“Dude i’m telling ya you are going to be here it’ll be 7-4 I can feel it” – Tyler

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers – Winston is going as of right now but who really knows. LOL

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Winston is the first one up….

9:23am Kaycee asks Scottie for a back crack..

9:40am Rockstar and Kaitlyn talking about how only Winston campaigned to them
Rockcod.. Literally only one of them thought my vote mattered..

9:56am am Tyler and Brett
Brett doesn’t know how to phrase his speech does he call people out or try and get Sam to use the power app. Tyelr tells him if it was him in Brett’s spot he would stay pretty level and not rock any boats, “Nothing too crazy”
Brett – yeah.. I have an awesome speech prepared that doesn’t shoot shots at anyone
Tyler – just do something sweet because everyone is expecting a performance.
They laugh if Winston comes out starts taking verbal shots.
Brett doesn’t think he’ll do it, Tyler agrees.
Tyler – you’ll be fine either way, Sam’s pretty solid
Brett – when I was talking to uh.. Haleigh.. I dunno
Brett seems to thin Theres a fraction of a chance he can get Haleighs vote.
Tyler – her game makes no sense to me
Brett mentions how freaked out RockSalt was when she saw Haleigh and him talking for so long yesterday.
Tyle r- good get Rockstar freaking out
Tyler – that’s exactly what JC wants to pin them.. whos the 6 votes.. one of the girls
Brett – I feel JC wants it to be 6-5 he wants to make sure it’s 6-5
Tyler – I don’t know why.. I’m like dude.. it’s 7-4.. we can pin two votes on them.. it’s obvious it;s the other side.. if it’s 6-5 everyone is going to think it was me over there..
Tyler – hopefully I can blame it on someone else
Tyelr thinks he can still swing Kailtyn’s vote.
Brett – i’m going to try today..
They agree it’s not worth his time to have a 1 on 1 with ROCKSTAR
Tyler – Dude i’m telling ya you are going to be here it’ll be 7-4 I can feel it..
Brett was talking to Rachel about it last night and she was like “dude lets both go to Sam”
Brett doesn’t think two people is a good idea.. better to do one on ones..

10:07am KAitlyn gets another vision 
Kaitlyn – I had a vision last night that the competition will include balancing fruit..  Fruit NINJA
Kailtyn I had a dream.. I had a vision.. the next competition will be fruit balancing on my head.. Fruit NINJA

10:14am Bathroom Brett and Sam

Brett we sopend all day getting ready..
Sam – I spend all day getting everyone else ready
SAm goes on about how she loves small ankles.. brings up someone called Bradly taht has tiny ankles.. goes on about how she likes thgem. Mentions that Tyler also has tiny ankles.
Sam thnks Brett’s aankles are small. Brett goes on to explain canakles..

10:22am Kaycee, Angela and Rachel
Rachel – I hope I’m never on the other side
Angela – i just can’t wait for Kaitlyn to go home
Rachel – me tooooooo
Rachel- I think we need to keep that thing to us .. at least until HOH (Girls alliance)
Kaycee – what if I already said something.. She laughs..
Rachel – shit ..
Kaycee – it’s not that bad
Angela – it’s not going to matter
Kaycee – I haven’t told B i told T
Rachel – I just don’t want the targets to flip
Jaycee – we’re fine

They talk about how they will single who they would target if they don’t have a chance to talk. Rachel suggests making a rocker pose. Kaycee tells her it’s to obvious.
Kaycee – just say WALL (LOL)
They laugh about their code.. ‘the great wall is more important than the wall” (Dunno who the great wall is.. )
Rachel – igor.. the very lanky tall monster.. that lurks.. Adams family igor.. (Igor is fes?
Angela doesn’t know who the wall is. “I haven’t been listening”
Rachel says the person that got stuck on the wall is wall..
Rachel – the mini wall.. (kaitlyn)
Angela – that is obvious
Kaycee – not mini wall pegs..
Rachel – pegs will be gunning for it.. you know what I mean
They agree Pegs will put up a Bro
They have a new name for someone “helmet” (No idea who this is)

10:58am Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Rachel (Brett and Winston come in on this)
They are filling him in on the code names.. PEGS, Wall, Great wall and Helmet.
(Wall is RS, Pegs is kaitlyn, Great wall must be Fes, Helmet is Scottie or Haleigh?)

11:05am Kaitlyn and Sam
K – are you using your power
Sam shakes her head.. – I dunno..
K – I just hope after very personal display and how badly my feelings were hurt by Brett that you wouldn’t.. Like I was really hurt .
K – I don’t think I can look at him the same way again. it would be very upsetting to me if you did that
Sam – you mean if I brought Brett back.. no I don’t indent on doing anything except voting at the last minute
Kailtyn – I don’t think I’ve expressed to you
S – no because you don’t talk to me anymore
K – you don’t talk to me
Kailtyn – I’ve talked about your energy this and that..
S – there’s been too much people shifting around staying in the same room the entire day..
S – I hate this part of the week it makes me so uncomfortable;
Kaitlyn talks about the drama with Brett. Sam says she’s stayed 100% out of it it didn’t involve her and nobody has come to her about it until right now.

Kaitlyn brings her into the have nots so she can tell Sam all this stuff that Sam doesn’t want to know. Kaitlyn goes on about how she was trying to keep Brett all while they were trying to get her on the block.
Sam – Haleigh loves Brett
K – I was the only one defending him..
Kaitlyn- to hear the night before..
Sam – at the same time you were defending Brett but you were sending Winston home
Kaitlyn- I didn’t have a relationship with Winston..

Kaitlyn – during his veto speech he made a very personal attack on me.. everyone knows it.. it took them a minute to figure it out..
Kaitlyn- please don’t make fun of something I can’t control please don’t make fun of the hits I get. (weren’t you just making fun of it?)
Kaitlyn says she voting Brett out
Sam says her power expires this week and the only thing fair for her is to not use it.
K – I just want you to know how upset it made me.. it’s just sad
S – I see now.. yeah,.. how that was hurtful towards you and how that was specific and intentional

Sam goes on about how she doesn’t know the game etc etc..

11:20am Kaitlyn and Winston
Kaitlyn – are you scared.. you Shouldn’t be.. you have the numbers..
Kaitlyn says she feels bad for Brett she shouldn’t be but she’s human..

11:20am Kaitlyn and Tyler
She tells him she’s going to sneak some essential oils in Brett’s bag. she doesn’t want him to find out “He’ll find it one day”

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Just Me

Is Kaitlyn still suffering from HOHitis? Or, is she always this self centered? She needs to be taken down a peg or two. I want Sam to use the power just because Kaitlyn doesn’t want her to.


Kaitlin will still get her when Brett stays. She hates him and really thinks he is leaving.


Self centered and not very self aware…. she’s constantly playin’ victim and she’s annoying with all that psychic BS…. Anytime I see her I think of Gollum from Lord of the Rings


I really hope Winston leaves just so we can see Kaitlyn’s facial expressions and non-Zen-reaction. lol


Winston is definitely leaving/


I would pay 20 dollars to Palm Tree Tattoo guy to laser his disgusting work of poop. BTW just because he said “dude”, that doesn’t make him hip or cool. It makes him look like a stoner hippie wannabee loser. Can’t believe Kaitlyn wants to break up her 5 year relationship for this loser. EW.

Goony Burd

I recognize that those words are English, but none of what you just wrote makes any lick of sense. What are you talking about?


Palm Tree Tattoo guy = Tyler. I would pay him 20 dollars to get that ugly thing off him.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn doesn’t have to break up the 5 year relationship….her boyfriend already did. But the visions haven’t came to her in her dreams yet to tell her he isn’t going to be there when she gets out.


For real? Embarrassed about her bed hopping then?


Kaitlyn…how not to love the character?


I just can’t wait to see Kaitlyn and Scottie’s faces when Julie say “With a vote 7-4 Winston you are evicted from the BB house”:):):)

Your average BB Fan

I don’t think Scottie Cared who went this week he just wanted the bros gone .


After Brett took the mickey out of Scottie in the Veto speech..(Scottie was P***SSED* so I think he REALLY wants Brett OUT 🙂


Me too. lol.


Hey Lizzie! Unless I missed something, I’m just not convinced the vote will be 7-4. I don’t think Kaitlyn or Haleigh are dependable for flipping their vote. Miss Love&Light holds a nasty grudge and Haleigh knows it’s not time to reveal she’s a lethal floater just yet. Once Tyler’s side has stronger #s, I have no doubt Haleigh will flip to that side. Maybe Kait and Haleigh could be convinced to vote together tonight….I’m just not sure they would risk it at this point. Clue me in if there’s something I missed. I’m going back over the feeds now.


I was just going by what Tyler said. Lol


oh, okay. Thanks! I thought I missed something.


Tyler and Sam all the way.

Patsy Davis

Hail to the nah Han nah al!,,,


Hi guys I’m in Europe so how many hours from now to know the result?


Lovely thanks


Question: Who is being evicted?

Answer: A Bro!


Kaitlyn is delusional or her spirits are playing pranks on her… she is all sorts of wrong. I had a feeling she stumbled on a good strategy last week. This Season is different in that the people who usually would go out early as no harm no foul eviction. I can see if Winston go’s Brett and Fezzy team up. Bay has a huge power that will probably guarantee some combination of her, hay and maybe Fez or Rocksalt. I think if Fezzy, Bret, and Tyler get together they can rule the house. Unfortunately, Scottie has a hate on for Brett and Sam so I can not see Scottie joining ranks. TBH honest my Dream Team right now is Fezzy, Brett, Kaycee, and Angela… I have my reasons.


My dream team is Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, and Sam. I don’t care about any of the guys, but concede that Tyler played a good early game.


So you like silence and walls

double D

My dream team involves Rachel and Angela but I don’t think you and I are having the same dream


hahahahaha hahahaha Literally just spit water out all over myself. Just wish it could’ve been Rockface’s face


I can go with that. Buttttttt…..how bout Sam using the power…and then an all bros alliance with fuzzball, tyler, brett, and winston? :p


Even better :p

Snotty G

The way I look at it, If Sam uses the power (and does it by making a deal with the bros) it is a net positive for her game. If she doesn’t use it and it becomes auto-mode next week it could either be a positive or a negative to her game. Personally, I wouldn’t take the chance it could bite me in the ass. I am pretty neutral on the Bros. Good for comedy relief, a little arrogant…. But staying would put targets on Rockhead, Krazy and Scottie, who are my 3 least favorites left in the house. I’m pulling for her to use the power.


I’m really pulling for her to use it too. I agree with what you said. It is to her benefit to use it. She claims to not know the show or the game, so why is she even on the show competing to win money. Her game of “playing no game” is going to suck if she won’t even use the advantages that are given to her. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sam as a person, this k she’s great. I just think it was a waste of a chance to be able to play the game for some other person who loves the show/ game. You can’t win at this game, or any game, if you don’t PLAY THE GAME!


Totally agree. I feel like if she doesn’t, this will be the first time in BB history, that someone chose not to use a beneficial power that was handed to them


Next to Tyler, I think Kaycee is playing a great game. She sat back & observed for a while, came to her conclusions on the hg’s & linked up with Tyler. Smart. She’s getting her social game together too. I think she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming weeks. I just love Sam! If she doesn’t win, I think she’s a shoo-in for America’s Favorite HG.

I don’t think Tyler, Kaycee, Sam or Rachel want to win HOH this week. Unless Fezzie, Crazy Kat, or Box o Rocks look like they may win. Once these 3 are out, they will drop. TBH….I think JC has the best chance at endurance. Low center of gravity.

Like everyone else, I’m dying to see Crazy Kat’s face tonite when Brett stays!!!!

Should be interesting to see when Bayleigh uses her Identity app. If Fez goes up, he’s going to bug the devil out of her to use it.

I am loving this season!!!! No vets, no one banging pots & pans, no voting with the house, no 200 weeks of safety….just game play!!

Thanks to Simon & Dawg for such a great site. Game wouldn’t be the same without you!


Ditto all that! 🙂


Kaitlyn…it’s all about you! Why on Earth would Sam care if Brett hurt your feelings? Boo Hoo. This chick is certifiable or else she’s on Crack!


When it comes to Sam and her power, I do not quite understand her reluctance to use it! Her choices are a) use it to repay the one who saved you week one or b) take a chance on the unknown using it who may very well end your journey! I would not leave my BB life in the hands of chance that is a definite! Her fear of the other side coming after her, well that is just part of playing BB! No risk, no gain!

And by watching Scotties reactions when asking his minions what the numbers are for the votes, he can say it matters not to him for as long as he likes, but inside, you can tell that boy is petrified of Brett staying in that house! Because lets face it, he knows without a shadow of a doubt, if Brett is there tomorrow, he may not be there next week!

I am hoping that L6 win HOH tonight, as they are due for a win! Preferably either Angela, or Bret as I think they are going to show the others exactly what they are made of tonight! No more holding back for those two! The days of throwing comps are over at this point! It is going to be good tv tonight!


Plus, I would pay to see the rat’s face when he realizes that his big, powerful, move is null and void and his entire HOH was a waste. Well, not quite a waste, as he showed his cards. By not even considering Rockface, he showed he is truly aligned with her.

Old granny

Does anyone know if they revealed what the other two B.B. apps and crap-apps were? Like the details and stuff cuz I would like to know what people missed out on…

Old granny

I want Winston to stay and become the biggest pawn this season. It’s so funny because someone like him all bro ish and macho has never really been a constant pawn in the past…


Just read a spoiler alert out of Vegas about tonight eviction! Not sure if you want them posted here! Simon, Dawg?


They just reported that IF Sam uses the power tonight, it will be a puzzle challenge for re-entry! Although it is believed by most she uses it, I am searching for confirmation on that!


Why those girls talking about the wall? Trump still hasn’t gotten the funding for it!
I bet they all voted for him. Ugh. Angela still boring as hell. She the new Rachel (BB6).

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Don’t bring politics into this. The wall is because of the rock wall.


So Brett i staying in the house because they think he will be a bigger target? I don’t think the Bro’s are that impressive in competitions I guess it’s there social game moves these people are afraid of. I always feel like these muscled out bro types every season are a disappointment, they can’t win anything. It’s crazy how people are actually believing Brett that he would vote out Rockstar, I don’t think so no one is going to go for that easy of a target. I hope anyone but Kaitlyn wins the HOH, please get that girl out! My favorite is definitely Tyler, I think he’s playing the best game!


Why doesn’t Sam use the power to her advantage? She must really not know anything about the game. Erg! Make a deal with the bros to keep you safe or some other deal with anyone!! Such a waste to let it go til next week-it’ll bite her in the butt!


I kind of want Sam to use her power tonight to possible save both the Bros BUT if that doesn’t happen I do think it would be awesome if she doesn’t and someone from level 6 wins HOH and puts up Rockstar and Bayleigh and then Bayleigh uses her power to change noms and puts up 2 people from Level 6 and then Sam’s power is used and who ever is voted out come back into the house.


Hi, is anyone know how I can watch the live show tonight online for free?