JC “If I get out the other gay people, I am going to get a lot of backlash.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks thinks she’s staying.

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8:04pm Backyard. Scottie and Haleigh. They talk about how Scottie voted out Swaggy C while wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt. Scottie – I thought is he going to hate me? Probably. Haleigh – was I trying to further my game.. yes! Did it work.. No! Scottie – we didn’t get to find that out because I won that HOH. Haleigh – to take out Winston who was irrelevant. Scottie – I used that HOH to prove myself to you guys. Haleigh – that’s true you did. You didn’t really have anything to prove to me. I liked you. I didn’t think you liked me very much. Scottie – really? OH lets go over that? Haleigh – I thought you were way cooler than me. Scottie – how could you have thought that? I literally glued myself to the oldest guy (Steve) in the house. If any one is not hip, its the guy with the glasses that glues himself to the oldest guy in the house. Haleigh – you’re talking to a girl with glasses that is best friends with the oldest girl in the house. Scottie – then you weren’t. Back then it was speculated that you were best friends with Kaitlyn. Scottie – you also spent all your time in the bathroom.

8:25pm Backyard Hammock. Angela tells Brett, Tyler and Kaycee about her gymnastics training when she was younger. She said she dreaded like and depressed about going. She says she was always kicked out for her attitude.

8:30pm Havenot room. Sam and JC. Sam – I haven’t told anybody how I’m going to vote and I’m not going to. What do you want to do? JC – I already told you what I was thinking. Sam – Kaycee? JC – yeah. That is what I am thinking. We’re top ten and if I myself get out the other gay people in this house when I get out of here I am going to get a lot of backlash. That’s what I am thinking, personal. Is Rockstar beneficial to my game? I am not telling anyone what I am doing because I don’t want my vote cancelled. Sam – I am not telling anyone. JC – do what you think is right. I don’t want to tell you.. hey you should do this or that .. but whatever you do don’t do what you did last week. Don’t tell people how you voted. You’re one of my favorite people in the house and I don’t want you to go home. What you did last week was very dangerous. People are paranoid here .. like why is she voting against the house .. and then they target you. People are thinking of the minimum excuse of why to target someone. The less you speak the better.

9:10pm JC teaches Scottie s#x ed with a cucumber and a condom. JC – you guys can play with this .. I will put this right next to the shower. If Kaitlyn was here she would play with this. I will put a sign next to it ..serve yourself! Angela – help yourself?

Kitchen – Fes and Rockstar are trending..

10:08pm – 10:40pm Hammock. Haleigh and Scottie. Haleigh – is there anything that would make you want to keep her? Scottie – Maybe she has some super secret power. Haleigh – Like I could keep you safe till final 2? Scottie – the last time people tried to pitch to me I sat there and said this is what I don’t like about your pitch. Haleigh – I just hate being on the other side because no one wants to talk votes with me. Scottie – no one wanted to talk to me until last week. Fes joins them. Haleigh – did you talk to JC? Fes – he says he won’t say what he’s doing till Thursday. Scottie – he doesn’t want his vote cancelled and he wants the tv time. Fes – if he knows there is going to be 3 or 4 votes he will vote that way. Did you talk to Brett? Haleigh – yes, he said he wants to vote to keep Rockstar. Fes – why? Haleigh – he thinks she’s a physical threat that’s been throwing comps and because she will be more loyal to Angela and Tyler then anyone else. Fes – are you confident in Sam? Haleigh – yes. You (Fes), you (Scottie), JC, Brett and Sam. Fes – JC hasn’t said he is. And Rockstar following him around is not helping. JC doesn’t like that. He already thinks she’s annoying so her being more annoying is not helping. Scottie – well it makes it easier to put her on the block which is what JC likes. Haleigh – just let me know what y’all hear and think .. I just don’t want to be out of the loop. Rockstar joins them. Haleigh – first goal this week is keep Rockstar here. Second goal one of you win HOH. Third goal send them all home! Fes – as numbers get down we have a better chance at winning HOH.. not just skill but probability too. (True, thanks for stating the obvious)

10:55pm HOH Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh are talking. Fes sits on the bathroom sink and breaks it clean off the wall. Haleigh – Fes I can’t believe you just did that?! What made you think you could sit on it?! Fes – we can fix it.

11:10pm HOH room. Haleigh – I am telling you right now if JC tries to pull the last Thursday incedent .. I am completely done working with him for the summer and if I have the opportunity I am going after him because that is not okay. Fes – do you want me to let him know that? Haleigh – no I am just telling you that if it happens again.. Fes – Well I don’t want you to do that because we’re a team. Haleigh – FESSIE! Fes – we talk about what we’re doing. Haleigh – NO, I am telling you what I am doing. Last week.. he is the reason why Bayleigh isn’t here. He is hurting us.

Fes is annoyed with Haleigh because Brett gave her a massage earlier in the day. Haleigh – I’m not going to say no.

11:27pm Brett and Angela. Brett – I talked a lot of sh*t about Rachel. You’re like the only person I can talk to about how Rachel legitimately annoyed the f**k out of me. Angela – same. It was bad. Brett – Like I would literally rank her as one of the most annoying people I have ever met. Angela – one on one Rachel was great. She was in love with you. Brett – shes a nice girl. Once we got in a crowd I literally couldn’t stand her.

2:20am Backyard. Scottie and Brett. Brett – the way I am trying to read it is the ripple effect of what will happen. You know what I mean? Scottie – yes. Brett – so the reality is that Fes and Haleigh might have a final 2. Maybe not. Maybe you have a better read on that, I don’t know. Scottie – Maybe but I would guess her and Rockstar before her and Fes. Brett – okay, I think that Fes and Bayleigh did and that’s a big reason why I did what I did. Scottie – I also thought they did. I know he also had one with Swaggy. I think Swaggy had a lot so that when he got out both Fes and Haleigh got together. Brett – and he’s gotten weirdly close to Sam. Scottie – and Fes and JC are even closer. They whisper out here quite a bit. Brett – so what I am saying Rockstar and Sam are going to tighten and I don’t know where Haleigh falls in the mix. Scottie – unless Haleigh is totally bullsh*tting me she doesn’t fully trust Rockstar. Its weird that Sam all of a sudden wants to play the game. .. that Sam put on the block and said doesn’t respect herself or the men in the house. So Haleigh is aware of that.

Scottie – assuming we get rid of Rockstar we tell Tyler, Angela and Kaycee our vote. And Fes, Haleigh and JC are livid. Vice versa we get rid of Kaycee .. then they’re just going to try and clean up Angela and Tyler. Brett – The thing that I am thinking. Lets say Kaycee goes and that side wins HOH again.. the next people up are Tyler and Angela.. If we keep Rockstar.. no one is going after Rockstar and Sam as a pair. So if we keep Kaycee at least there is that pair in front of us. Brett we also don’t know what the hacker is going to do so that could play a role. We always get blamed. If we leave Kaycee there … whoever else goes up they’re targeting Angela and Tyler and then they also have the replacement Kaycee. Scottie – I think Kaycee is throwing comps. She is out first in every comp but out here whenever we play anything she is really good at it. Brett – what is the scenario that we could pick someone up on our roster. Scottie – I think if we do a safe move we will have a week off next week. Even if we vote out Kaycee .. Tyler and Angela are going to be more pissed at Rockstar, Haleigh and Fes. Tyler thinks that Haleigh is just using him. I’m in an interesting place because I’m good with each of them. And they hate each other on a game level. Scottie – I want to set it up so that we don’t even have to win this HOH and we’re good. Brett – I know. Scottie – because if its a double eviction.. that is going to be a sh*t show. Scottie – what happens if we win HOH? Brett – then we pick one from both sides. We pick a pawn. I feel like if Kaycee goes, we’re more disposable… being a pawn. Voting out a good competitor (Kaycee) puts a bigger target on our backs. Brett heads inside to bed.

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Houka Inumuta

Besides Scottie who has the best chance of winning? I’m thinking JC

Who said that!

Both are playing the middle,the ? Is when will either make a move against Angela Kaycee and Brett,who has also upped his game and is positioning himself well in the house.

Angela's Amazing A$$

KC has a real good shot

Haleigh's Melanoma

When you are in a hole the best thing is to stop digging.

Busta Fooligan

This is what happens when you feed a stray.


Join the discussion…I don’t know right now but boy I would have to take a break from Scottie & tell him LOOK go smell someone else, I know knows she’s trying to secure his votes but GEEEEZE he’s up her butt more than Roc & Fessey…

Angela's Amazing A$$

L6 jury management sucks. Too much backstabbing that will not be forgotten by a bitter jury. The floaters have a solid shot. jc sam and scottie. And before you idiots vote this down, tyler is not going to win. A bitter jury will compare notes in the jury house. Alpha males and puppet masters rarely win BB.


Dan and Derrick were both puppet masters who won. I see Tyler playing a similar game to them.

Angela's Amazing A$$

That is 2. You want to go through all 20 seasons??? Josh and nicole both used shield strategy.


Will, Dan, Derrick…all puppetmasters that won. Those who THINK they are a puppetmaster ALWAYS get someone else the first prize (i.e. PAUL).


Good point, anyone who actually was a legit puppet master didn’t make noise about it because they didn’t have to.

Angela's Amazing A$$

that is 2 out of 20


She is not liked but maggaie also control her season. Boogie(with will.. but still) . Dick.
Those 3 also Had a lot of from jury and played hard
.. but won .
Venneca would of won if she had made it to f2.


Only ones floating in the house in my opinion are Scottie and Rockstar. The rest are brainstorming away with strategy even though most of the time it’s backfiring. There’s a method to everyone’s madness – especially Sam as she truly is touched. Misuse of all those powers has been pitiful. Only good thing about that part is it is messing up production causing them to go with plans C, D and F! Fozzy, as I refer to Faysal, is thinking with the left side of his brain and his “you know what” allowing that imbecile, Haleigh, to run rip-shod all over him. And this guy is a teacher albeit substitute?!!! Thank goodness I don’t have children as I sure as heck wouldn’t want an idiot like him teaching them that’s for sure. I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve heard enough. Thank you for allowing me to vent. 🙂

Hi my name is not Scott.

Their ultimate goal is to get two L6 in the final. Half the jury will hate them but they have to choose. Gameplay will be more of a factor.


Bitter juries need to grow up. They sign for this game knowing full well what they’re getting themselves into. They just can’t take it that somebody else played the game better than they did.


I just think it’s so funny…this dude puts up some ridic post…and we all respond to the post. haha It’s just funny

Who said that!

Can Tyler win this game?Bay Hay and Rock will be bitter jurors and will control Fes vote,if Tyler doesn’t handle Sam with care she could easily feel betrayed and join the bitter brigade making a 5 vote majority.Not to mention he won’t be guaranteed both his level 4 jurors votes depending on who he’s sitting next to and how they got there.Will Tyler play the sweet baby lamb who somehow got to final 2 or reveal himself as the seasons mastermind and risk a bitter jury?Best case,take Sam to the finals and win with JC Scottie and level 4votes.


You never know which way a jury will vote. You never know if those 3 might turn on each other in jury. You never know when they may decide to vote for the person that played the game abd actually deserves the win. Other jurors in seasons past have surprised us for doing just that. They didn’t like the person, and were bitter, but in the end voted for them anyway.

Angela's Amazing A$$

When was the last time a bitter jury respected game play???


When was the last time good game play was played? Wasn’t Paul, but good game play is also owning it which he didn’t!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m thinking that some on “this” jury are going to be just as entertaining as they were when they got the boot.


If Tyler can make it to the end and he deserves to be, I think CBS will put some twist in there to favor him, after the last 2 seasons and the one derserving to win, did not.


I’d say the last three seasons. Love her or hate her, Vanessa deserved to win B.B. 17. She played 24/7…. made herself crazy doing it too!


Paul did NOT deserve the win in either. He played a good game but was a nasty bully and instigator of bullying by others. Karma bites
Tyler is totally different.

Angela's Amazing A$$

Deserving is who figures it out. Josh 19 and Nicole 18 figured it out. The most deserving has nothing to do with comps or social game. Its all about jury management

Hi My Name Is Scott

If you think about it, every juror is bitter for some reason or another because they got voted out. The 2 that are left all had a part in making all those in the jury house jurors. A lot of it comes down to how well the final 2 can explain their game to those voting. You will have a couple that will have their mind made up no matter what. You had to back stab several people to get to the final 2. Someone on the jury will always hate you for it.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I think the best way is to make sure that the final 2 are L6 members. No Hive, no Sam, JC or Scottie. That could take away the bitterness from the jury and they’d have to vote the best player from L6.


I don’t think Bay would be bitter toward Tyler. In the goodbye message Tyler had for her she was fighting back a smile. I think she would respect his gameplay.




She respected his flattery. She just got jury managed by Tyler.

Angela's Amazing A$$

Tyler is hitting on all points except jury management. The more he is perceived as a puppet master, the less likely he gets jury votes. Bitter juries (this one) do not respect puppet masters. They vote for people that they like or do not dislike. Which is why floaters or shield users generally win. Josh used paul as a shield. Nicole used Corey and every other male as a shield. Floaters and shield users will beat tyler on a vote. He is being too cocky and too much of a smart a$$. Its gonna bite him back,


he’s only cocky and a smart a** to the L6, the Hive have no clue and think he is a wounded bird.


I’m going to pause my TV for the moment that Julie says..Rockstar you are evicted*
I realize that Hayleigh is actually very boring. Either being bitchy or whining about something.
Pretty shallow.
Lately I only find Brett, JC and Tyler worth watching.
Rocks has just become a litany of cussing and viciousness.
Although…Monday-Thurs are pretty boring. So..maybe that’s it.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I DVR them so that each eviction, I play the reactions in super slo-mo!! Over and over again! It doesn’t get old and I laugh every time!!


My thoughts on the remaining house guests…

Tyler – The clear favorite to win at the moment. He is playing an all around great game. Lots of comp wins,
great social game. Level6 with alliances with JC and Sam sets him up well. Downside is he has a large
target on his back.

Angela – Is athletic and proven she can strategize. She did a masterful job of convincing Bailey not to use her
power and that she was working with her. Downside is she does not have any connections on the other
side of the house. She bottles up her emotions which make her seem cold to others.

Kaycee – She is well liked in the house which will help her jury votes. if she makes it. Has not proven herself
yet in comps. Has so far been pretty under the radar.

Brett – His game seems to get stronger as the game goes on. The way he has manipulated the other side of
the house into thinking he is with them has been hilarious to watch. Physically he should be able to pull
off a comp win or two. Downside is so far he hasn’t grasped the jury management part of the game.

JC – He is a guy who is pretty much underestimated by everyone. But his style of gameplay can’t continue
much longer. He will likely find himself on the block a lot in the coming weeks.

Sam -She has a good heart but unfortunately its not in the game. It’s been awhile were i have seen a player
who just has no interest in participating at all. I don’t know how she was cast. But she has calmed down
her rants since they started medicating her.

Haleigh – She also has a good heart, unfortunately it caused her to blow up her own game by admitting she
was the hacker. Just when you think she might be turning things around she does something really stupid
like get drunk and reveal a ton of info to her target Tyler. She has a bad grasp of players and their
intentions, and has severe trust issues. The smartest thing she has said is she is not cut out for this game.

Fes -Ah Fes. He is funny but has no idea what is going on. He wants to play the bachelor not big brother. I
don’t think he would be good at that either. He is too creepy, controlling and childish. He really isn’t
playing the game just arguing with Haleigh everytime she talks to someone else. He will get backdoored

Rockstar -Not much good can be said about her game. She is just an angry bitter person who looks for
reasons to hate people. The fact that she is unknowingly letting her enemy write her speech says all you
need to know about her game. She will be leaving this week.

Scotty – Ah Scotty. He is smart, logical and has good common sense. Unfortunately his crush on Haleigh has
blinded him to better strategic options for him. He knows he is the bottom of her group yet he is still
letting her own his game. hing for him is if she is evicted next week.


You make excellent points, but can I make one suggestion?

You should break down your topics into paragraphs, instead of writing it all in one long, jumbled paragraph, as it makes it very difficult to read.

Most people will stop reading a quarter to halfway through one long crowded paragraph, as it puts a strain on the eyes & brain making it harder to read straight through. The brain’s neural activity only process every other word of syntax speech, so with jumbled paragraph, it’s much easier to lose your place or find it again once you have & your brain will give up shortly in & move onto reading something else to avoid the strain.

I know you didn’t ask for a lesson on neural activity or its correlation & I certainly don’t mean to offend you in any way, because as I said; you made some great points & everyone should read them in their entirety. 🙂


Oh quit being grammar police….It was a great post and good insight. I read all of that post and just skimmed yours because it sounded like Bayleigh was typing it.


I got bored and stopped reading after neural activity…



Hi, my name is not Scott

Join the discussion…Ah, the grammar police. Always the life of the party!


I read it all with no problems.


Sorry everyone, for some reason my post lost its formatting.


I read it all the way thru just fine.


No offense to anyone , but if someone’s comment is more than four or five sentences I usually skip over it anyway, formatted or not.


I find it necessary to click enter twice between paragraphs. It looks like a huge gap but it usually ends up being just one space between them.

Hi My Name Is Scott

I say it was a conspiracy perpetrated by those entitled, rich, mean old hosts here, Simon and Dawg…..They changed your format just to be mean and vindictive. 🙂

Just kidding. By the way, have you guys scheduled your deRocksing sessions yet? You should do it now while you can still do it voluntarily. Another day or to having to listen to and transcribe what is said will obliterate what is left of your minds!


If you need something to wash away the filth… may I recommend Krakengard??

Hi My Name Is Scott

LOL. Heading to the store now!


I thought it was a great post, excellent points, and my neural pathways are kicking on all 8 cylinders. Thanks for the insights.


I had no problem reading it but have to agree with Deathlock. It could have been easier if in separate paragraphs. I hung in because it was very informative & thought provoking. Thank you.


I completely agree with you on the Fes part. The rest I’m staying out, to many haters LOL

I posted that picture of Fes watching Hayleigh shower (I blocked out all the website stuff so no one can see where I got it, hope you are OK with it Dawg and Simon) someone literally said it was ok because they “where in a relationship now.”

All I can think is the ONE time he kisses her and she “let’s him” she had an entire bottle of wine. He “stalked” her every chance he can’t see her. Barged in her HOH room the first day like it was his room now too, gets pissed because she flirts with Brett and played Never Have I Ever. It’s more then creepy. It’s just gross. He’s to controlling and the fact that he went from being a dumb but nice guy to that DOUCHE that will take advantage of her drunken stupor made me think he is just not the guy he shows the rest of the house.

Ya she needs to stop flirting but I think she likes him enough for either OK “I need him on my side I just pissed a lot of people off and I’m still playing a game” or she likes him enough because she has not seen what we’ve seen. I don’t think she saw him “stalking” her and even though some people saw it they didnt tell her anything. Brett kinda brought it up but it was a kinda not flat out “this guy won’t leave you alone”

Just my opinion let the down votes begin hahaha


I agree, Fessie is one of those guys who seems so nice/polite/handsome/whatever but has some serious boundary issues that are really really creepy. And Hayleigh seems like someone who will give the guy the benefit of the doubt, because of his better qualities, and find herself having to push back on his jealousy and controlling impulses instead of play her own game. I’m not really a big Hayleigh fan, at this point (I tried), but I hate to see her getting creeped on by a creeper.


Not sure if this is applicable to Fess or not, but by in large the Muslim culture views women as property and having ownership of them. I’ve worked with Muslim women who won’t be in the same room with another man unless another woman is present for fear of disrespecting their women. Perhaps he’s seen that in older generations in his family and has a bit of that in him.


He’s also a two-time All American football champ. Pretty sure he’s not used to the hard-to-get routine or workin’ for the jerkin’.


I could see his obsessive/jealousy/control issues increasing x10 outside of the house. A break up with this guy may include a restraining order!

Another possibility is that there is not much to do in BB house. Easy to get caught up in your head and kill time obsessing about something or someone. At least Rocks-For-Brains has a variety of things to obsess about … Brett, white privilege, b!tch Angela, rich white privileged kids, Angela…

In conclusion, maybe Fes is a really nice guy and good boyfriend outside of the house. Rocks may not be the hate-filled, spiteful person we see but a strong powerful woman that is very loving and always kind to others. Probably not but maybe. ????

Angela's Amazing A$$

this is too f@cking long and boring. Make your point and move on. Try using paragraphs one in a while!!!


Can you imagine Fessy as Bachelor? He’s picking one on night one and he’s done. No dates for anybody else. He’s proposing after a few dates.

Creepy Fessy

I love how Haleigh and Rockstar say the other side of the house is so boring
“All they do is tan and workout. How boring!” LOL they are clueless.

And as if there side is better. All Rockstar does is bitch and complain all day. And
Haleigh and Fess just argue most of the time about stupid shit. How is that
better? Honestly the hive is just comic releif to most viewers. At least the other
side of the house knows whats going on and its enjoyable to watch them joke
about the latest blindside they just pulled.


They assume that the other side is not playing, scheming and manipulating the game behind their backs. It must be so boring for viewers to watch them just sitting there being pretty while luck just happens to tip the game in their favor week after week.


OK I’m screaming. On BBAD Fess and Hay having their usual childish arguments. Just BEFORE commercial break…Fess sat on the edge of the makeup table in HOH….and..CRACK! It’s come away from the wall.
To be continued………………….

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kind of what Hey has been doing to their game play.


Fess Has been called to DR..he’s whing that he didn’t mean to break it.
Long shot of makeup table broken off the wall.
Fess not fessing up to the houseguests.

Like Literally

At least he’s pretty to look at LOL. “Bless his heart.” (After Dark has been better this year.)


Fes is creepy as hell. He’s always watching Hayleigh shower so he could see her naked, winning about how he hasn’t gotten his “d*&k wet in 51 days”. That’s so disrespectful and acts like a child when she talks to another guy. I’m from Texas and I can guarantee you her family does not appreciate how he has treated her. By the same token I’m sure they are embarrassed by her actions as well.


I’m from Texas too and really wanted to support Hay for that reason, but I just can’t. She’s too immature and delusional.


Same…native Texan here and wanted to root for hay…but she’s made it too hard 🙁


LOL Fes is such a train wreck. He acts like a 12 year old. Well he finally left his mark in the house.

He is lucky Tyler rejected Haleigh and she needs someone to help her self esteem. But I will feel bad for him when she dumps him after the show and he realizes he wasted his big brother opportunity.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, I’m fairly certain that once she’s out of the house it won’t last a week. I’m not sure how well he will take the rejection. As it is he gets very angry over her attention to Scottie and time with Brett.

Who said that!

That broken sink is the most interesting thing about watching Haleigh and fes ,arguing must be like porn for them.

Like Literally

Perhaps Rockblock thinks she is staying because “she has managed to stay the other two ties she was on the block” (of course she ignores the fact that she stayed because L6 was always after a bigger target). They should craft and make six matching shirts that read “Secret Alliance L6” for the Eviction Ceremony. That way Rocks will have something cute to wear to the Jury House.


I’m not sure why people are posting ideas where L6 reveals their alliance at this eviction… I’ve seen a couple of posts like this. Why blow their secret now? I’d love to see L6 remain totally undiscovered until the final episode!


I think it’s because it should be more obvious than it is. The hive should have a clue that there is a group out there and not just a bunch of lone wolves who coincidentally seem to vote in a block every week and it’s contrary to what the HoH generally wants.


They are not trying to reveal their secret alliance. They want to put the word “level” in Rockstar’s speech as a reference to the Level 6 alliance and so that they know it’s there but the Hive would not know what it meant.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The point is that they could leave their entire game plan out written in detail and the Hive wouldn’t get it. L6 is mind blown that they are still shocked by every eviction and are still talking game to Tyler (HOH bath tub scene), JC, & now Brett.


Ha! Like Dr Will with his “I’m lying to you” shirts. That kind of thing is TV gold.

Smitten Kitten

Sadly, Brett can’t be as savage as he’d in his goodbye video because he’s playing for jury votes, which is why hes helping Rockstar with her speech.

Angela was laughing at the thought of Brett helping RS, but she didn’t see them working together. Brett isn’t trying to humiliate RS as Angela thinks (well, with the exception of sneaking the word “level” into the speech).
Brett was absolutely helping RS work on her speech & he definitely seemed sincere… he practically wrote the whole thing for her himself.
He also gave her pivotal & valuable pointers on successful public speaking.

Of course he’s still voting RS out, but he’s being smart by trying to finesse that jury vote out of her before she goes, which makes me respect him even more as a player.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

He’s helping RS with her speech knowing full well it will actually humiliate her…and unless the vote is close she’ll realize that when she walks out.

I’m not sure Brett is in it for the win. He seems to be more interested in just having fun, avoiding anal lice and maybe ham it up for AF.


Bravo for sneaking in anal lice. LMAO. Now to clean up the spewed drink from my keyboard…..


First time I’ve ever heard anyone say “Bravo for anal lice”. The things BB makes us say…

another name

Given Brett’s gbm to Bayleigh, i think the smart ass thought that he won’t be able to get her jury vote anyway might overwhelm his common sense. He has the tendency to go for the over the top moment in speeches.


his speeches are great. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen those. I can’t wait to hear what he tells Rock to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if he helps Kaycee to help make rock look even more stupid during the live.

another name

lol. i’m not knocking his speeches. I’m saying he likes to go in for the fireworks in his speeches. with that, and his previous gbm to bayleigh as a template… i’m not seeing him give a particularly different one unless production tries to sway him or asks him to do one nice one and one brett version.


That is smart of him, but hopefully in his goodbye message, he doesn’t blow his cover.


It’s kind of weird how Brett is sooo good at playing both sides in the game but seems to blow it in his goodbye messages. He has a real blind spot about jury management.


Hopefully it was just Bay’s because he knew he would never get her vote. We will see this Thursday if he’s thinking.

Darrell G Irick

I wouldn’t be suprised if the vote is 6 to 0 or 5 to 1 or 4 to 2 only because Sam, JC & Scottie are wild cards…. remember when scottie voted out swaggy c. while wearing a swaggy shirt and remember when JC was working over time to get everyone to vote kaitlyn out, yet he voted to evict Rockstar and remember when Sam voted against the entire house last week and voted to evict rockstar.

Don’t forget that JC is playing both sides of the house …he wants the house to continue going after each other…. so far, he hasn’t been on the block.
Sam did promise both Rockstar and kaycee her vote…


Right, but JC won’t be able to hide his vote this week, even Tyler told him he needs to cut that $hit out this week & own his vote.

There WILL be a line drawn in the sand by JC this week in support of level 6’s alliance. He has his perfect excuse, read the header of this page – he can’t vote out the other LGBTQ in the house (Kaycee) for fear of backlash when he gets out.

He doesn’t really care about the backlash he said, he just needed a believable excuse to tell the hive for voting against them.

Who said that!

JC has been playing a very effective strategy of creating chaos by flipping votes but after this week it looks like he will be exposed and will have to change his strategy.You could make the argument that JC has done more to help Level 6 than anyone by keeping the rest of the house suspicious of each other,even though he’s not even aware of that alliance.


You make a good point, JC has never been a target. Love or hate him, whatever he is doing, it is working.


Thats no longer the case with Scottie. He is totally devoted to Haleigh, its obvious if you are watchng the feeds. There is no doubt about it.

JC has always voted with level6 so dont see that changing. Sam is the wildcard yes but they probably won’t need her vote. I can’t wait to see Haleigh and Fessys faces after the vote. They think they are winning it 4-2.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And last night Brett was able to get Scottie (who thinks Brett is Hive) to tell him everything he knows about the Hive’s plans.

Scottie had such potential.


Well, if Scottie is a member of the hive, he had no choice but to divulge everything and sabotage his game. I’m surprised he didn’t tell Brett he was going to use him as a pawn next week. It’s a requirement of hive membership.


He needs Brett to tell L6 who the pair’s are on the other side so he doesn’t get preceived as being a pair with Hayleigh. You notice all of his Intel doesn’t include him. He is being smart and knows that Brett is going to repeat everything that he tells him.

I think it is funny how he offered up Hayleigh, pointing out that she is really close to Fez and RS, but left himself out of that mix. The only person that he admitted to being good with besides Hay is Tyler, who he knows Brett is allied with.

So Brett will run back to Angela and Tyler like a catty little school girl and they will all have a good laugh at how dumb Scottie is and how they have him manipulated him, while Scottie is telling no one how he sets it up to not be a target each week.


Yeah, Scottie was playing well up until this week. I think it was a mistake for him to give blind loyalty to Hayleigh. Both sides will see that and his target will increase in the next couple of weeks. If L4 wins HOH and Fes and Hayleigh somehow figure out how to save themselves with their one tiny brain, then Scottie will be going home next

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett and Kaycee were just catching up with each other. Kaycee passed on to him that JC says Fessie wants to backdoor him (Brett).

Hope the bathroom sinks at the sequester house are heavy duty.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If it were anyone but the other gay member of the house I might agree about JC. I really don’t think he’ll publicly vote against KC; at least at this point in the game.


JC has already laid the groundwork with Sam that he’ll keep KC (based on his LGBT ties) & let’s face it he’s wanted her out for 3 weeks. Plus JC won’t risk pissing off Tyler.

Sam has promised both Ty/KC she will keep KC if she goes against this they’ll know & she’ll be on an island with no one to work with except maybe Fes.

Brett has positioned Scottie to see why KC has to stay. Yes Scottie is smitten with the WannaBEE Queen, BUT he’s also keen to take out Fes (he just wants to keep Hal around).

Fessy’s vote will be cancelled & I’m guessing it’s going to be a 6-0 (and the FIRST unanimous) eviction of the season. But the BEST part will be if Brett can get FraggleROCK to say Level 6 in her speech (“Angela acts entitled like a LEVEL 6 entitled”) AND then gives her the Mr. Smith GB message. I’m trying not to get too hyped in case it doesn’t happen & is a let down, but it’s hard b/c I’m psyched to hear RockyBalNo say that in her speech.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I do hope Brett continues to help RS continue preparing/practicing her speech, I do hope she goes through with it and delivers it and I do hope BB keeps scanning the faces of L6 while she’s doing it.

Then we’ll see how good of actors they truly are…and who might bust out laughing if she says Level 6 during her eulogy.


I mentioned this in another post upthread.

Sadly, Brett won’t be able to Mr. & Mrs. savage as in his goodbye message, because he’s still playing for jury votes (he went in WAY too harsh in Bayleighs GB message (not that she’d ever give him her vote anyway).

Of course no matter how much he helped her with her eviction speech (and he seemed very sincere while helping her, it was a GOOD speech (maybe all accept for the L6 he snuck in).

Brett will still be voting RS out, but he’s playing very smart by trying to finesse her jury vote out of her before she leaves the game, which makes me respect him even more as a player.

another name

So Fester broke the vanity in nine pieces? I blame Uncle Pigeon.
CrayKay, if you can successfully put the bathroom puzzle back together, you may activate the bonus life.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I kind of wished he had broken some pipes while he was at it. It would have been interesting to see water coming through the ceiling than the whole house being without water once they shut it off.

I wonder if Hay will be kicked out of the HoH room while it’s being repaired? If she is, I’ve a feeling Fessie will be catching an ear full.



Hi My Name Is Scott

CrayKay has been working on that new puzzle for about 10 hours now……still can’t figure it out…..

another name

she should ask sam to help. two sticks, some dryer lint, and a coke bottle and she’d have it samguyvered.


I haven’t been paying attention much this week. Who’s voting with Level 6 this week…Sam, JC or Scottie?


Those three are the votes that matter. JC will probably vote with Tyler and crew and the other two are a bit more difficult to pin down. No one is 100% certain where any of those votes are.


Dawg and Simon,
As always love the screen shots. They make me laugh almost every time.

Bret's Butt

Me too, but need more of Bret’s butt…lol


No, more of Angela’s!,Lol


Yes, please!

Silly girl

Looks like “Saggy” – Rockstar is on her way out. Just wondering, was rockstar her stripper name

The real rockstar

Her stripper name was trayler parks

The real rockstar

Tina Fish


Ewwww… that’s a mental picture I didn’t need!


I actually heard that Pockscar’s mother gave her the nickname in high school. As in “All she ever does is go out and party like a rockstar”


Yep BBsniper I heard the same. rock also said she put Rockstar on all 3 kids birth certificates so they would be “born rockstars”


Eek. That’ll help on job applications and especially when crossing the border…

The real rockstar

Simon you need to set up a go fund me page for Rockscab’s kids so they can change their identities and move before school starts.

Hi My Name Is Scott

You don’t think she (GASP!!!) home schools do you? If she does, I envision Mama Boucher–Ben Franklin did not discover Electricity, I discovered electricity, Ben Franklin is the DEVIL!!!!

The real rockstar

Monday is curse like a sailor day
Tuesday is how to work a stripper pole
Wednesday is how beautiful people are privileged
Thursday is how to make smoke rings with a cigarette
Friday is how to make your own tie dye shirts and how to change the color of your hair every other day.

JC is Pervy

You nailed it! What a negative, foul person she is.


And he was a privileged!

The real rockstar

Possible stripper names for Rockscab
Constance Crabs
Tina Fish
Donna Rhea
Jane Bang

Angela's Amazing A$$

Traylor Park
Redd Neck
Fagina Biggs
Kammy Toe

The real rockstar

Dollar Bill Clinton
Anita Mann


Brett really is in the best position..trusted on all ends. I watched Angela’s life story it was every year since age 5 to junior in high school where she quit gymnastics onto pole vaulting into collage. Was like an autobiography well spoken.

another name

here is a thought. i know the jury will be bitter.
as soon as a member of level 6 gets to jury, the foutte members of the jury will find out what they missed while their head was up their beehive. that will at least partially mitigate some of the bitterness. Seeing that there was a method and reason behind the failure of their alliance, and that it wasn’t personal, it was game, will lighten the bitterness. That’s not to say that the jury won’t be partisan. it will be. but it won’t be as much bitter as it will be partisan.
the bitterness will come more from poor jury management gbm’s than anything else (except for bayleigh. you know she’s going to be bitter no matter what, she said she’d be bitter preseason).
How and why there is finally a break along party lines (who cracks the line first and backstabs their alliance) will be another factor. Given the loyalty of the level side… if one of them jumps ship, that will be a jury management error.
here is the main issue. if the final two are two level members, it’s lesser of two evils. if the final two are a level member and middle ground non member of hive, i think the vote is more up in the air but will sway more to the middle ground player. if the final two are a hive and a middle ground player… it will depend on how the hive member survived, but i still say middle ground takes it. if the final two are a member of level and a member of hive, the vote will come down to the swing players that weren’t members of either.
if i could emoji a cringe face right now:
imagine a jury vote that is split… and comes down to sam being the deciding vote.
no. really. it’s a possibility. everybody better start filling the ice, and doing the dishes and stop breaking things right now is all i’m saying.


I agree, I think Bayleigh will be bitter. I think RS will be pissed at first but I think she’ll be cool as soon as people start going to the jury house. I think the deep root of her talking trash about people is that deep down she wants to be liked be everyone and fit in. Once she’s in a chill environment I think she’ll be fun, she’s been cool with Brett her nemesis, so she can be cool with anyone.

I hope it’s not a massacre of the HIVE though, I’d like L4 to lose someone in the next couple of weeks to make it interesting. I’m worried that it’ll be Brett, I think he’s in the lowest position on L4. I think if Brett grabs some middle people (Scottie, JC, maybe clueless Fes) he has a real shot of making it to the end.

I’m glad this hacker crap is ending, it’s really mucking things up which I hate. There’s been too many twists which makes HOH obsolete and that ticks me off.

In reality it’ll probably be Tyler for the win, the only one really on to him is Haleigh. Haleigh has blown her game these last two weeks, so I don’t see her making it much further. I’m hoping everything shapes up to be Tyler vs. Brett, they’re the strongest two IMO. Brett better win something soon though, because Tyler is killing him game point wise.

another name

If i’m predicting storyline correctly: Tyler will not be one of the final two. Yes, he’s getting a LOT of d/r time. But, his edit isn’t as prime as the edit being given to others. I picture him maybe top 5-6.
No wonder people that only watched episodes didn’t get what Sam was talking about in her Haleigh nom. It wasn’t shown in episodes. Even now, in episode format it appears as though Brett is the aggressor in attempting to use flirtation to deceive Haleigh. Go back to week two, when she started flirting with him because she’d heard he’d named her a target. The episodes still haven’t addressed her flirtation with Scottie. at all. She’s being given the typical america’s sweetheart showmance edit.
Brett’s edit has gone from 14 d/r appearances in the first 4 weeks to somewhere in the 60’s just two weeks later. His stock has gone up in screen time in the second portion of the game.
These are the two that my analysis of episode editing tells me we should be watching in the second portion of the game.


woah Steve is pretty high in ranking today.. Anyone realised?


GO Steve! GO ! I gave him 5 today 🙂


I would rank both Steve and Winston higher than any of the Foutte/ Hive members. I don’t think that either one of them were gullible enough to fall for the repeated stuff that L6 has thrown at that alliance. I know Steve wouldn’t,, he and Winston both would have figured them out. Winston would be still shoved up Brett’s ass so he wouldn’t have been a problem (he’d have been voting the same as Brett and L6). They are both way smarter than anyone on the Hive side. Gotta vote them higher.

who me?

Angela tells Brett, Tyler and Kaycee about her gymnastics training when she was younger. She said she dreaded like and depressed about going. She says she was always kicked out for her attitude…..well no surprise there

Smitten By Haleigh

Boring,boring, boring! I need some drama in the BB house. Come on battle back comp

who me?

You know Angela is using Tyler like she does everyone else..but Simon & Dawg are too smitten to post anything against here: 8:08 AM Wed Aug 15
5:51 am and 6:38 am Tyler and Angela get close in bed
2:21am Cams 3/4 BA check-in Convo between Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler wonders if she is worried about any votes, she says no. Maybe Sam but not the 4 she needs.
Funny note as the convo ends at 2:23:49 Tyler tells her that JC questions him about getting into a showmance with Angela.
Tyler says “I F’n wish.”


Bwawhaha, how in the world does that prove that Angela is using Tyler? She really likes Tyler. She admitted to having a crush on him in her hoh questions.

another name

you just know the d/r has been trying to set up showmances since week two. come on. we all know Grodner believes the showmance to be a ratings and storyline staple. How often do you think the d/r monkeys asked Haleigh if she was interested in a showmance with Fes? How often do you think they asked each of Tyler and Angela about each other?
Considering Angela turned down a showmance with Fes, and mentioned she wasn’t interested in a showmance with either Winston or Brett, and hasn’t been flrting with Scottie… I’m not sure if the vamp role is a fitting one. If Angela were a man, and were playing the way she is, she would be considered to be keeping her head in the game. To be honest, she’s been “using… everyone (sic)” less than most of the others.
What’s the root of the issue here? She put her alliance (and therefore her game) above a friend who cracked under the pressure. A week later she targeted someone that wasn’t in her alliance when she was hoh. insert welcome to big brother gif.
I think she’s boring and her d/r delivery is pretty monotone. She isn’t using everyone any more than every other person in the game is using everyone.


Yeah I purposely leave all the bad things out about Angela.. You’ve figured me out.


Bahaha. Let me summarize the evidence you just presented to justify accusing Simon & Dawg of bias:
“Angela cuddles Tyler”
“Tyler thinks Angela is hot”
Burn her, she’s a witch!


The definition of anticipation…
– Double eviction week.
– Hayleigh is evicted first followed immediately by Brett or Scottie.
– Anticipation is waiting the two minutes it will take for Fes to realize that Hay is alone in jury with his romantic rival and blow a gasket.


Fes would have to self evict on the spot!


Right? But if you self-evict, you don’t get sent to jury. It would *kill* him… he’d be like Sam without the crafting and arachnid husbandry to blow off steam.


I never thought I’d say this, but my sweet dumb Fes is losing his shine. His brain can’t even muster up the slightest spark of intelligence, it was endearing at first but now it’s infuriating. He’s past “Bless his Heart” and if he can’t get a clue soon, he needs to go. If Haleigh is evicted he’ll probably beg to go next just to be with her in the jury house. I think L4 aren’t even concerned with him since he has the IQ of a dodo bird, they’re smart enough to realize that Haleigh, Scottie and JC pose more of a threat. I can see him being the new Blockstar, always being the pawn to get the other three out until it’s his time to go.

I still love you Fes, my sweet little dumbo. I was rooting for you, but your short changed brain is just too much of a hindrance.


That’s the beauty of Big Brother… you can love all your hamsters equally. Accept them for their faults, love them for their strengths, and mock them mercilessly as you watch them eat each other alive.


JC look like he just saw a ghost, lol


The best thing for the hive is Rockstar being evicted 6-0. That’s the only way Hay and Fes will be able to figure out the votes.

Hi My Name Is Scott

JC will still deny he flipped and unsurprisingly Hay and Fes will buy it!


Fes will have his vote cancelled, RS will be voted out, and Hay will still accuse Fes of flipping his vote!


Rockstar could actually stay if JC, Sam and Scottie voted against Kaycee. Cancel out one of those votes you have a tie and Haleigh evicts Kaycee. I am no fan of Rockstar but this game must get more interesting.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You would need all three to vote to save RS to get a tie.

To keep Kaycee: Tyler, Angela, Brett

Cannot vote: Hay, Fessie (Kaycee will void his vote)

Free agents: JC, Sam and Scottie

As for getting more interesting, I just don’t see another week of the Hive’s grand strategy or RS perpetual whining as all that interesting myself. Now if one of the free agents, or a member of L6, decides to make a big move, that would be entertaining for me.


I’m gonna laugh so hard at Brett and JC when those two idiots are taken out!


Bye rockslab! Can hardly wait until this bitch is gone!
So sick of the incessant noise.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“She comes from money and doesn’t have kids. and she doesn’t deserve to be here and she has people serving her like she ‘s a princess.”

Guess who.

Bored stiff

HaHa Brett is a fool. He’s going to spiral down like the rest!! Can hardly wait!

Angela's Amazing A$$

JC – yeah. We’re top ten and if I myself get out the other gay people in this house when I get out of here I am going to get a lot of backlash. That’s what I am thinking, personal.

All of you people in denial—- JC is talking about Brett, Fezzy, Scottie and Tyler. He said “other” gay people. That is plural. He has also said many of the guys in the house are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


he calls them gay because he wishes they were gay!


Exactly. He wishes they were gay. I read production had to warn JC because he was running around inappropriately touching the other house guests with an ice cream scoop. Oh JC you rascal.


Or it could be “English as a second language” mis-wording.


He’s talking about Kaycee LOL He won’t vote her out.

Angela's Amazing A$$

“other gay people” is more than one

another name

given how he said the word cucumber…. i think people for person isn’t such a stretch.


Come on Brett tank your game for Tyler and ang. I dare ya!! HaHa. Fool!


Next update will be an hour later than usual.. don’t worry all you are missing is rocks calling Anegla and Brett soiled spoiled b1tches.

Hi My Name Is Scott

“soiled” LOL do I assume correctly that that was a typo? If so, it so fits what would be coming out of the Rocks mouth. If not, love it even more! LOL again!!!


Does that mean she’s not using his speech? That would suck because it’ll be better for her game than whatever crap spews out of her mouth.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Soiled was so much better 🙁


What is JC thinking? He’s worried about backlash outside of the house if he voted to evict Kaycee.

Kaycee wouldn’t think twice about voting out JC if he was on the block.

JC it’s a game, did you come to play or not?


It’s a good excuse for not voting out Kaycee.


When Pockscar is evicted, Angela needs to say, “I’ve been privileged to spend this time in the house with you”


Brett thinks he is running for class clown