Caleb you have Amber’s Dress “Ya I’ve been wearing it all day as a scarf”

BB16-2014-06-29 22-19-52-034
10:19pm HOH Zach and Frankie
Frankie – “When I walked into this house I thought I was walking into the hunger games.. the moves I will make in this game will never tarnish the relationships I’ve made”
Zach – “Because it’s a game”
Frankie – “Everyone says you have to sacrifice your loyalties but if we keep with the 8 we are not going to sacrifice our loyalties”:
Frankie and Zach agree they might have to say a couple small lies to pacify a situation to save the group
Frankie – “I don’t want to hurt people sometimes the truth hurts people.. look at today what the truth did to Brittany and Joey”
Zach – “Brittany has been in her room all day”
Zach – “you can tell the people that will not win this game”
Frankie – “this is not a season for the exterminator”
Zach – “we’re playing with idiots”
Frankie says derrick and Brittany are playing the game.
Zach – “Christine is too.. what is her agenda”
Frankie says she needs money .. he I feel if she walks out of the game with a cheque for 1or 5 thousand she’s happy.
Zach – “We’re fine..  zankie is fine this is going to be a boring month.. it’s going to be fun when we get our hands dirty”
They agree once Amber breaks Caleb’s heart things are going to get rough
Zach and Frankie laugh “Caleb is a lunatic”

10:30pm Bowling Frankie – “This is a new game it’s called Slide your balls down my alley”

BB16-2014-06-29 22-53-26-577
10:53pm Hammock Donny, Nicole, Joey and Amber 
Amber and Donny are talking about their accents. Donny says even for where he lives his accents isa bit different. Amber brings up being the only one that can understand Donny sometimes. They mention Jocasta feeling ill today. Amber teases Nicole about thinking ghosts are in the house. Nicole swears she hears things, “Ghosts aren’t all bad” Donny – “Casper was a ghost”
Joey says Wednesday at midnight they can sleep in a regular bed they are not have nots after them

11:04pm Christine, Derrick and Victoria  Victoria saying Joey is “so not herself everyone is trying to avoid her”

11:07pm Joey, Brittany and POW POW Joey says Dr Will had may have had a easier time because he was able to talk himself through things. Brittany doesn’t understand why. Joey – “He was a psychologist”

BB16-2014-06-29 23-25-53-786

11:27pm Backyard Caleb, Christine and Zach

Caleb telling them about his family. His parents separated and his father moved to Texas where he started a successful construction company. Caleb talks about living with his father and all the money, his mother was very poor. He didn’t like living with his father and all the money “I was missing the biggest piece in my life it was my mom and two oldest brother.. I was told I can go when I turned 16 so  back to kentucky” Caleb and his brother Blake both left their father to live with their mom. He say his brother were successful one brother owns their own hair salon and spa another brother is making 10 grand a month flying helicopters. Caleb tells them when they get out of the house and he gets his phone he’ll show them tons of pictures of his modelling..

11:32pm Frankie and Cody Frankie is suggesting Cody go talk to Devin and start smoothing things over and building a friendship.

BB16-2014-06-29 23-36-31-533

11:35pm Hammock Nicole and Hayden 
Hayden is saying he’s in good with Caleb and Caleb has a group of guys behind him if they want to be good with Caleb they have to be good with Hayden.
Nicole – “you gotta get in on that” (group of guys)
Hayden- “I already am.. kinda”
Nicole doesn’t know where Cody stands. Hayden says Cody is with the guys and the guys are going to target Brittany and the girls.
hayden – “We can always work against the grain right now and go against him (Caleb) but if we had him on our side it would really good” Nicole agrees says she doesn’t like hanging out with Amber she’s nice but not funny. Nicole likes to hanging out with Christine because she’s funny. Hayden tells her Caleb is in love. Hayden says the one person he’s worried most in the game is Derrick, “He’s Enzo.. he’s this seasons Enzo”
Nicole mentions Derrick trying to tell her they are part of the outcasts and need to stick together
Hayden – “He’s not a outcast”
Nicole knows whos going to win this game already?
Hayden – Frankie
Nicole – “Christine.. me and you are already screwing up”
Hayden- we shouldn’t hang out as much as we do
Nicole – We hardly ever hang out.. I don’t like these other people.. I do I mean I don’t find their jokes funny
Nicole – Derrick told me today he’s never heard my name being put out and i’m playing a great social game.. Derrick wants me out for sure.. first chance I get I’m backd**ring one of them.. I don’t care.. I would rather make big moves than slide by.. actually I don’t know i say that but who knows”


BB16-2014-06-30 00-15-09-253

12:14AM It’s Nicole’s Birthday hayden gives her a lap dance

BB16-2014-06-30 00-21-25-656

Happy Birthday Nicole

12:33AM Everyone but the have Nots hanging out drinking and chatting. jocasta joins them sporting her bow tie (See image in gallery above)

12:39AM Have nots Joey and Brittany. Joey says at this point she’s not going to campaign anymore because people want to be “left The f**k alone”



No Name – Zach, Cody, Derrick
Fragment A of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach


TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

Where the vote is 

As of now Joey is going home.. (Still early)

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give me a break

I like Nicole…she reminds me of a blonde Zooey Deschanel ……i like her accent….

Allison Grodner

Yeah I wear dresses as scarves, too, but it’s just because I’m too fat for most dresses and can’t resist buying them anyways.


I like her and Cristine too. But does Nicole knows about the guys alliance?

And what is Cristinne doing about it? Is that not enough to get the girls alliance back together?

give me a break

So far the best game player is Jocasta…she is really non-existent……she basically transformed herself into a big brother furniture, a spoon, grass, water……..i believe if she left the house right now… for two weeks…nobody would notice…..


I voted for Jocasta and Paola for team America…….just so they’d have something to do. I didn’t want to vote for someone I actually want to do well. Those team America things are usually a death sentence for HG’s games. (Dan being the only exception that I can remember. But there isn’t much Dan can’t do in this game.)


I agree, tho i did think the other day that Zach is an ideal AP. (maybe i don’t want him to get any $$ for winning those challenges tho, I’d be good with Britnay winning because she does have kids, so she could be an AP and no one would suspect)

i finally got to see what Devin did to add Amber and Christine (and at the time too wondered, why amber and Christine? Maybe Christine because she knows the game, but Amber is just really bizarre to add also considering Christine is more likely being seen with Nicole, so what’s wrong with Nicole. Anyways, my point is: Devin, WTF? Guarantee the first chance, Bomb Squad isn’t up as HOH, they will not fight a nomination where Devin is up on the block and able to be voted out out out.


That is so true! Out of all the girls I have yet to hear anyone mention putting her up or even talking about her going home. She might be a dark horse once she does start FINALLY playing the game.


When I watch Frankie he really reminds me of my 5 year old nephew. Not good for a 31 year old man! Just sayin.


I feel like I’ve seen/heard Jocasta for a whole 5 minutes since the show has started.


Please guys, put a page 1 and 2 @ the top of the post also!

No offence intended...

Better yet…put the info on one page like it always was before…everything is too spread out for each post. It was far more efficient and appealing with the previous format. Even the comments being so spaced causes me not to read as many as I used to.


I like it. Better separation of comments and their responses. I used to get confused and have to scroll back up to figure out what peoples comments were in reference to.


More scrolling will/does happen with this format. Previous format easier to read and quickly read as well.


Jocasta isnt even on anyone radar. she’s a BLIND SPOT, literally.


You telling me there is someone on this show named Jocasta? Hmmm learn something everyday!

Blue Velvet

All she needs now is a glow in the dark bow tie

Jimmy 64

I hope Brittnay , Nicole or Victoria win the next HOH
I am sick of these cocky guys who think they are going to win it all !!!!

Baby Firefly

I wouldn’t mind seeing Hayden, Nicole and Christine go to final three. They don’t get much air time on the show and even on the feeds, they aren’t the huge personalities, but I like them so far. Of coarse even they feel that Frankie is going to go far. I don’t have anything against Frankie, but I do think he’s this years Elissa and is the “star” of the show, Big Brother’s pet.

As far as drama goes, I’m on the fence about getting rid of O.J.(Devin) only because I have the feeds and he certainly brings the drama. He’s the biggest sh*t stirrer in the house and I see it only getting better for the viewers if he stays.

Blue Velvet

Lmfao @ the O.J./Devin

Blue Velvet

Frankie is becoming more annoying with each passing day


Frankie more annoying (I did NOT know he was 31, i thought max 25), and Zach, less annoying. As a pair they are an odd couple.

Butters Mom

I thought of Devin and OJ as well haha

Butters Mom

If there is a showmance this season I hope its Nicole and Hayden and I hope they really fall for each other… I know both have said they aren’t each others types for specific reasons but life goals can change if you meet the right person and these 2 are really cute. I just hope they can pull it off smart and not mess up their games. Caleb is creepy and Amber needs to avoid him as much as possible.. who wears a womans dress around their neck like a scarf??? I think Caleb needed his mom more growing up than what he got … he is so needy for female attention.


Is Frankie eligible to play in the next HOH competition? I mean he was an HOH briefly this week.

King Silva

I’d like to know that as well!

Also if one of the HOH’s nominees win the Battle of the Block challenge are they immune from being eliminated that week? I mean could the now sole HOH, who didn’t nominate them, backdoor one of them if the Veto is used on one of the sole HOH’s current nominees?


I am curious as to whether the dethroned HOH can play in the following week’s HOH too?? It seems like they should be able to since any power or advantage they held was null and void, including their own immunity from the block (since they can get put up as a nominee once dethroned).

From what I understand the nominees who win the battle of the block and become safe canNOT be put up as replacement nominees if veto is used.


These people haven’t been in the house a full week and Caleb acts like he’s in love with Amber… Did I miss something along the way in the form of conversations and interactions between the two that made Caleb fall in love so quickly?? Please… This group are all very young and apparently haven’t watched as much BB in the past to have learned much!! I also didn’t realize until last nights episode on how Amber an Christine got brought into the bomb squad… WTF Devin? Is he an idiot?? Bipolar my ass… This dude is pure psycho!!! His own alliance is gonna boot his butt right out da door!! Why is it that every season there’s at least one Caleb type who wants to run the show and the HG follow like puppies…and afraid to give them the boot? I’d have him on my radar as first to get rid of if given the chance. I think producers like him a lot as the gave him lots of ore show build up!


uggghhh how pathetic is caleb, i can’t listen anymore. He loses his last girlfriend to man who makes more money (sorry, kinda weak and sad), is actively planning a life with a girl who don’t want him and never will (who he met and fell “in love” with in five minutes), preparing to bring her to “his momma” as if that is some achievement for her (nothing less attractive than a momma’s boy, no woman wants to have to impress someone’s momma), and wants a woman who is “a angel” (ummm is this 1952?). He says he is picky, which I believe he is, but he really shouldn’t be, bc he doesn’t offer much more than a simple boring life and he is not a catch. Maybe he doesn’t get it bc he is young but relationships are not a series of checklists – and good thing bc if they were, he wouldn’t fill a single box. Plus, he thinks he is deep bc he likes Amber bc she reads the bible, but he is just overbearingly superficial bc he wouldn’t like her if she were ugly. period.


The guys are certainly winding Caleb up to be rejected by Amber. I feel bad for Amber, this could really mess up her game, if she has one. Too early to tell. But I would feel creeped out living in the house with a stalker. We’ve had stalkers before, but they are always girls, GM and Nurse Batshit, but a guy stalker who has seen combat and likes to hunt is scary.
As for Devin, he is making himself a huge target. He thinks he is so sneaky and suave, but I don’t think he is fooling anyone. Doesn’t he see that he outed his bros to Amber and Christine and that if they are semi intelligent they will never trust him again with sensitive information? Doesn’t he see that Christine is a superfan, and that anyone in her place would accept his invitation to be in the alliance, but would never really trust a guy that would out his alliance without consulting first? I hope Joey makes some drama before she leaves. It looks like the guys are content to let Devin think he is running things for now and use him as a shield. If Caleb and Devin are melting down, nobody will be thinking about Frankie, Zack, Derrick or Cody as a threat.


Yes! Hayden/Nicole getting out Derrick would be great. It would teach him not to talk smack about Frankie.


I really got a bad vibe from Caleb the first time I saw him in his interview. There is just something about him. I think he is a ticking time bomb and he will blow before the season is over!