Joe about Ashley “She turned on.. I thought I was talking to a lawyer.. I tell ya there’s more there”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

5:42pm Cam 1-4 Boogie, Shane and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie asks him who he wants out. Shane says there is positives and negatives to both. Boogie agrees.

Shane is telling them he’s a bit worried he’s going to get backdoored. Boogie says there is no way, “Who is putting that in your head” Shane tells them as long as he stays in the game he will not put up Boogie or frank nor will he backdoor them.

Boogie says he’s starting to lean towards getting Wil out. Mainly because he can win comps and he seems to be more vindictive. They all agree that wil is a much more dangerous player in the house, they call him “Polarizing” and it’s better to have a harmless loner like joe in the house than Wil.

Shane brings up the conversation he had with Wil and how Wil told him he had 2 votes, ashley and someone else. Shane doesn’t know who the 3rd person is. Boogie and Frank tell him it’s Jenn.

6:20pm Living room Cam 1-4

Houseguests talking about their dreams
Joe is telling them he has had one sexual dream. Shane asks with who and what was it like. Joe doesn’t remember he just woke up and was like “OhOH Hooo”

Jenn is worried there might be a shot of her naked on the feeds. Joe asks Wil what his reaction would be if he walked by office and there’s a screensaver of him. Wil: “I’ll get my picture taken next to it”
Joe asks Jenn if she’s worried about her potential full frontal.
Jenn: “I’ll be pretty embarrassed.. I’m trying hard not to be seen naked”
Dan warns them that “they” will get shots of them regardless, “Maybe not the front sometimes the side or back”

Wil says the people that put picture up have the problem. dan explains that the HOH shower is designed to be revealing. Jenn: “Isn’t that a invasion of privacy” Wil: ‘We signed that away”
6:25pm Cam Wil and Jenn.
Jenn is a bit worried about the pictures coming out.
Jenn: “I like my body.. it’s not bad just don’t want it all out there”

6:38pm Cam 1-2 random conversations.. Dan tells them all to look at the size difference between Frank and Brintey. They stick their feet up to compare sizes. Dan: “Look at the hips and Head” Frank: “I have childbearing hips”

6:50pm Cam 3-4 Joe’s cooking can you spot the secret sauce?

6:55pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Joe

Boogie is saying that the plan is to keep Joe. It’s not a hard sell for them to make Wil look like the bigger threat. Boogie: ‘all I’m asking for you is a little friendship down the line”
Boogie recommends he campaigns lightly, distance himself from Janelle and not ruffle any feathers. Joe can do that.

Boogie: ‘I assume if you won you would fire some big guns.. not waste it”
Joe: “Ya.. you know who I would target”
Boogie: “Ya…”
Joe: “I’m not going after Shane and Frank they both helped me”
Boogie: “No problems I didn’t mean frank.. there’s still plenty of targets other than those 2”
Joe: “You can frank would be the safest spot in the house if I won HOH”

Joe tells Boogie he won’t get Ashley’s vote. Boogie isn’t sure he think he might be able to sway her. Joe says that Ashley’s dumbness is all an act he talked to her before and she was completely normal. Joe: “She turned on.. I thought I was talking to a lawyer.. I tell ya there’s more there”
Boogie says he feels good about their chances of keeping Joe safe. Joe points out that Wil is digging his own grave with how he’s been acting. Boogie asks him where he’s at with Jenn. Joe is good with her, they chat once and a while.

7:09pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Britney, Jenn, Shane, Danielle Backyard

They are arguing over “gates” in the season. Britney thinks there should only be 2 gates a season.
Ian thinks there should be 10
Fruit loop gate
Head butt
Cigarette Gate
Reset Gate
Banana Gate
Quack Gate
Zing Gate

7:11pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Ashley and Frank

AShley says praying is the same thing as meditating .
Frank thinks the ratings are doing well regardless of the olympics. He lists a couple of things that had happened (both of which were during the

Frank doesn’t think ian will make any money off the pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle. Frank and AShley both agree that nothing stopping them from buying pork rinds and saying they are the ones from Big Brother 14. Talk moves to Basket Ball.. :(

7:51pm HOH Dan, Frank and Ashley talking about reality TV Shows. Dan hopes Big Brother and Survivor never get cancelled.
Frank: “the first reality show in my opinion is cops”
Dan: ‘You guys ever watch the Survivor 1 finale .. like 50 million people watched it”

7:55pm hot tub Britney and Wil
britney: ‘Is ashley upstairs with Dan”
Wil: “Ya.. What do you think”
Britney: “I don’t know I haven’t talked to Frank or Shane”
Wil: “I think in my heart of hearts that it’s easy to get out Joe.. why do they want to waste a HOH on me or Joe”
Britney wants to wait and see after the Power of Veto Ceremony tomorrow. She thinks the best call to action is for Wil to keep his cool and not show everyone how pissed he is.
Wil: ‘I think in my heart of hearts if he takes someone down it’s going to be JOe”
Wil: “I got a speech plan.. short and sweet”

8:00pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Danielle and Shane

Shane: “Hopefully nominations stays the same.. and hopefully we win the next Head of Household”
Danielle: “if it’s endurance we are GOLDENNNNN”
Shane: ‘What about your conversation with Wil”
Danielle: “It was a personal conversation.. he talked about him coming out”
Shane: “I like Wil a lot” (as soon as she said coming out)
Shane had talked to Wil earlier and he assured Shane that Him and AShley are not coming after him.
Danielle asks him who he wants to be evicted provided the nominations stay the same. Shane feels more confident that he can beat Joe in competitions but he has a feeling that Wil is looking out for them.

Shane says that Wil made a comment yesterday that Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan are a team. Danielle tells him not to worry she shot that idea down last night when her and Wil talked.

Danielle asks him if she knows more about Shane than Britney. Shane says yes.
Shane mentions that when people ask him about danielle he tells them there is nothing there, he only kissed the 2 times in public. Shane adds that outside of the house he ‘s a much more outgoing person.

Danielle: “What if it gets down to me, you Britney and Dan in the final 4”
Shane: “I guess it’ll be every man for themselves”
Danielle: “What do you mean”
Shane: “It’s obvious we have our final 2”

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Dan in my opinion gets more and more cooler through my eyes… aside from the working with Booger and Frank part, hopingone of the two leave next week.


I hop Shane isn’t really stupid enough to pick boogie and frank over his team with Brit , Dan, and Danielle and iean. If he is that stupid he deserves to lose and burn in a big way


@Brandi.I can see Shane leaving Dan’s alliance to work with Boogie&Frank.If they(Boogie&Frank)were to ask Shane to back door or just straight up nominate Dan for eviction,I can see Shane doing that as well.I never thought of Shane as some one who would be loyal to Dan.I also think that Danielle will do whatever Shane tells her over Dan.


100% yes Shane will want to get rid of another coach to guarantee a newbie will make it to the end. Unless the coaches stick together from here on in, they will be picked off one by one. He said he likes Will so he is cultivating the other newbies. Shane sees Frank wants to get rid of Dan and is agreeing so Frank & Boogie don’t target him and backdoor him now. Shane will have better chances to team with Frank but the problem there is it will be hard for him to convice Frank to turn on Boogie.


Did you see Dan his season? He’s a great player and his social game is probably the best of anyone who has ever played the game. He’s smart wanting to work with Boogie. I agree with him that his best chance is with a vet because jury might be swayed by the fact he already won once. His power of persuasion can win him the game if he gets to final 2. Dan is my favorite of the vets and Ian is my favorite of the newbies. I don’t think Boogie will win against either Dan or Frank. He would have a better chance against a floater or maybe Brit.


H O H would have to be pleasuring yourself for joe to win that one


HAHAHAHAHA, best joke yet Simon!


Seeing as most of the eviction-escapees have won HoH right after escaping, Joe will probably win HoH!


I am ready for the POV ceremony. I will feel better once I know Shane won’t get backdoored this week. I am liking Brit this season. She plays a good social game and she is funny. I would like Shane/Brit final 2. I still like Ian. I could root for him if he showed a little more game. Ashley is likable but is just there. Joe, Wil and Danielle all make me crazy. Frank would be a decent choice but I can’t stand him because he is up Boogie’s A**!
I despise Booger! I long for the day Boogie gets showed the door. Preferably a back door to take him down a peg or two.
Jenn, well… Who’s Jenn?


@ simon just curious why the sad face beside you dislike it?


I think after thursday it’s when things will get dirty every one has been way to nice to each other and it’s great to see them get along but i think now is just the calm before the storm. Especially if boogie or frank go up on the block next week. I now boogie will get nasty and that should spice up the show. unless it’s double eviction which i’m hoping it’s not because with boogie gone. After that every one will be nice to each other and that will suck.


Anyone else think Shane telling Frank and Boogie he thinks he might get backdoored this week is a real stupid move. I mean if that is their plan they will just lie to you and if they were never considering it (which they weren’t) they might start considering it after you bring it to their attention and say you are kind of expecting it. Shane just keep your mouth shut buddy…


Silent 6 Yo……..Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Shane seems a little upset Danielle isnt his cuddle buddy anymore


what show are you watching?


For everyone getting irritated about the fish on feeds, I just sent a nice email to them telling them they need to get it together and stop being so button happy with the fish. I was polite and concise, I did not call them f*ckholes like I wanted to, but you get more with a well mannered complaint than just plain bitching. I also let it be known that I would be dropping the feeds if they did not step it up and let us actually watch what we paid for (mentioning I understand certain things need to be censored, but that it is getting ridiculous).
Anyway, just wanted to suggest everyone here do the same, this site has a lot of traffic, if everyone dropped a line maybe it could make a difference.

The Link to CBC feedback-


That’s awesome, thank you! Are you an Aquarius by any chance? lol
I’m so sick of it, they need to listen to the people. You’re right about being polite and concise. I need to wait, cos if I send an email right now it’s going to involve a lot of cursing.


Nope, a Leo =)


Yay, me too! No wonder we are on the same page. ;)


Cracked up at the sidenote you put of Shane saying he really likes Wil. I’m still on the fence about him…if he’s just not into getting into any kind of showmance, period, and just trying to focus on game or if he’s gay. I’m leaning towards gay but he is still in denial about it. I also remember when Boogie was pissed after the reset and Dan was talking to him trying to calm him down in the storage room…Boogie made a comment that Shane isn’t going to be dating Danielle after the show, “He’ll be someone she goes shopping with. Shopping with, get it?” I think he was insinuating he sensed he was gay, too. It’s really neither here or there as far as the game standpoint, but just saying I won’t be one bit shocked if someday down the line he comes out that he is.


I question the manhood of any male who shaves his chest without good reason.

ashley's drug dealer

danielle is an idiot


danielle just keeps going on and on with this relationship with shane….who knows more about u me or britney? why would that even matter…only lunatics care about that kind of stuff….shane is trying to be nice to her because i think he can tell she is a loose cannon and a stalker….after the zingbot made that joke about her u would think she would back off of him

Joe 's E Coli Food

If HOH Comp Thurs is a Cooking comp for worst food Joe would win HOH


OMG just noticed Franks ass pic! NO ty for that one Simon & Dawg!!

proves danielle is a lunatic

10 PM Dani and Shane in hammock (more) Less…

Shane; hopefully noms stay the same and we win the next one.

Dani says they’re golden if it’s another endurance.

Dani had a nice personal talk with Wil last night. Wil had apologized to Dani b/c he thought that she was one of those girls. “But no, you’re chill.”

Shane says Wil confirmed that he had nothing against him. That Wil had said he and Ash wanted to work with Dani & Shane. “It depends on who stays.”

Dani asks who should go?

Shane says if it’s the same, he’d have more confidence competing against Joe but Wil has our back. And Joe prob wouldn’t nominate Dani, Shane or Frank.

Shane: It’s good for us b/c he’d know that we helped him out. He even mentioned it last night. I said we have to wait until who wins HOH this week to let him know.

Dani thinks Wil would go against Boogie more than anyone else.

Shane feels a little bad for Wil b/c he just did one lie against Frank and that’s it. And everyone’s lied.

Shane: If you talk to him, reassure him about that. That you were still voting for Frank to stay. That we thought Ashley was.

Dani saying that she never cast a vote so Frank doesn’t know anything.

Shane says he doesn’t think they’re getting backdoored.

Dani: What would you say, I’m trying to think what would you say about me?

Shane says that he would be sweet. Dani’s thinking Shane didn’t want to hang out with her. “No, we’re in a bad situation.”

Shane says he told everyone that Dani & Shane haven’t done anything except the 2 kisses.

Dani: Don’t worry I’m not gonna come and make a move.

Shane thinks that she’s not that type. He’s just uncomfortable inside this house. That he’d be a different person outside the house.

Dani: Like how?

Shane saying that it’s just he isn’t as outgoing.

Dani doesn’t want people to think that she thinks she’s better than them.

Dani: you know the most about me.

Shane: well whatever you say I tell Britney so she knows to.

Then “I’m kidding.”

Shane: It’s 100% because of this game.

Dani: Do you know the most about me?

Shane: me or Dan.

Dani: You.

Dani: Do I know more than Britney?

Shane: Yeah. You know more about my family.

Dani: I know you like the back of my hand.

Dani: Why do you think I don’t know you that well?

Shane: You have no idea. I built a brick wall.

Dani: You just took that whole moment of me feeling special and just crushed it.

Shane: I didn’t mean it.

ok now that you have read that, danielle is definately a stalker…shes known shane for a little over a month and she tells him i know u like the back of my hand…hahahahaha she is freaking NUTS NUTS NUTS


You are so right Danielle needs to back off….respect shanes wishes….he doesnt want her….


wil is a freaking moron.

I mean….mike basically said, we will keep you safe, if you work with us down the line. and wil thought he would get all rude about it towards him and frank. wtf is he thinking?

joe SOMEHOW is not the dumbest in the house, he realizes he needs to align with SOMEONE not named jenn or ashley, and if there is a double eviction and somehow joe wins one of those crapshoot games, boogie and frank just made THE move that will save them

if the rest of the house keeps wil, the deal is off, boogie will kill dan while he sleeps, and the season will end.

wil goes this week because he flat out doesnt understand this game. he gets on frank for holding a grudge, when he doesnt like frank either.

Wil=worst bb player ive seen in quite some time socially.


Im so sick of insecure idiot Danielle…what now shes jelous of Brittney wtf….hello dumb Danielle britts married… but shane is closer to britt he tells her more… i believe she knows shane has a gf back home… or hes waiting to hook up with kara..


2 things.

1) I like Ian but I sure as hell would not trust that kid. You can tell he would get HOH and just want to screw everything up making what he considers a big move. Because he may want to win it all but I think he wants to be known more for making some crazy ass nomination and maybe taking out a “name” so his wikipedia will be interesting.
He is starting to wear thin with me. He has the problem a lot of smart people have, they start to look down on people they think aren’t smart. He was being a little d*ck to Ash last night, and yes she in a dingbat, but he was acting a bit like a mean girl himself during charades. (Yes what she was doing was funny but everyone else was laughing with her more than AT her).

2) I have to assume HGs provide sizes so BB can give them clothing that more or less will fit for comps. Danielle claimed to be a size 4 on her modeling site (maybe she WAS, but no way she is now). So she was complaining BB gave her really short shorts for the first HOH comp (The bedtime with PJs).
Says mine were so short everyone elses fit fine…..How much do you want to bet she gave them a minimized size when she filled out all her applications and forms for the show? *Sigh* I try not to get so annoyed by her, but she just keeps making it so easy.


And can she please stop using the word sweet.
“Be sweet to me, Do sweet things for me, I want to be sweet to you”.
She needs a thesaurus, there are tons more adjectives out there Dani!


I bet that dating show is wishing they had taken Danielle instead of passing her onto BB…the crazy psycho girl is always fun to watch. Just think what she would be like in that setting with all the competition


She would be so much fun to watch if she were on the “Bachelor!” ;-)


What are the chances of the houseguests for Big Brother 15 being via application, unknown to each other, unknown by any past contestants, non-media whores, without interference from production and all new competitions in random order. A season like that may not even need any twists of fate as the players themselves cause the unpredictability that the viewers crave.

Slim to none?


that is a good possibility season 2 is probally my favorite season of all time and i cant remeber any twists from that year there wasnt even a power of veto


Go Team DojoMaster

Aqua Bernie

Danielle is the most annoying person ever! But as long as her ass looks good! HA HA HA!!!


The DanMElle Show


Who wants to bet Ash back “hurts” again before
another have not comp.


yeah, and i think her blaming it on the have nots bed was a nice, added touch, don’t you???


Joe is gonna skeet- i mean steer his way through the house to the final 2!
Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger! God bless you!


These people are way too comfy. BBAD is 95% blah blah and 5% game talk. Like normal interaction but would be nice to be reminded its BB once in a while also.

Carol & Steve

She will go apesh!t for sure! I don’t know how you stand it watching the feeds all day for us. It’s about all I can do to watch BBAD when she’s on. Would love to have a camera on her then – LOL!

MU Tigers

I think a side by side comparison of Danielle and Rose from Two and a Half Men would be interesting. That shot of her laying in the hammock with Shane made me do a double take. I thought it was Rose at first.


I really dislike Jenn. She’s unappealing to look at and the shit that comes out of her mouth, no one cares! No one wants to see her naked either so she should get over the fact that she forgot about the cameras and got naked in the HOH bathroom. I can’t imagine what Dan was thinking when she said one of her close friends is a Satanist. It was better when she was laying low and no one had to fucking see or hear her.


I think Shane is gay. I think he just has not figured it out yet. But after reading this feed and taking a closer look at Shane, his dress attire and the way he acts with Danielle it is beginning to make sense. I hope he finds himself during this show. Also its very funny to hear Eagle Eye talk about his wet dream after Brittney brought it up


What real man, as he tries to act like, wears a bright pink “ladies” tank top?

proves danielle is a lunatic

WHATS FUNNY ABOUT THE ASS COMMENT IS….she said it three times because the first two ian didnt respond…as long as my ass looked good….I find it funny that people think shane is gay because he wont touch danielle….ummm let me tell you something danielle is a pig lol…im not trying to be mean…but first off without makeup she is disgusting….and her ass is disgusting….those wrestling pics with shane were puke in my mouth disgusting….i still have nightmares…and joe needs to go…i hope they come to their senses and boot joe out…but ya danielle is a certified looney tune…the best part of this all is…she will bring up trey, and everytime she does …within the hour she will be all over shane on the live feeds….if u didnt get the chance go to i hate big brother and read about danielles ex best friend telling all about who danielle really is

MU Tigers

I took your advice and read that story. If what her former friend is saying is true then it sounds like Danielle is also a compulsive liar. She is easily my least favorite HG this year. I also think that once she gets outside of the BB house, she is going to be one that has the hardest time dealing with what is being said about her. It’s hard to find many that do like her. I just hope she’s out of this house soon so the feeds and BBAD will be easier to watch.


Joe would definitely got to go. However, if wil blows up & going nuts. Then Wil has to go as well. It like 50/50. But will see.


That could be Joe’s secret sauce, if he put brown sugar in it to hide the “saltiness”