Big Brother Spoilers: The houseguests are now playing the Have / HaveNot competition.. *Updated*

11:20am Porsche and Rachel are in the storage room talking. Porsche is asking if she’s sticking together with her four alliance. Rachel says yes but it is five with Dani but that they need Porsche’s help. Porsche says okay. Rachel tells Porsche she wants to keep her in the game, too and that she needs to win HoH. Rachel tells Porsche that they need to stick together. Rachel says that Porsche needs to win an HOH. Jeff comes into the storage room. Rachel says that whoever wins and that the last four are on slop. Porcshe tells Rachel that Adam and Kalia are flippy floppy. Porsche says that she wants Kalia to go because Kalia will be pain in the ass in the jury and that Dominic will be fine in Jury. Rachel asks if Porsche is in it to the end. Rachel says that her and Brendan are the biggest target. Porche says that Dominic is frustrated that he didn’t win. Rachel says that last summer she won every quiz, and that you have to get smart. Rachel tells Porsche that you need to anticipate, and think about who has fans. Rachel says thats how you need to think. Rachel says that Porsche is a target. Porche says the newbies are quickly losing the people who have balls to evict them (Brendan and Rachel). Rachel says we have to stick together. Porsche wants to know if she has to help her as a group or just Rachel. Rachel starts to talk about when it gets to singles they have to stick together. They leave the storage room are go to kitchen. Adam, Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, Porsche, Jeff and Dominic are in the kitchen eating and talking.

11:35am They talk about what todays Have / HaveNot competition will be like today. They wonder if this mornings song has anything to do with it since it had to do with food. (Def Leopard – Pour some sugar on me). They joke that its going to be a competition where Dominic pours sugar on Adam …like the herbal essences commercials. Dominic is making a lot of food and then wonders if the havenot competition will be where they need to eat stuff and he’ll be full. He says that he would rather eat and have a good meal any ways.

They are all confident they can get Jeff to throw the POV and then they will control the house 100%.

Rachel adds that JEFF fired the first shot last week there is no holding back now (looks like war is starting in the BB house)

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11:50am – 12pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen..

12:28pm The feeds quickly flash in and out again really quickly and after flashing back I caught a screen capture of Rachel sitting in the living room by herself. And Adam, Dominic, Jeff and the back of Porsche in the kitchen. Big Brother quickly puts the live feeds back to the TRIVIA screen…


1:30pm Still showing the TRIVIA screen..

1:50pm TRIVIA..

2pm The live feeds aren’t back yet…

2:15pm TRIVIA

2:21pm TRIVIA

2:30pm Feeds are back Brendon and Rachel had a huge fight during the competition

2:35pm Purple Room Dom, Brendon and Rachel More stupid ass whsipering.. the gist of it is that BRendon is explaining to DOM scenarios where they will team up and take out JJ. Brendon says that They need to get Adam and LAwon out first then they have the numbers. Dom says that Jeff is going to go ballistic. Brendon continues that he’s positive that JJ are trying to build side alliances. Dom tells brendon all about his conversation with Jeff last week where Jeff asked him what side he was on.
Dom assures them that he is with them and his alliance with JJ is fake. He doesn’t think Jeff and Jordan are as sweet as everyone thinks he thinks Jeff is a big bully.

brendon adds that Jeff and Jordan are not very strong players in this game and they won’t be a problem to get out as long as they stick to the plan. Dom agrees says he’ll get close to JEff this week to convince him to take out Adam. Brendon makes it known that if he gets a whiff of Dom turning on them he’ll send Dom home because they have the votes this week to send whoever they want out.

2:55pm It wasn’t have nots it was a luxury comp Jordan and her crew won a movie and are watching it in the c*m stained HOH. Whil Brendon, Rachel, Dani and Dom plot their demise downstairs (BB is starting to get good folks JJ Vs. BR)

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109 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: The houseguests are now playing the Have / HaveNot competition.. *Updated*

    1. No problem at all, but I didn’t drop by until just before the end of the CBS show just before 10 am. You are continuing to do a stellar job Simon and Dawg.

  1. Maybe Brendon coul draw the Porch some pictures like he offered to Cassi!!! Lord know the dynamic duo are brilliant in comparison to we mere mortals :)

    1. I would love to see them show that clip in front of Cassi and Brendon at the season finale…. just to see the look on his face and how stupid and rude he looked….. I am thinking when Brendon finishes school (2029) he will have as hard of a time getting work as Rach-ill did

  2. I wasn’t able to watch the show live and relied on the website last night…it was working great!

    Did anyone catch the Rachel and Brendan convo before they left for the HOH lockout? It seems like they are also starting to catch-on that Dani is working the whole house. Dani’s game is going to start imploding if JJ and BR talk to each other about it… If Adam and Dom stay nominated, I think there is a very good change the BR will end up wanting Dom gone–especially if Dani pushes too hard for it. They only need four votes this week since Rachel would be the tie breaker. If BR and JJ start wanting to split Dom and Dani, they could get the votes with Porche and probably even Shelly, maybe Lawon. This could be an interesting week.

  3. To the poster asking about Porkshe and Brendan’s exchange in the HOH room –

    I’m watching it now because I couldn’t watch last night. It’s about 2:04 in and Brenda is alternating his looks between the fish and Rach-ho’s basket. The camera is just moving away as he glances up in P’s direction and it looks like he begins to mouth something to P. She smiles, mouths, ‘love you’ and winks as she says it.

    Well that would certainly add a twist to bring drama to the BB house!

    Simon, thanks for adding the user name to the comment box!

    1. I knew someone in there was gonna get mesmerized by that big booty, sorry when it comes to fake big titty loves a nice plump booty will win everytime., Get it Brenda

    2. I’m trying to find it in the flashbacks. That’d make it around 11:04 PM BB time but Brendon and Rachel are talking together at that point in time.

      1. It’s right when Roachel is still going through her basket— people were still in the hoh room w them! I don’t have the feeds, and loved it when ppl used to put more of the fights and stuff on YouTube…good thing for afterdark and dvr!!!

      2. Keep going. It actually has 2:04 at the bottom of your “fast forward” line. Porche looks very shifty eyed after she does it too like she’s worried she might have been seen.

    3. Thanks, Emmie :) I was watchIng BBAD last night (central time– it’s late for me) and I thought I was seeing things!!! The cameras caught both of their faces, and I was like,”Whaaaaa?” I she said “luv ya” too!!!

      1. Hi Lori! I really need to thank the person who mentioned it in the other thread. Was it BBGrandma? If not for her or the poster who brought it up I’m not sure I would have caught it or thought anything of it.

        P has made it clear she has the hots for Brendan and he’s made it clear with his behavior that he’s just a girl that can’t say no….lol. Some great dirt. What do you think the crybaby in the bushes will say if / when she sees it?

  4. Simon: 2 things. 1) The user names stick now, but the URL data does not. Is that an easy fix? Either way, good job! 2) Do you have every headline start off with “Big Brother Spoilers” for SEO reasons? If not, feel free to drop that phrase to make your headlines shorter :)

    I know a lot about your line of work, so I can tell when you’re kicking ass in WordPress or whatever CMS you use. Keep it up!

    1. thanks QAZ,

      Sure thing I’ll add the cookies to the URL and email tonight.. As for the titles we started doing that during bb8 back when we didn’t know what was going on kinda stuck with it. I don’t like the long headlines in terms of SEO etc etc but for dawg and I it’s part of the fun finding the most outrageous things the houseguests say. as for having one of our keywords in the title i’m sure it helps but i’ve given up on caring too much about it.

      We’re using wordpress and amazon CDN on 2 dedicated servers (We may upgrade before next thursday hence by query about the performance during last nights show). The theme is a free one customized for speed. Not as customized as the bb11’s site though but we’re on way way way more hardware this year.

  5. No way! now I am all curious about this!! I watch BBAD every single night but last night I kept waking up and falling asleep so it was a little hazy but i would love to have seen it. Please please let me know if there’s a link somewhere….

  6. I love how Rachel connects winning a guessing game to being fantastic at quizzes and smarter than anyone else.

    You made guesses Rachel. And a lot of fans believe it was rigged. A pat on the back is six inches away from a kick in the ass.

  7. I guarantee the celebrity that visits the house next week will be Chris Evans b/c big brother this year is sponsored by Captain America.

    Porche will c*** in her pants….and hopefully Racheal is gone.

    This season sucks now that Cassie is gone the only thing keeping me watching is Jeff. How can you get rid of one of the hottest girls in BB history…wtf.

    1. If Chris Evans come in there, all the women will drop to their knees, well Porsche and Rachel anyway. but Captain America could be scared away by Audrey II a.k.a Kalia she night try to eat him.

    2. No omg I can’t believe no one has figured it out , the celebrity will be BRUNO MARS duh! Didn’t u see the volumatic hairdo lol I’m so excited. It’s a me Bruno mars lol . Go Rachel!! big booty big booty yeah big booty lol

        1. Yeah I think according the outline from the pic of the mystery celebrity on lastnights show, it has to be Bruno Mars that hair is unmistakable. My mother and I both screamed it out Bruno mars when we first saw it lol I’m so excited going to be hilarious to see Brendan and jeffs reaction lmao

        1. Lol I agree anyone famous and those girls would be on that like flies on poop, lol porshe is always in heat lol

    3. The latest BB commercial on CBS stated that it would be someone from the new show “Same Name”. So it will probably be David Hasselhoff. But I would have loved to see the HGs faces if it was Bruno Mars! lol

      1. Yea it was, but it came in 2nd to Rachel crying in the bushes over Jeff telling the truth about the way she acted, it; wasn’t about being competitive, she was mad Jeff was supporting Jordon by telling her not to take the slop pass, as it would’ve been useless, and it was proven by how quick she fell off the wood…

    1. Oh no , not this dude LOL only thing I like about the HOFF is the classic Knight Rider

    2. i went to realityblurred website and it did indeed say that David Hasselhoff has been flapping his gums about coming on the BB Show. I posted a link to the site

  8. This season so far sucks every time i see Rachel face i get instantly annoyed..I hope next season is an All-Star season since the 7th was. It only make sense for season 14 to be all-stars keeping my fingers crossed lol

  9. I’m not arguing with Brenchel Drones anymore, if you don’t like us telling the truth about your favorite HGs, GTFO

  10. Dom can’t win, he’s not a Vet this is their season. Can’t belief they didn’t just Name this season All-Stars and bring back 9 more Vets.

  11. Have Nots are over Jeff or Jordon won, and as usual Brenchel are whining that JJ didn’t pick them to watch Same Name up in the HOH and are plotting against JJ with Dom, BTW why the hell are they watching a show, it’s not even a movie, LOL The guest it was the HOFF, no idea who the Have nots are, I’m guessing Audrey II & Lawon…. Next weeks HOH is going to be CRUCIAL

      1. Hmmm Dom might win this one if they don’t get rid of him this week. Can’t see Brenda winning unless it;s a strength comp, he doesn’t do well in one that have you in place for a long time, remember how much he was bitching last season and making excuses.

      2. It will probably be like that endurance comp from BB11 where they spun around and got hit with the giant diploma since Jeff did so well with it lasting to the end and making a deal with Russell.

  12. I am SO confused!!!!! First B&R say that they don’t trust dom and that they have to keep J/J to have a chance to make it to final 4. Now, they are talking game to Dom about backdooring J/J. HUH?? Am I missing something?

    1. Oh I see now…cause Jeff & Jordan picked other people to watch the movie with in the luxury competition & not R&B.

      1. That bullshit was a Luxury Contest? watching a new corny show? HAHAAHAHAHA Big Brother got cheap this season….

  13. It would be great if Cassi came back in a Pandora’s box and Rachel had to wear a leotard that had a scarlet J (Jealousy)on it and a bad wig like the one poor Kristen had to wear last year.

  14. I think Jeff and Jordan are going to regret deciding not to give Brendon and Rachel the backdoor. Trust that Rachel and Brendon will dominate these competitions and Jeff and Jordan won’t have a second chance. That’s the demise of some players in this game…thinking “oh we’ll get them out next time.”

    1. True but then again whoever in the house is against Brenchel will win, so they better prey that it’s Rachel and Brendon who are up against each other, which that will take a miracle, at least one of them will be in Jury. Dano or Dom, or maybe even Shelly is going to win.

      1. I sure hope it goes down that way. I’m team Dani & Dom all the way. I want to see them shock everyone and make it to the end. Right now I’m kind of on the fence with Brendon and Rachel because they’re looking real good to make it to the end. But with everyone splitting up, another twist, and next weeks HoH maybe being endurance (which Brendon is not good at) just seems like the odds may be against them just like last summer.

        I just…I don’t know. I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan but they freaking blew it.

  15. I love this site. You guys do a great job. if people were on the fence about Rachel, last night just made their mind up. i really think america does hate her now. Casssi was very classy last night!!!

  16. who cares if america hates Rachel girl got a life not like ill will whatever his name is this guy is a control freak anyways i hope B/R gets J/J out this week let’s gooooooooooooooo B/R………………….btw you guys if any newbies wins hoh next week ill will will say that yeah let’s goo but if it’s B/R is going to say that the game is rigged………………………………….he just can”t see good competitors in front of them and since he hates Rachel that much i’m not gonna be surprise a bit

      1. EXACTLY

        everybody has their favorites, and their non-favorites

        I don’t like JJ neither BB11 was rigged for them, and that’s a known FACT

        All Rachel and Brenda do is whine when they don’t get their way, that’s why I don’t like them, besides them being nasty on the show leaving c** stains on sheets which other people have to sleep is beyond disgusting. Brenchel Drones don’t see them acting like children or douche bags, they could do no wrong in a Brenchel Drone’s eyes. If they murdered someone right in cold blood and all this caught on film, a Brenchel Drone would be the 1st to stand up and say it was self defense or they would take the blame.

        I’m rooting for Dani or Dom. Don’t care about the rest.

        1. Watch how Sir Spunks-A-Lot talks to RacHELL, then go back and watch last season when his ex-girlfriend explains how he’s manipulative and controlling. Then if you can wrap your tiny little brains around it all, ask yourself “Why do I stand up for this scumbag?”

          I feel sorry for RacHELL sometimes, but she made her c*** stained bed and now she has to lie in it.

            1. We need that picture of him in the crown and cape with the facemask on inserted here…

              All hail, Sir Spunks-A-Lot

                1. I’m glad I saw them all using Lawon’s mask or I’d be wondering if he dried his face with his sheets.

                  I don’t get why the fanboys and fangirls are so invested in Brendon and Rachel that they FREAK OUT and whine every time they read a negative post about them. Don’t take it personally people – we’re not talking about you. And if you’re relatives of theirs maybe you should step away from the forums because you’re not likely to find too many people who side with you about either of those bitches.

  17. Simon, is it just me or do the feeds give us less choice than in the past. It used to be that you had three or four cameras showing different parts of the house and you could choose the one you wanted or watch all four. But this season a lot of the time there is no choice. If Brenchel are in bed, I don’t want to watch it on all 4 cameras. I would much rather see what the others are doing. Maybe I am just sick of the Brenchel/JJ show.

    1. No Rachel is Disgusting, GET IT RIGHT….

      BTW you want to talk education? How the hell can I be boycotted?? for pocking fun at Rachel and Brendon , umm most of the people on this site including one of the site’s owners talk shit about them, what are you gonna do boycott the whole site?

      Yes kiddies Boycott Me… HAHAHAHA

  18. I hate Dom as well. Rachel and Dom are the two most annoying. I really like Dani, I don’t know why she’s choosing Brendan/Rachel over Jeff/Jordan, I’m guessing because she thinks it’d be easy to beat BR over JJ, since no one likes them and u want to go to end with sum 1 ppl hate. Dani is disappointing me a lot, I want Dom gone this week so I don’t have to see them together.

  19. Well I hope Jeff or Jordon win the PoV. I like Dom too and Shelly. Would love to have Cassi back….that would be classic!!!


  20. After the comp, I thought I read tht after Dum talked w BR, he went to Dani and said, ” they believe whatever you tell them, right?” and Dani said YEAH… I think they’re really w JJ, and playing BR. It’s more likely: Dani Knows JJ r easier to beat in comps– she’d be w them. Dani is hysterical on BBAD!!! Last night Roachel said something dumb, and Dani replied,” there goes 5 more fans!!!!”

    1. Dani can’t stand Roach– it’s sooo obvious, too. She doesn’t miss a beat w her quips :D hahaha Dani FTW!!!
      PREDICTION: Jeff wins next week’s HOH endurance. Roach has a meltdown and brings her scabby blankets out into the backyard looking for her hidey-hole in the bushes. She ends up making her own fort under the pool table, complete with sign that reads: Only Porsche can enter…

  21. We are back from Trivia and involved in a conversation with Dom and Rachel and Brendon.  Brendon says that he sometimes gets upset with Rachel and he shouldn’t.  Brendon asks if anyone else heard them fight.  She says that they really love each other.  Brendon says try having a relationship in this house.  They say something about the comp and naming names like Kira Knightly or Gladys Knight.
    They are whispering so softly that you can’t hear them.  Dom says something about working with them.  He has no other options.  Even Brendon is so soft that you can’t hear them.  Rachel says that it is obvious that they don’t have a target and that they are making side alliances.  Brendon leans forward and says something and Rachel says that he is being paranoid.  SHe opens the door even after Dom says that they are in the back. 
    Dom says that if you put us up, he will try to win the veto.  We have you, Daniele, Porsche, and they don’t trust Lawon.  Rachel says that Adam and Shelly work with Jeff and Jordan.  Kalia is up there in the HOH all the time.  She says that they won’t listen to her and Brendon but to Jeff, especially after this luxury competition.    Dom says that Jordan and Jeff is a head case and ??? is going to explode.  Dom says what if you get Jeff and Jordan…… Dom says that last week we made a deal with veto and it said that they would work together all six of them  to get the others out and when Jeff asked if he were going to choose to work with JJ or BR.  Brendon says something about them going back and forth.  Dom says that after the players split they ….. play with me.  Brendon is talking and Rachel is listening.  Dom says that he doesn’t know what Lawon is up to.  Dom says that the only thing is that they have to stick together to fight.  Brendon says that Kalia is in league with them and is not winning sh*, but Lawon says he will work with us.  Porsche will do anything Rachel says.  Dom says that Porsche is your puppy.  Brendon says that if they put him up on the block they have to be one hundred percent certain that they have the votes.  Dani, Brendon, Porsche….. and we have to be sure we have votes secured.  If you cut Adam before the memory games.  Rachel says that they have to deal with Jeff.  Dom says backdoor him.  Rachel says not this week.  Dom says no.  Rachel asks how do we know you aren’t telling Jeff the same thing you are telling us?  Dom says that he knew they were willing to take him down if you won the POV.  Rachel asks how you know?  He says that Dani told him that you were planning to use the veto if you won to take him down. 
    Brendon says that he doesn’t know if he trusts Adam.  Shelly is very smart and nobody is aware of this.  Shelly told him that they need to stick together after Cassie left.  Jeff says that Shelly was the one who flipped.  Rachel says that it is stupid that they showed their cards before we made nominations.  Rachel says everyone thinks J/J are so sweet and nice. Dom agrees, but says peoplet hink Jeff is a bully too. He says Jordan will be useless with Jeff gone. Rachel says that Dani is a really good player and she is a great social player and very competitive.  Rachel says she was on the banana as long as I was, and better than Cassie.  Dom says and way cuter.  Rachel says that they control the votes.  Rachel asks if they can get Lawon to vote to keep Dominic?  Then we would control the votes.  They need Porsche, but you have to wait till the last moment so she doesn’t say anything.  Jordan has Kalia and Shelly and Jeff is trying to get Adam.  That is five.   Get Dani to go up talk to them.  They are upstairs.  We can go outside and stick our feet in the pool .  Dom says that next week it will be me, you, Dani against Jeff in the endurance comp.  Jeff made the first strike says Rachel.  It was three people to their two and he said that they were putting up Dominic and Adam and he was like flexing his guns.  Rachel says that they had to say okay and then they worked to win the veto.  Cassie planted all those seeds.  They struck first.  They are not sharp because….. well anyway, that was their first strike, and this is their second strike.  If they had taken me and Brendon upstairs, yes, but if they took you and Dani, yes, or even me and someone when I am HOH, but they didn’t.  They took them.  (I bet they have an HOH movie and took Shelly and kalia.)  Rachel says that she is going to grab Dani and take her swimming to talk.  Brendon looks like they shouldn’t and Rachel says that they aren’t smart, so it is okay.  They won’t know. 
    Dom says that you don’t want to socialize with me too much so they don’t think that we work together.  Like you and Porsche.  Rachel says that people talk about her and she needs someone.  Dom says that she doesn’t have a game, she came to cook.
    Rachel curls up with Brendon in the Tarot Room.  You need to apologize to production, to Allison and Rich because you said like six times that you don’t care about being here and that is rude. 
    Cams switch to Dom and Dani and Dom tells Dani that they want to talk to her.  Dom says that he doesn’t think that Jeff and Jordan want to work with them.  Dani is waking up.  Dom says that it is like Dani is our social hub and she is the best social player.  They think that Lawon and Kalia are with jj.  They want me to get Jeff and Jordan to get me to get them to trust them so that they can put me up.  They don’t think that Kalia will vote for me because she is with them.  Dom asks Dani if Bren/Rach are basically believing everything she (Dani) is telling them.Dani smiles and says, “yeah”
    Porsche says she is totally wrong and everyone has a country twang.  You can hear the movie in the kitchen.  Dani tells Porsche where she can find something.  Who is a better shot, me or David Hasselhoff.  Dani says that she has never dated anyone for money.  He says he is fertile.  She says that he is a little boy and she replies that she wants a manly man.  Dani says she can never nap because of people like you. 
    He says that he is going to be chillin in his little have not room and she is going to come to him and need something and he is going to be there in his little ivory tower.  They mouth to each other.  We can hear nothing.  Porsche comes in and interrupts him.  Dom says that I know you are my camp counselor, but she says they are not at camp. 
    Dom says to Daniele that they are drawing lines right now, Jeff and Jordan are. 
    The movie has let out:  What we know:
    David Hasselhoff came into the HOH, introduced the show and then left.  Everyone is very excited. They had David hasselhoff in the competition, then Jeff and Jordan won a luxury to see a TV show (Same Name) and picked Kalia, and Shelly to join them.  They are sitting on the porch, Kalia and Shelly and talking about the show and how good it was to see TV.

    1. So Brenchel was arguing that’s why JJ didn’t pick them to watch the movie, so as usual they are bitter that they can’t get their way, now their going to break their alliance LOL It’s cool I want them too that way Jeff can head to Jury and Brenda will join him following week and they can hang out and talk about life and things, in that sweet house. I wanna see all the girls(including Dom) battle it out…

      Your awesome Blah TY for the recap.

  22. Thank you guys for this great site and all of the hard work you do.

    Rachel is a complete pig and so is Brendon. They should be ashamed of themselves, but obviously, since they’re mental cases, they think everything is fine.

    I will check in from time to time, but I am basically turned off too much by those two to care about the show any more.

  23. After Rachel’s therapy session with Dr. Shelley “SheHe” Chewbacca last night, I wonder if “Chewie” plans on going to the Dark Side (B/R, Porkass & Dani)?

    I think Chewie has a better shot teaming up with Hans Solo (Jeff) “Princess Leia” (Jordon), and hopefully Luke Skywalker (Dom), if they can get him away from Dani!, Adam and R2DoNuthin” (Kalia)!

    1. I think they are, they are really gullible to people who stroke their egos, you remember the entire Bragade fooled them and one of them won.

  24. I really wanna see if Rachel has the balls to put up J/J and if she does, i wanna see her then cry when jeff wins veto, all Rachel does is cry when things dont go her way she needs to stop wondering why america dislikes her. And dried c*** on the sheets? gross!

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