Memphis – “who goes first Kaysar and Janelle? .. we’ll see what happens”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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9:30 am Kaysar and David
Kaysar – I would like for you to stay I actually like both of you . I develop a bond towards people that are good genuine people that is one of my soft spots
Kaysar – just win the veto and take yourself off the block and we’ll go from there.. I haven’t made any promises with anybody. I consider both of you as friends. You and her.
David – that’s cool
Kaysar – how are you feeling
David – I don’t want to go home
Kaysar says he’s not sure where David sits in the house but there’s a lot of game left in the game, “I respect you a lot. When I saw both your faces pop up I was really shocked”
David – this is the game
Kaysar – everyone has been asking me about Memphis and I. I was saying Memphis is his own dude I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Kaysar – I would like us to build trust over time But I want you to do what’s best with you I understand you probably closer to certain people in this house more than others that’s partly where your safety net is..
Kaysar goes on about watching David during BB21 and him being Smart and genuine person that Ksaysar wanted to play with and to his surprise, he was on this season.
Kaysar goes on about wanting to work with “certain people” but they are already set with other people but he’s not giving up “it’s only day 10”
Kaysar – making crazy game decisions day 10 when you are shutting people out doesn’t work.

David says he’s not trying to campaign right now to Kaysar
Kaysar – even if you were I respect that either way

Kaysar – I haven’t really made up my mind I really want you to win
David says There’s a lot of variables you can’t control you can’t respond to those until they are set.
D – I understand your position.. it’s cool
Kaysar – My positions is not definite what I’m saying is Please win the veto to get yourself off. So we can move forward I want to be in your corner.
Kaysar – I got to figure out what that looks like (kaysar’s corner)
Kaysar says if David is in his corner there are a few people David is close to that will freak out by that.
D – some things aren’t so obvious than they typically are that is what makes this game so difficult and interesting.. and Fun

Kaysar – let me put it this way for better or for worse. If I may get picked by chance for Veto and I’m not asking you to pick me I don’t want to be put in that position
Kasyar – If I do get picked I may actually use it.. that’s where I’m at right now I’m on the fence.
Kaysar recommends David picks someone that 100% will use the veto. “If I happen to get drawn for me it’s NOT a definite no. So we’ll see how it goes.”
Kaysar – that is how much I’m not sure right now

David says African American men on the show always go out first three. “87% first three out.. one made Jury in the last 15 years”
Kaysar – how far did Howard get
David – I don’t know who Howard is maybe he’s the one that made it to jury. That’s the stuff I look at that’s the stuff that is important to me. Those that can help me get further are the ones that will make history
Kaysar – I respect that
David – I understand your position. there’s veto competition today and a lot of variables.. I like talking to you yo bring me joy in the kitchen. I look up to you and your experiences.
Kaysar – I would love you to continue in this game and for us to get closer and see how we can work together in some capacity.

Kaysar says the optics to him is David is well-liked in the house.
David says when he started his new job he had the same feelings of being the outsider he was the only African American on the team. Brings up Big BRother 21 and how he was an outsider.
Kaysar says he hasn’t heard anything negative about David in this season in this house. Adds that he’s not in every conversation but he would be shocked if it happened. David agrees.

10:36 am Houseguests all getting up

10:37 am Christmas and Dani
Talking about Janelle and Kasyar coming after members in their 6 person alliance. They need to take one of them out now.
Dani – I’m pissed
Christmas – getting out David and Nicola! doesn’t help us
Dani says Janelle knows what she’s doing she’s one of the best players to play the game.
Dani says now is their chance to take her out week 2.
NicF walks in “I had a dream I was pregnant ”
NicF – I had a little bump and was like YEAH i’m having a baby

10:45 am Dani and Memphis
Dani – you know that I have your back
Memphis – I told all of them everyone needs to chill out and relax. we’re protected right now doesn’t mean if Kaysar is HOH he’s putting up two people he thinks is in the alliance
Dani – if they win HOH one of us is going home.
Memphis laughs “you assume no one is going to be going for HOH we’re talking about week three”
Dani – why are you talking to me like this
Dani – if I was HOH and they were throwing your name out there I would do everything to protect our alliance.
Memphis – what would you like me to do?
Dani – if they are coming after 4 people in our alliance maybe we should use the veto this week
Memphis – what do yo men this week..
Dani says she wants the veto use and one of them put up
Memphis – Ohh you want to backdoor someone..
Dani – there needs to be more open communication.
Memphis – the communication is open the way we built the alliance is weird we’re all not sitting in a room.
Dani – we trust each other
Memphis – you have to trust the fact when she’s up here I’m just getting information from her.
Memphis says Janelle thinks she has Da’vonne and Bayleigh.
They agree she doesn’t have Da’Vonne and bayleigh
Memphis says she’s talking about a scenario where two people in the house win HO and can get the votes to get one of them out.
Dani says David has nobody he was crying downstairs
Memphis – I literally could give two sh1ts if he’s crying

Memphis – Going after Janelle week two is a shot and if I screw up that shot.
Dani – yes let’s wait till the veto.. if she’s throwing out names.
Memphis – she’s building the narrative.
Memphis explains that Janelle doesn’t know the truth of the alliances.
Dani – who else will she go after? She’s going after HOH hard.
Memphis – I don’t know
Dani – I’m super loyal to our alliance I don’t want us to go up
Memphis says Kaysar and Janelle are full of sh1t. “They thought in their mind they had David and NicoleA”
Memphis – they were pissed they thought I was taking a shot at them. that wasn’t in my mind. I had my two reasons but I didn’t think I was going right at them but that is how they took it.
Memphis – they’ve built all these scenarios in their brain whether it’s true or not.
Memphis – they won’t shut up with NicoleF, They think she’s working with Ian, she’s working with Cody and Tyler.
Dani – she had a reputation talking to everybody.
Memphis says Dani is the 4th on the Janelle and Kaysars list to get out.
Memphis goes on about Kaysar and Janelle being wrong about NicF working with Cody, Ian and Tyler (LOL)
Memphis says Kaysar told someone yesterday that he was going to backdoor Christmas.
Memphis – what the f**
Memphis and Dani agree Kaysar isn’t good at this game.
Memphis – who goes first Kaysar and Janelle?
Dani says Kasyar doesn’t talk to anyone Memphis is the only one that has a relationship with him.

Dani – why is Janelle here 4 times. Janelle knows what she’s freaking doing Janelle is the queen of Big Brother she’s good.
Memphis says Janelle seems a little out of her element.
Dani says Janelle was expecting to see more people that she was familiar with outside of the house.
Dani says there’s people in the house that still fangirl Janelle.
Feeds cut when we’re back
Memphis is talking about Ian going home if he’s on the block with NicF.
Memphis says he’s talked to Christmas and if he gets houseguest choice he’s picking her.
Dani says there’s a lot of “loners” in the house.
Memphis – maybe Janelle has lost her edge
Memphis – it would be awesome if she lost
Dani – everything
Memphis it’s been a long time
Dani – it’s friggin week 2 I just want to keep our alliance safe.
Memphis – I’m with you Kasyar and Janelle.. it rubs me the wrong way with Christmas. (Kaysar saying that Memphis considered backdooring Christmas)

Dani – we’ll see what happens today
Memphis – yeah we’ll see what happens
Dani – let’s keep our options open in case anything crazy happens because if they do get it (hoh) we don’t want one of our people going week 3
Memphis – of course not
Dani – we need the numbers right now
Memphis – your name came up the least out of all their conversations. NicoleF was the hot topic

Dani says NicoleF taking Ian’s have nots was because “She’s nice.. she’s very nice”

11:25 am Bayleigh and Janelle
J – have you heard anything from the other side?
B – they’re pissed at the way Memphis created David and they are upset abotu teh way they trested her (NicA)
Bayleigh says they don’t think Memphis has to be so mean.
Janelle says she had no idea what Memphis’ speech was all about.
Janelle adds that Memphis told NicA to play in the safety suite and she didn’t
Bayleigh – Memphis hasn’t made eye contact with me at all. For the past two days, it’s weird. He’s been avoiding eye contact. If I come to sit down he avoids eye contact.
Janelle – no there’s no way
Bayleihg – ok if you say so .

11:30 am Tyler and NicF

T – NicA came in here crying to us, yeah saying she thought she was good with Janelle and Kaysar. they were acting like they had no clue what happened.
NicF – you think that is strategy
T – she was really crying I believe it
T – if there’s a way to keep both David and Nicole I think we can pull it out
Nif – At least she admitted they were close

11:43 am Bayleigh, Jaenlle and Kaysar
J – what do you think about the other side
B – they’re getting ready .. they think you, Kaysar, Memphis and they are like we gotta break it up
J – did they say that to you
B – yes but it’s not someone that is a threat
J – ian? Kevin ?
B – Kevin
j – Seriously. Girl I’m telling you that little I’m telling you you know his game
Bayleigh nodes “I don’t like Slimy games anyways”
Bayleigh – not trying to be mean you say you don’t have friends in real life you got to stop with the …
J – if the other side gets the power he’s with them if we get the power he’s with us. He is a floater
Bayleigh – he’s not a threat he’s not winning HOH
J – don’t tell him a thing
Janelle – he’s not a threat.. that is what he does. (rat)
Kaysar joins them. Janelle fills him in on Kevin.
Kaysar – of course, I know it I know he was going to be a rat..
K – I knew after we save him
J – why did we save him (Umm you didn’t have the votes)
K – what do we do
B – just stay quiet
K – we’ll get his a$$ out
j – he can stay till later he’s like..
K – F***ing sucks
J – don’t tell him anything
K – Hell no
J – NicA has to stop talking to him
K – does she talk to him
B – they don’t say anything substantive
Kaysar – I want NicA to talk to everyone on that side and make it look like nothing is going on.. she doesn’t say sh1t I mean she might slip up here and there but I doubt it.. she’s not going to say anything
Kaysar – NicF told me last night her best friend in the house is Ian
Bayleigh – yes of course
Janelle – Kevin is so obvious.. I wonder what your game is ohh
Kaysar – it f**ing sucks man he follows me around complimenting me do you think I’m an idiot
Kaysar – dude it’s f**ing amateur hour now.. go play your season this is the wrong season this is AllStars
Bayleigh – it worked for his season he got to final 4
J – he ratted people out and lied
K – He telegraphed all day I can see it a mile away.
Janelle proposes they spread false information to Kevin and he’ll spread it out to the house.
Kaysar – they’re trying to play this game where they want everyone to be calm and off guard..
Janelle – someone approached me for an alliance last night and it was one of them (Dani)
Bayleigh – what the f***

Da’Vonne comes in “look at this group of schemers”
they continue stretching and exercising. Kaysar isn’t flexible.

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another name

Dani / Memphis convo. oh lord.
I like to think of it as
“how many ways can Dani scream internally”


You or someone else said the other day that Dani admires Janelle and NicF is jealous of her. I think Dani is jealous of her, too.

another name

envy was my word for dani re janelle.

Kid Rock

Things are heating up! This is on pace to be a classic season.


Memphis is a f*ckin idiot……Janelle better win veto or she is screwed.( or Kaysar) ….ugh, Kevin & Nicole A….ugh on the rest as well

Big Jim

I would like to see David and Nicole A stay. Janelle or Kaysar seem like better targets to me for Memphis

another name

The first two times Nicole intentionally ditched the backup of Jan/Kays to supplement her outsider alliance i said, okay… she’s stupid, as long as she isn’t ratting on them to the house and realizing she screwed up, it’s not a huge issue.
now she’s run to the house. and Memphis just told her nobody knew his noms, so they’re all in the same loop.
If she doesn’t realize she flip flopped and sold out allies, uhgain, she can go.


Agreed! I really thought she was intuitive last year, I can’t believe she has none of that this year. I was really disappointed seeing her sell out Janelle, especially when Janelle really is trying to keep her. I hope Kaysar and Janelle pick up on the fact that Memphis isn’t the one to align with soon. It’s painful watching him go to Cody with everything they say to him.


Calling it! Memphis doesn’t make it to jury. His own “alliance” helps set him up. He needs to learn how to talk to people. I’m sure Dan is embarrassed


So not only is Memphis a freaking douche a*hole, he’s also a complete moron. I swear if he puts Kaysar or Janelle up, I’m going to be pissed. I can’t wait until one of Memphis’s “alliance” members puts him on the block, it’s going to be hilarious. Kevin and Memphis need to get out of the house, they both suck. I’m not liking Dani’s hatred for Janelle at all, if she wasn’t so insecure, her and Janelle could run this house. Instead she’s choosing to be NicoleF’s plus one, freaking pathetic.


Because Dani knows she can’t beat Janelle in the end.


Haha, true! It would be so sweet to see them work the house together though.


Memphis is the epitome of an “old white man”. His attitude is horrendous for this game. I don’t remember him being like this on his season. He’s probably angry they didn’t let him wear his MAGA hat.

another name

Memphis’ alliance is right to think that Memphis is not concerned about his alliance.
Total fact.
what i found interesting:
Christmas was way to quick to suggest everyone go in and confront Memphis as a group.
Just sounded a wee bit too much like season 19 style.
The others are wanting to pull a season 10 and have the entire house confront him.

my brain: or they could play out the week and ditch his stupid ass.
they could win hoh and put them up themselves. Memphis has one thing right: they aren’t after him, so he’s getting needless blood. It’s selfish. it’s pigheaded. It’s true.

I sort of want Flag Day to go ballistic on Memphis.
That added to saving Ian…. Memphis would have another nomination speech ready.


How long before the “Let’s call everyone for a meeting “ part of the Big Brother program ?

another name

Anyone that calls a house meeting is an idiot.
That’s just a fact.
What are they going to do?
Tell the HOH before the veto ceremony that everyone hates a player?
Hell, i’m taking the most hated to the end if they hate them so much.


I am not disagreeing with you. Just seems to happen in these situations and ratchets up the drama


I really hope that with what seems to be going on that Jaysar and Bayday team up. Knowing that the two of them are both duos means that once Jaysar is gone, Bayday won’t be far after them. The four of them genuinely should be working together and I hope Bayleigh can convince Da to do so if her talk with Janelle and Kaysar was genuine.

another name

Da is no bueno for the Jaysar.
Juat like Da has her secret circle of bad readers…
Ba is going to have the Geritol gang.


I’m hoping this too. I was really encouraged seeing Bayleigh talking with Janelle and Kaysar. Bayleigh is playing a better game this year, she’s more reserved and she hasn’t been like NicoleA and DaVonne gossiping about Janelle. I wouldn’t mind a Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Davonne, and David team up.