Big Brother Spoilers – Ashley: “We got 2 Bottles of wine and 7 beers” Shane: “BB wants a FIGHT!”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

10:32pm Living room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ian says right before he left for Big Brother 14 his Mom tried to convince him not to go. She “I don’t want you to do this.. do that.. I don’t want you to talk about that.. or This.. Don’t wear the unitard for a week.. Don’t smoke.. Don’t lose your virginity”

Ian adds that his dad didn’t know he was coming on the show.. he thinks if he did things would have been said.

Britney talks about her mom being a lot like her same body type.Britney mentions that her mom got to the first conference for season 1 Survivor. Boogie: “When did your mom stop applying for Survivor” Britney says Survivor casting they told her she didn’t get on because she couldn’t swim. After she found out they did cast someone that could swim she was pissed. Britney mentions that during her mom’s casting process they had her in a room with a bunch of monkeys to see how she interacts with them. Dan: “They don’t do that anymore”

Britney talks about Wil going to Germany 18 and getting signed by a label. The owner of the label went crazy and was placed in a mental hospital so the label went out of business. She adds that Wil went to an American Idol casting call but they told him they didn’t like his outfit and he was cut.

Ian brings up a thread on the survivor sucks forum that discusses cast edits. Ian says there is 4 mains categories of edits, Invisible when a person doesn’t get any Diary Room clips in a episode. Kristen Bitting from Big Brother 12 was like this. Danielle: “I was told she gave really Boring DR’s” Feed go to fish..

Over the top is another edit mans very visible on the episode.. Ian: “a good example is Coach on survivor”. There is Complex personality – The viewer is being let in on their strategy. Ian: “Richard Hatch was this one” final category is MIddle of the road . Ian: “There is also Positive, Negative and mixed tones to each category. Britney: ‘Who does this.. compiles all the Data?” Boogie: ‘Sounds like a lot of work”

10:57pm Boogie talks about Big Brother 7

Boogie says that Chicken George was one of the few people that actually went around America and campaigned to get on the show.

Ian: ‘I’m a little bit surprised that Jase got on the show..”
Britney: “I liked Jase”
Ian: “Well I liked the 4 horseman”

Boogie says that Cowboy showed up to a charity event with a 400 lb dude and volunteered himself to participate in all the events. He adds that the limo was pulling away and Cowboy and this guy jump in. The lady running it didn’t have the “Balls” to ask him to leave because he wasn’t invited.

Britney: “How long ago was this?”
Boogie: “3 years ago”
Britney: “what was it called”
Boogie: “Fire lake casino… Dan was there”
Dan: “That was the best event there”
Boogie about Cowboy and his “Dude”: “It was so weird it was like they were gay lovers.. Dan didn’t you get that Vibe”
Dan nods .

11:14pm Shane’s HOH Room
It’s your typically HOH Room event.. A bunch of random side conversations..
Boogie: “Did you guys hear this.. Shane’s sister is moving to my my hometown!”

11:20pm Shane is drinking a monster drink.. he offer some to Ian. Ian turns it down says he wants to go to bed soon. Britney asks him how his armpits feel. Ian says they are alright as long as he doesn’t put deodorant on them. Britney: “It’s all about the experience.. how many times do you have the chance to Nair your armpits on Big Brother”

11:24pm Ashley runs up says they have 2 Bottles of wine and 7 beers. (There is a giant Smile on her face)
Britney says her and Danielle will share a bottle of wine. Shane comments how much that is.. says that production might be wanting a fight.

11:38pm Dan, Ian, Ashley, Danielle, Britney, Shane

Shane is surprised that so many people went for safety. Dan says it’s because Shane had such a strong start they all felt they didn’t have a chance Britney was at first thinking she should try for the HOH because if she won safety she still might be a have nots. She then found out she can’t be a have nots this week. (Either there isn’t any havenots or her safety pass makes her except from it)
Shane: “What are the chances of pandora’s box this week”
Ian: ‘Heavy”
Shane: “What should I do”
Ian brings up about the Big Brother 13 Pandora’s box that allowed Rachel and Jordan to work in paris.
Joe warns Shane that the Pandora’s Box can affect everyone’s game.

Ashley is getting a bit cuddly with Ian.. Ian jokes “Nobody gets between me and my floatmance”

11:49pm Cam 3 Frank Frank has been transformed into grumpy anti social frank.. he’s sleeping while most the other players chill out in the Head of Household drinking beer and win

11:59pm Power House Screen Capture

12:03AM Power House Joe is saying that the Diary Room gave him a pep talk and told him things change all the time in this game. Britney agrees says it’s already happened a couple times this season.

Ian says he felt that Frank was robbed not being allowed to play for the 10 grand in the HOH today. Britney is quick to point out that Frank was about to be evicted and the reset saved him. (No shit Ian.. WTF) Shane saws that Boogie told him to slow down because he was worried he was going to win HOH before Boogie got the 10 Grand Barrel fill. Shane was thinking to ask Boogie to split the 10 Grand with him. Britney quick to tell him that it’s illegal and production would of stopped it.

12:22Am Danielle and Britney getting tipsy.. (If you want to see brit drunk get the feeds..)


Britney and Ian start talking about the first 3 weeks in the house being amateur hour.
Britney: ‘We bartered newports for votes.. that’s the kind of amateur hour it was they weren’t even marlboro”
Britney to Ian: ‘Oh My God did you just have a seizure”
Ian: ‘No.. I totally just stimmed out.. “
AShley: “You epileptic”
Ian: “No I just haven’t been sitting still for a while..”

Shane: “I’m going to be SHIT faced at the finale SHIT faced”
Britney: “No you won’t you are busy talking the entire time and your family is there you’ll be trying to catch up”

12:46Am Girl chat in the tub
Danielle is begging Britney to get Hayden Moss on the finale. She tells Britney to look at the camera and ask. Britney looks at the camera Someone tweet Hayden Moss tell him to be at the finale he’s got a date” (OMG Hayden RUN RUN!!)

They break one of the wine glass on the bathroom floor. they scream for Ian to come he’ll clean it up for them but he’s grabbing his trunks and jumping in.

12:56AM Ian in the tub with Ashley and Danielle. talking about the HOH comp. Ian says the crisco they used to lube up the HOH competition was horrible to remove. Ian: “It was caked onto my leg hairs” (Thats a sign Ian that you need to go completely hairless this season)

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a fight? I WISH

Karen S

I’m gonna read this all I swear… but they have booze and a new HOH and where is Frank.? ruh roh..
he’s been sleeping… and now is brushing his teeth.. where’s his girl Ashley…? Where’s his Coach Boogie?
Ruh Roh…again… Looks like Frank is effffffffed! right?

Karen S

LOL Ok… I read. Guess there wasn’t anything I wasn’t listening to already. See how amazing Simon and Dawg are?
Oh and loooky… Jenn somebody and Frank are sleeping again. I loved the fan that responded with Jenn who?
She’s not been getting any air time.. which if she knew, she would be so upset. Gonna hurt her Rocker band I’ve never heard of.
And Frank is really hurting himself. Even though he talks with his hands.. you’d think he’d be up there sucking and kissing ass.
Feeling a lil giddy tonight. Just like I did when Jeff was freaking voted out on DE!!!! *scuse me while I hiccup* snickers


good cover going to sleep so early, but he didn’t compete, and seemed not to care. frank was snappy towards the end of the week, too…maybe it’s game stress catching up to him.

frank and boogie must have an early a.m. strategy session in the morn…wonder if dan will make an appearance, too???


I really think that Frank is being snappy and irritable because nothing further happened with Ashley. She didn’t come up to the room to be with him and really only wanted ice cream. I think he was hoping he was going to get a showmance going. He is now pouting because he probably will go home this week because Shane really got screwed out of his HOH last time. I hope he and Boogie are on the block. I want Boogie gone and I don’t think Frank will have any game after that since, apparently, his HOH was really Boogie’s, who also talked him out of backdooring Dan. Frank is still holding grudges against players during the coaching period, when it was more of a team thing for a couple of weeks. He has since made alliances with these people but still wants to backdoor them, which will screw him in the end.


Frank should be pissed at Boogie. WTF? All of the coaches threw the HOH, which should tell Danielle, Shane and Frank that their “coaches: expect safety from them, they expect all the blood to be on their hands and they aren’t willing to fight to be in a position to keep them safe. Especially Boogie, who went for the money instead of fighting for HOH to keep Frank safe this week, when he is vulnerable. They need to break away or they are all going to get burned. I thought Dan was going for the money too, but someone pointed out that he was going for safety. Still, they are too comfortable. I really hope Shane puts up Frank and Boogie, with Boogie as the target. Frank needs to go up with him so he cant win veto and save Boogie. Brit did a great job, and I’m glad she’s safe. I wonder if that means she’s safe for the double eviction, because Julie said that the person that wins safety is safe on Thursday. The first Pandora’s box on season 12 was the diamond power of veto, but I’m guessing they won’t do that this week because they will want Frank or Boogie to have it. Don’t open the box, Shane! Maybe if nobody opens it this year production will drop this lame “twist” from the game.


I couldn’t agree more. Boogie is a greedy jerk. He has lots of money but only wants more and will even throw his alliance members under the bus to get it. He is all for himself, 100% and if Frank can’t see that, he is doomed.


wonder if ashley secured a vote with frank this week??? for her sake, hope he doesn’t end up on the block…

Karen S

<—–loves Simon… swooon until he reaches BB house 15.


Hopefully Boogie and Frank get nominated, one leaves and the other gets the other boot from Fast Forward

Debbie Downer

I think, Frank cockiness thinks he is safe this week..Since Shane promised him last week that Frank is safe (this week) and he would not BD him.


Who is Ian think he is a beast player? He is a floater just like Joe ashley and Jenn, n possibly Dan…


he is Adam 2.0! talks about how to play Big Brother instead of actually PLAYING BB


Ian is very annoying and super arrogant this past week, someone needs to put him in his place. Dude is turning into a Ronnie with the intelligence of an Adam. Also, he’s officially pissed off the majority of feeders with his 5th wheel *** ruining the bathtub drunken fun with the 3 hottest chicks in the house last night. The feeds are boring enough; between Dani and Ian’s neediness/obsessiveness, it’s really hard to watch.


3 hottest chicks??? Ugh. Britney would be a 7. Ashley is a 6 and Danielle is atleast a 3.5. I would hate to picture what average would be like to you if these 3 are HOTTEST chicks in your eyes. Unless you’re wearing them beer googles, then I understand where you are coming from.


Hottest in the house. Maybe you misread that.


Stupid Ian wants the floaters out, but he calls his relationship with Ashley a floatmance; I thought this guy was smart? What an idiot!!!

Karen S

pssst… making small jokes about the people who like you, is a small task, but can have big consequences in this game to keep you around. Just a thought.

quack-pack fan

Ian is adorable – I thought he was calling his thing with Ashley a FLIRTmance. I think the BB experience has such high’s and low’s and it is interesting to watch how each person copes.


I think it would be hilarious if Shane puts up Frank and Mike and then backdoors Dan. He could say that he wanted one of Mike’s alliance gone and then with Dan as a pawn, or not, he gets out a major player and he still has some votes behind him. Of course, that takes a social game too, which Shane lacks.


what is frank doing? sleeping? this could be a VERY costly early sleep!

at least he should there for an hour. he could sleep the whole day.


hey guys did you see my falls? How did they look!?

Such a narcissist!

I need to see a fight or something! The feeds are so boring!!!


OMG, I noticed that, too! She kept asking everyone if they saw how hard she fell on her tailbone but they completely ignored her!! Instead of getting the hint that nobody gives a sh*t she kept bringing it up over and over. She obviously doesn’t realize that everyone was fighting their own battle trying for HOH or safety and they weren’t watching the ‘Danielle Show’!! What a narcissist!


Hey Simon. Love the blog. Been following all season and recently subscribed to feed. Definitely worth it, but i seem to be having trouble with them tonight. They’re cutting in and out so i was wondering if its everyone, or maybe just me? Thanks in advance.


I actually already downloaded that after seeing it from an earlier thread, so it must be my internet tonight. Thanks, and keep up the great work!


Ian needs to go!! I hate hearing his awkward ass!!!


And Ian FTW! 0110100001100101011000010111001001110100 geeky guys


So when I typed Ian Terry into google most associated with his name was aspergers (form of autism)…wonder if thats true…no sites confirmed it though.

Karen S

Using a binary code to divert anyone is pointless… We’re fans. grin~


Will doesnt have that great of a i dont think it was just cause of his outfit

Karen S

Joshua was my favorite gay man in the BB house. At least he made sock puppets and got all their actions straight on. And No pun intended.. He was just funny! And I loved the interactions he had with previous house guests. My fault… lol


Karen did u mean regan, cause Joshua never made sock puppets. He told someone to hang themselves like there dad and threw stuff on Natalie . Joshua was one of my least favorite houseguest of all time!

Karen S

2nd Marcellas! And please, no gay hate mail… I love them all! WE clear? Crystal? Good! grins~


Where is Ian’s shirt? Why doesn’t he ever wear a shirt? Is it strategy? Put up Frank and Despicaboog, Shane, please!!!!!!


Dispicaboog – love it!


ok. shane is thinking of putting up boogie and frank. but how the HELL is he telling eagle eye first? is he insane.


So I am watching the feeds (between 1-1:30 AM BB Time) and Brit and Dani are a little toasted and downstairs getting ready to make grilled cheese. They get called to the DR. Shane and Joe decide to come down and wait outside the DR and scare them and attack with pillows. When Brit & Dani come out, Joe and Shane jump out at the girls and chase them thru the living room – Shane chasing after Dani. Now, if Shane is wanting to distance himself from her – WHAT IS HE THINKING>????? This makes me think of the little boy who likes a little girl and pulls her pigtails to get her attention. If he acts like this, who can blame Danielle for getting mixed signals. I’m not saying that she doesn’t take this sort of behavior and run with it, but Shane can’t keep acting like this and then whining to Brit that he is uncomfortable. THAT is being a douche!

Danielle's Eyeliner

It was quite erotic watching Brit push the bubbles around Ash and Danielle…she’s got a little bit of lady lover in her!!


I want to root for the geek.

but CBS has me HATING the ian situation. since I know what happens via live feeds, and this awesome website, I know that ian hasnt done 1/100th of what they give him credit for, I mean giving him that mention where he said “plan executed” or whatever, I mean CMON. ian didnt do anything except tattle to brit and danielle about frank. pat yourself on the back ian, you tattled over something that didnt happen. and now jenn has basically told boogie and frank you cant be trusted

then, there is the showmance with him and ashley. which was SO FAR from ian ever getting any legit real attention. its just stupid. add in the big bang theory nonsense, and all of a sudden it seems like they WANT ian to win this year. I don’t want this to happen, hes not a physical threat, and hes not the social threat people make him out to be. hes good at HOH, and people like him because frankly they feel bad for him and find him goofy. that will only go so far.

mike boogie might have made one of the better BB moves in history taking the 10,000. he has no chance of surviving multiple double evictions or fast forwards. not even dr will could get out of boogie’s current situation, and the way that its stacked unless an exact order of HOH victories happen, hes going home within the next 2 live eviction shows. book it. and its likely frank joins him. although I do believe shane is gone in the 2nd part of the first double eviction coming up

likely gone in 3 of the next 4 evictions=boogie,shane,frank,joe. indeed a powerhouse 4 some


Dan will want to keep Boogie around as long as possible, but, other than that, I agree completely. This show’s editing has been so manufactured. The feeds are brutal due to bad casting, again. The amount of production involvement also makes it too likely that some terribad player will just slip through the cracks and win(Dani, Brit, Ian). Dan at this point has the best shot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the leeches ends up winning his hard-earned check.

Danielle's Eyeliner

If there was EVER..EVER a reason to get the feeds ( and do it thru this site)’s to watch how Dan stratigizes..the pooltable convo was awesome..I friggen luv it!!


what did he say!!?? i love dan’s foresight in this game. just a little recap please for those without the feeds


I just came to the sick realization that Danielle is in the best spot in this game. Out of the members of the Quack Pack she has least of a target on her back than any of the other members. And if you look at it I believe if it actually did come down to Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit that Dan, Shane and Brit would all take Danielle to the final two whether it was due to friendship (Brit) flirtmance (Shane) or the coach bond (Dan). Not only that but all of those 3 people (50/50 on Brit) would have a great chance of beating her in the final two. No one will waste their HOH on nominating Danielle I feel that it’s almost inevitable the crazy chick at least makes the final four. *Sigh


Extremely likely scenario, unless they fail to take Frank out this week from a POV upset(Dan would not want Boogs gone, so prob Joe would leave), then some miracle happens and either Frank or Boogie wins the 2nd HoH. Once they’re that far into it, things could get a little less predictable with only 2 floaters to choose from (Ash+Ian). Then, I could see a push to get Shane or Brit out and Dan losing his Shepard-role that he has currently lol


Thanks for ruining my Friday we that realization….you are right!! j/k about ruining my Friday….lol

Bless Shane's simple brain

Simon, i just subscribed to the feeds. Is there a way to watch flashbacks with an ipad?

Thanks for the great site.


Unfortunately the Flashback feature isn’t available on the ipad/iphone yet.


Damn Ian’s been getting himself into some interesting situations with the ladies lately. The guy just needs to make a move.
From now on Ian is McLovin


I think Frank got all pissy and went to bed cause he’s mad about Boogie going for the $10K instead of trying to win HOH. Still bad game play though.




Brit and Shane are the biggest snakes in the house and people keep ignoring that and acting like it Boogie WTF! How many times did Shane and Brit stab Frank in the back then Brit tried to act like she felt so bad backdooring Janelle. She never tried to help her. Dhe also served up Willie instaed of trying to help him. Did evertyone forget she basicly set him off? Not to mention how all she does is bad mouth everyone behind their back. I know shes cute but I don’t get why everyone is in love with her. She was one of the worst players in BB history and the Brigade kept her around it was not her game p that kept her in the house then they bring her back as a coach. She should have the advantage as the most recent vet but she isn’t even smart enough to make an “unbreakable” seceret alliance like the one that outsmarted her. Britney = BB Loser!


I agree about Brittney. The second someone is out of sight, she is backstabbing and badmouthing them — even her supposed friends. All of her fake hand wringing over Janelle’s eviction is just an act. She was trashing her so bad, every single day, yet using her to get further in the game. Now she is all “I feel so guilty” and it’s bullshit. She is trying to distance herself from Janelle’s eviction, even though she played a crucial part and was actually for it. I assume she is hope she gets the right cut on the show that makes her sympathetic. I hated her the first time and don’t like her now. Everyone keeps saying she is so funny but all I see is negativity.


If Shane survive the double eviction or Frank. Probably be in Final 6. Hopefully, Joe will be the next to go. He just a floater. He can’t even win in everything.


I think frank is pissed because he just came to the realize that boogie is just out for himself and no one else and he should have listen to himself and backdoored dan. If i was frank i would start campaigning to get boogie on the block or backdoored

The voices inside Danielle's head

Mmmmm, I’d like to be backdoored, it’s been a while. Hint hint Shane or Trey or Hayden


Yup. I don’t understand why they think Frank is a bigger threat than Boogie. Well, I do understand why Brit and Dan think so, and they have brainwashed Shane and Dani to think so too, but for any of the newbs, Boogie is the bigger threat. Take out Boogie, and Frank is alone, and Shane can still work with him. He still needs a big target in the game or he will be the next to go after Frank and we will end up with either coaches or tits in the final. If Frank goes and Boogie stays, the coaches are solid together. I think if Frank goes up with Boogie, he would have Ashley, Jenn, Joe and Ian’s vote. Boogie would have Dan, Dani and Brit. Frank shouldn’t be the main target.


MmmmmHmmmmm, Hayden is so dreamy. He could be the one. Kids, big house, I can see it now. We’d have to have a big wedding. I got a feeling that Hayden bought the feeds and watches me all the time.

Ok, now that I am buzzed, where’s my Shane, gonna use him as a body pillow for a while.

Trey, I hope you are waiting for me. Love ya baby.

Uh oh, is this gas or my IBS acting up, never can be too sure.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Oops, forgot to post it under my name. It was early.


Anyone remember who janelle said she saw in her dream about the final four?

BBFan 4ever

Where the heck is JENN — who the heck is JENN — what is JENN doing? Absolutely nothing. Tell production to light a fire under her, Ashley, Joe and team up with IAN or Shane to get Boogie or Dan out of the house. The rookies need to team up. Even Britney needs to go. she is getting annoying. But JENN with all your TATTS you should be better than this an in the limelight. You are a floater — and under the radar — and you are my pick for WINNING unless you are up against IAN.


You can’t light a fire under someone who is only on the show for fame. I think I read that she was picked from Facebook or something (did I get that wrong?) She had no intention of getting on the show and has no idea how to play it. She even stated a little while ago that she is sure they have done a big package about her and her music career.

This is the problem with this year’s casting. They found random people who don’t know anything about BB. Maybe, due to all the producer manipulation, the number of applicants was low, but I doubt it. PLEASE stop casting random people and put on interesting people who want to play the game, not get publicity for their careers. What a waste of space.