Zach says please, listen I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it. I’m so f**ked! Victoria we better win tomorrow.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 01-55-21-691
1:20am In the earth room – Caleb talks to Christine. Caleb says that Donny might put up me or Cody. OR Maybe both which would be stupid. Christine says that would just be stupid. Caleb says Donny said if Nicole is putting up the two weakest people then I might have to.. that’s why I said you need to put it in Nicoles head that she needs to put up Jocasta and with Zach because he put her up. Christine says I haven’t talked to her but I am hoping that’s what she does. Caleb says if she does then I am hoping Donny would put up Me or Cody with Victoria. That way we both have a good opportunity to win Battle of the Block .Caleb says if he puts me up I will probably come off and then you need to worry about yourself. At the end of the day you don’t want to nominate strong people. Caleb says if Zach and Jocasta are on the block thats the only way we would all be safe because no one would use the veto if they won it.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 02-11-40-167
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1:30am – 2:10am Up in the HOH room – Nicole says unfornately I think I have to put Jocasta and Zach because I have reason to. Nicole says and Donny would put up Victoria and.. Derrick says I think he would put up Caleb. Nicole agrees it would probably him. Derrick tells Nicole that she needs to put up Zach because he put you up and humiliated you on national television. Derrick says Cody thinks Donny would put him up. Nicole says Donny wouldn’t do that .. there is more potential for him (Cody) to go up then you but.. Nicole says I used to trust Christine with everything but after the Frankie thing its impossible to trust her 100%. Derrick says if by chance you put up Jocasta and Zach.. and if by chance one of them wins the veto, say Zach .. then you would you possibly put up Frankie. Nicole says yes.Nicole says the hard thing is that he is being so nice right now. I would never ever backdoor Donny. I wouldn’t put him as Havenot either because he just won HOH. Derrick says I hope you wouldnt put me up either. Nicole says Frankie still hasn’t done it. Derrick says I think he should be a havenot and his hand thing shouldn’t be a reason not to because he knew that coming in here. Derrick says Haydne wants to be a havenot because it keep him shredded. Nicole says that the way Donny and I talked was good.. we didn’t stumble on your name or anything. You’re good. Nicole says that people keep grouping me with Christine calling me her friend. I don’t like that. Derrick says the good thing about us is that they 4 of us have each others backs. Nicole says its strategy to flirt with Cody and Hayden. Derrick says Cody and Hayden wouldn’t burn us. Nicole agrees. Derrick says before the next HOH you, me and Hayden need to solidify the four. Derrick says if Hayden and Cody are already picks to play in the veto they I would say pick me because no one would suspect us to be working together. Derrick says when Zach did that to you I wanted to choke him out. Having a daughter I didn’t like that he did that to you. Nicoles says if I wanted to keep up the tradition and open up the big brother dictionary … Derrick says you could say If we pulled out a normal dictionary and looked up the word karama you proabably did see this one coming. Nicole says that she thinks Christine threw tonight’s HOH. She is luck I won this week. Derrick says that Christine is playing Dan’s game but it doesn’t work as well with the BOB. Nicole says that one person that is freaking me out is Frankie. Nicole says that Zach told me if he won today .. he would have put me up which is exactly why I had to win it. Derrick says at the end of the day Donny doesn’t want to come down and Zach and Victoria isnt going to want to throw it so you have to leave it up to the game. Derrick leaves the HOH room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 01-37-09-339

2:25am In the bathroom – Hayden, Caleb, Cody, Nicole, Derrick, Zach and Frankie are in the bathroom chatting. Zach jokes that Caleb will see Amber outside the house. He talks about how he would have her slippers and a big bag of her makeup so she would have to come see me. We only live an hour away. Zach asks Victoria if he finds girls hot. Frankie says well Victoria did give me a raging boner. They ask him if he would hook up with Amber. Frankie says if I was drunk and she wanted to go down on me I wouldn’t stop her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 02-34-46-202
In the kitchen – Nicole heads up to bed. From the kitchen bar Zach asks Nicole please don’t put me up tomorrow. Nicole says I can’t promise anything. Zach says please, please, please. Listen I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it. I’m so f**ked! Zach says Victoria we better win tomorrow. Zach says I knew that was going to bite me in the a$$ I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. Like next week!?

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 02-42-28-026

2:45am – 2:55am Nicole says I want to punch Zach in the face! Nicole says I have to get up with the music tomorrow. Will you make sure I get up? Christine says she will make sure she gets up with the music. Christine says thank you for letting me sleep up here. Nicole says I think everyone knows what I am going to do. I feel bad that I have to put up Jocasta but there was no one else other than you and I wasn’t going to do that. Christine says it really worked out well that he put you up. Nicole agrees and says because at least I don’t have to draw first blood. Christine and Nicole go to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 02-48-43-591

3:05am Frankie and Derrick comment that they both think they’re safe this week. They talk about Team America. Derrick says I was getting crushed in the doctor’s office about it. Frankie says me too. Derrick says not talking about the doctor’s office, what is your opinion of it. Frankie says my opinion this week is that everything is great, because it has to be but his cards are shown. Moving forward this is not his number 1 gig. Derrick agrees this is not his priority. He has made it clear he’s here for Donny. Frankie says moving forward it will be easier to do America’s bidding without him. Derrick says yup. Frankie says because it has to be unanimous and he isn’t willing to play. Derrick says basically I feel like we were quitters. Frankie says America didn’t give us this task to f**k us. That’s not their goal, it isn’t to f**k us. Derrick says I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us and that we explained it well enough that it doesn’t f**k us. Frankie says I said I can no longer put my game on the line for him if he can’t do the same for me. Derrick says and this wasn’t a tough mission, it wasn’t easy but.. Frankie agrees and says we would still be talking about the fall out. Right now we’re good for anther week. It was such a simple mission. Derrick says yeah now I am $5000 shorter and you can’t build another school.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 03-23-06-634

In the living room – Caleb says it would suck if it was me and Cody up there on the block. Frankie and Derrick say that won’t happen. Caleb says because I would literally tell people I am not going to campaign against him. Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 03-28-50-655
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3:30am Cody and Victoira head to the storage room. Victoria says that he didn’t really tell me who he is going to up up. He said that he didn’t want to tell me because he respects me as a game player and didn’t want to hurt me. He doesn’t want to get blood on his hands basically. Caleb is a target to everyone, basically. And he want’s to get Caleb out and that Cody would be next but I don’t to put up two strong players they might want to come after me and I wouldn’t want that. So he doesn’t want to mess with you. He asked me if I would be extremely hurt if he put me up and I said no. I said this is just frustrating. He said that I am on your team and I don’t want you to be sad. I want you to be ready to compete. Basically I am going up. I know I’m not going home but.. Cody says the best case is if you win BOB and then you’re safe for another week. Victoria says I am just tired of going up each week. This whole BOB thing is such crap!! I am not throwing it because I can’t its my life in this game. Cody says I think the only person Donny is working with Jocasta. Victoria say he didn’t want to put up me and Jocasta together. He doesn’t want to put up strong players so you’re not going up. Victoria says I have been taking myself of every week.. it’s kind of fun! Put me up and just know that when you do, I will take myself off and you’ll have to name a replacement. It’s kind of fun you now!

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 03-34-12-508

4am They all head to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 03-54-06-794

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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Why doesn’t one of them put up Frankie/Zach, and the other put up Cody/Derrick? Gotta do something here….


love to see the majority alliance scrambling


you mean the whole house? lol this season is just getting a bit dry. seems like the entire house except for donny, victoria and jocasta are aligned, guess thats what happened when a huge alliance forms, and then members form sub alliances with outsiders, turns into a pathetic heaping mess with no loyalty and no excitement. Something about big brother its fun to root for someone, but its like 1 big alliance, and moves are made randomly, like anyone could go this week, frankie, cody, caleb, christine (a girl can dream), like what is it gonna change you know? I don’t know, also not a lot of likeable people, just when i warmed up to victoria that hateful goodbye message to amber was so unnecessary, amber has done nothing to her, and her insecurities are clouding her vision. nicole bitches and bitches about any female thats even semi attractive, she’d probably get jealous of a female shrek shes so insecure, same with christine, and victoria, where are the strong women this season??? fuck sake! maybe cast a female police officer, or a martial arts fighter, i dunno, all the girls are scared to be in an alliance, cause it makes them a target, like who fucking cares, i just dont care what happens at this point. massive letdown this season, maybe bob turned it to shit, i dont know


Wasn’t Natalie from BB11 some sort of MMA fighter? Maybe I’m remembering that wrong.

She made it to the finals, but not necessarily because she was strong, but rather because she was easier to beat.


Natalie from BB11 worked at blockbuster it was Russell who had been a MMA fighter. Natalie was a adept liar and her competition wasn’t very sharp.


That was the season when they had the house guests in high school groups: Jocks, Geeks, Brains, and Popular. Natalie was in the Jock group with Jessie and the show showed her actually working as a martial arts expert (or whatever). The only thing she lied about was her age. She told the guest that she was 18 but I think she was in her late 20s. Even though she was a jock, she kinda sucked and admired Jessie too much.


Actually, the lie that Natalie and Kevin came up with — that they overheard Michelle and Russell talking about taking out Jeff — absolutely changed the game.

Jeff got paranoid and put Russell on the block as a replacement nom — and their alliance of Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michelle collapsed. It was the perfect lie because Michelle’s communication skills in trying to combat the little lie were less than stellar. Which would be the understatement of the year.

frankistine needs to go as does haycole

Natalie from bb11 lied about everything. She also lied and said there was a plane or helicopter with a sign that said something about one of the hgs because it had happened the year before. She rode on Jesse the tools coat tails the entire season. It was truly sad to watch.


Ha! They are afraid to in a female alliance because it makes them a target? They already are targets, silly women! At this point, they better swim or sink.


really hope that everything goes according to plan and nicole doesn’t back out. Worst Case Scenario Frankie wins POV and Caleb goes home


Frankie would save Caleb if he won the POV in that scenario.

So Donny’s choice would be Derrick, Cody and Christine. In those cases, Victoria goes home in every matchup, except perhaps against Christine.

Derrick vs. Victoria:
votes to evict Derrick: Jocasta
votes to evict Victoria: Zach, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Hayden, Nicole, Christine

Cody vs. Victoria:
votes to evict Cody: Jocasta
votes to evict Victoria: Zach, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Hayden, Nicole, Christine

Christine vs. Victoria:
votes to evict Christine: Jocasta, Zach
votes to evict Victoria: Nicole, Hayden
Swing: Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Caleb (but they likely save Christine, bringing Zach along with them)

Frankie winning POV with Caleb on the block would be Donny’s worst-case scenario. He’d be going bye-bye in double eviction.


I honestly don’t know which one is worse
1. Delusional Caleb talking about himself, and how much girls will love him
2. Rrankie going around throwing people under the bus and twisting people’s words and just being disgusting in general

Really hope these two go home pre-jury


Don’t forget delusional Victoria. Take herself off. Lol. She is as bad as Caleb.

Save Yourself

Victoria is totally delusional. She has not gotten herself off the block once, either it was BoB and her teammate got her off, the Veto was handed to her or used on her for purpose of backd**ring. I cannot stand her and I hope she goes home this week.


Kinda sad to know that Zach is on the block. As long as everything goes according to plan, he will be safe and Frankie will be backdoored


Hardly anything goes according to plan when it comes to Big Brother. Get ready for the crowd that will claim the game is fixed for production’s person to win


I’m hoping Donny’s choices loses the BOB and he will be the one to backdoor Frankie. After all his smugness, his reaction and scrambling to save himself this week would be epic.


I do not understand why they do not put up 4 guys…I know not too much blood on their hands….no wants to put up Jacosta – than put up Christine – what has she really done….

weak players


strong players or The Guys

I feel the two most dangerous players are Derrick and Frankie….if one were back doored you could still put up 4 guys…Hayden would not be put up…

Zach and Cody Caleb and Derrick

one wins bob takes them down say cody and Zach……caleb wins POV – you could still put one of them backup or Frankie and Derrick…..that would be interesting on who would go home or Jury – let is be Frankie.

neither have the balls to do that because there are 2 or 3 week players in the game or the Girls………..


I have a feeling their plan will backfire and if the house rallies and they fail to get the POV to backdoor Frankie, Victoria or Jocasta will go home. A smarter move would be to put up four strong guys (Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Cody in any combination). Give a speech at nomination ceremony saying that it is unfair that some people (Victoria, Donny, Jocasta) have had to fight every week to stay in this house by playing BOB and POV and that it’s time for some of the perceived “stronger” players to prove their worth. Then take all four nominees up to the HOH one-by-one and explain they are not the target and that they need to win POV to backdoor Frankie. This way everyone will be on board and all the stronger players will have an incentive to make sure that Frankie does indeed get backdoored. And if for some reason he doesn’t, a strong player still goes home.


Below is my comment from the previous post, but time wise, it fits with this post… Classic “Victoria” moment! Yes, I had to include my thoughts (in parentheses…). 🙂

Victoria whining to Derrick about going up on the block, complaining about wearing the costumes and not wanting to be seen as a pawn. His pep talk to her is priceless (@ about 3:20 a.m.):
D — How do you see yourself as in competitions?
V — I’m a warrior princess because I keep taking myself off. (Snicker, snicker).
D — So what are you worried about?
V — I cannot be a pawn. I don’t want to be a Spencer. I’d rather be more like a Rachel or Elissa. (She’s delusional).
D — Well, Rachel and Elissa won HOHs, so win one.
V — I’m winning POVs and BOBs. (With serious help or by default, dear girl).
D — I’m motivating you right now.
V — Janelle didn’t win HOHs. (Oh, where is she going with this train of thought?)
D — Janelle was one of the biggest competitors in the game. She won…
V — POVs. She won POVs, not HOHs. She was the POV queen. (Seriously, she can’t think that…)
D — She didn’t win HOHs? So you’re Janelle; you’re Janelle. (Just feed her delirium, why don’t you, Derrick?)
V — That’s what they said when they cast me. They want me to be the next Janelle. They literally told me that. (Wait. What?!?!)
Victoria, bless your little heart, you are nowhere near Janelle’s league. Talk about delusional. Poor girl — such a distorted view of the situation at hand…


Caleb and Victoria would make the perfect couple…they are both delusional! Beast Mode Cowboy and Warrior Princess.


Victoria, you are definitely NOT the next Janelle!! Do not even compare yourself to her, Rachel, or Elissa because they are the female beasts of Big Brother; and believe me, honey…you are no way in their class. So keep on dreaming, Broom Hilda!!!


Vapidtoria. If she would have said she’s the Kim Kardashian of Big Brother that would have been more spot on.


For the record, Janelle is tied for most HOH wins win one season for her performance in BB7.

Quack Pack

I don’t know how the Houseguests have put up with her so long… Shes sooo dumb and I am a little offended for Janelle for comparing herself to her. lol Janelle didn’t win HoH’s Victoria? How about 2 HoH’s in her first season and 4 HoH’s in her second season. Of the two Comps Victoria “won” they were both practically given to her, her first competitor Pow Pow couldn’t even swing, and the PoV she “won” was handed to her because Caleb was selfish. Unfortunately I don’t think she will be going anytime soon because she is such a weak competitor they can just get rid of her when they can’t take a shot at a big target.


This weak sauce girl doesn’t have the right to even say Janelle’s name. Janelle was a lion, Vic is is a kitten.


Will Donnie really nominate Frankie as a replacement nominee if one of he is the HoH and the Veto is played???? That’s a pretty big slap in the face to the Team America alliance. I don’t think many people like Frankie, but he has no way of knowing that.


I really hope Nicole is just playing with Christine’s head by still acting like her friend. How can you complain about being grouped with her, yet she is sleeping in your HoH bed?

Save Yourself

Didn’t Hayden tell Nicole to be weary of Christine? Donny told her too no? So I think she is suspicious of her, but if she is unfriendly then Christine will turn on her.


Frankie and Christine’s game is going down in flames right now. I think Frankie is a strong enough social player he may be able to dig himself out. Christine on the other hand not sure…


Congratulations Donny on the HOH win! I just wished he was the sole HOH so he had complete control and could put up two d bag meat heads. I’m so sick of Derrick and Frankie whining about not completing the task and saying Donny let down America. I could give a d*mn about the Team America twist because it could F up Donny’s game. Donny wants 500,000 not another 5,000 in the long run. I’m liking all this back dooring Frankie talk, and I (and everyone over the age of 14) could care less who his sister is!
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andy 2.0

i love it when frankie thinks hes safe this week and then BOOM byebye you woodpecker rat scumbag of the earth


Donny use the rat trap!

Irked by the stupidity!

Haha…Victoria….living in a “beast at competition” fairy tale. Silly, silly girl.

andy 2.0

victoria is a b1tch i cant wait for ehr to come out of the hosue snd find out everyone hates her

Big B

I feel that the smartest nominations this week would be Caleb/Victoria and Zach/Frankie.

If Caleb goes back to beast mode cowboy, Victoria isn’t going to help any in the BOTB.

Zach and Frankie would guarantee one of them going home.


Victoria has only been saved cause 1. She had a good partner for BOB. 2. Caleb didn’t take the veto. 3. Hayden saved her. But nice try, Victoria.


I’m not saying I support Victoria’s reasonings, but I do think she won that veto over Caleb anyway. Part of losing that veto is being tempted by the 5,000 dollars, which did in fact tempt him to where he didn’t get the veto and therefore LOST that competition. I

Wow dummy much?

These idiots don’t even realize they are on the outside and they are putting up their own people lol .. They are even more loner than once thought.
Donny only ally is Jocasta
Nicole is with Christine and Hayden but both of them aren’t loyal to her.

The boys that have run the house seem to be untouchable by the rest of the morons .. They finally have a chance to do something and looks like Jocasta/ Victoria is going home … Who do they think would vote out Frankie .. They are just dumb. It is only 5 votes to get rid of someone and the way they are trying to do it they have to have everything go to plan .. Like to much can go wrong (zach/Caleb or any of their allianve could win veto and now you have Jocasta/Victoria sitting next
To Frankie) . You have to put two of their numbers up and then actually ally with the other (outsiders)
to get the numbers to do anything … Idiots.


I think Nicole’s friend better run and hide because Caleb has his eye on her.

Interesting that Derrick isn’t running to Frankie and telling him that he’s the backd@@r target this week. I thought he would run right to him. I hope Frankie is out the door this week. Donny is smart not to win this week because next week is double eviction (even though he doesn’t know that, we do!).

I wasn’t sure where Hayden’s loyalties lie, but looks like he wants to pick off the strong players too. He is smart by keeping his mouth shut.

I’m still amazed about how Derrick is flying under the radar!

Ted Marie

I was just watching after dark and enjoying seeing Donny excited about his letter and his basket of goodies and then the camera zoomed in on Yucktine and Cody both laying on his HOH bed with her cupping his arm rubbing it and him playing with her hair and rubbing her head. These two are disgusting. The weirdest part is how the house just acts like it’s normal behavior for a married person to act this way. It is getting more and more repulsive to see it. It tells you what kind of a boy he is —he obviously has zero respect for her husband or himself. Every time I see those two all over each other my jaw drops.


My jaw drops too. So disgusting and no respect.


I hope Yucktine’s, Ratine’s, or fugly bitch’s husband scare the hell out of her with divorce papers when she get home!


My thinking is that Cody thinks Christine has some influence on Nicole’s nominations.

Michael from Canada

That’s just how Cody is. He does it deliberately to make guys jealous. He’s been doing it all season to Hayden with Nicole; even making jokes at Hayden while he does it.


He also did that with Amber too to get under Caleb’s skin. He likes to objectify women


Zach and Frankie need to blow up the Detonators and start a new alliance with Caleb, Christine, and Victoria if they want to stay this week.


I can’t wait till Frankie and Derrick get out of the house and find out that most people watching the CBS edited in their favor version as well as those watching the live feeds like Donny on Team America much more than either of them. If Donny wasn’t on the team I would pick the choice that would screw up both of them at every turn. Derrick must’ve sipped a bit of his own cool-aide if he thought his little speech about Donny letting America down was going to play against Donny’s awkward, but genuine apology just moments earlier. No doubt Derrick ia a master at manipulation, but that attempt to undermine Donny just looked really desperate and pathetic. And please can someone find Frankie some big boy pants, no I mean really find adult clothes that fit him.


I couldn’t agree more with your post. Derrick is the the most fake house guest ever. I really hope he goes!


These houseguest though… I mean really. There may be some good drama to come out of this season yet, but I may be brain dead from all there nonsense by the time we get to it. Derrick wins, Frankie f*cks Zach, Victoria doesn’t know why she didn’t win, and Christine goes back to being the bitch that no one likes at Starbucks (every Starbucks has one), Caleb succumbs to Darwinism, and Donny gets married and lives happily ever after. Stories over the end.

BB Obsessed

I am so happy Donny won! I hope he shakes up the house.

ruff ruff

So disgusted by Victoria, she’s ugly inside and out, she doesn’t deserve jury.


I really hope production won’t rig it so that famewhore Frankie goes home!

Devin's Dealer

Derrick is playing a masterful game, its a little boring but masterful!


As much as I hate to admit it, you are absolutely right. I would appreciate his game more, like I did Dan’s, if I liked him more as a character/person.


I agree. Derrick is a great strategist like Dan except Dan was a genuinely nice person. Dan worked as a teacher and coach at a Catholic school and read the bible frequently. I think Derrick is a heartless and manipulative person inside and outside the game. He’s an undercover cop that had to gain people’s trust then he crushes them and put them in jail…he betrays them and he has no compassion..just like in the BB house.


Here you go folks, its time to get disappointed. Or at least those who think that the one of main 5 guys are going to get evicted this week because they finally do not hold the HOH. The only play to ensure that one goes home is to nominate 4 of them, and hold one as a backdoor option.

As Donny and Nicole are suggesting that is not happening. And thus the result will be that either Victoria or Jocasta will be left on the block and be the one ultimately going home. Once again, this just proves the strength of the guys alliance to get the confidence of the outsiders and receive their protection to the detriment of the outsiders game.


This is the best HOH pairing of all season! Nicole and Donny for the win! Let’s hope they’re able to get one of the detonators out.


I wish it was Donny and Jocosta as the new HOH than Nicole. Nicole is wishy washy and gets easily manipulated by the guys because she wants acceptance. The fact that Jocosta is married, older, and not part of the “cool” clique will make her not a give a damn about putting all those alpha males on the block.

Double D

Triple Eviction this week…Have regular eviction…then 2 HOH, but each set of nominations will have an eviction. Then end the double HOH

Christine's crazy eye

Sing it to a patriotic song.: I call it Team America
Oh fra ankie, oh der er rick, oh doo o ny, you were our picks. But c b s has given us bulll shit mi i ss ions. Weee dooo nt waaaant to oo oo ruin your ga a mes (except Frankie’s) pppplllleease doo oo nt unusee uuuus asss annn exc cu use. Juuussst do oo whaaattt youuuu waaaant you are greeedddyy heyinas for dooonnnnyyys sake!


Derrick’s already running Nicole’s HOH, I see… Good thing he has no idea where Donny’s head is at. How sweet would it be if Donny backdoored Derrick? It probably wouldn’t work because Derrick’s tight with almost everyone in the house and they wouldn’t vote him out, but if someone finally notices how comfy Derrick’s sitting and all the side alliances he’s made, maybe that’s enough to rally the house against him?

There are louder, more annoying people in the house, but Derrick is the glue that keeps them together. The minute he’s out of the house, the sooner everything falls apart.

So pumped Donny won HOH! Finally an HOH that will mean something!


God, I hate Victoria like shut the fuck up you dumbass. The first week she won BOB, Britney helped her and she didn’t win the veto, Caleb gave it to her and she thinks she is a competitor, what a floater. I hope she goes home after Frankie. I can’t stand her anymore!


I think the Team America situation is only solidifying that Donny is going home within the next 2 weeks. Sad but true.

I do not see why Caleb is so adamant on thinking him and Cody are going to be on BOTB together. He might not campaign against Cody, but it DEFINITELY would not be reciprocated.

LOL at Zach begging like a little brat to not go on the block. It is really funny seeing the Detonators squirm like crazy.

Frankie actually thinks he is not a target. Interesting…

I have a bad feeling about Nicole, and I think it would be bad to team up with Derrick, Cody, and Hayden. If she wins, they are going to rule her HOH.


Zach is putting on a show. He does not mind going up. He obviously prefers to go up now than to be backdoored.
I am curious to see the raskal’s glee when Frankie goes. I suspect Zach won’t mind it at all. LOL


I still can’t believe Victoria is so delusional in thinking she’s actually a competitor, she’s won 1 Pov and it was gift wrapped to her! Geese I can’t stand her


I know, right?! She’s acting just like when JennCity won POV and it was because Frank threw the comp; and she got it by default!!


America now see’s that Derrick and Frankie are greedy worthless bullies. Good for Donny


Their scrambling.. Just hope Zach doesn’t go home. Anyone else I’m fine with. Shouldn’t jury be coming up?


This plan has a chance of blowing up in their face. Seriously, they are going to put up Jacosta and Victoria as half of their nominees? WTF? That is EXACTLY what the boys want and gives them all the outs they need. How about this….if you are so worried about BoB then put up four strong guys! Derrick/Zach vs Cody/Caleb. Then you can still back door Frankie. The only way to crack these boys is to pit them against each other. The alliance would completely fracture. I wonder how Donny and Nicole are going to feel when their HOH reign results in Jacosta going home.


Actually, if you put up those 4, 2 of them will win BoB and be safe. If Frankie gets chosen for POV and wins, he can’t be backdoored. It limits choices. I would rather have a few options and the fear of being put up still out there.

Zach better be safe

Okay hopefully Frankie or Caleb leave this week but I would be totally sad to see Zach leave. I hate Derrick and Cody they talk so much shit about Zach when he was doing TA dirty work. And Frankie is always talking shit about Zach too.

The BOB sucks

HOH can’t put up who they want. So when Jocosta or Victoria are sitting on the block next to anyone else they will go home because the other side has the votes. Would be much better if they could just put up 2 of the detonators and backdoor a third. Might actually shift the power. But right now this week will probably accomplish nothing. BOB twist is the worst.
Please let Frankie go home this week!


I really hope they succeed in getting a key player out….and I don’t mean Caleb or Zach. Derrick, Frankie, and Cody consider them liabilities anyways, so we aren’t gonna see that much drama if they stay on the block. That being said, Hayden needs to stay in Nicole ‘ s ear because she is weak mentally. She is just as easily manipulated as Caleb is….just in a different way. She’s scared to do anything. I want to see Frankie gone. It will cause Derrick and Cody to scramble because they can’t pin anything on him, nor rely on him to win the HOH, which is a huge advantage for them. We’ll see….I am a little skeptical this week. What seems to be too good to be true, most often, is.


Nicole can’t move a big move like that without making Hayden a target. Hayden’s in her ear and probably sees it very bad for his game if the boys think he’s influencing her into nominating them.


I could not be happier about the HoH outcome! FINALLY a fairly unpredictable week that we can actually look forward to watching!! Down with the Detonators!


I simply don’t understand why either of them would put up a girl or girls. It is idiotic!!! They have all of the strong guys in actual danger. Go after them! Force them to go against each other! Show some guts! Good grief. If (either) Jacosta or Victoria end up being evicted, this will be the worst HOH in BB history! And that is saying a lot.


That is the most probable way to get the results they need. If Donny and Nicole did nominate four guys, the only out that the 5 guys would have would be if the non-nominated player wins pov and pulls someone off. Otherwise, one of the pairings would be left on the block or the 5th and actual target could be put on the block as a replacement nominee. All the other possible situations leave far too many outs, which leaves to only believe that even within these projected scenarios by Donny and Nicole (suggested and supported by Hayden and Christine) only show how Christine and Hayden are still hedging with some of the guys and are not truly trust worthy to vote the way Nicole and Donny would want them to with either Jacosta or Victoria remaining on the block.


That’s why I hate that there is a dual HOH and wish Donny had won it by himself. He still has a chance to play next week if he gets dethroned but still working with Nicole put another element of difficulty to choosing noms. Too bad Jocasta couldn’t have won with him but we all see that’s a whole other story which includes excuses and follow up tear session to why she went out so early.

give me a break

Donny and Nicole should just put up Caleb/Derrick vs Cody/Zach and use Frankie as a replacement nominee. I feel with Jocasta and Victoria up, Derrick and Frankie will easily convince the house to vote them out so there side keeps the voting power…………If Nicole and Donny were smart they would just put up 4 guys wtih Frankie as the replacement…to make sure a guy goes home this week.


That would be great, but it’s very clear Nicole does not want Cody/Derrick up so Donny is basically screwed if he tries that. This BOB thing sucks big time – can’t wait for it to end so some real moves can be made.

grizzle t

Way to go donny!


Why is Donny promising to keep Frankie and Derrick safe!???!
I thought Donny could see who was controlling the house and make a move……

Michael from Canada

He’s probably feeling vulnerable after declining the TA mission. He probably suspects Derrick and Frankie are turning on him and he’s trying to smooth it over; which is a smart play. He can’t evict both of them, and if he manages to take out one of them, the other will be coming after him at full force.

His best play would be to get Nicole to take out Frankie, but that would be much easier said than done. Especially considering Nicole might not have the guts to try it.

Mister E

Donny and Nicole should put up 4 strong guys and that way one has to leave and it would be a equal team for bob.


i think 2 detonaters will b in the final 2 now i just wonder who it will b


Extremely interesting week for Derrick and Cody here. If Frankie ends up on the block against Jocasta or Victoria they are going to be forced to pick a side. Most people here seem to think they’ll stick with the denators but I’m not so sure.

If Derrick can get a good feeling of Donny I think he’d be prepared to cut Frankie and leave Zach/Caleb/Christine as targets against the rest of the house.

Also it’s great to see that Hayden has just been laying low and really has his head in the game. I think we should start talking about him and Derrick as the favourites to win.


Did Donny actually tell Victoria he wants Caleb out & “Cody is next” or is she making that up?

Just Me

I wish Nicole and Donny would give us a REAL battle for BOB. They should just tell all the guys that they want to put the four strongest competitors on the block to see who wins. I’m tired of watching Victoria and Jocasta compete in BOB and POV EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Come on. Make a real power move and put up all the big guys. They will be coming after you guys next week anyway. On a second note…I wish Nicole hadn’t opened her big mouth to Derrick. Next Thursday is going to be crazy!!


My thoughts:
1. I worry that Caleb and Victoria got a bad batch of ego and delusional thoughts. I think BB should test the Bananas. Maybe drop in an antipsychotic into their water bottles.
2. Frankie talking about TA and how Donny let down America…and isn’t willing to risk his game?! I think America should vote for a task that puts Frankie’s game at risk this week.
3. I think Donny is testing Derrick by sharing info to see whether he tells Frankie. Super smart BeardMan! I think after noms are announced he should get something started btwn Frankie and Zach. That alliance would crumble quickly, and I would enjoy the drama that ensued.
4. Nicole needs to test Christine while she is HOH. Let’s see if she can put 2 and 2 together (Caleb: that would be FOUR).