“I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined.. “

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

10:37am Sam and Bayleigh 
Sam is worried that cameras are going to capture her body or her doing something (Shower head?)
Sam – do anything that could be misconstrued ..
Bayleigh – neither am I.. honestly wish had had never signed up for this show
Bay – I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined..
B – Allowing these people to get at me.. the things we talk about the things we do about the cussing that goes along in this house
Sam – I don’t think your reputation has been ruined at all.. the people that have us are more caring and resptful than that.. they love you they are not out to get you
Bayleigh – that’s not true Sam they cast me as very sassy aggressive black girl and that is what they want..

feeds cut

Sam tells her she’s killing it
Bay – how am I killing it Sam
Sam – keeping your composure not letting any of this change who you are
B – I literally wanted to throw something at Tyler this morning .. Good morning bay.. Why are being SO RUDE to me.. what did I do to you for you to be treating me like this..
Bay says she had a great day had her workout and he “comes in here and ruins it” (WOW)

B – I really don’t think I’m going to have one on ones with people
Sam says she didn’t either except for when she was a robot week 1
Sam says she really doesn’t want to choose between Bay and Rockstar
Bay tells her she doesn’t want Sam to have to Sam should get the Hacker to cancel her vote.

Bayleigh says Tyler yelled to the whole house that he thougth she was the hacker and he’s voting her out so cancel him out.
Bayleihg says that’s his plan.
Sam – Y’all and your f*ing plans are going to kill me
B – don’t say y’all

Sam says she’s going to maintain what she is doing and trust everything will work out
Bay – I mean.. why don’t you start playing the game.

B – it just sucks these people are losing out on a really good friend.. I was cheering Tyler on so hard in the veto and now I’m the bad guy.. I’m the only one that hugged Angela afterwards..

Haleigh joins them..

11:20am Bayleigh and Sam

Bayleigh – it just sucks because I know Swaggy has a whole bunch of girls..
he said before coming in here he had them calling him and sending him emails every day

Sam – I think he’s just trying to make you jealous
Bay – all the girls that knew he was single was trying to get with him.. (LOL everyone wants Swaggy)

They talk about Sam quit smoking..
Bayleigh suggests she just smoke them all.
Sam – Bayleigh there’s a duffel bag of cigarettes in here.. you want me to smoke 3 cartons..
Bay – you don’t need to be smoking.. you’re too young

11:22am bay and Sam
Bayleigh says she regrets telling Rachel about her power app power.. “that is the biggest mistake I could have made..”
Bayleigh calls Rachel Evil
Sam – RAchel was sorta.. I think there was a lot more to Rachel. I feel for her.. the way she just spun out here I thin it was when you blow up a balloon and you don’t tie it and let all the air out..
Sam brings up that Rachel might have got the crap app because she wouldn’t stop singing so production couldn’t use anything from her on the show.

Bayleigh goes on about having no opportunities after the
Bayleigh says she quit her job. Sam says she did to. bay says Sam can go back to her job, “You can go back to a welding job” Apparently Bayleigh can’t.
Sam bring sup Bayleigh talking about going to dermatology school.
Bayleigh lists all the things you have to do to go to medical school and be a dermatologist.
Bayleigh now says being on this reality show will ruin her reputation and she won’t be able to get into medical school.
Sam doesnt think so.
Bay – Sam, what world do you live in
bay – I don’t want to be in this industry
Bayleigh says her family did not want her to go on this show

11:40am Rocks and Bayleigh
(Part of Rocks’ punishment is to make a power shake then sprint in the backyard)
Bayleigh – you know I hate the sun but I’ll do the last 5 with you…
Rock – god I f*ing hate this… wheres the water at.. thank you…

11:55am Tyler and Kaycee made ~31 pieces of chicken

12:01pm Bay and ROCKS
Rocks going on about how much she doesn’t like the other people in the house.
Bay – I had dreams of throwing things while people are tanning throw buckets of things on their heads..
Bay tells Rocks the odds are in her favour because Bay believes she is getting framed.

Bay – they don’t care that IO’m not the hacker they just want me out because I have the power
Rocks – Shtty.. if I stay I’m going balls to the walls to win HOH because these motherf*ers are putting me on the block
bay says that’s OK Rocks will never be anybody’s target
Rocks – that’s not an ok thing for me..

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Johnny Test

What’s the difference between Jace (bb17) and Tyler (bb20)????

Douchey C

About 3 million brain cells


LOL Tyler has a better game.


JMHO – Tyler is a lot smarter

Tyler>Jace X 6 weeks

Tyler made it past the first live vote.


Jace doesn’t enjoy being touched by another dude like pinky little sad bird does

Huckleberry Hillary

Seems like someone is a little touchy about Tyler ruling the game this season.


You should ask JC LOL

Bye Bye black sheep

Everything is always everybody else’s fault ! God forbid Bay ever accept responsibility for her own actions ( hateful, narcissistic, sociopathic , self defeating actions). It’s unfortunate because she is a pretty girl, who is articulate and has the potential to do great things in life. Bay is just angry at the world and deserves everything that has and will happen as a result of her ugly attitude. By Bye Bayleigh! I feel a self eviction coming


As you sit there behind the screen and say all that stuff about someone you really don’t know just for the sake of a like- speaks volumes about who the hell you really are. I am thinking you are the one with the ugly attitude..


Yeah poor Bay…her decision to play this game will cost her entire life…blah blah blah! If anyone has ruined her reputation it is her…if anyone has cast her as the angry person, it is her. No one is making her say the things she is saying, and its only because she is unlikely to win now that she has treated the house with as much hostility as she has. If she was getting away pitting others against each other like she tried to do, then she would not be so angry now. She is the first person in this game to basically quit, or try to get pitty for her situation this whole season as far as I can tell.

To be fair, she dug in to the wrong side of the house when things were not going her way, but she just happens to be on a show with a group of 4 or 5 players that really get how to truly be good at this game. If things had went differently early, and her original alliance was running the house, she would be just as mean and devious as the other side can be, or possibly even worse. The willingness to quit, when her back is against the wall, is the worst quality that she has displayed thus far in the game. The other stuff, unfortunately is a societal norm now a days.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Projecting much, Pawpup?


I made the mistake of watching the Sam/Bayleigh conversation on the live feeds. Bayleigh believes she is the ultimate victim. Production is after her (“they cast me as the angry black girl”). Tyler is after her (“he said, good morning bay, and I can’t believe he’s so rude to me”). But, I was bothered the most when Sam said that she had also quit her job, and Bayleigh said, “You can go back to a welding job.” Geez, Bayleigh, arrogant much? Bayleigh then goes on to detail, point by point, how much harder her life is than Sam’s… how she doesn’t have a home to go back to… as if we haven’t all seen her family’s mansion in contrast to Sam’s camper in her family’s backyard. Get this entitled, arrogant, narcissistic victim off the show already.


Agree 1000%! “They cast me as the angry black girl”….maybe that’s because you are! It’s called type casting!

Stop the nonsense

Leave the girls alone. I just pray there is a super power and both girls get to stay

Once Bay leaves there are no decent people left.

She will get a lot of opportunities once she is off the show, she is the total package, beauty, brains and an awesome body to boot!

another name

decent? I’m not sure we should even apply that subjective yardstick.
i mean, i’m not prudish by any stretch, but nobody forced her to have sex on a reality show with live cams. she wasn’t coerced into saying many of the unfortunate things she has said. don’t make me list them, we know they happened.
I don’t dislike Bayleigh. I think Bayleigh has a tendency toward blame casting rather than accepting her own accountability. If decency is the measure of accepted standards of behavior, i would think that a person described as decent would excel at taking personal responsibility for any failure to meet those standards.
but then, decent is a subjective determination.


I’m in agreement she was her own worst enemy of character she lacked to begin with


So, are you related or friends?

JC is Pervy

Shut up Swaggy

Bounce Bay

I bet you miss Kaitlyn too. Bay and decent should not be used in the same sentance.


not even close! she is a whiny ass baby and feels entitled because she is black!


Is that you Swaggy?

Baby Bay

Hahahaha is this Bayleigh’s mom or sister?

Evil bay

i hear the DMV is hiring . She would be perfect for that job with her Amazing attitude.

Bays millionaire father

Bay’s father is a very wealthy man. All info availible on internet . She grew up in a beautiful home( zebra print furniture aside ) as seen on episode. She has never had to want for anything in life.. I assure you ! Talking about torch wielding whitey protesting her family, and school. Hahahahaha ! BS! Kiss my A$$ Bay !and take the purple haired freak with you.


As much as bay annoys me, In Bays defense, I don’t think she meant anything by the welding job comment, Bays job was customer service, and she knows her job may not want her back because of her actions. I think she was just saying that a welding job won’t care about how you treat people in the house.

Bays Attitude

I thought Bay was a flight attendant which is customer service…She put herself in the position she’s in. I’m not talking game.. she has belittled everyone. Constant rude comments to everyone. It’s ok for her to be snappy but God forbid anyone even look at her a certain way or say something she disagrees with…she comes at them with a vengeance. Everyone is afraid of her wrath. She’s always in the defense. Very entitled and nasty.

JC is Pervy

Can’t work for many companies and publicly state you hate white folk…….simple as that.


Oh yes you can. See New York Times.


In her defense Tyler did say good morning to her! Who in their ever loving mind would say that kind of insensitive, derogatory to the evening statement! Tyler is a monster, a monster I say! A pox on his house!


It’s called lainnold bitchy


Well then she shouldn’t have gone on TV with only a chance of winning. She did this to herself. But she does have a nice home to go home to that Swaggy has been hanging out with and her mom waiting for hang a picture of her and her man on the wall.


It’s amusing to me that you think that Bay might lose her job.


one can hope


I’m sure it didn’t help her case with her previous employer when she talked about how she hated helping people at her flight attendant job on the first episode when they were doing the intros.


I agree with everything else you said, especially about her playing the victim.

Level 7

THIS. 100%.


Well said – and if she thinks this show ruined her reputation…well it was up to her to have sex on camera and not care!

Off the Rail

Sam probably talked to her boss and left in good terms, therefore she has a job she can return to.
Bayleigh – who on the opening episode came off as a self-centered and entitled person, who wants the easy route and everything handed to her; probably left on bad terms. All her customer relations where she actually had to help them board their planes, etc, that angered her – she may have vented a lot of frustration in thinking that she was now big-time and going on tv…becoming a star and never looking back…may have upset her former employer and truly can’t go back to that job.


That or the job is beneath her now that she’s been on TV. For some it may seem embarrassing because they think you get all sorts of money.


I wouldn’t want her as my waitress, oops I mean flight attendant!


Oh really who made you boss of her life or Bailey’s u d k shit. Sometimes bosses have commitments that require people trained in that position and without them they’re in a spot to deliver


Totally agree with this. Bayleigh was even being rude to Sam when she was just trying to help. “What world do you live in.” I can’t wait until she’s gone.




I can’t wait for Thursday so I don’t have to hear Bayleigh’s voice or look at her face. She is a horrible disgusting person. Her parents and family members should be ashamed of how she is acting and bullying these other houseguests.
Also, I can’t believe she hasn’t figured out that the hacker is someone on her side. I mean, they took Scottie down and put Tyler up. That’s obviously someone on her side. You would think she could figure that out and get mad at her side for ruining her game instead of blaming it on Angela, Tyler, or Rachel. Good riddance and I hope if there is a jury battle back that she doesn’t win it!!!!


Agree, she should have figured out by now that the hacker us on her side, but I don’t see why you think she should get mad at her side for ruining her game. She ruined her own game by trusting the other side rather than her own alliance.


Let’s be real Bay and Swaggy were handpicked to win BB20. production keeps throwing them Bay bones. She gets great edits, she squeals about her app and production introduces this hacker shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if they gave 3 piece puzzle that lays flat on the ground and grants her 2 weeks immunity if she solves it in 15 minutes.

Can she take any level of responsibility for her actions??


“It was so hard for me growing up being the only black girl in a school of all white girls, you have no idea what’s the like being so different” talking to JC who is a gay midget. Yes, I’m sure he has no idea what it’s like being different. She’s so self centered and clueless, and lastly made horrible game moves. Hope she goes home Thursday


Jc is also a latino..

Who me?!

Do you watch the show???!!!!??!? Did you see or even hear about the controversy over the “ N word” and the use of the word “mi____ “ to refer to little people!? Maybe you feel entitled to use such offensive words better yet, maybe you should simply chose to use a more acceptable, less disgusting word in the future.


are they going to a chance to come back in the game like they normally do?

JC is Pervy



You might want to check your comments before posting them. Also, watch the show and you would already know that everyone who been evicted is home.


I was thinking for the future. I know everyone is gone. But wondering outoud id they will do a playback with the jury


I think the next 4 evicted will have a shot at returning.


No. Bayleigh will be the first jury member. I don’t think anyone will come back anymore.


They’ve done jury battle backs before.


I’m hoping they are trying to do somethimg different this year. We didn’t have a returner (like stupid Paul). I am hoping they are giving us all of these other twists (power apps & hacker comps) to compensate for no battle backs.


I think there will be one….


Most likely they will have a jury battle back just like they have a few other seasons. There will be a double eviction coming up so most likely first few jury members will be sequestered and compete to come back.

Cali Girl

A jury battle back is always possible.

You Only Live Once

As with Rockstar, I hope when (if) Bayleigh watches the show back she will realize that her own perception of what CBS cast her as is actually what she is.

“Bayleigh – that’s not true Sam they cast me as very sassy aggressive black girl and that is what they want..

It would seem that the casting of BB knows Bayleigh more than Bayleigh knows Bayleigh. She constantly tells people what to do and how to be, snaps at others, and uses some pretty vulgar language towards people when she doesn’t get her way or is upset…..Bayleigh lacks self reflection.

The only one who is going to ruin Bayleighs reputation is Bayleigh….not Big Brother.

Bay's Dilemma

Next she’ll be saying BB TOLD her st have unprotected sex with Swaggy!

I agree , BB didn’t cast her as an aggressive sassy black girl, they just told her to be herself: a selfish, entitled, arrogant, narcissistic bi#$h!
Bye Bay, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out,


generally speaking casting tends to go for people with little self-awareness as it makes good entertainment. bay’s not even the least self-aware this season. that honor falls to kaitlyn.


True, a strong lack of self awareness seems to be one of the boxes that casting checks off on some (not all) of the houseguests, just to stir up s#*t. And Kaitlyn, bless her heart. None whatsoever. Bay’s right there with her, though

Hoping against hope

I believe that it’s more along the lines of a superiority complex. She seems for the most part to aim her aggression at those she sees as being beneath her. Rockstar, Scottie, and to a certain extent Fes and Sam. It’s just that with Sam, I think she realizes she can only go so far and if she crosses the line then Sam might just clock her.
Let’s not forget how much she has wanted to be in the ” cool kids club” from the moment she walked in the door. Never stopping to realize that the people sticking by you through thick and thin are the coolest people you can be around.


The way she thinks she’s entitled to abuse Rockstar is very telling. Bay is such a bully. And all because Bay wasted her time campaigning for Rocks, in her mind that gives her the right to blame Rocks, somehow. Classic narcissism at work.

another name

Was she actually campaigning for Rockstar though? I mean, sure, a few times she made the take Rockstar down talk, but she shifted fairly quickly to take Tyler down and replace him with Scottie talking point pretty quickly. I honestly get the feeling she wasn’t so much save Rockstar as she was anyone but one of Bay, Hay or Fes on the block with her.


That action would require self-awareness. Bayleigh is perfectly happy playing the victim. She’s one of those people that’s not happy unless everyone else is as miserable as she is.


Amen to that!


Baleigh won’t learn anything from watching the show.


They can only use what you give them.


So now Bayleigh’s blaming the show for casting her? Saying they made her the sassy, aggressive black girl? When I watched her pre-interview before going on the show, she was bragging about how she speaks her mind, “don’t come for me if you know what’s good for you”. It’s disappointing how she’s making everything about race.


from the things she says in the house it is obvious she doesn’t like white people, I’m okay with her bias but I sure don’t want to hear her say she doesn’t feel that way. That shit came out of her mouth too easy.


You said it I agree sad she’s so self unaware


I wish bayleigh wasn’t going to jury. she is a horrible entitiled little brat!!! she needs to go away!


Bayleigh – that’s not true Sam they cast me as very sassy aggressive black girl

I’m pretty sure that just who you really are and with cameras on you 24/7 it has come to light. I am so sick of her pity party attitude, her talking down to every one.


Bayleigh tells Sam not to say “y’all”… that’s how Sam talks.
Bayleigh is so condescending and rude! She’d never make it through medical school, this will be her excuse to not go. Ya know, because she’s one point away from being a genius and all.


I’m not a fan (anymore) of Bayleigh, but I think you misconstrued what she meant when she told Sam not to say, “Y’all”. What she meant is their is no longer a team, so saying y’all would be incorrect.


I beg to differ.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Perhaps; but snapping at Sam not to say “ya’ll” is, regardless, evidence that Bay has NO interest in Sam’s circumstances, opinions, or even encouragement because she dismisses other people’s opinions and life circumstances with disdain, irrelevance, and dismissal. She could give a CRAP about what anyone else has gone through in life. Your daddy’s rich, Bay; Sam lives in rural Virginia in a CAMPER! And she’s happy, and you are miserable.


It really doesn’t matter what she meant by it. Bayleigh is a BOSSY, rude, arrogant idiot that ruined her own game.


Sam should have replied, “Stop talking in first person, and MAYBE I’ll stop saying y’all.”


Isn’t there a fine line between being a genius and being a complete idiot? Perhaps that one point took Bayleigh over the edge completely….

Bay's Dilemma

I think you’e right!
Just as there is fine line between “Class” and “Crass”, and we know Bay has no “Class”.

Baby bird

I was wondering if she didn’t want her to say ya’ll because she didn’t want to be included in what she was saying or because she thinks saying ya’ll is racist.

BB is not what it use to B

I’m sorry but Bayleigh was responding to Sam
about saying y’all because she didn’t want to be included with ppl making game plans! Not to correct Sam’s grammar.

Trackin the Kraken

The more i listen to Bayleigh, the more pathetic she sounds.

You hear people like Bayleigh a lot these days. Quick to judge others but never self-examining. They claim to be against division but spew divisiveness in almost every comment they make. Always ready to label someone a Racist or a Hater Individual but they pass it off as nothing to make the same comments themselves.

Buh Bye Bayleigh Hope after you leave the house you seek honest feedback about your abhorrent behavior That might be a good start


One thing I really can’t stand is people who blame other people because they can’t control their temper. Bay seems to think that is perfectly acceptable, that everyone should be so worried about whether or not she’s gonna get mad and go off about something. That’s straight up emotional abuse.

QueenBay is a QueenBitch

That’s classic narcissism, and classic abusive behaviour.

Bayleigh's Conscience

Bayleigh…”they cast me as a sassy aggressive black girl and that’s what they want…”. Honey, that’s what you are. Not just sassy and aggressive, but just downright horrible! You did all of this yourself, nobody to blame but yourself. It is who you are. Your parents know this. That’s why they didn’t want you to do the show. Nothing to do now…Own It !!!


The funny thing is there really is nothing wrong with being sassy and aggressive to a point. I respect sass as long as it is tempered with sweetness and kindness. In her case though she is pure aggression with a large sprinkling of malice, entitlement, and selfishness. I can’t stand to be around people like her. I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue.


Libra season 10.
Ika bb canada.
Were sassy and agressive .. ika was crazy..
BUT they played a good game espically ika her 2’d time and theyre werent nasty and cocky as bay

Even like jannelle.. she was very sassy..but a sweet girl after all..


Once again, Rocks tells Bayleigh how much she can’t stand these “white rich kids.” How come that crap isn’t on TMZ – it’s reverse discrimination! What’s so ironic is that Bayleigh’s family is very wealthy and Rocks has zero idea.


It’s not “reverse” discrimination. It’s discrimination and racist. The term does not differentiate one race or gender from another. Why everyone thinks that minorities and special interest groups cannot be racist is breathtaking in its lack of rational thought and logic. But it persists as an acceptable norm.


I took it to mean Yoyoyo was referring to Rockstar hating on white people, which is reverse discrimination, not Bay.


Great player would start campaigning and talking of her power app to save them next week
But Queen B: Why pinky little bird hate me and betray me?
Queen B: it just sucks because I know Swaggy has a whole bunch of girls..(LOL)
Queen B: I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined..(what reputation? how to procreate swaggys babies on live tv ? LOL)

You gotta love or hate the team clueless LOL


Simon, Dawg, can i give someone a 0 star on the ranking? If i vote for all but one, does that show as a 0? Because there are a couple of people who don’t deserve even one star.


Bay was really talking down and making “digs” at Sam. I think Sam will only take so much.


Sam will be polite and then vote her out on Thursday.


It seems Sam has made it her mission to keep Baily calm and cool until voting, telling her to be a lady and so forth. It will take great patience to keep after it but Sam can do it.

Brett's Butt Plug

I dont get Bay. Her bio says she is a Miss Missouri, starred in a movie called Return, has a BA from Baylor University. Mom says she is a near genius IQ. But she is a low paid flight attendant who quit her job??? WTF! How did she ruin her career???? What career???

The Canadian

You made some valid points.


The movie is a 6 min short from 2014 according to IMDB. Here’s the story line – A woman is struggling to find her way out of the maze of redundancy. But because of her betrayal, she may be doomed to repeat her mistake for eternity. Sound familiar ???


bad attitudes dont get you very far.


It does drive me a bit crazy when Bayleigh or her fans she she was “edited as the aggressive black girl” when you can’t be edited that way if you weren’t the one to exhibit those qualities to begin with! They didn’t come up with this view of you on your own and put words and actions into your mouth. You’re ego got the best of you and exposed who you are and you’re just unwilling to look at yourself in the mirror as accept that that is you.


That seems to be a common defense when faced with being called out for bad behavior on this show, in past seasons, as well, …. “I’m not really bad, I’m just edited that way…” LOL

Smitten By Hayleigh

Bay has a moment of reality. She says that production pick her to be dramatic and play the role of an angry black woman for ratings and now she regrets it. This might be true. Just look at everyone who wins HOH. They turn it monsters totally different from their previous characters before winning. Katilyn, Sam, Bay, Rachel and now Angela.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Tyler was the typical first HOH….went for the easy, obvious target so as to (and I hate this term on the show) not get any blood on his hands. No one cared yet who left. Scottie did the obvious during his HOH term. Put up the 2 bros that were playing together and that was an obvious choice as well. Sam really did not change a lot when she became HOH. Wanted to be by herself and did not want the house guests to come up the the HOH room to kiss butt because she told everyone she knew what she wanted to do and did it. Good news for her, everyone wanted Kaitlyn out so she had an easy pick.

It will be interesting to see if any of those 3 win HOH again and how will they act during the week they win. Much harder now and you know that no matter who goes up, it will not go smoothly any more as not any obvious choices with the remaining house guests.

By the way, when did Rachel win HOH?? Missed that week somehow… She did go off the deep end when nominated.


Sam will do the same hoh now targeting haly.
Tyler have easy picks between fess hay and rc
Scottie may nom them also

Hi My Name Is Scott

Yo, Queen Bay, The show did not do a thing to your reputation. If your reputation is ruined, it was ruined by the person you see in the mirror. No one made argue with JC that is is far worse to call a person the n word than calling a person who is of the LGBTQ community the f word or a little person a midget. When she became the HOH, she called JC a munchkin numerous times after the argument. Apparently it is ok to disparage other groups according to Bayleigh. No one made you brow beat everyone including members of your own alliance, especially when you were HOH. Bet when she watches back the show, she will never see what we see. She will only see what she is perceiving now. She will still blame production and all the other house guests for making her do all of the bad things that she did……..

Oh, by the way, who made you do the nasty with your dream boat, Swaggy C????

The Canadian

I would not want to be near that girl, she is really annoying….

Why is e-ve-ry-thing has to revolve around her?

I can’t.

Bye Bayleigh, happy that there are no cameras in the jury house, I would not be able to hear her shenanigans some more weeks.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Boo hoo baby Bay. You made this bed now you get to lay in it. Wish I could say I’m gonna miss you but I’m not.


spoilt brat

3s a Crowd

The two black houseguests are dead ass last in house guests rankings. DAMN! Perceive that as you will.

Huckleberry Hillary

And Kaycee who is half black is always near the top of the rankings. See the difference that attitude and class make?


Yes blacks should keep quiet, and only speak when spoken to…


Nah…how bout not being cocky and arrogant (Swagz) or rude and aggressive (Bay)

Bay's Dilemma

Are you sure you didn’t mean to say the two most aggressive and arrogant house guests are dead ass last in the rankings? Let’s stop making everything a race issue!


Bet they are in last because they were not likable. Would be the same if they were white and behaved this way, stop making as if they are last because they are black, that is pure BS. bay and scaggy are both arrogant and ignorant people..period that is all there is, its not due to their colour. I had high hopes for bay after scaggy left, thought good now she may actually play the game, she didn’t. She won HOH and became the mean girl talking about others just like another (rocky) in her alliance. Bay took it further and started to attack people directly, yeah, but you just keep making it about race on why people don’t like her right now.

Domesticated Breakdown

I totally agree, after swaggy left I really started liking Bay and I was rooting for her, I was annoyed with her after the jc argument and a few comments she made but still thought she was playing a pretty good game and was smart, but alas she won hoh and I don’t think it was so much that hoh got to her head and she started acting differently as it was that the cameras started following her more and she couldn’t hide her personality anymore.. Just a thought


Brett is not likeable, so why isn’t he last?? ummhmmm


Because he’s hilarious, polite to reasonable people, and tries to play the game. Go Brett!!

The Tyler Show

If I was doing the Hacker comp I would guess that Tai unscrambled is Chima.

Survey Says

Because they were both horrible at the game and are delusional, arrogant and nasty people to boot. Not because they are black…


Just like in horror films. They git killed first.


She was never in the top 5 but she was up there until her HoH and she went all Mommy Dearest on the house.


Yep…I constantly ranked her 4 and 5 til midway through her hoh


True, at first, I thought she seemed like a good egg, but too far into the showmance with Swaggy. After he was voted out, I was happy she won the power app and wanted to see how she would play on her own. And then the ugly started to come out. Man alive, did it get ugly! Time to go!!!

Big Sister

No surprise. Happens a lot on this show because of poor casting.

JC is Pervy

Rocks is delusional. She still thinks she matters this season…………what a wannabe clown


what?? you mean she is isn;t this great player that is a huge target for everyone? Come on, that can’t be true, rocky told us she is a huge target..LOL


Exactly. She says she’s a fan, did she actually think she had a chance of winning?

Cali Girl

Bay and other guilty humans.. Your repeated racist “Effing WHITE people/b*tches/etc.” comments are THE problem this whole world needs to STOP perpetuating. There are quite effective descriptors without bringing skin color, of anyone, into any situation. STOP DOING THIS. All races. All religions too.

We are ALL The Human Race and as awful as you and others like you are? We’re all in this together, sharing one planet. Be helpful, not harmful.

~ A Disgusted Muttly Human


THIS! Thank you.


Angela hasn’t gone off the deep end. She’s not nice but not crazy yet.

another name

disappointing. everyone got excited to see the fecal matter intersect with the propellor of the cooling device after the veto ceremony. instead we got the two sad trombone noises.

Cali Girl

Yeppers. I want explosive, not pity party & condescending/offending. Damn hamsters!

Miss Conception

Bay was just not fast enough to catch on,I guess that you could say that her half fast attitude did her in!


The females got no game and rather than taking the strongest players they prefer to act like mean girls and strike the weakest
Snake angelo would regret not evicting sweet little pinky bird LOL
would snake angelo burst into tears or she would just go nuts?
Get ready your popcorn LOL


The only hamster ranked lower than Bayleigh is Swaggy. I wish she was going home instead of to jury so that she could see that even Rock Star is ranked higher than her.

Bayleigh's Conscience

Who knows? Maybe she’ll start a fight in the jury house and be sent home. We can only hope!

Botox Pelosi

She might just leave the jury house if they don’t give her the master bedroom.


Rockstar should just be happy that she is sooo bad at this game that even on the block she won’t get evicted until they are forced too. L4 will evict her last out of Fes, Haleigh, Scottie maybe even JC and Sam when it gets to that point maybe even past that to and Kaycee.


It’s sad that bay doesn’t think she ever says or does anything wrong, easier to blame than admit fault I guess. Production didn’t cast you that way, you made yourself that way, it’s all on you. Telling Sam she can get a welding job but whining that she can’t get another job, give me a break. Maybe you can’t get it with the company you were with because of the way you handled your leaving but everyone regardless of what they do for a living can get another job – unless you have really gone out of your to be hurtful about a race of people like many did on the not to be named season. Many of them lost their jobs because of the things they said, I wouldn’t want ppl like that working for my company either when you deal with every walk of life. I honestly don’t know how someone saying good morning to someone can ruin their day or that person take it as being rude or mean spirited. Maybe she would only be happy if hayleigh and fessie boy were the only ones to talk to her because apparently she is done with sam too who gets on her last nerve. Homeless? I doubt it, her parents would take her in, well maybe, would have to see how her dad reacts when he finds out she slept with scaggy on the live feeds and he went around to everyone bragging about it..LOL. He might be a little upset about that. Now I know why he said his family wont allow him to watch the live feeds. LOL


I don’t really understand why none of the houseguests defend themselves when Bayleigh belittles them. She tells Rockstar to shut up and somehow Rockstar ends up apologizing. She tells Sam to not say y’all. She thinks Tyler is so rude for saying “good morning”. She interrupts and talks over everyone yet she is the victim. I’m not sure how she’s made it through life so far…


I agree. I’m not really a Rockstar fan, but I hate to see anyone being verbally abused like that.

Crazy T

Can someone help me understand what Tyler did that was Rude to Bay? I have looked for it and can’t find anything.

Is she just bitter?


Basically part of his game this week is paint his betrayal of Bayleigh as retaliation. He’s not sure who the hacker is but this way he can play the oh no! I thought you betrayed me but someone else framed you so we’re still besties, all so Tyler can clean up this week and get that jury vote…


Just a tad.

Botox Pelosi

Tyler forgot to bow when Queen Bayleigh entered the room. Bay don’t play.

Nobody is going to miss her.

Rockstar’s Camel Toe

I pretty sure the holy moly Mole on Haleigh’s forehead creates its own gravity. Whoa!


Wow. The comments on here are shocking and the double standards more so.


Rockstar is going balls to the wall to win HOH if she stays. Not much of a threat from someone who gets winded walking across the yard

Hot Mess Hive Meltdown

Not much of a chance for Rocks to win HOH unless it is a Karl Maldon nose impersonation contest. That is quite a beak she is sporting.

another name

oh great. now yarn head angie rs has rockholm syndrome.
sure, it’s a social statement. made on behalf of someone that ticks every box in her social injustice check list except for ethnicity.
i’m sort of tired of the ‘i’m going to quit’ threats. go ahead. leave. cancel the battle back and make it a seven jury instead of a nine jury. fail to meet contract obligations and go home without stipend. do it. don’t threaten it.

Botox Pelosi

Do you think if Rocks quit that The Hive will think that they will bring Swaggy back to take her spot?

another name

if anything they should bring back jody (bb14). 🙂


With Baleigh acting this way, is anyone else wondering if she really was “bullied” in white girls or was that in her head too?

Live life

Geez it is a game. One side of the house grabbed a crappy alliance. They are getting decimated and telling people the other side is playing horrible game. Hey Bay you took a chance it didn’t work out. Smile be thankful for what you have on the outside. By the looks of things your family didn’t grow up in poverty.


I think most people forget who was on the show after about 2 weeks so don’t worry Bay you’re gonna be forgotten lol.


Wow Bayleigh . .think much of yourself ? do you really think Medical schools are watching this show !!!! You were a pagent queen and an airline hostess . . . .so what would qualify you for medical school ? You are who you are . . . who you are as a person is under a magnifying glass in this house . .and who you are is a very aggressive bully. The way you talk to people and about people is shameful. I highly doubt that you are any different in the real world. And wow talk about low self esteem that you would have UNPROTECTED sex with a strange guy you just met literally days before, and do it on national TV knowing your family is watching . . .and now crying around that you might be pregnant . . by a guy you barely know, who you don’t even trust as you said all these girls are running after him. Well good luck to them and you !!!!!