Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Shelly that she got beat to a pulp by Brendon and Rachel because she was up talking to Dani..

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12pm Jeff, Brendon and Rachel are sitting on the backyard couch talking about sharks and alligators. Dani is suntanning by herself in the backyard. Lawon and Adam are in the kitchen talking about going back to work and what they will do when they get out of the house. Jeff heads inside the house. Rachel and Brendon decide to go and lay down inside the house. Jordan gets into the pool and talks to Dani about Orange County and Lagoona Beach. In the Have not room Rachel asks Brendon if he thinks everyone is going to vote him out. Brendon says yeah. Rachel says that they are making a dumb decision ..all voting out Brendon does is makes Dani stronger. Brendon talks about how he mentally prepared Rachel for this exact situation. Rachel says that she knows she can do it …she just doesn’t want to without him. Brendon says well we don’t have a choice.
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12:20pm Shelly and Porsche are talking in the lounge … Shelly is tricking Porsche to get all the information out of Porsche. Shelly says that she is 100% not putting up Dani. Porsche says yeah! Shelly says that she is getting ready to pick her side. Porsche says yeah me too.. its just hard …she says that she doesn’t like what she has said about some people. Shelly says that she is 100% willing to work with Porsche. Porsche says that Shelly is working with Rachel and Brendon. Shelly says no I’m not …why just because I sit and talk with Brendon in the morning .. when you make an assumption make an ass out of me and you. Porsche says that she got beat to a pulp by Brendon and Rachel because she was up talking to Dani. Shelly asks Porsche if she would put her up if she won HOH. Porsche says probably not. Shelly says …you probably wouldn’t?!!?!? I can say definitely I wouldn’t put you up.. why can’t you say that. Porsche says because I know you wouldn’t go home. Shelly says don’t use me as a pawn. Porsche says that she would put up Kalia… she wants her gone. Shelly says that she would do that too.

12:35pm Shelly says that she would not put up Porsche …but that if Porsche breaks her trust then its all done. Shelly asks so they say you are voting for Brendon? Porsche says yeah ..they know I am friends with Rachel and that two votes to keep Brendon won’t matter. Shelly says that she won’t vote out Jordan …because Dani specifically said Jordan is a pawn and that she will respect her wishes. Porsche says that she and Dick are close and that she got the golden key because of him. Porsche says that Dani told everyone about her knowing Janelle. Kalia is outside the door listening in on their conversation. Shelly says that she could definitely help Porsche out after get where she needs to go in life… but that if she screws her over she won’t help her. Porsche says that everyone in here has three faces… and that she isn’t used to dealing with that. Shelly asks if she is comfortable with where she is and if there is anything she can do to help her. Porsche says that people are making her feel pressured in to doing things. Porsche and Shelly shake hands and both agree that the other is safe next week and that they won’t put up each other. Shelly tells Porsche not to go tell Dani what they talked about. Shelly tells Porsche that she will fight for her when people say stuff to her, and vice versa. Shelly tells Porsche that she is a smart girl. Porsche says my first hand shake! They end their conversation and leave the room.

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12:50pm – 1:15pm Big Brother calls for an outdoor lock down. The houseguests in the back yard cheer. All the houseguests are relaxing in the backyard talking about food and other random things… Brendon and Rachel are laying on the backyard couches look and talking about what they see in the clouds.

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1:15pm – 1:30pmBig Brother tells the houseguests that the lock down is over. Brendon and Jordan are in the kitchen. Jordan asks if they talked to Shelly this morning. Brendon says yeah. Jordan gets a pickle out of the jar and says look at this one its big! Brendon say ..that’s what she said! Brendon says that he and Shelly talked and he tells Jordan that Shelly is going to get information out of Porsche. Brendon says that Porsche is dumb and makes dumb moves. Rachel and Brendon go to lay down in the HaveNot room to take a nap. Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen. Jordan asks if he thinks Adam is working with them? Jeff says no!

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ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I wanna be a pickle or a cucumber someday.


hell, I’m a female and straight, looking at this picture, makes me want to be a pickle too!!!


Me thinks that pic was a nod to the earlier comments about letting Jordan suck on a pickle if she wants to. LOL

Porche's Gut

The clothes dryer in the house needs to be fixed, Porche’s bikinis and all of her clothes are shrinking! Her thighs are going to burst like the baby growing on Rachel’s cheek.

Atleast Jorden realized to watch the cookie dough eating this year.

Missing Cassi!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

The dryer works fine, and the baby is healthy.

bb13 sucks

thats no joke, porsche looks like she she was put together by Dr. Frankenstein and he became displeased with her and just gave up on her from the spare tire


If kalia, dani, lawon, and porshe get together they could take the vets side out


Oh yeah, love the Jordan picture. You can use that for her portait.


I just noticed the Jeff picture above her. That’s so funny. I think he wants….. half a milllion dollars or he’ll blow up the planet!


shelly is ridiculous! i cant wait to watch this blow up in her face!


Kalia has to go i hate her

Big Jeff

HA HA…love that pic of Jordan!!


Ive been saying Shelly is the sneaky RAT of the house and she’s going to get trapped nibbling for information.

And I have to be honest porsh looked pretty good in that one zee


Wonder why they had an outdoor lockdown. Bug spraying? Pandora’s Box? Setting up stuff for a future comp?


WTF Jeff lol Dr Evil


Wow Shelly. Way to teach your kid about integrity. I know its a game, but you my lady, are just low.


if your child has to learn a lesson in life from Big Brother, you are not a good parent. Granted Shelly drives me insane because she reminds me of someone from my old home town and I hate women who bring their kids into making people feel sorry for them. I do know and wholeheartedly believe that BB is a game. It isn’t a game for whom might be the nicest. The game is about making alliances, backstabbing, winning, losing, living life is full speed. It is not a game for those who wish to sit there and bide their time. I will click and go to camera two.


I completely agree with you Rockstar, children should not see this show. But being a kid with a parent that stars in a tv show I think it will be inevitable that her daughter watches it someday. And then how can she sit there and tell her child to be an honest person? Yes you should be smart in this game and play it but I feel that she didn’t had to go that far as to go out of her way to be that conniving. That’s all.


true but BB isn’t real life. It’s a game only those lucky individuals get to play unless of course you play Survivor. I’m sweet as pie in real life. I might cut yah if you mess with me but I would so welcome you into my house and let you borrow my Mr. Fuzzy even if you got on my nerves. If I was in that house, all bets are off and once I was out, I would be sweet again and I hope that people realized, I am not the ass I play on tv, I just fought like every other contestant did to bring home the money to help my family out and to entertain everyone here on hahaha .. There has never ever been a houseguest who was 100% innocent. NEVEr EVER


oh crap I typed the url wrong.. forgive me simon, I know not what I do.


fixed it


Nice pic of Jordan going to town on that pickle!


The Dick-Taters are at it again. They cause their own friends to turn against them.

Sidenote: loved how when BBAD came back from commercial during the strip tease last night… everyone was looking at Adam and ignoring Porsche. Hilarity.


Brendan was totally ignoring Pacer. He was more into Adam.



Dark Horse

I can’t wait for Shelly to pick a side
then she’ll be out the door

Jus Sayin

Shelly is the biggest rat in the house! Doesn’t she realize that the rats get used and tossed away! I can’t wait for Brendork to go and Shelly to follow the next week! By the way great role model for your daughter, liar and snitch! Awesome!

Big Sister

No one else is mentioning this: Am I wrong or didn’t I hear Rachel brag last night on BBAD that she and Brendon had sex 3 times a day?


Nope talked about for like 5-10 min and why were they like we are on Showtime. They Should know it’s TVMA not a kids show!


Who cares. Why does it matter? They can have sex 50 times a day if they want.


You’re right, she claimed it was in the morning, between classes and before bed, then when Brendon joined the convo, he said it was more like twice a day.

Gave me the heebie jeebies cause that is not a mental picture that I want in my head.


I heard them start talking about sex and with those two, it was TMI so I fast forwarded. I think Kalia was mentioning something not fit for TV too since I heard Dani reprimand her about this being a family show.


hi. I have to comment on Shelly… she is driving me bonkers! I wouldn’t be annoyed with her for lying and scheming if she didn’t talk about how morally right and honest she is ALL the time!!! She is always talking shit on pretty much everyone but j/j too and then prides herself on being “classy”


Dani’s Competiveness in Season 8

Week 1 Dani wins POV
Week 2 Dick and Dani on the block, Danielle won POV, took herself off the block, Dick stayed
Week 3 Dick wins HOH
Week 5 Dani won HOH
Week 6 Dani and Dick on the Block, Dick win POV, takes Dani off, Dick stays
Week 7 Dani wins HOH, Dani wins POV
Week 9 Double Eviction Week, Dani wins POV, Dick wins the 2nd HOH
Week 10 Dick and Dani on the block, Dani wins POV, Dani took Dick off the block, Dani stays
Week 11 Dick wins HOH, wins 2 out if 3 comps, takes Dani to final 2
Dick wins the big bucks

Dani the only one to never recieve a single vote to be evicted.

The girl has game, she just needs to keep her head in it.


Rumored possibility for why Dick left the show –

“As reports, Dick actually revealed that he’d be in the house in a video posted to RTVZone, prompting some to speculate he was disqualified. Even though the video was posted after the episode premiered, those who actually posted the video would have known that Dick was returning to the game, possibly violating the houseguest’s contract.”. “… the timing is very coincidental, since he left the same night the show debuted and the video went live.”


Shelly is getting in everyones ear…. I LOVE IT
Just don’t back stab JJ.


Be careful Porsche, Shelly will cut out your heart and eat it.


Brenchel will never learn. They were hated last year because they were bullies, bad winners and sore losers. They talk crap about everyone, but whine when they are on the receiving end. If people play the game and make moves, they are traitors. If they hang back they are floaters. I guess in the rules of BB according to Brenchel, you either join team Brenchel, and do what they say, and you better not be playing the game for yourself and not putting your own game before the interests of Brenchel.

I like to see people playing the game, but just because you don’t come out guns blazing on day one doesn’t mean you are a floater. Winning stupid competitions will never win the game if you don’t know how to interact with others and pace yourself. The reason why Keith and Dom are gone is because they played too hard too soon and couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Not because they are floaters as Brenchel say. Cassie went home for Rachel’s petty jealousy and because Dani wanted to have Dom to herself to further herself in the game. In fact, it’s probably not smart to win everything from day one because you make yourself look like a big threat and will go home early. Look at Dr. Will. He never won anything, nobody ever knew in season 2 where his head was at, but I dare Rachel to call him a floater. Just because you don’t try to win competitions doesn’t mean you aren’t playing the game. You can win as every POV and HOH comp but you probably won’t make it to the end. This is another reason why Brenchel will never make it far in the game. Especially when they bully people when they are in power and whine, blame and threaten when they aren’t in power or lose. The delusional lies they tell make me sick. I watched Rachel rag on Jordan for not picking her for the luxury she won. Then she tells Jordan and even others that saw and heard her that she wasn’t mad. She whined because she was HOH and nobody was coming to see her, they were all hanging with JJ. They are a constant contradiction. They obviously aren’t objective enough to have identified last season’s mistakes and correct it. If they had, they might have redeemed themselves for last year and changed the viewer’s perception of them, but I think they are worse than ever! The comment about Brit losing her house to a fire being karma was in very poor taste and shows once again that they play 100% personal and the emotions guiding their decisions are based on revenge, insecurity and self pity.


Wow couldn’t have put it better myself.


I thought Jordan was a have not and on slop. how is she eating a pickle?


Wow i’m excited to see Dick back on the show!!!!!!! I’m a HUGE fan!!


Dick is back on the show?