Big Brother Spoilers “I’m putting up Brett, Winston, Angela.. I’m here to set the tone”

POV: Faysal Next POV:
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

12:30am Sunburnt Sam..

12:30am Swaggy and FEZZIE

Fez says they have to start winning some sh1t before making a move.
Swagz says “Haleigh got tuned on when you beasted that sh1t.. so did Kaitlyn
Fez – Kaitlyn did she told me Swagz – what she said that.. oh my gosh
Fez – she cried and said she’s so proud of you.. I was like yo he won a competition nobody cried for me when I won
Fez and Swagz joke around to the camera “i’m getting cried about it’s day 12 is that trending”

12:35am ROCKSTAR and Haliegh
Pissed off at how rude (someone) was to Steve. (not sure who)
Haleigh – She yells at him and throws pillows at him..
Haleigh – tyhta makes me so sad.. he’s trying tso hard for them not to be bitches and for them to like him.. he’s wearing breathing strips… he’s trying to not snore
Haleigh – if you really can’t sleep because of that are you kidding me? we slept with that for how many days and didn’t have a problem with it
ROCKSTAR – like get a room where they shut the door
Haliegh – I’m flaming mad right now.. like what kinda person do you have to be to complain where he goes and asks production for something to help the snoring
Haleigh – I’m pissed .. yeah well jokes on them because he’s going to be f***ing here

12:55am Fez and Bayleigh
They are talking about Haleigh being only 21.
Bayleigh says the other side is tryign to suck Haleigh in
Fez – haleigh would be stupid
Balyleigh – she would never do that
Bayleigh – If Haleigh felt isolated in anyway .. it’s not like they wouldn’t take her.. especially with the whole Brett trying to date her now
Fez – I don’t think she’s into Brett at all
Bayleigh – She’s not.. literally she’s not she’s not mentioned Brett at all
Fezx – I know so why would Kaitlyn say that
Bayleigh – you know why
Fez – that’s so stupid.. she’s my best friend why is she doing that to me .. that is what really concerns me.. you know what I mean
Fez goes on to say he’s told her he’s never had a female friend. He’s talked a lot to kaitlyn so she’s close to him.
Fez – she does snuggle with me.. she misses the attention from her boyfriend..
Bayleigh says Kaitlyn has a guy back home right now in here this is a game but she can’t forget when she gets out.
Bayleigh – It’s not fair for you, or him
Fez agree.. “I look at her strictly as a friend
They agree Kaitlyn is looking at Fez as a friend also
Fez says he’s been trying to hang out with Haleigh
Bayleigh asks if he’s feeling anything towards Haleigh.
Fez is trying but he’s not feeling anything in return. he’s going to stop trying.
He’s worried things will get weird when he wins HOH and all of a sudden she’ll be up in the HOH and he’s not going to want the attention anymore.
Fez – she is really smart in this game and she doesn’t want to put a target on her.. she did say it would be different if we were outside the house

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1:14am Swagz and Bayleigh
Talking about Halyeigh “Popping around” with all the side so no matter who wins the HOH they’ll keep her safe.
Haleigh is close to Tyler, Fez and Brett. Bayleigh adds that Fezx is not feeling it with Haleigh and is getting annoyed by Kaitlyn.
They both mention that Fez has told them that he’s getting vibes from Kaitlyn that she likes him. (hmmm)

2:26am Swaggy and Bayleigh (Showmancing)
Swaggy-C – good luck getting me to cry.. I’ve cried twice in my life..
Swaggy cried when his dad died.

2:39am Bayleigh is going on about how she’s surprised to find someone she connected to on the show. She wasn’t planning for this. This year was supposed to be her single year.
2:55am Brother and sister

3:00am Bayleigh and Swagz on the hammock
Bayleigh says day 4 Kaycee and JC told the Bros they are coming after Swagz
Swagz asks if the Bros told her. She says no Swagz told her.
Swagz – ohh yeah .. because somebody told me ..

Swagz – JC is very a floater.. I don’t think he’ll put me up right now if he won.. He said he would come after me but I just don’t see it
Bayleigh – who would he put up .. he’s friends with everybody
Swagz – he would put up Kaitlyn and Kaycee.. he would put up Floaters
Swagz says JC wouldn’t put them up because he would have too much blood on his hands.
Swagz – I think Angela is ready for a war with me and everybody else but I don’t thin she can handle it .. she’ll go for it I won’t put that past her ..
Brett will take a shot when it’s convenient meaning backdoor situation.. which is why I gotta get him out now as soon as possible..
Swagz starts talking about the live feeders watching “They could easily vote for us a power.. if we have a power that shifts the whole game.. we trend”
Swagz tells the feeders if they get a power they’re here to shake the game up.. they’re here to play

Bayleigh – If we won HOH we’re putting up Brett and Winston just to see what pops off.
Swagz – I want to set the tone, Tyler couldn’t handle setting the tone for summer he put up Sam and Steve
Swagz – if I was HOH i’m not puttingup Sam or Styeve
Swagz – I’m putting up Brett, Winston, Angela I would save Rachel for the end because I actually like to f* with Rachel
Swagz – I’m here to set the tone..
Swagz says he’s seen on previous season people go up to the HOH rat out their entire groups “Just to save their own a$$, that’s how it is in Big Brother”
Swagz – that is why I want HOH we can exploit that..
Swagz – I’m here to make history
Swagz says Tyler is willing to use Bayleigh as a pawn if he wins the HOH again.

Swagz tells her there will come a time where the other side will have power. They will have to make a side deal with one of (Winston, Angela, Brett, Rachel) to save themselves so they go after someone else in their group.
Swagz – I’m here to play with you.. I’m no here with Haleigh , Kaitlyn fex.. I love them to death but but I’m thinking of Swagz and Bayleigh.. that’s all I care about
Swagz – I love Fez to Death he was my number one until you came
They agree this alliance of their is not going to last and make it to Jury intact.
They plan on riding the middle as soon as the other side gets power.

3:20am DEEP undercover

Steve doing his Chilltown impersonation..

They start talking about last season. Steve tells him how weak it was. (Weak is a kind way of putting it)
Fez says he was cast for survivor but didn’t make it through so that is why he’s on Big Brother 20. He didn’t know anything about the show they gave him season 18.
FEz – I actually became a fan..
Fez – I really liked Paul in 18 and when he didn’t win
Steve – that was f*** up
Fez – Nicole really didn’t do much ..
Fez says he watched season 19 in a week to get ready and it was horrible and boring.

3:30am Swagz and Bayleigh
Bayleigh says she’s having trouble being a vegan being in the house because of the food options available to her.
Bayleigh – I want you to know how lucky you are .. I am a beautiful 25 year old women that so many people want from both sides of the spectrum.. all the way from 45 year old men to very young little boys.. they just love me and I’m sitting here giving all my attention to you
Swagz – is that supposed to intimidate me
Bayleigh – no I’m telling you.. you’re supposed to be like I feel lucky
Bayleigh I dated this guy.. I probably shouldn’t have dated him he was umm.. do you know what.. like the NFL PA is.. he was the owner.. (NFL players association)
Feeds cut..

(LOL is this the guy Bayleigh is bragging about dating?


3:47am Fez tells Steve in the interviews he said he was a super fan but he lied. (No f*ing shit.. you all said that and we knew you were all full of sh1t)
They agree they don’t trust Tyler so much. Fez says Tyler is acting Fishy. Steve agrees says Tyler is playing both side but as the competitions keeps going he’ll “mold” to them but he’s not an original person. Steve at first thought it was Brett that had the power but he’s not sure anymore. Steve mentions how Brett is never without Winston and today Brett came up to him and sat beside him.
Fez – I like Brett as a person
Steve – I do to.. I think Winston is a good guy.. he’s getting a bit paranoid.. I don’t know if he’s being as devious as ROCKSTAR says
Steve – there’s no D1ck.. everybody is nice in this house.. I’m scared that Scottie is a d1ck on the outside..
Fez – no there’s no way..

4:11am Everyone sleeping sans Fez who is praying in the Hammock corner.


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Fess is so mad that Haleigh doesn’t want him. Why? She is playing 3 guys for protection(Tyler, Brett, Fess) just get over her. His ego can’t let a girl not want him. You want a showmance Fess? Go be with Kaitlyn. She would have no problem cheating on her bf at home. She is more your league Fess.

You know it’s gotton bad with Swaggy when I am rooting for Winston to take him out. Brett and Winston seem to think Swaggy is the brains behind the other alliance. Who are they kidding? That is a Swaggy/Fess run alliance, there is zero brains there. But let them think that so they take out Swaggy first. I do believe production has a hand in Swaggy being so over the top. When he said “America you got it wrong, I’ll give you one more chance to get it right” I was like ok, it’s official, they want him hated by the masses for now at least. Again, production doesn’t rig the game, but some of it is very scripted.

I am just waiting for Scottie, Sam, Angela Tyler, JC, Kaycee to break off and end the 2 current alliances and steam roll these fools. That 6 could do it right now if they would wake up. Angela if you notice is not like totally all in with the Winston/Brett alliance. She makes them think she is. She sees what I see and is waiting for the right time and people to break off with. Angela is not dumb and knows both those alliances are sinking ships. Long summer. Stay tuned.


Can they be the Luke and Leia of the BB universe?!


Completely agree regarding production and Swaggy. That was so fake and over the top I almost turned the channel. Super annoying and obvious.


How Haleigh is above Angela now is beyond me? Perhaps Haleigh is getting a boost because Tyler is way into her and he is a very likeable guy.

Yes, Winston is a huge douche nozzle. But like I said elsewhere at least he is playing the game always and not a totally boring view. Kaycee can you hear me? I like you, but you are too blah so far. Step ya game up. Branch out. Start building bridges for later. Please don’t float to power all summer.


Agree with you 99%…but, Swaggy is a joke, IMHO.

It’s easier for me to chat about the ones ! like than the ones that make me nauseous.

Sam is still my fave.


Can’t stand swaggy. Ugh. There is confidence, but he is way over the line. Would like to see him eat humble pie.


I agree, i want scaggy to get the crap app. The look on his face would just be priceless. I don’t fall into the BS that some are saying about production feeding into scaggy. NOPE noway, he is way to full of himself, he is doing all this on his own with no coaching at all. IMO


Shaggy will trend, by not trending. He is is the bottom of the poll again. Hopefully he will get the punishment for not trending. That would be funny, Faz first time and Swaggy second time.


Over the weekend I was at a college alumni event and met someone who works on BB production, and she told me that they all love Saggy and love how hard he is playing the game. Reading between the lines in the conversation, the want to keep him as long as possible.


I also was able to mention to her that everybody loves that there are no returning players and she actually agreed with my reasoning.


He can trend with Raven…#saggyexposedparty

King Golden

I have tried my best to like Swaggy C but he is about the worst BB player ever. He is too cocky and dumb enough to believe people will follow up and jump off a cliff for him. This cast has not impressed me at all. However I do like SAM but we all know after she uses her power she is gone. I guess the best thing for this season is to have Swaggy C and Angela go to war. This might end up being a floater season.


I just watched last nights episode and Swaggy C just made sure he will get the punishment next week. he really expected it would be him that was chosen. Tell us, America, we got it wrong will not sit well with America. That kid made me laugh.

The Big Brother's Rubber Duck

I hope Swaggy C gets the punishment next because seeing him being this outta touch in this game is funny and thinking that America likes him is even more funny to me and maybe when he gets it he’ll be able to tone it down a little for the rest of his time in the BB House one can at least help.


Anyone else tried of listening to Sam voice & hearing her talk all the time!!!


Swaggy C all the way!!!! Brains and brawn. I’m not sure anyone else can keep up. Top 3 right now:


From what I gather, Tyler is confident Steve will be voted out by Angela, Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Rachel and JC. Is the 7th vote coming from Haleigh?


Shaggy gets on my damn nerves lol BUT I do kind of want to see him get HOH just once! He’s here to make big moves and I think he would shake up the house a little bit! Let’s see what you got Swagz!