Big Brother Spoilers Devin in Love “I’m losing my mind.. I legitimately like her”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-07 18-29-14-566

6:28pm bathroom Christine and POWPOW
POW is saying she never threw the competition when they watch the show they will know that. POW doesn’t want to say anything bad about Zach but still wants to campaign.
Christine says Zach is a idiot she is not going to vote to keep him. POW brings up if Zach wins HOH they have no idea what he will do but Pow i’ll never win the HOH so they don’t have to worry. (POW is joking when she said the part about not winning the comp)

BB16-2014-07-07 19-10-24-117
6:35pm Rock Room Brittany, Hayden and Nicole (Cody is sleeping)
Hayden says it’s pretty obvious to them all who is working together. They don’t name names but say theres 2 guys a 1 girl that they can’t trust.
Hayden gets called into the Diary room
Nicole leaves Frankie comes in. Brittany doesn’t know what to do she can’t really be an a$$hole to the person that saved her. Frankie says Devin has made amends to a lot of people in the house. Derrick rolls in. Brittany says her eyes are bloodshot. Derrick sasy that is what happens with sleep deprivation. Frankie and Brittnay say they will be going to be early tonight. Derick says they have 2 night left to sleep in the have nots, “I can tell you I will never volunteer again unless obviously no one has ever done it”
Frankie leaves.
Brittany asks about his vote. Derrick says he’s going with the house so right. If Zach asts like he was today he’s probably going home but if he collects himself he could stay.
Derrick – “I would rather see POW go.. for you because clearly the line has be drawn between you to”
Derrick and Brittany agree Zach is a good guy.
Brittany goes over her conversation with Devin she brought up her kids, ex husband and the turmoil. She has no money in the bank and her kids are with her ex, if her ex doesn’t pay the rent she will have lost her house. Brittany says she’s been separated for a year but has not divorced yet. She worried there will be a battle, they don’t own their house they are renting it. Brittany says she gave up her career and everything to start a family at 17 now that she’s left her husband she’s starting at ground zero. Brittany has no opportunity to take her kids on a trip and she wants to at least get something out of this experience. Brittnay – “If that is what got me the veto by being honest “

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BB16-2014-07-07 18-39-26-787
6:38pm Bathroom Frankie, Amber and Christine
Frankie says he’s thinking Hayden is lost. Amber says he seems fine.
Frankie doesn’t think Hayden will vote out Zach. Christine brings up Cody will vote to keep Zach.
Frankie says Nicole and Hayden will both vote for Zach to stay. Amber says her butt is getting big (See image)

BB16-2014-07-07 18-54-17-891

7:00pm Backyard Christine and Nicole
Talking about who they would take out next week if they win the HOH. Sounds like Amber is a big target. They are calling her clingy and irritating. Nicole says Amber lied so bad today. Amber joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 19-28-19-703

7:20pm Hayden, Pow Pow, Donny and Jocasta are laying out in the hammock. Amber joins them. Amber comment on how she’s already licked Hayden’s hand. Pow Pow asks for what?! Amber says it was a dare! Hayden says its how it had to go down! Amber says it was just salty. Amber says that Pow Pow is Hayden’s type. Pow Pow says give me a vote and maybe you’ll get a showmance. I’ll give you the Pow Pow hump!! Amber says Hayden hasn’t had his ears licked yet! They ask Pow Pow to do it. Pow Pow says give me a vote and we’ll see! Victoria joins them and then she and Amber start running laps back and forth with Caleb. Pow Pow comments on how she wants a bigger butt.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Derrick, Caleb and Brittany. Brittany bets that she’ll be on slop again next week again and on the block. Derrick tells her to go out and win it. She says she’s tried. Derrick tells Brittany he is 90% positive that she won’t be a havenot next week. Whoever wins HOH won’t make you have not 3 weeks in a row. Derrick finishes making his Bok Choy and tomato paste dinner and shows the camera.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 19-48-58-888

7:40pm Nicole and Frankie start playing a game of pool. Frankie asks Donny what his favorite episode of big brother is? Frankie then whispers today. Nicole says I can’t believe that happened today. They talk about how the blow out today will go down in history a one of the best moments.

BB16-2014-07-07 20-03-13-494

7:55pm Frankie runs up to the HOH room and says so far so good. Brittany is going around saying that she is so appreciative. I think what he did showed a different side of him and I see that he has a heart. So maybe later in the week you talk to her and see where her vote is. Devin says I’m just going to let her do her thing. I already have someone else. Frankie says we have Me, You, Derrick, Caleb Amber Victoria Donny. Frankie says maybe we can even get Jocasta. Nicole and Hayden are up in the air.

Frankie says they need Brittany’s vote. Frankie mentions that apparently Brittany is saying she’s good with POWPOW again.
Devin – “I like this girl now I like like this girl.. I don’t even want to talk game now just get to know her”
Frankie – “I’m telling Zack i’m 100% on his side but i’m 0% on his side”
Devin – “I’m losing my mind.. I legitimately like her” Frankie leaves Devin tells him to tell Brittany he likes her.

BB16-2014-07-07 20-01-23-863

8:05pm Caleb and Amber working out 

Caleb says back home he works for 2 to 3 hours 7 days a week.


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This whole day has made me like Zach a lot more and Frankie a lot less


If CBS had waited another week for the Team ‘Murica, I doubt Frankie would have made the team.


Devin is just like Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

wavy one

Devin is actually hilarious.

smd nicole

I’m going to be so pissed if this ends up being a 12-0 vote….. there is still a lot of time and people might do that


OMG…..what is big brother pumping in there……now devin likes Brittany…..maybe someone switch his protein shake with love potion…


Lol yeah but it’s a little scary for Brittany bc Devin’s MO is to use force for everything. Forcing people into his alliance, forcing people to nominates who he wants. If Devin and Brittany ever become a showmance, it’ll be the first showmance in BB history to be created using fear and force.

Team Zach

Frankie doesn’t know half of what he thinks he does in that house. He’s trying to play the weasel game…hate to break it to him, but Andy actually wore it better.


Hated Andy’s gameplay but it was really effective, he knows how to be part of an alliance of strong people that will go after another group of strong people then sink one of them. He also knows that he is not an alpha so he acted real scared all the time so no one saw him slipping through to the finals. Frankie is only good at being sociable with people but does not have the proper mindset to choose which side to pick. If he ended up sending Zach home, he would be target number two or three in the group of Devin (Cody are already catching on to him) while if he chooses Zach, he’ll have no blood in his hands. Devin’s group will go after Hayden, Zach, Cody and even Nicole and Brittany before him. Frankie’s trying to mastermind this week’s eviction but in doing so he is only putting a larger target on his back, he needs to just shut his mouth and get the temperament of the house.


agreed. the problem is Frankie is NOT a mastermind in any form of the word and it shows hardcore. He’s there for a publicity stunt for him AND dear li’l Ariana. Noticed her new release date was timed perfectly for Frankie to do a shout out for viewers to buy. At the same time, Ariana was was on her own AND his twitter account asking for TA votes and buy her new release. They BOTH want more fame but Franco-America is coat-tailing her AT THE SAME TIME as binding himself to BB fame/connection/association. Sure he wants the money but more importantly more fame – no shame! I see their real game. GET FRANKIE OUT!

give me a break

this girls in the house will be stupid if they vote Pow Pow…..she’s the weakest girl…..It’s all about winning comps and POV…..and Pow Pow is never going to winning anything unless there is a competition about flipping coins… Zach can win…the smartest move is to get Zach out….and keep the girls to guys ratio even….


except for the fact that anyone paying attention can see that virtually all the guys are in alliance with one another. Devin tipped anyone left in the dark to that during his House Meeting. He admitted to having influence over Caleb’s vote.

None of the girls will beat Devin in a physical competition and they know it. Their best hope is to send a loose cannon Devin’s way, and that’s Zach through and through. Let them battle it out, and when the dust clears, you are left standing. It’s how Big Brother is won.


Devin can’t make a decision to save his life. He really is hot and cold…


Devin is just trying to outdo Caleb like its a competition. Caleb gets power drunk, Devin gets power drunk too. Caleb crushes on a girl like he is 13, Devin crushes too.

andy 2.0

so tired of frankie the rat… hopefully he will lose all his fans and ariana fans after they see how shallow he is. zach deserves to stay alot more than pow pow… hopefully team america will allow us to vote to keep zach around frankie is a piece of rat crap


Boooooooooooooooooooo thumbs down Booooooooooooooooo


In one week, Devin goes from wanting Brit gone, to Victoria, to Zach.

in that same week, Devin goes from strongly disliking Brit and wanting her out of the house, to crushing on her.

Anyone who stands by this guy in the game is a moron, and deserves the metaphorical knife in their back. Looking at you frankie.


Devin also said earlier in the week that the bomb squad had too many people and that they needed to shrink it up……..then he offers Zach’s spot to Hayden. Dude needs to make up his mind.


So is Camber actually a thing now?


She doesn’t even like him. He needs to respect her saying no.

Roisen Dubh

Wow, part of me wants Zach to stay and win HOH. If that happens, it will go to his head bigtime and Devin’s target will shrink for a couple of weeks. Dude’s a have not and look at how he freaked out over the past couple of days. Hayden’s a little girl, win something dummy, quit being a wall flower and wondering why you get punked around. Christine better dump Nicole ASAP, underneath those glasses hides one catty chick. Cody cries when someone wears his shirts, nuff said about that crybaby. Say what you want, but Devin’s HOH stirred the pot bigtime and everything just got reset. I think Zach’s going home, he can’t keep his mouth shut long enough to think things through.


Yessssss to everything you just said! I feel the same way.


Haha I have faith in the alliance between Hayden, Christine, and Nicole. Now that Hayden is in the “BoMb SqUAd 2.0” with Christine, they have an advantage.


honestly i just want cody to win hoh next to see whether or not he’s all talk about putting up devin…

right now im just tired of seeing devin on the feeds….



Nobody will have the balls next week to put Devin up.

Britanny and Victoria can`t and wont because of their deal.

I just hope Devin win Veto next week.


Devin and Caleb are quite a pair of love struck school boys aren’t they?


So who’s rooting for #Brittin or #Deviney….cutest couple lol Britt/Devin


They would become such a powerful couple even better teaming up with Caleb and Amber


derricks using that calm cop voice extracting everything from eerybody


The amount of crap Nicole talks about Amber is irritating. She’s definitely jealous

give me a break

Votes to evict Zach: Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Frankie, Christina, and Derrick.
Votes to evict Pow : Cody, Nicole, Hayden.

And Brittany is up in the air….but i believe she would vote Zach out….


Nicole is so ******* annoying!!!!

give me a break

At first i was unsure about the 2 HoH…But i like because it forces people to show there hand and nobody is safe…I like the chaos it creates because being hoh is also a nervous endeavor….2 HOH 4 people on the block forces everybody to play…this format grew on me…

Kristine N

Dear Devin,
If I met you outside of the house I would assume your erratic behavior is caused by the copious amounts of steroids in your body… But since I highly doubt Big Brother would allow you to shoot up in the house I have concluded that you must suffer from an insane case of bipolar disorder… Please seek medical help and take yourself off the show and do everyone a favor.



leave the show? It’d be boring then… You see this crazy enjoyable week? All because of Devin.


Wait Amber is protecting caleb in her convos now.shit really has change


What does Legitimately like her even mean?

The guy is a nut job; i’m eager to see him leave, and have the game start without the nut job trying to own everyone, a la Amanda.


I have the feeling that we’ll be voting on who Team America keeps this week.


Do you guys know what happened to Totalrealitytv ?




Call me crazy…but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were his sister


So… anybody heard from CaptainWedgie this year?


I hope Zach stays this week. And I hope Nicole, Hayden, and or Christine win HOH this week. Although Zach winning would be better lol. On a side note, does Nicole remind anyone of Jan brady from the brady bunch movies?


Devin definitely has a screw or two loose but those of you who truely believe he is bipolar obviously have no personal experiences with people who actually are.


Zach does nothing but sleep all day


I kind of think that Seven and Brit will fall for each other


I really hope now that Frankie is on Team America, that they have to vote for and campaign for Zach to stay


anyone who likes Zach needs to switch to Derrick. he is playing the smarter game, he is likable, he has not thrown people under the bus or screwed over Zach just because he can and sit with the pack, yet at the same time doesn’t get his name brought up as being against the pack.

#1 player right now is Derrick IMO.


This is gonna get some people upset, but I gotta say it… Why is every gay man who enters the BB house,( the last 2 seasons) such a snake and rat? That’s the first person I would not trust if I was in the house. Didn’t ANYONE in the house watch last years BB?


I haven’t read the comments yet, but are you f#(*$#&&#ing kidding me, Devin? He’s grooving on Brittany now? That guy has no filter, discretion, or insight. And very few social skills. Things are going to get beyond weird and awkward, and there’s Frankie, encouraging him! LOL. Funny too that Christine and who (?) were discussing eviction and Amber – “my butt is getting big”. Girl has her priorities lined up.

tyrese jones

So Devin went from crushing brittany’s game to then saving her game and growing feelings for her. Lmao this guy is such a loose cannon you literally don’t know what he’s going to do next. if he is this paranoid for no reason imagine him when he’s on the block. that is going to be excellent television. This season is much better than last years atrocity.

Team Zach

I want Zach to stay soooo bad. Pow Pow is a floater and said she wants to go home. Get him at least to jury. Please, don’t get rid of him yet

A Name

Frankie is NOTHING like Andy are you kidding me? Andy was a huge rat and literally went with anything that came his way. Frankie is actually making decisions and being smart. Zach is an idiot and ruined his own game, why should Frankie stick to someone as disastrous as him, who mind you, THREW HIM UNDER THE BUS PUBLICLY!