance to go to the finals…


u still didn’t justify the racism allegations you’ve made


What do you mean “Dan’s fake religion?” Since when does religion play into the game of big brother you moron.


Considering Dan reads the Bible in the house (which, whether anyone will admit it or not, is one of the reasons criticism gets deflected off of him in the house) and it was also a big stirring point in S8 between Jameka, Dick, and Dani, I’d say that religion has had a bit to do with BB.


So all religion is fake? You hate Dan because he is republican, religious and not ashamed of it.

Wow. I can see now that all Democrat, Athiest are SOOO tolerant of other peoples peoples views and opinions (as long as they agree with yours).


Exactly what I was thinking. *gived WW a standing ovation*

Jen W

I’ll get in on that standing O!!!!!!!! Well said!!!!


I don’t think it’s fair or respectful to insult anybody’s religion by saying it’s fake. As somebody mentioned in another comment, this is about the BB game and not about your views on religion.


No wonder why team10k is a boogie fan. Low lifes stick together!!!


Gezz, what does politics have to do with BB? Dan said Boogie would be offering the land back from the White House because Joe said in an earlier conversation that his family use to own the White House land. Stop with the race card, it is BS!


Apparently, you’re mixing Dan up with Boogie. Your man Boogie is the racist and misogynist. Nice try though.


…@ ‘Team 10K’


but its ok for booger to more less say he will rape dan’s wife, get over yourself


Ugh. He didn’t say that, you BB fan nutjobs implied it, twisted it, and ran with it.


How do you more or less rape someone? You wouldn’t be exaggerating, would you?


well your name says it all .. you are a booger rooter …lol… that in itself says what kind of person you are …. i have heard and sean some nasty stuff on BB but booger has take the cake this year .. he is as discusting as he is ugly and rude… enough said .. to the both of you ..


real easy for joe to sit and point at boogie. bad boogie, evil boogie

when will this group of people realize that the game isnt “get out mike boogie” and that they will have to play against each other?

just stupid, im tired of their high horse, like they dont play a dirty game too. pleaaaaaaase. dan plays a dirty game, then to avoid owning up to it anywhere but the DR, he hides behind his bible. its pathetic.


Having your email account hacked to reveal you paid for sex with old dudes to fulfill a fantasy is ‘Pathetic”. Bye-Bye Boogers.


Someone could file a lawsuit claiming someone hacked your phone and saw a bunch of naked boys in your text message inbox. It doesn’t make it true. But if someone doesn’t like you and gossip goes around, facts or evidence be damned, it happened!


Ian and Joe have NO GAME and NO BALLS. these idiots freely talk to DDBS and tell them everything Frank and Boogie tells them. one of the most valuable lessons in the game is keeping what other players tell you to yourself for protection. you use that vital information when it’s properly needed. Ian and Joe telling DDBS everything only benefits DDBS, because Ian and Joe are doing the dirty ground work DDBS. Ian and Joe = human tape recorders


agree 100 percent. it drives me freaking nuts

not because im a boogie fan, but because im a fan of competition, and they are just handing the game to ddbs

Myka 9

The best part about this season thus far is definitely Joe and Ian both thinking they’re in with Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney and both thinking that the other one is the fall man! Best wishes to Boogie but he never was that entertaining of a character, so it won’t be hard seeing him go in a couple days (he’ll probably pretend he’s happy to be out of the house lol!)


so is ian just tellin joe he is keeping boogs or do u think he is just blowin smoke so big mouth joe doesnt tell them he is votin to keep jenn…because if ian votes out boogie,,,he canjust roll with quack pack and frank wont do anything to him…..what do u think simon….who has ian votes?

Carol & Steve

their both blowing smoke b/c the both currently thing the other is working with Frank & Boogie or even Ashley or Jenn and don’t want to blow their cover. It just makes me laugh!!


It is pretty funny. It’s like two people having a slap fight in the middle of a war. Or when your dog is annoying you, so you put some peanut butter in its chew toy. Stay busy, General Beauregard.


Ian is in a bad spot at some point he has to stop being the spy which is why he wanted joe to vote for jenn to leave so that he could vote to send boogie out and blame it on joe that can’t happen now becuase it seems more likely he will vote with shane,dan, brit and ashley. After thursday Ian will be exposed if he voted to evict boogie frank and boogie will know if he doesn’t then the quack pack will be furious with him and remember the reason that they want dan out is because they think dan back stabbed them now if Ian lies to them how long before dan comes clean to frank


Boogie is just drawing at straws at this point. Here’s my prediction for the vote.

Danielle: Boogie
Dan: Boogie
Britney: Boogie
Joe: Boogie
Ashley: ?
Frank: ?
Ian: Boogie/?

4-3 or 5-2 vote and whoever the hell that chick is gets to stay


Agree, Booger’s snots don’t want their so-called Honorable king to go, and can’t face the fact he came back to get Janelle out, he said it a lot this season that he did NOT want to play the game………. He wanted to pretend to be Dr Will and lead his bitch to the 500k, just like Dr Lead his Bitch Booger to the 500k in AllStars


Booger is so angry he failed at being Dr Will….. You got GOT, before you could strike accept your defeat


You know i am team dan but I gotta say I think it would be better if joe did go with boogie because there is no way he will slide past SBDD. Maybe he can get away with top 3 if DDBS did have a crack before final 4. For example, if someone put Danielle and shane up or shane and brittany. Brittany is soo paranoid she might start shit talking shane out of her negative personality.

Do you guys think it is really in Joe’s interest to take DDBS’s side?

Eric CA

There is no way, Joe will go anywhere with team Boogie. for that to work Boogie has to shed himself of Frank. He Cannot at this point. Where as Dan will take a Joe to the finals with Ian. It is actually the opposite. Boogie needs to ride Franks back, and Frank is not a Joe fan.




To be honest joe is on the bottom on both teams so i don’t think it really matters but boogie has treated joe badly since day 1 so why would he help him in fact two days ago he wanted him on the block if he couldn’t get dan


But wait, won’t Dan take Danielle to the finals? But he also said that he wants a Final 2 with Boogie! But Frank and Boogie are the only liars in this game!

Anyway, for pure numbers, Joe is the fifth one on the totem pole with DDBS and third with FB. At least if he’s third, he gets a shot to play at the end whereas he’ll get picked off before having that chance while aligned with the Cult of Dan.


Well, Joe would be low man on the totem pole either way, but if he keeps Boogie in the game, more big targets would be knocked out. The problem is that Boogie hates everyone except his showmance, and Joe knows that, so he’s not looking to do Boogie any favors. It just proves that Boogie’s social game is so bad, that he can’t even get people to vote for him to help their own game.

Eric CA

Here is my long standing opinion about keeping targets in the game when you are a low level player.
The target does not leave, you do. the target is there for a reason, take aim and shoot, get them out.

Here is what happens, I will give a hypothetical.

Say you are Joe, and you have kept these targets in the game.
The HoH says we need to get Frank out this week, that is why you are the pawn.

Your thinking what the heck did I do. Well at least I have Ashley and Jens vote.
maybe I can hustle and save Diamond Joe from eviction yet again.

But Oh no, Joe you really didn’t have Ashley or Jens votes because like Ian and you in the past.
They going to vote to keep the Target in the game, to cover themselves.

Happens every Season keeping the target only ensures you go home.

Get an HoH, take out the big boys, do not puss out or throw it, use every opportunity. Hit the target, or go home.
Low Level players can win an HoH, CBS and Production does non physical and even dumb luck comps. sometimes
they will tailor it to the Lower level players. the good thing about low level taking out a target this season, it will still be
Dan or Brittney’s fault. they should remember that.


It depends what point in the game you’re at. With 10 left, there’s room to keep targets, especially when they are out for revenge. If a low level player wins HOH, they can, and probably will, still target a big player. Although, keeping floaters improves your chances at HOH and POV, you don’t want too much competition if you are a floater. Plus, big targets don’t usually win BB.


You are RIGHT…..very wise analogy!


Very good point(s). Boogie could’ve used this advice last week.


i completely agree i love dan but it would def be better for joe to keep boogie because then ddbs will still be going at boogie and frank and boogie and frank will be going at ddbs and him and ashley will be able to float until final 3 or 4 he could even take 2nd if its one from each side and him in the final 3 but theres no way he can win any way


It may not be in Joe’s best interest to go wth DDSB because of the pecking order. But who know what will happen there as people keep getting knocked off. This is assuming DDSB all make it to the end which is probaly unlikely. However they were the first group who befriended him. They aren’t promising him final three, they are being realistic. And if he proves loyal then he will move up above Ian, if Ian doesn’t watch out. Boogie is promising him too much and so it doesn’t sound real. His group should keep it to final four and they would have better luck because that would be true.


Hey, Joe. This just in from Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon.” If BRIT had any brains for this game she would vote to keep Mike to attack Dan and Danielle and Shane., and she can blame Joe. But, she going to finish 4th or 5th.


Not necessarly brit is more liked then dan or shane so if they other side win (when i say other side i mean frank) then they will take one of them out if they manage to stay together to final 4 then shane will back brit like danielle will back dan


Simon, where is everyone as it stands right now? Am I right?

To keep Boogie:


To evict Boogie:




My head is spinning. I thought Ian was for sure with the “Quack pack” but reading this, it seems maybe not? Is Joe working with Shane’s group or Boogie’s group? I am hoping he is just pulling B/F along because he doesn’t want to give his answer to them.


Ian has no choice but to vote with the quack pack because if he doesn’t they will blow the whisle on him and let boogie and frank know that they anger they have directed to dan was actually Ian


BTW does Ian have some type of syndrome (like Tourette) as it seems he cannot be still and is constantly having to make fidgeting moves. Has he ever talked about this in game and does he take medication for it?

BB grandson

Boogie is a fucking joke. Who does his old ass think he is? He think’s he’s some great famous icon that can get anyone into the “business.” He needs to go home to his shitty ass restaurant. Boogie America hates you!

Eric CA

Boogie is partners in chain of Restaurants and Bars that specialize in what they cal “fun eating.”, he is neck deep in law suits and legal issues. He really needs this money, but is unable to win at this point. It is probably why he is so bat crap crazy this week. maybe his genial wart came back. I just know when it comes to Boogie “Integrity”, is not his thing. He is the Flash that rides other peoples back.

Eric CA

These people are going wacky. For those that told me Ashley would never flip, and vote to evict Jen. She would, girl has no loyalty.
Now someone needs to leak this to Jen. Brittney is right, Jen should be hurt that Frank isn’t even considering her over Boogie.
At least she is getting into the game. I would love to see her join the game realize the people who have been loyal aren’t and start winning some things, or should I say stop throwing comps.

Boogie and Frank, I really hope, Boogie is out the door. Did anybody get the MR Wizard Prize? I have been wondering because Shane is looking a little confident for a guy who can not compete as outgoing HoH. He usually is ultra serious and beat down looking at this point of his HoH.


She’s a floater , and floaters have no loyalties, only chances for them to float longer… Booger’s only chance of staying is if Production saves him


Ashley thinks Frank will win HOH, if he wasn’t she would be on the other team, true floater she is

Team 10K

Ian is blowing smoke up Joe’s ass at this point…He’s siad some ugly things about Joe, but they were true…Shane has a vagina and Joe is the screcrow from “The Wizard of Oz”…


It doesn’t seem to matter which side Joe/Ian go with because they’re last on the list regardless. Their best bet is to team up with Jenn and Ashley…string Frank along until he’s out so they have the numbers to get rid of DDBS. Not saying I want them to win, just would be smarter for them to go that way to ensure a final two or three, rather the 5th or 6th. Boogie and Frank are entertaining on the live shows with their DR sessions but other than that they seem to feel entitled to win this and damn those who disagree.


LOL why are Ian and joe damn near fighting for 5th place???


“Boogie looks at the camera says: “ahhh Man.. I F***** Hate these people… I F***** Hate these people”

and They hate you… Keep Diggin that trench Booger, dump some shit in it, then jump in it head 1st, it’s smell just like Frank


I think if Joe goes with DDBS than not only is he not on their hit list, but he won’t be on Frank’s hit list either while he is busy targeting Dan and Shane. From what I’ve seen, it looks like Joe’s only danger is Ian winning HOH.

Eric CA

Joe’s only danger right now, is eating is own cooking.


Danielle: “I don’t like how she made out with Frank, Boogie and Ian.. and none of them care”

next she’ll be blowing them if they won HOH… she doin what she has to to get by, like women who don’t have a job yet want to live the lavish life, NOTHING in this world is FREE


Ian flippin? did Ashley promise him that handjob???


What could make good tv…
Dan repeating his stratedy to throw his vote to the other side, blame it someone else, keeping the heavy hitters in the game, swinging at each other, picking each other off, clearing the end zone to step in at the end and collect the check. (I find it ironic he kept bringing up Jerry the last couple of days, alittle insightful as to what his stradegy going forward might be).
And, of course, someone making Danielle lose it. (Jenn should have went for it, what chance could she possibly have at this point, why not an iconic exit.)


Britney can also negotiate a deal with boogie for her vote, but she’s also caught up thinking the game is over and they all win if boogie is evicted. do they not know how valuable as a target boogie is still in the house. bunch of cowards and idiots in the house not smart enough to construct a self strategy to win the 500k.


Boogie isn’t going no where this week. boogie deserves an assist from production for his hard fought campaigning to stay in the house. love him or hate him, he’s not giving up the fight to stay in the house. give Shane his pandora’s box, which production will happily hand over some prize money, and give boogie a diamond veto. Jenn is going to be the first EVICTED this thursday (double eviction night). she not productive as a house guest and has nothing else to offer for entertainment. Ian and Joe are human tape recorders. running back and forth telling Shane, Dan, Britney and Danielle every single conversation they had with frank and boogie. Ian and Joe are stupid, they have the opportunity to negotiate deals to better themselves in the game and they’ve become snitch targets.


Too late for diamond veto or coup d’etat. These have to be played at veto ceremony. If anyone else was HOH, production might have gotten away with something, but it would be pretty difficult for them to explain deep 6ing both of Shane’s HOHs.


I’m not a fan of anyone this season worst caste ever, new and has-beens included, I just don’t like booger…


im getting sick and tired of bashing danielle…but she does it to herself….at 4 in themonring shane asked her if she could go downstairs because its too hot with her in the bed….so she just tells dan….ya shane wanted me to spend the night but i didnt do it because i knew it would make u mad…lol…what a lunatic….


Not what happened – what REALLY happened is that at 3:34 AM, Dani made a move to get up and go downstairs. Shane said, he wished he had a fan cos it was hot in the HOH. He asked if Dani was leaving and she said yes, she still had to wash her face in the morning. He did not ask her to leave. I know there is a lot of Dani bashing, but there is enough real stuff to use that we don’t need to be making any up.


Ashley has ADHD? WOW that explains A LOT.. so she not high she just not payin attention

production rigged it

ian has to vote boogie out because if he doesn’t the quack pack will rat him out to frank and then he won’t have anybody to work with.


Looking forward for double eviction. Both winners will be knock out or Boogie will go home & Shane or dan will go to the jury.

Captaim Wedgie the one thick pony

Hey Simon, any chance of getting an ignore button so we don’t have to read posts made by a 6 year old?


WAIT!!! I was reading the part about “Ashley made out with frank, boogie, and ian” Huh?? I thought she only made out with Frank?!?! Someone help??


“She notes that Britney is super paranoid about Boogie having a power.. Danielle doesn’t see the point becuase if Boogie really had the power he would not be running around panicing trying to get votes.”

That’s why Dan is top #2 on my list.


OMG! That picture of Ashley. It’s Baggy pants and the Nitwits!

Eric CA

I think Shane got a Mr Wizard Power. He isn’t moping and looking pensive like he usually does during this part of his HoH week. He actually looks positive. The tell is if he ever tells Brittney not to worry about Boogie having power, or if he does not look scared about it.

Janelle's worn out lip

I think Frank might have it. He was the first to discover the balls in the arcade and there were balls on the floor.


Danielle is gaining weight because she eats too much. She also is not one to call someone else “gross” for kissing/flirting/making out with anyone. She has been hot after Shane for weeks and been doing all kinds of stuff that isn’t exactly lady-like.

As for Ashley, she is playing the game. Work whatcha got sista! $500,000 dollas is up for grabs. Kiss as many frogs as you need to in order to win that money!

Boogie has grown on me this week. I can’t believe that I like him now. I hope his Vanilla Ice arse doesn’t get voted out. Go white boy!

Ian is my favorite. I hope that fool wins. It would be worth it just to see Danielle’s substance addicted puckered up face be mad about it.

BB, get that girl some Slim Fast asap!


Ian: “If the wife looks anything like that tattoo he must have stock in viagra”



I’m a little confused.. so Ian is explaining to Joe what a doushebag move it would be to want to be the 5th member of a 4 man alliance… and that’s exactly his position? Either this kid is so far ahead of all of us that my brain can’t comprehend or he’s so far behind. I need to understand the strategy. Is he thinking 3 weeks ahead or is he just so excited that he can jerk off in the BB house one more week?


I think you are right

because Ian says hes not goig to give Boogie and I am confident that Ian will vote for boogie but watch out for Ian

He will be the one to watch


Why do people come on sites like this every year and bash women for gaining weight? It’s so disgusting. What does that have to do with the game or what kind of person they are? ZERO! Can’t people look at this as what it is – a game – and stop attacking people on a personal level.

Personally, if Mike stays in the house I’m done watching for the season. I’ll just read online to find out who wins the whole thing. I know BB plays a part every season on who stays and who goes, but it’s getting a little ridiculous this season.

fat chicks suk

C Ya Fat arse !!


danielle just said she was teen us ambassador to china??????????? i think if she was, it would be easy to find that out….i dont evenknow if there is a teen ambassador..she doesnt want ppl to think she is smart but yet she has told everyone in the house how smart she is and how she is smarter than ian, does that make sense…PLEASE SOMEONE FUCKING EVICT HER….i cant even enjoy the feeds because of this bitch

Janelle's worn out lip

I still can’t believe that Ian and Joe think they will have a better deal with Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle.

That just totally doesn’t make sense to a rational person. Ian should have figured out by now that if they are stringing Joe along…maybe, just maybe…they are doing the same thing to him. Duh?

Welcome to the dumb and dumber team, Ian and Joe.


What the hell is going on with Ian? Is he with the Quack Pack or Frank and Booger? He is over doing it. He needs to chill out.


Who does he plan to evict?

chilltown yo!!!

Simon you gotta help me out can you give a rundown of who each person would evict as of now???

chilltown yo!!!

Honestly boogie leaving will hurt the season plus does Joe and
Ian want 5th place? Their reasoning of joining the quack pack plus
The head hunters doesnt prove any long term gaming solution.
Keep boogie and Joe and Ian go further..


I agree 100%. I’m guessing this is Joe’s idiot revenge for Janelle vote. He’s an idiot like that. I think Ian is okay, I think he’ll vote to keep Boogie just to make it look like he was to Frank so if Frank wins he’s solid with him He’s solid with the other side for one or two more weeks, but I think he’s really been throwing comps and he’ll be observant to see when he has to win. I just hope the comp suits him to win. But I agree I don’t see how Joe hasn’t seen how tight B/S/D/D have been to think he’s anything but 5th best since he doesn’t win anything. Best case scenario is production told Joe not to let anyone really know how’s he voting and his DR sessions are ripping apart Shane and he’s really keeping Boogie. He’s not that smart though


my best two will be Jen and Shane being evicted. not likely gonna happen, but the drama of boogie surviving this week will be classic.


Aloha from beautiful Kauai.

Simon, I cast my vote for Boogie and Ashley.



i read every comment and i cant believe i’m the 1st to comment how hot britney looks today! with that out of the way, who you think’s going out in the 2nd eviction thurs? i’m thinking dan might be following boogie out the door


boogie and danielle


Ian and those topsiders. I didn’t know they still made topsiders!!!


Boogie goes home first followed by Frank


Back to actual gameplay (since, you know, it’s still a GAME afterall)…

Ian is really digging his own grave. He’s trying way too hard to have a hand in everything. If the opposing sides of the house talk any time soon and Joe just happens to be there, Ian will have told three different sides (since Powerhouse is his own side) three different stories. At that point, he can’t just say “I said this to play that side” because it’ll be such a complex mess of lies that he unnecessarily created.

Jenn, Ian, Joe, and Ashley need to get a clue at some point. DDBS have been solid with each other for weeks now dating back to before the restart. People can mutter about Boogie and Frank all they want but they’re an alliance of two. How blind can the rest of the house be to the fact that being third on the food chain is a lot more beneficial than being fifth?


hey Simon, I don’t think Ian knows yet. got a funny feeling powerhouse is gonna spill the beans about that.


Ian doesn’t know. I have a feeling that the information won’t be told until Frank is on the block so Ian’s vote can be insured. If nothing else, Dan knows when to use and when to withhold information.

Ian was in such a good position but he’s so desperate to be seen as a gamer that he’s trying to do too much. Trying to play Joe when it isn’t necessary is so dangerous, especially since Joe’s mind to mouth filter is non-existent.

BTW, wasn’t he supposed to tell Frank and Boogie NO DEAL! at least five times by now?


this is what I’ve been trying to say for a couple of days now. Ian and Joe are just volunteering to do DDBS dirty work for them. Ian and Joe have become DDBS suicidal bombers. all Ian and Joe should of done was negotiate deals to see who gave them better options in the game. teaming with frank and boogie was the best option IMO for Ian and Joe.


I completely agree. The house has been so hellbent on breaking up the Froogie alliance that the steadiest alliance has gone untouched for over a month now.

I mean, if Powerhouse and the Outsiders just thought about it for a second, BSDD have never put each other on the block, never really spoken badly about the others to Powerhouse and the Outsiders (aside from Britney being pissed at Shane a few days ago), and there’s always some combo of the four attached at the hip 90% of the time.

The funny thing is, they all seem to be aware of it and they still want to latch on and compete to be the fifth wheel rather than thinking about how to break them up and take them out. Third wheel with Frank and Boogie, theoretically, means you at least get to play in the final comps for the grand prize. Fifth wheel with BSDD means you’re watching them from jury.


hey simon…why cant i see all the posts? i just see two pages….man, i have to let this danielle stuff go, but its so hard to watch …she always makes it about her, i shut off my live feeds…i just can’t take it anymore…all the lies, and all the self centeredness, i may give BB a break after this week…hopefully she is evicted, i never disliked someone as much as her in bb history….i hated rachel but atleast rachel didnt make lies up outside of bb…and rachel was hot, danielle is terrible withoutmake up…there are tons of twitter pages dedicated to how delusional danielle is lol…if anybody gets the chance check them out


can anyone please update me on the FRANK the CHEATER saga?


These people are fools and deserve whatever they get after Boogie is evicted. Ian, Joe and Britney, I promise you will be kicking themselves very soon that they didnt keep a huge target/shield like him in the game. I cannot believe there are sooo many dumbasses in this year’s cast. Please production, for the good of the remainder of this season, PLEASE clue them in in the dr. And I do not care what that insinuates, I would much rather have an interesting show to watch than look at a final 6 of Jen, Danielle, Ashley, Ian, Joe and Britney.God, talk about painfully boring!!!!!!!


I would like to see Jenn and Danielle walk out on Thursday.

Nothing against Jenn but Boogie is way more entertaining on the feeds. I like is morning chats in the backyard with the camera.

Danielle’s voice makes me want to vomit, so seeing her leave would be great for the feeds and she could go take her ADHD meds.

That one guy

Frank and Boogie bout to get hit with a massive Grenade yo.


Joe’s an idiot not to flip and keep Boogie. Ian will vote to keep him to hide it from Frank making it a 4-3 vote most likely. Joe can’t win shi*t. If he was smart he would keep Boogie and Frank to pick off Dan and Shane and Hope Dan and Shane can pick off Boogie and Frank then he’s even with people on his level in comps and has a fighting chance to try to make it to the end. But now he’s just going to picked off by Shane and Dan when the time comes. I really don’t care because Joe is a grade A idiot that makes my state look really bad. I just want the drama Boogie staying would create. I really don’t understand how people aren’t looking at the fact you have to win comps at the end and aren’t gunning for Shane right now. Hopefully Ian can pull out a win or 2 to pick off Frank and Shane when needed toward the end. Ian has a great shot at this thing. Really hope Ian or Frank win this thing this year. But I will laugh my ass off if someone like Ashley and Jenn start winning and go the finals together. That would be classic


This poll is bs. I am in the chatrooms all the time and no way is Dan America’s favorite. This is like a political poll. Complete bs!!!!!


I heard an analogy once that may make sense here. When we watch a football game on TV we get to see an angle from above the field. There is always that guy that says, “WTF, why didn’t you pass it to that guy he was open!” You have to remember that when a Quarterback is deciding his pass he’s looking on the ground level.
IMO, I think Ian is looking like he can’t handle the pressure right now. He’s definately got this crush on Ashley and can see she’s going to Frank. Also, Joe to him may be moving in on his alliance. I could be wrong but I’m interested to see how it plays out for him.


Why doesn’t someone tin the “Six” tell Ian that Ashley is smooching it up with Frank? Wouldn’t that help their game? Ian looked into Ashley’s eyes and told her he was going to vote for Booger to stay. She”s like “Really?” And now she’s offering a hand job? Sorry, that’s my definition of a “hoe”. Making out with Frank (and probably more) and offering Ian a hand job? Or was she just kidding around with Ian? Any way, that’s so gross!


Ian asked for a handjob. Ashley didn’t offer one.