Amber “I’ve been in less awkward situations in 5 year relationships than I’ve had with this kid.”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 04-28-11-429
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2:30am Out on the backyard couches Nicole and Cody are talking. Nicole says I trust you, Derrick and Hayden. She says I wish I would have found him (Hayden) sooner because I can trust his opinion. She says that he isn’t trying to manipulate me at all. Cody says a lot of stuff I say, I base it off of Hayden. I don’t think anyone knows about us either. If you guys are on the block next to each other. It doesn’t matter who they put up, we will control the votes. Next week you only need 5 votes to stay. If I got put up next to zach I’ll be fine. I don’t want to be close to you and Christine because they may put us up together. I dont want it like we talk to much. Nicole says that it’s hard sometimes because I only want to talk to people that I can trust. Cody asks you don’t talk to anyone about what we talk about do you? Nicole says no, I trust you. Cody says that after this week, I think we’ll have a lot of persuasion. Cody says that he can talk Zach into anything. Nicole says that Donny said he trusts you and Hayden. She says he doesn’t talk game to me. Cody says that he doesn’t really talk to me either. We both put him up. He told me that he trusts you the most out of anyone. Cody says Donny told me that he understood why I had to put him up. He said if he’s not in the game any more he wanted you and I to be in the final two.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 03-03-34-037

3am In the havenpt room – Derrick and Victoria are talking. Derrick talks about how there are people lying about who they are outside the house. He says you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think people are lying in here. The cameras switch to the kitchen. Cody comes out of the bathroom with a pantyliner over his eyes. He come out to the kitchen where Christine and Hayden are sitting at the bar. He tell them that they can’t use it because he trademarked it. Cody then rips it off his face. In the bathroom Cody takes a shower and Amber grabs a bucket of cold water and dumps it on him. He tells her he is going to get her back. When Amber is in the bathroom stall he holds the door shut. She pushes on the door and then he lets go and she flies out onto the floor.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 03-09-56-102

Out in the backyard. Zach and Caleb are playing pool. Caleb says she can play her own game come Thursday. See how she likes that. Zach says at least let her sweat a little bit. I asked how the date went and she said it went well but I don’t like him like that. She just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Caleb says HmmMMMmm. Zach says and she already said that she isn’t going to try to talk to you. Caleb says yeah Cody said the same kind of thing. Zach says you should have stopped talking to her two weeks ago. Caleb says she said that she doesn’t like to sleep next to guys and then her and I would sleep next to each other. We would whisper and hold hands talking about what we missed about back home. Caleb says I am done. The world knows who I am! Zach says Beast Mode Cowboy! Caleb says yeah! Zach says you’re going to have girls all over you when you get out. Caleb says oh I know, we just had so much in common. Caleb says well I can put it in motion for her to go home. Zach says its not right the way she treats you. If I was you I would be pissed! She said that she is the reason that Devin went home. Frankie comes out and they talk to him about Amber. Frankie says I can’t stress this enough that we can’t blow it to her too early. Caleb says all I can say is that if she tried to talk to me she would look stupid because I wouldn’t even talk to her. Caleb heads over to the hammock and lays alone.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 03-20-45-376

3:30am Up in the HOH room – Frankie and Zach talk about the Caleb / Amber situation. Zach says this is great he wants her gone. Zach says this all started because of me. Zach says he was the one that went to Derrick, then Amber, then Caleb. Zach explains how he broke all the news to Caleb, broke his heart and scored the goal! Zach says when Amber asked if she should talk to Caleb I told her no. I told her that time heals all wounds. If this blows up it will all come back to me. I am just going to follow Caleb around all day. Just remind me to. I just have to make sure she doesn’t talk to Caleb. Frankie says that he is now working with Jocasta. I asked her if she is working with any one and she said no so I asked her if she wanted to work together. Zach says dude you’re not going to have anyone coming after you.

3:45am Nicole goes to the storage room and grabs a fish in a bag and goes to put it in Hayden’s bed in his pillow.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 03-47-35-545

4:10am Zach and Frankie are laying in bed together. Zach rubs Frankie’s back. Zach says I could just sleep on you. I love you man. Frankie says I love you. Zach says too bad I’m not gay. Frankie says yeah because you would be having the best sex of your life. I would marry you. I love every thing about you. Zach says I love everything about you too. We were a match made in big brother history.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 04-09-41-326

4am – 4:40am In the earth room – Amber feels bad that Caleb is upset. I feel bad but I don’t care. I just fell like it needs to blow over. Boys are worse than girls. Amber brings up how when he wanted to talk to her she told him in a nice way that I just didn’t want to. That was 4 days ago and he hasn’t talked to me since then. Amber comments on how Zach asks what was up with her and Caleb. I said nothing is up with me and Caleb because there has never been anything with me and Caleb. Amber says I’ve been in less awkward situations in 5 year relationships than I’ve had with this kid. And I’m not even anything with him. Everyday its something different. Like him walking by me and ignoring me is just disrespectful. Amber says I am not going to go out of my way to talk to him. They head to bed. Nicole asks them not to let Hayden wake her up after finding the fish in his pillow because I am going to be busy sleeping in the havenot room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 04-02-34-509

4:40am – 5am Hayden comes out of the diary room and knows Nicole hid the fish somewhere in his bed. He digs around in his bed and finds it in his pillow. He then chases Nicole all the way out into the backyard. He throws it at her and then continue to chase her inside the house. Nicole runs to the earth room and hides behind Cody. Cody hides her and Hayden slap both of them with the fish. Cody says great now my hoodie smells like sh*t. Nicole then goes and grabs another larger fish and goes to get him but he grabs it and she falls on the ground. She’s laughing and screaming saying don’t! I’ll do anything! He slaps her with it a few times. After Nicole starts gagging as she takes her hoodie off. They complain that the whole house stinks like rotten fish.

5:05am Cody, Amber and Hayden have a pillow fight.

5am – 5:35am Caleb is out in the backyard pacing around. Talking about how he can’t sleep and is walking off the boredom. Beast mode cowboy coming in hot this week. Gonna make some plays and get some people out who we don’t need any more. People think they’re safe in this house.. not with beast mode cowboy in the house. I can’t wait to wrap my lasso around then and take them down. Caleb finishes pacing and goes to play pool with himself.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 05-03-11-503

6:30am Caleb heads to bed..

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 09-09-42-504
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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I’m really starting to think that Zach isn’t in fact a complete jerk but rather a genius for coming up with all of these crazy schemes and antics. He is playing the smartest and most volatile game all season! This season would have been dull without him.


one smart sociopath.

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

True but all those antics will ultimately only benefit Frankie, Derrick and Cody because with all the heat he’s taking he’ll be gone sooner rather than later. I’d be surprised if he even got to the top 7.

Zach is...

the crazy that keeps on giving. This house would be so DULL without him right now that I have a feeling production will arrange to keeps the odds in his favor for awhile.

I was wishing Calebs crazy had a bit more variety. I mean narcissists can be entertaining but his obsession with Amber is a bit of a yawn. He needs to go crazy in another direction….like he suddenly wonders if he’s gay because of ambers rejection. Anything would be an improvement.

They rest are boring as hell. I thought there was possibility Frankie would deliver and he did at first but now his act is tired and boring.

Come on CBS.–Start some NEW twists that will shake things up. America Nominates one week would cause them all to sweat.


Some players are Master Schemers and the others play with fish or stick panty liners on their faces. Then, there are the special ones – the Dufus Dingo Fruit Loop Metrosexual Cowboys who spend all their game time figuring out how to teach their imaginary girlfriend a lesson and rope her into staying in line. Nice.

zach's lemons

Come on CBS throw Caleb a bone. Give him a guest appearance or walk on role in your new series “Stalker.” The PR your getting – for FREE – off this guy is worth something! They don’t call it tv “programming” for nothing!


Beast Mode Cowboy is HILARIOUS!

I hope he stays longer. He’s genuinely dumb and completely predictable for his authentic (yet laughable) narcissism 😀

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

I agree somewhat but he’s painful to watch, I can’t imagine having to actually deal with and talk to him on a regular basis. Tomorrow all day he’ll be going around telling each individual member of his “alliance” all the shit he’s said to the camera’s when he was by himself.


Of course he is unbearable to share the house with, but look what his narcissism and his stupidity created: a full fledged, unscripted, genuine and spontaneous implosion. 🙂

With his dumb moves he creates dynamics that surprises you and makes you laugh in disbelief! 😀


‘Caleb finishes pacing and goes to play [ ] with himself.’ Sorry, my sexy, sexy Caleb, but I couldn’t resist.


This is so annoying. Caleb has completely ruined Ambers game and now she’s going home. I wish he would go up!


Caleb didn’t ruin Amber’s game, Nicole ruined Amber’s game. Since VERY early on Nicole has been really spreading Amber hate propaganda, and it stuck with Christine and Hayden. When Christine started getting jealous for Cody’s attention, her hate grew, and Hayden just wants to get in Nicole’s pants so his hate grew too (also being put up by her). Nicole and Christine run their mouths the most so Victoria started hating Amber, and while the boys dont care, they are picking off the girls (which only Amber seems to notice), and to them why not get rid of the girl the other girls dont like making our jobs easier (Brittany, and now Amber).


I agree! It’s envy, plain and simple. Brittany and Amber, if we’re being honest, are much better looking than Nicole and Christine.

Nicole is a little princess. She is nearly untouchable in this game. As a viewer I just don’t get it. But I guess we’ve seen this before with Jordan.


Sorry Nicole is no Jordan, Jordan wasn’t a vindictive Bitch. The want amber gone cause she is the last pretty girl left.

Team Amber!!!

Bravo!!! Best comment on here. I’m glad someone finally sees what I have been trying to tell fans for the last few weeks. It was originally Nicole that instigated the witch hunt against Amber and the sheep just jumped on the bandwagon.

I think Nicole is a cute farm girl but for some reason she is very threatened by Amber (model, tall, pretty, liked by Cody and Caleb). I think Nicole might’ve had a secret crush either on Cody or Caleb and that might be how the hate started.


Amber ruined her own game. At the very start, she should have told Caleb she wasn’t interested. She told everyone else she wasn’t interested. Then she waffled and agreed to the date. Bad move on her part. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Bye Bye Amber.


Amber actually did tell Caleb she wasn’t interested. Caleb ignored that and saw it as a challenge. He even went so far as to say God placed Amber there for him.

No amount of reasoning with a illogical person blinded by unrequited obsession could change that. So now that he sees she’s not going to come to him, he’s going to plan her destruction. Karma will be paying him a visit in short order though.

‘Beast Mode’ has been nothing but a beast to Amber only. He’s way too comfortable in the faux alliance to realize that he will be booted next.


You’re kidding, right? Amber has been Nicole/Christine’s target from get go. Hayden also plays into getting her out, mainly because Nicole wants her gone, and of course because Amber nominated Nicole and Hayden.

I can understand from game play why SOME might want Amber gone but I think it is absolutely idiotic that Christine, Cody, and Derrick want her gone. These three are in good with Amber; they would be last on their list to nominate.

I do understand why Nicole and Hayden as far as Amber did nominate them and Amber never disclosed exactly how that went about.

Why don’t these people get it – get out the people who would put you up and keep the ones that won’t put you up.


The Caleb situation is just gross to hear him speak. I wonder how the boys would have reacted if it was Nicole and someone like Devin and if it would have looked more threatening and if it would have been considered entertaining. But to me it seems like Amber’s issue was more of a personality thing in the game. She is somewhat delusional and not very observant or street smart. Removing the Caleb stalking situation she has been disappointing to watch because she has no gall. And she should have aligned herself up better with a different set of people but she didn’t because she likely considered them too weak or too far down on the totem pole. Which is really where she’s always been. But with her personality she would have a had a better chance attempting to align with another group. She’s seems agreeable enough and just needed others to balance her out. But I actually blame Devin for setting the tone and path of the house dynamics for the season. For one, there is no way he should have pulled Amber and Christine upstairs w/o consulting the other men. That would have left some room for the possibility of other people to see that they had to align. He basically gave Christine a gift early on.


You make very valid points. I don’t think everybody would’ve easily been amused or dismissive of Devin if he decided to say stalk Nicole.

Amber, like the rest of the women never strategized on their own. They wait until it’s too late to realize that the guys basically see every one of them as a house vote. Not a team member or formidable alliance member.


No doubt Caleb is a little too crazy about Amber, but I think Amber makes it worse sometimes because she doesn’t stay consistent with her actions towards Caleb. If you really don’t like the kid, why are you sleeping in the same bed? Keep your distance and perhaps tell him exactly how you feel. She says she feels back he is upset but she doesn’t care? How does that make any sense at all?

Frankie and Zach got the best showmance of the season going on! The things they say to each other and their physical interactions are like they are in a relationship (and one where they care deeply for one another). But, then Zach always mentions he’s not gay – which is fine but, I am not sure it is normal to be that physically close to someone of the same sex and say the things they do. Perhaps being in the house makes them very lonely and they find extreme comfort in one another. Either way, as long as they are happy so be it!

Frankie gets a long with everyone so it will be interesting to see who will turn on him first!

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

She never slept in the same bed as him. She slept in he bed next to him but in Caleb’s mind that was the equivalent of sleeping together and was only a step below and actual engagement. You have to remember who your talking about. This is someone who was talking, just a week ago, about taking her to the hospital she was born in proposing to her. This is the same individual who stared at and would creepily kiss the girl in her sleep (which creeped her out). She’s made it clear to him and everyone she wasn’t interested but he wouldn’t take the hint. So her options were either try to be nice and let him believe what he wanted or go home. As we can now see the moment he see’s she’s genuinely not interested he goes out of his way to get her kicked out. I wish she was more sinister and would have just led him on and played him, he would deserve it.


In a normal world, a world that is NOT homophobic, close friendships and nonsexual crushes are normal.


In many Asian countries, India included, straight guys will hug on each other even as they are “hitting on” a girl passing by.


Frankie is a phony piece of $hit ! He looks like a gay woodpecker.He is a low life and will play the sympathy card often.Can’t wait till he is GONE !!!!!


Gay woodpecker! Hahaha!!!


Gay woodpecker… I just peed a little in my pants from laughing

Team Amber!!!

Lmao@GAY WOODPECKER, I have nothing against gays but that description was funny as heck


I’m not disputing your opinion, but that’s Caleb’s side of the story. Has Caleb EVER relayed an encounter with Amber accurately? Holding hands in bed, my butt!


So Nicole and Christine are the most difficult players to watch. Nicole bases her targets on whoever has the most male attention, wanting to vote Victoria out because she told Hayden a story and held his interest, really? And Christine who is married, clings to Cody’s every word, probably mindfucked that a guy this hot pays her any attention. Again, these are suppose to be superfans. The Amber hate is deplorable, and I am still MINDBLOWN how none of it has gotten back to Amber, even when she was HOH someone shouldve spilled the beans on the Nicole/Christine hate.

Besides that, this season has turned to shit. I had seriously high hopes with people like Devin being a complete lunatic and having us on the edge, but its pretty clear that once Devin left the season would turn stagnant. There doesn’t seem to be a clear aliance, and what are people like Jocasta, Victoria and Donny doing on like DAY 30? without an alliance to anyone? WTF. Christine actually spilled on numerous occasions to Victoria that shes aligned with Nicole and Hayden, and didnt even care, why? Because half the people are not there to play a game. JOCASTA, wake the fuck up and start aligning with people, dont figure out what to do when you have the power and everyone is on best behavior.

Just speeed over to finale with Derrick, Zach, and Frankie in final 3, cause obviously there the only fuckers playing this game, not a big fan of Frankie but atleast he thinks the most about his interest and thatll get him far. Zach isnt afraid to stir shit up, and Derrick is easily the best player.

RANT OVER. If the girls don’t stop playing with their VAGINA’s I will have hope for this season.


They are deeply insecure.


Don’t ANY of these HGs realize that they all trust and confide in Derrick the most ( I mean they all say that publicly) which at this point, if they thought for a moment, that he would easily win if he was up against ANY other player …even Donny I think..;because he’s been puppet master and playing the best.

I’m wondering if and when Frankie will use his sister’s fame as game play….since they are all fame whores and they might think their relationship with him can help them become “famous”.?


When has girls EVER stopped playing the game with their vaginas in any season?

Since BB10 the only 2 females that won, only won because some sort of “power” or “DR changed a HGs mind” kept them safe long enough for them to pull out a win…




that amber acts like a schizophrenic
nobody would watch the show anymore if zach stayed over him
nobody would send home the “poor grieving child”
called zach a demon and thinks he’s a psychopath
said that anybody who puts him up after his grandfather dying is an asshole
how do any of you like him?

smd nicole

caleb is a total tool….. he has become one of my least favorite players of all time! he is worse than mr pectacular


Totally agree. Caleb is a complete moron but I kind of like him and feel sorry for him at the same time. He is creepy but I feel bad for him because he’s so unaware. Mr. Pectacular on the other hand was (and still is) just an a$$hole.

smd nicole

honestly a lot of jessie was fake for the camera but he is still awful but caleb is just psycho


I still have no idea why the bomb squad is trying to get out Amber or Caleb, when Donny, Victoria, Jacosta, Nicole, Hayden are all possible targets. This season is filled with idiots. Amber is not a big enough threat as she’s not an Amanda or Rachel, and Caleb hasn’t proven to be a threat either, so it’s head scratching these moves. As Rachel would say floaters grab a life jacket but the floaters in this season dont need one it seems. Dry


Amber controls Caleb so if Amber wants to flip Caleb will follow then the BS loses it’s numbers if a non-BS wins HOH and puts 2 of them on the block. If Amber stays until jury then Caleb will want to get evicted so he can go spend a week alone with Amber in the jury house. This way Amber is not in jury, Caleb has no other alliance so is a vote and the BS Squad can move forward. At least that’s the plan.


Hopefully next season BB cast some straight guys to play the game also. Just keep voting out the attractive girls is only making for a gross season of dudes cuddling all over each other. At least cast people who aren’t afraid to play their own game!!


Hopefully next season BB cast some straight guys to play the game also. Just keep voting out the attractive girls is only making for a gross season of dudes cuddling all over each other. At least cast people who aren’t afraid to play their own game!!


Is Zack trying to convince us or himself that he is not gay? He is constantly saying “if I was gay” or “I am not gay.” Just come out the closest already! Caleb is an idiot! Amber has told him she is not looking for a relationship and decline a date with him several times. The fact that he did things for her while expecting something in return is disgusting. The fact that she been giving Cody more attention should’ve been a warning sign to him that she is just not interested in him. So now he want to ruin her game because she don’t like him. Grow up! She didn’t make you look like a fool on national television, you did that all on your own. When someone show you who they are, believe them jacka**!

Bees Knees

I don’t think I would be able to keep a straight face in front of Caleb. The guy has some serious issues. And in the last post why was Victoria complaining about Amber asking for extensions? They don’t have the same hair color. Or is that mot how it works?


Amber was asking Vic if she had extensions not for them. Vic’s hair fell out awhile back (she refuses to say why/how) and it’s a major embarrassment for her. She doesn’t want anyone to know even though she’s told several people.

zach's lemons

Victoria hair fell out because she has “Crownin” disease!


I swore to myself on Day 1 that I was not going to like Zach….he was a cocky jerk entering the house…..
ahhhh….but I have grown to love the wild boy and his reckless ways…….


Love him. He is hilarious. The show would be dull without him. I hope he makes it to the finale 4 otherwise it’s going to be “brigade” boring.


I don’t like Zach but at least he’s doing something. This group is so boring. Still waiting for the Twist after Twist after Twist cause it’s hard to stay interested except for seeing what bonehead thing Zach will say or do next.


Meanwhile….Christine was a favorite of mine entering the house….I thought she was going to be the ultimate double agent, sly, and a power player…….
ahhhhh……..what a disappointment……..


We are watching the same exact show. Total flip on both of these players. I had very high hopes for her but she has turned out to be a complete dud and I cannot stand how she “hates” everybody.


Frankie really tries to protect Caleb when the other guys throw his name around. When the 2 of them speak alone, they mention an alliance between them since the beginning. I am starting to see some twisted truth there somewhere. Maybe this is Frankie’s ultimate ace in the hole. If so, it’s borderline genius on his part. If Amber goes, he completely OWNS the cowboy.


Interesting thought. If he takes BMC to the end he will definitely win the $500K. BMC could probably take out Derrick and/or Cody in a physical challenge…


What is BMC? I hate to look ignorant, but why should I care? It’s not like any of you know me.


Never mind… I just got t…Beast Mode Cowboy… Duh,,, NEED MORE CAFFEINE.

Team Amber!!!

I think Frankie is attracted to Caleb and has said it several times. He wants Amber gone because that’s his competition and then Frankie can be the prettiest girl in the house.


At least, Derrick and Cody are catching on to Frankie. Hopefully, they’ll wake up and replace him and Christine in the Detonators with Hayden and Nicole!

I agree

I wish Derrick, Cody, Nicole, and Hayden would start working together and just kick everyone else out. But save Donny for last.


O zack its so obvi that he wants to be with frankie but since he is on tv they arnt.
And amber never had anygame besides waiting for people to tell her how to vote!

Team Amber!!!

Isn’t that what 95% of the house do??? They sit and wait for Derrick or Frankie to tell them how to vote. Why does Amber always get crucified for doing the EXACT SAME THING that all the other hgs are doing? The only thing Amber is guilty of is being too NICE and too pretty.

Some people think Christine, Vic, and Nicole are playing the game because they spread rumors and gossip 16 hours in one day. But they just got the green eye monster.


It was about night 2 in the house….I remember Caleb holding Pow Pow hostage on the couch….he was saying how EVERYBODY notices how he and Amber have this undeniable chemistry…..they just can’t stop looking at each other…EVERYBODY notices it. Pow saying uh, yeah, I guess, now, can we talk about how I’m on the block? Yeah, sure, but isn’t it remarkable how we’re always looking at each other?
What is it, day 37 or something? This dude has not stopped this same F-ing line of dialogue for two minutes put together, once! Come up for air, for god’s sake. I’m beginning to stumble around my house murmuring Amber, Amber….Amber…. I might need to be put down. Seriously.


“at the end of the day” and “quite frankly” – I don’t think I’ll ever use those phrases again in my entire life.


You left out “It is what it is.” Ugh.


You literally left out….’literally”.


But Amber God put Amber here for Amber me. When Amber I saw her Amber at the Amber airport I asked God Amber…and so Amber it goes Amber.


OMG! It’s happening to MEEEE TOOOOO!!! I’m dreaming of Amber and talking in my sleep, “Amber, Amber, Amber… And then, it turns into a NIGHTMARE and I’m calling – run, Amber, run!!! There’s a Douche Bag Dingus coming after you!!! And he’s holding a pickle filled with cookie dough and it’s inside a banana and in his other hand, he’s got a ring and tickets to a cruise to Atlantis. And suddenly, you’re heaving grapefruits at his head but then he’s holding this plastic sword and waving it around while he’s wearing this grey bathrobe hoodie thing. But then, suddenly you’re set free and Dufus Dingus is pacing like a caged animal, muttering over and over, ‘she loves me, I know she does but I’m not going to talk to her until she comes crawling back, begging for forgiveness’.


That’s great.


All the while, back at the treehouse, these idiot women are crying about hair extensions and competition for their cuddle buddies. What camera? What game? Where am I? What show?
The truth is, I could pick ten different women from the bloggers on this site that would ROCK that damn treehouse!!
PS: I’m away on vacation, so I guess I should get the hell off here and enjoy it!


And behold! What is it I see behind them? Why, it is the Pink Booby Headed Woodpecker preening himself in his nest, surrounded by a sea of bird houses, waiting for his mate to join him. Beware my little Pecker, beware of the Black Crow for it will eventually come to take you away in one fowl swoop and hopefully carry you far, far away.


I think Caleb is going to be a ticking time bomb! I believe that Amber ruined her own game she outed the girl alliance that Joey wanted to start. Also the guys kept putting her up she should of got the hint a long time ago!


Right I forgot about that! Amber is the reason the girls started being picked off one by one.


Remember how Amber threw the HOH competition in the first week? She just, ever so lightly ‘fell’ off the rolling thingee. It was all downhill for her after that.


“The world knows who I am! Zach says Beast Mode Cowboy!”

More like sad pathetic wimpering puppy dog!!! Get a clue dude, the knows you’re coming off as a complete tool.


This cast is so sweet valley high! I do believe Amber did let Caleb know from jump street that she was not interested in a showmance. Nicole and Christine are jealous girls and the guys are threatened by Amber competition wise. Zach is so into Frankie I do believe he’s gay.

big donny fan

Caleb isn’t a cowboy. Cowboys are pale rider or lonesome dove or even the two guys on the amazing race. No cow bells for caleb.


Did Caleb go to have a game of POCKET pool by himself?

amandas cooch smells like onions

BBUK is so much better than BBUS…bbus has become so predictable!! There are no twists and this stupid 2 hoh thing has got to go…I think this show has jumped the shark…


Amber is clueless:

Amber outs Joey’s plan for an all-girl alliance. The option of maybe having a plan B never crossed her mind.

Amber tells everyone about the double-D, getting Donny put on the block.

Amber tells her alliance she’s done and says she’s on her own. (Maybe she should wait until after the veto ceremony and winning the next HOH or better yet, keep it to herself.)

Amber ignores one person who would do anything to keep her in the game.

Amber is still counting on her using her charm with the guys to keep her in the game.

Blaming Amber’s inevitable eviction to Caleb is nonsense.


And people want her to be called back for another season? For what to play a bad game, again?


Creepleb is crazy about Amber, but I STILL haven’t seen Amber tell him to f off and stay away from her, so she’s only proving that she’s partially using him and is big alliance to stay safe, and is just whining when away from him to to keep face… She could’ve been rid of Caleb 1st day she saw that he was crazy about her, but she use that to stay safe in that house, because if it wasn’t for him and his alliance she would’ve been gone…

Amber is far too stupid to see that Creepleb obsession could be used to her advantage to stay in that house for a very long time… Amber doesn’t have any game in that house with or without Creepleb’s obsession… Another wasted HG put on the show becuase she’s a model.. Thank CBS,,,


I miss Devin ,Britney, and Joey… the ONLY HG that dared to shake things up…..


Dawg, you guys work really hard and do a great job. How do I donate?


Nicole wishes Hayden would slap her with his **** !!!!!!


re: Hayden and Nicole, they are BB16 version John and Neda (BBCAN2) ?