Big Brother 16 Spoilers POV Results “Victoria/Brittany who you sending home”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-05 20-45-43-402

8:49pm Have nots Derrick and Zach.
Derrick says it was between them and Devin the entire time.

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BB16-2014-07-05 20-44-00-991

8:43pm Beehive Amber and POWPOW
POWPOW saying Victoria is really rude. She going to try to get Devin to put Victoria up

BB16-2014-07-05 20-53-04-399

8:52pm HOH Devin and Frankie
Devin is going to talk to everyone tonight he’s not sure if he should take out Brittany or Victoria.
Frankie want Brittany gone over Victoria. Devin says his gut is saying get rid of Brittany. “my gut is saying an enemy will work harder for you to show you they are loyal and a friend will get jealous and turn against you” Frankie – “If yo make a deal with Brittany she will honour” Frankie tells him all the girls will vote out Victoria they all hate her.

Zach knocks on the HOH door. Devin says he’s not going to let Zach in “He wants to use the shower.. this isn’t the shower room I got sh1t to think about”
Frankie runs into the bathroom.
Zach comes in says congratulations.
Devin says he’s asking everyone “Pow or Brittany who is he voting out”
Zach – “Doesn’t matter to me”
Devin – “Victoria and Brittany who you voting out”
Zach – Victoria
Zach – I feel like you are pissed at me
Devin – I don’t trust you
Zach – can we talk it out
Devin – No i got things to do

Devin – POW Brittany
Whatever bro
Devin Victoria or Brittany
Cody – Victoria .. Are you pulling POW off
Devin – If I pull POW off I’m going to have to put Victoria up

Devin – POW or Brittany
Caleb – Brittany
Devin – Victoria Brittany .. Makes it tougher right
Caleb – makes it tougher
Devin says he’s going to have to go back on his word with POWPOW.

Brittany comes in

BB16-2014-07-05 21-08-10-696

9:08pm Bathroom Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
Derrick says he’s heard Devin wants to take Brittnay off the block and put Victoria up. Frankie says he’s trying to get Devin to not use the veto. Frankie – “He’s thinkin an enemy is better competitor than your friend”
Caleb says Devin shouldn’t go against what his alliance wants.
POWPOW rolls in

BB16-2014-07-05 21-13-43-829

9:14pm Storage room Caleb and Amber
Caleb says he wants Brittany gone. sounds like Amber wants Brittany to stay caleb is worried Devin is going to use the veto on Brittany.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-07-26-385

Brittany then joins them and Cody and Caleb leave. Brittany starts talking to him by asking him not to talk to her the same way he did the other night. Brittany brings how he referred to her as a cow during the battle of the block competition. Devin denies it and says that he never did that. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Devin says oh my goodness you are so blind you can’t see straight. Devin says I never said look at the cows Brittany’s on tv. I never said that! Brittany says okay well I’m sorry about that. Devin tells her that during the HOH competition all his Frisbees were directed at her. Brittany says I need to stop being so honest and get into game mode.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-05-26-273

In the havenot room – Victoria is crying and Hayden and Nicole are consoling her. She is deathly afraid that Devin will actually kill her. Hayden and Nicole tell her that he wouldn’t do that. Victoria says you don’t know that, you’re not in his head. Victoria asks who puts a person on slop two weeks in a row. Victoria says that his stares are so scary.. like he could take a knife and just stab you! Victoria says that she is going to go to sleep because her head is exploding.

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i hate it when POWPOW tries to barge in on a conversation stfu


Oh ya, I smell rat behavior. Remember, her social game is in ‘beast mode’ lol.


Beast mode is reserved for our esteemed Seattle Seahawks! PowPow is as far from beast mode as you can get! She has no game at all…not even a rat game!


Welp, I hope Devin has a social gameplay ready. Because he’s going to piss people off if he uses that veto. Unless he plans to win every competition from now on, which I doubt will happen.


Nevermind. He’s talking about using it on brittany! Not sure how serious he is though. He may change his mind by Monday.


I guarantee you he’ll change his multiple states of mind by Monday! Devin is a hot mess and if he didn’t spew out every slight thought in his tiny little head he might be fun to watch self destruct! Found it interesting when Frankie told Victoria that the next HOH is going to backdoor Devin tonight! That should be fun to watch!


For Devin would be a waste of HOH getting ride of Britanny or Victoria.
Too bad he is not smart enough to see that Caleb,COdy,Derrick, Zack are after him.. he should put up one of those out and work on the other to vote of these out

Or I wish he would the veto on either PowPow or Britanny, and then put Hayden up, and Hayden would go home

Roisen Dubh

Devin, take pow off the block, he now knows he’s a target, so he might as well use HOH wisely and get rid of Britt. He should put Derrick or Cody up. Jam the house up. He’s at his Thelma and Louise moment. Victoria just joined the “he’s gonna hurt me physically” crowd and you might as well use that stupid excuse not to put her up and let the rest of the house hate on her for saying something that stupid. That would put Zach into overdrive to get rid of her and you’ll be safe for at least another week. Use your brain dummy and use their words to slip out of this one.


Nice gif.


Devin is an arrogant, egotistical, bi-polar, psychopath. He has no clue, no people skills, and a scrammble box for a brain. I can’t stand listening to him rant his non-sense.


Devin needs professional help!


Dude’s winning comps though. Thankfully, even more reason to get him out next week.


Just watching Devin makes me feel snakey, I can’t imagine being trapped in a house with him lol. He is way too intense!


Looks like entitled victoria needs some sympathy because shes a have not. Like as if Devin is going to kill her.


I know people are getting sick of the Devin hate, but watching his latest convo with Brittany was cringe worthy. He was so condescending and got extremely defensive with everything she said and then was very aggressive towards her. Really hope Brittany can stay without having to make a deal with Devin because he is just awful.


The convo between Devin & Brittany was Devin at his finest – convoluted, tangled, hypocritical and self-involved. But I was quite impressed at how well Brittany handled herself – steady, direct, rational, focused and calm. She did really well at playing the game on her terms without being manipulated by anyone else in the house. Well done Brittany! You showed guts, girl!


There must be a lot of comments lol.


Very interesting! Well, as much as i can’t stand Devin, he IS playing the game! I would evict Brittney over Victoria because she’s the bigger threat to the bs…powpow is playing smart tho..i think she’s playing them all by pretending she can’t compete in anything! Will see how this plays out..she needs to go soon then Victoria. ..may change my mind tomorrow lol.


Devil playing a smart game?
Well if he was smart we would already found out that his own alliance is after him. And if he was smart he would try to get out one of the guys Cody, Derrick or Zack.

Dan's Mist

1st off, has everybody noticed there’s no smokers in the house this year ?? Of course you have cuz if you’re on this site you’re big time fans !! Just an observation. Thanks Simon & Dawg for another year of top shelf coverage. Anyway, I’m curious when the bomb squad of 8 will fracture. Certainly b4 they are the final 8 they will fracture into 2 or 3 groups. Kind of like they do on Survivor. I miss BBAD on Showtime (no commercials), which meant no freaking Sorrentino’s promos every 10 minutes !! LOL. Didn’t like the “Snitchuation” when he was a partier, can’t possibly enjoy him sober can I ?? Anyway, I enjoy everybody’s comments whether I agree or disagree. This is what is great about “social media”. I’m from Tucson but can’t figure out if I want Christine (who is from Tucson) to win or not, but I do enjoy when her, Zach & Cody are together and joke around & laugh.
Cheers !!


Yeah, now they won’t go into nicotine withdrawals and make stupid deals. lol Also, this group isn’t into alcohol the way last season’s house guests were. But I do wish the house guests wouldn’t eat with their mikes so close to their mouths. All I hear is the scraping of their spoons against the yogurt cups. Very


Why. Why did Devin have to win POV. As if his ego wasn’t big enough already. Hopefully whoever his target is (Brittany I think) stays.

watched every season but 5

i hope devin scares victoria till she faints and self evicts


Victoria and Britanny are the only 2 that will go after Devil.

All the guys keeps saying they want him out, but the true is they will all be scare to put him up..

Which means Devil will stick around for a while


LOL at Victoria for going from being on slop two weeks in a row to being stabbed. Drama queen.


Really? He is going to kill you? These females in this house is so freaking stupid. He is an a**hole, but they are acting like this dude is a serial killer. He is really going to kill you with all these cameras, production team, and security around? I really find that hard to believe. You couldn’t possibly think you would come in the bb house and everyone would be playing patty cake for three months? It is a game, a game where people lie, yell, be a a**hole and whatever else they can do to win the money. Stop the dramatics, put on your big girl panties, tell Devin to kiss your a**, and play this damn game!


You are very right. The way the girls talk about Devin possibly killing them is annoying. Yes he is loud and can be intimidating but he has not physically touched any of them. They just want him out because he is a threat and maybe arrogant. That’s why they keep saying ‘I’m scared’…. The girls are just being over dramatic. At least Devin still smiles and laughs. Unlike Caleb. He scares the $hit out of me even though I’m not in the house. He never smiles unless he is with Amber and he feels like he is the landlord and the boss and expects everyone to follow his orders. And why do they keep borrowing people’s clothes? It’s disgusting. They should try borrowing some of my Donny’s clothes. Lol. I love Donny.


You never know… Devin is just trying to get famous. And for somebody like this he could do anything just to get 15 minutes

The Truth

Oh the melodrama! Is this Days of our Lives of Big Brother.


Victoria needs to quit crying, Devin needs to quit talking,someone needs to clean up that house!, and everyone needs to take a page from the social game of Donny! My top three players who might go the distance are: Frankie, Christine, and Derrick…but if Donny can stay non-threatening, he might make it to the end!


Is Donny still in the house?

I guess he will just float


I’m really disgusted by these so called “saints” in the house. Really Victoria–you’re somehow the victim to serial killer Devin??? All because you landed on slop for 2 weeks!??

A smart person would of realized that maybe being put on slop for 2 weeks over other HGs has more to do with alliances and friendships made than pure hate. Why would Devin risked causing rifts by putting his “alliance” on slop.

This Devin hate is unreal. I wasn’t a fan of his from Day 1 because I saw how shallow he was (not liking Amber cuz she wasn’t white, the daughter card, and the ultimate no no backstabbing loyal Donny) but Devin’s done everything that everyone else has done. The only difference is he landed to gain some power.

Zach, Cody, Christine, and Nicole in a few weeks when they win HOH will do the same thing, lie, deceive, back stab people for personal reasons (Nicole to Amber) and try to sway the floaters to vote the way they want.

At least with Devin he’s come clean to the people he unfairly tried to backdoor, Zach and Cody meanwhile are sitting their playing the victims to Devin’s question of loyalty when in all actuality they have been plotting his demise from the start.

BTW he only made Amber cry–and that wasn’t directly his fault–Amber was crying because she knew Caleb was gunning for her because she rejected him.

Stop with all the hypocrisy.


The only problem I have with Devil is that he acts all the time for the cameras.. And that sucks…
All his actions are fake and played.

I would even like him if he was real.


Hate that Devin won POV. I hope Victoria and Pao end up on the block cuz I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them go. Definitely the most obnoxious girls there. I wish CBS would show some of Devins craziness, he is really nuts. There is something mentally wrong with him.


It’s ridiculous how ignorant Victoria is. He’s gonna kill you in your sleep? Oh my gosh the big scary black man is gonna get me mindset. I can’t with her anymore she needs to be voted out the house.


It seems that Devin’s paranoia has got the best of him, he’s making deals everywhere and not consulting his alliance which includes half the house, the pool table and a microwave! Zach and Cody have been plotting because Devin has been erratic and is hurting their game! Caleb forgot he’s on Big Brother and is upset that Amber hasn’t given him a rose yet! Why is Jocasta here? Devin is going to kill Victoria? Seriously? I mean it would make for good TV, but this real life version of CBS’ Under The Dome is about as crazy. I’m also wondering if Derrick is actually either Devin’s parole officer or actually undercover with the way he questions people, his talks with Cody have me wondering if he’s about to make a bust on BB slop being smuggled in through the storage room! All in all I am enjoying this season, last season had me thinking that they scrapped the barrel, but Christine is smart and Pow…not so much, did she really tell Brit that if POV was a mental challenge that she had it? Only if it was to spell your own made up words…conturo…huh? I’ll look that up later on the Urban dictionary site! Simon and Dawg thanks for the updates because I can’t keep up with this cast, family, work, the Young and the Restless and trying to read Obamacare before my summer break ends! So Donny is safe…that will help me sleep tonight, I hope his fellow “Marines” can breathe a sigh of relief! Oh Devil…I mean Devin…the struggle is real my friend, the struggle is real!i!