Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that he really wanted to choke Porsche out last night..

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8:50am Brendon and Shelly are out in the backyard. Brendon tell Shelly about how Porsche was up in the HOH talking to Dani all night. Brendon says that he asked Porsche is she would put up Dani if she won HOH. Brendon says that Porsche said she couldn’t put up Dani because she made a deal with her. Brendon says yeah I told you to go up there and tell her whatever she wants to hear. Brendon says that Porsche says that she would probably put up Shelly. Brendon says that Porsche said that Shelly is playing both sides of the house. Shelly says that she talks to the other side to fool them and get information. Brendon tells Shelly that the best case senarilo is that if you (Shelly) win HOH next week. Brendon says that he really wanted to choke Porsche out last night. Shelly says that she wants all (Lawon, Kalia, and Dani) of the out, so it doesn’t really matter which one goes up. They talk about how everything she does is for the camera. Brendon says that when he listens to Porsche talk… her logic makes no sense. They talk about how Lawon will never win anything all he does is laugh. Brendon says that Kalia will be the only one trying for HOH ..that Lawon doesn’t want it because he doesn’t want to make decisions. Shelly says that she was shocked that Brendon used the POV on Rachel. Brendon says that he wanted to shock Dani and have to make a split second decision of who to put up. Shelly says that if someone like Porsche wins this game I will shoot myself in the head. Brendon says how do you think I feel I am going home before Jury. Rachel joins them out in the backyard.

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9:20am A helicopter fly’s overhead and Brendon gets up and does the robot dance in the backyard. Rachel, Shelly, and Brendon continue to talk about Porsche. Brendon says that she is stupid and a liar. Brendon talks about how the deal that Porsche made was stupid because you were never going up this week, you were never a target. Brendon says that Porsche said that Adam told her too that she would be going up. Brendon says yeah but that’s because she feed him that information so that it would get back to you. Rachel says that she really thought that Porsche was on her side. Shelly and Brendon tell Rachel that Dani will try and get you on her side once Brendon is gone. Rachel says that she wont fall for it ..that they tried to make a deal with her …she wouldn’t take it and now Brendon is going home. Rachel talks about how pretty much from here on out …almost everyone will be playing for the POV. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to win HOH this week.. that she really wants Shelly to win it. Shelly says that she will not directly put up Dani …that she will only backdoor her that she has less of chance to play for the POV. Shelly says that Jeff, Jordan, you, me, Adam will absolutely not vote for Dani. Shelly says that Dani betrayed them and if she gets to the end ..she shouldn’t get their votes. Shelly says that she loves Adam to death ..but he needs to win something. They talk about what type of competition this weeks HOH competition will be. Brendon says that it will be a quiz or some sort of physical competition.

9:40am Brendon says that you can fool people in a knock out competition by slamming your hand down on something to fool people into needing to buzz in and answer quickly. Shelly says that is a really good idea. Rachel talks about last year during the knock out competition she realized that within the first 4 words they would give away the answer.

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10am Brendon talks about how he is going to have a conversation with Jeff before he goes. Brendon says that he Jeff can’t talk to Rachel like how he talks to Jordan. Rachel says that she won’t sway and that she is getting better with her emotions. Shelly starts talking about the lap dance that Porsche gave Brendon last night. Shelly says that she talked to Porsche right before and told her to think about what she is doing and that whatever you do will stick with you for life. They talk about how Dani didn’t do anything for the first four weeks and then the first thing she does is back stabbing them. Rachel warns Shelly that there will be a twist coming up soon so we really have to be careful about our game. Shelly says that she is happy with their side and that Adam is 100% on their side. Brendon talks about how he knows Porsche isn’t smart ..because of how she couldn’t name anyone else other than the president. Shelly says that it doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t smart …its more that she isn’t observant. They talk about how Dani will never be like Dick. They wonder if Dick thinks that Dani really BLANK up her game too.

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142 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that he really wanted to choke Porsche out last night..

  1. Totally agreed, if Shelly, Jeff, or Rachel Won. He/She will put Dani up on the block and get Porsche as well. It will be easier, Dani will be first juror. Dani will never be like Dick.

    1. Heres why that’s stupid on Shelly’s part! 1. Shelly no ones coming for you and as of now you have everyone thinking you’re on their side. You are safe for three weeks why the heck would you ruin that? 2. If Rachel wins Dani’s in trouble this is true but Rachel is an idiot because she should be rallying the troops to take out Jordan this week. 3. If adam and Shelly were smart they’d vote with Rachel and Porsche to take out Jordan because Brendon wins comps and has a huge target on his back from the other side. Not to mention if Brendon gets to the final two you can beat him. Loyalty to Jordan gives you absolutely nothing! These people are so stupid this year!

      1. i think the their reason to keep Jordan is it would be easier to beat her in the final two since she already won thats why they want to keep her all they have to say in the final speech is Jordan already won so give someone else a chance. but agreed they are stupid this season mostly shelly her lies are going to come out and shes goin home

      2. Shelly is a floater she goes to the power and because she is older and is a “straight shooter” she might make it like another 3 to 4 weeks

    1. Amen. Shelly is the worst person in the house. I can’t wait until the day all her lies come falling down on top of her.

          1. I disagree Trackback. Shelly is VERY sketchy. She’s number 1 or 2 this year on the sketchy list. Honestly, from watching the feeds, I really don’t think she even knows what side to be on right now. She really is trying to stay exactly in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, sketchy in BB usually means you’re actually playing the game versus floating, but I don’t buy it for a minute when she says, “Once I make top 3, I really will let you ‘kids’ take the money and go from there.” Really Shelly, really? I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT. I don’t like that she claims to be so honest, lies to everyone, and doesn’t even have the guts to go into the DR and say, look, I’ve got everybody fooled. I’m lying my way to the top and I’m so happy it’s working. Instead she blabs on about her daughter and how she will leave this game with integrity, when that’s a flat out lie. No one gets to the top of this game and still holds on to all of their integrity. That’s just silly. You have to look at it like a game, and Shelly’s playing the game the way you have to play to win, but she’s lying to herself about how she’s getting to the end. Shelly, don’t talk about your daughter and how you’re trying to be an “HONEST role model” when all you do is lie in the BB house. I don’t care that you’re lying, your daughter won’t care that you’re lying, but PLEASE JUST OWN UP TO THE FACT THAT YOU’RE DOING IT. You’re only looking like a fool when you lie in the DR too. That’s just my thoughts. I don’t dislike Shelly, don’t get me wrong- she’s doing quite well in her position in the house- but I wish she would be honest when she’s talking to America in the DR. That’s all I’m asking. Please just do that Shelly, and I think the viewers would respect you a little more…

      1. Whats sad is that they are too stupid to see it. I would catch on to Shelly day 2 I swear. She flipped on the newbies cried about lying (basically admitting to being a liar) then says “I’m a straight shooter” ummm you just outted yourself as a liar. WTF. Yeah I hate Shelly perhaps more than I hate Rachel. They all suck at playing the game. I just wish we could have one season where the real players are smart enough to lay low; altho the vets only took them out because Shelly is such an idiot. This game could have been good if she had stayed her lesbian ass home.

    2. Yeah, that 2 faced heifer didn’t say a word when Brenda was sharing his violent tendencies? He oughta coke her ass out.

        1. Oh, I just haven’t been able to get online for awhile. Thank you for your concerns. I’ve had a few mins so popped on for a bit. I’ll try to get on tonight and share in all the fun. I’ve missed it and you all!

  2. I hope so too! It’s time for David Spade (Shelly) is feel what it’s like to be on the block. I can’t wait to see Brendan evicted on Thursday…I wish someone would make a comment to him as he’s walking out the door, have fun on Skype/twitter with the girls when you get out Brendan. It would really F with Rachel’s head!!! <—– That's what I want to see! Vegas trash come out when Brendan leaves and everyone starts to fight!

    1. Oh my….that would be HI-LARIOUS! I hope it’s someone like Lowan – someone you wouldn’t expect to say something like that. hehehehe

    2. Exactly. I would so be that player I swear to god especially if I were Kalia or someone who absolutely can not let Rachel win. I would have her all flustered for the HOH! I seriously would be evil dick times 10!

    3. rachel i dont like you or brendon so shut up and kiss butt because you is so ugly and stank plus i seen brendon cheating on you so be carefull because i seen him saying in the hoh room that u get on his nervs so whatch your back.

    1. It rained yesterday morning or something like that. Shelly said it made her feel like she was in the real world again. I’d love for her to be in the real world again….let’s vote her out!

      1. You’re right, though, it barely ever rains in LA like that. Once a month or something…can’t be all bad though! 70 some degree weather almost every day and sunny? Hell, I’d love it!

        1. Sorry no more room left in Cali unless you bring 1000 jobs with you, nothing great here, pots still illegal, gays cant marry, cost a ton of money to live here, we got tons of crime, infrastructure is horrible, there exist tension between NoCal & SoCal, no football team in LA, theres more…lots more but that’ll do for now. Not to be rude, you can visit & enjoy whats left standing…even the beaches are eroding, but you cant stay. Did I mention how inhospitable we are or that the movie industry isnt what it once was???

      1. Well im from San Diego and it rains more than you would think, not in the summer although it will once in awhile, but in the winter and even late fall it can rain pretty damn hard, but I think its a little less rain up in LA. But it could have rained alot during BB9.

    2. Well I live in SoCal and it doesn’t rain here in the summer Ever. But it did rain shockingly 2days ago (nothing big) but that was very rare for SoCal.

    3. Well I live in SoCal and it doesn’t rain here in the summer Ever. But it did rain shockingly 2days ago but that was very rare for SoCal.

  3. Some of these people are so stupid. Its like they dont even understand this game. Ummm big brother is about betrayal, backstabbing, etc. Yet they sit there and say Dani isnt getting their vote because she switched sides and went against them. If she gets herself out of the situation shes in and makes it to final 2, she deserves the votes. This is why people like Jordan and Hayden win. People play so personal and vote on who is “nicer”. Why are some of these people even here? The person that played the best game is the one that needs to win, not the person that sat around and did nothing but be “cute”.

    1. Completely agree! They’re all the biggest hypocrites all the time! “We played with integrity and stayed true to ourselves!” Bullshit! The jury should be voting for the person with the best game play….which means making the power moves, back stabbing people, winning comps, and overall staying in the house. They all play so personal once one person makes a personal comment to anyone. Get over it…this is a competition where people are battling for $500,000!

      1. I agree it has been a problem on other reality competition type shows. Makes me think the jury should be an impartial party that never goes in the house. I hate it when it just becomes a popularity contest.

    2. its disgusting to see the names of the people like the one who responded above me. thats so gross, do they really hate rachel that much?

      anyway, since I dont HATE anyone ill be objective

      as for dani, the vets have a RIGHT to be PISSED. yes, rachel and brendon moved away from dani, AFTER she in WEEK FREAKING TWO, tried to burn their alliance, then when they reacted, she got all uppity, lost her own teammate and only true ally(kalia is a pathetic excuse for an ally), then is handed the HOH, and goes totally personal, taking out the two people who couldnt get a jury vote unless the other one was on the jury…and blames it on them turning on HER/….really now? I see a girl who messed up, backtracked, and got a lucky HOH with her tiny feet, and thats all….honestly, she hasnt made a good move yet

      1. Of course I hate her that much. Rachel embodies everything I despise, basically I’m just sick of her face, that laugh and her douchey fiancé. I can’t wait until he leaves thursday!

        For me, it’s fun to hate them.

    3. Actually niceness can be a factor in the game also…it just depends on how you sell it if you get to the final two? also knowing your jury…if your jury prefers niceness well you gotta play nice…thats the things baout this season which was a disadvantage for anyone that was playing without a true partner…Its easy for BRJJ to play nice becasue they can trust each other with their common bond…being true couples…The others are forced to be more backstabbing..
      but with BRJJ three will be in the jury house claiming they played nice and not like the backstabbing…but they had people they could trust for the most part in a game like BB that is a huge advantage…Even if Dani and Dick were a team its hard to know just how much trust would actually be there…Different dynamic…

        1. That’s because Dani was being completely classless at the time of the comment! GO Shelly! Continue telling it like it is and showing them what class really is.

          1. If Shelly is considered to have class then I would be horrified to know what a person without class is like. She doesn’t make all the harsh comments and portrays herself as a wise caring motherly type when she is really a snake….which imo makes her even worse

          2. At the time the comment was made all of the vets had been knocked out of the HOH comp. and Dani and Kalia were still hanging on…LOL Shelly knew that her lies were out in the open because Kalia asked her had they got to her because Rachel was cheering her on to win…Shelly is a slimey snake!!!

    1. She could say much worse, and I’d still high five her for it. Shelly is a bottom feeder, and is guilty of everything she accuses others of.

  4. “Brendon says that it will be a quiz or some sort of physical competition.”

    No kidding Brendon?!?! Gosh, I sure am glad that there is a rocket scientist in the house to figure these things out for the rest of us. What a douchebag.

    Also, if he has a “conversation with Jeff”, if I was Jeff…..I would say to myself, “dont worry Brendon. I wont talk mean to her because I am voting her skankass out of the house next!!!”

    1. lol at how Brendon said he’s going to cure cancer and pantent it and make lots of money for him and rachel during one of her whining/crying episodes.

    2. the personal attacks have me a little weary about posting on these sites

      first off, as someone born with scoliosis, who is under…28….I take offense at your hunch back comments. some are born with back issues, and have to deal with it, this isnt a game about who has the best posture, or who has a perfect spine alignment.

      Stay Classy poster who spits venom, why not try to be positive or at least fair in your evaluations.

      personally, you have me looking for another BB site, and that sucks because the people here do a wonderful job.

      its just unnecessary to take personal shots that involve physical features. and calling someone a “skank” is also pretty low. do you know these people in real life? because if you don’t, its unfair to make that judgement.

      1. Its possible not to like some of the people on this show unfortunately ones worst traits will be revealed & its natural to judge people based on what we see 3 times a week (7 if you have showtime). Its the cheapshots that are uncessary, its cowardly & immature.

      1. As I’ve said before this is a BLOG, where people can type whatever they want if you have a problem, this is like one of a thousand Big Brother blogs..

        When simon tells us to cool it on the comments, then it will stop, he hasn’t yet so obviously none of us have gone too far yet.

        and as for us calling Rachel a skank ho ENOUGH SAID…

      2. Ok, my comments aren’t all to be taken seriously. Everything I’m saying has been said before and especially last season. I don’t have to know these people personally and probably none of us do. BUT, they’ve signed themselves up for a reality TV show for the second summer in a row. Doing that opens them up to a whole world of ridicule and observation 24/7.

        Don’t bother looking for another BB spoiler site, because you won’t find a better one then this. I’ve modified my name as to not offend you but I can’t promise I’ll stop commenting altogether. This is a game in which anything goes, so the verbal attacks fly. B/R have said terrible things to people in the house, as well.

        I’ll attempt as keeping it classy, Ron….but you need to realize other people probably won’t. It’s fun to watch them on TV or the feeds and poke fun at them, mostly because they make it too easy. Something else is true, too….I don’t think we speak half as bad as when they’re fighting inside the BB house.

  5. Let me guess, brendon predicts that the HOH competition will take place on a Thursday? SOMEONE JUST GIVE THIS GUY THE 500, 000 HE’S BRILLIANT!

    1. Dani was the only person willing to go up against either of the couples who were controlling the game just like Jesse did. She’s getting Brendon evicted and hopefully Rachel will be next. You have to respect her for not being afraid to take on the power when everybody else was too scared. What’s with this group of people being so afraid? Will be glad to see Shelly leave, too.

  6. Shelly is so full of sh!t. I seem to recall her saying the noobs need to stick together right before the vets came into the house, and yet she was the first one to turn.
    I love how the vets walk around like they’re these huge celebrity masterminds. The only ones who actually made it to the end are dani and Jordan. Funny how the “competitors” spent more time in the jury house than the bb house, yet they constantly insult the intelligence and strategy of the winners…

  7. I meant to post this, not reply. sorry if I sound like a broken record, but…

    I Wonder if Brendan meant choking one off over Porsche?

  8. I remember BB when people actually competed and nominated and voted how they wanted and didn’t have to explain their actions over and over, I miss that BB.

    1. Me too! Hated that it turned into a show where HOH says ‘Jump’ and everyone asks ‘How High?’ When will they go back to realizing that the players hold the deciding votes, not the HOH? Grow a pair and stop being used.

  9. Brenda wants to choke Pacer because she is trying to partially distance herself from the mentally disturbed couple, so she has a better chance at winning 500k? How STUPID of her.

    1. Brenda is a such a BIG TALKER for someone who only directs that shit at females, gay dudes, and men who are smaller than him.

  10. Big Brother WHY did you bring back BR…they are the most spitefully emotional bullying players ever…I still can’t believe those two had the balls to come back after last year…you have already made fools of yourself once…why go for round 2?

  11. You guys please give me a break when Brendon leaves there won’t be any drama I know this is what everybody wants but it’s not gonna happen no one will tell Brendon to go skypin g for rachel to go crazy we all know it’s going to be bye brendon nothing else and why bringing Pt back he doesn’t bring the ratings like BR. The only prob I see right now is that some floaters are going to be prob in the finale without doing anything like lawon kalia and adam the fight is going to be between dani porshe rachel jeff jordan

  12. Brendon has loads of experience in ‘choking’ things.

    Julie Chen said that Brendon’s apology vid, was the most pathetic thing she’s ever seen. Which leads one to wonder if the second most pathetic thing she’s ever seen was Brendon diddling himself on skype to a dood that he thought was a gal.

    1. Julie Chen doesn’t have a lot of room to talk. She screwed her way to fame. She wouldn’t be on BB or the Talk if she hadn’t been passed around amongst the CBS bigwigs.

      1. So there, Shelly! Rockstar knows class when she sees it! And, she knows no-class, too! That makes Rockstar classy.

      2. Go ROCKSTAR!!!! You have such a way with words :P We need you posting more often to shake up the board :)

        1. hi Kathie, Hi Grandma.. I have trouble keeping up these days.. my darn find button isn’t working like it use to. I umm don’t have a lot of class. I’ve been wading in my kiddie pool with my 10 bags of sand making myself a beachy backyard.. hahaha

  13. According to Evel Dick, BB told him they brought back the most loved couple (J&J), the most hated couple (B&R) and the most feared couple (ED&D).

    1. Interesting , but the only one worth rooting for are the most Feared couple, the rest of them can go hang out for the summer someone where else.

    2. I don’t understand how Rachel and Brendon were the most hated. A great deal of people cheered for him when he was down and out and won after Rachel was voted out. Annoying or not she is and was much more popular then the dummies from last season.

    3. ED was the most feared. Dani won competitions but she would have been gone well before the final two if it wasn’t for Dick. She rode his coattails the whole time and than she says he ruined her game. If it wasn’t for Dick she wouldn’t even be in this season.

      1. Dani won 7 comps and Dick won 6 comps (including the final 3 parter)

        How can anyone with a straight face say that they were not competitors?

  14. So, Brendon wants to choke out Porsche because she went up to the HOH room and talked to Dani. Uh, didn’t he and Rachel go up there to talk to
    Dani also?
    His sense of entitlement just blows my mind. He is a bully and pouts when he doesn’t get his way. Big difference from an agressive player. Bullies never
    win. He thought he owned that house and the reality is setting in that that is not the case. You want people to vote to keep you in when you are on the block, then you better not be bullying people and running your mouth.

  15. Dani is playing to win. She knew she had to get one of the four other veterans out before jury else they would control the votes in the finale. B&R made the same mistake this season as last season. They started day one to win everything which put a huge target on their back plus socially, they went out of their way to belittle and bully everyone else. I think they truly believe they are the only ones who deserve to be there and deserve to win. J&J are sitting back and letting B&R do all the dirty work. So far the newbs have been trying to fly under the radar by going along with whoever is in power. At some point they will have to make a move. I would love to see Kahlia win the next HOH, just so she can rub it in Rachel’s face. I wouldn’t be suprised if she were to quit at that point. In case you forgot, Rachel and Brendon were ready to quit week one. Do good players do that?

  16. I think we need a disclaimer on this side for all the sensitive people… They need a PG version of onlinebigbrother where the kiddies can go be nice.

    1. or maybe or even

    1. Glad to take the heat off you. ;-p

      I get how you feel, when you were talking shit about Jeff and Jordon, and people were whining constantly about it.

      I’m not here to please anyone I’m here to enjoy big brother and cheer for HGs I like and talk shit about the HGs who deserves to get shit talked about them, nothing more, same as everybody else on here , if you don’t like it , don’t comment. Like Brenda says, It’s not rocket science.

    2. Rockstar, Ill Will has always ran a close second to you. Sometimes he gets ahead of you but you always catch up. I love to watch the race.

  17. “Brendon says that he Jeff can’t talk to Rachel like how he talks to Jordan.”

    WOOOOW this guy has some nerve he talks to Rachel worst than Jeff talks to Jordon. Someone should really force them to watch this and last season they have to be shown the way they act on there, because they obviously have no clue as to why people don’t like them.

  18. Gosh, I feel bad about saying that Shelly is a Fox news loving, leatherface hag, who specializes in the art of protology. I feel so….classless. Just fooling! HA!

  19. Just out of sheer curiosity. Can you guys tell me what redeeming qualities Brenchel have that makes you like them? I really want to understand your logical and emotional attachment for the couple. Are they nice, trustworthy, humble, caring, gamers? What is it really?

  20. I’m not a fan of this BB this season, I kinda feel sorry for B/R for all the crap people say about them, it’s no wonder their defences are up all the time, they’re always on the defensive with everything they do and say. People forget that this is just a game, a stressful social game and both B and R lack the social ability to blend in and get along with everybody, probably because they’ve ALWAYS had a hard time fitting in. Personally, I think I would like them in person, this “game” brings out the worst in everybody…and from the comments on here, you all seem to see the downside of every single player in this game, no need to personally attack any of them, how would you like to read this crap about you if you were in their position? Having strangers hating on you because of how you’re playing some stupid game on reality tv? Just enjoy the damn show for what it is, I love reading this site and the comments but sometimes people go too far with their insults, these are harmless people with families and friends that care about them, not a house of terrorists or rapists, root for whoever you want but in the end, does it really matter to you who wins the money? When all is said and done, it’s just a tv show.

    1. The game does bring out the worst in people. That being said, the HG are just as insulting if not more insulting to each others face and others behind their backs. If they are ugly, coniving, lying, backstabbing, hypocritical fools, then they open themselves up to criticism. Typically those who dish it out but can not take it, end up crying in a corner claiming victim status. Many of the posters here do nothing more than attempt to hold a mirror up to the faces of the HGs regarding their bad behavior or game play. All’s fair in love and TV.

  21. my senerio, Bremda goes home, Fugly cries, Adam wins HOH, puts up Shelly and Porshe, Porshe wins pov, Adam backdoors Fugly. she out to jury house all alone for a week, second eviction that very night, Dani wins Hov again, puts up Shelly and Jordan as pawn. That is a dream… but hey it would make foo tv as Fugly is always saying,

  22. How could any of u hate on Dani, she is by far the hottest girl in the house to look at, she’s the only one playing the game we love to watch, and she has the weakest alliance I have ever seen in bb history, she’s the underdog and I have a sneaky feeling she likes it that way. That Pauly Shore/Shelly comparison is on point…. I hate Rachel and now I literally loathe Brendon, (stupid ass for throwing away chance at 1 mill.) So this week will be epic watching that punk boy go home. Can’t wait. Can’t wait for PT to come back and even this fight up. Go Dani’s Newbies….. Stop hating on Dani and the way she plays, she rebounded from a week that made her public enemy #1 and now she is clawing her way back, so shut the f up, and enjoy watching someone ACTUALLY PLAY… 1.Dani, 2. Jeff, 3. PT (if he comes back)

          1. true but I don’t want to like you too much so delete a couple of my comments so I don’t have to kiss your ass or give you a God complex. You’re my new Jessie. hahaha

    1. O0OOO0O0O0O0O0OMMMMMMGGGGGGG I LOVE YOU …YOU R SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This bich thinks her s…hit dont stink hahahah im so glad you said what alot of us are thinking

  23. Where does Shelley get off talking about everyone else. She is the BIGGEST floater and LIAR in the house. At least Dani came to play the game.

  24. Brendon is gonna have a ‘talk’ with Jeff to make sure he doesn’t talk to Rachel the way he talks to Jordan…GET REAL! We all know Brendon is only capable of confronting weak men and women.

  25. My favorite line from this whole article: “Brendon says that it will be a quiz or some sort of physical competition.”
    UM, NO BLANK BRENDON! WHAT ELSE IS THERE REALLY? I really don’t understand how he thinks he’s so smart when he really can’t win anything mental in this game at all.

    Just my thoughts…

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