Big Brother Spoilers – Team T!T$ Plans for a clean sweep to final 3

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

8:28pm HOH Cam 1-2 Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie telling them that the banana suit has been hidden in the room for 2 weeks. Dan laughs says that everyone was freaking out about it thinking he’s America’s Player. Boogie tells them that was his plan.

8:34pm cam 1-4 Jenn and Ashley
Ashley been trying to gather information from Frank she recently was up stairs in the HOH room talking to him while Dan was listening to music. Unfortunately for Ashley she wasn’t able to get anything out of him.

Jenn saw Boogie and Frank talking to Shane, they have been friendly with him lately. It makes perfect sense for them to backdoor Shane he’s a Huge threat. Jenn can understand that Frank doesn’t want to make targets but he’s got to make a move. Ashley thinks that Frank is going to do the right thing and put Shane up. She can see it in Frank’s face that he has to do something he doesn’t want to and she’s noticed that Shane is worried.
Ashley: Shane is the biggest threat for Frank.. We need to get to the end without Boogie and Frank”
Ashley: “If me you and Wil make it to the end it’ll be great”
They both laugh (At least they are realistic about T!TS)
Jenn: ‘We better get to work on these streets”

8:46 Cam 3-4 T!ts meeting
Ashley tells Wil about her failed attempt to get information out of Frank. She is getting the feeling that Frank might be backdooring Shane.
Ashley points out that Frank is playing the game he’s going to make the move that benefits his game the most. Wil chimes in about his conversation with Britney where he told her he would never waste a HOH on Joe he would make a big move.
Ashley warns them to be careful what you say to brit because she’s fighting for shane.
TITS agree if Shane goes up he’s going home and the general feeling of the group is Wil is safe this week.

8:56pm HOH Cam 3-4 Boogie, Britney and Frank

Boogie would feel better getting rid of Wil.
Frank jokes says that backdooring someone is the best option.
Britney: “You say that every time”
Frank laughs says he can tell on their faces they all don’t trust him..
Frank: “.. I agree getting rid of Wil is the best plan”

Boogie: Joe isn’t going to rally a crew whereas Wil can rustle up some stranglers”
Britney: ‘you’ve talked to Jenn?”
Frank “I think she’s on board to get out JOe”
Britney starts to bring up that Wil doesn’t think that Frank will “Waste his HOH” on Joe
Boogie knows last week they were all thinking Joe was going to be poison in the jury house but now he’s thinking that Wil is more dangerous.
Boogie: “joe will be a dick and polarize people but Wil is going to make people think the way he does”
Boogie says that Jenn is doing the classic 2nd 3rd place strategy flying low under the radar.

Power house YO

9:20pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Ian
Ian thinks they should get rid of the player that has a chance to win HOH and put them up. That person is Wil.
Britney: ‘What if you get HOH”
Ian: “Whoever stay this week and umm….. we can talk.. Ashley probably ”
Britney: “Would anything change after veto”
Ian: “Whichever one of these 2 stays will be my target” (Wil or Joe)
Ian: “We can talk later.. Chief concern is to get through the next 2 week” (Wants to get to jury for the $$)

Britney: “They are in a really good spot.. they have you.. they have a 6 deal with us” (Boogie and Frank)
Britney: ‘Nobody is going to want to put them up.. nobody”
Ian: ‘Thats what Scares me.. Why”
Britney: “They have their butts covered”
Ian thinks that Britney is in a better position than Frank and Boogie.

ian says the best thing for them would be for Dan to win the next HOH. Brintey agrees.

Ian: “Who the fuck will put you or me up beside Joe”
britney: ‘I think it’ll have a double eviction on thursday”
Ian thinks that they’ll have a quick week and someone will go home by Sunday.. Britney: ‘ohh ya but that means they will cut the feeds….. (Feeds Cut.. )

9:50pm cam 1-2 Wil and Ashley Backyard Wil’s eating..

Wil says it would be a good idea for them to talk to frank tonight and tell them regardless of what happens tomorrow at the Power of Veto contest they are still not targeting Boogie and Wil.
Wil: “I get the feeling they are all working together “ (Shane, Britney , Dan and Danielle)
Ashley: “I really hope they are not working together..”
Wil: “I definitely think they are”
Ashley: “No… Shane, Britney, Dan, Danielle and Boogie’s team”
Wil: “Ohh” “

10:02pm Cam 1-2 Boogie joins them

Wil asks him if it would do him any good if he spoke to frank
Boogie says that it looks like everyone is taking the time off because they all think Frank isn’t using the POV. Boogie tells him he seldom talks game to Frank since the POV but Frank is open and Wil can go up and talk to him any time. Boogie : “Obviously there are people thinking Frank has something bigger planned with the POV” Boogie tells him that after the ceremony tomorrow Wil should come talk to him and Frank they have 3 days to figure it out. Wil says all he can offer them is 2 votes but they are solid votes. He apologies for bringing up game.

Boogie asks AShley what contributed to her feeling so good today.
AShley: “I think I just got better”
Boogie suggests that she talk to Shane he might have some exercises that can help her.

10:17pm Cam 3-4 Dan was reading the Bible Jenn comes up and they start chatting about Satanism . Jenn brings up Joe netherworld “america’s Favorite Satanists”

Jenn talks about him having a safe haven for young gay men who have been thrown out on the street. Jenn talks about hanging out at his house, “Lots of weird sh!t lots of strange sh!t”

He’s got his boy toys around.. But he does help a lot of people out”
Dan asks if Satanism and Wiccanism is the same thing. Jenn says they are different

Dan mentions that him being Catholic he believes in some things out there (He doesn’t say But I think he’s meaning demons). He Asks her if she’s seen the exorcist.. he hasn’t but he has the general idea. Jenn has seen it, She believes that stuff like that can happen.
Dan: “In church they have people that are dedicated to remove that kind of stuff..”
Jenn thinks a lot of people have a bad drug trip and they never come back.

10:47pm Pool Cam 1-2 Joe and Danielle
Danielle is worried that the live feeders will call her fat. Joe tells her if he was a women of her caliber and he was on a show like this he would be worried about stalkers.. “Dudes coming up to your door” (He did say “Women of your caliber” and do Stalkers stalk stalkers?)

11:15pm Living Room Boogie, dan and Frank
Boogie says that Wil asked him about the veto. boogie explained to Wil that as far as he knows the Veto isn’t being used.

Picture Collection of Britney in the hot tub

11:34pm Cam 3-4 Jenn, Wil, Ashley and Britney Hot tub

They are talking about the Have Nots competition. Jenn thinks the competition was slanted against the small girls

They are all talking about how a lady (Plus Wil) need to win the HOH this week. Britney thought she had the last HOH won. Britney: “I’m getting ready for another endurance”

They start talking about Janelle and how everyone needs to go to her makeup website.
Wil: “When she has no makeup on.. oh my god model.. One of the most beautiful person”

Wil brings up something that Frank said about Janelle fans thinking twice about her now that she’s out of the house.
Wil: “He is so jealous of her”
Jenn equates Janelle’s performance this season to that of a bands. She says it’s like when you have a favorite band and they come out with a shitty album you are still a fan.

11:53pm Britney leaves

TITS Meeting
They plan to keep working on Britney and pull her into their group. Ashley says if they get rid of Dan they get Danielle and if Shane goes they have Britney.

Jenn: “I’m not scared to make a big move… We got to start thinking about winning that HOH” Wil: “Getting rid of Dan is going to be hard.. we’ll need to backdoor him”

Ashley: ‘We had no idea they were going to vote out Janelle last week.. they could be planning to backdoor Dan this week”
Wil: “I cannot believe it they have an opportunity to take out one of their biggest threats.. if they don’t do it”
Ashley is positive that Shane or Dan are going up she senses it when she talks to Frank. Jenn: “If they don’t put them up it’s either complete foolishness on their part or something is fucking going on”
T!TS agree that Britney, Dan, Shane and Danielle are not working with Boog’s team. (LOL tits is in trouble they are pretty clueless.. TPH4L)

12:05AM Cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney arm wrestle.. Britney uses both arms and Danielle still beats her.

12:08am HOH Frank, Wil and Ashley
Wil campaigns to Frank stating 3 reason why he should be kept in the game.
A) Week one Wil and Ashley voted to keep Frank
B) Ashley and Wil voted out someone that wasn’t targeting them to keep Frank in the game
C) If a big move was made tomorrow they have Wil and Ashley’s vote Guaranteed the following week

12:09AM Arcade Room cam 1-2 Britney and Dan
Britney says she doesn’t think Frank will use the POwer of Veto
Dan is 99.5% confident they are not getting backdoored.

Britney: “If he doesn’t use it we could make a deal with Wil that keeps him safe the following week “
Dan points out if they vote to keep Wil and Boogie/Frank wants him gone they will be pissed.
Britney: “I know but really how long is this thing going to last for” (Silent 6 lifespan)
Dan: “Exactly”

Dan thinks they need to make Joe looks as annoying as possible they are not going to convince people based on strategy.

Britney brings up that Ian told her he wants to get rid of Boogie first.
Dan: “Ian, He’s in the best spot in the game” He completely disagrees they want Frank gone first.

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Eagle Eye Play Toy

Eagle Eye will win BB14. MARK MY WORDS

Joe's Powerhouse Alliance

It almost unfair how strong this alliance has become. HOH sweep until the end. Time to kick the tires and start the fires.

quack-pack fan

LOL Sorry to burst the bubble but Eagle-eye Joe doesn’t have a shot at winning BB14. He may be a good chef but needs to put a fork in his BB game because it’s DONE! It may not be this week but it is coming.


Last time I checked a “good” chef washes his hands before cooking, especially for others…. did he make his batter last night for the HGs?


Wow if Frank back doors Shane or Dan they would be gone for sure. A split vote and HOH breaks tie. Big move but does he have the balls.

quack-pack fan

Unless you’ve heard differently – Boogie wants to keep this week clean and not break promises to new alliance. Frank is really anxious to get Dan out but their silent six just launched and I think they (B&F) want to extend a gesture of good faith but not sure how long that will last. Once the ceremony happens tomorrow then quack-pack can breath another week.


I do listen especially when Frank brings up Dans name multiple times and dont forget his DR confessions. Do you think Boogie really has that much mind control over Frank?


I’m not sure if Boogie controls Frank’s mind, but Frank owes his life to Boogie, so Frank probably won’t make any moves without Boogie’s approval.


Ok I can’t take Danielle’s constant whining about her being fat and other people thinking she is fat. This girl has some issues between clinging onto Shane who’s clearly not interested and her body image. If I was a houseguest I’d vote her out just to get some peace and quiet.


On another note, everyone is having tummy trouble. “Why not Joe”?


Boogie and Frank are missing a big opportunity to work with Shane. I know they are afraid of him because he is a physical threat. But for that same reason why use him in a side alliance. Frank is scared him might go on the block, so use that and cut a deal with him. I actually think he would be very loyal.

Danielle's Cankles

I don’t think Shane is loyal… I think he takes direction very well from Britney, Dan, and unfortunately Danielle. Yes he’s a physical threat but oh so dumb. And I also don’t think Frank & Mike are afraid of him… He’s another non-factor player who might win hoh… I do think they should use the veto and put up Dan for eviction. Britney, Danielle, and Shane without Dan will be Britney, Danielle and Shane- three very confused, emotional, dumb players… Then finally, this season might get interesting.


Oh I so agree about Shane- there is a bit of wilderness between his ears. Not smart, not loyal. He’s like the guy on the tv ad for a gym- “I pick things up and I put them down.”


How long will the other HGs let Ashley slide by due to her sciatica?


Please, enough of the Danielle and her body image comments. We all get it; she has issues. And no, I’m not a Danielle fan. Just tired of reading the same things over and over again. Thank you.


Frank is a piece of work. Between his constant blinking, talking with his hands, hair toss, farting, hemroids, and body odor, he’s one of my least fav this season. On top of that I had to watch him have this discussion with apparently the chips and salsa dip… ‘this is so good, probably the best thing I’ve eaten all summer, I can not stop eating this, I need to stop eating this cause I’m gonna eat it all, this definitely should be in the cookbook, man it’s so good, I love it, I can’t stop eating it, ,it’s the best thing I’ve tasted in this house, I really should stop eating it but I can’t, it’s soo good… Ad nauseum. Vomit.

Not to mention that this frank and boogie thing is quite creepy. Chilltown was 7 years ago. Grow up and move on already.

Aqua Bernie

I wonder if Britney is tired of danielle?

Aqua Bernie

I know i would be.

Mickey in Mass

I’m shocked that there haven’t been any diary room sessions of Britney complaining about Danielle yet!!!


Oh yeah, diabolical strategist. 8/


For the love of God, enough with Danielle and her weight issues. She should have gone to a therapist this summer rather than be on BB. The insecurity is what makes her unattractive.

MU Tigers

Well the constant whining, habitual lying and thick thighs don’t help with her attractiveness, either.


batshit crazy as she is , she still attractive, “LOOKING” , “thick thighs” their not think enough to complain about unless you just don’t like her, but she has a very curvacious body, fuck bone skinny women that think they look good


LOL. Team T*ts is killing me, they really have NO clue what is going on!


Oops should have read Simons post before I posted that message, he just said the same thing. Sorry for being redundant!

Karen S

I’ve been thinking about this for days. And so my trip is… One solution is to take out the stronger players, it leaves you with weaker players to possibly win comps. I don’t think most of the house guest’s get that.. but they are allowing the weaker player to get closer.. by sliding by. (what are they called again?) lol But if you keep the stronger players in .. and remember this is week one for those keeping up with the “RESET”… it is too damned early to play your cards.. as Boogie said. Taking out Joe or even Wil right now, leaves no blood on anyone’s hands. Ashley will recoup… she always does and is getting a pretty good edit, even with being useless. Dan is really gonna have to change his game play this time around as far as the physical part if he wants to remain in the game. Brit.. omg~ STOP crying… and whoop some ass. Danielle, I really liked you in the beginning, but your game play is sucking, telling lies about minuscule things. And if you are a freaking nurse.. why didn’t you go to Ashley’s side and help her? But the most significant thing.. is not to weaken a good alliance. You all can sweep right through to final six.. (Boogie and Frank) if you keep your
head clear. If you don’t.. then you’re misguided fortunes will help you on your way out of the house. Boogie was right.. do not show your hand too quickly.


Instead of a double eviction we need a TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE eviction this week. Jenn is so freakin’ boring!! C’mon Jenn… do something! Do anything! I agree with Boogie… there are soo many people in the house who don’t even know how to play the game. They just sit around like furniture and take up air and space. Seriously, there are too many darn people in the house. Half the house needs to get cut already just so that things can actually start getting exciting.


Jenn said se thought “Famous Food” was a great show. That right there tells me she needs to GTFO of that house.
That show was so bad I forgot to watch the last few episodes, lol. (I tried to like it, it just didn’t seem worth the time).


Jenn is only doing what Boogie coached her to do. now she’s in a position that makes it hard to change her strategy, but she trying with wil and Ashley, since the other HG won’t talk game with her.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon – Thank you for the switch.


I have watched BB since the very first show and this has to be the worst season EVER. I am sick of the twist of old players mixing with new and this new cast is terrible. Why would they send someone like Danielle or Ashley to this show from a dating show audition? The players on BB need to KNOW what it is about because that is the only way the show is interesting.

I am sick of Britney. Has anyone noticed that she sh!t talks about everyone and, before her eviction, she HATED Janelle. Now she is crying and feeling guilty. It’s all a act. I didn’t like her the first time she was on the show & I don’t like her now. She is one of those girls I would never trust because she will talk bad about anybody when they are not around and then pretend to be BFF’s when they are together. This is beyond BB game play and is just insecure, mean girl behavior.

Danielle has to be the most thick-headed person on the show ever if she thinks she even has a CHANCE with Shane. She seems to think his is only pushing her away due to game play but that he is totally hot for her. Granted, Shane gave her mixed signals at first but, now, he has been very clear he is not interested. Can’t she read people at all? She is one of the reasons the show is so awful this season. She has NO clue about the game or people.

BB, if you want your franchise to continue, stop with all the gimmicks of returning players and casting people who don’t really want to be on YOUR show! It isn’t rocket science!

And Boogie. Can’t stand him. He is suck a cocky braggart about EVERYTHING! His wife must be a piece of work to put up with his constant arrogance and attitude. PLEASE, NEVER put him on this show again. 3 times is 2 times too many. I would LOVE to have Evil Dick go head-to-head with Boogie but he probably admires him. Dick would flatten Boogie with one rant and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. His DR sessions are so full of egomania I have to fast forward through them.


Excuse the Freudian slip. That should read “He is such a cocky braggart” but he does suck. Big time.


Thank you JJ. That slip is THE funniest thing I’ve read on here all summer.


Frank is picking his nose (about 4:05 am, CAM1) and seriously considering using POV to backdoor Dan. It’s official, I hate him.
Boogie is gonna go off the chain when he wakes up in the morning and hears about all this.
LOL, the old man should know better than to go to sleep before a POV/Noms/Voting day!


Make that 1:05 am, was on east coast time sorry.
Team Tits think they have pulled this off, Jenn is acting so smug.
I hope Frank changes nothing just to watch their faces fall during the POV ceremony.


Team Powerhouse is too busy being powerful to wash his hands after using the restroom or after special saucing it. He wants that power to rub one out, er, rub off on his fellow houseguests.


Come on Frank! Backdoor Dan, dont let Ian talk you out of it!


The sinister side of me wants to see Joe win the whole fucking game.


something tells me production told boogie NO when it came to another backdoor of a vet. just a guess, but they let him have his win and I think he knows not to rattle that cage quite yet.

problem is, everyone else is going for the biggest target in their mind, aka mike boogie. I just want to shake some of these hg’s and say “you actually believe he wins in the final 2″…. get rid of brit, goodness. she is a huuuuge threat in the f2.


Ok I am not a fan of Boogie nor Pro coach, but watching Ashley, Will and Jenn prancing around in the SR and celebrating like they just pulled of the flip of the century is really making me want him to go an a total rampage against these 3.
Not one of them has done jacksh*t for this game, I am starting to just want them banished from my BB world.

Sorry I am posting so much, I got caught up in all this drama happening on the late night feeds and it’s makin’ me crazy…GN all!


Simon, a little fact checking please. Am I remembering these events correctly? (fuzzy head due to having the flu)

1st week Frank and Kara on block. Shane wins POV. Frank survives then goes on to win HoH
2nd week Willie blows a gasket, frank nominates Shane and Jojo. Shane wins POV, takes himself off. Frank nominates Danielle. Shane goes on to win HoH.
3rd week Shane nominates Wil and Ashley. Shane wins POV changes his own nom and replaces Ashley for Frank no one goes home, game reset and Danielle goes on to win HoH
4th week Danielle nominates frank and Wil. Danielle wins POV and uses it to backdoor janelle. Frank survives the block and once again wins HoH
5th week frank noms joe and Wil.

These players better get their heads in the game. I know they don’t want to be targeted due to having power but come on, frank, shane and danielle? That’s it?


Did u notice the remembrance of Janelle last night by tits and brit kind of reminded me of Jesse’s girls on bb11 except they the ones who voted Janelle out and now they see it didn’t help them not one bit. Tits are right that Frank should take out a big player cause Dan and Britney are gonna turn on them next week if given the chance. Tits needs to win a competition. Danielle is a liar. Saw her tell Shane she never asked for a relationship, she actually begged and then offered to take care of him when he said no. So Danielle has three professions
1. Nurse
2. Sugar momma
3. Pathetic crazy stalker


You’re forgetting Professional Dancer. Do you remember the conversation she had with Dan a few weeks ago where she said her great-grandfather invented laundry detergent? She was implying that she has some sort of huge trust fund. Maybe that’s where her ability to be a Sugar Momma fits in :-)


Joe is like Mitt Romney–a clueless person that has no idea he’s getting played…


Is it just me, or did they say they were bringing someone back into the house??


Mike is right, got to cut Britney soon, her social game is strong…


Dan, continues to ass kiss Mike, he’s going to lose if he wants to play with Mike lol–hilarious haha…

proves danielle is a lunatic

if u dont like our danielle comments go to another big brother site….everybody is allowed to state their opinion here about whatever they want…and u r definately right…..maybe big brother wouldnt have these clueless lunatics on the show if they would get people who want to be on the show instead of people who applied for a dating show


I 100% agree, Danielle is not “fugly” that a lot of people say…


Frank, If you do the smartest thing & keep the nomination a same. Don’t rock the boat. It’s too early to backdoor Dan,Shane,Britney,Mike Boogie (ally) or even Danielle. Just stick with the plan & get rid of Joe. Leave Wil to Silent 6 Alliance or Ian.


I must be dreaming! Team Tits made final 3 or powerhouse final 4! I will be laughing if they made it because they can’t even win in everything.

Clueless Fuck

Joe is the next Dr. Will and Jenn is the next Danielle Reyes. Here they come!