Danielle says the last thing her dad said to her was that she was going to hell.

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


1:20am Boogie tells Joe, Ian, Frank and Dan about his experience with the red light district when he was only 20 years old. Boogie says that he paid his money to be with a girl and she left the room for a minute. He says that there was a full length mirror on the wall so he checked out his form. He says that he looked at the mirror closely and realized that it was a 2 way mirror. He says that he could see eight to ten guys watching on the other side. He says that then he felt like he had to perform for them, so he did his best for the guys watching. Boogie says that the place charged him and they charged the guys to watch. They all laugh.


1:30am Wil and Danielle are talking about how Janelle called her fat. Danielle talks about how she models and says that she is able to slim down really fast. She talks about how when she models they always push the sex think because of my big boobs and butt. Wil tells her she has an hourglass shape. Wil then starts talking about how he tried out for American Idol in 2008 and says that he made it through three levels of the competition and was rejected when he crossed his eyes during the audition. He says that he had a break down because he had also recently had music deals fall through. The conversation turns to talking about how hard it is to play a social game in the house but that everything is so hyped up in here. Danielle says that Janelle’s last personal attack on her made her think that she should have lost more weight before she came here. Danielle says that she is so tired of the he said she said things in the house. She says that she really thought Janelle was going to attack her when she confronted her before she left and says that she was glad that she didn’t, but she just couldn’t take it anymore. Danielle tells Wil that she cannot stand mean people and that just because she is not running around being mean does not mean she is not playing Big Brother. Wil tells Danielle that there are still 6 weeks left and that a lot can change in this game.

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2:40am Danielle tells Wil that she will always respect the pure honest truth. She tells him that she will never hold it against someone if they tell her the truth, but that she will if they lie to her. Wil says that he gets caught up in lies a lot. Danielle says that she has no problem admitting when she is wrong. Wil agrees and says that he is the same way. Wil starts talking about how he had a difficult childhood when he was growing up because he was gay. He says that growing up was pure hell. They continue to talk about random things. Frank, Ian and Dan head inside after playing pool together. Danielle talks about how she wishes she had told her parents about coming on big brother. She talks about how her parents try to run her life. Danielle says that it meant a lot to her to get the letter from her mom when she was HOH because she is actually supportive now. Danielle says that the last thing her dad said to her was that he thought she was going to hell. Danielle tells Wil that she loves him as a person no matter what. Wil says that he isn’t upset to be on the block, because if he isn’t going to make it to the end, then he doesn’t want to be sitting in the jury house. Danielle says that she wasn’t saying that because she thinks he is going home. Wil tells Danielle to just let him know so that he isn’t blindsided. Danielle tells him that she will tell him if she knows. Wil asks her if she knows anything. Danielle tells him that Joe is getting on peoples nerves. Wil and Danielle get ready for bed.


3am – 4am Dan comes into the bathroom when Danielle is getting ready for bed and asks what she was talking to Wil about. Danielle tells him that it wasn’t about game. Danielle says that Wil says he doesn’t feel cut out for this game, and that he is fine with going home. She says that Wil apologized for anything he might have said in diary room about her. Danielle tells Dan that if she doesn’t win this then he better win it. She tells him that he will have everyone in the jury voting for him if she is in there. Danielle asks Dan if he regrets her getting Janelle out? Dan says no, it’s a totally different feel in the house, but at some point it can’t keep going like this. Dan says that he thinks they will take a shot at Shane before they take a shot at us. Danielle says that Wil won’t be going after us if he won HOH. She asks Dan if he thinks he can beat everyone at HOH? Dan says that he thinks anyone can win. Dan says that the Silent Six won’t make it to the end. He says that someone will be picked off by someone when you least suspect. Dan says that Ian is in the best situation in this house. Danielle tells Dan that Wil said if he draws house guest choice for the veto he will pick her or Britney. Danielle says she wants to tell Frank so he doesn’t think anything of it. Dan and Danielle head to bed.

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5:50am All the house guests are still asleep..

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Anyone else noticing little things Frank says that might indicate that he is starting to think that he doesn’t like this 2 for the price of 1 thing he has going with Boogie? Yeah, I know he feels grateful and all, but people “know” he’s not making his own decisions, and how Boogie obviously through the HOH to him? I personally would like to have a partner, but not to the point that the partner treats me like I couldn”t stand on my own two feet? Frank can continue to hide under Boogie’s shadow, or grow a pair and become his own man. If, and I do mean if, those two are in the final Boogie could easily say that he called all the shots. The jury would know that that’s true and Boogie wins. Frank wouldn’t have anything to say.


Yeah, I agree. He is in a hard spot because Boogie is ruining his game. Anything Boogie does to piss people off hurts Frank. That’s not right for Frank, because he is a pretty nice guy. It’s not his fault he got picked by one of the biggest douchebags to ever play the game. Most of the target on Franks back isn’t for anything he’s done, it’s because of what Boogie does. Blatantly throwing that competition to Frank was really bad for Frank. It tells the HG that they are two for one pizza and maybe that suits Boogie because he has nobody else to hang his hopes on, but it’s bad for Frank. Even when Frank makes a move, everyone will think it was Boogie. The best possible move for Frank’s game would be to backdoor Boogie and get out from under his shadow, but I really don’t think Frank would do that. I would sure be on his side to the end if he did though! Shane and Danielle are also too close to their coaches, and they will all be targets because of their ex coaches. Ian could come up the middle and win the whole thing and I would love to see that.


Frank hopefully will wise up and realize that he will NEVER beat the 2 best talkers/verbal manipulators in the house in the Final 2–Dan or Boogie. He’s smart enough to want to get rid of Dan already but he needs to wake up about Boogie because if its Frank and Boogie in F2 Boogie will kill it and be the first 2 time BB winner.


It doesn’t seem to me that Frank will keep Boogie until the Final 2 (for all the reasons already mentioned). But, it would be really dumb of Frank to get rid of Boogie now, while there are still other teams of 2 available to break up (teams who would see Frank as someone easy to get rid of, if it were not for Boogie). Frank should focus on getting rid of Dan and Britney first, then Boogie. And, maybe even Shane before Boogie, since Shane is so good at competitions.

I agree that Franks reputation in the house would have been different without the coaches twist. However, Danielle says she’s 5’8″, and Frank looks to be at least 7 or 8 inches taller than her in pictures of them standing next to each other. So, Frank seems to be 6’3″ or 6’4″, and may be the tallest person in the house. Possibly the houseguests would have perceived Frank to be a threat in challenges, because of his size, even if Boogie had never been on the show at all.


I think frank is trying to get boogie to help him get rid of Dan.


Getting rid of Dan before Britney, and Britney before Boogie, would be Frank’s best game plan. On the other hand, Boogie probably thinks that keeping Dan in the house as a big target helps to shield Frank and himself. But, I don’t like watching Dan as much this season.. he seems phony like Janelle. In the diary room, Frank and Boogie are honest about what they are doing. And so are some of the other players. But, we never heard Janelle go into the diary room and tell us that she was lying to people by pretending other houseguests had promised Janelle their vote (when they clearly did not). She just kept reading the Bible and pretending she was playing an honest game.


I asked Thursday night when people thought Frank might flip on Boogie, everyone pretty much said never.
You can see it coming though. I really noticed it when Boogie was talking about getting rid of Brit and Frank was like “Really?!”.
Frank seems to really like Brit, Boogie pushing for her to be gone as opposed to Dan is setting off alram bells deep down in Franks brain (I think).
He may not be conscious of it yet, but I think it won’t be long before he turns on his master ; ).


Slient 6 plus Ian would go all the way to Final 7. Ashley & Jenn will probably go for the 1 & 2 Jury Spots. Fast the seat belts yah! It’s going to be a blast. Team DDFBBSI YO!


& Dawg What time did Frank took off the spirit-tard?


He got to take it off at midnight PST last night.


Janelle is gonna and this idiot Danielle still can’t find nothing else to talk about. Danielle you are lying to wil’s face so u are no better than Janelle cause a lie is a lie. Basically Danielle sthu plz


I do think in her mind she is tell the true she crazy dan was holding the crazy back but on her own she let it all out


lol there is something about danielle that we don’t know about….lol….if her dad told her he hopes she goes to hell if she goes on big brother then there is something behgind that…i bet u they try to run her life because she is a complete lunatic…that explains why she feels the need to lie all the time…so she can feel part of the team….nothing but lies come out of her mouth….im getting so sick of it…..on a lighter note, i hope frank wins now…because hes the only one that is really playing the game….besides from dan….and dan is with the wrong people….britney is a whiney lunatic…shane is just a yes man….and danielle is the 17 faces of eve…


they probly have to try to run her life because if they don’t she makes huge mistakes….i bet u she isnt a nurse…she probly went to a cupcake nursing school…and i bet u she gets obsessed at home with guys and her parents know it so thats why they didnt want her to go on this show…she is the type of broad that will cut ur penis off if u look at another girl


Although I don’t condone violence, it does sound like you are the kind of man who would provoke women into hating your penis.


I can’t stand Danielle. That whole conversation with Wil was so nauseating. She always tries to drum up sympathy for herself and equated her being picked on in fourth grade to Wil being bullied his entire childhood for being gay. Seriously anytime Wil said anything she would try to one up him.


This explains a lot about why Danielle is so insecure and needy in the area of men: she has a father that treats her like crap, so she has never experienced the real (non-sexual) love of a man. The best thing she can do is to move far away from dad and then lose touch with him. Unless dad gets a genuine relationship with God (or some other miracle happens), Dad’s behavior is not going to improve, rather, as dad gets older, he will get nastier. And, Danielle will spend her entire life wondering what is wrong with herself, until she finally figures out that dad is the problem.


Has Danielle given other examples of mistreatment by her Dad? If he’s not the root cause of her insecurity and has seen this unstable behavior for years, then he’s gotta be very frustrated. Imagine your kid just shows up on reality TV one day? She needs parental control and once she gets wind of all her negative publicity, insults, etc., she will be in her own self-made hell.


With all the lies she has told to get sympathy, I wouldn’t just believe what she says about her Dad. Maybe it’s true, but once you catch someone in a lie (and we have watched her tell plenty of them) it makes you wonder about everything that person says.

Eric CA

Danielle has body dysmorphia and sex and love addiction. She validates herself through pity (strangely enough people like Danielle have an almost robotic lack of compassion for others, an inability to put themselves in other peoples shoes.).


I’d also be tempted to add Narcissistic Personality Disorder into the mix.


and therefore the fake I’m sorry’s and fake sweetness because she doesn’t know who she is.

MU Tigers

My wife brought up a point that I didn’t think about. She said Janelle came back to BB a year too early. Most would agree that Janelle didn’t act/game in S6 and S7 like she did this year. She just seemed angry and irritable. Well my wife pointed out that a woman’s hormones are out of whack after pregnancy and can be for up to a year afterwards. That hadn’t occurred to me, but then again I haven’t given birth so how would I have known. Anyways, just a thought as to why she seemed different this season. I know she didn’t play a good game this year and as a result she isn’t in the house any longer. I don’t know if I buy into hormones completely, but something was wrong with her game this season.

Wow, Danielle just isn’t going to let the fat remarks go, is she? So who’s she into today? Shane? Trey? Both?

Should be interesting to see who wins this veto and what happens as a result. At this point, I am cool with either Wil or Joe going home. They are both annoying and don’t win crap, so its a wash for me.


It is so obvious that these phony religious people (such as Danielle’s father) have never actually studied the Bible. It sounds like dad is into Church-ianity instead of Christianity.


& Dawg,Why these comment numbers are backwards?


They switched the order so most recent ones appear at the top. Seems though once that page fills, you have to go down to newer comments to get the latest.


Silent 6 alliance plus Ian make it to the end.

Godless Monkey

Wil, on American Idol, why didn’t I see that one coming, ha! Don’t watch it, but seems he’d fit in perfectly. He’s certainly rockin’ the ’80s hair band glam!

What kind of father tells their child that they’re going to hell, and I’d guess really believes that? What a jackass! My bet is Danielle’s family are of the ilk that believe their particular religion very literally. And annoying as Danielle is, her family dynamic, her most likely always being judged by them, her indoctrination and their expectations of her goes far in explaining why she’s so screwed up. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her. It’s no wonder that she seeks out male approval and validation. Good job there, Daddy, in fu*king up your kid.

BB Pathetic season

I don’t believe Danielle , Cause when she got her HOH letter she said her parents did not even know she was going on Big Brother. Danielle at that time said she sent her Mom an email before entering the house to tell her. and she did say at other times her parents never knew she was going on Big Brother. they thought she was gong on a Dating show. Its just more of her pity lies she telling. she will use against will later & say will is telling lies about her. I bet she will go to Dan, Shane, Frank & Brit and say that Wil said it to her. or say that Janelle told wil who told her.
This girl needs to get over herself and quit bashing Janelle.
Janelle is not in the house or Jury so shut up now with all the lies.

Caren in Canada

No doubt, I am so incredibly sick of this girl that whenever she is aired in the show, BBAD, or live feed I need to shut it down or my foot is going through my screen! This girl can embellish a story and lie like no one i have ever known (and I have worked with some shady people in my life lol) Hopefully her web of ies will win her a one way ticket out the door and back to her dysfuntional life! Danielle you make Janelle look like a saint!


Is there any video of Wil on American Idol?


It’s a very small clip, if there is one longer out there I am not sure (and I don’t watch the show so I have no clue when it aired).



Dan FTW!


Boogie is ruining Frank’s game. Frank is a nice guy and he probably would never have chosen an alliance with Boogie. Boogie picked him and he had no choice. Now he does have the choice, but Boogie is stuck to him like glue. Anything Boogie does hurts Frank, so Boogie being an arrogant douche nozzle doesn’t help. Frank’s best move for his own game would be to make a deal with Shane and Wil and show Boogie the backdoor. He would get mad respect from the HG, the jury and fans like me. But I don’t think he will do it because it seems that just like last year the players are in awe of the vets.


Agree! Read post #1. Wouldn’t that be entertaining??


Haha. That was me, I guess I forgot to put my username in and then I thought it didn’t post. Sorry to repeat myself!


I could possibly like Frank if he were to back away from Boogie. I would try not to look at him.


I am rooting for Dan but he has played a very sub par game at best thus far. He made huge mistake in telling Boogie about how house was going to evict frank in previous eviction, after he kept reassuring them. He also has been throwing many competitions believing people completely forgot about his season, and that’s part of reason he won BB10. Everyone still believes he is strong so he needs to drop that act, absolutely noone is buying it. Final note: you know an alliance isn’t that great when Eagle Eye’s alliance is within 1% of you in this poll lol. Dawg for the win……………someday!!…………….hopefully…………

Godless Monkey

C’mon! The Powerhouse is the best alliance ever, period! Eagle Eye doesn’t have to concern himself with how the other members of the Powerhouse want to play it since he’s the captain. Of course, by definition, an alliance requires more than one member, but who cares! I’m sure in Joe’s deluded mind he’s running the house. Enjoy the fantasy while it lasts, Captain ;)

And, as I’ve said before, thanks for the Powerhouse pics, love them :)


If Dawg were smart he’d join up with Eagle Eye for a super powerhouse. No one would suspect a thing.

Janey Doll

Dan is so right, Ian is in the best position in the house. When the silent six starts to turn on each other, he’ll be sitting pretty while they knock each other out.


The only reason Dan wants Boogie to work with him so badly is because Dan wants two Champions sitting at the end. Dan wants the show down, and he wants to be the first two time winner, and personally beat one of his idols, Boogie.


Soooo….let’s talk about Ashley and the joy she gets from popping pimples.
Not just her own mind you, other peoples also!
Holy Hell, that makes me gag.
I will never get how anyone can get enjoyment out of popping someone elses pimples, nasty.
She is so excited that Frank is getting ingrown hairs on his legs from the spiritard, now she will have more to *pop*!


I just noticed the pic you used for Boogie (showing all the HG’s on the main page) is his mugshot!
Well done gents, well done! =)


. I’ve notice that Boogie isn’t doing a lot of anti Dan talk/we need to get Dan out.But Frank seems to really be focused on him.Every time Frank brings up getting rid of Dan.Boogie will say something like,they(Boogie&Frank)need to gain his trust.I must admit,I’m a little surprised.The entire time I thought Boogie would be the untrust worthy one out of the two of them,when it concerns their deal they made.But it’s Frank who seems to have no problem going back on a deal,that he just made not even a week ago.Lol.Well,it’s clear that Dan needs to get out Frank next week,just like Britney is suggesting.Obviously with out leaving any evidence that will clue in Boogie that Dan had anything to do with Frank’s eviction.If Wil leaves this week and Dan can be the master mind behind Frank’s eviction the following week.Then the road to winning this game again for Dan,will be a lot easier.As long as production doesn’t screw Dan over again,like they did the week they saved Frank.


Boogie seems to be on board with silent 6 right now. Maybe boogs wants to take Dan to final 2


yea it is true that Danielle is always trying to one up everyone…. I remember shane said he had a 3,0 in school and she said …oh i had a 4.0…shes so stupid…. she cant even be herself she has to show people up….