Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel confronts Brendon about how he belittles her, makes her feel stupid and how he doesn’t trust her.. *UPdated*

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8:45am – 9:30am Shelly and Brendon are awake and in the kitchen talking. They are talking about random stories about themselves, their friends and families. Rachel joins them in the kitchen. They talk about how late the other houseguests were up last night. Shelly says that Kalia was up late too. Rachel says that’s when they talk game so much. Shelly says outside of the house when she’s up late she just does email and stuff. Brendan says he was up late everyday while they were in Vegas. Rachel says that no he wasn’t. Shelly says she stays up late to Skype business contacts in China. Kalia joins them in the kitchen. The conversation changes to talking about Ragan’s birthday party, shopping, and how Rachel has gotten a lot of parking tickets in LA. Brendon tells then that Rachel doesn’t make the right decisions all the time. Rachel leaves and seems upset. They continue to talk about how its illegal to use a cell phone or the GPS while driving. Brendan says that the LAPD are here to serve and protect …and here to serve and harass. Lawon is now out in the kitchen. They start talking about jury duty and how to get out of it. They talk about the Casey Anthony court case and how they think it would be impossible for her to not be convicted.

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9:45am Brendon goes up to the HOH and Rachel confronts him and tell him that he can’t talk to her like that, that he makes her feel like she is stupid and that he belittles her. Rachel says that it really hurts her feelings. Rachel says Brendan doesn’t have faith and trust her. Rachel says that she really didn’t like that Brendon told her that she isn’t allowed to talk game unless he is there. Rachel says that it makes her feel that he doesn’t trust her and that he thinks she is stupid. They talk about the parking ticket that Rachel didn’t take care of before they left. Rachel says that she hired an attorney and already paid them to take care of it. Brendon tells her that yeah she did that but the attorney said they wouldn’t know anything till they went to court and then they would issue her a reduced fine or what ever she needed to do. Brendon says that you would need to take care of that in a certain amount of time or the fine will double or triple. Brendon says that he told her four times to take care of it and she didnt, he says all she needed to do was give them his sisters email that she could handle it. Brendon says that he supported her before they came into the house by paying the rent and a lot of other things and that he doesn’t want them to waste money. Brendon says that when he asks her for stuff like that, and she doesn’t do it ..maybe he will just need to keep track of it all.

9:55am – 10:05am Big Brother switches all four cameras to Kalia and Lawon in the bathroom. They talk about random things and then Shelly comes in and joins them. Lawon and Kalia then head up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel and Brendon. They knock on the HOH door and get no answer. They says that they will just talk to them later. Lawon and Kalia get back to bed. Kalia says either we are up or we’re not ..and we are playing for the veto. Lawon says that he just doesn’t want to be back doored… ya know what I mean. Kalia says yeah.
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10:10am – 10:30am Rachel gets called to the diary room. Brendon goes down and joins Shelly in the bathroom. Brendon asks Shelly about her daughter and what she would be doing right now. Shelly says that her husband would be at work and her daughter would be eating or swimming. Brendon asks who looks after her while her husband is at work. Shelly says that she asked a couple of her special friends to look after her and said that she was going overseas for awhile. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Brendon and Shelly are still talking in the bathroom. Shelly and Brendon are cleaning the bathroom.

10:40am Lawon is up in the HOH room talking to Rachel. Lawon says that he has been loyal to them. He tells Rachel that he has stuck with them and that if he was in the jury house he would be able to look back and that he would vote for her. Lawon says that day two he knew he wanted to work with them. Lawon says that he knows his social game is huge and that he will use it in the jury house too. Rachel asks Lawon what he will do moving forward. Lawon says that he doesn’t know because he doesn’t even know whats happening after the golden keys are over. Lawon says that he would definitely come and ask for their opinion of what they want done. Rachel asks what if people come up to him and ask him to put up her and Brendon because they are winning all this stuff. Lawon says he wouldn’t because they have a bigger target on themselves than he has, so if he did people would start coming after him. Rachel asks who Lawon would go after, and he says he would go after the new and start chopping them off one by one. Rachel says that if she doesn’t put them up …its not to back door him.

10:55am – 11:05am Brendon comes in and Lawon reiterates what he and Rachel just talked about. Lawon says that he has their back and that he will do whatever they want. He says that if push comes to shove and I have to go to the jury house… I will still have your back in there! Lawon says that he wants to help the vets to push him as far as possible. Brendon says that they trust him and not to sweat it whatever happens. Brendon says that once they decide what they want to do, they will let him know. Brendon says that they don’t want him gone and that he needs to keep an eye on what other people are telling him too. Big Brother comes over the intercom and says that they need to leave the HOH room because it is going to be locked for a few hours. Brendon says that he doesn’t think that their feelings are going to change about Lawon. Rachel says no because he keeps saying the same thing and that its so bad. Brendon says that he just tells us what we want to hear. Right after Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back…

11:10am When the feeds come back, Brendon and Rachel are talking about how good Dani has it. Brendon says that Dani will team up to Dominic once the couples thing is over. Brendon says that Dominic will be loyal ..but not to us Dani. Rachel says that Porsche is good to keep in the game because she is a bigger target than them and they can trust her. Brendon says that he would much rather keep Adam than Dominic because they can read Adam like a book. Brendon says that the cardinal mistake they will make in this game is turning on Jeff and Jordan. Big Brother cuts the live feeds right there..

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62 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel confronts Brendon about how he belittles her, makes her feel stupid and how he doesn’t trust her.. *UPdated*

  1. I know its been said many, many times, but I am sooo over Brendan and Rachel! As much as I like Jeff and Jordan, I am bored with them too. I wish CBS would just put a new cast on each summer, save who they want to come back for an All Stars Season, minus partners, and throw in a couple of good twists. If they dont change something soon, Big Brother will be a thing of the past for many! And this is coming from someone who LOVES to watch this, but this season….ugh!

  2. Good for Rachel. As much as I dont like her she needs to stand up for herself more. If he talked the way that he does to anyone else that person would beat the crap out of him.

    1. rachel doesn’t stand up to him because she usually uses another tactic. she usually “plays the victim” and whines and cries without tears until he stops belittling her so much and starts saying i love you and your so beautiful and so on. she plays a different game. and that’s what she does, instead of talking to the man you’re supposed to marry like an adult and putting it all out there, she plays games by whining until he stops. they’re both stupid. he obvioulsy doesn’t trust her, and she obviously isn’t happy being treated like the child she acts like. and these two are supposed to marry!?! neither one of them are mature enough to handle marriage, or to even make the decision to marry the right person. you can’t have a decent marriage without trust, and he doesn’t trust her with any life decisions, and she doesn’t trust any girl around him( with very good reason ). she says she wanted cassie out cause she has bad game play, but she’s really just worried her man will cheat. how desperate do you have to be to want to marry a man who swears he loves you for who you are, but turns around and cheats with more than one girl, and does nothing but put you down all over national tv? i mean he didn’t even defend her when jeff yelled at her. yes jeff was in the right, but any decent man would’ve at least said wait til we’re alone and not in front of everyone. you see jeff jumped right to jordin’s defense. she already is jealous that jordin is prettier than her, and is a much more decent human being than her. but she’s gonna start targeting jordin and jeff because she is jealous that they’re not fighting all the time and that jeff treats jordin with respect, kindness, and love. and we all know if you’re a female and america likes you, the other houseguests likes you, you’re prettier than her, rachel will be gunning for you. here’s to hoping someone wins HOH next week that will put up brendon and rachel, and that the houseguests vote out rachel.

      1. Hello? Have you been in an actual relationship??? That time Rachel was actually the victim! Come back when you come back from a bad relationship when your partner is manipulative and talks to you like that in PUBLIC!….It’s embarrassing and hurtful!

      2. I agree with you 100%. Rachel is constantly doing foolish things and why can’t Brendon call her out on it? Yes it’s dumb to get parking tickets all over LA and Rachel as we witness time and time again makes horrible decisions. He did tell Jeff to back off but in the same breath he also agreed that Rachel was out of line, so maybe it was missed by some.  As far as talking to Rachel about her short comings, he’s not tacky about it, he’s just straightforward. She seems to put him down equally as much. Sure he could do it in private, but we’d still see it and she’d still complain. He’s far more patient with her than I would be. I’d rather my guy call me out on my BS rather than blow smoke up my ass all the time so that I’d believe I was smart and never did anything wrong. I don’t think he’s doing it to put her down like she was worthless. In his eyes he probably believes he’s being helpful. She should be just as straight forward with him and tell him to stop what she feels is hurtful behavior. But she’s used to being treated like a baby and she simply manipulates him until he begins to do that again. Frankly their entire relationship is dysfunctional and IMHO will not last. They are dillusional to think that it will and will probably move ahead with the wedding and stay in it longer than they should to try and prove everyone wrong. Misery behind closed doors. 

  3. Rachel’s right. He talks to her like a father admonishing his child. I noticed that this season. And the screwed up thing is that he will often start doing that out of the blue when she didn’t even do anything. Or he’ll bring up old stuff that’s been forgotten already. He kinda seems psychotic at times.

    I see Jeff talk down to Jordan at times too. He seems to have a big temper, even though I can see he loves her very much. Jordan doesn’t care. She’s in her own little world with a blank stare in her eyes most of the time anyway.

    1. She should get him back by not giving him BJs under the cover. let him beat off for the rest of the summer he’ll act right LOL
      They need to clean up after themselves though, don’t leave the skeet all over the sheets.

    2. brendon does talk to rachel like that. but in his defense(not a fan of his) she does tend to act like a child. and she chooses to put up with it. yes, jeff does it to jordin too, but like you said- at times. jeff seems to truly love jordin and encourages to make her own decisions though. and he always seems to truly be looking out for her best interest, and always tell her after he gives his opinion that no matter what he will support whatever decision she makes( and it seems honest, not just trying to look like a good guy like brendon tries). and i have to disagree about jordin. she from what i’ve seen, seems to be genuinely sweet so she tries not to hurt peoples feelings, and it seems to me she is the same way in the real world. but if you watch and listen, she has a much better grasp on things and people in the house than she comes across as having. she knows to be careful what she says in front of dani and things like that. i think her biggest problem is that she can see what’s going on around her for what it is, but is one of those people who try to always believe in the best in everyone.

      1. AGREED. Jeff does have a temper sometimes but come on i would be cranky every day if i was in that crappy house with those annoying people!!! Who wouldn’t? In real life it seems like Jeff is really sweet and really cares about Jordan. And Jordan isn’t as dumb as people think. She knows what’s going on. Who knows maybe playing dumb is her game play ;)

        1. I agree. I think we notice ever little change in their voice because we are watching from home. Most of us would probably react the same way in a stressful situation. I’m sure we have all raised our voices or spoken more stearnly to those we love now and again. Some people speak like that all the time and are not angry. We are outsiders looking in.

    3. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, if Jeff and I was in the house I’d be intimidated by him because I think he does have a big temper and Jordan just doesn’t say anything! Rachel actually stands up for herself and she should!

  4. “Staying up late” means different things to a ‘student’ (Brendan) and ‘party starts when the bars close’ (Rachel). — *giggle & groan*

    Perhaps being on Big Brother and being in such close proximity for so long will help them see their relationship in the other HG’s eyes, that they are not a match. The bickering, arguments over nothing and everything should make it clear that they are BOTH unhappy. Their physical attraction isn’t enough and I suspect it is getting more clear by the day. They are not in their normal routines, and that can be exciting or the cause of dissention in the little decisions at every turn. Rachel’s comments in the DR and to Brendon crack me up. She accuses everyone else of her exact behaviors and appears to be victimized by everybody.

    Does anybody know her from her past who can shed some light on why she’s so screwed up?

    1. I wonder why they feel its a match, why brendon is so blinded by the whole thing. Id think with all the good looking girls in the house, he might snap out of it when rachel is off crying in the darn bushes. its weird, and it shows how hes got some issues.

      we all know they wont last in this game, then wont make it as a couple out of it

    2. she displays typical addict behavior. and from what i’ve seen on the show she seems to be an alcoholic, which is an addiction. addicts tend to always be the victim. it’s never their fault, someone else is always to blame. if someone calls an addict out on something, the addict always twists it around to be misunderstood, so it’s still not their fault. they don’t claim responsibility for their own actions. and they tend to always think someone is out to get them. she has some very serious issues and honestly need therapy, maybe even medication. when i watch or read this site, i’m always thinking i really hope that this is an act and that she isn’t really like this in real life, but i doubt it. her need for attention seems to be unquenchable. and i honestly don’t know how she could’ve passed even the most lax psychiatric evaluation.

      1. I agree Rachel is a mental case. How she acts on the show is not an act for the cameras, this is obviously who she is, the bitch is jealous of her own sister so no doubt she was jealous of Cassi.

    3. Last night after she read her HOH letter to from her sister, she made a snarky ass comment like “my sister is so pretty, everyone likes her…” in a very jealous tone.

      I believe you have your answer.

      1. I completely agree I mean Brendon made comments that reading America’s comments about her just tore her apart….Now I feel bad because she might be going through something we don’t know!

          1. I agree you are no different from Rachel if you go out saying things like that because she might have some issues at home we don’t know, but you just seem to be a bad person! I wouldn’t lower my standards just to cuss at you!

            Wait, I’m sorry I insulted Rachel because you are wayyyyy worse than her. So you’re calling “guy” gay now I see! What’s wrong with gays exactly!!! Do you know what they are going through! Who knows what they’re going through? If they’re gay they might even hide the fact they are just because of sick bullies LIKE YOU! You “bullies” make me sick!

            1. Yeah, but her actions tend to lead you to throw a fit in a public forum. Some of the things you post are what I would expect from someone in middle school, but yet you are better than her. How is this possible, when you act like her but in a different forum. She does it on TV, your doing it on the internet. The difference is that she isn’t hiding behind a screen name. Your not the only one, many that post on her do it in just a classless and catty way that they use to describe peoples action in the game. Say what you will about those that you don’t like in the game, because you clearly aren’t able to see those same qualities being displayed by yourself in this forum, that the rest of us can see.

              1. I act like her? LMFAO you drones, her you come defending everything they do making excuses. HAHA , if you don’t like us talking about them, why you come on this site bitching about us being honest about what they do? GTFO

                1. You apparently aren’t ready to hear the truth about you. That you act just like Rachel. If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion you throw a fit. If things don’t go your way in a game (that you’re not even playing) you come in here and throw a fit. So when I say you act like her, its because day after day you give us proof by your posts. Not sure how old are you, but your mentality is that of a 12 year old.

                  You ask why we come in here, well because Simon has made a great site for those that love BB. We can find out what is going on in the house when we can’t watch it. And from time to time, there is some good discussion and insight to the gameplay. The downside, is posters like you and the garbage you put out on the internet for the whole world to see. Well they don’t see you, you get to hide behind a username.

                  1. Simon talks about Rachel too and makes fun of her looks, but your not whining to him are you? LMFAO like i said GTFO

                2. And for the record, not a Brenchel fan. I am a BB fan and I enjoy the show. I don’t want to see B/R win, but my TV won’t be broken if they do, nor will it affect my life in any way. It’s a show, that’s all. Some in here get way to worked up over what happens in a game, need I remind you, that they aren’t playing in.

                  1. NEWS FLASH!

                    I’m not the only one that watches BB religiously and get a little worked up on the childish things they do, so get off the sack, you comment on every single post that against Brenchel so that makes you a Drone whether you like them or not

              2. How sad,I couldn’t have said it better myself! The things being said about Rachel are just outlandish and hurtful. That is someones daughter! So sad some people think its okay to speak so disgustingly about someone they don’t truely know, meanwhile Rachel can’t talk about someones game play without being called every horrible name under the sun.

  5. honestly, he may talk to her like that on occasion, but there are times where she acts like an 8 year old. quite frankly, she can’t be trusted, right after he and dani told her to watch what she says, she asks obvious questions to kalia and other hg’s about what so and so said about her, then goes further to say her decision comes down to this :(enter dialogue) and it was obvious she meant adam and dom, and it came down to whether or not she could trust dom, thats info you don’t go telling people.

    shes worse this season than last season. its so over the top, tone it down

    definitely on team dani this season

  6. Why they locking the HOH, to investigate and clean whatever spunk is left on the sheets? We know Rachel won’t clean it, nasty skank ho LOL

    1. Why don’t you go and call your mom the skank ho instead how dare you to even call her names you don’t even know her in real life just get a life you BITCH….

      1. I agree you are no different from Rachel if you go out saying things like that because she might have some issues at home we don’t know, but you just seem to be a bad person! I wouldn’t lower my standards just to cuss at you!

      2. Wait, I’m sorry I insulted Rachel because you are wayyyyy worse than her. So you’re calling “guy” gay now I see! What’s wrong with gays exactly!!! Do you know what they are going through! Who knows what they’re going through? If they’re gay they might even hide the fact they are just because of sick bullies LIKE YOU! You “bullies” make me sick!

    2. I agree you are no different from Rachel if you go out saying things like that because she might have some issues at home we don’t know, but you just seem to be a bad person! I wouldn’t lower my standards just to cuss at you!

  7. i would like to see some screen shots of p and b screwing each other with their looks lol looks like rachel`s bestie will try and make a move on “her man” haha

  8. You know all that pink, why not just call her Miss Piggy? I mean at this point she’s starting to look like her

  9. Do B/R really believe Porsche is a bigger target than them?! She’s Rachel-lite, she floats around and is essentially being carried by B/R. Why get rid of the worker bee when you can take out the Queen?

  10. I must admit that Brendon does treat Rachel a bit crappy. Personally, I think both Brendon and Jeff are both crappy to their women. Maybe it’s the Big Brother house that makes them act this way, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want anyone to talk to me the way they do. I think both Jordan and Rachel are treated like children. Jeff yells at Jordan all the time for dumb shlt. Brendon goes off on temper tantrums for no reason, just to have an excuse to bicker with Rachel, it makes no sense. Regardless of whether Rachel acts like a child at times or not, that’s no reason for him to treat her the way he does, just break up with her if she is frustrating you that much. As far as Jordan goes, I’m not sure she even realizes she’s being treated like crap, she’s always in la la land with palm trees.

    Between the two, Rachel needs the most help. Jordan’s just tries to see the best in people and is in her own lovely world (wish i were there too at times). But Rachel, I believe, has been hurt or abused so much in her life by people (including Brendon) that I think she is literally going crazy. She needs mental and emotional help, not medication. I think she has tendencies to be a nice girl, but she switches it off quickly when she feels threatened. But really deep down, I see a fun loving, good-spirited, nice girl. I think America needs to give her a break. I’m hoping we Big Brother viewers don’t drive her further insane by making all of these harsh comments. You would really regret it if you made all these nasty comments and the poor girl harmed herself because of all the hurtful comments America has made about her. Just stop and think about if you were in her shoes people.

    1. I completely understand Rachel and Jordan, I’ve been in a house with bad tempers and ya’ll don’t know how it hurts and how it can change you! Like no idea how much it hurts yelling constantly in the house and it seems like Rachel and Jordan is going through those things I suggest they both need to calm them down before they marry!

    2. She has very low self esteem. That’s why she acts like this, always needing attention and a display of affection from Brendon.

      I do not think she’s a bitch or a bad person. She’s mostly pretty nice, except those times when something strikes in her head and she says or does something stupid. And I bet she regrets every moment of it.

  11. Anyone ever notice how Brendon is really confrontational and aggressive towards females but acts rather passive towards the males? Last season he got all tough guy on Brittany and this season he was an absolute condescending dick to Cassie. Also i think last season they had Brendon’s ex-fiancee on and she was saying how he was a controlling psycho, so it’s not like his behavior is anything different than that of his past relationships. In the end they both seem like really damaged people.

    1. Yea I noticed last year too, He’s only a BIG MAN toward women and people who are smaller than him, he wouldn’t dare step in Lane’s face, because he would get dropped. Rachel does not deserve to be talked to like that, I’m sure the rich men that pays for her services in Vegas treats her better well at least until they are done with her.

    2. You’re right. I totally forgot about Brendon’s ex. She did say he was a control freak and/or a psycho. I think we can see now exactly what she meant.

    3. That’s totally true…Brenda is uch a effing wuss man….that convo he hd with Cassie in the kitchen, he was a str8 up as to her for no reason….but he and rachel only act like that when they are in power.
      As far a his treatment of Rachelc, he does treat her like a child…and I remember what his ex said last yr too…I totally didn’t even expect them to b together hat long, but hey, who ar we to judge? Ppl just sometimes connect in a way that us on the outside cnt understand. But aside from that, he really blows me….and everytime he does that whole “dnt tlk game when I’m not here” bullshit…ugh….I just can’t!

  12. Rachel: “You belittled me!”
    Brendon: “I did not belittle you!!”
    Rachel: “You make me feel like a child!”

    When you act like a child you get treated like a child.

  13. Por likes brenda too. She told brendan that she liked the mirrors because she could check out brendan without rachel knowing.

  14. Well love her or not no one deserves to be talked to the way Brendon talks to her. I’d be curious how Dani would handle it once he finds out she’s playing them? She won’t take it that’s for sure. And I agree therapy would do her a world of good.

    1. Dani is ED’s daughter after all. I wouldn’t mind seeing them square off.  I don’t think he’d even go at her like that. She’s little but she has quick wit and a sharp tongue. You have to wonder if deep down Brendon has some issues in regards to respecting Rachel, like really accepting her as she truly is. He should find someone that he respects and he can treat as an equal. That said he should find a partner that has confidence and respect for themselves.  I’m just not sure Rachel knows who she really is. Not saying that this is Rachel but often when people behave the way that she does they are usually lost or have identity issues. They have no sense of selfworth. Sometimes people are drawn to the wrong type. Brendon seems like a fixer and the girls he chooses probably feel like they don’t need to be fixed. This will almost always lead to conflict.  Obviously CBS felt like Rachel was stable enough to deal with the house. So maybe this side of her comes out when the cameras are on. People change on realty TV for sure. I don’t think she has “mental” issues, she just is who she is. She doesn’t like to be told what to do and she will do and say whatever she pleases, even if it paints her picture in a poor light. She thinks she can fix it later.  If she really wanted America to have a different perspective she would start with her own actions. In a sense BB is like a job. There are things I would not do and say at work because people are there that will judge and criticize me. My future could depend on my behavior. We have heard a few HG  talk of the BBH setting off their careers. This has happened for a select few of them. I think Rachel mentioned she was unable to find a job after her season. It’s my hope she will see this season replayed and maybe even a few negative posts and think OMG, I need to make some serious changes in my life. You would think a light bulb of some sort would have already gone off. I just think this girl is smart enough and old enough to know better.   

  15. Yes, Rachel and Brendon have cringeworthy moments… a lot. There’s still entertainment value in watching something so bizarre and dysfunctional. There’s so much potential in it too. What if Rachel gets mega drunk again? What if Brendon starts being receptive to I don’t know, Porshe’s advances?
    Think potential!

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