Bayleigh “It’s hard, I want to go off on Angela so bad!”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

8pm Backyard Fes and JC. JC – how are they (Bay & Rock) doing? Fes – they’re doing good actually. I think they’ve come to the conclusion that one of them is going home so like I mean they’re in jury now so it is what it is. Maybe tomorrow night they’ll do campaigning, I don’t know. Sam joins them. JC – Fessie the good ol’queefer. Sam – That was horrible that you did that to her (Rachel). JC – oh she loved it. Sam – she came to me in tears in the yard and she talked about how you were bullying her. JC – really? F**king dramatic, that’s why her a$$ is gone. She’s f**king dramatic. She was bothering me and then I was giving her my fingers to smell and I got a little bit of her lip with her teeth. She went rolling around the yard crying. It was three days before eviction .. I wanted to say I evict RACHEL! Anyways she is in a better place now. Sam and Fes laugh. JC – did she really come to you crying saying I was bullying her? Sam – yes. JC – that b***h! She makes me look bad in tv. Sam – I think she was genuinely upset. JC – about her queefing thingy?! Sam – no. JC – if I was bullying her then she was sexu@lly harassing me.

8pm HOH room. Tyler, Angela, Scottie and Kaycee. Scottie comments on how Kaycee has been in a unitard half the time they’ve been there. Tyler – where’s you date tonight? Angela – well Haleigh said she was .. I am kind of hoping I’m going to get stood up. Scottie – I told you earlier she is going to try and spend all day with you. Kaycee – BFF’s! Tyler – Dude, I want to win hacker next week. Screw HOH! Maybe not.. it didn’t work out so well for this week. Scottie – it depends on who’s HOH. Tyler – I wonder what Bayleigh has up her sleeve.
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8:06pm Bedroom. Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh. Bay – everyone is saying its just a game and we’ll all be friends outside of here. NOPE! I don’t want to be friends with no body! All these lying, backstabbing, all this little drama running around just causing problems in real life so that you can wreck my life. Not thank you, I’m good! Rockstar – right. Bay – it is a game and game moves I can respect. But for you to disrespect a person. If I was running around cussing people out and saying this and this and that or being nasty. People would be like hey that needs to stop. That’s not okay. When he said the power trip is over honey! I literally wanted to kill him. I had just yelled at Brett for calling me honey. Whoever stays .. one of us needs to win HOH. And then start knocking them down. Put up Angela next to Tyler. I’m just disappointed in them all. Especially Kaycee. I thought we were friends. Haleigh – I think Scottie is a good guy. I don’t know if he was the flip. Its not like it even matters, its just the lying. Scottie is a good ally but he is going to go where the power is.

Rockstar leaves the room. Bay to Haleigh – are you going to tell Rockstar before or just let her find out after? (About Haleigh being the hacker) Haleigh – it doesn’t solve anything. Bay – if you say that to them and they don’t feel like they owe me an apology then that’s who they are. Haleigh – I just wish we could get the votes for sure without it. I don’t want you to take the fall for it. Bayleigh – It’s hard, I want to go off on Angela so bad! Haleigh – at least you can campaign now without feeling bad. Bayleigh – if I do go home I want everyone to know they treated me like crap for no reason. I am so glad now that I didn’t go off or act all crazy. If I stay you don’t have to worry about going up next week. And if you can win the hacker comp again but tell me this time, that would be nice. Haleigh – I wasn’t going to tell anyone. Bay – I know.

Bay to Rockstar – Your feet are so dirty. Rockstar – and I took a shower. Its from walking outside. Bay – I don’t play those games. Haleigh – the bare foot games? Bay – no the dirty feet games.

9pm Brett and Fes. Brett – I feel like this is a hard decision for you. Fes – it is, its a coin toss. Brett – Bayleigh has that power app where she can replace the noms but she obviously didn’t tell you so like would she have really used it on you. And does Rockstar have a power app. There’s another one out there. Fes – its not me and I know its not you since you’ve been on the block twice. Brett – and then this hacker app throws a whole other whirl wind into it. Fes – next week three would be a tie. I really need to win this HOH.

9:25pm – 9:35pm Bedroom. Bay and Haleigh. Bay – you have to realize that Tyler’s been working with them since the beginning. Haleigh – I don’t know if I can do it Bay, you might have to do it for me. (Telling others that she is the hackers) Bay – I think it has to come from you. I think if it comes from me, no one will believe me. I mean if you do it I can keep everyone off your case. Haleigh – what do you mean? Bay – Just make sure they don’t be mean to you and make sure they don’t say anything crazy. Make sure everyone knows I am not mad at you. If you don’t do it sooner than later, you won’t do it at all. I really don’t think everyone will be mad at you. Fes might be, because you didn’t tell him. Tyler might be upset but I think they will understand why you couldn’t tell them. Haleigh – I will tell Fessie before. I will tell Rock before. Bay – okay. Haleigh – I never in a million years thought you would get pinned for it. Bay – I believe that. I am just so ready to get rid of some of these people. What keeps running through my mind is – your power trip is over honey! Like what!?

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another name

who would have thought uncle Fester would be the voice of reason and logic when telling Haleigh not to have a house meeting?


I’ll say it again

OMG, HALEIGH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why, why, why????? Why on earth would you tell Bayleigh you were the hacker.

Bayleigh (dumbest move this season) tells Rachel about her power.
Haleigh……hold my beer.

The HIVE is so dumb!! I mean seriously wth

Bayleigh really sucks, if she truly cared about Haleigh and her alliance she wouldn’t let Haleigh expose herself. Bay will be voted out regardless. She should help Haleigh keep it secret and then fight for the battle back. Unfortunately, Bayleigh is a horrible self righteous person and will take everyone in her alliance down with her. RIP HIVE you freaking morons. I still love Fes’s dumb a**


“Bayleigh (dumbest move this season) tells Rachel about her power.
Haleigh……hold my beer.”

THAT is the single most funny thing I have read in the comments. Evar.

I am still laughing.

It perfectly sums up EXACTLY what FOUTTE/HIVE has been doing wrong the entire season.


I think they really believe this will fix things. Sad how naive they are. Now Haleigh has to tell them or Bayleigh will. If she hasn’t told some already.

another name

how many picture books did grodner’s monkeys in d/r have to show him?


Bayleigh has no clue how she acts towards others. She doesn’t know she was on a power trip, calls others out for snapping at people when it’s her doing it….. Go on and on. Revealing Haleigh is the hacker does not benefit Haleigh – only benefits Bayleigh.

another name

doesn’t even benefit bayleigh. she was the target before original noms. it was always a backdoor.


Yes it only benefits Bayleigh! Which is why it has to be done as it’s always all about what is best for Bayleigh. I seriously think she thought they would hand her the money because she is Bayleigh. It’s called entitlement!


Exactly, watching these two thinking a house meeting is going to keep Bayleigh. I hope she does and EVERY single person says something.

Tyler, I told her Good Morning, how is that mean?
Sam, I had a heart to heart and she yelled at me this morning, how is that mean?
Rockstar, (Gets some brains and guts) hey I’ve been trying to make her my best friend and she treats me like crap, she just talked about my feet, how am I being mean?
Scottie, she made me swear on a Bible and has ignored me how am I being mean?

Hayleigh…. oh wait you mean she is the bitch and staying away from everyone just because she was backdoored?

Everyone…. YES!!!!!

F this unanimous vote Thursday. Bayleigh first jury member


The word for the day is (just like EVERY day with Blaleigh): delusional!

Sakura Haruno

If Haleigh wins HOH is Tyler is trouble??

I want his power app to be use in a DE if anything.


He’s been exposed to working with the others the whole time at this point… plus Angela and Brett will want yo take him out at some point before it’s too late…


Tyler’s app is only relevant for the veto ceremony tp prevent a backdoor. If he saves himself from the initial nominations, he has to know he’ll just be the replacement nominee and he might not get to play in the veto. He should just take the risk on the initial nominations and hope for the best in the veto. That way if he doesn’t get nominated initially he can save himself from the backdoor.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bay, you truly ARE a Winner, big brother royalty. First BB woman to get knocked up in the BB house. Own it.

another name

i can hear it now “Bayleigh, stop talking about reproduction.”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL, now that’s funny!


Haileigh is like that 2-face girl who dated Jerry on Seinfeld.


Rooting for Tyler and gang. But really Haleigh? Telling them is a stupid move it clearly makes her a target of a person that wasnt even considering her (Tyler), since he thinks she’s dumb. In what universe are they going to be cool with her. Sure they’ll pretend but secretly plot her downfall which would be well deserved.

Haleigh learn from Bay’s mistake. Don’t say a word, must they know you’re a threat?

You know what? Changed my mind. She should tell them. Anything that works for Level 6 works for me. An enemy revealing themselves.
The whole Hive needs to be decimated.


Cant wait for Loser 6 to be decimated.

Bayleigh's Conscience

Glad you changed your mind! I thought the Hacker power was supposed to be kept secret…apparently not. Haileigh will tell them just like Bayleigh wants her to. Bayleigh will make her and that is f¥€kded up. Why should she feel like she has to tell anyone just because Bayleigh says so? I’m surprised Bayleigh hasn’t already spit it out to everyone. She truly believes she has no responsibility for her actions and behavior. Clueless!


Oh Boy….those pics of Bay!!! Nightmare on Elm Street!!!

It’s like Bay has forgotten there’s cameras in the house 24/7. She has sex on camera, cusses, she’s nasty, she bullies people. But they’re all disrespecting her! WTH???
Well Bay, what goes around, comes around. And it’s coming around for you this week.

I think Hay regrets that she told Bay about being the hacker. Bay expects her to tell the house & Hay realizes that this is going to target her next week. Wonder if Hay will do it?

Poor, poor Fessie…Brett’s just playing you.

Can’t wait for Thursday!!!

Tyler FTW….Sam for AFP!


I’m guessing you look damn good to make dumbass comments like that


i’m so bored with sam.. incredibly self right righteous, annoyingly patronizing.. i tune out whenever she speaks.. for a humble person she is very full of herself.. definitely not MY favorite.. Brett is far more entertaining (to me)…

HailsBells Cosmetics Inc.

Yea, just tell Kaycee. Smfh. Geez these people really have no clue.


At this point, here is my analysis.

1. Angela is an entitled Abercrombie and Fitch cunt with an evil smile.

2. Tyler is a sinister oompa lumpa hair with a creepy smile Cali dude.

3. Fes is horny.

4. Brett is an easy-going douche.

5. Kaycee is two-faced touchy -feely lesbian.

6. JC is a little bundle of drama.

7. Bay is a double-standard loving racist with a bible.

8. Sam is just…Sam.

9. Scotty is a nail-biting geek-genius who has the balls to make big moves

10. Rockstar is a dollar store loving hippy who is lost a majority of the time.

11. Haliegh is probably the only one playing a fair game that can eat a PB&J sandwich like a beast.




OMG #3 lololololol


#8 is gold too. Sam is just….Sam. I love it, hahahahaha. I think I just might be wasted, but this post has me rolling. Thanks for the laughs Hope Hicks, now get back on Air Force One, stat!!


Who’s uncle fester?

another name

sorry. Fes. Uncle Fester was the uncle from Addam’s family.


Bayleigh: “If I was running around cussing people out and saying this and this and that or being nasty. People would be like hey that needs to stop. That’s not okay.”

Let’s do a quick comparison. Bayleigh is upset because she was told, “The power trip is over, honey.” Bayleigh’s words to others included telling them she would gut them. Yep. Absolutely. Bayleigh is 100% the victim here… in no way whatsoever!


I’m watching After Dark. Hay admits to Fes that she is the hacker. He said he knew it all along …. then says, “I’m such a smart player.”


another name

so… d/r asking haleigh what her strengths and weaknesses are.
gee. wonder which of hoh or hacker comp that will apply towards or if it was for the last hacker comp.
i see you grodner’s flying monkeys.


Bayleigh is so freaking selfish. If she gave a flying fig about anyone but herself she would have told hayleigh to keep quiet about it.
I feel bad for hayleigh because she told bay out of quilt and remorse. Girl has a heart.
But now bayleigh wants to put her “friend” in front of the firing squad. Some friend.
With a friend like her who needs enemies?
As for fess he’s no help. He never is.
It’s just pitiful.


I don’t understand why people need to talk about Bay being pregnant or not, its NONE of your business. I know there are creepers and trolls all around but get a life, this is supposed to be about a game not personal! and spare me “she went on national tv” … Still NONE of your business, give her a break! and no I’m not related, just sick and tired of the same judgemental comments from people that must likely have nothing going on for them.


Now for sure they need to get rid of Bay, I don’t want her power app used

The Sausage

Does Rockstar not wash the bottom of her damn feet?! Effing gross…

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

Bey has no idea how truly awful she is coming off….


That is what I love about this game !!!!! When you do it, it is fine, it is all game moves. BUT if someone else does it, they are liars and backstabbers ! Bayleigh you have lied and cheated and backstabbed and bullied in this house, so your behaviour is NO different than anyone else there. And by the way you don’t do ‘ dirty feet games’ !!!!! But you clearly do having UNPROTECTED SEX with a stranger on TV games !!!!


Haleigh is joining Bayleigh in the done-lost-my-mind club. If she had any idea about Tyler’s power, she wouldn’t say a word. Now Tyler & co know who’s gunning for him and can block the move. If I were Tyler I would a) keep my mouth shut and b) take my chances with the initial noms and save the power app for the veto ceremony to avoid the backdoor. So many have already said they’d have to backdoor him anyway, and even if he doesn’t win veto, he does have allies.


I don’t think the segment on Bayleigh’s family is going to do her reputation any favors. I can’t judge her family of course, but they’re obviously very well off. A wealthy upbringing and an entitled attitude don’t paint a very sympathetic picture.


Angela is looking soooo fucking stupid so far. With Rachel and now Bay, she thinks she knows everything, but shes just looking like a dumbass!!
I love Sam!! As another female welder, shes just awesome all around, im hoping she wins!!