Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Jeff not to trust Porsche. Jeff looks at her and says when have I ever?!

10am – 10:30am Brendon, Rachel and Shelly continue to talk in the backyard. Shelly says that if we stick together …we have the numbers …all we need to do is pick them off. Shelly says that Dani is with people that have done nothing, Shelly calls her a floater. Shelly cannot understand why Dani would side with a group of people that haven’t won any game competitions. Shelly: “They better not get to the end.. it’s not fair”. They talk about how it will be hard to go against Jeff and Jordan. It will be easier to get rid of Jordan because she was the winner of Big Brother 11. Rachel says that keeping Jeff in the house is good because he is a bigger target. Brendon tells Shelly that whatever way she votes ..he will respect her decision. They talk about how Dani doesnt respect Jordan or Rachel. Shelly says that she will have a big long talk with Porsche today and tell her that she is with Dani and that she just wants to see if she is too …and that way get her to spill her guts and then I will run right back to you guys and tell you everything. They tell Porsche that if she can’t put up Dani then she needs to throw the competition. Brendon says that in a knock out competition it will reveal who is working with who. Shelly says that the first name she is going to call to knock out is Dani. Shelly heads inside. Rachel says that the only people she trusts is Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says that she needs to trust Shelly …and that Adam will help along the way. Brendon tells Rachel to use Porsche to her advantage. Brendon talks about how Porsche doesn’t tell them anything unless they fish for the information. Rachel says that if Shelly can’t win this HOH …then she will. Brendon says no, .. its better for Shelly to win because if next week is an endurance ..its going to be harder for Shelly to win it.

10:30am – 11am Shelly asks Brendon what he will do if he gets voted out. Brendon says that he will probably crash at a buddies place. Shelly asks him if he will get an apartment. Brendon says that he doesn’t have enough money to do that and that they won’t get the money from big brother till the end of September. Brendon says that he wont get a place until Rachel get out because he cant pay $1400 a month by himself. Brendon starts talking about his schooling. Brendon and Shelly have a long conversation about his schooling. Then Shelly and Brendon head inside. Rachel is making breakfast. Brendon gets ready to workout and Shelly starts cleaning. Shelly finds Rachel’s ring on the counter and tells her not to lose it. Rachel says thanks ..that she took it off to do dishes. Brendon gets after her. Rachel says that she won’t get in trouble for punching him. Brendon tells her that yes she will and that its never okay to hit someone.

11:10am – 12pm Rachel, Brendon and Adam are out in the backyard talking about proposals and weddings. Jeff joins them out in the backyard. Jeff asks Adam to do a happy birthday dance for his brother Scott. Adam goes over to the camera and does a dance and song. Shelly comes out side. Adam, Brendon and Rachel go back inside. Shelly comes over to Jeff and tells him not to trust Porsche. Jeff looks at her and says when have I ever trusted her. Shelly goes inside. Brendon comes out side. Jeff tells him that Shelly told him not to trust Porsche. Brendon says nice! They laugh. They talk about how they need to talk to Adam. Shelly, Porsche, Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel talk about under age drinking. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back. When the live feeds come back, Rachel and Brendon are talking to Porsche alone. Prosche says that she doesn’t think it was good for them to talk to her right in front of Shelly. Rachel says that she just wanted to eliminate… Brendon and Porsche talk about how they can’t trust Lawon and Kalia. Porsche says that Lawon and Kalia are level one don’t trusts ..and Shelly is a level two dont trust. Adam, and Jeff come out into the backyard and the conversation ends. Brendon, Rachel and Jeff are on the backyard couch .. Brendon says again that he really wants to choke Porsche out when he leaves …just for like 30 seconds or something. The conversation turns to the golf competition.

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99 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Jeff not to trust Porsche. Jeff looks at her and says when have I ever?!

  1. WOW when did they put computers in the psych wards? These folks that actually like to watch and listen to Brenden and Rachel must be fellow NUTJOBS!!

    1. Turbo – I’m with ya there! They are the two of the most self-absorbed, NARCISSISTIC people I’ve ever seen. It’s the level to which they get angry at anyone whom they feel they cannot fully control, which is absolutely astounding. BR – can you say, “THERAPY”!!

  2. shelly has no business telling anyone who to trust.! judas aka sHELLy is a liar and goes back and repeats everything news says to vets all the while pretending to be “trustworthy” S N A K E

    1. The line I had to laugh at was when Shelly said, “that Dani is with people that have done nothing ..and won nothing… and they better not get to the end.” I’m sorry, can someone remind what, other than chain-smoke and cleaning (guilt-ridden energy she feels the need to work off), Shelly has done or won?? Everyone is playing the lying game in BB, it’s inevitable. However, what I dislike about Shelly are her proclamations of moral superiority over everyone else, when she’s doing the exact same thing. What a hypocrite.

  3. Ok being catty again….can’t help it…..Rachel’s boobs are lopsided really, how much did she pay for double d’s!!! Honestly after two seasons of her I welcome back Natalie from J/J season any day!!

    1. I agree – she shouldn’t have gotten a boob job..or if she did, it should’ve been a more natural looking one. She looks silly, as do most women with boob jobs.

          1. That was creepy how Cassi was talking about her boob job and how they had to go into the bone or something like that because she was so flat chested. And didn’t she say she wanted to go bigger now?

    2. I use to run with someone who had a boob job (cost for her was $5,000.) and I swear those things were so big and bouncy, they almost gave her a black eye! /oo\

  4. I’m not a fan of this BB this season, I kinda feel sorry for B/R for all the crap people say about them, it’s no wonder their defences are up all the time, they’re always on the defensive with everything they do and say. People forget that this is just a game, a stressful social game and both B and R lack the social ability to blend in and get along with everybody, probably because they’ve ALWAYS had a hard time fitting in. Personally, I think I would like them in person, this “game” brings out the worst in everybody…and from the comments on here, you all seem to see the downside of every single player in this game, no need to personally attack any of them, how would you like to read this crap about you if you were in their position? Having strangers hating on you because of how you’re playing some stupid game on reality tv? Just enjoy the damn show for what it is, I love reading this site and the comments but sometimes people go too far with their insults, these are harmless people with families and friends that care about them, not a house of terrorists or rapists, root for whoever you want but in the end, does it really matter to you who wins the money? When all is said and done, it’s just a tv show.

    1. The game does bring out the worst in people. That being said, the HG are just as insulting if not more insulting to each others face and others behind their backs. If they are ugly, coniving, lying, backstabbing, hypocritical fools, then they open themselves up to criticism. Typically those who dish it out but can not take it, end up crying in a corner claiming victim status. Many of the posters here do nothing more than attempt to hold a mirror up to the faces of the HGs regarding their bad behavior or game play. All’s fair in love and TV.

    2. Really, people with family and friends.?Where the hell are Roachels? Brenda didn’t want her to have to leave ‘cuz she has no where to go, evidently even here “friends and family” don’t want here either. Where was she before she came into BB ? In some Las Vegas Strip joint, that must have provided room and board. LOL They suck, after he leaves this week, I hope she is right behind him.

    3. nanahef says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      August 2, 2011 at 1:08 pm
      Really, people with family and friends.?Where the hell are Roachels? Brenda didn’t want her to have to leave ‘cuz she has no where to go, evidently even here “friends and family” don’t want here either. Where was she before she came into BB ? In some Las Vegas Strip joint, that must have provided room and board. LOL They suck, after he leaves this week, I hope she is right behind him. This is meant for Paulie


    4. If you dont want to get talked about, then dont run on a game show where they film your lives 24-7. I like to read shit and talk shit about the contestants who think this show will make them “stars”.

      Porche’s Gut

      1. I genuinely concur with that sentiment, afterall, it’s not like rocket science or like patenting the cure for cancer.


      2. You are absolutely right. The potential winner of this show must be the person who lies, tricks, betrays, basically is the basest person in the house. And it takes this kind of person to volunteer to participate in the game. Suddenly they are sensitive about people talking “shit” about them. I wonder what science Brandon is a Ph. D. student in. Anatomy of Rachels rack?

  5. It is going to be hilarious when Brendon goes home and catches up on everything:

    a. Jeff and Jordan hate he and Rachel
    b. Shelly has been playing the vets like fools since day 1
    c. Porchse is actually on he and Rachel’s side
    d. Everyone talks bad about them just like last season

    Too funny. I hope Brendon comes to this site for his updates and gets ripped a new one.

    1. I agree that Shelly is playing an excellent game. If she can start winning challenges she is one to make some moves. Floaters Lawon and Kaila should be booted. I want to see people battle it out in comps!

      1. Not that i like Kalia, but how is she a floater and shelly isn’t. Shelly hasn’t won anything either and she plays both sides.

        1. Kalia is not a floater she’s playing the game and has a decent grasp of what goes on. If she can win comps she’ll go far if she can’t win comps she will go home. (this week’s HOH she’s needed to win comps)

          I hate the term floater and how people call the players who don’t charge threw the game like a idiot a floater.

        2. Kahlia outlasted Shelly on last HOH comp, and Shelly knew how important it was to her alliance. Her lies are already catching up to her.

          As for Porche, Brendon steals POV from her (asks her for her answer so he can beat her) and then when she says WTF he calls her a skank who can’t be trusted. The moral of the story in Brendon’s eye: Bow down to the might that is Brendon or he will call you a bunch of names like a ten year would.

        3. Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly has not won anything and I doubt that she ever will. I can’t wait until her scheming finally backfires. I think key people have caught on to her game, but there are still a few idiots who listen to all her crap.

          I so hope the next HOH is not a knock out competition. Production really needs to take this element of predictability out of the game. These old heads think they know every move. They for once need to be surprised.

  6. Shelly says that during the HOH comp that the first name she is going to call to knock out is Dani???? Huh Shelly….Dani can’t play for HOH!!

  7. who do you think is going to be evicted? Whos team Is Adam shelly and Porshe on ? What do you think the next HOH comp will be ?

    Brendon I think will B evicted
    Adam is team shelly
    Shelly is team JJ
    Porshe is team stupid

    1. They will probably lock the doors and have a competition to find a golden Key the person who finds can save someone from the block. If the person on the block finds it they can either save themselves or perhaps both.

      1. are you just making that up? .. Was it ever stated on the show what the twist is or when it will be reveled?

        I don’t buy the whole without Brendon the shows ratings will collapse argument and I doubt Cassi, Keith or Even PT have much of a chance to come back in . Actually I’m starting to think there is no returning houseguest this year.

        1. I don’t think anyone outside of Brenchel fans believe that Brenda brings ratings because he doesn’t RACHEL brings the ratings. We saw how Brenda acted last season he thought he was part of the Brigade crew like the idiot he is, and production had to bring Rachel back if only for 24hrs to liven things up, now they will rectify that mistake by getting this obvious future women beater out of the house, and turn let Vegas loose.

        2. Totally just a theory based on responses regarding BR. Whether or not you are for or against them they bring a lot of chatter.

    2. Best case scenario for J/J BR alliance. Jeff finds the Key, saves Jordan, Rachel is saved due to POV, they have to put up a replacement nom and that person gets backdoored. THis is my theory. Production will probably give clues to the key or hide it in Jeff’s favor.

      1. To my knowledge they have never done anything like that and won’t start now. 9 times out of 10 the BB twists benefit the underdogs and favor the person who currently is in HOH. BRJJ are not the underdogs nor are they HOH. Are you suggesting that a DPOV be thrown into the house and Jeff given a heads up for where to find it this week? They are fully aware that if something like that occurs, their ratings would plummet.

        1. I am only suggesting that if production wanted to make an attempt to keep the vets safe, this is the avenue or something like it that they would surely take. I am in no way saying this will happen. There have been plenty of times, especially in the J/J season, where you can absolutely tell that production manipulated the game. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think that BB is ONLY played by the contestants. Production has plenty to do with it!!

          1. I agree, production sways people in their DR sessions and munipulates the game. I’m just saying that when it does happen it is typically to help the underdogs so their ratings will be boosted so the twist will not favor BRJJ this week.

  8. Roach and Brenda seriously have to be considered the ugliest couple on the planet. Both are hideous to look at. Add their personalities and that’s it. Complete ugliness through and through.

  9. Brendan is a very abusive person.I can’t stand Rachael as a person but I still feel bad for her.I wonder if BB will get her some therapy while she is away from him.I almost feel like it’s BB’s responsibility.Brendons controling behavior is sickening.

    1. Rachel apparently didn’t watch the whole BB12 season where they interviewed Brendon’s exfiance who said all he wanted to do was control everything she did. If Rachel watched this, then she dug her own hole.

  10. BY Porsche Rachel and Brendon. Brendon will go after Daniele and I will go after her, says Rachel. They tell her about the helicopter earlier. Shelly back over. I really think it will be beneficial to everyone’s game, adds Rachel. You guys are not our targets but if Brendon is here . . . You know I do not trust Shelly says Porsche. I hate that was brought up in front of her. Do not worry. Shelly is not targeting you. Porsche says Jordan is not campaigning to me because she knows I will vote for Brendon. Shelly is in the back of the yard, away from the couches. Porsche is angry they said anything in front of Shelly. Porsche goes on and on. I am totally sketched out by her. Brendon says she is a good person to have on your side. Rachel asks What is your relationship with Adam? I like Adam and he walks out. Rachel says Jordan won 2 years ago and I am thinking we should keep Brendon here. Brendon goes inside. Rachel says You could put us up if you win. That is a great game move. She is working Adam and Porsche together. She runs thru the same spiel – Bottom line Daniele is the most dangerous playere here. Jeff walks out and Porsche asks him how is that watermelon? Rachel seems frustrated he put an end to her plea. Porsche goes inside.

  11. Brenda really has the hots for Pacer huh? Ever since last nights Bachelor party, He has said he wanted t “choke” Porsche …. I can read between the lines I know what he means, he wanna hit that shit like there is no tomorrow.

  12. I want a twist Brendon & Rachel win comps! Personality, & all other personal trates. No mean nothing 2 me. It’s winning comps is all I care about.

  13. Simon, they will probably lock the doors and have some sort of twist Like the season when they did couple matching.

  14. I cannot stand that lap dog Shelly…she must really like sniffing Rachel & Brendon’s ass just like Porsche…
    Funny how Shelly talks about Adam not winning anything…what the hell did SHE win…oh right, a nice warm
    cozy place to sleep up in Rachel’s anus…since Rachel evicted Porsche from her ass

  15. LOL jeff looks like a dumbass in that last picture. I’v noticed pretty much all of the pics posted of Jeff are of him making a stupid face haha.

    1. when you take jeff’s conversations and you slap some slowmotion on them you get a lot of weird facial expressions so it’s pretty easy getting ones with him making funny faces or hand gestures. Adam is another one that does it.

  16. Ugh, get tired of the BR fans who come on this site and talk about how it’s only a game and why are you so mean about them. Well, if you read the site entries you’ll notice that there is a boatload of derision for the people who aren’t gracious winners, are sore losers, mean spirited bullies or gratuitous liars. There are interesting entries about opinions on strategy, game play, and when it’s warranted; positive remarks about the HGs. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, you have to have a thick skin to go on these type of reality show, people may love you or hate you, but they choose to be on the show so they’re subject to public scrutiny and all that entails.

    1. Right On

      You go on a reality show and show your ass, of course people are going to talk about you.

  17. If anyone was watching the feeds.. Kalia has some sweet ninja skills, listening in on a Shelly/Porsche purple room conversation.. BIAM finally someone is eavesdropping

    1. I saw that!!! probably thats the longest time she’s been awake and not spoken. She just goes on and on and on and on….. I wonder how much of that convo she heard?? Even if she heard it all, I don’t see the Pinto Shelly alliance having that much of an impact on anything.

    2. Interesting considering both Shell and Porch have spied for the vets before. Hope she gets an earfull. One day soon, shelly’s lies will backfire and she will have to dig herself out of a deep hole. Or maybe she gets lucky, just silently goes away and is forgotten.

    3. I keep wanting to give B/R the benefit of the doubt. Keep looking for that silver lining. I kinda hate when people just gang all up on somebody and that seems to be whats happening to B/R, so I really try to see something good in these 2 but I CAN”T!!! There just really unlikeable people. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t win or that there not fun to watch. I’m just thinking beyond the game. How do these 2 have any friends at all?? Even when they are affectionate towards each other it just seems so fake and contrived (i’m not saying it is, I’m saying that’s the way it comes out) What’s so frustrating is there inability to see there weak points (grant it not many can). They just can’t seem to turn an inner eye towards themselves and see there flaws. Even Dani seems to genuinely feel bad about bashing them and sending them home. She has a conscious. But B/R just can’t seem to do that. I’m back to feeling bad for them now. there just awful.

    4. Finally old school BB skills. I remember a lot more eavesdropping in past seasons. These HG’s are too busy trying to score post BB fame to play an actual game. It’s about time!

    5. Did anybody hear Brendon saying he’s going to give an epic speech on Thursday? I think he said something about he’s gonna go after Kalia in his speech. LOSER!

  18. SHELLY SHELLy SHELLY has 5 hearts and 6 faces ( and the oscar goes to lying ass big brother shelly)

    i cant even keep up with these lies from shelly if she gets pass next week yall just give her the money

    1/ shelly tells adam he says to much to porsche because it goes back to brendon and rachel

    2/shelly keeps praising rachel for how she is acting classy in the game

    3/ after brendon use the pov on rachel shelly says that it just goes to show that u cant trust what anyone says in this house

    4/shelly says brendon and rachel made their beds now they have to lie in it and in that same voice shelly says rachel is an emotional player and that she is emotional about the wrong things

    5/shelly saw rachel and dani sun tanning shelly says if rachel goes with dani she will put her up, shelly says she feels like putting her up anyway

    6/shelly says if she’s in finale 3 with brendon and rachel then she’ll throw them the game

    7/shelly tells brendon we have the votes to keep u me adam rachel and porsche

    8/ shelly tells adam their solid 4 being jeff jordan adam and shelly and she wants the newbies to win

    how much lies do u have to tell people just to make it . this straight shoooter really has never lied in this game

    casey anthony back your ass on the side

    1. hopefully Shelly’s lies will catch up to her soon and if they don’t then she’ll be known as the Big BRother 13 Player that lied the most hands. She won’t care one bit because she’ll be final 2 with a good chance of winning.

      Lets hope the midsized Pacer takes her out next week.

      1. It’s so weird how she is playing this…because no one is talking to each other and comparing the notes on Shelly!! It’s like everyone believes her. Is it good game play or evil?

    1. Jc- I’m assuming you live here in Canada, so you’ll have the benefits to pay for all the STI medication you’ll be needing after doing so?

    2. Big risk taker you are…. good luck soldier, and make sure you bring the VD med-kit with you.

  19. I bet shellys conversation with porshe will just expose how much of a liar she is. Porch is smart for teaming up with dani

    1. her teaming with Dani isn’t official tho — is it? I know that the other vets dont trust her now that she’s been up in HOH — but so have all of them. This game is really a mind-f*ck game. You don’t have to win a competition to win this game, it’s all about perception and deception.

  20. shelly asking brendon what he’s going to do when he leave th house

    great move brendon nothing beats a failure but a try brendon says go live with one of my buddies i cant afford to pay rent by myself because big brother doesnt give us the money until september love it brendon but brendon u are talking to a ice box shelly wont give u that sampathy vote that bitch is
    heartless/ just by not having some place to stay shelly should give u a vote come on shelly lol

    1. Would that really be a dream? He was irritating as hell. 99% I couldn’t understand what he was saying or trying to say.

  21. all the girls can say whatever the hell they want about rachel. maybe you think her boobs look “lopsided” or they look “ridiculous” or “fake” or maybe you think she looks like an ugly duckling or whatever the hell you wanna throw at her. but let me tell you this..its not the girls view of her boobs that count..its the guys. and as me being a guy..her boobs look AMAZING. so all you catty girls can suck one. she may be soooo annoying and maybe her face isnt the best..say whatever you want but she got her moneys worth for them boobs. just sayin

    1. I’m a guy and I don’t find her boobs on her body attractive. You’re right though in her line of work her boobs probably paid for themselves the first couple days.. months.

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