Caleb wants it to be a House Decision tells Joey “Just prepare yourself that is all I have to say””

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)


BB16-2014-06-27 16-42-56-931

4:42pm Lounge Amber and Caleb

Caleb ask her if Donny had not won what would she have done.

Amber knows the guys wanted to send Donny home. Caleb thinks getting rid of Donny was the best decision. Amber – “You all think it’s the best decision because you think he’s someone different than what he appears”. They point out Donny won the POV and it was a spelling one, Caleb thinks he’s smarter and is hiding it. Amber wants to know what he’s going to do now that Donny has the POV.

Caleb doesn’t know asks her who she wants. Amber says if it’s a guy he should put up Hayden, if it’s a girl he should put up Joey. Amber brings up Joey trying to build a girls alliance early in the game. Amber is a bit worried Joey will put her up next week if she wins HOH. Caleb- “Because she’s jealous” Amber says Caleb has a really good reason to put Joey up because she tried to make a girls alliance it’s the better choice.

Amber — “Do you see where I’m coming from”

Caleb – “I sure do.. if it’s POW POW and Joey you are voting out Joey, right?”

Amber – “right”

They agree POW POW is not a threat in the game. Amber – “The only people she trusts are me and Jocasta” Caleb mentions how poor POW POW has done in the competitions. He doesn’t see her as a competition or Social threat. Amber wants him to know she will stand by whatever decision the head of household makes.

Caleb – “I’m going to go with a house vote… Someone today told me to put Devin up.. ya right.. I’m not stupid I’m not going to put him up”

Caleb says Brittany likes all the girls in the house and is trying to him to put up Devin, Brittany doesn’t care for Devin anymore.

Frankie joins them, They start talking about Devin arguing with Christine last night and Cody the night before. Amber leaves. Frankie – “Brittany wants to play” they discuss how Brittany wants Devin gone.


BB16-2014-06-27 16-55-21-207


4:55pm CAm 1 Hayden and Nicole

Hayden thinks Joey is going up. Nicole says if she goes up against POW POW she’s confident the votes will be on her side. hayden doesn’t think she should worry about it. She starts going through the votes. She’s worried about Victoria because she’s so easily manipulated. She is are worried Caleb will be able to control her vote.

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BB16-2014-06-27 16-59-07-816


4:58pm Caleb and Cody

Caleb says he’s putting up Joey. He’s trying to convince the house that it’s their decision to send her home. He’s adamant Joey will go home.

BB16-2014-06-27 17-00-41-023


5:00pm Caleb and Hayden

Caleb asks Hayden who should go up “I have to pick somebody”

Caleb – “I’m just going with house vote I don’t know”

Hayden is having trouble finding out who to trust and who not to trust. There a few people that don’t rub him the right way but nothing major. Caleb feels the same way.

Caleb – “The majority of this house doesn’t want you to leave.. There was one person that brought up putting Hayden up with POW POW because no one will vote Hayden out”

Caleb says he’s been hearing a lot of people wanting Joey out because she tried to start the girls alliance and “Who knows might still have girl alliance”

Hayden – “I think if you put up Joey she will go home”

Caleb agrees says he has  good reason to put her up.


BB16-2014-06-27 17-04-21-357


5:04pm Lounge Victoria and Frankie

Crying about people thinking she’s ugly. When she was young she had long hair but as she got older it started to fall out. This is why she wears hair extensions.


BB16-2014-06-27 17-11-13-777


5:10pm Lounge Joey and Caleb

Caleb says whoever is going up is a house decision he’s asking everyone in the house and the person with the most votes to go up will go up. Joey says she understands calls it a democracy.

Caleb – “I’ve talked to Brittany , Amber.. everyone.. right now it’s not about the biggest threat”

Joey – “Ya someone has to go home”

Caleb – “Just prepare yourself that is all I have to say” Caleb thinks she made a mistake telling everyone about the girls alliance that collapsed earlier in the week.

He gets the point across that he “It’s a house decision” Joey hugs him and says if it goes down with her going up she will not hold it against him.


BB16-2014-06-27 17-24-17-180


5:20pm Lounge Frankie and Caleb

Caleb says he’s going to tell Amber he likes her tonight.


BB16-2014-06-27 17-23-36-117


5:25pm Jocasta and Joey

Joey crying says she made a big mistake early in the game and now she’s thinking she’s going up.They start talking about missing their family. Joey wouldn’t be able to be on the show if she had children. Jocasta hint that her family is having tough financial times and you have to take a opportunity if it presents itself.

BB16-2014-06-27 17-34-49-044

5:34pm Devin and Caleb

Devin – “hey man what you thinking.. what you thinkin man” Caleb says he’s trying to make everyone think it’s a house vote BUT  “By the end of the day it’s whatever the me and my alliance wants”

Caleb – “I’ve hear a lot of POW POW’s and a lot of Joey’s “ Devin thinks Joey should be the one going home.

BB16-2014-06-27 17-39-02-153


5:38pm Frankie Tells Christine the plan is to Backd**r Joey
BB16-2014-06-27 17-47-21-405


5:46pm Caleb and Frankie

Caleb getting ready to tell Amber he likes her. He’s going over what we’ll say to her. They agree telling Joey she’s going to be the replacement nominee before the POV Ceremony is the best course of action.



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just as i suspected, caleb says it’s a “house decision”, but he’s already made up his mind to put joey up…bummer. does he think he can convince others it was their decision when it wasn’t? if the other hg compare notes, there could be backlash on caleb – and it’s not a necessary risk.

note to frankie: since caleb already warned joey (and joey said she understood), it’s not really a “backdoor”.


I already hate Caleb, ugh i swear if everyone does what he wants ill be so pissed. Please don’t let this be another season of ” Its what the house wants”


EXACTLY!!! As I am reading this I am getting upset because I’m hoping it’s not gonna be another season of “what the house wants”…but then again, it’s the first nomination and Caleb is getting a feel for what people will do. I’m not sure if I like him or not, since it’s still early in the game…but we will see.


It’s usually that the first couple of weeks, they usually do a house majority not to make big waves early. Once there are less and less people decisions will become more ballsy and selfish.


I hope so. I also think it is too early to get all uptight about whether or not someone made a first day alliance. it is too soon for alliances anyway, let alone to take them seriously enough to use it as a ‘oh, boy, that joey, she’s dangerous, she came up with the idea of girls alliance, watch out”. like no one else in the room objected, and of course no one else in the room had to agree, but instead they came up with a name they agreed on (actually Pow Pow came up with the name, so why isn’t she being held up as the ring leader?

and why didn’t Frankie choose less able nominations, so they could have LOST and he’d be HOH right now lol


Thanks for another season Simon & Dawg and your site updates look awesome well done


Yes! Yes! I found your website last season and am glad I found you again this year…wasn’t sure at first, but recognized the name ‘Simon & Dawg’ and knew it was you…HaHa…looking forward to an exciting season, so keep up the great job!


you guys should change the poll now to ‘who do you want to go home’

‘what do you think of the new twist’


‘who do you think will win bb16’

anything else but that one lol


Love Joey, but that’s a silly move to out your own “alliance”. Houseguests will find the most minuscule reasons to nominate someone, especially in the first few weeks and you can’t just shoot yourself in the foot like that, especially so carelessly. Sucks that her one mistake is probably going to get her evicted. Rookie mistake.


Oh dear Jesus….. 8 person alliance ughhhhh
I’m rooting for Donny, Hayden, Nicole, etc. (not in this insane alliance) because they may not have any clue what is going on or how to play but by default I like them. Have these people ever watched BB lol????

Devin … Just go bro please just go.
Caleb…. As the 1st HoH at least put yourself In a position for flexibility in the upcoming weeks
Frankie… I think you have potential
For the rest of the alliance you should know you are on BB and play like it.

I said it before and I feel more justified than ever in saying these people have never seen BB and it shows. If I was in the house I don’t know how I would play because I am not sure any of these people know BB well enough to align with.

F*** it #fearDaBeard

Butters Mom

Why does Devin think he’s in control? That guy is so full of himself… If they were smart they would listen to Brittany and back door him now.

Jody H

I dislike Caleb as well. Hopefully he won’t last.


The young kids want to get rid of old Donny? Colour me effin shocked..

And curse of the Saboteur lol American’s first player is going home lol

ps:I missed you guys.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I think the word “vile” will be used a lot again this season. So I will go first. Caleb is VILE…

Jody H

I posted this in the last update. But no one else is posting in it. So I was wondering what people thought:

Ok! So it looks like they are going to backdoor Joey! Unless Big Brother interferes, she looks like she is going home! Since America’s players are a team that did not get a chance to even get off the ground, if she goes, do you think they will replace her so it has a chance to do anything? It just seems every time there is something like this America’s choice always seems to be the first target. I am happy Donny is safe. I really like him. I think I COULD like Frankie, but he needs to be taken down a peg or two. He is WAY too comfortable and not worried!!

I would like to see Donny, Brittany, Derrick and Nicole to do well. I think I like Jocasta, not sure.
I really do not like Zach or Caleb. Pow Pow is starting to get on my nerves. Devin is iffy. I am withholding judgment on the others till I see more.


i think they are waiting so long to let us know who the members are of the secret alliance that half of whoever were first choice will be voted out before it is revealed. It is like one more thing in a season that already has enough things, it is becoming forgettable.


I have the exact same likes and dislikes with the HGs as you. I’d really like to see Brittany do well for the girls and Donny, Derrick, Hayden and Frankie doing well for the boys. Except…they’re likely the least dramatic and therefore, not as entertaining, so there’s that. The rest I’m either ambivalent about, or really dislike: Caleb, Zach

Jody H

Yeah it would be nice to see someone get ahead on their own steam. Without interference!


Thanks for this wonderful website!

My favorites so far are Donny & Frankie. I am glad that Joey is going to be backdoored. Even thought I am not a big fan of Devin I just hope that the weak people won’t get him out until Brittany & Victoria leave.


I want to see Joey leave just to see what happens b/c of the “Team America” thing, haha.

Suzy SunShyne

I think Devin is mighty full of himself and it;s sad Joey’s going up, when clearly he deserves it. I mean if you can’t hold it together in the first week! Why keep a loose cannon around? I am already sick of the love sick puppy Caleb! I mean is this Love Connection or Big Brother!?


Shoutout to Simon and Dawg for doing this for us for another season. This is my third season using this AWESOME site and I’m really excited!!! Thanks so much guys, we definitely appreciate all your hard work.

give me a break

Caleb….” hey guys Amber pour me a glass of water…she’s into me man”……..this guy see’s sign everywhere…


Regardless of anyone people may not like,this cast is already a heck of a lot better than last season ..I have to see a little more before I decide who I’m rooting for and who are like nails on a chalkboard!! But I kinda already love Amber ,Joey Donny & Cody!

Jimmy 64

Hey Simon or Dawg is there any way you can get Caleb
To put up Zach ? You can make it happen!!!


Caleb is pure muscles and no brain
Zach is a bad imitation of dan
And it’s sad that a person like Joey goes out

Delilah Jones

Simon, and Dawg ~ Great job on the website!
I just have to say that after watching all of the house guests’ interviews before the season started, I really liked Devin. After watching the feeds last night, and a little bit tonight, I am not a fan… I did not think I would like Zach, but I am a fan!
I also did not think I would like Frankie, but I now find him quite endearing.
I am quite happy that Donny won POV, but am not thrilled that Joey may go home.
I am thrilled that BB16 has begun! I think it is going to be a great season, despite the fact that over half the cast was “cast”.. But, I guess one does not have to be a “super fan” in order to play a great game. Jon from BBCAN2 is proof of that.


Don’t have the feeds…so I don’t know the dynamics yet…but based on what Simon has posted so far: not a shocker that Caleb would put up Joey…since that is who Amber wants up and out. Then he thinks he will convince the house it was their decision, but will tell Amber privately that he did it for her. (rolls eyes)


What happen Caleb? You suppose to be a beast of big brother and now you screw of who is a replacement!!!

Diane E.

This is a very immature cast! Caleb fretting when and how to tell Amber he likes her?? PLEASE!!! How about if he asks her if she will “go with him!” LOL!! Give me a break from this high school shit, please, Grodner!! They need to get that loose cannon, bipolar, manic depressive Devin up and out and if they can’t see it they are dumb as rocks!! I suppose we are stuck with another season of “what the house wants.” In reality they should say “its what the HOH wants for his love crush Amber!’ Its getting old and tired! seems as if only a few of them really know how the game is played so once again casting was based on having pretty faces devoid of any brains! It