Big Brother 16 About Victoria “I’m getting a 1/2 ch*b” “She grabs my a$$ while we Sleep

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner ?/? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-17 23-38-14-331

11:35pm Bathroom Derrick and Cody
Derrick says they couldn’t have asked for a better spot to be in. “Seriously thank you for coming through” Derrick couldn’t rely on Zach to win it even though he looked like he was trying he did say he wanted to throw it. Derrick tells him Frankie is going to do whatever Cody needs him to do, “ you’re golden.. you guys needs some time to yourself tonight
Cody says he has no problem putting up Brittany because of how she’s been acting today. Derick says they have to get either Brittnay or JOcasta out he point out that after this week it gets bloody so this is the perfect week to win HOH and even if he doesn’t stay HOH Frankie’s there.

BB16-2014-07-17 23-46-03-964

11:47pm Who wants to see my HOH room
Frankie – “Oh my god i’m a cute baby”
Cody gets a beanie
Frankie gets fig newtons “Ahh i’m going to crush that and fart arll night “
Frankie got COunting crows
Cody got TIesto
Frankie gets almond milk, pumpkin seeds.. agave nectar

BB16-2014-07-17 23-52-42-315

Cody gets up to read his letter,
Zach – “Calzone”
Hayden – “Ca
Dude, I’m so proud of you. Remember eventhough you are on the other side of the country locked inside the BB house, I’m with you everyday and night I support you 100%. Stay true to yourself during your stay. Hurry up and win this game, As I’m alone in the house with just mom and Angelena – AhHaA – .read that line to yourself.. not out loud” Everyone is laughing cody stops .. “.read that line to yourself.. not out loud so they don’t pound me I’m going to keep my letter very short, since mom will probably write a book. Love you DaddyeO
P.S. Thanks for the father’s gift and card. Also I know the gray tee you wore when you left, was one of my father’s day gifts. Love you.
Cody – “I took one of his gifts”

BB16-2014-07-17 23-52-56-319

11:52pm HOH Frankie starts to read his letter begins to cry says it’s from his sister,
Dear Frankie.I love you and miss you so much. I’m a nervous wreck, but I know you’re killing it. Whenever I’m faced with an obstacle I think of you and it makes me laugh and gives me strength. I hope you are staying strong and happy and are sharing your light. Remember we share to make room to receive. I love you so much, I love you. Be Strong Love Ari

BB16-2014-07-18 00-10-24-462

12:09AM Have Nots get to eat they pig out

BB16-2014-07-18 00-30-04-308

12:04AM HOH Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Zach
They are talking about nominations
Derrick is trying to get Frankie to put up Amber and Jocasta
Frankie is worried Caleb will kill him. Zach tells him Caleb doesn’t care about Amber any more.
Derrick Cody can stay clean with Amber
Zach suggests Frankie puts up Brittany and Amber
Derrick asks Frankie what he thought of Him putting up Brittany/Amber and Cody putting up Jocasta and Victoria
Frankie – “I’m down with that but then he’s going to stay HOH which is fine”
There’s a knock at the door.
Frankie – “Who is that is it Cody Calzone”
Derrick doesn’t want Brittany and Amber on the same side going into the Battle on the Block. Zach and Frankie do. Cody Calzone doesn’t care as long as he’s the one not putting up Amber.
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BB16-2014-07-18 00-40-48-127

12:40AM Brittany and Derrick
Complaining about Victoria. Derrick says her behaviour is “Totally unacceptable.. you’re a grown women.. Totally unacceptable” Victoria refuses to sleep in the same room as the guys unless it’s Cody. Brittany thinks Cody is going to put her up and it upsets her. Brittany looks at “the board” and everyone is so much closer she feels like the old girl in the house.
Derrick has no idea what Frankie is going to do because he’s all over the house.
Derrick – “I think Victoria is going up for sure.. that’s the only I know”
Derrick says Cody will be a tough one because he’s close to all the girls
Brittany says she’s the only girl that doesn’t rub up all on Cody
Derrick jokes that she should get on that.
Caleb and Jocasta join them

BB16-2014-07-18 01-17-35-119

1:07AM HOH Zach, Hayden, Cody, Christine, Amber, Frankie.
Talking about Victoria. Frankie say she doesn’t let him sleep because she’s “inside” of his body. “She grabs my a$$ while we Sleep.. under my shirt up starts caressing my chest” Frankie does to Nicole what Victoria did to him. Nciole giggles (See iamges below)

Hayden says when Victoria was cuddling him her arm was up his shirt she was rubbing his chest. Her elbow was rubbing on his d1*k “I’m getting a 1/2 ch*bb Not because I Want to because she’s ru**ing it up and down”
HAyden – “Her leg wrapped around me she was straight up inside me”

Zach says she plunked her a$$ right on his d1ck he didn’t know if she should move in for the kiss.

Frankie – I get so nervous when Caleb speaks.. ” They laugh at Caleb’s speech today

BB16-2014-07-18 01-29-47-724

1:29AM Frankie Tells Donny about the Team America twist they have to target a physical threat. Donny is going to talk to the Diary room about it in the morning and get the “Official word”
1:31AM Kitchen Frankie and Nicole
She asks him if she’s 100% safe. Frankie tells her of course she is.

BB16-2014-07-18 01-33-05-236

1:32am Have nots Donny, Frankie and Derrick
We have to agree collectively
DOnny the biggest physical threat
Derrick says Amber because she’s the strongest female physical threat
Donny yes yes absolutely oh definitely.
Derrick says once they lock in their target they can’t change it. Tomorrow morning they talk to the Diary room to lock in Amber as the nominee. If she gets taken off the block they still are successful as long as it’s not them that takes her off.

BB16-2014-07-18 01-39-21-877

1:37am Have Nots Derrick and Frankie
Derrick thinks it’s a bad idea for Frankie to put up two girls that can potentially come back to get her . Derrick – “You need Jocasta or Victoria.. they have no friends there’s no blood”
Frankie doesn’t want to put up Brittany .
Derrick suggest Frankie puts up Amber/Jocasta and Cody puts up Victoria/Birttnay
Derrick – “Jocasta has to be on the opposite side of Brittany”

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I’d probably give it to Victoria if I was in there.


there goes Derrick the dictator running Frankie’s and Cody’s HOH. this team america crap is a waste and dumb. Brittany,Jocasta, Amber, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden, Christine and Donny had an opportunity to have their game shift the house but they elected to evict Devin. now they will be picked off one by one. Derrick is in the best position to win the game now. I don’t see anyone throwing him on the block. he has total control of these idiots, and not only is he controlling other people’s HOH’s and he’s even more protected in the game with being in team america. Donny has fallen off in the game. I was huge Donny Fan but he turned sheep with the rest of the house.

GB BB addict

Totally agree about TA being a terrible waste. The producers of BB are their own worst enemies.


We all know Zach wants her since he can never stop talking about her


Love Zach…. and I’m pretty sure his comments about Victoria are intended to be sarcasm


There is NO WAY that sloth should win. She’s useless. And I take it back.. Sloth’s are cute.


Damn it!!! Why did you agree on Amber Donny!?!? this twist sucks

Thor's Sister

I know I shouldn’t but I love Zach (entertainment wise) He makes me laugh and in a house like that for so long that is needed. I know it can get trying on the patience but all in all hes energetic to have around .He knows a lot about BB past and I love that. Him talking about when Jessie (muscle head) came in the house and know one knew it was him, then he made that noise at the end before he left. I love how Zach remembered that. I could picture it as he was saying it. OMG dying at the “Father Time” comment bahahaha.
Zach amuses me even though hes a little annoying but I still laugh.. (I know I know everyone hates him blah blah ).
Why is Victoria molesting everyone when they are laying down and why is Cody the only “safe guy” to be in the same room with? You would figure Frankie would be the safe guy to be around? *shakes head*


I hated Zach at first, but I’m really starting to like him now. Do I want him to win? No. Would I like him in real life? Probably not. Although I think he’s got a bigger heart than he likes to show. He definitely keeps me entertained, so I’m hoping he sticks around for a while.


People have strong feelings about Zach… It’s not all hate though. I LOVE the guy… One of my favorites of all time!
And on some other bb sites, Zach is like 3rd favorite (after Donny and Hayden) but he has been #1 for me since episode 3!


Of course Donny sheep dog has to run in the room to see what mean old Zach is saying to Nicole. Good Grief man. In that goober voice-“Don’t worry about it , shes in the shower right now” Of course you know shes in the shower right now pervert!!!
Ya I said it…..

Give me a break

It’s amazing how every guy in the BB house has said things about the girls (and girls in general) yet when Donny says anything remotely sexual he’s a pervert. Just because he’s 42 (not old at all) and/or girls aren’t attracted to him like they might be to, say Cody, it doesn’t make him a friggin pervert. Sheesh


You didn’t know? Men over 40 aren’t allowed to look at women in a sexual way or have any kind of sex drive without being looked upon as perverts. Get with the program!!

Defending Derrick

OK, so many of you guys are hating on Derrick because he is so controlling and supposedly making the game “boring”. Also many of you downplay his game because the other players are so called “idiots”. But he can’t control who he’s playing against. He is definitely playing the best game for this set of houseguests and anyone who says otherwise is just plain ignorant. He is very aware of his weaknesses and uses others to hide them.

Thor's Sister

I have been liking Derrick from time. I am enjoying his game play also and I am glad there are others still that haven’t turned on him (comment crowd I mean lols) People were calling him a floater in the beginning then when he won HOH they were calling him a Power thirsty HOH because he was a little perturbed that a couple hg’s didn’t come and talk to him…….Well Duh!


The only reason Derrick has so much control is because he’s part of a tyranny. All the best players never relied on such low grade tactics.


Of course he’s the best player. I knew coming into the game that he would be. He should have been everyone’s first pick in any pool. The guy is trained in interrogation techniques, he’s trained in how to infiltrate groups and earn trust. He literally went to class for these things and studied them like his life was on the line; which it was. It’s almost unfair what an advantage he has, and how transferable his work skills are to the BB house.

What You Just Wrote is Ignorant

“So Called Idiots?” So, I guess you think that the other houseguests are not idiotic for volunteering or not rallying together to go against his team. Smart move on their part, Right? “He can’t control who he goes up against?” That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that other houseguests are being super stupid for not rallying together, and going against him. Therefore, it does not take away from the fact that his gameplay is overrated. So, your attempted point makes you ignorant.


So Victoria can’t sleep in a room with men for religious reasons…now she can but only if it’s Cody…and she cuddles with all the guys and molests them. Ahh religions and their warped views on women and sex. It’s like the girls who do anal because they’re technically still virgins and they want to “save themselves for marriage”. And don’t even get me started on the middle east. So many things would be better if repression of women and sexuality wasn’t involved.

Caleb has poopy pants

I don’t think her religion has a thing to do with what Victoria does. She obviously uses it as an excuse when she doesn’t want to do something. Have you listened to her? I know it is a tough thing to go through, but seriously, listen to her conversation. She is vacuous, vacant, superficial, and almost absent of a personality. The only reason she will sleep in the same room as Cody is his looks. And when she is “sleeping” she has an excuse as to why she is rubbing on the guys. ‘Cause she’s asleep and not reonsible for her actions.


Derrick is an undercover cop so obviously he nows how to findpeople’s weakness and exploit it
when needed which is essential to win this game. As much as we love to see the entertainment, it’s also great to see good gameplay and derrick brings that. As annoying as these houseguests can be sometimes, at the end of the day they give us what we want to see.


Is Zach’s favourite topic talking about Victoria?
Someone is crushing hard


Can’t stand Derrick did he really just say to Britt get on that in regards to rubbing up on Cody
She is a grown women and she doesn’t have to degrade herself for a boy she see sees right through Cody


Derrick is a pig.
Cannot stand him.


I’m so over these fratbrats!!

Caleb has poopy pants

Fratbrats! That should be their alliance name.


I liked Americas players when we voted for them.


Derrick is a piece of shit and Frankie is his toilet paper!!!!


Derrick is not such a great player. These people are just a bunch of floaters. I really don’t think Cody wants to put up Amber or Jocasta. I think Cody is starting to see that targets are being put on his back. He was very quiet and highly reserved for someone that just won HOH. I like Caleb but he is so caught up right now. Donny is not a floater at all. I think Donny, being a super fan, sees exactly what is happening and he tried to subtly warn, Brittany, Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden but they for stupid reason, think they are safe. Now Brittany, Jocasta, Caleb and Cody are starting to see that they made a huge mistake taking Devin out of the game. They could have aligned with him and flipped that house. Donny, Devin, Caleb and Cody would have been a fierce alliance. I think Devin learned his lesson and wouldn’t have been so arrogant, Donny is smart and competitive, Cody is strong and competitive and Caleb is strong and competitive. Throw in Jocasta and Brittany for votes but too many floaters looking for dates or tv time. Now they are going to be picked off one by one. Derrick is not good, they are just pathetic.


Jocasta has talked to him about how Derrick is a manipulator. I believe Donny would have made a move to save Devin, if he didn’t trust Derrick. Derrick has him believing that TA will get him to the finals. He was on the right track when he was talking to Nicole, but he went after Christine too hard. But, since he knew that Amber is the one that told…he should have quickly began tearing down the remnants of the BS with Devin’s help

Baby Firefly

Bottom line, These women are WEAK this year. There’s not one that I can root for. The boys are clearly running the house, Derrick is obvious as the leader and all the girls do is talk crap about each other and throw each other’s names out for possible Noms. And yes Amber does it too, so save it Amber fans. She was rolling with Caleb till he got too weird for words, now she is all over Cody. If you have feeds, you know what I’m talking about. She’s embarrassing herself cos those guys won’t save her. I’m so tired of the frat boy alliance. Can’t stand the cop, Cody is disgusting with his snorting his snot up to his brain, and Zach’s an ass. People give him too much credit, he’s done nothing to run his mouth like he does. I’m rooting for Hayden and Donny, but I feel like they need a coup de ta or something to help them going forward.


The only good thing I see coming from this is if Amber is put up or one the guys (not Donny, also not likely if it’s not Donny) and the three “threats” Jocasta, Britt, & Victoria. Amber team would lose. Donny got to play and win veto and then take off one of the three “threats” that was nominated with Amber. They would have no choice but to put up a guy or one of the remaining girls (Nicole or Christine, I hope Christine since they don’t have the balls to put a guy up other than Donny). It would shake up the house a bit.


*Amber’s team would lose