Angela “This sh*t is good for us. The insensitive and personal attacks.”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

8pm The house guests are in the living room. The house guests are acting out scenes as other house guests are their voices. Next they do slam poetry.

Bathroom – Tyler and Brett. Brett – have you talked to Kaycee yet? Tyler – No, have you talked to Rachel yet? Brett – no. Tyler – Kaycee said she would tell you and Rachel said she would tell me. Brett – interesting. Tyler – Fes was like another physical threat out and then there’s no way they’ll come after another physical threat. What the f**k are you talking about. Yeah, alright good idea?! Brett – he’s not much of a thinker. Tyler – nope.

8:05pm Havenot room. Brett tells Angela that Rachel told Tyler she had something to tell Brett. Angela – do we know who the three people are that have apps? I think its Sam, Kaitlyn and JC. Brett – I just don’t think Kaitlyn has a quiet enough mouth. I still think Bayleigh. Angela – this sh*t is good for us. The insensitive and personal attacks. People impersonating and making fun of each other. Brett – I really want to know what Rachel has to tell me.

8:13pm Bathroom. Bayleigh and Sam. Sam tells Bayleigh that she feels like the girls are acting different around her. Bay – I haven’t noticed that but if you notice something let me know and I can keep an eye on it. How do you feel about the all girls thing? Sam – I don’t have a problem with that. I would be cool with that. Bay – that’s cool. Sam – I don’t know, all of a sudden they’re a pair and I feel left out. Bay – I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose. As time goes on those things will start to be noticed. We will start to see who is getting irritated by each other. Those things will come out.

8:40pm Outside the HOH room. Rachel, Brett, Angela and Winston work out.

9pm Brett and Rachel. Brett – what’s up? Rachel – nothing much. Brett – Kaycee told me you had something to tell me? Rachel – I heard JC has a power. Brett – I heard he does but that its not something he can use on someone else. Rachel – oh really!? Brett – I am trying to get Sam to use it. She just keeps saying it wouldn’t be fair. All because she was the robot and doesn’t want to do that to anyone else. At the same point, I think Kaitlyn and Haleigh pissed her off enough that she might use it. Rachel – Kaitlyn and Haleigh pissed her off? When? Brett – during this little thing (HG’s acting in the living room.) Rachel – what did they say? Brett – whatever they said she came in fuming. Rachel – I didn’t even notice. Rachel – I think they’re trying to play that last vote off on Kaitlyn. Brett – I wasn’t nervous but now I am. Rachel – its natural to be nervous the night before.

9:13pm Lounge room. Kaycee, JC and Tyler. JC – we’re keeping the vote the same. Kaycee – locked in to keep her in. JC – lets not open our mouths about the vote. Rachel joins them. JC – when we vote it is very important that you keep your mouth shut. No matter what, don’t say anything about the way you’re voting. Rachel – I am already telling people that I’m voting to keep Brett. JC – well stop that immediately. They practice their surprised face when the votes are revealed.

10:50pm Lounge room. Kaycee, Rachel and Angela. Rachel – I think we should re-look at the all girls alliance just because if next week Brett was to get power and say f**k it I’m going after Rockstar for the fact that she started the all girls alliance. The important thing is, we need to get the guys out now. So I am scared if we tell them about this they could switch it and try and go after the girls. That would be bad for us because they would be expecting us to keep them. We said we had something to tell them. I told Brett it was the JC thing. Angela – but if we tell Brett for example.. Brett is a very good
schemer. He is good at like flipping stuff and he might have a solution that we can use this to our advantage. Kaycee – they might not take it seriously too. Angela – it could be all bullsh*t too. I could be Rockstars way of keeping her safe. Rachel – lets just see who wins HOH. If we can’t throw it to Brett or Tyler. Kaycee and Angela both say they don’t care if they win HOH too. Angela if it come down to me and Brett, then I am falling off. We should make a deal with him out loud. Rachel – I just feel like we should keep it to ourselves until after HOH. Angela – we only tell two guys instead of all of them. Angela – I think that the charades was really good because it got Sam mad at Kaitlyn and Haleigh.

11:12pm Havenot room. Tyler, Sam and JC. Tyler and JC tell Sam they think it would be so cool if she won HOH. JC – we spent all week campaigning to keep you here and now we’re so proud to see you going for the HOH. Sam – I think you just want me to get it so that you can tell me who to put up. JC – I don’t think I even need to tell you who to put up. I think you already know who you’re going to put up. Sam – I know who one is but who is the other? JC – the other would be a pawn. Sam – if I get HOH and put people up .. then after y’all are going to send me home. JC – shut up! no! You’re going to make at lease top five.

11:30pm Bedroom. Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh. Haleigh – Angela just ran up to me in the bathroom. F**k they know. She just kind of sat down next to me and said what’s up?! I was like did you talk to Rockstar. She nodded her head. She said I liked what she had to say (about an all girls alliance.) Bay – of course she’s on board. Kaitlyn – more importantly when was this conversation with her? Haleigh – she said now with the man-eaters I am thinking about changing my vote. Haleigh – I don’t think one of them told Fes, I think someone told a guy and that guy told Fes. Kaitlyn – we don’t want to bring any more attention to it. JC joins them and the conversation ends.

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So glad Brett got rid of that cheesy stache, he reminded me of Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights! lol


Kaitlyn is the smartest BB player I seen in a long time. Every single thing she says makes a lot of sense. She’s such a beautiful girl inside and out. She can get any guy she wants so why does she go for Dumb Teacher = Faysal, Hardcore Bro guy = Brett or tacky palm tree tattoo guy = Tyler? I would think she would have better class than these picks


Kaitlyn, is that you?


I should just sealed you in my body and never revives you. Get back here Orochimaru.


Kaitlyn is Bat-Sh&t-Crazy.. She is not smart. She is a Bug eyed, whiney idiot.


This could easily go down as the most downvoted comment ever on OBB


I actually hope Sam uses her power because I like the dynamic of the bros in the house. What would be most entertaining IMO is for Sam to use the app, the evictee wins his way back in the house, both of the bros stay, one of the bros wins HOH, and then Bayleigh sweeps in with her app to make the noms herself. Are you hearing me, production? 🙂

Double Ds

1. I had no opinion of the bros until last night’s show. Both were jerks.

2. Angela wins HOH…Bayleigh uses her power and nominates 2 from the other side…Sam’s power gets used


As a game fan, not a HG fan, I want chaos.

Sam does NOT use her power. Angela wins HOH (she’s feels too safe, we need her skin in the game) and puts up Scottie and Fes, making clear Scottie is the target…then Fes wins veto and RS goes up as replacement and there’s a split as to who should go…then Bay swoops in and changes it to Brett and Tyler, while making loud and clear that she sees Tyler as the snake, manipulating everybody…then Tyler, feeling vulnerable and unwilling to gamble he can win his way back on Sam’s power, uses his power to pull himself off the block, which means Angela as HOH gets to nominate and Kaitlyn goes up…then Kaitlyn is evicted, but Sam’s power gets played and she wins her way back in.

This is maximum chaos…and if Psycho-eyed Winston has to be sacrificed, so be it..


I think it would be interesting if Brett wins HoH, Bayleigh uses her power to nominate Tyler and Kaitlyn. Veto is played, Brett nominates Angie whoever is voted out wins the probably easy comp to return via Sam’s power. The week is a dud but everyone is confused and paranoid.

BB Fanatic

Tyler’s power can’t pull himself off I don’t think. I think he has to use it prior to nominations and POV.


YES…he does.


Rachel needs to swing herself Nd Kailtyn needs to dip, I hope BBStudio crowd boo tf outta her when she gets evicted


Rachel is savage. I think she could win. Best gameplay right now imo.


Right now? As in above? She’s blowing her game, thinking the man-eaters is real. If she’s the one girl not ratting…and she’s naively assuming nobody’s ratted yet…then that knocks her WAY down the totem pole. Couple that with the revealing of her competition strength and now it makes it very easy to see her as expendable. Brett and Tyler already see Rachel isn’t talking.

It’s a catastrophic mistake to believe your own BS…and playing nice with the other side, pretending she’s not close to the guys, etc is starting to be real. She’s forgetting it was just a ploy and now sees a viable parachute…it’s not..


I’m thinking Rachel is good with the all girl thing for a couple votes. After that she’s done with it. I don’t see her as one who’ll drop a successful alliance for the crapfest that is Kaitlyn and others.

But, um

It could be real if the girl’s could keep their mouths shut. Every season, I hope for a all girl’s alliance that actually works but at least one girl always runs to the guys. And then the guys shut it down. Guys can do all guys alliances, why can’t the girls?! Ugh!


Hey y’all, it’s me… the peasant who can just watch the CBS broadcast! I must say that I’m loving Scottie’s one liners. He’s funny in the DR and he was amazing during the Veto ceremony. I laughed so much and it was amazing to see the bros’ faces. I must add that I don’t read much this spectacular blog because I like to give myself the chance of being surprised by the episodes, so I dunno if Brett is a good guy. On TV he is somewhat cool and that’s the only reason why I want him to stay. Winston does not come off nice on TV, he has called Scottie so many demeaning names and I can’t forgive that. It’s a game… play fair. Attack him in the game and not his appearance. You shouldn’t lose your cool because you are bad at playing BB. For that reason, I’d rather have Sam not use her app… even though she can’t control next week, it’s better than just keep on saving the big alliance she was never a part of. I’m enjoying this cast… so far so good. Keep supporting Simon & Dawg!


Agree 🙂

Like literally

why is people hating Kaitlyn ? What makes her worse than anybody there?


She is a total psycho. She claims to be able to read everyone’s auras and hears voices in her head. She flipped the vote to take out Steve, going against her alliance at the first eviction and lied about it. The second eviction she went against her alliance again and got Swaggy evicted. She was HOH but still tried to shift the blame. She is crazy. Bitches and fighting all the time and making up stuff about other people. At least that is MHO.


For someone who supposedly meditates, she is one of the most reactive people I’ve ever seen. She needs to up her meditation game. Namaste.