Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia tells Jeff he’s going up but Rachel is the target, JJ answer with threats, yelling and storm out

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4:08pm Purple Room Dani and Shelly Shelly is telling Dani that she will never put Dani or Kalia up and never… not even backdoor them. Shelly wants Dani and Kalia to watch each others back. Dani is saying she cannot handle rachel any more she’s lingers around and give people dirty looks it doesn’t make sense. Shelly agrees says that rachel has been following her around giving her dirty looks every since the HOH comp was over. Shelly thinks it’s immature and stupid game play to not go up and talk to Kalia before the nominations, “this is a game and right now they are giving up”. Dani says she knows Shelly is close to Jeff, Jordan and Adam, “I’m not stupid”. Shelly says she was close to them but what she’s seeing now isn’t impressing her. add that what JJ are doing since the HOH comp does not make sense to her and isn’t smart game play. Shelly mentions that coming into this house she put a halo on some peoples heads but now she’s starting to think otherwise. Dani: “These people are not friends they only care about themselves”. Dani points out that the other vets haven’t developed any relationships with the newbs in the house all they did was stay in the HOH and slam everyone. Dani adds that they ordered her to go down and get to know people. Shelly: “I cannot believe how rachel acts.. It’s gross” Dani brings up that before the split with DAni and teh other repeats Rachel and Brendon were talking BLANK about JJ the entire week.

Shelly gets up to leave wants to make sure they are cool.

4:14pm HOH dani and Kalia Dani goes over the talk with Shelly. Kalia is glad they know were Shelly the Straight shooter is in the game (yeah she has an F2 alliance with everyone but lawon) Dani agrees says it’s very important that they try to keep their four string (LKDS)

Dani brings up that the twist might be any of the evicted houseguests could come back into the house. Kalia is still not sold that the evicted houseguest comes right back in. Dani agrees thinks it’ll be difficult than that.

Kalia says that JJR’s decision to not come up and talk to her before nominations is a slap in the face. Kalia starts to go over her speech and says that there is certain people in this house that have been acting like little children and kalia wants those people out. Kalia: “I just want her (rachel) to go to sequester and get herself figured out” Kalia is going to tell them that she’s not a floater she here to play the game strategically not personally and it’s now time for her to make a move. Kalia is glad none of them have come up to talk to her because it’s making her job so much easier.

Kalia plans on telling them that she’s not in the business to backdoor people she wants to give the 2 competitors the chance to compeete in the veto.. “Win Veto and save yourself”.. Kalia: “and i’m going to put adams name in the box first.” dani: “Why”… Kalia: “Happy birthday Adam”

Kalia again brings up that she is pissed that it’s 4:30 and JJR have yet to come up to HOH to talk to them. Dani comments that it’s really poor gameplay and shows them as sore losers. Kalia: “I’m going to put jordn’s key in early even though she’s pissing me off I will not go back on my deal with her and I want her to know that”

Dani asks if POV is used who will Kalia put up… (Production calls adam to DR) Kalia: “Oddly enough I’m thinking about the person who has the most votes to beat them is….(hinting adam)” Porsche walks in says that rachel was talking to her trying to tell her that Dani is the one causing all the drama.. Porsche brings up that Rachel has been following her around but at least the dirty looks have kinda stopped. Kalia and dani comment that they are still getting dirty looks.
Kalia: “Porsche if you get picked for the veto can you please try really hard.. I know you will but I really want you to give it your all” Porsche tells her she will for sure and understands that Kalia wants to keep her nominations the same.
Dani jokes: “you can save your best friend with the Veto”
porsche laughs “You want to die”
Kalia: “rachel was Bugging during that comp”
Porsche brings up that rachel is trying to be he friend again but isn’t very genuine about it… she has the feeling that they think she stupid and she’ll believe them regardless of what they do.


4:22pm POrsche and rachel in the havenots Rachel is saying how tough big brother has been for her.. she had her period last week, brendon and Jordan were on the block and she’s sorry for being snotty. Porsche tells her that she’s only been hanging out with people in the house having fun, talking music… rachel goes on and on

5:00pm Have nots Shelly and Jordan Jordan says that Kalia is being stupid she needs to get out Porsche because Porsche is a floater. Shelly has no clue about what is going on in the HOH right now (Shooting Straight ) Jordan thinks that it really doesn’t matter who Kalia puts up because whoever leaves is going to come right back in and if jeff goes up he’ll win POV so

Shelly says she’s really angry right now so she’s just going to keep her mouth shout (Shooting Straight)
Shelly says she’s getting a little tired of Rachel’s attitude.. Shelly starts talking about
Jeff walks in : “HEY COME HERE” (LOL wow)
Jordan follows them and they decided to head up to the HOH.

5:07pm HOH kalia, Jeff and Jordan Kalia says she’s not lieing to them and she needs someone that is going to play for the veto and win so she’s putting Jeff up. Jordan starts to flip out. Jordan: “You know that someone is coing back into the house.. you’re going to have two great players coming after you”.. Jordan gets up and walks to the door.. “why don’t you put a floater up and when you get HOH choice then pick Jeff” Kalia tells her that it’s no guarantee she needs player that win the POV. Jordan: “Your done in this game… someone is coming back into the house and they will be coming after you” Jordan says she’s done talking.. “someone is coming back into the house and you’ll have 2 targets on your back if you put both of them up” Jordan storms out (LOL well done jordan)

Jeff now getting pissed tells Kalia if rachel wins POV then he’s going home. Kalia doesn’t think thats the case. Jeff tells her to start using her head and think for herself. Kalia says she is, she’s put a lot of thought into this game and she’s making the right move. Jeff begins to threaten her tells her if he goes up kalia is his number one target.. if he had a piece of paper he would draw her a picture what will happen to her (HOLY BLANK BRENDON IS BACK IN THE HOUSE and he looks like Jeff) Kalia tells him that she wants rachel gone and the best way to do that is put Jeff and rachel up if rachel wins POV she has a back up plan.
Jeff: “At least give me that if Rachel wins i’m going home cmon Kalia” kalia says rachel will not win POV points out how her performance was earlier today in the food comp.

Jeff gets up tells Kalia she’s screwed in this game if she puts him up.. Jeff: “your brainwashed i’m BLANK winning the POV and i’m coming after you”..” if I go home I’m going to get let back into the house I’m coming after you I just want you to know that.” Kalia pleads with him to just sit down and take a deep breadth she wants to explain it. Jeff will have none of it sticks to the same story..

(Jeff and Jordan are telling Kalia that if she puts them up then a) jeff’s going to be coming back regardless b) she’ll be the number one targets of the JJR alliance… sounds like a solid reason to me.. I hope CBS give this whole encounter a honest edit)

5:35pm FEEDS CUT NOMINATIONS Rachel and Jeff going up

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260 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia tells Jeff he’s going up but Rachel is the target, JJ answer with threats, yelling and storm out

    1. Brendon should be voted back into the house and Rachel be voted out this week….. It would be funny to see them battle against each other as I believe that they will not know who they are up against until the challenge is over.

      1. That would be best, because we all know if Brendon and Rachel know that they are competing against each other he will lay down take the loss, she come back into the game only to flip out and get evicted the following week, at least Brendon would have a chance at the money, i know it’s and endless long shot.

      2. I dunno man. I’ve had enough of the Brenchel show for this season. My best case scenario Rachel gets evicted, competes with Dom, loses, and that’s that. I like Cassi too and I was going to give them both 5 votes each but then I don’t want Brendummy to sneak his way back in through the middle – so 10 votes to DOM.

        1. Bringing Dom back in the game would just give more power to daniele and her puppets. it will make this season very boring seeing as it will be JJ/JR vs the rest of the house. once they’re all gone we’re left with danielle and a bunch off noobies with about as much personality as a dried sponge.

    1. I use to have madd respect for JJ. I hate that they are destoying it, especially Jordan! Gurl, get a backbone & play. Stop thinking you & your boothang are the only one who can make powerful moves.

    2. I do not understand JJ this is definitely not smart to stay anywhere near Rachel Kalia won and they were mad i do not understand it should have made them happy they could have been safe her and Jordan were cool Rachel is pshyco this was there chance to free themselves of her and go with a new strategy

  1. I forgot to add to the post Jeff accused Kalia of not being a straight shooter… moments after teh straight shooter herself is in the Have nots shooting a straight load of BULLSHIT to Jordan .. lol

    1. Maybe if they all start talking about shooting straight, they will finally start to notice the load of crap shelly keeps shoveling at them.

  2. Wow Jordans pulling a Rachel didn’t expect that, and Jeff always been a douche, only thing to do is get out the vets full force

  3. The real question is –

    Who is least intelligent of these 3?

    A. Jordan

    B. Kelli Pickler from American Idol

    C Jessica Simpson

    I personally think it’s to close to call right now. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jordan is a few brains cell away from being a rock. She is dumb, dumb, dumb. Did I mention that she was dumb? BTW dummy, your the biggest floater of them all. Eating cookie dough is not gameplay.

        1. Wow!!! it’s something to watch BR & JJ come crashing down when the game is no longer going their way. Not that I blame them, but it’s crazy to watch them. And Jordan? What’s up with her? Is she losing her marbles now? Whichever way this week goes, it’s sure to be full of fireworks!

        2. Bbexposed, Jordan can’t be that dumb she did win that 500k during her season!! She won the comps when they were the most important ones and when she needed to! So you don’t know her personally, so you really have know business of saying such mean things about her..Have YOU WON 500K in the big brother house? If not then hush because you don’t know how to play the game, or know what you would do

          1. Jordon only won because Lydia lied to Jessie and he was too proud and broken hearted that Natalie didn’t want him like he had hoped she did.

  4. – JJRB –
    (upon walking into a restaurant together on their first night out after they are all released from BB house)

    JJRB (in unison to hostess): ” PITY, party of 4 please.”

  5. JJ showing some true colors, Jeff knew right after Kalia won hoh he was going up and now all of a sudden he snaps and goes nuts, I hope that don’t make Kalia change her mind, If JJ won hoh Kalia would of been put up no doubt, Its all about the game

  6. Jeff is the only person in the house with a funny bone in their body. I wish he wasn’t going up. I can’t stand Kalia. She is so damn boring.

      1. Where have you been? It was posted here several days ago that she said it as a joke. How naive people are to think she would do this and no one would notice it!

    1. Anyone else notice how as soon as Kalia won HOH she turned into Nell Carter (hair pulled back and shit)? Gimme A Break!

    2. Dee- come on, really. Jeff funny? He says a couple things but a whole summer of a few funny lines does not make a funny guy.

      1. Out of all of the house guests he is the only one with funny lines. No one else is the least bit funny. That’s what I mean.

  7. Oddly enough I want Rachel to win POV, take herself off, have Jordan put up in her place, Jeff gets voted out, Dom kicks his ass in the challenge, and watch Jordan’s face of disappointment that Jeff is now gone for good and they won’t be able to spend the summer together. VOTE FOR DOM!

    1. I would love if Jordan it to play veto and win so both her and Jeff would be safe. Then Porsche can get voted out and lose to Brendon… Im definitely voting for him. Hate dom and hate danielle!

  8. If Jeff wins the PoV competiton. Kaila, you better be scare because Jeff will come after you. Jeff’s number one hit list: 1)Kaila, 2)Shelly, and then 3)Dani. Straight shooter alliance. They will crash one by one. Just like Regulators.

  9. I don’t see how or why people like Jeff. JJ are going to regret coming back to this show… should’ve left with their positive image. Everyone is going to hate them by the time they get out of the house.

    1. Very true Sean. Jeff came back into the house thinking he had BB fans in his pocket.. They have found out the truth about him and now they are turning against him because they have realized what kind of a scum-bag he really is. Jeff Sucks!!!

      1. Well, I am still a JJ fan. I don’t think you can compare this at all to the crap Rachel pulled. I just wish they would distance themselves from her instead of sticking with her. blech

  10. i cant wait for dani to turn on kalia that stupid bitch doing all of dani work / dani wont carry her to the finals cant wait to see when she kailia gets drop like a bad habit

    1. Neanderthals, both of them! I actually like Jeff when he’s not acting like dick! (sorry, no offense, just no better word to call him when he acts like this). He’s digging his own grave right now.

  11. gee Kaka could you be more predictable? is dani still HOH? why not start to get rid of the floaters (adam, porch, shel, lawon) now that’d be a surprise.

    1. What’s wrong with targeting people that have been targeting you, only an idiot would go against that

      1. Floaters you can easily pick off but, when you have the chance to get out the strong competitors at this stage of the game, hell, go for it. Props to D and now K for having the balls to do it!

          1. K’s a newbie and, up until she won HoH, was considered a floater. Why the hell wouldn’t she get out the vets whose game is crumbling & alliance has been crumbling, and who were targeting her and other newbies from day one, despite the bullshit they’ve been feeding some newbies. Ah yes, brilliant indeed!

    2. Right! why are these floaters still in the house? Why is that dirty rag Lawon still hanging around? Get rid of his useless ass! Dani and Kalia are just gross and disgusting bitches! And when will someone realize Monster (Shelly) is sharing information that one side says with the other? She is a nasty, sneaky bitch and needs to go because once the numbers dwindle she will become dangerous! They all talk out of both sides of their mouths and really nobody in the game right now knows what the hell they are doing! Bring back Brendon and let him exact revenge on the bitches Dani and Kalia!

    3. Seriously? JJBR started the war between the newbies/dani and JJBR. Just because they were hoh the first 3 weeks and they got HOH FEVER thinking they would be safe forever.

      I for one am excited that the newbs/dani are winning this war, JJR are cocky morons who are pretty clueless about the game if they are not in power.

      1. Phizix – absolutely! What the hell kind of a game would it be if a newbie(s) didn’t give the vets a run for “the” money! I’m lov’n how the tables have turned! KARMA’S A BITCH!

      2. um, it was actually Dani who started it. BUT I don’t get why JJ aren’t seeing the fact that the goal is to first get Rachel out. They shouldn’t get so heated.

  12. Jordan is acting wack all of the sudden. Not feelin’ her right now. And I don’t want to see Jeff win either. Hopefully Dani and the girls will make it to the end. Also, JJ should have talked to Kalia earlier instead of storming in there minutes before the noms.

    1. Earlier this week wasn’t Jeff saying how he cant stand the sight of KK(Kalia) & he was going to put her in her place. Also, he was going to put her up if he had won HOH(like that was going to happen) So why in the hell shouldnt she return the favor! Egos gotta luv them.

        1. Yeah Jeff can say anything he wants. But when somebody else says something he freaks out and acts like its the end of the world.

          Case and point them thinking about backdooring BR all Jordan’s HOH week but when Dani talks about backdooring Jeff he explodes.

          1. There’s a difference between contemplating something and going into full-on game plan mode. Dani turned against JJ and attempted to align herself with BR, but it backfired. JJ never had that as a game plan – it was just something Cassi brought up and JJ considered it ONLY because of what happened at the POV – there were definite signs of a crack in their alliance (in fact, BR were totally going against what Jordan had planned as HOH).

      1. Exactly Tammy. The hypocrisy of Jeff (B’s kissing cousin) and his neanderthal tactics are what’s going to cost him the game.

  13. LOL im loving every bit of this. It will be even more hilarious if jeff gets evicted and Dom(at least i hope dom) beats jeff in the comp. Jeff and jordan need to stop being such assholes. Get over it. They act like they are off limits when it comes to who to nominate. Just because they want to spend the summer together. Well to bad. Team Dani all the way!!!

  14. You know what the sad thing about Jordan is? By the end of the season no one is going to like her. She’s going to go from the contestant everyone loves to the contestant who fell from her reign. The same exact thing happened in Big Brother UK with Nadia Alamada. She was so bubbly and fun and her personality won everyone over. She won her season (and over there it’s the publics vote, not the housemates that counts), but five years later when she returned to the BB all stars, she got wayyy too competitive and wasn’t the laid back fun girl that everyone knew. Jordan is going to realize that coming back to BB was the worst decision she could have made. :/ Never really been a huge fan of Jeff or his attitude so whatever. He can get evicted before Rachel and I won’t complain.

    1. I am seeing what is happening with Jordan….it’s not her usual style. She’s been on slop, she isn’t eating … But if I line those gals up and do a pick best, Jordan still comes up #1 best in my survey of it all.
      Dani is the least annoying of those listed below however……….I just wish she would quit playing with her hair.
      Kalia is annoying as hell, never shuts up, has floated thru the house but now she’s won a comp and all of a sudden she is a player and a threat…..
      Shelly is a liar who lies about not lying.
      Rachel….she has never changed from BB12. I know she watched her performance on BB12 and yet she learned nothing…she came back in the house with Brendon and that bull attitude, …. chest thumping winner, cry baby loser.
      Porche…. anyone who named Michael Jackson as the surprise house guest leaves one to wonder, donchathink?

    1. They had a plan all along….they only start playing when players start going to JH….Now we will see them start to kick ass : ) Team JJ forever!!!!

  15. Kalia needed to get her ego in check but I find myself on her side (weird -.-*) J&J better look bad on CBS or I will be pissed because Jordan is a whiny brat and Jeff has replaced Brendon as America’s Asshole. I hope Dom comes back and tears him apart in the comp. (Cassi would be nice but I don’t see her as a competitor)

    1. Agreed! I don’t think it’s ego so much re: K, as it is, finally showing she can play this game. Jeff and BR are the kings and queen of egos.

  16. Im so sick of the hypocracy. Whenever the vets nom someone its strategic. But if anyone of them are nominated its emotional and a mistake and they start with the threats. F all of them, I hope Dani wins the whole thing. Team Dani YO!


        1. Well, actually if you watched the last dick at nite you’d see that he said that Dani doesn’t have horrible gameplay she’s just playing too hard trying to make a big move. Also, does anyone notice that Shelly is building a social game equivalent to Dani the week before Dom left? Well minus the str8 shooting ofc.

  17. What the hell is wrong with Jeff and Jordan? I’m rooting for them but this looks bad and is no way to stay in the house. B&R has rubbed off on them big time. Re-group guys!! I hope Jeff can win the Veto, or at least the comp with the returning house guest or he’s gone!

  18. how can anyone NOT be rooting for Jeff or Jordan? And how does that loser Dominic have the most votes to come back into the house? I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS

  19. I have been a fan of Jordans since the season she won and I am loving how she is getting a little crazy this season!!!

  20. Don’t know about you, but I’m loving how the tables have turned on the egotistical Vets, they’re getting exactly what the deserve.

  21. Production will get J&J in the DR to calm them down before they do something to show them in a bad light. Golden couples don’t throw hissy fits, at least not during prime time.

  22. I know I’m probably one of the few who still admit to being a Jeff & Jordan fan, but this doesn’t change that for me. They have faults. Everyone does, so why would anyone have ever thought they were so perfect and that’s why people became fans? Jeff has a bad temper and can be really arrogant, and Jordan can be really ditzy. But in the end, they’ve had each other’s backs since the moment they met and they are very real people. Their faults are out there for people to see, they don’t control CBS’s editing. I’ve seen all their bad sides on the boards and feeds, but ultimately I still like them. So what if Jordan’s having a meltdown? It’s nothing like Rachel’s…and quite frankly, if I’d been on slop for a week and had just gotten put on it for another week plus everything else that comes just from being trapped in that house (especially with Rachel going crazy on them), I’d probably have melted down a long time ago.

    Plus, there’s a difference between Rachel and Jordan’s meltdowns. Jordan might be angry and overreacting to things, but she’s not talking about hating herself and ruining Jeff’s life. She’s just having a regular down-in-the-dumps day. And I don’t actually think either of them really thought they had a chance at making it to the end, anyway. I kinda thought they just wanted to get to sequester and have a nice little vacation together. At the same time, I imagine it is really, really hard if you feel like people are turning on you. And you have to admit that they, especially Jordan, have been nice and friendly to pretty much everyone until now. Well, except Dani, but that was kinda understandable since she was trying to backdoor Jeff. It’s not like Rachel and Brendon who were always mean and rude to everyon else. So yeah, it’s probably kinda hurtful when people turn on you. Not that they don’t necessarily deserve it – that’s part of the game. But give them a break. There is NO comparison between JJ and BR. BR are just horrible, crazy, and way too co-dependent. JJ are just normal people.

    Please don’t all attack me at once. Don’t want to have the “everyone hates me” Rachel complex. :)

    1. No Jen! I’m for Jeff and Jordan all the way! I love how some people get on the site and mouth off about their behavior but we’re not there we don’t know how mentally exhausting the game can be. I would like to see them settle down some and not be so abrasive but….I can’t stand Kalia! The woman makes me sick! Can’t shut her mouth for a minute! I liked Dani in her season but not this time. I do like Shelly. People can say what they want but she’s playing a great game. I love how EVERYONE talks crap about each other then says I’ve been honest, I haven’t said anything or made it personal. PLEASE! I find the most of the new cast irritating!

    2. Well Said! This Team Yo! is so ridiculous. Dom threw away his chance to stay in the house even though he was on the Block . Why should he be given a chance to return? Brendon maybe be arrogant and a bit delusional but he is competitive and adds comic relief. Bring back Brendon on Thursday. Dispose of Shelly, Dani and Kahlia in that order. JJ FTW.

    3. I Agree 100 % with everything you said….I’m team JJ and don’t care who knows it! Hope they’ll be safe this week.

    4. Jen, there aren’t a lot of people out there who fell in love with JJ because it was plain obvious that they aren’t God’s gift to BB’s universe. Not everyone sees them as flawed people like the rest of us. People put them on a pedestal; people vote for them because they’re the cute, harmless, nice, charming couple who had to fight against Russell, Chima, Natalie, Jessie, Kevin, etc.
      It’s good to know that there are some of their fans who like them for who they really seem to be. Yet, Jen, I’m afraid you are in the minority. A lot of people out there like JJ because they’re supposedly perfect. That coupled with their holier-than-thou attitude makes it easy to dislike them. They should get off these high horses they’ve been put on and that they’re now enjoying riding.

      1. Their faults aren’t totally hidden like you guys suggest. I’ve seen plenty of instances of Jeff’s temper and Jordan’s ditziness that aired on tv. We just like them despite that, just like Dani, BR, and Kalia have fans despite all the fact that all of their bad sides have aired. But for all their faults, I feel like Jordan, in particular, has been genuinely friendly to most everyone. Kalia, in particular, has been really mean and nasty about people. Kind of like Chima was during their season.

        Everyone – vets and newbies – would have been better off if they had stuck to their original alliances. Once you break those initial alliances, it’s hard to trust anyone. Maybe that’s what I like about JJ – there’s no backstabbing there, ever. They always 100% have each others’ backs, and they did before they were even in a relationship. While I can appreciate and enjoy the backstabbing, it’s nice to see a couple of people who have a true, unwavering alliance. But they aren’t as in your face or obnoxious about it as BR.

        I don’t know. I just like them. I also like Dani. Adam and Lawon haven’t really done anything except fly under the radar, which is its own kind of game play, I guess. Really at this point the only ones I REALLY don’t want to see in final 2 are Rachel, Brendon, and Kalia. They are just WAY too mean and arrogant.

  23. It would be SOOOO funny if Jeff got evicted this week. Then Dom could beat him at some competition.
    Then Jeff and Jordan would be split for the summer because Jordan would be going to sequester. Now that has potential to be absolutely hilarious.

  24. ‘Cause threatening the HOH worked so well for Brendon over the past week. NOT!

    I really hate this side of Jordan and especially Jeff. The epitome of douchebaggery.

      1. F.U. Rockstar. JJ still rocks and It’s take a brain cells of your to become stupid. beside Newbies will fall one by one.

  25. I love this ! jeff and jordan are finally going to stir things up and make it interesting. Kalia isn’t going to put jordan up as a replacement if jeff or rachel come off the block and then whoever goes up will be sent packing. Brendan is somehow going to be the one who comes back and dani and kalia are going to get shit on. dani thinks she is so mart making all these awesome moves but all she has done is align herself with the useless players. LOL kalia thinks shes such a great player!! wow girl you must have been playing a different game. im so glad jordan is finally not being soo sweet, it makes for better tv and it shows that shes here to play, shes not going to kiss a$$ to someone who doesnt deserve it.

  26. This is why i cant stand jj this season!!! Get over yourselves. Kaila is being truthful and they cant take it. Whether you like Kaila or not, she straight up won Hoh. Its her decision and like she told Jeff if you want to put up a “floater” then win Hoh and do it yourself. To me Jeff is a floater. What has he done? Not a damn thing!

  27. Honestly, this house just gets everyone stressed out. After everything is done a lot of them will say no hard feelings/sorry I said that. Everyone has a good and bad side to them.

        1. *grenades ^^
          And JJ are on their way out if Dani is as smart as she’s been. She knows Jordan can’t be allowed to float to the end. She will get Kalia to put her up when Rach wins PoV. Ofc, that means that we have to listen to Rachel shout, “this is for you Brendon!” But Dani knows that to achieve victory, sacrifices must be made,

  28. I’m all about JJ, but I think this is a little too much. I’m sure Jordan is just emotional because she has to be on slop again, but I think if she regroups, she can come back. She is NOT a Rachel part 2!

    Jeff needs to bring it down about 10 notches and Dani needs to stop creating a war. She got away the first time, the second time she may not be as lucky.

    Shelly’s lies are about to unravel and Kala is just on a power high.

    On another nite, Simon, is it necessary to call people obscenities? I mean come on, we talk about how bad they are and yet people on here do just that. We can all agree to disagree or agree but calling people names is really unnecessary.

  29. I HATE EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW! Based on the comments I’ll just comment on those not talked about so much…

    DANI- OMG! What a fake liar! She said nominating BR is not personal, but all her DR sessions and conversations with BR she’d say that BR was the reason Dom was evicted! DANI face the fact it was YOUR fault that got Dom evicted! It sounds like she is playing a pretty personal game to me!

    Kalia- Just cause you won ONE QUIZ HOH does not mean you are a huge threat! You are a huge threat to FOOD! Kalia, we don’t hate you because you think people hate you because o your race, NO we HATE YOU because you’re Kalia!

    Shelly- Don’t dare lie or I WILL freak! Probably the biggest liar this season YET!

    Adam- The person I least HATE just please stop with “Metal” Adam!

    1. WOW … what has JORDON won?? she hit a ball in a hole WOW lets give another $500,000 … KALIA has every right to be pissed… who cares if she likes to eat …don’t whine about DANI taking things to a personal level and then throw some dumb ass comment out there about KALIA eating your pathetic .CBS better show the REAL JEFF AND JORDON ..I cant wait to see DOM come back in the house

      1. OMG! You made no logical sense at all! You just added a comment that added NOTHING to this “argument” or my opinion. Dani freakin told everyone that she wasn’t playing a personal game, but EVERYTHING she said to BR and her DR sessions clearly gave away the fact she put up BR for “revenge” even though she denies it she is playing a personal game!

      2. ugh..can’t stand DOM. He’s just another wannabe/loser. The way he talks, as if he knows everything is so unreal. He knows 1/10 of what everyone else in the house knows about life and he’s so creepy too at times. Honestly I wish someone would just beat the *** out of him.
        Cassi is pretty but she looking like she’s about to kill someone with her eyes.
        Dani says stupid stuff all of the time. She also looks like a zombie at times. Livem up!

  30. Why do ppl want Brendon to come back so he can battle it out with Rachel? It would be so pointless because he would just throw it and have Rachel stay in the house.. I’m so sick of Brendon and Rachel..

  31. J & J I don’t think you will be likeable after this season is over you 2 are acting like maniacs if you want to spend the summer together move your asses to the same state & you can spend all the seasons together, my how people change when they are not in power you both gloated for 3 weeks straight but when someone else wins HOH that’s not in your alliance you act like freaking jerks who’s to say Jeff will be coming back in the BB house if he is evicted or he better win the POV to save his arrogant ass he doesn’t know he will have to battle it out with a evicted houseguest he is such an ass this season & Jordan is starting to act like a total bitch i didn’t know she had it in her how dare she call someone else a floater when she floated her ass all the way to the $500,000 on her season!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. oh! she will win again. this will be the first history of bb. Jordan won it twice. She overcome the odds and definitely will win it. Just like a girl from survivor won it twice. Let have it a repeat.

      1. Nah, don’t think so. Besides, she’s not worthy. She’s not a good player. Let it be a spelling competition, we all know JJ are both dumber than a box of rocks.

        1. Well the girl who won Survivor was a target for a while, but everyone forgot about her when she stayed low so I guess that was what AAA meant.

  32. I’m still on team JJ even though they had a breakdown. I don’t like anyone else on this season, they are all annoying as crap!

    1. heather- please change your mind.. you can do it. Jeff and Jordon do not deserve to win. Sleep on it and tell me in the morning

  33. Finally some entertainment glad to see Jordan come to life! J/J for win!! Vote Brendon back would love to c a BR reunion and come to find out that they have to compete against each other lmao!

  34. i don’t understand why everyone thinks they are all “floaters”. they are the newbies watching the vets mess up their game. that’s the safest thing to do right now in the house. why put a target on your back right now when you don’t need to? JJBR have nothing else to call them but floaters because they are all so narrow minded thinking they are the only ones in all 13 seasons that can play the game. they are all so full of themselves and they think that they can take everyone else out, but when time comes for them to be on the block, they act like babies and whine. that’s not the way to be a “vet” it seems that jeff is a floater too then since he hasn’t won anything either. it seems that dani was the only one that didn’t shed a tear when she felt threatened, instead she went and played a mental game and it’s working! good for Dani! i’m so tired of watching rachael cry, woman up and play the game to your benefit, not to your feelings!

    1. I think something else is meant by “floater”. They’re talking about the people who constantly throw comps or don’t even try, won’t take a stand, and hide in their room when an argument takes place so it doesn’t appear as though they’re on any side. They aren’t taking any risks because they don’t want a target on their back, which means the heat is never taken off the risk takers. Even Kalia and Dani have been BLANK about this – it’s not just the vets.

  35. It’s so disrespectful how these vets treat all the newbies. I’m really surprised at Jordan. Jeff,not so much. He has attempted to be a bully and that’s only because the conditions are ripe;weak men and easily intimidated women as fellow HGs.

    If this was a clean competition, I would’ve just laughed at both J/J as we all know they are poor excuses for competitors. But Kalia has to tread lightly because Production will protect those four (JJBR).

    As far as Skeletor Crypt Keepr Shelly, I’m just baffed. Why do they even talk game with her?! They KNOW she’s not trustworthy yet they still tell her stuff. I know I said it earlier,but I would love for this Outdoors sporting exec to win a weekend hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Problem solved!

  36. She should make Jeff the target 100% after that shit I would, who the hell does he think he is put his ass up!~!!

    Team DANI YO!!

  37. Big Brother gonna need a new set of America’s Sweethearts , Jeff and Jordan lost that shit, but I don’t think they ever had it

    1. Wow, so Jordan got mad ONCE. It happens to all of us. If she continues to act this way than ya, you could probably say that but as of right now, they’re still sweethearts in my book

    2. I agree, Jeff is a freaking asshole who the hell does he think he is man…. If i was in that house & he tried to bully me I would get kicked out cuz i would mop the floor with his ass…. ARROGANT JERK I CAN’T STAND HIM!!!!

  38. Where was Dani during this whole Big Jeff/ Kalia exchange? The devious raven haired Dani doll is playing her game through Kalia and why not? Kalia dosen’t know what to do and it’s too much work for her to try and think/play the game herself. Yeah, she(kalia) still sucks. Her game= still not impressive.

    1. “The devious raven haired Dani doll ” hahaha..I love the alliteration! Good old Dani Darko is a playing a stealth game better than anyone else is right now. She’s a master manipulator. We all know at some point she’s going to have to cut Kalia. I just hope Kalia is aware of this too. I think she kinda is when she alluded to earlier about leaving the door open to work with Rachel down the line.

  39. Lol,I love reading these comments and then realizing I like the people everybody hates. Kalia is clearly good at competitions,and is doing what is best for her alliance. Shelly is one of the smartest players in the past two seasons,and I don’t get why nobody likes her for her strategy. Everybody is such angels on this site. How would you play the game? Jeff and Jordan are slowly making me not like them. Rachel is just awful. Just completely awful. Dani is a good player,who made a bad move,but She should be good for a while. Lawon,Porsche and Adam are floaters. As for the twist,Cassi ftw! She needs to come back.

    1. come on jack, say no to Jordon and Jeff. You don’t need to like them. The site is filled with JJ haters now so you don’t have to go with the group and say you like them. Admit the hate and breathe

      1. This site is also filled with people who love Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is upset because it will be her second straight week of slop and Kahlia has other people who she could put on the block…the car, I mean Porsche.

    2. you can’t be serious. saying monster (sHELLy) is one of the smartest players in 2 seasons? please she’s playing all sides and that always backfires. plus she’s a liar, 2 faced backstabbing man hater. she will be exposed soon. goodbye monster.
      thank you glad someone sees it the same way as me. do we really wanna see monster in final 2 ? :)

    3. I completely agree that kalia is a good competitor now. she was up there with dani for the endurance comp and smoked everyone in the HOH one. and she has her own agenda..why wouldnt she want to take out the other side who clearly didnt want her to win??? now that would be a dumbass move!! yeah, she’s annoying but shes going for it. also I agree with the dani part.

      Jeff is a jerk,and yes I was a jeff lover.. he thinks noone can touch him bc hes such a golden boy, its a game, WIN something or have a good social game or shut up!..Im hoping jordan is just going crazy bc of the lack of healthy food lol.I havent given up hope for her though but I dont want her to win.

      If shelly makes it to the end she will be one of the best in mi opinion. she played ppl like a fiddle. yes shes annoying sometimes, but shes playing to win!

      lawon would be stupid to get out over jeff bc hes just another vote on her side, duh!..porsche doesnt bother Me.

      I’m team bacon! I love adam…then I guess dani or shelly.

  40. Kick some ass J/J!!!! Tell that Fat tub of goo Kalia how you feel. The trashy skanky shemale Dani will get whats coming to her VERY soon!! Im sure J/J are worried fans of Dani’s are no longer fans of theirs. In other words, WHO GIVES A SHIT!!! Do what you have to do and say what you wanna say J/J!! All the way with J/J!!

    1. hey hey the fat goo comment about KaKa is totally appropriate but come on calling dani a shemale? dani is hot and making some moves I too don’t agree with but she’s far from a shemale. :)

  41. Woah! I did not expect Jordan to blow up like that. But i think everybody is being reallly mean and judgemental about it. Like jeesh, you have to understand that there is ALOT of stress in that big brother house! I just hope they come to their senses and play smart.
    But for right now, TEAM DANI!
    unless, JJ straighten out…

  42. BB worth watching again this week! the best big three were wimpy B, voted out, Rachel not winning HOH, JJ showing that the J stands for Jellyfish! Especially the MALE Jellyfish! Kalia T C B! rock on gurl…

  43. Kalia is playing into Dani’s hands just like Dom did. Now Dani has the target off of her and on to Kalia.

    I can not believe Rachel, who has a huge mouth, has not mentioned Shelley and her deals. That would be a great house meeting.

    Didn’t Kalia just break one of the rules. I did not think the HOH could tell a houseguest they were going to be nominated. Kalia did not say maybe put up, she said “I am putting you up”

  44. Im know im not in the majority here but I think what JJ were saying has some truth to it. Do people think Dom or Cassi can beat Rach or Jeff to get back in the house? I really dont think so. I think Kalia should be taking the twist into more consideration than she is. Plus I am getting sick of Kalia repeating the same thing over and over and getting mad no one JJ are not coming to her in her HOH room. That something Brenchel did. Yes JJ should suck it up but I still like them. I can’t wait till people catch on to Shelly!

    1. The thing is that Jeff and the rest of the HG don’t know that the evicted players might come back. They don’t know that this week’s evicted has to compete against America’s choice. Jeff is over confident, thinking that America’s vote will send him back into the house. I would love to see him brought back to reality with a punch to the gut and end up in the jury house wondering wtf just happened.

  45. 10 Votes for Dom Completed!

    !Team Dani! FTW

    Still a JJ fan. Can you imagine the sell job CBS gave them before coming in? I am sure their hopes were high and then B/R and their imperial attitudes added to the swollen head syndrome. Plus they have age and experience to deal with. I know I am easily exacerbated when put into a group with immature behaviors. Those two are beyond this and probably frustrated to be stuck there… so they get a pass on their behavior so far. Jeff does need to drop the bully behavior and fall back to his humble yet motivational coach role!

    1. Sorry JJ are NOT America’s Sweethearts. Never were nor will be. Jordon is too Jeff and Jeff is too much of a jerk.

  46. Jeff is floating off his veteran status n his weak followers on here r falling for it. He hasnt won jack shyt on the show and just showed his tru colors with Kahlia. IF n thats a big if he wins a POV then game on. Otherwise kik rox. Kahlia made up her mind on rachel/jeff.

  47. It’s a GAME people. The whole point of this game is to be the last one standing, right?? I do agree that if you haven’t done anything to help yourself then why should the ones winning comps help you (Lawon, Adam, Shelly and Porsche). If these people were smart, take out the ones that haven’t won anything and then compete with the rest. They all say “it’s not personal”. Please…you trying to win money for yourself is kind of personal, isn’t it? Again….it’s a GAME. Your not gonna get a movie or TV career for being on a show like Big Brother. Gooooo JJ!

  48. I wonder if Shelly is purposely not winning HOH’s…she acts as if she is trying very hard, but always blows it near the end. That way she can still cunningly work both sides and have all these deals. If she were to get HOH, she would have to expose a side.

    1. I thought about that to.. I think she might be throwing them. I also don’t see her becoming a super comp winner even if she does try to win them.

      Shelly has made another shift doing final 3 with DK and she’s being awfully quiet to JJ. I still think she’s shooting straight to JJ, but hopefully we’ll find out tonight. Shelly now has deals with a lot of players so i’m not sure how long she can keep playing both sides like she has been.

  49. So did Jeff just go from not being the target to being the target? Seriously! You keep those kind of threats and comments until after you are safe from eviction. Why is no one able to keep their mouth shut this season? Just like when BRJJ decided they were going to go after Dani. Why not keep a lid on that until AFTER the HOH comp and nominations? No reason to make Dani target you especially when they knew it would be an endurance comp. and Dani is awesome at those. They are digging their own graves.

  50. Some things never change. Jeff is a turd, just like season 11, and Jordan has obviously been hanging around Rachel too long. Love the grenades. Would love to see Jeff go and lose the duel to Dom or Cassie.

  51. Sooo let me get this straight….if kalia gets rid of Jeff, the person that comes back in the house will have a target on her as well…..but werent they all newbie’s with the exception of Brendan? and didnt they alllll go home at the hand of the vets?

    1. yeah JJ’s argument was as insane as BR’s that’s why i’m sure the real JJ’s are not actually playing the game at all. BR are playing in JJ avatars. JJ are currently filming amazing race 56

  52. Dani is a COMPLETE MORON.

    This is basically her HOH, and if she were smart she would up Adam and Lawon. Neither of them will win the veto, and then if one of them comes back, who cares? Neither of them can win an HOH so she’s still safe next week. Why make another move against vets when one of them has a chance of coming back and winning the HOH, especially when NO ONE on her side can win HOH ?! Dumb dumb dumb

  53. i just found this website a couple of days ago and I love it but I was wondering how do i get my name to show up when i leave comments…lol…

  54. Simon, if Jeff gets voted out and loses the comp against the already evicted player, will he not get into the jury? I thought whoever was evicted this week became the first jury member?

    1. Nope, whoever comes back in will keep the HG number to 9 so jury won’t start until a week from this coming thursday. Whoever leaves this week will go home since technically they will be the 4th evictee’s replacement.

  55. I think I get what’s going on with the females in that house. Put a bunch of ladies in the same house and their periods sync so Jordan, Rachel, Shelly are PMS’ing, although Shelly must be going into pre-menopause. It’s the oestrogens’ party, that’s why everyone’s balling their eyes out and having their emotions all over the place. See how much harm it did to the neanderthals in the house i.e. Brendon, Jeff? At least, Adam and Lawon got it, that’s why they’ve been in stealth mode and away from these b*tches.
    Seriously, I am tired of the vets: I want all of them gone except Dani. What is wrong with Jordan? I know that she’s simple-minded but really, girl? You date a cheap guy who doesn’t want to foot the bill to spend the summer with you, and you’re now turning Rachel on people because they’re coming after your man? F****** CBS, this isn’t a pleasant game anymore! These people are toddlers trapped in the bodies of bimbos and jocks! And I bet JJ will be edited as the “sound” couple fighting for each other opposed to the “insane” Brenchel!

  56. Why does everyone hate Kalia? She’s playing better than most in the house, competively and socially!

    I don’t remember Jeff having a bitch fit when his lady went up as a pawn! But Jordan, just like a woman acts a jack for her man. Just pathetic! Bet we won’t see the sweet angel and her haven’t won shit man in action on cbs!

  57. Wow, who are these pazzi? Jordan sits around and eats cookie dough Jeff hasn’t won a comp this season. BB needs more of us italians. We wouldn’t have this shit.

  58. I am a Jeff and Jordon fan too….but am very disappointed in them….btw….it is against the rules to tell someone they are going up before nominations and Kalia TOLD Jeff he was going up….what happens when that rule is broken?????

  59. Oh god please bring cassi back i miss her, can’t believe everybody is pissed at jordan just because she’s having a breakdown, its so stupid what they are not allowed to get angry?

  60. Why does everyone want Dom back? That guy was a moron. He was cocky as hell, with no reason to be. He had a different partner every week. And watching him and Dani reminded me of watching a couple of 12 year olds on a playground trying to flirt with each other. They were almost as annoying as Brendon and Rachel but in 2 completely different ways.

  61. I love how Jeff and Jordan call people floaters they have not done one thing since they got in the house. What cry babies. I cannot stand how BRJJ think let everyone should do what they want. And Shelly maybe the most annoying person alive. I will take Rachel crying over that kiss gun wink thing Shelly does after she votes to evict anyday.

  62. Anyone notice that the straight shooter looks like Don Knotts in drag…!

    As for that bitch Kalia.. I think she may have a secret crush on Dani…they must all go, Kalia in flames..

  63. Oh goodie! We get to see the “just how big of a hypocrite are you?” game. Pissed off sore losers rachel, jeff and jordan continue to bash and threaten kalia.

    So much for Rachel’s truth last night when she claimed that she respected Kalia’s game and if Kalia got her out she’d congratulate her then vote for her in final 2 due to her awesome respectable gameplay moves.

    I will be EXTREMELY pissed off if RJJ get a pass or good edit on the next show after all this bullshit.

  64. Been gone on vacation for 1 week.. and this house is falling apart. I see BB13 producers are up to their ‘directing’ the game again.

  65. I’m praying that Rachel wins the POV just so Jeff the bully can be on the block with his 59 I.Q. gf Jordo. AND holy crap kalia is crying in the live feeds atm. whats with all the crying. Too much crying my goodness, these people have no backbone.

  66. Well, now that I’ve watched this with my own two eyes I have to say – there was no yelling and Jeff was very civil in his conversation with Kalia. He even wished her good luck when he left.

    He started out just asking her what the point was of putting up two strong players and she kept saying she had to put up someone she knew would win the POV. That argument is ridiculous because Rachel will probably beat Jeff more than not. Then Jordan said, “And if he wins, you put up a pawn, and is that me again??” Jeff asked her why she wouldn’t just put up Rachel and “a floater who keeps going from one side to the next acting like they’re on both sides” (meaning Shelly) and her reply was that she knew she was Jeff’s target. THAT is when he got upset. He said, “I don’t know who you’re listening to but you’re not my target – I have someone in mind that I want to get out right now and you’re not that person.”

    As for someone’s comment earlier that if people don’t want to eat slop they should win competitions – that’s like sitting at a baseball game and yelling “Throw strikes” to the pitcher. Great idea, why didn’t they thnk of that??!!! If it was so easy, they would have won it. That point should be obvious.

  67. Please, please, please vote for Dominic to have the chance to come back into the BB house!! My worst case scenario is that Brenden gets the vote to come back and competes against the evicted Rachel, Rachel throws the comp to him and then she will end up in jury, then shortly after that, Brendon gets evicted and they then will have a happy summer ever-after in sequester!!!!! VOTE DOM!!! Obviously I’m a big Dani fan!! I absolutely cannot believe how Shelley plays the game. All of the lies will catch up to her if they haven’t already!!!

  68. Now I really want to know what Rachel “did” that Jordan says she shouldn’t have (that coming from Jordan after her and Jeff threatening Kalia earlier).

    If the noobs aren’t complete morons, this week should have proven beyond doubt that if they stay with JJR they are on a sinking ship. It can still be 6 on 3 for the newbs to step up and get rid of the power couple vets. They need to come together instead of playing footsies or bowing down to intimidation.

  69. LOVE JEFF AND JORDAN!!!! They are the only reason I am even watching this trainwreck of a Big Brother this year. Worst season ever and only watching because I love Jeff and Jordan and hope they both make it to final two because these other idiots just suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sheri – no. Give yourself a shake and let the devil leave your body. JJ are horrible competitors and they should be sent home right away.

    1. The pb is that he’s kinda redeeming himself by saying that he’s aware of his flaws (he cusses out too much, he gets too angry too quickly, he hasn’t won anything)… Boy, he does know how to play the audience. Like Lawon nicely put it: “your true personality comes out eventually in this house”. Lawon is like the Dalai-Lama of this house;-)

  70. Dani got that golden key it wasn’t her fault so top being idiots bringing that up, if she was able to play she would’ve been playing and winning

  71. It’s amazing how people have a lot of mean things to say about all the others houseguest but everyone is giving JJ a free pass.

  72. Just my thoughts…

    For being the only person who has competed in every HOH, and WON NONE, and in every POV (cause its random since they draw out of a bag no one is allowed to look into, so no cheating there), and WON NONE, it amazes me to how many tantrums and threats Jeff can throw when he basically flat out sucks in competitions. I found it hilarious in the last POV when he said something along the lines of how he wants to “take it into his own hands or something, and not rely on someone else controlling his destiny,” well just LOLO.

    He has competed in everything, with brendon rachel and jordan coming in a tie for 2nd.
    It’s not that hard; JUST WIN & stop B*tching.

  73. How exactly did she expect him to react? She said herself they haven’t been up there to talk to her so why would they expect her to honor a one-sided “you’re just the pawn” deal?

  74. I really hope Jeff/Jordan do not make it to the end. Jeff is such an arrogant a**hole. I am so sick of CBS giving these two the royal treatment. Always making sure that they come out with good edits. Jeff needs to go. I hope Dom is voted back in and beats him in the competition.

  75. I bet my house that Brendon is the one voted to compete to come back in the house. CBS knows what makes good TV and it is Brendon/Rachel not the other three newbies that nobody even remembers. CBS controls this game 100%. They know what competitions to do when they want a certain HOH.

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