Danielle tells Shane that HE is making her look like she needs a fu*king restraining order!

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


1am Ashley and Ian are in the HOH bathtub together. Danielle is in the room getting dressed, and Ian asks her if she made comments about him staring at her the first week when showering. Danielle tells him she didn’t say it, it was Staten Island. Ian says that’s weird it was JoJo because she grossed me out the second week with some of the things she said about her G-string hanging out.


Meanwhile, Shane and Joe are whispering. Shane tells Joe that he heard if Boogie won he would put up Shane. Joe tells Shane that they had said that. Shane tells Joe that Frank and Boogie are going up. Shane tells Joe they will all talk tomorrow in HoH. Shane tells Joe that he trusts him. Shane and Joe wait and hide outside the diary room with pillows to surprise Britney and Danielle. When Danielle and Britney come out of the diary room, Shane and Joe attack them with pillows. Dan comes down from the HOH room and tells them no to attack him because he has broken glass in his hands. Shane asks Danielle and Britney what took them so long in the diary room. Britney says that they were requesting more alcohol. Britney, Danielle, Shane, Dan, Ashley and Joe are in the kitchen talking and hanging out. They talk about tonight HOH competition. Danielle talks how most HOH competitions she has beat Frank in them. Shane tells Britney that she would have beat him if she had gone for the HOH and not for safety. Danielle says that if Dan had gone HOH, he would have had her beat.

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1:45am Dan and Danielle are playing pool in the backyard alone. Dan says that he doesn’t think Shane has it in him to stab anyone in the back. Dan tells Danielle that she has it in her though. Danielle says she doesn’t know how to take that. Dan says it’s a good thing, I know your friends with Brit but if you had to get her out to get me in final two with you, I know you would do that. Danielle agrees and says she thinks Shane would put Frank up if he could be back doored. Danielle starts talking about the more she gets to know Shane; the more she sees that he is mean. They start talking about how he has treated her. Dan says that he knows Britney and Shane would not turn on him and Danielle. Dan says he thinks 100% they would not turn on them. Danielle asks Dan what she should say when Shane asks her advice because he takes it serious and listens to her. Britney joins them. Britney says that she wishes Danielle had won because she would have pulled the trigger. Britney says that she was told by Ian that Boogie told Ian to put up Shane. Dan asks if Shane knows? Britney says yeah, but Shane says Frank and Boogie held up their end of the bargain. Britney talks about how she wants Frank out of the house. Britney says that she cannot take another second of Frank in this house; he’s such a douche bag! Dan agrees and says that he is pretty rude. Britney says plus he actually is really good at this game. Britney warns them that this is the last spot before jury and says that it has to be Frank and Boogie up on the block. Britney says that she thinks Frank has best chance to win and that she could not deal him winning. Ian joins them. Ian tells them that Frank and Boogie wanted Britney as the replacement choice but that they agreed it would be Shane to go up. Joe joins them and the conversation stops.

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Britney and Ian head inside to make tea. Britney talks to Ian in the storage room. Ian talks about why Frank and Boogie are after her. Ian says that they don’t think Shane is very slick. Ian tells Britney that he thinks they didn’t say Dan because they thought Ian was friends with Dan. Britney says the problem is Shane doesn’t want to break his word. Ian says that Boogie now has $16,000 lets get him the fu*k out of here. Britney says she wants Frank out first. Ian says why it should be Boogie, he is so much stronger than Frank in this game.


2:10am Up in the HOH room Danielle and Shane are lying in bed together. Danielle tells Shane that he is her best friend in the house and that he should listen to her advice. She then starts talking about all the mean things he did to her today. Danielle tells Shane that if Frank goes, Boogie will be on his own because Jenn won’t work with Boogie because of how he talked about trading her. Shane says that he knows Frank has to go this week, otherwise Shane and Dan will be screwed next week. Dan comes up to the HOH room to take a shower. Britney joins. Britney tells them what Ian just told her, she says they were planning to get Dan out last week and Shane this week. Dan says that 70 percent of his diary room sessions were about him getting back doored. Ian joins them. Ian tells them that Boogie told him today before HOH that he was pushing for Britney to go up then Shane. Ian tells them that their best move to win this game is to put Frank and Boogie. Every thinks Frank should be the target but Ian says Boogie should be first to go. Britney talks about how little Boogie needs the money and that they would rather sit next to him in the finals because no one would vote for him to win. Britney says let it go by Power of Veto. She says that if Frank wins Boogie goes, if Boogie wins, Frank goes. Shane says that he hopes Frank goes, he has made it through being on the block 3 times, won HOH twice. They hope there is going to be a fast-forward and talk about how there is no have-not competition tomorrow. They agree that they will have to replace it with something. Britney says what an idiot for going for the $10,000.

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2:30am Joe and Ashley are talking alone. Joe tells Ashley if we can’t win competitions, then let’s float. Ashley agrees, she says call me a floater all you want. They laugh. Joe tells Ashley that a big move might be about to go down. Joe tells her that Shane wants to know if they can trust Ashley with her vote. Ashley says of course. Joe tells her that it is absolutely imperative that she does not speak to anyone about this, no matter what. Ashley agrees. They talk about how they are going to keep their head down and let the big players fight it out. Joe says that they are lucky to even be in the game right now. Meanwhile back up in the HOH Ian tells Shane to take Pandora’s Box if there is an indication it might be a diamond power of veto or the coup de’tat. They tell Shane what to look for in the clues. Dan asks Ian if Boogie and Frank have any clue that he is working with them. Ian says no, they tell me everything. Everyone but Danielle and Dan heads downstairs to go to bed. Dan takes a shower in the HOH bathroom.


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3am – 3:40am Danielle and Shane talk about the nominations. They agree that Frank is the main target this week and that they could even put up Joe as the pawn if Frank or Boogie win the Power of Veto. Dan is out of the shower and Shane heads downstairs. Dan tells Danielle not to leave Shane’s side tomorrow because he could be swayed by Frank and Boogie if they get a chance to talk to him before nominations. Danielle agrees that they have to keep an eye on Shane. Shane comes back. Dan says goodnight and leaves. Shane asks Danielle if Dan is still solid for their final four deal. Danielle tells him that he is. Danielle says that Dan is weary of Ian and says that he doesn’t really trust him. Danielle says that Ian has to go because no one wants to sit next to him in the finals. Danielle asks Shane if he and Ashley have been flirting. Shane says no, I never even talk to her. Danielle keeps asking Shane for a back massage. He keeps telling her no. Shane says that she can go, go inspector gadget arms and massage yourself. Danielle brings up Ashley and says that he was cheering Ashley on during the competition. She says that he snapped at her (Danielle) and that he embarrassed her in front of everyone. Shane calls Danielle stupid. Danielle keeps touching him and he tells her he doesn’t want to be touched. “Touch free zone.” Danielle starts talking about the zing-bot, she says that America thinks I am the stalker. Danielle says that she doesn’t know why she hangs out up here. She says that she just gets her feelings hurt. Shane laughs and gets out of the bed to go read his HOH letter. Shane then tells Danielle that he was planning on coming into the house and playing the gay card to get in good with all the girls. He says that he would pretend to be gay to get all the girls secrets and then at the end reveal that he is really straight. Danielle tells Shane that he is making her look like she needs a fu*king restraining order! Danielle says that she is so mad at the Zing-bot and says that it will make America think she is a stalker and that Shane ignoring her only reinforces that. She tells him that he is playing the douche card. Danielle wants him to turn off the light and go to bed but he tells her that she can stay some other night. Danielle heads downstairs to go to bed.

6:35am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Love how britney has turned in to janelle talking crap about frank but she doesn’t seem to mind when he is flipping her over or being grabby with her. The person that should go is her she has done nothing in this game i would hate not to see frank, danielle, or shane in the finals since they are the ones competing in this game why every one else rides the social train. It sucks it looks like there will be floaters in the final 3.


Yeh, a floater will probably sneak into the final 3, happens a lot. But Britney a floater???? Nope, not even close. She has done well in comps, maybe not winning but she’s been around. Securing the safety in this week’s HOH was a brilliant strategic move on many levels. She has stuck to her group, never floated from power to power, and her social game is phenom. True she’s one of my favs, but I try not to let that judge my observations, unlike others on here. I give credit where credit is due, and she deserves credit. And watch out for one more thing…Eagle Eye Power Alliance is positioning himself for a long run baby!!!!!! Woot!!!! Lmao


“judge my observations” should be “cloud my observations”…sry, still waking up :)


Britney would have won safety for herself and for her alliance if she had won HOH, but she was selfish. She wants to float by and let others do her dirty work. She’s too scared to backstab Boogie/Frank herself. She wants someone else to do it. If Ashley, Joe, or Jenn had won HOH, Shane and/or Dan would’ve probably been nominated, but she was only concerned with her own safety.


By securing the safety for herself she not only made sure she was around for another week, but she made sure that someone not in her alliance didn’t win safety for the week. It was strategy, not selfishness.


I am pretty sure Britney would have done good in the competitions she was in. She was 2nd for trivia and endurance two weeks in a row. She could have won it yesterday if she didn’t go for safety. She is not a floater because she is strong in competitions and has a great social game.


I dont get why everyone says they don’t trust Frank… seems to me he always does, in the game, what he says he is going to as far as his alliance goes. But all the people who say he is not trustworthy are always trying to get him out.. hmmm maybe look in the mirror to see who is not trustworthy


I agree, Monica. Most of the house guests are just floating. Majority of the house guests aren’t really trying to win any competitions.


I feel the coaches have done nothing. throwing comps coming in second instead of winning what a joke. the newbies are the only ones doing anything as far as competition. and i agree i am tired of people saying frank is a liar when they straight up lied to him about keeping him and they did the same to janelle. I mean britney now turning harcore on frank when every other time she lets him grab her and touch her but she had the nerve to say on the sex talk the other day don’t ask me that i am married really???…her, dan and boogie have been utterly useless to this show. I know production is regreting who they choose if they wanted a good season two of the coaches should have been rachel and evel dick. Those 2 would have been entertaining to watch and they would have worked there asses off instead of throwing comps.


Danielle, he’s just not that into you. Sheesh, let it go. Glad there is no pet rabbits in there.


“you can stay up here another night”…. Words never spoken from a guy to a girl if he has any feelings for her. Get the hint Crazy-elle.

The voices inside Danielle's head

I’m not crazy, your crazy if you can’t see the signs that he loves me but is just afraid that I will break his heart. So he pushes me away, when I know that he wants to hug me and squeeze me and love me. so who’s crazy now?? yeah, that’s what I thought.

That’d be sooo awesome if Hayden comes to the finals.


Lol .. loving your comments

The voices inside Danielle's head

Thanks Simon. She does a great job of providing me soo much to work with.

The voices inside Danielle's head

What are you talking about. Shane loves me, he just is scared to get hurt, so he’s playing hard to get. I have seen this all the time from guys. he wants me, he just may not know it yet. But you’ll see, before this season is over he will be mine. All mine.

I wonder what Trey is doing?


You forgot about Ashley. She certainly has to go down because she is trying to wreck your happy home. She offered Shane a massage and he took it. I think she called you fat.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Then I guess I gonna have to address that. Maybe I will suggest to Shane that he nominates Ashley if Frank or Boogie win POV. Then I could tell everyone that she called me fat, and backdoor Ashley. It worked with Janelle, you saw how I got her out of the house. I masterminded that whole thing and took out a legend. Starting to put together my All Stars resume, bring Hayden and Shane back with me and I’m a happy girl.

voices inside Shane's head

Come on Denial, take a hint, a no touching zone and you don’t get it! I don’t like the way she looks at my dog. I better not look at his pic when she’s around. I’d love to spend some time with Hashley but I’m afraid we might find her lifeless body. I miss Shril already. He may be my soul mate!


It’s about bloody fucking time that someone fractured this alliance and gave us some drama. Frank and Boogie together on the block is beautiful. And if Frank wins POV Boogie will never get over being evicted pre-jury. It’s pre jury right, or will he be the first jury member?


Oh,sweet!!!! That would be showing Boogie so much love.!!!! Knowing Boogie, he would be in the jury house manipulating the votes. Just because he want be taking home the $500,000. He is a master manipulator who seeks out people to manipulate!!! He can’t help it!!!!


How about Dan and Dani on the lock? At least then she would leave Shane alne.


Danielle is making herself look like she needs a restraining order. Clearly Shane isn’t interested but she just keeps pushing…she’s getting so annoying I hope she gets evicted soon

The voices inside Danielle's head

OMG, you are just so MEAN!!! So what, you gonna call me fat now too? Why can’t you people understand, Shane loves me. He’s just a bit old fashioned and don’t want to display our love for the whole world to see. His heart is mine, he is mine. Soon he’ll give in to his feelings. And he will be MINE, ALL MINE!!!

PS Night night Hayden, see ya soon.


Of course he will be all yours, when slip the roofie into his drink. There is a reason you became a nurse………like Annie Wilkes.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Shhhh. I am kindergarten teacher remember?


I really hope Boogie goes this week! It seems like he doesn’t even care if he wins cause he hasn’t tried worth a shit to win anything but money along the way. I’m suprised Frank is still with him! I mean, Boogie did not even try for HOH and he knows Frank is a target. It seems that when BB brings back players they don’t try as hard the second or third time around. Or they are really arrogant and act like they know everything. Oh, and I’m really counting down the days until Shane tells Danielle to get the fuck out of his HOH room or completely snaps on her. Enough is enough.


This bed fits 2, but it only sleeps 1. Get out Danielle!!! LOL

LA from GA

First time commenting (love this site by the way… discovered it 1/2 way through last season)

But after reading the Danielle/Shane convo that they had late last night, it made me think of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsl50wgUkyc

Hopefully I posted the video link correctly

The voices inside Danielle's head

Most guys wait till after they have had their way with me before they tell me to Get Out. Just goes to prove he is playing hard to get. 2 will become 1, you’ll see.


ROFLMAO. Shane makes her look like a stalker. Um, ok. Shane is mean to her. But she wants to sleep in his bed anyways. Um, ok. He sends her downstairs to bed, and Danielle is thinking about her one true love, Trey. But she isn’t a stalker, it’s Shane’s fault. Oh, and Hayden has a message for Danielle. He can’t make it to the finale because he has to wash his hair that night.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Shane is making me look bad. He loves me, but plays hard to get and you clearly aren’t seeing that. And I thought the Zingbot was mean, for you to sit there and imply that I am a stalker is just as mean. I know Shane is putting up a front and it’s all an act. I see the love he has for me in his eyes when he looks at me. Missed that didn’t ya? Uh huh, I thought so. See Shane feels the same way I do. And I love him sooo much it hurts. HURTS!! And FYI, Hayden will be there for me. I’m a catch.

Trey, wait for me baby. You are my world.

voices inside Shane's head

Maybe if I where my pink top, Stank will notice me and through a half log on the fire.


the Zingbot was female…she thinks you’re bottom heavy too, and looked at Shane THREE times…


I watched the feeds and Shane never told her to get out. She got up from the bed herself without him telling her to leave. And for the record, Shane IS into her. He just doesn’t want a showmance/romance interfere with his game.


And this is basically what we will get consistently for the next week(baring a POV upset): more stalker Dani camera-time and long, rambling sessions from Ian, the BB superfan expert, in the HoH. Dan will probably have to endure alot hours of listening to these two to keep his pawns in order. I’ll pray for his sanity.


If Frank wins the second PoV. Shane will be screw. So better win the 4 PoV.


How would he be screw? Then Boogie go home, Frank is on island and can only get Shane if he win next HOH. There, I type so you can understand where me coming to, k?


Because Frank wins PoV. Keep himself off the block. Put Ian as replacement nominee. Beside, Mike Boogie not going anywhere. Shane will put up Joe & Ashley on the block. That would be happen.

The voices inside Danielle's head

I want to destroy that plastic talking garbage can called the Zingbot. he was attacking me and planting seeds in America’s head that I am a stalker. when clearly i am not. If anything, shane is stalking me.

Why won’t he give me a massage? I bet he is talking with Ashley when I am not around. I about died when Dan asked me not to leave Shane’s side yesterday. I was like, as if there was a chance that I would. he sure don’t know nothing about the connection that me and Shane have. We will go down as more memorable than Romeo and Juliet or Rachel and Brendon or even Jeff and Jordan. They might make a movie about our love. OK, won’t let me sleep up here tonight. Back to playing hard to get I see. Ok, I will play along. Until tomorrow my love, my world.

I sure hope Hayden comes to the final.

Good night Trey, I love you baby.


LMFAO! If I didn’t know better, I’d believe the, “Voices in Danielle’s head” were real thoughts. Spot on!


LOL OUTSTANDING post!!!. The truth is so scary sometimes. We are using Dani as an example to our 17 year old son what NOT TO DATE.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Does he think I’m pretty? Does he turn 18 by September? giggles

The Voice in Shane's head aka TheBarkBark

Wow, you really ARE the voices in Danielle’s head. I can tell because you got REAL annoying after the first 2 times we heard ya. We get it, now go somewhere else and fish for compliments because you’re annoying the sh!t out of me, fat ass.

The voices inside Danielle's head

If I had a dollar for everytime someone called me fat, well, I’d have a lot of money. Well love me or hate me, I am here for a long time. Dan and Britney are protecting me and I will be on your TV all season long, with my soulmate Shane. And I wouldn’t be too mean to me, that kind of turns me on. wink wink


too funny, you are officially the voice in Danielle’s head LOL


I’m surprised she didn’t sleep out on the couch outside the HOH.


OMG, is Shane’s last name really, “Meaney?”

The voices inside Danielle's head

See!! Told ya so. I told everyone that he was a meaney. Hmmh, Danielle Meaney, that doesn’t sound too bad. Not as good as Danielle Gorman though. Hmmh, what about Danielle Moss? I don’t know which I like better. what’s a girl to do???


Who were the four houseguest Janelle said she dreamed of seeing as the final four?


Janelle saw, Joe, Ashley, Danielle and Shane. I so hope this is NOT the final 4.


Boogie got his money, he has got to go. Keep him out of the jury. Boogie went for the cash because he knows he can not win.


I think that Shane leads her on in some ways. If he doesn’t like her then he shouldn’t have kissed her, given her massages, etc. Danielle does go a little over board and obsessive, but if he is giving her mixed signals then what is she supposed to think! Also, the Shane/Trey/Hayden triangle is ridiculous! Note to guys: if you don’t like a girl, don’t play with her emotions! Note to girls: after a few attempts leave him alone!! Get the message and you won’t be hurt!!


Awww…lest we forget, Danielle was HOH when Shane kissed her and was in the HOH with her spankin’ that a$$. NOW he is HOH and there’s no need for any of that.

Shane “thought about playing the gay card”? That’s not a card most men have in their deck… I think he is gay and that’s fine… his sexual orientation is his business and if he choses to keep it on the DL that again is his business. Pretending he’s not… game play??? Of course I could be wrong… he may be a metrosexual… ????

Can you imagine Danielle being the first one in jury….by herself??? OH LORD! Wonder what “the voices in Danielle’s head” think would happen…..

The voices inside Danielle's head

I can tell you what better not happen, that freaking Zingbot better not show up. I bet Zingbot’s can’t swim. teehee I’d have Hayden or Trey come visit me while I waited for my beloved to join me there. Shane might even get himself nominated so he wouldn’t have to be away from me any longer than he had to. Love is like a drug. It’s powerful stuff. giggles But this probably won’t happen, cause I am a beast in comps. You remember the pirate ship, I owned that. Then the kiss saw around the world. Has there ever been a better kiss? One for the ages.


Oh Voice.. you are Danielle’s best asset.. how I wish you were in my head instead of the voice that only says, ” It’s OK to stay up and watch BB and eat all the mint chip ice cream loser.”!


, when is Pandora Box reveal for Shane?


This weekend I hope


, Okay! What are the odds of Frank or Boogie chance of staying? If shane opens pandora box & if something good or something bad. What is something good or something bad? (like $10000 (good), bring back coaches 1 week (bad))


Maybe Pandora’s Box will be Shane getting his other HOH back and that is how they will do the fast forward. Maybe it won’t be allowed to include coaches since they weren’t in it yet when he had his last HOH.


Make it dynamic duo returns (Bad),
Shane & Danielle (1)
Dan & Britney
Mike & Frank (2)
Ian & Ashley (3)
Joe & Jenn
Mike & Frank wins PoV
Joe & Jenn as replacement nominee!

lol lol lol

whoever is danielles voices in her head that is good stuff lol….i love how she thinks that she thinks the zingbot makes her look like a stalker…..no daniellle we knew u were stage 5 well before the zingbot….she is so clueless…and all of this tonight came after she just said shes over shane….lol, what a lunatic…shane should be pissed i would be if i were him….for danielle telling everyone in the house that shane is mean to her….just because he doesnt have feelings for u that doesnt mean he is bein mean to u lunatic…wow….o and what is up with ian having his shirt off the whole time on showtime last night….nobody wants to see ian with his shirt off…i couldnt stand it….i hope they evict ian sometime soon as well

The voices inside Danielle's head

It is ALL the Zingbot’s fault. I was cruising to Americas favorite and then the Zingbot made America think I was a stalker. You saw how shocked the rest of the house was. They couldn’t believe that the Zingbot would lie about me like that. I dare that plastic talking garbage can to come into my house again. Zingbot, beware a woman scourned.

I’m a catch!! I’m a model!! A kindergarten teacher, hehe!! Seriously how couldn’t Shane want to marry me? What America and the Zingbot doesn’t see, is the unspoken langauge of love that me and Shane speak when our eyes meet. But I see it, as clear as could be. Fate brought us together. Love will bind us.

I hope Trey isn’t seeing anyone while I am in the house.


Nonjury:Jodi,Kara,JoJo,Janelle,Wil,Joe (If he keep his mouth shut)
Jury:Jenn,Ashley,Britney(If she won’t blow up),Danielle (If she won’t blow up either),Ian,Dan,Mike Boogie
Final 2:Shane & Frank
Shane wins 4-3
Frank runner-up
Either Shane or Ian wins 25k

The voices inside Danielle's head

Danielle (If she won’t blow up either)

What are you trying to imply, Captain? That I’m FAT!!! I hope everyone saw that. People are always attacking me for no reason. Can’t you people see that I’M A CATCH!!!


No, if she started stirring lies about throwing Shane or Mike Boogie under the bus. That why she will end up in the jury.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Oh so now I’m a fat liar. Y’all saw that right?


I’m laughing at all of this, but it’d be so much funnier if you added in here and there a ‘y’all’ and a ‘Are you listening to me? Hey, are you listening?’, lol!

The voices inside Danielle's head

Excellent suggestion. thanks.

Danielle is a raging idiot...

voices inside dani’s head – you are my new favorite person………………………….funniest post yet for bb14


Ditto. I’ve been snoozing this season until I heard the voices in Danielle’s head. It’s a wake up call for sure. LOL!


Everyone needs to leave danielle alone .. yah she brought alot on herself but shane dove into the fricken water to kiss her when she won!!! And really calling her fat thats fricken rude! r u guys that miserable with the way u look that u have take it out on her??? thats just not a necessary comment! whats is this elementary school and ur the popular kids?!?! u wanna knock her game fine then, but leave her damn weight outa it u jerks!!!!!!


I believe the best thing for Shane is to nominate boogie and frank upfront. then he gets credit for not back dooming them..Dan tells boogie that frank is the target and that he wants to take boogie to final two with frank. they are very close to having the numbers to do this…they can just scrape up one more vote…they gap have Dan, dani, britt…just need one more to make sure they get frank out..if frank wins pov then at least you get boogie out as a consolation prize ….have to get frank out over boogie because boogie is so bad at comps and frank is more likely to win comps in the future.

shanes lawyer

lol, at some point BB will have to step in….shane has told danielle and other houseguests numerous times that he does not want anything more than friends with danielle….it’s getting scary now, danielle said shane is making it worse because hes ignoring u…no he’s not ignoring u, hes just not touching u like u want him to…thats not ignoring, thats called he can tell u r a complete lunatic and wants nothing to do with u…and the most scary part of all of it was, after he said dont touch me and everything else…she is laying in bed saying come to bed lol….and he has to say u can stay another night…which means get out just get out and ill make it look nice by saying u can stay another night….but danielle doesnt take hints….she will take what he said and think well ill ask him tomorrow night….u have to be straightforward with a nut like danielle…..but u never know if she will stab u

The voices inside Danielle's head

I know right. They need to make Shane stop playing hard to get. He’s making me look bad. Same with that freaking Zingbot. I want someone so bad that it hurts and I am the bad person? I just don’t think the Zingbot knows what love is, he’s a bot how could he? The touching part, shane’s just modest and kind of old fashioned. I bet he will make us wait until we are married before we sleep together. Do I really want the last name of Meaney? Would that make people think I was mean to? But if we did get married, I could tell everyone that I told them so and that the Zingbot was wrong about me being a stalker. Redemption would be mine, just like Shane. Yeah, I miss Trey.


OMG u r so right! In her mind “you can stay another night” was “he’s gonna ask me out this week, he’s just tired from the competition and all that he has on hs mind”….


Now I know why Shane brought all the pink outfits!! He said he wanted to play the ‘gay’ card, that’s why!!


please keep the post coming voices inside danielles head…please….u r making my morning


Simon & Dawg,
Please post an address or POBOX to send you a small token of my appreciation for the work you do. Would prefer you tweet it to @gigiandthensome as I don’t always read ALL the posts… you get so many! Won’t be alot, as I’m an unemployed widow on a budget, but maybe ya’ll could clip a coupon and go out to eat????


Thanks Gigi we’re glad you like the site. I’ll keep in touch via twitter.. :)

The voices inside Danielle's head

Hey, you all know that song by Cheap Trick, I want you to want me? yeah, I love that song. It’s kinda my theme song or my anthem. When I hear it I kind of just lose myself. I wonder if Hayden likes that song.




hey Hey! .. My guy Shane is Not as Naive as we thought! …I liked Shane from the Start! – And he is NOT gay! … I am for Shane ALL The Way!! also for Danielle! .. Frank needs to go, then Boogie, then Dan and then Britney!


“Danielle wants him to turn off the light and go to bed but he tells her that she can stay some other night.”

He don’t even wanna sleep in the same bet with her let alone FUCK her, I know he can use some pussy or at least a bj to hold him off til he gets out and to Kara…. BURN


Good to know making fun of people with mental issues is America’s new favorite pastime. I’m guessing you think it’s OK because it’s not something you can “see”, like being blind or in a wheelchair.


ashley has been such a waste of space in this game…she doesnt come close to winning anything, she is just garbage, i really hope they dont cast ppl that applied for dating shows next season….even though danielle is funny to watch how she acts its just ridiculous, in season 12 i hated rachel but atleast she played the game…danielle plays to a certain degree but it really seemed like she won the pirate ship out of complete love for shane ….seriously her lunatic determination would not be denied that night…it was kinda scary but now that its getting closer in her head that shane doesnt like her and she will be talking about trey today, she might not have much motivation to win it….i do not like frank at all….and the best competitor is shane…so in the end…im hoping shane wins this season…and if he wasnt lying about needing the money…it sounds like he needs the money the most


I think Jenn is a complete waste of space. If you cut all of the scenes she appeared in on the show for the last 43 days, you could probably get it down to like, 5 minutes. Ashley hasn’t done much either, but at least we know she exists.


It would be so great if Shane backdoored Danielle! If you think she is a psycho bitch now imagine her after that!! She would go nuts, and that would be great T.V.


on the live feeds right now….boogie is talking to live feeders about everybody in the house…says britney is a slob and she thinks she is a princess lol…so is danielle….just when i start not liking boogie….he keeps it real on the live feeds for us feeders….u have to give him props for that…he is drinking coffee and just talking to us because no one else is up and he knows its boring


So there is going to be a double eviction coming up…..what 2 will be out the door? Would like some predictions.


hey dawg or simon i dont know whos there right now….but how does a double eviction work? this is my first season watching….


=Shane will probably put up Frank and Joe
=Dan will work his magic to keep Boogie in the game because he thinks he can beat him in the final or use him in Jury.
=Boogie and Frank will be told that Joe is the target
=Frank wins POV
=Ian does some really annoying things and goes up as the “new pawn”
=Boogie convinces everyone that Ian could win, so they should get him out now
=ian is evicted= Big move for Boogie, mdium move for Shane-quack)

=Frank wins HOH (Big move alert)
=If Boogie preplans with Frank, Britney and Danielle go up with hopes of backdooring Shane
=Without Boogie’s influence, Frank puts up Dan and Britney
=someone gets evicted and goes to jury….falling asleep now

Eric CA

I am hoping, against Hope, that Shane put sup Frank and Boogie

When asked “Why did you put us up?”
tell Boogie
“I thought that is what you wanted, when you went for the $10,000 and not the HoH.”

Frank has NEVER voted for eviction, he has either been on the block or HoH. This was really Boogies chance to do some heavy lifting in their Alliance, instead he got HIMSELF $10,000. It should really make Frank start to think.

Dan and Brittney went for Safety, Dan throws another comp. and Brittney is paranoid. Of course she was told that Boogie wanted her out and once you choose, you can not go back and start HoH.

I have to admit I was impressed by Brittney in that comp., she really could have been HoH this week, had she gone for that.
After safety was taken off the block, Dan did hustle for HoH…. but Boogie, Boogie, Boogie…. that is not how you cover Frank and yourself. I hope you tell Frank “Frank, Shane was HoH, but sending you home was all me.”


It is honestly going to take a miracle for Chilltown to stay intact after this week. I am pulling for them, but at the same time, they both made dumb moves this week. Frank let Boogie talk him out of a game changing move and Boogie decided to fatten his wallet instead of securing HOH or Safety. Again though, I understand WHY Boogie keeps going for money because he still knows what he knew then when the button was pushed, the coaches will NOT make it to the money. No one will vote for them, so why not fatten the wallet as much as you can before you go. Frank on the other hand was right, he should have vetoed one of his noms, placed Dan up. Brit even admitted that they did not have the votes to keep Dan this past week and he would have gone home with Boogie and Frank having a better shot. idk, I really hope Pandora’s box appears and shakes the house down to its foundation.


Final 4: The broski alliance-Dan,Mike Boogie,Shane & Frank. The real deal.


That would make for an interesting show. But are the dudes smart enough to realize “Bros before hos” is the way that it goes?

Haydenstells Danielle...hell no!!!

If I were Shane i would to production Danielle is going to far… to have them yell her to lleave him alone shes going to fuck up his game and i want him to win…..

Hayden tells Danielle...hell no!!!

Shes going too far… production needs to step in…

Hayden tells Danielle...hell no!!!

If it were a guy bugging a girl on the show to be together and she said no..and no again …. production would step in and prob evict him… they need to step in and atleast warn Danielle to leave shane alone…


I wonder will Trey be in his Pandora’s Box….. That would be HILARIOUS them talkin bout the “good times” with Bunny Boiler


No one who went for the “safety” jug or “$10K” jug deserve to win BB14. None of them have the balls to be HOH, especially Dan and Boogie who are clearly throwing every competition. From now on I’m rooting for Frank and Ian, and then Shane and Danielle if Frank and Ian ever go home.


I had no problem with Danielle, but now with her being all delusional, crazy and pathetic I can’t take her she’s beyond annoying!


What…in the world…is that SMELL?!?! Oooooh, wait. Nevermind. It’s Danielle reeking of desperation.

Honey, he doesn’t want you. He wants penis. You replies him. Get over it!