Frankie -“it’s too early to drop the bomb on Cody/Derrick about the info we have on Zach”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-02 10-45-40-974

10:40pm HOH Frankie and Christine
Frankie says if POV is played he’s got the feeling someone is going to make a big move.
Frankie thinks Derrick isn’t work with anyone, 100% he’s working for his own game and using everyone
Christine says that is a smart game to play.
Frankie starts bringing up the intelligent/Medical things Donny says “all the diluted blood on his hands”
Christine – he’s brilliant
Frankie lists off a bunch of things Donny has done that makes him think “He’s a medical professor”
Christine “The way he uses his words the way he speaks to you ..he’s so good at avoiding things.”
Frankie -he gets information out of everyone
Nicole comes out of the bathroom
Frankie did you hear about our whole philosophy on Donny.
They go back to the bathroom and Nicole continues to curl her hair. They go over all the Biological and medical things he says.
Frankie – “I bet you know the f***ing krebs cycle OK Rose”
Frankie – “Your blood has been on so many hands I feel that it’s been diluted on mine”
Frankie gets called into the Diary room.

Christine says Zach doesn’t know that she knows about the bomb squad
Christine says she wants Jocasta to win so badly because if Jocasta goes down nobody will not vote out Zach .
Nicole – Do you want Zach gone
Christine – yes
Christine says Derrick, Cody and Caleb will vote to keep Zach .. “to be honest I think there is a guys alliance.. I think Frankie is part of it.. it’s Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Zach.
Christine – Hayden, Donny and Victoria there’s no way they will vote Zach to stay”
Christine thinks the vote will be 4-4 with the guys alliance voting to keep Zach.
Frankie comes back..Jocasta gets called into the Diary room over the house speakers. They watch her walking on the HOH screen. Frankie calls the way Jocasta walks “The Swamp walk.. like the swamp thing” He does a walk across the HOH room.. Christine laughing away. (it was pretty funny) Frankie “Pick up your feet, suck in your belly lift up your chin and walk”
Nicole – I haven’t noticed
Frankie – it’s offensive
Christine – it irritates me we all have our pet peeves.
Frankie – oh god scuff scuff scuff it’s like she’s walking through molasses.

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BB16-2014-08-02 10-50-16-620

10:50pm Donny and hayden Storage room
Donny says he might be getting paranoid but She’s sleeping with the enemy
Hayden tells him not to worry about it she didn’t want him to sleep up there
Donny alright

BB16-2014-08-02 10-49-37-476

11:10pm Frankie and Christine HOH
Talking about Nicole wanting Zach out. Frankie can’t believe she thinks she has the votes.
Christine – She thinks everyone wants zach out
Frankie – If Zach doesn’t win POV we’re going to have to show our cards
Christine says zach isn’t worth showing her cards for Zach. She wonders if they can have the votes turn out a way so Nicole doesn’t know what happened.
Frankie about Zach – he’s so volatile he’s playing both sides so hard
Christine says they could blame a vote on Hayden.
Frankie doesn’t know.
Nicole thinks derrick and Cody are voting for Zach to stay… “she (nicole) thinks Victoria is the swing vote”
Christine – “If Hayden is voting Zach to stay I will vote for him to go so it looks more even so Nicole won’t know who voted which way.. if it’s 6-2 she’ll know.. we have to even it out..
Christine – GAWD I just honestly… UGH Zach is just so dangerous
Frankie – I think it’s too early to drop the bomb on COdy and Derrick about the information we have on Zach.
Frankie – thinks if they keep Zach they can keep him as a benchwarmer for the next couple weeks.
Christine thinks Zach will be pissed if they put him up on the block. they won’t be able to get away with using Zach and they use Jocasta.
Frankie – He’s made it so simple to put him on the block. Frankie adds the can always use Zach as a pawn and backdoor Cody and Derrick
Frankie and Christine agree to throw the POV to Zach/ Frankie knows that Nicole doesn’t want her HOH to be a waste so they will need to convince her that back dooring Donny isn’t a waste.

BB16-2014-08-02 11-13-15-054

11:13pm Donny and Nicole
Nicole says she had trouble sleeping last night..
Donny – Everything “copacetic”
Nicole says yes, Hoping your name gets drawn


BB16-2014-08-02 11-45-46-793


POV Players are Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria, Frankie is the host.

Derrick says it will be a at least a couple hours until the POV.

BB16-2014-08-02 11-53-07-385

Not sure if Nicole is digging Cody’s overt cuddling anymore..


BB16-2014-08-02 12-03-16-069

12:01pm Snuggling.. tickling.. Giggling…

BB16-2014-08-02 12-55-31-590

12:30pm HOH Frankie and Nicole
Frankie says Caleb won’t use the veto he says it all the time which is good she can keep the nominations the same.
Jocasta/Zach will use it on themselves
Christine will do what Nicole wants.
Nicole their relationship is confusing Caleb and Zachs
Frankie I completely agree.
Frankie says if the nominations stay the same it’s not a sure bet Zach goes home.
Frankie says not a single person playing the veto will use it on Zach beside Zach.
Frankie says the two smartest players in the game are DOnny and Zach, mentions how good they did in the word challenge”
Frankie says Nicole is the Big Brother Sweetheart this year
Nicole thinks it was Amber.
They start talking about Amber’s story that she would always bring up but would never give the details. Frankie never wanted to hear it because it might have made him want to keep her and for his game it wasn’t the right thing to do.
Frankie mention how people playing the sympathy card never get anywhere in the game. He points out Brittany would make it sound like her life was so destitute .Frankie thinks if your life is so bad you shouldn’t be on a reality TV show so you can flirt with 22 year old men.
Frankie tells her that Caleb is a lone warrior in the game he told him ince Anber went home he was on his own.

12:44pm CHristine rubbing Frankie leg. Chit chat

BB16-2014-08-02 13-24-49-881

1:12pm HOH Lockdown called
Feeds go to fish..

BB16-2014-08-02 14-08-30-710

Have nots are Frankie, Cody and HAyden they get to eat “Pea Lime Pie”
Canned peas limes and pie crusts..

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Zach better win this one

Jimmy 64

Screw Zach he is nothing but a little punk


ESPECIALLY SINCE FRANKIE IS A DUMB ASS. We cheer for him and Zach as a duo, and Frankie keeps throwing him under the bus. UGHHHH.


Frankie is Andy, except Andy played his game a lot better.
It’s hilarious how Frankie is quick to throw his own alliance under the bus like that, but when it comes to him he s#its his pants and pins it to another person. Coward.
On Finale night i hope they show a montage of just how disloyal Frankie is. I bet it will surprise most, especially Zach.


It’s a good thing Derrick and Cody are willing to backdoor Frankie. It sounds like Frankie was gearing up to go after them.


I’m sure Frankie would love to get backdoored by Cody.

The Sabouteur

Thumbs up if you hate Andy


I think Andy played an excellent game. He grabbed information and was able to use it towards his advantage.
Unlike Judd and Nick and Frankie of this season, Andy’s social game wasn’t transparent because he put himself in the spot where he played a vital and social role in his alliance.
The fact that after Elissa’s eviction, she thought that McCrae voted out Amanda, and that he was a large reason McCrae nominated Amanda speaks for how good he was in the art of conversation in the house.


Yup, Andy the Rat, earn his 500k worth of cheddar cheese. Getting McCrae to nominate the women that not only gave him sex, but is the reason he lost his golden chance of winning(if he had Moving Company “Move” everyone out)? PRICELESS… I tipped my hat to the man… We’ll done.


I hate to say this but Frankie was really clever in convincing a man (Caleb) that was obsessed with a Woman (Amber) to target her and made him think it was actually his idea is pretty impressive and manipulative.


What the fuck does that have to do with this season?


I just assumed they were referring to Frankie as “Andy”.

Its a bit poetic isn’t it? Frankie is hosting his own funeral, and he doesn’t know it.

Poetic Justice

Just like Amber hosted it last week (when Hayden won POV).

What did they say….you reap what you sow….?


There no way Nicole will backdoored Donny!!!! That would be waste of HoH. Frankie needs to go up with Zach!!!!


Not the best luck on the draw to play. Worried that Nicole will chicken out on her plan what with Frankie spending last night in the HOH and with him and Christine up there this morning. Don’t know why she didn’t have Hayden stay with her last night just to keep Frankie away. If she blows this chance she deserves to go out next week.

Teri B

Totally agree. Will be a terrible thing to waste such a great chance. Hopefully she has the ba!!s to do it. Looking forward to it all…’s getting really good.


Nicole seems pretty firm on her plan. Frankie sleeping in HOH does nothing to influence her. If anything, I’d think it would make her even more annoyed at him, since he is blatantly ignoring the possibility that she might want some alone time in HOH. Plus, it doesn’t hurt her to keep her enemies close.


While I am not a fan of Cody and Derrick, the best is that they do want Frankie out and since they made (another) alliance with Nicole, I think they will be the back bone for her to get Frankie out (providing POV).


What bomb does Frankie and Christine have about Zach they are keeping from Derrick? What did I miss?


I’m hoping KnowNothing Nic can get a new nickname this week. I think (fingers crossed) that she’s keeping Fakie and Ratine close so they won’t suspect the backdoor or Zach going home. They are so sure that they got her convinced to backdoor Donny so they could be useful. If CrazedCaleb wins the veto they could have him take down Zach thinking Donny will be the renom.

Teri B

Fingers crossed Frankie gets back d%%red. Should be a fun day!


Would LOVE it if Caleb won pov and took zach off


And comments…


Even better would be if Christine wins it, Sgt. Derrick convinces her to use use it on Zach to BD Donny, and then BOOM! Frankie goes up.


That’d be epic. Like, this god damn show is finally getting good!!! Sorry Jocasta…. My blastphamy is tolerated on these threads. Win an HOH for once.

Big Sister

I don’t care who wins POV as long as Frankie is BDed! Please don’t let him have a clue until his name is called to “come on down.” It will make this season worth watching. (Amber must be tickled to death at this possible turn of events.)


Or if Zach just wins.


What if Princess Vic won? They convince her to take off BowTie as a show of solidarity for the weekly pawns and Fakie goes up. CrazedCaleb couldn’t talk to Fakie alone for another day. Fakie and Zach would be running around the house throwing each other under the bus. Ratine would be in total confusion. Oh the dream.


So Appears there is a 50/50 chance of having both Zach and Frankie on the block. Thinking Jocasta, Nicole, or Victoria will pull Jocasta off. The other half will probably leave the Noms the same.


I think Frankie has no clue. Its delicious. I hope it pans out the way Donny & Nichole hoped and Frankie goes up. He’ll be flabbergast!


Christine is so gross………..


Christine can’t win.


Frankie chewing with your mouth open and smacking is soooo much more irritating than Jocastas walk.


Really! What a nasty piece of work Frankie is. I hate people who run others down like that to try to make themselves seem superior.


Cody is about the douchiest guy on BB ever and he’s so transparent (to me).
Don’t know why everybody is getting on Donny’s case about refusing the TA challenge – it would definitely affect his chances and he apologized.
He is still the one playing the with most integrity.


agreed & not only is Donny playing with integrity, he is still playing the game. although he has no true alliances, he isn’t floating through the game & waiting to be picked off. I’m happy he was dethroned considering that there’s a DE this week. hoping he can win that HOH & not be the first jury member. GO DONNY!!


And in Derprick’s DR he tried to throw Donny under the bus. Derprick we know who and what you are so set up someone else.

Holy Cow

Porky the Pigs face makes me nauseous!!De-prick is a tool!!!!!


Wow! Is Frankie clueless or what? I would think he would figure out the plan by now to back door him. I feel sorry for Zach who trusts him. Hopefully, Zack will stay and realize how disloyal Frankie has been to him. Hopefully, once Frankie is out of the house, he will see how he as been played this week.


Fakie really doesn’t think anyone is on to his game. Just like him and Ratine haven’t figured out that everyone knows they are working together. They think they are RatAndy from last season but they missed the most important part of RatAndy’s game. He always left something in every room so he could come in apologize for interrupting and whoever was there would invite him in. Fakie is all about look at me so he’s easy to track and Ratine scurries to Fakie right after talking with someone so she’s easy to track. Guess they missed the stealth part of BB 101.


Just like he “played” Amber!!!!!


Simon do you know what the info about Zach Frankie is talking about?


LOL Frankie and Christine you have no idea that Frankie will be the one getting backdoored this week not Donny!


Hopefully Jocasta will come through and take herself off. Frankie vs Zach?

Line in the Sand

The POV draw sucked. Nicole better pull this win out cuz her frenemy Christine is going to throw the comp to Zach. If Caleb wins he will be dumb enough to pull zach down. Which would really suck cuz best case scenario is Zankie up together so the tears flow all week. If Vicoria wins she will listen to Derrick and backdoor Frankie. I think we need more players in that darn Veto comp if you ask me. I cant wait to BBAD tonight. Frankie is hosting the comp which is the best thing. Cant wait till he is blindsided.


Can’t wait to for Frankie to find out he is the real
target. His meltdown will be priceless!!!


What information do they have about Zach??


Anybody know what info they have on Zach?


It will be all for humanity if the gay woodpecker leaves this week so he can get a head start on building all those schools in Africa ! What a fraud he is to the core.


Did Fakie really say no one would watch the show if he left?
WTF there have been BB fans for years, He is so desperate to be famous too late your sister beat you to it, thats the Only Reason he was picked be on the show like they couldn’t find another gay guy like Frankie lol he thinks he is so original


Actually he is pretty funny as his own person, its just not working for us anymore with the conceit and fakeness.


Please win this Nicole!!! Take down Jocasta and then put up Zach. Then your next HOH put up your best friend


Zach is already on the block… Put up Frankie? Yes, please!


Frankie, Christine, Zach and Caleb all want Donny to get backdoored. All Nicole has to do is pretend to go along with it to make sure the POV is used. Easy.


Watching Christine and Cody is so uncomfortable…


If it’s uncomfortable for all of us, can you imagine how it must be for her husband?


Gosh those screengrabs of Cody all over Nicole & Christine are so embarassing. His gameplay is so
fake & transparent. He is all talk and no walk.
As much as I can’t stand Frankie, Cody annoys
the living heck out of me as much as Christine.
These people are a serious chore to watch!

Irked by the stupidity!

We can only hope that if Christine wins it she uses it on Jacosta since she hates Zach…but I doubt it. Best case scenario: Vic or Nicole win it. Vic can be convinced to use it on Jacosta because they will play her as a bigger target than Victoria because she is such a loser at competitions. If Nicole wins it she will use it on Jacosta and put Frankie up. In the off chance that Caleb wins it, all they have to do is convince him to use it because Frankie was the mastermind behind the Amber Incident and tell him how Frankie played him. We all know how Caleb feels…at the end of the day, don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Worst case? Zach wins it.

Irked by the stupidity!

As an addendum to my post – they would have to sell it to Caleb how much Zach partnered with Frankie to get Amber out. If he wins it he needs to use it on Jacosta. The biggest move of the game is to have both Frankie and Zach in the Orange chairs. Nicole would go down in history for BB16 as the real BEAST!!!!


Frankie didn’t get picked! 😀 LOL Frankie and Christine talking like they are running things this week. Hopefully they both go by the end of the double eviction.


Yaaaassss so glad Frankie is not playing in the POV comp yaaaaassssss


Never once heard Donny bash another houseguest the way Frankie does on a minute to minute basis. Frankie calling Jocasta Swamp Thing & imitating her really just shows his true colors. Just like Andy these two are so insecure they have to put down others. Maybe Frankie doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror.
He seems sensitive about his own shortcomings. It’s compensation. It’s ugly. It’s childish.


Do they have the votes to keep Zach?


no. Christine says she won’t expose her game, Frankie says the same. he is done. Cody is off sitting while he pees and Derrick hates Zach and wants to attack him in a dark alley(awesome undercover cop evidently, he went to the vic mackey school of police work)

Zach MUST WIN POV. or he is good as gone


Dr. Donny has all the right professorial medical terms for Frankie. “Yup Frankie, when making the best, most cleanest of cuts, y’all must use surgical steel mower blades and stainless steel scissors. I have found that 3 lb. test monofilament is best for grafting the Hawaiian Pot stem to the North Carolina Tobacco Plant. Ahh,, Ah don’t rightly know how they do it in South Carolina, ’cause y’know, I’m from North Carolina.”

new to BB 14

Zachattack wins POV removes himself Nicole Nominates Frankie as replacement Los Angeles experiences a 6.0 earthquake from frankies bottom jaw hitting the floor


yes. this would save the week.


. . . and the season as well.


Just had to say that I love your name…so funny!!


I love that Frankie and Christine want to throw the POV to Zach so they can have Nicole replace him with Donny…HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Please let Zach win POV:) The look on Frankie and Christine’s faces will be amazing to see when Frankie is named as the replacement instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grizzle t

So i am a little lost and confused i guess. i THOUGHT “the house” majority wanted to get zach or frankie out by a backdoor. I might have missed a few things but has nicole been turned and if the pov is used donny will get put up and shipped out?


No. Nicole is not tipping her hand. Frankie is her target.


Frankie is getting on my last nerve! He was funny in the beginning but now he is just ignorant. Hoping he does go home!

Not A PHD Student

Who does this guy think he is talking about the way other people walk, talk and generally live their day. It’s time for Frankie to look into the mirror first before he starts throwing rocks at others.
Frankie should be the last person to be talkinbg down to others and about others……

Fuck off Frankie

Seems like a spoiled little rich kid to me


Just looking at that picture of Cody and Christine cuddling disgusts me. I would be livid if I was her husband. It looks like it happens every day! I saw on the feeds the other night Cody rubbing her head while laying in the bed. The other HGs were around but it was just bizarre and the camera zoomed in on his hand. I’ve never seen someone be so brazen and innapropriate! Does she remember she is married? She barely even talks about him at this point. End rant.


the second Zach is confronted by something Frankie says, he is going to DESTROY Frankie’s game beyond any sort of repair. he just doesn’t care.

not a good move Frankie, when you SHOULD be trying to use Zach to get to the end, not sacrifice him when you lack numbers.


please let Frankie and Christine throw the POV, have it be on TV how smart they think they are, and Zach wins

it would be GOLD. followed by a backdoor on Frankie

perfection. #WILDCARD

Boxer Mom

That would absolutely be the BEST!


Christine is so repulsive to me, looks aside for a moment,She’s still constantly welcoming Cody’s flirting while Nicole’s tuned it way down because she seems to be really into Hayden now. She’s more loyal to herpotential boyfriend than Christine is to her husband.

AND, she’d totally throw Nicole under the bus. I wanted to to throw something at her when she insinuated that there was a boys alliance, named them (Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Zack) and conveniently excluded her own name. And then lies to her about getting Zach out and comments on it with Frankie later that Nicole is clueless about the truth, that whoever is up there next to Zack is going home thanks to their alliance. Little does she know… I hope Christine’s game is blown to hell after this week!

Teri B

I totally agree. First, her laugh (cackle) drives me crazy, but now she’s all over Cody and with her a married woman (for now, anyway). I shudder!

She’s a liar and a cheat (right, I know….they ALL are, but still) and deserves to have her game blown to bits!


I am shocked anyone in that house knows what the Krebs Cycle is….but Frankie…..?

Sir Krebs

Krebs cycle |krebz|
the sequence of reactions by which most living cells generate energy during the process of aerobic respiration. It takes place in the mitochondria, consuming oxygen, producing carbon dioxide and water as waste products, and converting ADP to energy-rich ATP.
ORIGIN 1940s: named after Sir Hans A. Krebs (1900–81), German-born British biochemist.

Team zach

If Frankie goes up with zach, Frankie will blow up zachs game because Zach has told Frankie everything and Frankie will end up staying. Which sucks


I have a feeling that Zach will win this POV. As much as I like him I feel like he needs to go soon. I feel like if he stays too much longer, he will start to become annoying. Everything he does is for show and he tries TOO hard sometimes just for airtime. Like his speeches every meeting and him saying he hates everyone on the live show every week. Dr. Will has been there and done that. Do I like zach, yes. Do I want him to win this game, no.


HOH lockdown? Probably hiding a DPOV somewhere for Frankie…


Oh CBS better not…but then again I wouldn’t put it pass them.


I have a quick question. If Zach were to win PoV and was taken off the block and Frankie was the replacement nom, would they still have the votes to send Frankie home? I know Hayden, Donny and (maybe) Victoria would keep Jocasta safe but im a little skeptical about the rest.


haha thank god. thanks simon and for all the hard work 🙂

I propose a trade

Victoria for Bar Refaeli


Here’s to hoping nicole pulls this off!!! She’s onto christine ..yep…i think she is! CHEERS! Puff n pass!!>


I missed the last 24 hours on the feeds and even with the INCREDIBLE WORK of Simon and Dawg I am pretty confused about Derrick/Cody and Frankie.

If Zach comes off or Frankie doesn’t go up it seems Derrick/Cody are in position to make the big move or not.

So my question is Where does Derrick/Cody loyalty lie and if Zach stays up does he go (I really hope not)?

Man this was by far the worst 24 hours to miss because now people are finally playing


Mister E

I think its funny how they (Derrick, Cody, Zach, Christine, Caleb, Frankie) keep evicting their alliance members. First it was Devin (I understand that one), then Amber, and now they want Frankie gone. I believe the paranoia is getting to them. They have also commented on getting Caleb out (When Amber was still in the house), Zach (because of his antics and hurting their game) and Christine (Zach does not like her). If this keeps going on, then Donny, Jocasta, and Victoria might just slide right through the game. Nicole & Hayden will be targets soon since they aligned with Derrick & Cody. I believe as a undercover cop, Derrick is used to getting close to someone just to convict them of something. He is now doing the same thing in the BB game. He works his way into the “gang” or in this case alliance, then starts picking them off one by one from the inside. Does he not realize in this game he may need them to get to the end? He is playing a good game, but he may end up all alone soon if he keeps it up.


Being flexible and fluid in this game is best. The bomb squad blew up. The detonators never really connected the five but only the three, Frankie, Zach and Christine. Derrick and Cody have been playing a fluid game. I hope they are sincere about Nicole and Hayden because that is a much better fit . Derrick has been allowing Frankie and Zach to get dirty , it is time to play the game and compete. JMHO


Wonder what Christine’s husband thinks about her always rubbing all over Cody. He should be so embrassed of her.