Dan to Danielle: “Boogie is miserable.. now’s the time to stick a dagger in his heart.. send his buddy home”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 2 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest

3:25pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan asking if she’s talked to Ian yet. Danielle hasn’t been able to pull him upstairs.. she tried to earlier but Boogie and Frank keep sticking with him.

Dan asking what Eagle was talking to her about. She gives him a quick run down what she said.. more or less saying that she’s not telling anyone what the nominations are going to be and that she likes Joe and thinks they can be closer in the game. Joe mentioned that Boogie and Frank are trying to build this super alliance with Jenn, Boogie, Wil and Frank. Dan: “Thats not really a super alliance”. Joe also brought up that the only 2 people in the game he trusts are Shane and Danielle. Joe is playing the game differently now and regardless if he goes home he can hold his head up high. Joe also says that he likes Britney she’s the reason why he signed up for Big Brother, “People back home use to call me Lane” (OMG LOL he said that hahaha) Joe ends by saying he’s not even trying to win the 500K Because he cannot win competitions.

Danielle tells Dan that Joe is OK he’s not really a threat right now. She swears that she doesn’t disclose any information to. She asks him “For sure it’s still Wil and Frank” dan: “Yes” They go on about how Wil sold them all out to Boogie so they don’t feel bad about him. Dan tells her the order of the keys should be: Ian, Britney, Jenn, Shane and Boogie “last make him sweat”

Dan: “I was watching Boogie during the nominations and he was miserable.. now’s the time to stick a dagger in his heart.. He’ll lose his best buddy and next week it’ll be him”

Danielle says this week is a lot like last week. Dan points out that this week she has 3 solid votes.

Dan suggests she talks to Ian before nominations because they’ll get a lot more mileage about it. Danielle wants to ask Ian about an alliance with Dan, Shane, Danielle and Britney after Frank goes home. Dan goes to leave warns her that after the nominations it’s going to be crazy in the HOH room, he thinks it’s best if she talks to everyone by herself without him in the room he thinks that she’ll get a more honest discussion out.

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3:40pm Cam 1-2 Pool Frank, Boogie and Britney Boogie and Dan want an apology from Britney and Dan. They try and get the nominations out of Britney, all she tells them is Ian and Britney are safe because that was part of their deal when they were in the HOH endurance Competition. Boogie and Frank make it pretty clear that they dislike Danielle and Dan and they think their are liars. Britney apologizes for last week but tells them that the house was changing every day and so was Danielle. Britney also adds that why did they care about Danielle’s vote when they knew they had Frank’s vote. Boogie says it doesn’t matter Danielle told them she was voting to keep Frank and Britney told them the same thing. They do not plan to go up to the HOH and talk to Danielle. Boogie: “I don’t care if I get evicted I’m going to walk out here with a smile on my face” Boogie tells her if he wins HOH next week he’ll put Wil and Janelle up.

3:43pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Dnaielle HOH

Danielle says she would love to work with Ian she wants to know where his head is at. Ian says he feels if they form a group of 5 he would be the odd man out plus he also feels bad about leaving his team. Other than that Ian says it’s a new game and he needs a new tactic. Danielle says he’s not the odd man out that isn’t how the team works. She tells him they’ll help each other out so they all get to the end together. Ian knew coming into this game he would have to do things he didn’t like. Danielle wants to have everyone together and have a face to face meeting were they can all agree.

Ian says everyone knows he’s taking a bath tonight so that is a good time to have a meeting. Danielle says she trusts him just wants everyone together at one time.
Ian: “thats the thing you want to make sure everyone is down”

3:56pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Jenn Danielle asks if people are mad she is the Head of Household.
Jenn says there are a few people in the house she hasn’t talked to and those are the people she suspects has a problem with Danielle being HOH (LOl) Jenn leaves and Britney comes up. Britney gives her a rundown of the conversation she had downstairs with Frank and Boogie. Britney wouldn’t mind if Janelle went on the block this week she thinks that Frank is over rated he’s only won a single competition. Danielle points out that Frank apparently hates me. Britney thinks that Boogie hates Dan more that Danille. Danielle is decided Frank is going up it’s the person to nominate beside him that is making her nervous. Brintey says if she wants Frank to go then do not put Janelle up with him. Britney warns that Janelle will not be easy to get rid of. Past seasons he was unstoppable. britney confirms that Boogie and Janelle are not working together and Boogie is basically 100% only talking to Frank. Danielle wonders if putting Boogie and Frank up is the better way. Britney doesn’t think so if she wants Frank gone. Putting Boogie up will ensure Boogie goes home.

4:36pm Cam 3-4 HOH Janelle and Danielle Janelle saying she knows the big brother fans personally and they love the showmances. (LOL now we HATE the showmances) Danielle makes it clear to her that she hasn’t decided what she’s going to do yet. Danielle says she hasn’t talked to everyone yet she’s not sure Frank and Boogie will even come up. She hasn’t had the chance to talk to Wil either but he did come up earlier but she was talking to Dan at the time. Janelle wonders that maybe Frank is worried that him and Wil are going up.
Janelle is crafty and plays on Danielle’s insecurity’s.

5:10pm Cam 1-2 HOH Dan and Danielle

Danielle says that Ian is a bit whisy washy right now. Dan is disappointed, he thinks Ian is closer to Frank than Boogie.

Danielle says that Frank and Boogie hate her and Dan. She asks him what she should do. Dan thinks it’ll suck to have both Frank and Boogie in the house.

Danielle suggests they stick both Boogie and and Frank on the block. She’s worried that by having only 1 on the block POV will be won by Frank and he’ll save one of them. Dan agrees says the risk of having both in the game after this week is too great.

Dan asks what will happen if the POV isn’t used and Boogie/Frank remain on the block. Danielle thinks Boogie will be evicted, dan isn’t sure. He thinks Having Frank gone is the better of the 2 because then they can pull Ian in.

Danielle says Britney and her do not think Wil is working with Boogie anymore.

Wil joins them. Danielle asks him if he’s got a deal with Boogie.
Danielle says Boogie hates her. She asks him who would he vote for. Wil says he has Danielle’s back regardless of who she nominates. Wil says there is no one in the house that he trusts.

5:33pm Cam 1-2 HOH Britney, Janelle, Danielle and Dan

The girls were talking about how to best get rid of Frank this week. Janelle was saying to maybe put 2 pawns up and Back door Frank. Dan disagrees with this. Danielle says there has to be one person left on the block that is a powerful player she cannot throw this HOH on a pawn.

Silence….. Dan asks them for some alone time with Daniele..

Dan here is my coaches advice..

Danielle: “janelle was trying to bully me into putting up 2 pawns”
Dan: “you are not doing that”
Dan: “This is what I recommend.. You put up Frank and Wil the only person to save Frank is Boogie”

Danielle argues that the best thing is both Frank and Boogie because that way they guarantee one of them goes home.

They go throw all the possible scenarios. Danielle says what if Boogie wins POV takes Frank off the block then they are screwed. Dan asks her what is the percentage of that happening. Danielle 18%. Dan: “185 to get picked as houseguest choice”

Dan thinks they should roll the dice and put Frank and Wil up. Danielle: “I don’t gamble it’s a waste of time” Dan keeps saying it’s her HOH she can do whatever she wants but he thinks they should take a small gamble. Danielle says this is their HOH and when she’s in nominations he’ll know exactly what she’s doing.

Dan: “Do you think you can work with Frank to take me off the block?”
Danielle: “Yes”
Dan: “Do you think I can work with Boogie to keep you safe if you’re on the block”
Danielle: ‘No Boogie hates you”

Dan asks about Ian, Danielle says he’ll tell us what he’s doing after the nominations. Dan: ‘If he doesn’t side with us after the nominations He’s not joining us period”

Dan is worried that if Boogie is out of the game than he’s going up. Dan tells her he’ll support her decision, but he’s worried that Frank up against Boogie will result in Boogie going home. Dan thinks he’s the biggest target out of the coaches other than Boogie. Danielle disagrees says Janelle is.

Danielle says she wants Frank gone that is her number 1 priority. Dan: “Fine put them both up.. If I win POV i’ll take Boogie down”

She asks him straight up who does she put up Frank/Wil or Frank/Boogie
Dan doesn’t answer asks her who does she think has the best chance to win POV.
Danielle says BOOGIE.

They keep talking in circles.

6:00pm Dan proposes that they keep Boogie off the block and Dan tries and cut a deal with him. Danielle suggests that they nominate Boogie and Frank and she wins the POV cuts a deal with Boogie.. (Biam)

6:16pm HOH Danielle and Dan

Danielle says if her she puts up Wil he’s going to be pissed but more hurt. Dan brings up that Wil threw her under the bus last night. Danielle doesn’t think it went down that way. She heard from Both Wil and Frank that it was JOe that told Boogie she was voting Frank out. Dan asks her who Wil is going to vote out Boogie or Frank. Danielle says it’ll be Frank. dan disagrees says he’s 85% sure it will be Boogie.. Wil is after the coaches he’s the most vocal about it.

7:20pm Trivia YO
7:50pm Trivia YO
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Ian better not screw this up. So what if you’re the odd man out! You are a dead man if you don’t go for that BIDDS alliance. Nobody likes you except for maybe Britney who pushed for you to be apart of them instead of Dan’s stupid idea of Ashley and Janelle.
Maybe Dan should mention that Asley’s gunning for him so he can see that joining BDDS is his only option.


I’m torn between who they (danielle, dan, shane, britney) should take as the fifth member, Ian or Joe. I personally would take Janelle, but Britney seems to have a thing against her.


Janelle would screw them with no hesitation. Britney was smart to pull in Ian because of the 4, Ian’s probably closest to her.


He also has the most to gain, I’m sure he noticed that Frank and Boogie treat him like a second class citizen, he knows he’s on the bottom of the totem pole. Right now he’s scared and seems like he’s an honest kid, really wish he’d have gotten to be on Dan’s team from the start, he would have actually coached him and probably even built up his self confidence. Dan is an awesome guy.


I hope Danielle goes with her gut and puts up Mike and Frank. PLEASE. I’m glad she’s not falling for “Dan’s best move,” but we’ll see how the nominations go…




She really is smart when she is not insecure. Plus it helps having Dan coach her.
Maybe all the insecrities come from beign cheated on?
But, I do remember seeing glimpses of her being smart on BBAD especially after Shane won HOH.
Anyways I’m rooting for Dan/Danielle final 2!


Danielle, Please nominated Joe & Wil on the block and backdoor Janelle. Janelle is history. She will be a three time loser. Send a queen of floater home to her husband. Bye Bye Janelle!


Janelle is in no way, shape, or form a floater. She’s already won two coach comps, it’s just that her team sucked ass. If Frank would’ve went home last night, she would’ve been the only coach with 3 players left. Now that she’s in the game, she has an even bigger target on her back and that’s definetly not because she’s a floater.


Janelle’s wins this season:

1st win was actually 3rd place with 2 disqualifications. Nothing to brag about.

2nd win was in a comp where all 3 parts were geered to her. A real win.

She is really 1 for 3 in the coaches comps.

She is 0 for 1 in her HoH comps. If this had been the Janelle of seasons 6 and 7 she would have made a much better showing or even won it.

She isn’t the competetor she used to be.


Don’t worry. The captain is never right, so if he is saying joe & Ashley are nominated and janelle is a floater that is going home, none of those things will happen. Bet the opposite! Lol


Umm..no, she’s a floater, her alliances vary from week to week, going (floating) to whoever has power. She hasn’t done anything so far but suck up to the people in power and praying her people (who are also floaters) don’t get put on the block.

Head of Household

Janelle is absolutely a floater this season…floating to all the power. She is the biggest floater this season actually


If there was a filter here I could use to ignore a person’s comments, I would use it on you. Not only can you barely speak english, but you write the most stupid stuff here.


FOR THE LAST TIME! I’M SPEAKING ENGLISH & REALLY SMART! YOU DON’T SEE IT DUMBA$$! It’s a truth. I posting a smart thoughts. So, your the stupid one!


leave captain alone. i hardly agree with anything he says either…so what

Dae Yum Yum

I agree 100%!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

Dae Yum Yum

I don’t trust Ian. I do not think he still knows how to play this game yet! He walks around clueless and has no idea who to trust and who to say what to. He has no filter and doesn’t understand what he is doing. He has no critical thinking skills and no ability to project into the future if certain events occur! Very concrete thinker and no ability to think in the abstract. When he was talking to Britney on the show last night, he could not figure out why she was asking him if Shane would be safe in the upcoming weeks! You could see his wheels just spinning and the steam coming out of his ears! He just did not get what was going on at all! Speaking of Shane, where is he?? Why isn’t he advising Danilee who to nominate? He is not in the HOH room ever since last night and is nowhere else to be found. Hiding from Danielle??


Ian is definitely on the Autistic Spectrum. He has a hard time in social situations because he has a hard time understanding social cues and body language. Also the toe walking was a big clue. Autistic people are usually very blunt and don’t lie well. Ian feels that if he says somewthing then it is a law for him which is why he did not want to give Brittany a definite answer because he did not have one. Autistic people are really black and white thinkers. They like schedules and routines typically. Which is why I an is able to eat slop for so many days. My son is autistic. He has had Frosted Flakes, a bananna and orange juice for breakfast for the past year and he has enjoyed it everyday. If I want him to eat something different I have to impose it upon him. I think Dan would have been a better coach for Ian. He would have been able to build up his confidence. I think I an will dominate the memorization comps. Not sure who I am rooting for this year, but it is hard to see the kid struggling socially.


At a certain point Danielle has to cut Dan loose coz if she takes him to the final two he’ll easily say ” I still coached her even after the coaches had entered the game, I had influence”……. Dan/ Danielle Final 2 is very bad for her, so I hope she drops him later and takes someone she can beat, like Joe for instance. Right now she needs him though.


you guys should do a poll to see who likes the 5 person alliance or not the last post everyone seemed really back and forth on it


Thats their plan? What happens if Boogie wins pov and saves Frank?


How many noxes of chezzits is this terrible BB player going to eat.

Beyonce Fan

Dan knows he cant win with shane danelle ian or britney at the end he know he have to take boggie or janelle to the end in it look like it will be janelle dan is playing a good and bad game because joe ashley boogie frank all want him out so we will se.


i didnt know janelle knows me personally … what a ego … saying she knows the BB fans personally …. geeeeeeeeeesh LOL


yes danielle put boogie and frank together on the block. wil can always go up as a replacement if need be

Beyonce Fan

Janelle a floater? Now that’s a new one a floater is jen I’m so happy jani in the game and britney tallk so much shit about people ughh.


The definition of a “floater” is someone who does not have a solid alliance and “floats” to the power week by week. That is what Janelle is doing

Jenn has been flying under the radar. She could end up a floater as she presently does not have an alliance.


Why do all these girls constantly talk about how much they weigh…danielle says shes 125….YEAH RIGGHHTTT, Janelle mentions shes 145 lbs …NO WAY JOSE….PROVE IT LADIES, PROVE IT

Big Sister

What I don’t get is the constant throwing their hair to one side and then twisting/pulling on it. Wil, Britney andJanelle are the worst at this. Also, please chew with your mouths closed!! Danielle, put up Mike (I refuse to call him by that ridiculous nickname,) and Frank and let the games begin!


Yes , I agree please learn how to chew with your mouth closed or move you microphone so we don that’ve to listen to it. I know this is being petty but it’s driving me nuts.

Big Sister

That is why I couldn’t stand Enzo last year. I muted him every time he even went near food.


Boogie just said he didn’t nap all day because he was waiting for Danielle to come to him and apologize, but it looks like that isn’t happening. LOL, the ego on that guy.


She’s freaking HOH and she’s supposed to apologize to him?


@marianne, she was just playing with Danielles emotions to get her to divulge who she is nominating.


I’d put Boogie and Frank on the block, if somebody get’s saved, put up Janelle instead. Or put Boogie and Janelle, if the veto is used, put up Frank.
It’s not that complicated, seriously. All the rest of the houseguests can’t seem to win a competition to save their life…


I think you guys should update the pictures on the main onlinebigbrother page to characters that look/act like the house guests like you’ve done before. I always have a good laugh over those!


Awesome, you guys are the best. I enjoy coming on here and reading the spoilers more than I like watching the show.


It’s been said before, but I propose Foghorn Leghorn for Joe. He even has the crest, not on his head, but growing on his chin.


love it not cbs wont let boogie leave anytime soon … … dan is playing a great game dan doesnt want boogie and frank tight because dan wants to carry boogie to the end thats why dan told her frank and will or if he wins pov he’ll save boogie … has long as frank is in this game he’ll be boogie number one guy dan is trying to make sure frank is out this game so him and boogie can work together ……..


Danielle is right to put up Frank and Boogie. Guaranteed that one of the evil duo will go home. She needs to remember that Dan is no longer partial when it comes to her decision making. He has a $500K stake in this and THAT is why he is arguing to not have Boogie on the block. Without Frank, Boogie would need to look elsewhere and Dan thinks that he can scoop up Boogie at that point. Danielle is right about gambling that Boogie won’t play veto – we have seen it happen when the person you don’t want to play gets picked and we have seen it when someone you want to play is the ONLY one that doesn’t get to (Rachel last year).


why is Dan so scared of Boggie going. Does he not realize that weather Boggie is in the game or not he is a target? If he messes it up and Boggie and Frank somehow manage to stay together this week it is going to be on his head when Boggie and Frank go after His team, and I’d say of the “5” alliance Dan and Shane would be high targets.


they are overdiscussing it! this whole tactic thing with wil up is going to blow up. you have 2 people who are strong competitors and working against you…so put them both up. simple thing to do. one will leave for sure. after that your odds are really good that of your alliance wins HOH.

so put up frank and boogie. but the way this will happen is, that wil and frank will go up and boogie will win veto and save frank.


put Boogie and Frank when 1 comes off put up Janelle unless she wins veto noms will stay the same
otherwise backdoor the girl you want out anyway


totally agree..dan is just thinking of himself really, and britney just kinda dumb,,both needs to go on blcck to ensure at the least one goes home, have a feeling if they only nom frank then he will some how get off the block.


Danielle should grow some ovaries and put up Booger and Pignelle and at the nominations ceremony say the only reason she is putting them up is because in the short time she has gotten to know them she’s seen how loving and supportive theyve been as coaches and knows they would both rather be at home with their infant children than stuck in the BB house playing with lying, foul-mouthed back stabbers that offend their sensitive natures.


lol, well said!


Can someone do the math? How many double eliminations will there be?


While we wait for the noms, I propose a new poll…let’s call it the most annoying blogger. Put up captainwedgie, Beyonce fan, and whoever else you’d like…even me lol. I can easily book who wins that one!! :)

Beyonce Fan

Stay pressed and mad


I don’t speak ebonics, but trust me I’m not mad. I’m laughing, like a lot of people are…at you. Smh…


danielle did you forget your coach threw you under the bus saying to Boogie Frank was going home and I saved your boy Dan needs bigger target so he will be safe now

Wils Head Scab

I dig the name JoJoHo!!!


Seems like CBS is up to it again…Wish they would just let the show play out…As far as Dani goes…I would tell Dan fine if you get picked to play POV and win take boogie off..but when you do that..you have drawn a line in the sand and I now know where you stand and it’s not with me…So you little mess up last night was no mess up at all….you got caught so had to confess to me what happened.

It’s so obvious that he wants boogie to stay so Dan can work with him just like he told Jani last night and that’s what CBS wants too!!

If CBS wanted a vet to win why didn’t they just have another all stars instead of messing with these other players very very sad.


I think Danielle has minimal cerebral activity, bless her heart. (yeah I’m from the south too). Dan clearly wants to be able to run to Boogie and brag how he saved him from the block. Seems to me Shane is a MUCH bigger threat than Frank. Is it possible Dani is thinking with her vagina?


Danielle is actually being very intelligent by not buying into Dan’s shit! She should definitely put Mike on the bloxk. Why would Shane be a bigger threat to her over Frank?


Nominate Boogie & Frank please xoxo


something is definetly up with the coaches. It seemed that Britney wanted Wil and Frank up too. She was not to hot about putting Boogie up either. I think that If she needs a little confidance boost she needs to talk to Shane and see what he thinks. I’d say he would be all for boogie and frank going up


I really can’t believe how dumb Britney is. So basically she thinks she’s going to get through all 8 newbies on her own? This girl is so dumb. She learned nothing from getting played by the brigade. She is seriously clueless. Why would Britney want janelle out when janelle would never put Britney up on the block and no one like janelle so it’s a target in front of her. I just can’t believe someone can be this clueless. Why would BB put her in as a coach with 3 of the greatest to ever play the game. Boogie is another moron who is not seeing the logic. If boogie went to the end with frank then frank would win hands down. I can understand boogie being rusty in this game but Brit just played this 2 years ago. Open your lazy eye Brit please and see what is going on. Your in BB house where it’s 8 newbies against 4 coaches. Get it to 4 on 4 and then you have options. By then who knows maybe then you have a solid 5 including a newbie.


I know! janelle really wants to work with britney she would never put britney on the block. Its making britney look like a huge bitch (well she already is)


Because Brit doesn’t trust Janelle. Do we remember what happened the 1st 3 weeks of this game? Janelle will lie about EVERYTHING and throw ANYONE under the bus. And right now, Brit and Janelle are aligned, so Brit’s still playing along.
I think Brit is doing just fine in these circumstances.


@Mike.Good point.I actually said earlier that if the coachs come in the game, the four of them need to work with each other secretly.They can talk trash about one another in front of the newbies,in order to throw them off.But the bottom line is if they(coachs)want to make it easier for them to get further in the game.They need to get rid of the newbies that are dead set against the coachs(the two that come to mind are Smelly Frank&Wil).Boogie aka Gollum can’t see how that’s a good plan now because his puppet Smelly Frank,is still in the game.I agree with Simon,he thinks that Dan wants Smelly Frank out in order to work with Boogie aka Gollum.If Dan can convince Danielle to put up Wil&Smelly Frank and evict Smelly Frank.Gollum might finally come and work with the coachs(mainly Dan)because he won’t have his buddy in the game anymore.But,if for some reason after Smelly Frank leaves the game,Gollum still doesn’t want to work with Dan.Then that still won’t hurt Dan’s game because Gollum will be crippled when Smelly Frank leave.Dan would’ve accomplish getting a guy(Smelly Frank) who was coming after him out of the game and leaving Gollum with out his buddy to play the game with.And there will still be four coachs in the game.Which is good for all of the coachs,even for Gollum but he doesn’t realize that yet,because he’s too busy acting like a big baby.


Why is everyone hating on Danielle, she’s proven to b a great competitor !! The whole shownance thing is being pushed by the production so they gotta go along with it!!


She isn’t as stupid as I originally thought and it’s hard not to like her, even if she is does have some issues. I think her biggest fault if that she is a little bit too nice. Probably her upbringing.


I still do NOT understand why the hell they would choose Ian as a ally over JANELLE??? ian obviosuly cant win shit. janelle will tear the house down and they are screwed the moment janelle gets HoH


.I don’t know who your rooting for this season,but let’s just say your rooting for Dan(because I’am.Lol.).Do you think Dan is right.Is it better for Dan’s game for Danielle not to put up Boogie&Frank?I was for this idea.But,after reading Dan’s point of view.I think I agree with him.Keep in mind I’m not asking what’s best for Danielle’s game.I only care about Dan’s game.Lol.


. Well,if that’s what Dan is thinking then that is a great plan.Dan will hands down win the game again,if he takes Boogie with him to final 2.Hopefully Dan can convince Danielle to put up smelly Frank&Wil.The only problem is,will Boogie aka Gollum be willing to work with Dan.


I totally agree with Simon ! Get the nominations to be Janelle and Boogie then Shane wiil win and take off Janelle and put up frank so that will be awesome


Seems like they make the most simple decision so hard for no reason.


I know, they were up there talking in circles for like an hour.


the coaches must have an alliance secretly. all of them are (except boogie so far) are afraid of the numbers and keeping each other around quietly until its a good time to take one out. if i was danielle, the second dan tried to talk me out of putting up a coach, i would understand this. the “fair” think for the shane, dani, dan brit alliance to do is put up frank and boogie. but, dan has worked very hard to keep jani and boogie off the block. very hard. brit is following his lead.
dani is such a grating player. ugh. she is so full of herself and at the same time has zero common sense. yuck.


I think her being “full of herself” is a front, she seems to have somewhat low self confidence, and is constantly seeking praise from others.


yeah. that is usually how people like that work. they are deeply insecure and then overcompensate by getting overly arrogant over every little victory. its kind of sad. but, it is grating nonetheless. there is something awful about her for me. just awful.


im not sure about Ian, i feel in his heart he stills want to roll with boogie, i think would not want ian in an alliance hes to unsure of himself, and tured out to be useless, pretty disapointing had high hopes for ian.


even though my faorite people keep gettin put on the block i like this season as one of my favorites season 2 , 7 , 3 , 12 and now 14 in that order i hope boogie can pull somethan off and stop throwin a pitty party also wish they woulda brought back danielle reyes instead of janelle or brit t latter of which being one of the worst players of all time havin no buisness coaching anybody

Kelly Anderson

Can we please see the actual nominations! Seems like it’s taking forever today! Come on Big Brother!

Carol & Steve

so what do you think about the nominations? I truly think she ought to backdoor Janelle – cut the head off the snake so to speak. Can’t wait for BBAD – should be interesting!

Thanks again for all your hard work – really appreciate the updates!


Janelle isn’t a threat to anyone on that side for the time being. Later on, sure. Right now it is Boogie and Frank that can take over the game, unless they are separated (one goes home).

Kelly Anderson

Thanks Simon:)


I agree with your earlier comment about Dan wanting to keep Boogie around and possibly working with him in the background. He’s trying to save his own behind, but this move isn’t really good for Danielle or anyone else on her side. If Frank, Boogie, Ian, or Jenn win the POV, the house is back to square one and if Boogie’s team wins HOH the following week, they take control of the house. This is a huge risk for Danielle’s side. Only smart thing to do, in my opinion, is to get rid of Frank or Boogie. She should have put them both up to ensure that.

production rigged it

so i just wanted to respond to a comment i made earlier today which someone took way to seriously to someone who i’m assuming posted under 3 different names first under what then under anonymous and then ron since they all had pretty much the same comment now we’ve resorted to name calling huh over one little comment real mature on your part, am i supposed to be hurt by your comments please what a fu**ing joke am i supposed to take u seriously when you’ve apparently got 3 different names and you’re making comments about my name i don’t think so and finally something else that u said which i won’t repeat sounds like u have issues so i suggest maybe u find out what ashley is taking so maybe u can get them resolved and just think about lollipops and roses and all is well with the world.

production rigged it

thanks Simon


you have insulted me and my comments before for no reason before jus sayin what goes around :)

production rigged it

dude first of all nobody asked for your opinion and second of all if i insulted u considering what your name is i think i would have remembered and last opinions r like a$$holes everybody has one u have yours i have mine just remember that, also too many people on here take other people’s comments way to seriously haven’t u ever heard of constructive criticism, most people on here don’t agree anyway that’s what makes it fun until somebody takes something the wrong way and starts on a rant.


well i am not on here to trade insults and to deal with miserable rude people (dont bother to respond as it wont be read at least not by me) have a nice life

production rigged it

sorry i just couldn’t resist especially since u said not to respond because u wouldn’t read it, if u don’t want to trade insults then don’t comment on somebody’s else’s comment and i’ve seen u be rude to people on here before too (hypocrite) by the way u enjoy your life too and if u don’t read this but it think u will because u just can’t resist to see what i said in response u have a great life too.


ahhhhh stupid move girlfriend. You can only hope on a wing and a prayer now that Frank goes home this week. The only think she can do is put up boogie or Janelle as replacements if she has too.


Terrible nomination in my opinion! If Boogie saves Frank, Janelle has to go on the block. God forbid Boogie and Frank get everyone on board with voting Wil out.


for sure boogie will be in the POV. and the game will be abseloutly in favor of boogie….hope if boogie wins it and saves frank danielle will be smart enough to put janelle up!


LOL and why was frank and wil nominated? remember there are no more teams just wondering. should have been joe and frank. with joe to go.


thanks for all these updates. you and dawg are awesome. sometimes i read this and forget to watch the actual show. it’s so trippy doing it that way because with the editing it’s just like one big lolfest. i like danielle, and i think the nominations are okay. but seriously, why wouldn’t you take advantage of nominating atleast one of the two; boogie or janelle. bad call. she should hand over the money to dan now. on a side note, i’m glad that the newbies are able to win competitions so the vets can’t just steamroll their way to the money like last year.


Hey Simon,
Will you please clarify what a floater is? Some believe that Jenn is a floater because she hasn’t won anything (at least that is what I am assuming) while others believe that Janelle is a floater because she “floats” from one HOH to the next.


i think a floater is someone who stays under the radar (jenns def doing that) if I am wrong then someone clarify it for us.


Danielle better do what’s best for her game, not Dan’s, plus he’s no longer her coach and I want her to put Frank and Boogie coz it’s what she wants, not what Dan wants. Him talking to her like he’s still her coach, doesn’t he realize she’s playing her own game now. Let him win HOH and do his own dirty work. Or let him win the POV then and take Boogie off.
He won his season but this time I would love to see him throw an HOH only to realize he made a big mistake. So at the moment I’m not loving him, I want Danielle to drop him coz she doesn’t stand a chance against him in the final vote and I’m sure she realizes that. I do agree with what some have been saying that when she’s talking game she’s actually smart. Whatever decision she makes, whoever she puts up, let it be her choice.


Danielle better not hope Jamelle wins and takes off Frank thinking she will get Danielle to take Boogie out Worse case scenario



The Rose

I have just a few things to say. 1st I think Ian is autistic/asperser syndrome. That says a lot. He has a high IQ and when he starts talking about this diagnosis BB cuts him off. I did catch when he was talking about “stemming” and BB cut him off. He talked about the difficulty he had in high school and BB cut him off. Autistic folks have a difficult time socially because they think so concrete sequential. 2nd he has Booger for a coach. Who is a rich, selfish asshole who doesn’t give a crap about coaching Ian. He has put all his energy into Frank, the smooth talking beach bum. He tells Ian to just shut up and is only using him for his vote. (Same with Jenn) NO coaching and NO advice. No sympathy, ok fine welcome to BB. BUT Booger was placed here to be a coach. And he sucks at it. I absolutely have to give Ian some credit for seeing that. 3rd Dan is a true coach. His encouragement and advice to Danielle and the valuable experience of telling her that she is on her own to give her opportunity to grow was amazing. And we see it now. And Ian sees it. I think that if they take Ian into their alliance, we will see him grow too. Ian appears to have asperser syndrome. (Look up the traits. Does anyone else agree?) He was right on today when talking to Britney on the hammock. I think that if he would have had Dan as a coach, he would be the HOH instead of Danielle. Booger was in the house and only came out to demand Ian to stay on…..that (I’m sure) was just intimidation and bullying on Booger part. I love that arrogant Booger is sulking. NOW Booger, who only wants the title, is saying that he doesn’t get into the title thing. I have to laugh because he isn’t here for the money! And he says he isn’t into this because of fans? Yea, right! And when he “got got” he saying BB isn’t fair? What an arrogant loser. Met his match!!!!! I hope he blows and shows his true shitty character. He’s pisted about houseguest lying? What a joke!!!! The jokes on you! And telling America that Dan is a phony? Ok, booger and you aren’t? Poor, poor loser Booger and Frank! Great season BB! LOVE IT!!! Go IAN and Dan!! (Guess that’s more than a few things to say.)