Caleb “The girls on twitter are saying she’s stupid.. No more Flirting no more Floaters”


POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

BB16-2014-07-01 20-23-59-067

8:19pm Rock room POWPOW, Victoria, Cody, Zach and Nicole chit chatting..
Zach and Victoria talking about living in a gated community and how theres security to go through to get to their houses. Zach asks Nicole about last night when her and Hayden were having “A serious conversation” in the beehive. Nicole says it was nothing but it sucks. Nicole asks them who gives good back rubs. They all say hayden, She asks if there is anyone else. POWPOW – “you guys broke up already” Nicole – “We’re not together.. we just don’t talk.. “. Zach asks her if they broke up. Nicole just says it was nothing “it’s nothing bad but nothing good either”  (they are together but agreed last night   to keep it on the Downlow)
Victoria and Cody leave and Zach starts to tickle POWPOW. (POWPOW laughing is worth a flashback)
POWPOW – “it’s the most action I’ve gotten in here.”
Zach – “that was amazing”
Frankie – “that was the most action i’ve gotten in here”
Zach says once he started he couldn’t stop it was so much fun
Zach Tickles POWPOW
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Pretty quiet in the backyard

BB16-2014-07-01 21-00-14-664
9:00pm Nicole and Cody playing pool against Amber and Zach
Nicole says her hometown has only 841 people
Zach – “there’s that many on my street”

BB16-2014-07-01 21-08-50-433
9:08pm Hammock Frankie, POWPOW, Caleb and Brittany . Caleb says he’s reading a bit trying to clear his mind. Mostly chit chat.
Brittany gets up and leaves.
Caleb – “For a mom she’s got a cute body three kids with no stretch marks”
They all go on about how beautiful Brittany is.
Caleb – “Come day 90 you’re going to be pretty sexy to me Frankie”
POWPOW asks does that mean theres going to be no girls.
Caleb says you can only look after people for so long then they have to fight for themselves he doesn’t mind taking someone far into the game but eventually he’s going to have to put them down.
Caleb – “My mind is right I’m so much more on track I’m focused on game.. I want to play my game and go home”
Caleb – “People are going to have a rude awaking in here”
POWPOW asks what
Caleb – “You’ll see”
Frankie – “nothing to worry about just in general right.. “
ALEX is back “Your pants don’t fit over my big bulge.. I’m packing some heat”
Alex walks up to them and starts playing her character with Frankie
After a bit of time She leaves. Caleb doesn’t laugh and is short with her. POWPOW and Frankie have a good time with Alex.
After Alex leaves
POWPOW- “I’ve never seen anything like that before”
Frankie same and coming from me that means something”

9:27pm Most the house is in the backyard being terrorized by Alex

Alex to Victoria. – “I like to hang out with ladies I hang out with a lot of ladies”. Feeds cut and when they come back Joey is changing out of Alex.

BB16-2014-07-01 21-45-41-793

9:45pm Hammock Caleb and Frankie
Of course the conversation is on Amber.
Caleb – “I’m not going to talk to her at all.. at all”
Caleb – “She still can be in our alliance”
Frankie says Caleb is not liar and not a fake person
Frankie mentions that Amber is moving through people because she use to be BFF with him, Caleb, Devin and now Hayden, “She’s working”
Caleb – “She worked herself into a 8 person alliance that is strong”
Hayden joins them “What’s your thoughts”
Caleb – “game town.. No more flirting no more Floaters”
hayden says he’s completely cut himself off from Nicole
Caleb – “I’m cutting myself off from Amber”
Hayden explain he told Nicole he’ll maybe date her after but he came here to play the game not get a showmance.
Caleb tells Hayden he’s doner being sweet to AMber
Caleb – “I have too many thousand of girls that want to meet me”
they agree next week 4 floaters will be up on the block.
Hayden – “I want it to be just competitors”
Frank – “me too.. it;’s all people that understand why they are here.. enough of this I didn’t realize this would be difficult”
Hayden and Frankie bring up Amber wanting to leave because she couldn’t take the game.
Caleb – “Well she started her menstrual cycle to so all the girls are… ”
Frankie about Jocasta “She a classic floater… classic classic classic”
Caleb – “Taken people through prayer is all she’s done”
They start bashing last years cast calling the final 4 floaters. Hayden says Andy wasn’t even on the show. Frankie wants this season to be the opposite of last year, “We want people that play this game”
These guys think they are heads and shoulders above the girls in abilities especially competitions, Hayden says if any guy is in the battle of the block they will win it. “If I go up I get two chances to win”
Caleb – “Mister country boy flirty boy is gone.. game time”
Hayden – “Dude all the girls love Cody”
Frankie – “Cody and zach are going to be walking around with their d!cks out the whole time”

10:04pm Hammock Frankie and Caleb 

Caleb saying that during elimination night in front of the entire world he’ll have a speech prepared and he’s going to tell Amber what he thinks, “For that girl to say that stuff about me she has no idea who I am.. The girls on twitter are saying she’s stupid.. hopefully.. fingers crossed”

10:06pm FireRoom Jocasta, Amber, Victoria and POWPOW 

Joey used Victoria’s skirt and swimsuit and now it’s all stretched out and dirty.
Jocasta – “wait a minute you let her wear your skirt she’s got a booty and hips”
Victoria is pissed
10:20pm HOH Devin and Caleb
Caleb says he was sitting out in the hammock for 30 minutes and not once did Amber coem up to him and ask him how he was doing.
Caleb says when he first got here he thought they put her in here for him and he was in here for her but now after what he’s seen he doesn’t think that. Devine says he’s thinking about it too hard, “You can do better I’m not into her so you don’t have to trip”

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BB16-2014-07-01 22-26-32-579

Not much going on random chit chaterer

BB16-2014-07-01 22-34-13-713

10:34pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb – “No more female stuff No more Flirting.. no more nothing for me”
Derrick – “I got ya its a game you gotta work”
Caleb – “me and sweetie pie no more ice cream no more dishes no more cooking for her.. none of that stuff”
Derrick – “We just got to win that’s all that matters”
Caleb bring sup Amber Saying he was only concerned about himself. Zach and Hayden join them. Caleb tells them about Victoria asking for him to come out and hang out with everyone. Apparently Caleb is starting to notice Victoria has been watching him.
Caleb going on and on about not wanting to mbe with any of the girls “I’m tough and rough.. I’m ready to get on the combine and run these people over”

Victoria joins them.

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Day Yum Yum

I cannot believe the meathead Caleb is still going on and on about Amber! This is beyond insane! He is really bitter and is close to losing it completely. I can’t see him going on much longer without blowing up at her in front of all the HG’s and possiblyon the live show in front of all of Ame


Caleb strikes me as the sort of guy who would hunt a girl down to surrender, cage her like an animal and then control everything in her life. She wouldn’t be able to have her own friends, or go out and do things on her own, or have any kind of life independent of himself. The way he has difficulty sharing his thoughts and feelings, his silence does not denote strength. Rather the opposite. He seems to be weak and insecure about who he is as a person and clueless about how to attract women. Not much endearing about his personality or his behavior.

Amanda's dog Woofy

10 years from now , Caleb will BE LEADING the Kentucky cops around in the woods looking for the OTHER bodies. They will allow him to carry his Bible. “I always prayed with them before I sent them to Jesus.” The neighbors will say he kept to himself, seemed like a nice guy.


I actually think Caleb is the type of guy that needs to talk himself out of situations… kind of like a purge. The more he talks, the more he listens to himself talk, the more he convinces himself & the faster he copes. I’m fine with that, whatever floats his boat, but why did he have to whine to EVERYONE though?!?! At some point, one needs to keep one’s emotions in check… and rant in the confessionals ONLY. It is a game after all. I wholeheartedly wish him to get over it. Unhealthy.

And Devin… boy oh boy! What a display of bad moves. His own brain can’t even cope with the game he thought he wanted to play. Sad to see.


that’s a good point. he did that before working up the nerve to speak to her directly, now he is working himself up to distance himself from what he did before. on the other hand, some guys can’t take rejection of any kind.

Day Yum Yum

BTW-how does Caleb know what is being said on twitter? When he


Caleb seriously needs to get off of Amber’s jock, like NOW, if he expects to survive in this game. How does he not see that all this pissing and moaning is worrying his alliance partners?


And by the way I don’t care what anyone says but Zach is 100% gay


So what if he is? Who cares


Nichole for the $500Gs…hoping. The rest SUCK!!!!


I’m concerned that Caleb may be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome after too much time at war. My heart goes out to him, but it may have been too soon to take on another kind of stress (albeit not comparable to what he must have experienced in Iraq).

calebs alter ego buffalo bob

he was a military cop from what he says and it sounds like he was name called over there by prisoners… if thats the case grade school must of been a bitch… stop making excuses ppl for his creepy behaviour. he’s probably gonna have a speech for her that go’s like this…”it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again” and she will be screamin for him to let her out of the pit he dug in the back yard. then he’ll yell put the fuckin lotion on n love me. then derrick will tell swat to take the shot and it will all be on tv.


With all this nonsense, all I can think is Team Donny :).


Ugh…I can’t keep up this season. I usually do ok without the feeds, but these people are friggin’ nuts! The alliances change every time someone farts in there. Multiple people are already convinced they are in the final four. People are already screaming for floater’s heads…and there hasn’t even been enough time, competitions…hell, they haven’t even voted ONCE yet…to determine who is actually floating. Just because you weren’t chosen to be in some dumbf*** 8-person alliance, doesn’t mean you are a floater if you aren’t in the dumbf*** alliance. And as far as Caleb’s fatal attraction towards Amber…I suspect he is about to get a dose of his own crazy when Victoria starts pulling her own stalking on him. We will soon see her using his boxers as a hair scarf…


Yes! It’s crazy how hard & fast people are playing this year, thinking they are just cruising to the final four & they got this sh!t on lock down.

No Showmances

I love when Caleb says he’s over Amber, but all he does is talk about her.


Are there no smokers this year? I just remember previous seasons, seeing all these people puff it up & bum cigs off each other, but this year? No one? Know a couple chew.


Anyone else think Cody & Nicole will hook up?


Does Caleb and/or Frankie get to play in the upcoming Head of Household competition? Caleb makes it sound like he’s going to win again, but in previous seasons, the current Head of Household usually sits out, but this with Battle of the Block twist, not sure what the rules are now?


Since Frankie was dethroned, he might (only fair since he could potentially be nominated). Honestly the HG do not sound sure. I’m pretty sure Caleb cannot.


The winning HOH after the BotB (ie Caleb) cannot compete for HOH the next week but the losing HOH (Frankie, in this case) can, because he ended up having no power when he was defeated by Caleb.


I’m 100% sure Frankie and Zach are going to hook up (and might already have) but I see a few others Frankie has a shot with…..these guys they picked are all over the place and I love it lol

Rhinestone Silversmith

Yes! Please! Want someone to hook-up in this house. Zach acts very “free” for being a straight male. All the straight men I am around are not comfortable enough to act the way he does.


Maybe because he’scomfortablea with his sexuality and he knows he’s 100% straight or either he’s bi.


They are certainly a cuddly and gay-friendly bunch. Cute.


ok he will not he is playing with him to get some where in the game.look Fanky has not been on the block yet

Rhinestone Silversmith

“Alex” makes me so uncomfortable. Watching “him” on After Dark is so painful. Joey has officially gone off the deep end. Cannot wait for her to leave.

amandas cooch smells like onions

Sorry but who is “Alex?” I missed something cuz I know there is no house guest with that name….


Joey dressed as a boy and called her self Alex



Biff Tannen

OMG where’s Willie? Super boring group so far.

Jimmy 64

I think Caleb is a male scorned so Amber don’t like you
BIG DEAL move on you putz . I hope Nicole and. Brittnay win
The next HOH. Who do you people want to see win HOH ?


Brittany and Pow Pow are the only ones likely to put up 2 strong guys each, maybe Victoria but Frankie would probably talk her out of it, and who knows what Jocasta would do. So far she is more invisible than Jen City. Perhaps Donny if they clue him in about Devin.


I totally agree. I think Caleb came on BB way to soon and didn’t give himself some down time to recover(if you will) from what he just experienced. To be in a house that has lying backstabbing and alliance flipping, it must be a lot to take in even if he knew what he was getting into.

Powpow laughing was hilarious!


Amber better wake up and do whatever she can to get Caleb out of the house fast. He put her in a no win situation. If she said she liked him “That way” psycho stalker would be in full force and house would have to break them up. Since she’s told him she doesn’t like him “That way” he’s still obsessed but has now turned on her. As long as Caleb is in the house she has no game.

The sad part of this season is if the girls would ban together they could derail all the plans the guys are making. They haven’t even had the first vote and they’ve given up all their power. Pathetic!

Day Yum Yum

#2-Oh boy last night on BBAD, Caleb was eyeing Brittany up and commenting on how hot she is and he could really get into her, blah, blah, blah…UGH!! NOOO PLEASE!! Not round number 2 with Brittany now!! I can’t bear anymore of this with him! It is so friggin ridiculous and sickening!! I was nauseated when I saw him eyeballing her while she was shooting pool, then he made the comments! Maybe Jocasta can perform an exorcism on this nutball!


I have to say the one person rom the bomb squad I like is Derrick. i think he is playing smart. He seems to be a good listener to anyone in his alliance even if they are driving him mad. Also he is staying low and not to involved in the drama.


These people need an in house Big Brother therapist or something. Got a bunch of wackadoodles this year. Caleb has become so pathetic over Amber its disappointing…(stabs eyes with spork) cant watch this crap anymore