“Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want” – Angela

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers What can I say.. Votes are still against Rocks and the fun continues.

2:50pm Scottie and Rocks
Rocks says she’s talked to Tyler but it didn’t go anywhere.
Rock – he’s so stupid.. I mean he’s not stupid..
Scottie says the other side thinks they have JC and Brett
Rocks – They’re wrong I think
Rock – Brett and I worked on my speech..

3:21pm Angela and Brett
Brett tells her about helping Rockstar with her speech saying she’s pretty much just tossing Angela under the bus the entire time. They laugh

Shampoo war

3:42pm Brett and Tyler
Tyler – Rock cornered me in the bathroom today.. she was like this is more for me and not for you
Tyler – shew as like I wasn’t the one that did stuff to you
T – you ever heard of guilty by association, what do you want me to do put up the HOH.. she couldn’t argue anything I was saying.
T – she knew for a fact it was going to be me if I didn’t win the veto
T – it’s not personal at all but if you want to throw personal jabs at me go right ahead I’m not going to do it to you
T – She’s like now Princess gets to walk around flipping her hair around doing nothing
T – I’m like yeah now I get to do that
They laugh
Angela joins them “there’s princess herself”
Brett brings up Rocks Speech “bunch of bullsh1t.. I just helped her organize it”
Brett – you have two shields in the house.. Kaycee and Tyler
A – since when are friends shields
B – instead of empowering you and keep kaycee they should empower themselves and Keep Rock
A – does that make any sense to you
T – awesome
B – that’s what I told her to say .. she goes.. that’s brilliant
B – my favorite part about it her whole pitch this week was theirs four of us
T – that is what they were pitching to me
B – now she’s trying to say she’s alone
T – they pitches their whole alliance. haleigh told me exactly
B – if you guys think of anything awesome I can put it in there.. (LOl Brett’s writing Rocks speech)
T – tell her we’re related..
B – if you f*ers are related.. would be hilarious
A – hiding in plain site
B – so are mr and mrs smith
A – can I use mr and mrs smith in me GBM
Brett – yeah for sure
A – I don’t have her jury vote to worry about
T – me neither
B – I never was
T – she’s hated me since week 2.. she told kaitlyn week 2 “you just had a pretty boy in your ear that is why you got Swaggy out”
Brett brings up Rock going off about Angela flirting with Tyler
Tyler says she tries to tell him that too adds that she says Angela is always laughing at his stupid jokes.
Tyler points out that the 2 days before he didn’t use the veto on her Rocks was following him around laughing at all his stupid jokes. (of course she was )
Tyler – Now entitled princess gets to walk around flipping her hair
Brett – you want to talk about Entitled.. go to the other nominee and say I’m sorry you are going home that’s entitled..
Tyler and Angela – Yeah
Brett – are you f*iung kidding me .. I’m sorry you are going home
Tyler- Like minutes after the ceremony (Power of Veto Ceremony link)

4:25pm Angela, Kaycee and Sam
Sharing cooking ideas..
Kaycee is sifting the sugar off the oats so they can use the oats. She puts the oats in the taco meat.. it absorbs the flavoring
Sam asks Angela how did she bread their Chicken parm. Angela says spices and the croutons, pitta chips, bread, flower..
Angela has rigged up a double boiler they are melting chocolate..

4:40pm All done..


4:53pm Angela and Kaycee
Angela – Brett is helping ROCK with her Speech he’s going to tell her whatever I want
Angela – he’s like think of some good thing and I’ll put it in
Kaycee – oh my god that’s going to be F*ing hilarious
Angela says all Rocks speech is her shitting on Angela. After Rocks gets evicted Angela is just going to smile and wave at her.
Angela wants to sneak “Level” into Rocks speech..
They laugh
Angela – next Level Entitlement .. Angela’s entitlement is on the next level like level 6 ..

5:10pm JC and Fes

Jc says he freaked out on Thursday and now Fes thinks he’s sketchy
JC – oh I’m the sketchy one.. seriously when you are working with a team and you have the hacker and you do whatever the f* you want

5:20pm Angela and Kaycee share the treats..


5:58pm Sam says she hopes she’s not “stuck in this shithole” when her dog dies.

6:25pm Brett and HAleigh

Brett uses the 1 way to yell down to JC “you call those t1tties you got a lot of work to do son. ” (there was bro chatting going on earlier about JC’s pec development (peple are finally using that thing)
Brett says Rock seems a lot calmer today.. he’s been talking to her a lot.
H – she’ll be fine

7:01pm nothing really



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Botox Pelosi

Time to boil some water and drop Rock Lobster in.

Sakura Haruno

I came to terms that Tyler may not win. People has been asking why do I cheer for Tyler instead of the hive or other L6 members.

Here are my reasons

{“I applied on my 21st birthday and it only took me two and half years. I’m a super fan through and through. I’ve been studying it,” Tyler explained}

Big Brother was his dream. As soon as he was eligible to apply he worked his butt off to get cast. He studied the game and had a game plan coming in which he’s still using to this day.

{“Fam, friends, I made it. I’m doing it for you. I’ve been talking about it for years, I know, and I usually can’t back anything up, but this time I’m backing it up. I’m bringing it home. $500K,” he said. “And then we’re going on a Hawaiian vacation. That’s why, that’s why I’m here guys. So you gotta help me out.”}

He’s doing it for the people he cares about. He wants to complete a dream and make everyone around him proud. Even is he loses he will still go on the Hawaiian vacation because of the Veto.

{He’s a survivor, that’s for sure,” Feltner said. She recalled how he fell off a pool slide and spent 10 days in the pediatric ICU when he was 10, narrowly escaping death. She said that is “another sign of how he’ll do on the show.”}

He’s a survivor. He almost died when he was a kid. He has a second chance in life and I hope he’ll pull though.

{In his pre-filming press tour, Crispen echoed the same sentiment. “I fit the stereotype, I know,” he told one interviewer, but “I’m not just here to be the stupid surfer dude that gets kicked out first.”}

He’s going against the surfer stereotype. If he pulls it off every surfer/beach guy would have to live up to Tyler. That something I would love to see.

I’m not saying he’s the only super fan and everyone is less deserving. I’m just listing reasons why he’s my favorite this season.




Awesome story! Tyler for the Win!!

Omarosa Sucked My D@ck


Who said that!

Hope he doesn’t get curb stomped when he gets out of the house.


He has to change his game and come more to the front seat now so people will understand he played this game this entire time or maby it will happen just in his final speech.. worked for paras bb canada


This makes me want him to win even more! He is a great game player.

Red Wave

I love Angela laughing about Rockstar throwing her under the bus. Level 6 always stays calm and keeps their head while The Hive melts down.

Omarosa Sucked My D@ck

And she has an amazing a$$!


I agree. She has an amazing figure all together. She’s a bit cold hearted though and no body cares…she’s got an amazing ass so fuck it. lol


If she waves and smiles at Rockclod upon her eviction, I will be rolling on the floor laughing.

Dems For Socialism

If Brett gets Level 6 into Rocks speech that will be the highlight of the season.


He wouldn’t do that, that would ruin it for the remaining ones. That would be the dumbest thing for him to do. They have others working with L6 who aren’t part of it, so that would sink them and possibly change many of their votes, so can’t see him saying it to rocky at all. I’m sure tyler/angela will say it in their GB message though.


I Believe what he Meant was to get her to use those words in her speech without knowing what they mean.


If Brett pulled that off, I think he may move to my #1 spot. It’d be hilarious!


Brett is so hot, it is hard to watch the feeds without getting excited.

Fox Alert

Angela has a beautiful smile.


The only time I think she doesn’t look great is when she smiles….it does something weird to her face


Yeah Angela is smoking hot!


He was just asking H If she was sure he looked better not shaving :p


He is hot. Totally agree. He got better looking after his butt buddy left.

Busta Fooligan

If Brett gets her to say level 6 in her speech he will be legend in my book.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Can you imagine the memes and video clips? Their stupidityis next Level (see what I did there?); the cherry on top is how awful Rocksmack has talked about KC & Angela. They’ve never once attacked her personal looks. I’m completely ok with making folks out of them. They deserve it.


Hype for the goodbye messages lol


If she uses level or level 6 in her speech, I WILL DIE LAUGHING. That will be the best moment in all 20 seasons if she does. She will look beyond foolish.

Dems For Socialism

Really at this point is it possible for Rocks to look foolish.

Cali Girl

Right?! Oscar award for directing. Haha.


Lol I was already thinking he needed an Oscar nomination because I would have lost it by now


The only problem with that is can L6/5/4 control their reactions again? It’s like L6/5/4 are trying to play the game on hard mode but it’s still too easy. At this point, they may start trying to handicap themselves each week to keep themselves entertained. Maybe next week they can only speak in movie quotes…


This is pathetic. The real action will be when L6 goes against each other.

Sweet baby bird

It might be pathetic but it’s still fun 🙂


Haleigh is a child…. she looks like one and acts like one.


I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like a kid. She looks like she’s 14 & she kind of has a 14 yr olds body too! I don’t think she is ugly but I think she is average nothing smoking hot about her to me.


Yea, I think I’m just going to be Team Scottie now.


I’ll take two of those treats Angela ; )

Cali Girl

I’m gonna flashback and write that recipe down! Yummm!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Cali Girl…the recipe is under your request on the previous thread.

Cali Girl

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. 🙂


Thanks for posting that. I’d like to try it also (maybe with pretzel pieces mixed in with the caramel!) Does the recipe have a name other than what Angela called it?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

We’re making it here Thursday…an eviction night treat.

Cali Girl

I was just elling the hubs, this is the first season of BB where there are legit Oscar worthy performances. I really don’t know how they are holding straight faces with these idiots at this point.

Botox Pelosi

This is my favorite BB season ever.


I just love Tyler, Angela, Brett & Kaycee. Would love to see them as final 4!


Yeah they are completely dominating the season. Every vote has gone their way! They are calm, collected and all on the same page. You rarely see that in alliances in B.B.

Rio Seven

How can Kaycee be a fav? Her personality is non existent. She reminds me of that girl in every high school that sucked, but was popular because of sports. Literally, I can’t describe one of her personality traits. She got real lucky with L6. Talk about right place, right time!


I thought in was a boy in the beginning… eurk!


I’m dying….. you can’t make this stuff up! I’m LMAO

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren

It will be fun watching Scottie trying to backpedal when JC blames him for his vote to keep Kaycee Thursday.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And it does look like Scottie has thrown away his game for Haleigh’s attention. Idiot!

Lunatic Maxine Watters

Scottie’s gotta go after Haleigh next week

Snowflakes Are Better Than Bullets

Best. Season. Everrrr! I hope there is an epic endurance comp for a sweet cherry on top. Like “Bunny Hop” in BB8.


Not better than S10

Snowflakes Are Better Than Bullets

I was referring to a specific 8 hour grueling comp. Not a season. And S10? Really?! No way.


Any Endurance comp left Tyler will win, potentially Angela or Scottie if it’s the slippy back and forth one. But still see Tyler dominating that one


I have watched every season but my memory doesn’t serve me well. Has there ever been an alliance that has a member literally infiltrate the other side like Brett. Spend most of his time with them. And never lose trust in him. Or is this just the first time there has been an alliance so completely clueless that allowed it to happen.


Season 6 and howie.


Season 3 daniel and jason had a secret alliance no one knew they have a astrong concection and working toghether
Will and boogi season 7 fool the house with erica jannel and.. again secret alliance with same danielle
Brigade in season 12
Derick in season 16 also was hiding his true alligence sucssecfully…


I’ve said it here before, I think Brett has it. He’s riding the middle perfectly. He has Rocks on his side. Even when the hive gets to jury and compare notes, Brett will be left out of the discussion. His best bet is to get rid of a couple people on his side, Kaycee for one. But I think Angela and Tyler have mustered up enough dislike it will carry over into jury. JC is the tricky one though. He could mess up the jury if he goes bitter, towards anyone. Still Team Brett!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Brett needs to have better GB messages if he wants the hives votes. I’m sure he won’t get Bays after last week. Lol


He needs to get to end also. Hasnt won yet


I’m on team Tyler but Brett has moved up to my number 2 spot. It’s hysterical how he went from being Rocknado’s biggest enemy in the house to her speech writer. As for jury management, I’m not sure the hive people will be able to figure out the votes until they actually watch the show and hit rewind a few times. I think both guys are charming and if they are final 2, who knows? Maybe poor wounded baby bird gets the worm.


She’s thinking the speech will be epic and unforgettable. Well it’ll be gif worthy and I’m sure there be all sorts of captions about letting the opposition write your speech. L6/5/4 knows the speech doesn’t affect the votes and Angela is already under the Hive bus so they are fine with having as much fun with it as possible.

Another day in paradise...

You’d think Fes would be sick of Rockslob. When he’s trying to put the moves on Hayleigh he keeps getting rockblocked.


He wants her totally isolated. I would not be surprised if he was one of those creepy controlling stalker boyfriends who won’t let you break up with him.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Someone from Level 6 needs to be the first to mention “Level 6” in their Goodbye Messages! That’s how Josh was able to edge out Paul last year…good jury management! Whoever does will be quoted and repeated in the Little House (Jury) over and over, subliminally making them the mastermind of L6 and captivate the Jury!!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

I’m sure someone will this week.


I agree with you, but it might be too soon. If there is a battle back, the one who returns might expose them.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

True but wouldn’t Julie have mentioned to Bay she had a chance to get back in?


Plus she saw her messages so I don’t think she’s got a shot at coming back. Much like the hive, I don’t know the numbers so I’m not sure if we need a double or extra week to get the finale to fit in the current schedule.


If production shows the evictee the goodbye messages, they’re not coming back.

K...bb fan

Any thought to this being a double eviction week? Just seems like its about time for the first one.


Julie would have said something


Usually she would say it the episode prior to the next eviction after veto ceremony airs.

K...bb fan

I would love to see Kaycee upstage Rockstar’s speech. Throw out the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, also add in that she is one of two shields for Hay, along with Fez. Add in how entitled Rocks is for telling Kaycee after the nomination that she was sorry she was going home.


She should jut stand up and say, I’ll be staying and then just sit down.


Ignoring for just a moment that Rock has incessantly accused Angela (and anyone else who is her enemy du jour) of being privileged, rich, and spoiled, I can’t figure out why she is fixated on hair flipping. She mentions it over and over. I’ve never seen Angela flip her hair, and I’ve watched far more hours of the feeds than I care to admit.


Actually, Bayleigh was the hair flipper.


Tyler also touches the sides of his hair….a lot…when it’s down.


When it’s down, it’s going down.


Haleigh is the one that hair flips nonstop. Bayleigh’s family is financially well off.


She’s confused Angela with Blayleigh who loved to flip her hair. You remember Blayleigh…. the actual privileged, entitled, rich b!tch that she’ll be reunited with soon…….


Everyone with long hair is a hair flipper. It’s just a natural act. Not only am I a hair flipper, I’m a proud hair twirler.


In the black community white women are often derogatively referred to as hair flipper. Its based on jealousy of good hair that is soft

Snowflakes Are Better Than Bullets AKA Cali Girl

Okay, for this point in the season they are being seriously cool right now. A blow up must be brewing? Calm before the storm? Cali High achieved with L6 misted munchies?


How did Brett become the genius?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL I think Tyler started it with Kaitlyn & masterfully infiltrated the other side. It just lasted much longer than they ever dreamed. The fact that KC, & now Brett ( who is KILLING it), have also repeated the strategy just shows how dim & STUPID the Hive is. It’s SO entertaining.


Of course Rockstar has to make a snarky comment about Angela’s cookies to Haleigh..they are like eating a bag of sugar. She’s constantly shoving candy in her mouth in the HOH room but that’s not the same. Angela didn’t make the candy.

Kid Rock

The crazy part about all of this is come Thursday night they will Blame Scottie and FES for flipping! HAleigh will accuse FES of flipping…

Good thing it’s only Haliegh n FES to go after…. I think Scottie n JC are next after them


Question…after the show ends (and Tyler wins 🙂 ), will any of the FOUTTE/Hive members ever know that they were the biggest idiots to ever play Big Brother? Like seriously…or will they still think they actually played the best game?


They have fans…? I am seriously convered their complete ignorance & idiocies has rubbed off on some impressionable people in this world. Imagine if everyone thought like RS..not a world I wanna live in




This season has been a refreshing change from the last half a dozen or so seasons. There’s good game play, blindsides, power shifts (granted Tyler et. al. was able to manage the damage), drama, tender moments, hilarity and so many good things.

There isn’t anyone that I really just hate. I think Angie is a terrible player and has been quite vile but I still enjoy watching the show and reading the updates. For the first time in years, I am not desperately hoping a meteor crashes into the house and burns everyone into ash. Each week is a little present=)


I am not a L6, 5, 4 fan. But even though the HIVE has won more they are complete idots. I am trying to CAN with them but I CANNOT. (Nikita B’s line) They are sooooooo stupid. I mean I know that we see more than they do but COME ON. They are so blind to what’s going on around them. The fact that they haven’t figured out that Taylor is not one of them even though he has all but spit in their faces. They are just clueless….If it wasn’t for the fact that a couple of them win a few comps this would be a blood bath!!!

And just like those horror movie bloodbaths…I am beginning to root for the psycho killers to FINISH THEM (insert mortal kombat voice and cue the theme music)


I’d love to see Brett win HOH next and put up Haleigh and Fes. With Scottie as a backside option. #KingBrett!


Brett as HOH will be so great. He will have the best speeches.

Justin Trudeau Stained Bicycle Shorts???

All of these filthy, dirty, smelly girls are jealous of Angela.

Justin Trudeau's Stained Bicycle Shorts

Best A$$es on BB20
1- Angela
2- Sam
3- Brett


1) Angela 2) Winston 3) Brett have the best


JC has a cute one 😀

Hannah Baker

Didn’t learn anything from my 13 Reasons Why apparently.


I love that I can come here an read the comments (I don’t post very often) and know I’m not alone with rooting for L6 & all the reasons I like them especially Tyler. Twitter seems to be mostly against them an here you guys are mostly for them an the way I see it is everyone here is just calling it like it is which is how I am. The hive sucks period!! I can’t wait for the backyard interviews to hear all the interviewers ask Scottie what happened to his not falling for a pretty girl flirting with him. I bet that will be what kills him in this game. He is to blinded by Hayleigh an sticking with her so he keeps getting that attention that he isn’t making moves, building much of a social game or anything to help himself!

Bye bay

Does anyone else notice that rockstar looks just like Sid the Sloth from ice age?


Okay…how many more times are you gonna post it? Enough already, please!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Get Level 6 into her speech, and then tell her in her GBM that Level 6 was the alliance that engineered her exit. Might as well twist the knife. ..

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rock sucks but it is funny to watch her “try” and play the game. She actually thinks she is good and outsmarting L6. Lol


What about kaycee speech?
“When rockstar wanted tyler to save her she offerd him safety from hay fess and sam like she owe them all.. and alliance with them and scottie.. where does it leaves j.c and brett? ”
Tyler shouldnt care about telling all that he is the target anyways!! Cmon…
I love that they think he is just a sweet lamb but its about time it stops.. they beed to vote for him at the end they cant keep thinking he follows people omg.. tyler follow ..lol…. thats cute..

Darrell G Irick

i was really hoping for a tie vote this week; would have made for great tv but I will also enjoy seeing rock star evicted….

I really hope Jc, Tyler and Sam are final 3:)

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Watching Fes during the shampoo fight….omg too funny!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Fessy has said on more than one occasion that his favorite movie is “Dinner For Schmucks”. I hereby propose the Hive change their name to Dinner for Schmucks.


It’s quite something to see Rocks bopping around..super happy and contented that her speech is in the bag…not a 32 second allowed speech..but a full 3=4 minute one. ALL about bashing Angela…and laying into Tyler and KC for being friends with that hair flipping sex worker.
Very angry that Tyler and KC have not helped ROCKS game..how DARE they play FOR THEMSELVES !!!
And..she TOLD TYLER not to F***K her.
Well Rocks. He did say he wouldn’t . Because I genuinely believe he’s just not into you. 😉
BTW…the word FUCK comes from the 18th Century. The police blotter used those 4 letters to stand for..
Back to Rocks. A truly boring made up nothing story to Fess about a big muppet. Stupid nothing. But of course laughs from Fess.
In any event..this Tuesday night we have happy Rocky Road. Thurs night will be a WHOLE different story.
Bring it.


Thanks! I learned something new.


Maybe Kaycee can yield her time to Blockstar…that would be hilarious.


Love Tyler, HOWEVER, as a fan i need some adversity. The real legends, those are the ppl who played phenomenally well (Will, Janelle, Dan, Danielle, Ian); i mean they made things happen even when it looked like for sure they’d be out the door — i need for Tyler to do the same and win.

Regardless he is still playing quite well.


Level 6 is definitely the better alliance to root for. I just don’t care for most of them personally. Tyler is playing the best game, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Angela is just a malicious person who wants to convince the puppy its not down and then let them know they are down and kick the puppy. Brett is just too cocky and mean. Kaycee isn’t as bad except she doesn’t do much. She seems smart/mindful/and social to everyone. Hoping she steps it up now that the numbers are dwindling. How the hive hasn’t figured stuff out is infuriating. It is easy to say this as a spectator who sees everything though. The only person in that group who can be redeemable and a possible winner is Scottie. So the people I’m rooting for to get to the end is Tyler/Kaycee/Scottie. It will be real interesting to see who gets America’s favorite this year. I usually can tell every year and I even voted for Cody last year. So far I have no clue who will win. I could see it going to Tyler if he is not final 2. But I’ll be surprised if Tyler isn’t final 2.


I don’t get why people here think it’s so funny to humiliate somebody.

Rockstar is getting evicted and I’m ok with that because it’s a game move but this BS of Angela looking to humiliate Rockstar and Brett helping write her speech and putting in what Angela wants goes beyond game play and is just showing very negative sides of the level 6 members.

If any of us Here commenting were in that house being treated like that we wouldn’t like it. I get it’s a game but why Angela has to be the mean girl and Brett a total asshat is beyond me

Play the game but don’t go out of your way to humiliate the person being voted out Thursday night.