Big Brother Spoilers – Nicole says holy we have some serious cr@p going on in here!

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

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12:15pm In the bathroom – Hayden tells Brittany she looks really good without make-up! Brittany says thank you but I have some on. Hayden says well its not as much as you usually have on. Brittany says I will take any compliment I can get. Hayden heads back outside.

Hayden, Devin and Donny are sitting on the backyard couches. Hayden asks Donny so did Nicole like my gesture? Donny says she sure did. Donny says before you went back there I told her you were going to bring her a banana and then you got called in to the diary room and I said he might be awhile. Then you brought it out. Hayden says score one for me! Donny says hero! They talk about the havenot room. Hayden comments on how Caleb gave Amber both of his blankets. Devin says yeah I hope it works out for him. Hayden says yeah he likes her a lot. Devin says when Amber went up on the block he said I have to protect her. Okay dude I hope that works out for you. Amber joins them. Devin tells her that she was moaning this morning.

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12:40pm – 12:55pm Devin asks Caleb if he was cold. Caleb says yeah. Nicole asks him did you give her your blanket? Devin says yeah he was n@ked. Caleb says yes. Nicole says holy we have some serious crap going on in here! They all laugh. Deivn says I can’t wait for the person to propose to Nicole and she’s going to say holy crap we’ve got some crap going on here! Nicole says that’s a serious gesture giving Amber your blankets. Caleb talks about how he was asked to do survivor but says that he said no. He says not first. I just got out of the military. Hayden asks are you in the army? Caleb says yeah. Hayden says I have a lot of friends in the marines. You guys don’t like each other do you? Caleb says no. Caleb says he was talking to a cook in the marines and he said they were 10 times better than we are. I was like and what do you do? You’re a cook! Okay!? Caleb says there’s really no difference between the army and the marines. Devin continues to ask Caleb questions about the army / marines.

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1pm In the storage room – Donny tells Derrick that his mission was a success. Derrick says I will talk to Victoria and talk to her. Then I will have two done. Derrick says Devin is trying to start stuff up with you again. He was out there saying that you were going to throw a surprise at us. The dude scares me. Donny says I talked to Nicole and she confirmed that Christine believed that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. Derrick says I will talk to Victoria and then we will collectively talk about who the third person is. Then we can tell Zach. Donny wonders if we even need to tell Zach. Derrick says I think its better if we do because it helps us long term. If he finds out we were spreading rumors about him and didn’t talk to him about it will look bad on us. Plus it will count as a fourth. Derrick asks Donny how Jocasta is doing? Donny says that she’s better today.

1:20pm In the bathroom Amber continues to get ready for the day. Meanwhile in the kitchen Nicole, Victoria Hayden, Brittany and Derrick are in the kitchen eating.

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1:25pm – 1:50pm In the hall Derrick tells Nicole to come up to talk to him for a second. She says okay. Nicole heads up to the HOH room. Derrick says just a heads up Donny has been super nice to me. Nicole says he’s been super super super nice to me too. He hugged me this morning. Derrick says I guess that’s a good thing. Derrick says that he was talking to Devin was up here and he had a feeling Donny wasn’t going to use the veto and roll the dice. No hard feelings if I go out. Nicole says that Devin said he is going to try and convince Donny not to use it. Nicole and Derrick say that Devin has to go. Nicole says I think I need to win HOH this next week for sure. Derrick says yeah you should. Derrick says if by chance Devin convinces Donny not to use it.. Nicole says Donny would be a huge target if he didn’t use it. He already gave it to Jocasta and made her cry. Derrick says I really don’t care if its Devin or Caleb that goes this week. But if Devin stays he is coming after us. He definitely has issue with you and I. Derrick says I just don’t know why Donny would take the chance and not use it. It would be a crazy thing for Devin and Donny to rekindle their alliance. Nicole asks what kind of an alliance did they have if he put him up?! Derrick says if he decided not to use the veto, people would think he was up to someting. Derrick says I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Caleb really isn’t very good at this game. Nicole and Derrick agree that Caleb is nice. Nicole says that she’s been hearing that Amber is coming after me from other girls. Derrick says I will tell you this Caleb is on team Nicole. Nicole asks oh really? I think you can trust him and once he’s on your side he is golden. Derrick says I think he is on the side of getting rid of Amber. She showed no gratitude for him going on the block for her. Nicole says he gave her both his blankets. I would never let a guy do that! I almost cried. Nicole says when Caleb goes home he is going to be hurt by how much she doesn’t like him. Derrick says I think Amber is crushing on Cody. They both dont think Cody is interested in Amber. Derrick asks what’s your gut on the pov meeting? Nicole says I think Donny is going to use it. Derrick says I would put up Devin, you have my word on it. Devin not going home is the worst situation for us. Nicole says if Devin stays he and Donny better win HOH because everyone is coming after them. Nicole says I’m afraid of him but I’m not afraid of him. Derrick says I could never work with him. Caleb we can work with and he has other people that are his targets and he wouldn’t come after us. Derrick says I wish we were closer to Donny. Nicole says I will try and talk to him … he is being so nice that its almost creepy. Like he’s up to something. Nicole says if he doesn’t use the veto then he is definitely up to something … like he is after more than just the half a million because it isn’t good for his game.

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smd nicole

first off caleb needs to get over himself there is a huge difference between the marines and the army…. second nicole is so awesome! she is so much smarter than people perceive her to be and she is also really cute! she is a dorkier jordan!


Please, no more nostril shots of Derrick. I guess I’m asking for the impossible.

Butters Mom

I gave you a thumbs down because of your comment about the marines vs army…. I do however agree that Nicole is smart.


Who shat in your sandwich?


She wasn’t replying to you.


Nicole looks like that kid in Christmas Story right now.


Ok I’m sleepy reading. I can’t image watching them too.
The dark cloud of boredom has arrived.


Yeah, the fart etiquette talk that Jocasta gave Devin this am was one of the snorefest conversations going on outside.


The guys should be thinking about the scenario where one of them is on the block against Amber. Who would Caleb vote for? If he is willing to volunteer for the block and sleep in the cold room without blankets, it’s pretty clear that he would throw his game and his allies games under the bus to help his imaginary queen. All you have to do is look at the two of them and its apparent that Amber has a more refined taste in men. He has built her up in his mind to be something she isn’t, she just isnt interested. First it was Danielle with Shane, then GM and Nick, this year its Devin and Caleb with the fatal attraction syndrome. If Caleb likes her, fine, but save it until you are out of the house and keep your head in the game. I will not feel sorry for him if he goes this week, he is vying for Marcelas and Lawon for the title of stupidest moves ever, putting yourself in danger when there is no need or reward.


Caleb will say he’s done with her and then she reels him back in…such a fool. And the guys know that Amber is his weak spot so they will use her to backdoor him. Unless Caleb goes batcrap crazy this week which could happen after a day or so of slop and sleeping on a block of ice. All Cody would have to do is flirt with Amber for about 2 minutes and Caleb could explode. The guys already talked about how they flip the vote if they decided to go after Caleb instead of Devin.


I am gay so I have been dying to ask this…. Isn’t Nicole prettier than Brittany and Amber?… take off the glasses and she has the cutest face… except for Hayden the straight guys don’t seem to notice her,


I think Nicole is very pretty but in a wholesome, adorable, cute way…. Brittney and Amber are beautiful too, but they have a sexier look. Lol, I’m a girl but I think all 3 of them are beautiful in their own way. I really like Nicole so far, she doesn’t seem full of herself and doesn’t seem the type to let attention get to her head.


Amber and Brit have model Hot Girl looks which of course attract the fratbrats. Nicole is cute–with/without glasses, in a frog suit, etc. But the fratbrats don’t go for cute.


Amber is by far the cutest in the house. Nicole is wifey material which makes her the full package but as far as looks Amber is really pretty. Brittany is ok with makeup but she is scary looking in the morning. If I had to choose I would probably like Nicole cause I can prolly trust her more than the rest.


You nailed it with cute. Nicole is cute in the same way Sally Fields was when she played Gidget and the Flying Nun. Amber on the other hand is drop dead gorgeous and Brittany is just a half step behind her. The other women are just so-so.


I don’t think Amber is that pretty. I’m a woman though so I asked my 25 yr old son to look at the show for me and pick out the best looking woman. As he was watching, they showed a close up of Amber and my son said ” definitely not her”. He ended up thinking Brittany was the best looking with Nicole 2nd.

smd nicole

judging purely on beauty i would rank them

nicole in my opinion is by far the cutest but amber is just straight hot
personality wise nicole is miles and miles ahead of the others.
i LOVE nicole

smd nicole

and nicole and i have a real connection have u seen the way she looks at me through the camera and the way she talks to me in the diary room? there is something there man she is way into me but i just don’t think she will admit it!


You’re scaring me…

smd nicole

im scaring myself


Sure, but if it gets super cold, will you give her your last blanket?


Amber is stunning. She’s the kind of girl that’s so fine she’ll make a whole room stop and stare. Brittany and Nicole are pretty close and probably just depends on taste. I like Nicole better.

Although to your point about getting attention from guys, I think Hayden acted first and the other guys didn’t want to pursue.


Nicole is pretty but Brittany is first. Amber is second and Nicole is third.


Actually I misspoke.

1. Amber. Just a knockout. So stunning.
2. Nicole.
3. Brittany.


I personally think that Amber is the prettiest girl in the house. She might me the prettiest girl ever on Big Brother, in my opinion.


Nah, except for that pesky racist slurs, Aaryn is prettier, so was Kaitlyn.


What about Elissa from Season 15? She was hot! And Brit wears too much make-up. Takes her forever to get ready in the morning.


Aaryn’s mouth was a little jacked up. Her top teeth stuck out and it looked funny. I barely remember how she looks but I didnt forget her mouth. And then the shit that came out of her mouth.


Even I know that is untrue… Jordan pushed all three of my nephews threw puberty LOL…


I agree with anon, Aaryn was drop dead gorgeous. I also loved Cassie from Rachel’s first season. She was beautiful too. And so was Britney and Mia from that season as well.


Aaryn was drop dead gorgeous!!?!?!? BAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah right! Her dentition was horrendous! Her teeth or should I say fangs looked sharpened and her face was short and squishy looking.
I’m sorry Aaryn was ok… And after she opened her mouth… She was just ugly. Who can forget those hate filled eyes?

Caren in Canada

The absolute most beautiful fem ever to play BB had to be Lisa Donahue, she was so naturally beautiful, and such a sweet person, she won her season, and never ruffled a single feather with anyone! The entire house loved her and she won by playing a clean and honest game! She was stunningly beautiful inside and out!


oops I made a mistake I met Cassie from BB13 I meant Monet not Mia from Bb12


Actually, I’d say Keesha from BB 9 (or 10?) was by far the prettiest girl on BB ever. She had an amazing/sweet personality too.

Al Beetross

I completely agree. That is one pretty ass frog! I’d hop on that lily-pad anytime!


I agree that Nicole is prettier but as BBbunny said, her prettiness is in a wholesome, natural way. Most men find sexy preferable to wholesome.




LOL! Eric, I am also gay, and a few days ago I also stated that Nichole is the most attractive girl in the house. I wonder if there is something to this.


enough already with trying to make Nicole special SHE IS NOT,


Nicole is more like a nerdy Jordan. Beside, she is much prettier than beauty Jordan!!!


How wonder the rumors of Zach is related to Amanda!!!


seams like nobody really cares if is true or not.
The true is, it really does not matter for me and makes no difference.

can Micheal Phelps brother swim like him? or Carrie Underwood`s sister sings like her??.. nooo

Amanda was one of the greatest player ever in the BB house.. while Zack is a useless player


Amanda… I wouldn’t say if she is one of the Greatest Players in Big brother history.
Her season never got out of bed.
I judge the best players if you can put them in any Season and the will go far or win.
Not an All Stars or half and half All Star Cochie blah blah.
Bust say Dan in this Season he would own that house.
Dr Will would have them running in circles
Jordan would have these guys wrapped around her pinky… aww shucks
Janelle would make Devin and Caleb her bitch.

Those are the best players
Amanda would last till just before Jury with this crowd.


Amanda was the most vile player in BB history. More vile than Evil Dick!


I didn’t post that… Yay my name was highjacked LOL


Nicole’s lack of boobs is why the straight guys have not latched on to her.


Actually she does have a pretty decent body. I love her legs… She’s got some breasts up there that are cute….



So now poor helpless Amber can’t get the ice out of the ice tray so Devin does it for her and now he’s making her something to eat. Does this girl do anything for herself?


Yeah she cleans up everyday after everyone in the house and often cooks for other people. If you have ugly girl syndrome like Nicole, Christine and Victoria do don’t take it out on Amber.


You missed the point. I didn’t say Amber was helpless. She plays helpless when a guy is around.


USD is real!




Wow. That seemed like a very productive meeting between Nicole and Derrick. There was a lot of straight shooting and honest assessment between the two. That could be a very formidable pair moving forward, if the communication stays like that.


LOL Derrick is freaking out because he can’t get Vic to gossip about Zach being related to Amanda. He’s talking to himself about how she gossips about everything but won’t even ask Brit about this. So now he’s trying to get Caleb to talk to Amber about it.


its just so dumb,why even do that? why not start the rumor about someone people are more worried about, a Donnie or Caleb. I just don’t get why you want to continue to throw Zach under the bus with a bunch of garbage to screw with his game. its so weird, even cody doesn’t say he is with Zach when talking about hayden and derrick, so its almost like poor Zach gets tossed aside because there is too much drama surrounding him. thanks frankie


I think the prettiest girl ever on the BB is Danielle Donatto with dark hair then 2nd is Janelle because she has a really great body and she is kind old. Laura from season 11 was really pretty also.


I think if we are counting bbcan, the topaz from bbcan1 is by far the prettiest female to ever be on big brother.

smd nicole

i have always had a thing for britney haynes….. i never thought dani was that hot my top 3 ever are
britney haynes
diane bb5 and bb7
kara bb 14


It obvious that Cassie from season 13 was the prettiest to ever be on big brother

Caren in Canada

There have been quite a few women in the past that I think far surpass this season, there was Keasha she was beautiful, Lisa Donahue was stunning, Elissa last year say what you will but that woman was also beautiful and none of these mentioned ever used their looks to further their game! Speaks volumes in my opinion!


THIS conversation, my friends, is the reason they don’t pick smart women vs. pretty/sexy women to be on the show.


I agree with Nicole about her Amber accepting Caleb’s blanket – I wouldn’t have accepted, it’s too much. Caleb’s southern gentlemen side is really sweet, not gonna lie. It’s a shame its wasted on a person who doesn’t appreciate and care about him.


My god you guys just love to blame amber for everything. She didn’t even know he did that, appearently she was asleep when he put it on her. So now she’s supposed to be a psychic and wake up before he did that to tell him no?


She would have noticed that she woke up with two blankets. And if she woke up before Caleb then she would have noticed that he had no blanket. You are right though, she couldn’t have woken up to tell him no but when she did wake up she should have said something. I’m not sure if Amber is afraid of Caleb and getting evicted because of him and that is why she isn’t telling him to stop with his romantic gestures. ( when ever Caleb was upset that Amber may not like him, he trash talked her and plotted to get her out). Or she really is using him. Either way her relationship with Caleb will lead to her demise.

Either Caleb gets her evicted because he thinks she used him or the some houseguests decides that she is the one thing that prevents Caleb from being 100% loyal or the girls get her out because she us untrustworthy ( which Amber has proven to be because she tells the boys everything the girls tell her)
if she doesn’t get evicted then she will be a pawn that goes home. I see no scenario in which Amber makes Final 2.


Ok, calm down. I have never blamed everything for ”everything”. I didn’t know it was in her sleep. I still believe she doesn’t mind using him and his feelings for her. Sure, it’s part of the game, but it’s sad.


her* for everything


Ohhh shut upppp with the nonsense!

What is Amber suppose to do? Caleb was going to EVICT her when she did not reciprocate his feelings for her. This is BB, people are incredibly superficial and will vote you out for EVERYTHING BUT based on actual game. Given how Caleb treated Amber when Amber turned down his advances, he’d plot and do everything in his power to get her out.

Stop playing amnesia and get real. Honestly.


i wish our next mission is we get to give double pov to one of them and tell them to tell amber about christina make up a lie an say hayden told them i will give it to donny double veto cause i think nicloe is doing donny wrong to save her slef they going to do you the same way nicloe when donny gets hoh not going for nicloe nomore cause she she trying to get donny out on lies if donny goes in she america player replacement i want vote in hope drrick thorugh her under ther bus

new to BB 14

Donny has to be the most well mannered polite downhome common sense contestant ever.
Is he smart? Hes very observant! He needs to tone down his good ole boy image a tad or it will be his undoing!
But bar none having researched all the past contestents of all the big brothers Donny is without a doubt the most trustworthy contestant if they ever have a Big Brother Good vs Evil all stars he will definitely be on the good side so this is my exit question . Fantasy Big Brother Good vs Evil All stars who would you choose as your 16 contestants from all the seasons . Donny good obviously evil dick Evil and Rachel also evil and Amanda
Imagine a house of backstabbing conniving evil monsters with a house of Good honest people that’s a season I want to see!!


M I’ve been watch BB since season 12 so I can only tell you player from then on.

Ian Terry
Hayden Moss
Britney Haynes

Dan ( though I don’t think he’d ever do BB again)

Rachel ( Idk where to put her. She was mean her first season but second time she was more mature. I think she’d be an underdog and so she’d have to be nice to make it through)

Derrick ( I think its a little too early to tell if he will stay good but his gameplay is quite outstanding)

Evel Dick
Frank Eudy
Amanda Zuckerman
Matt (S12)

Nicole might be a fan favorite but im sure yet if her gameplay is enough to make legendary status. Who knows it’s a little too early. Also, Andy was a bad guy but I don’t think he’d play that
way if he could go again but I also don’t think he is a legend. Also, I think it’d be bad PR if anyone besides Andy Or Howard or Candice or Elissa or Jessie or Helen from BB15 came to play again. Nick Uhas could come back but aside from the GM drama, did he do anything memorable?

smd nicole go watch the older seasons they are so much better (u can skip season 1 and season 11)


personally, id love to see a “Second chances” theme. Where the first evictees from each season could come back or a a season where people who had potential and got evicted early could come back.

If there was a “Second Chance ” theme I’d like to see Annie( that saboteur who got evicted S12), Cassie(s13), Dominik(s13), Howard, Nick Uhas, Jodi(only because she never even got a chance to enter the BB14 house) and Keith( the guy who IMO had potential but played too hard too fast and got evicted first week in BB13)

What about you guys?

A Nonny Mouse

Geez, if Donny’s nice there’s something wrong about him, if he’s not nice there’s something wrong. Great deduction technique, you bunch of dills!


This Team America task is stupid. I hope the next one is better. Give them a list of things to steal, or make them find something with hidden clues. Anything but getting people to kiss or starting rumors.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Make them talk Victoria into letting her BEARD grow out.


i belive nicloe want make it past week 5 or 6 cause you know amber coming after her so that mean caleb too and that means his team will too


For god’s sake. could you guys not have a big block of text? It’s 593 words and 2941 characters long.
Break it up 🙂


I would like to see the ex Survivor players to all a season of Big Brother and all of the ex Big Brother players do a season of Survivor in the same year!


Have BB on Survivor but only if they’ve been a Have Not. They’d be praying for slop.


If Team America was really smart they could have gotten the house to believe Christine was Gonzo sister! They look just alike too. Maybe Gonzo sister and Pinocho had sex and she was the result! She’s in the house point to everyone “you have potential” while her Schnozz keeps growing.


What’s really funny is Caleb was complaining about the steel oats in the slop. Donny said they should soak them and Caleb blew that out of the water. If you read how to cook steel oats you either boil then simmer for at least 20 minutes or boil then soak for hours. Should have listened to Donny.


Every time I hear Nicole speak she’s got something negative to say about Amber. In the first week she had nothing but mean things to say about Amber, from her looks to her personality, yet she would sit and smile in Amber’s face. Meanwhile Amber cried over nominating Nicole on the block–even though Derrick was right, Amber owed Nicole nothing–Amber still didn’t want to hurt Nicole’s feelings.

I have heard Nicole trash talk just about all of the girls in the house, telling Christine she hates all of them except her. Now she’s suddenly besties with Brittany?

Meanwhile Amber hasn’t said one mean thing about Nicole.

Nicole’s always reminded me of a jealous school girl, with high school petty drama.
And you guys say she’s sweet. Through her in a brunette wig, keep the glasses and the big nose and the fascination would disappear.


Boogie under “Evil” I think not. Talk about someone who doesn’t get enough credit. He was always a fav . Amanda Z was a total bully. Remember her screaming at Elissa from the bottom of the stairs. Rachel might have been annoying as hell but she was a good player, BB classic. I also think Dick was a dink but I did like him. He got nasty with Jen because she thought he was a creep before he even did anything. I think the comp was wiping pudding off bodies and Jen said something like “Ewww if Dick touches me gross I don’t want him touching me”. Like as if he was even interested. From then on he was turned off and it got worse. She also egged him on most of the time.
I know what you mean about Amber “acting helpless” . She uses it to her best advantage its just a shame Caleb is really into her. She could have said Thank You after she woke up and saw she had 2 blankets.

I would do BB before I would ever do Survivor. The bugs and being outside all the time would get to me.