Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel suggests they Back Door JJ, Brendon plans Jeff’s Goodbye Speech

3:30pm Bedroom Pacer, Brendon, Kalia, Dani Kalia is telling them about the show they got to watch. (Jordan, Jeff, Kalia, and SHelly watched “Same Name.” with David HAsselhoff)
Kalia says David Hasslehoff said he was thinking to do the UK show of Big brother
Dani: “when you do stuff like that you know you’re career is plummeting”. Kalia jokes that Hasselhoff was flirting with Jordan..

3:35pm Hammock Brendon and Rachel rachel is pissed says that JJ have to come to her shes the HOH. brendon explains that she needs to calm down and go talk to Jordan. (the story is that Rachel flipped out when Jordan won the luxury comp and didn’t pick Rachel to watch the show)

3:40pm Kitchen Jeff, Jordan and SHelly (JJ/BR war is ON YO)
Feeds come back with Jeff saying this “you can’t take spots off the leopard”
Shelly: “this is ridiculous I told her last night to start being gracious when she wins and now you get this shit”. Jordan points out that rachel gave her shit for talking to cassi and now she’s getting in shit for talking to Kalia, “It’s like I can only talk to her but she can talk to everyone”. Shelly says rachel needs to start acting her age not her shoe size for godsakes. Jrodan: “god I know its like she has to be the centre of everything… ” Shelly: “I’m done talking to her. It’s like beating someone then apologizing after.” Jordan points out that this is exactly why people hate Rachel. Shelly: “She’s such a poor sport. Didn’t her parents teach her how to lose”

3:49pm HOH Dani, Rachel, Brendon They are talking about how stupid Jordan is for not picking BR to watch the show. Brendon: “She’s a idiot” Dani: “She’s Dumb”.

Rachel is worried that if they put Dom up they might lose him becuase they (JJ, Kalia, Shelly) have the votes. Dani: “I will vote 1 bazillion percent that Kalia will not vote for Adam to stay.. Jordan thinks kalia is closer to her than she thinks”. Brendon agrees. Dani is saying that Jordan was telling everyone that rachel wants Cassi out because she’s more pretty than Rachel. Rachel: “OH my gawd that was her” Dani: “yeah obviously” Dani tells them that both side are too scared to but the other up becuase all hell will break loose. Rachel: “i’m not scared to put them up i’m thinking about putting them up this week”.
dani: “no we’ll back door them”.

They start making plans on taking out Jeff in 2 weeks, brendon starts saying what his goodbye speech to Jeff will be somthing along the lines as you fired the first shot by thiking about putting us up and not rallying the newbies against us. (Ohh damn this shit is funny). They all agree that Shelly will put up BR first chance they get. Brendon to Dani: “You feel confident that we have the votes if we put Dom and Adam up” Dani: “Of course no question, you, me, Pacer, Lawon and Kalia”. They all start making the round saying how stupid Jeff and Jordan are in the game they show their cards to everyone. Brendon: “We are WAY better players then them.. there not good game player they makke obvious moves and they’re sloppy” Rachel: “Thats so obvious”. Dani says she’s going to go downstairs and start working Adam to see if they can pull him into their group or make him feel he’s safe. Brendon: “don’t tell him too much” dani understands she doesn’t trust him.

Rachel wants to Backdoor Jeff and Jordan by putting up Lawon and Kalia. Dani doesn’t think so. Brendon says they need to talk Adam and Dom to throw the POV then they will have the POV and can do whatever they want, if they feel like backdooring them then they can. Dani: “They’re (JJ) done you guys realize that right.. they don’t even trust me anymore”. Brendon: “Do you think if Jeff wins HOH he’ll put us up” dani doesn’t think so she thinks they will throw it to Shelly and she’ll do it. In Rachels opinion JJ have already struck twice. Dani disagrees “no they haven’t ” Dani :”do you think people will want Jordan to win twice are you on crack she did nothing during her season” They all start bashing Jrodan saying how dumb she is in big brother.

4:11pm Jeff, rachel and Brendon Jeff wants to know if everything is cool with them because after the Luxury comp Rachel got so mad. Rachel says she’s fine she really doesn’t care.. Rachel says that “they” (newbs) are going to take out Jeff and Jordan first and it’s probably going to be Adam. Rachel adds that she’s getting a bit worried that Jeff and Jordan are going to put them up. rachel explains that she feels that there is people in the game that are trying to put a wedge between the, JEff says those are the people we need to take out because they have other motives. Jeff says if he wanted to get rid of BR he had a chance last week and they didn’t, In his mind they are going to final 5, “It’ll be a fairy tale ending if the 5 of us against all odds makes it to the end”
Brendon says they are putting Dom and Adam up becuase they are the safe bet. brendon is pretty sure they can convince them to throw the comps. Jeff ahh I dunno if they will do that. Rachel: “Dom says he will already”. Brendon wonders if Adam is America’s player. Jeff: “Get out of here.. did Dani tell you that.. no way” They kinda of talk around in circles trying to get a feel for themselves. Jeff is trying to tell them that Dom is a much stronger opponent then Adam but if Brendon thinks they can get Dom on their side then maybe they should take out Adam. Brendon says that Dom is totally turning around and he’s feeling confident that Dom will work with them. Jeff remind them that there’s going to be bumps in the road so they have to be ready. (the funny thing is BRendon is framing the game as the newbs Vs the repeats now you would have to be completely stupid to think that the game right now is newbs vs repeats.. Can’t wait for tonight to see how Jeff reacts to this conversation Finally shit’s getting good on the feeds)

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See I knew Jeff and Jordan were possibly going to get the backdoor. They’re going to regret their decision. You almost never get a second chances to get someone out, let alone two people. Should have got Brendon and Rachel out when they had the chance. They better hope and pray the get the veto.


If jj get backdored they get backdored. They will still be normal happy people (except someone has to teach Jeff that being gay does not make a pedofile.)
Rachoe and brendumb mat get farther in the game but they will still be emotionally immature and super annoying.
In life I will take jj over br every time.
CBS will lose viewers if they keep giving br advantages.




im sorry but i find brendon worst then rachel….brendon thinks hes smart,yet he says dumb shit all the time YO !BTW jordan not picking brenchal was a dumb move…the easy thing would have been to choose brenchal…..


of course!!! even if JJ don’t like them (BR), just sit through the damn show with them for the sake of the game! someone needs to tell Jordan this is not happy hour with the girls, you are not here to make friends! – she just alienated half the house, if she would’ve picked BR, she would have at least maintained the status quo and at most, ensured that she and Jeff were safe (which if I am not mistaken is the whole point of this game)


“No wtf picking BR is the worst idea, besides what will Rachel do she’s only in HoH and she promised me and Jeff final 5. I’ll just pick people that I’m secretly alligned with so I don’t blow my cover ”
What Jordan was thinking….

Oh god JORDUMB is so illiterate she probably doesn’t know how to spell I.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Rachel doesn’t care that they weren’t picked? oh so they were just calling JJ stupid for not picking them before LMFAO they didn’t pick them because Brenda and her were fighting and they didn’t want to be around that negative energy embarrassing them in front of the HOFF. Big Brother don’t need to be embarrassed by Brenchel’s constant negativity especially in front of special guest, even if it is a Has-been. They are too immature to understand that, like a child when the parents don’t want them around company when they have been bad.

I’d like to meet him I wanna know WTF happened to the New Knight Rider, it was cool except they should not have chose a Mustang as the new KITT, a super Corvette would’ve looked much sweeter. I know you can’t replace a classic but Knight Rider was a lot better then the shows that took the slot. I hope they remake Viper that show was sweet too.


no, of course they care…i think they were saying that so as to appear that they are not overreacting and not going to take it personal when it comes to nominations, but they are upset…in all honesty, i would be upset too, noone likes rejection lolol

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

But why complain? it;s not like they watched th screening of a new movie, they watched another soon to be canceled has-been vehicle. Rachel couldn’t eat what they had anyways she’s on slop. She should be happy they didn’t pick them, you know the HOFF would’ve made a move on her, then Brenda would’ve went all NeanderTALL on him and got arrested a booted from the show. They should be grateful.


lolol i hope the Hoff wouldn’t do that….but seriously, i didn’t see the feeds, but i think BR are probably upset bc of what they interpret it to mean for the game, that JJ trust and are loyal Shelly and Kalia over them- which they kind of do…i know BR overreact and are too emotional – but if they were holding on to any hope that JJ are their ally, this pretty much confirms that they aren;t and it’s all a temporary show


I dont think that Rachels pissed about not getting picked shes picked because JJ made yet another stupid choice and they(Jj) revealed (or most likely confirmed) their allegiance to other ppl by not picking BR


I just want to know why the hell BR think they are so much better than JJ.? JJ got a hell of alot further then BR! I cant stand them and I cant stand Dani.


yeah i love how BR always point out how others are so bad at the game. Last time i checked neither Brenda or Rachoe won last year!


wow that was really dumb of JJ to do, and Dani is masterminding this whole thing – getting BR to possible put JJ up so she gets them out the game and widens the target on BR – but seriously they are right about JJ, what are they thinking about aligning with Kalia and SHelly, Kalia is useless and Shelly will throw them under the bus faster than they can think it, BR are more likely to keep their word if you are loyal to them…and if they get Jeff out, then can you really see Jordan winning a single thing, no way, she alone is not a threat at all and she will soon follow him out the house, but that scenario conveniently leaves Dom and Dani together and flying under the radar….dumb dumb move for Jordan


Mega facepalm for JJ not putting BR up when they had the chance. They’re going to regret it if one of them goes home. And since Rachel now has it out for Jordan since finding out she was the one who brought up the Cassi pretty jealousy issue, she’ll be gunning for her more than for Jeff. I adore JJ and despise BR. I actually used to think BR were annoying as hell but not as bad as people acted like. Now I see they truly are ridiculous and evil. JJ have given them every benefit of every doubt and put up with all of Rachel’s drama, and all they get out of it is.

I can only PRAY it gets around to JJ that BR are coming after them so they can do everything they can to win the veto and stay safe till next week and then hopefully win HOH and get rid of Rachel, then Brendon shortly afterwards. Brendon won’t know how to make it in the house without getting jerked off every night or having his bookey to pet his head (or both heads I should say, ahem, including the one down south) while he acts like a controlling douche.

If Dani was as smart as she thinks she is she would go tell JJ about BR, and then let them fight it out, thus keeping herself out of the line of fire. Once the dust of JJ vs BR settles, it could then just be Dani and Dom vs the solo newbies, and then they could go all the way. But if Dani stays “loyal” to the idiots (BR), I hope she gets the boot soon. I used to love her to death, but her rude comments about Jordan just changed my entire opinion of her.


impressive how dani is manipulating BR this whole game
and its funny how the newb vs vets mentality is a way for BR to hide their game….i bet JJ use that same idea to hide their plans to backdoor BR


All of this makes me want to boycott BB! Seriously, its not he Rachel show! I mean, come on! She wins HOH and she still wants people up her rear??? I can’t wait to find out what the twist is, but seriously this is too much! She needs to go!


Quit whining! Your just as bad as Rachel is!!


Finally shits getting good.

Does it bug anyone else that B & R think floaters = doesnt’t win competitions. A floater is someone who doesnt make a a strong alliance and floats from side to side with whoever has the HOH power each week. They keep saying that their biggest mistake last year was letting the floaters get to the end. The Brigade might have sucked at comps (until the end) but they were def not floaters.


BR are creating floaters, not voting out floaters. They did the same thing last year with Cathy and Ragan. This year they have Shell Shocked, Kalia the Sloth and Portapotty. Instead of floaters, call them what they are… Wafflers and Towel Throwers 😉


Rachel is disgusting
Bredon know nothing he thinks he’s smart but he is dumb as hell
Dani is herringbone annoying, I’m starting to disliker her


I used to be on Team Dani too but she’s starting to act way immature also!


It’s no immaturity at all, it’s excellent game play on Dani’s part. She’s totally feeding BRs paranoia to get them to backdoor JJ. So then she possibly gets JJ out of the house and pisses off the rest of the people in the house who like JJ and then makes the target on BR even bigger and she skates by clean another week. I think Dani knows JJ are seeing her as a threat so she needs to take them out now to prevent JJ AND BR from gunning for her. It’s brilliant on her part. She’s playing the game, not acting like an immature whiny girl as some people think.


I agree 100%. Dani is the puppet master in the BBH right now. It’s too funny to see Brenchal talk about how dumb JJ are but Dani is playing them like a fiddle. Lol! Awesome!


Aaahhh Shit Mad Grenades Yo! I really wanna see Jeff get backdoored this week. I find it funny how he’s basically the only person who wants my boy Dom out.Team Doni Yo!


That would be amazing if Jeff is Backdoored!


Barennan wants Dom out too. Dani spent over an hour last night trying to get brendum to vote out adam instead of dom. He doesn’t trust him at all and wants to break up the dom dani alliance.


They HAVE TO bring Cassi Back… if they want to have a real twist then Cassi has to come back… And I can’t wait to see the look on Big Reds face.


Why would you want Cassie to go back in the house? Just for “Eye Candy”? You wanna cause drama? Bring back Keith and let him get his REVENGE!!!


No because she would go after the two idots (b/r). And Rachel would be pissed!


No because she would go after the two idots (b/r). And Rachel would be pissed… But her looks are nice also. Lol


I haven’t found Cassie’s exit interview. Maybe it means something. Keith’s was up the day after he was evicted. Not that I liked Cassie particularly, but Rachel would flip out if Cassie re enters the game, not just a lame Pandoras Box visit.


Maybe Jordan knew exactly what she was doing: letting Roachel have another meltdown in front of everyone– showing her true colors once again. Or, she felt badly for Shelly being on slop fir 2 weeks, losing her partner, and turning her against newbs in first vote. Roachel has had 2 HOH rooms and baskets (VERY selfish of her to want tht too). Jordan just picked Kalia because she was afraid K would eat her if she didn’t.


Of course you’d be a little pissed if they didn’t pick you! I’m pretty sure everyone here might be a little pissed! Also even the contestants who weren’t pick for the reward from Survivor, previous seasons of BB, etc. got mad for not getting picked! You guys act like Rachel is the only one who’d get mad! Some even took it worse than Rachel did and flipped out! Let’s see Rachel’s decision though… but I think the best move for them is to backdoor JJ because they (JJ) will be going for (BR) soon anyways, but yet the alliance is still going on! I think this decision would be very difficult because Rachel can put up pretty much everyone it’s just a matter of WHO is the biggest THREAT!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

ummm Rachel did flip out, when Jordon didn’t pick them, then they went whining with dom and plotting to get rid of JJ.


I’ve read a lot of people bashing Cassie and wondering why the fans like her so much. Basically it’s because she’s a decent person who got screwed over by not only her enemies but also her friends. Of course this is just a game but it’s human nature to sympathize with someone who undeservedly gets stomped on and have no respect for the ones who are dancing on her grave. imho




Yeah, your right, Jordan isnt stupid! She’s “Just a Blonde”!!! Lol


I know your a huge JJ fan, but the smartest move for everyone in the house I think is by splitting JJ preferably Jeff. I can tell you’re a huge fan, but for those in the house they need to get JJ out even Evil Dick said to evict Jeff first and get Jordan before finals!


well i can’t deny that it would be a good strategic move but i just wouldn’t be happy to see them go because yes I am a huge fan so of course i don’t want BR to even think about back dooring them. I can’t help feeling sad and mad lol.


even if you are JJ’s biggest fans, you have to admit that Jordan is not a smart girl, it almost fascinates me to watch someone who knows so little, i would love to see her in the real world, like how she gets by and survives bc she exhibits the minimal amount of intellect to do so


Maybe she’s just not very smart with big brother stuff like plotting and scheming. I think it’s just certain things that she’s not smart with but I’m sure there are other stuff that she is smart with like listening to people or giving advice or comforting some one. Do you see where I’m going with this?


Umm she was teaching rachoe how to behave the other night. Jordan may not be educated but she is a good person and that is way more important in life. She is young and can learn whereas the nasty rachoe is doomed the be a stuck up selfish bitch for the rest of her life.


agree. rachel was evicted what, week 5? and jordan won. i seriously hate brenchel


Haters keep bashing you guys are good at that well guess Rachel is still here and not going anywhere bye bye J/J you will def not be miss well for me not……ill will your still an idot


I meant *idiot*……..and JJ what do you mean Rachel don’t have to win everything guess what she is whinning btw you might wanna change your name after J/J are finish


Dood, you’re gonna stick around long enough to see the self absorbed couple (BR) self destruct with the entire house against them again, right? They have no one to blame but themselves.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*


ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Of course she’s not going anywhere, not for another few weeks anyway, then she’s going to the Jury house just like last year. HAHA


This is just your words ill will forget abt last season because right now it’s a new season the season

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Excuse me? the HGs you worship has not forgotten about last season, in fact they brought that same attitude with them only this year they have floaters to hide behind.


I think Dani is just playing along with them


I don’t know Evil Dick was saying that Dani shouldn’t even be talking to both sides right now and after reading this spoiler I agree with Dick! Dani should just keep quiet until they are split up, then start doing all the things she is doing!


Can you quote exactly what dick said? I’m curious to know


As soon as nominations are up someone write it on this wall ASAP!


I will seriously stop watching the show if JJ go home. This is so frickin stupid!


That’s what they all say, but they always end up watching the very next episode.




Jordan has not have to reward ignant behavior (Yes I said ignant) just cause Brenda does doesn’t mean everyone has to cater to her why should you alienate yourself because of one person. Jordan is a grown ass woman and can do what she wants. I guarantee BR would have picked who they wanted and rub it in the faces of those they didn’t


OMG! BR actually made this intense I feel like they can put anyone up!


Ahhh! If JJ go out I will be pissed! I hope Jeff wins that Veto then I can relax!!!!


*as jeff would say* I hear you sister! they better win veto or i will be totally depressed.


No matter what, Jeff and Jordan are gonna send home who they want to this week. Shelly, Kalia, and Lawon will vote however JJ wants them to. Assumming that Adam & Dom get nom’d and stay nom’d. Otherwise, Lawon will go home.

I will say this, if BR put up JJ, they will have sealed their own coffins, which will be fun to watch too. (everyone’s sympathies will be for the remaining J and they will hate BR for it)


Lawon isn’t even remotely working with JJ so why would he vote the way they want?


if brenchel bb’ed JJ they would be the next huge targeted duo to go. (unless the newbies would be too cowardly to stand up to em) but if they do BB JJ I am not surprised. rachoes speech would be ” it’s not personal (even though you yelled at me jeff) but i’s stratigic (cant spell that) Ha


One plus side if they do put jj up: Jeff will go bananas on Rachel and it’ll be some good drama regardless who you are rooting for. The best part will be watching Brenda let Jeff say whatever he wants to Rachel since we all know Brenda only stands up to females


What a big baby!! What is she going to do next? Hold her breath and threatened to turn blue then sulk in the corner sucking her thumb. So what if JJ picked someone else to share in a lame prize. Get over yourself Rachel!


“Hold her breath”

Yes, please!

“I want a Golden Egg right NOW!!”

And she bitched last night that everyone was outside talking to JJ even though SHE is the HOH! Rachael darling, you’re a Chemist, surely you can figure out why the HGs like JJ, more than they like you… It’s not like everyone in the house hasn’t told you why already. (Fake Bitch)


DeAnne, that’s brilliant! We should call her Veruca. She really is a spoiled little brat.


I totally agree. I can’t believe i didn’t comment earlier when i heard that rachel said that. It’s like WTH rachel, you’re not the only person living in this house. Just because you won HOH doesn’t mean people have to treat you like royalty and ONLY talk to you. There’s other people in the house that are way more enjoyable to talk to.


Easy..easy…everyone…Rachel is just pouting right now, anyone who has watched the last 2 years know she is a self serving biatch that thinks everything and eveyone should revolve around her but by tomorrow B/R will realize they need to keep JJ just as much as JJ needs to keep B/R. With Evil Dick leaving they both realize that they are the only true couples in the house, while the others are playing as couples they really arent couples and for the most part do not even like each other….so cooler heads will prevail because both couples realize that without the other couple they are the next on the block…so calm down folks, nothing crazy will happen until one of the newbs win HOH, which may be never cause they are the sorriest excuse for competitors BB has ever seen…

BB6 Fan

GOSH, Rachel is super ugly! Her face…OMG.


Dani won money also so she shouldn’t talk. Jordan should have backdoored R/B, huge mistake not doing it. I cannot stand Rachel and Brendon, they are both lowlifes!!!!


Would LOVE to tell rachael the truth; Rachael,you ONLY SEE OTHERS AS YOU SEE YOURSELF!!!! I would say the same comment to my own children ( and have at ages 16 and 10) Seems like a lot of that going on! ( I actually felt BADLY for her last season) NOT ANYMORE! Rachael in my eyes= Ann Boleyn ( and we know what happened to her! Brenden……. Brenden,Brenden,Brenden, are you nuts? Would like to see your head on a pike! Thank goodness this is NOT the renaissance anymore.. Anyone else so infuriated that Theyre not thinking straight! I feel real badly for thinking this but… Is it That Rigged? I have nothing more to say right now.
Peace Out!


Of course they aren’t putting JJ up right away, they would totally win the POV and then be really gunning for BR. Rachel will backdoor them. I knew JJ wouldn’t make it the whole season but had hoped they could at least go to jury house together.

Jordan isn’t super book smart, but she is a very compassionate and kind person. And she did give Rachel some very good advice and even managed to be very tactful, telling her that she’s not a bad person but really needs to work on improving the way she expresses her self and the things she says. I think she’s very smart socially and with people.

BUT she definitely could have played off the viewing debacle by telling BR that she did it to work on creating tighter bonds to Shelly and Kalia so that the vets can use them. Hopefully either she or Jeff will think to use this angle.

Man, I wish BR would go away. I swear she’s gotten WAY worse since last year…I do not remember her being quite this condescending or ridiculously confident in her own bad game playing. The ONLY reason she and B are still there is because they do win comps. But when the time comes that they lose a comp, they will have no connections, friendships, or alliances to fall back on. Dani will dump them in a heartbeat.

If Dom and Adam get POV, I really hope BR puts up Kalia/Lawon. Backdooring JJ really wouldn’t help their game – if nothing else, JJ don’t go back on promises, so BR can still use them. Get rid of JJ, though, and they are left with Dani and Portia, neither of who can play next week. Everyone else will be gunning for them.