Big Brother 13 – Straight Shooter almost caught pulls out some tears, every time JJR say floater DRINK!

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8:00pm HOH Shelly, Dani and Kalia

Kalia is explaining why she put Jeff and Racehl up. Her target is rachel and she wants a person to play Veto that will win it. She points out that for the first 3 weeks JJ were picked to play veto and if she put a pawn up chance are good that Jeff will not be picked to play veto and Rachel will win it. Kalia cannot take that risk and put up a pawn she needs to put up the strongest competitor to win the veto so Rachel doesn’t. Kalia gives a short recap of her conversation with jeff and how he threaten her that if she puts him up that she there number one target. Kalia goes on about how this is her decision and her’s alone and she’s doing what is best for her game. Shelly instructs her to go downstairs and tell people that because right now everyone is thinking that Dani is controlling you and they are all dreadfully afraid of dani. Dani says she was a bit surprised taht Kalia suggested to put jeff up it was a big move.
(In case you were wondering where straight shooter shot.. we’ll she’s still loyal to JJ she’s trying to deflect the hate onto rachel off Jeff by saying this below)
Shelly is 100% positive that it Dani, rachel or Jeff goes home they are coming right back in and they are going to be safe for additional week. She’s sure of it the producers love drama and they don’t want to see the 3 main players leave. Dani is shaking her head.
Kalia: “NOOOOoooo.. they would never do that”
Dani: “Umm i don’t think so they would to that reverse an eviction and have that person safe for a week and play with for HOH”
Kalia: “Well maybe they come back and given a golden key for a week they can’t play HOH but are safe for one week evcition”
Dani still shaking her head, tells them that how can production know who is going to win the HOH she doesn’t think the twist will give that much power to a person.
Shelly: “Rachel is saying that if she goes out she”s not coming back she’s going to quit.. She telling everyone she’s playing for second place”
Kalia points out that just last week JJ wanted to just make it to jury so they can enjoy the summer together and now they are going to jury and are pissed about it.

Shelly changes the subject to focus on rachel. Says she was being very irritating downstairs and during the NOM ceremony.. shelly saw what rachel was doing to Dani and can’t believe she did that, “really how old are you”.

8:10 pm Jeff, Jordan and Rachel in havenots
Jeff is saying that the entire house is filled with floater and he’s done with it he wants to be a floater. Jeff: “Nobody is going to take out dani so I’m going to go upsttairs and cut a deal with her”
Rachel add that since day one they’ve had to fight and there’s players in this house that haven’t even been on the block or had to compete. Jeff: “kalia told me that she knows for a fact that I was gunning for her.. now how would she of known that”. Rachel: “Whose feeing kalia that?” Jeff: “It’s either Shelly or porsche”…
rachel: “It’s Shelly it has to be”
Rachel: “I wish I was a flaoter just float though the game never do anything.. I wish I could get a golden key make it to final 4 get all these cool prizes” .. Jeff is wondering maybe it was Adam that said something.. Jordan doesn’t think so she believes it’s either Shelly or Porsche. Rachel tells them to trust her it’s Shelly that is playing both side.
Rachel: “Lawon, BLANK adam and Dani are all going to make it to the end the BLANK floaters” rachel mentions that her and brendon were worried about this but it looks like CBS wants another floater to win. (Every time JJR says floater drink new rule)
Jeff says he’s not sure whats up with shelly she’s been acting strange he’s starting to think maybe rachel is right shelly is feeding both side information. Jeff: “I’m sick of people of floating around in this house working both side.. I want to start stiring BLANK up and make people scared” Jeff says he knows he’s not going anywhere because Julie chen said that someone is coming back he just wants to get the hose in a uproar.
Jordan: “Dani is controlling kalia he need to take dani out”
Jeff: “Yeah we all know whats going on up in the HOH.. I know we’re staying so i’m not going to care lets play POV and win it then we’re both safe”

Jeff: “We’re going to be put up everyweek… and there’s a house full of floaters that only have to be worried about what is going to be for dinner… Why doesn’t one of them cook up a Veto for us”
Rachel: “It’s very frisuterating we’re the targets every week we fight and fight and fight it’s so hard for us”
Jeff: “all we need to do is pick up some HOH and once Dani is gone it’s easy.. we’ll take out the floaters one at a time”
Rachel: “Once dani is gone what are they going to do… float around and do what we say”
Rachel: “It sucks becuase they’ve all seen the vets play so that is why we are being targeting.. it’s just not fair”

(It’s becoming apparent to JJR that Shelly is feeding both side.. hopefully this festers tonight and explodes after the veto)

8:30pm Feeds back HOH Rachel and Kalia Kalia is explaining things to her why she’s up and how it’s not personal it’s part of her game to get her farther in it. Rachel says that she swears that JEff and rachel were not going to up Kalia up, they were all gunning for Dani they were going to try and backdoor her.

8:45pm havenots Shelly and JJ
Jeff asks shelly if they are 100% Shelly says Yes. She tells them she’s been shooting straight with them the entire time. Jeff brings up that yesterday shelly was saying to them that they were safe now he’s up on the block.. he’s just thinking things are fishy. Jeff brigns up that he thinks maybe Shelly threw the have not comp… Shelly really takes offensive to this says she would never do that. Shelly tells him she needs to leave check her food. Shelly tells him they’ve been over this before. Jeff says he wants to go over it again why did you tell us we were safe.. shelly leaves. Jordan looks at Jeff tells him she’s unsure about Shelly now.

Dani comes in.

Dani wants to clear a few things up she never told Kalia who to put up that was Klaia own doing. Jeff thinks that maybe Kalia is doing it to please Dani because all the newb floaters follow he around. Jordan says the same 2 things she’s been saying all night
1) If rachel gets Veto Jeff goes home
2) Jeff is coming back because Julie Chen said so

Dani tries to explain to them that she is not in the background secretly trying to get Jeff out the target is clear it’s Rachel and Kalia wants you to fight and win the POV. dani says there are 5 people playing for Jeff in the Veto and all will fight for it nobody wants rachel in the house. Jeff is unsure about the outcome.. Dani leaves..

Jeff tells Jordan that Dani is full of BLANK she’s running the whole show up there she’s going down when he comes back. Jordan thinks the only reason Dani is talking to them is because she doesn’t get to play for POV. Jordan thinks that dani is a ugly person outside the house just like she is inside.

9:07pm Purple room Shelly and Jordan Straight shooter is very upset about what Jeff just did. She cannot believe that Jeff would accuse her of throwing a competition and turning on JJ when since day 1 she’s been 100% with them. Shelly demands they tell
Shelly: “Number 1 the fact that we would accuse me of not winning in a havenots comp because I couldn’t read his lips is appalling to me.. there no way i did that”
Shelly: “Number 2 from the beginning you and I have talked and you know I idolize you guys and have been on your side.. I told you I was going to infiltrated the other side”

Shelly says she’s been up in HOH working the other side getting the story out of them so she can tell JJ. Shelly reminds her that she has nobody in this house she can trust 100% and Jordan has at least 1. Shelly wants to know who is feeding JJ all this information about her. Shelly:”who suggested I threw that comp.. Are you listening to you train wreck rachel”
Jordan: “No”
Shelly says she knows this is all Jeff getting paranoid but still they gotta believe she’s shooting straight.
Shelly adds taht she’s been true to JJ from day one she’s siting here telling them she’s 100% and they attach themselves to an absolute train wreck who is running around the house destroying people. Shelly: “There is no way rachel is going to last in this house everyone wants her gone”
Jrodan says they’re just being nice to rachel because she lost her fiancee.
Shelly: “You guys are blowing my mind.. with these accusations.. these people are crazy in here.. ”

Shelly starts to cry says everyone is acting like a 8 year old in the house and she can’t take it. At work she’s the boss and nobody acts this way, at home tony’s the boss and they don’t act this way she can’t take it. Shelly: “I’m done this is lame” Shelly asks Jordan who jeff is listening to wonders if it’s POrsche. Jordan says she doesn’t know..

THERE’s a lot going on, get the feeds it’s worth it. this is the craziest night of BB yet BLANK
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It’s funny how on a couple of days ago everyone was hating on Dani and hating even more on Kalia! Now all of the sudden we are on the Dani and Kalia bandwagon???

Simon, I thought you were on Team JJ a while back? What happened?



Team Dani!! Vote Dom 10x


So, you are not a fan of them anymore? What if they try to redeem themselves and admit they are in the wrong right now?

I agree, I admit they are acting like BR, but if they start to distance themselves from Rachel and all her negativity then maybe they can regroup and play the game?


Face it. JJ is still JJ. Come on. He still overcome the odds. Dani is a problem.


I dunno. I’m not really seeing the JJ we all once loved anymore.

Floata Hata

What about Dani and her unearned golden key? “And she’s back in the game folks” after comp engineered for her precise height and weight.
Born on third base and thinks she hit a triple!


This would hold some weight if Kalia didn’t hang on longer than Shelly or Jordan (who are closer to Dani’s body type than Kalia is).

The conspiracy theories are really lame.


Born on third base and thinks she hit a triple! That’s awesome. I’m stealing that.


hey brendon is that you? how’d you get internet access in sequester?


Question? When does jury start?

Booty Booty

Saw a side of Jordan I’ve never seen before. Our little girl has grown up….fangs!


I have been team dani since she walked through the door

Booty Booty

Dani and Adam final 2


And what drives me cray is JJ talking about Dani being a floater! They forget that it wasn’t her choice to be stuck with that Damn golden key. She wanted to play. Now that she’s able to play in the comps, they call her a floater? Come on! What? Now they’ere soooo threatened because they realize that she’s equal or stronger than them in this game? I’ve liked JJ in the their season, and in the beginning of this one, but they are totally going NUTS!!!!


I mean it drives me CRAZY!!! lol


It’s not that we think Dani/Kalia are such amazing people. JJ have become whiny brats that pout and cry and threaten people when things aren’t going their way. Brenchel has rubbed off on them in the worst way and for two people who haven’t made a single big move in this game (taking out one of their strongest allies to appease Brenden and Rachel???) they certainly act like they are the Gods of Big Brother. Dani may not be the greatest as a person but she’s a competitor and she understands that this game is just that. She doesn’t take things personally and cry and whine when her opponents are on top. She doesn’t throw out CBS conspiracy theories because heaven forbid she be bested legitimately. Cheering for JJ is cheering for Brenchel and I will not be apart of that.


Shelly is a Big Brother genius!


So….by RacHo’s calendar, there are 56 weeks in a year. Glad to know that there’s a 13th month.


Simon. Love the site YO! Your floater drinking rule is killing me tho

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

And her I thought Rachel was just an idiot in the house, nope it’s the same on the outside too


I think the link is incorrect. : / Tried to watch it and it comes out an error?

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Hopefully my computer issues allow me to post …( normally if my computer does anything other then turn on i consider it an act of black magic …) at any rate .. at what point did Julie Chen say the evicted house guest *WOULD* come back .. Jordan has caught the crazy from rachel and is now hearing julie chens voice in her head .. poor dum dum ..

( I belive chen said a houseguest may have a chance )


I actually like Rachel more than JJ right now Jeff is no better that Brendan and jordan is just as dumb and whiny as Rachel ugh!


Did anyone hear Jordan say earlier “There are people in this house waiting for other people to make them sandwhiches!” when Danielle went to tell them that she “literally” didn’t tell kalia to put them up!…

So funny, that would have been a perfect line for this post.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If jeff or Rachel wins POV replacement nom is jordan


What game are Jeff and Jordan even playing? Last I checked this game was called Big Brother not BACHELOR PAD. If they wanted to spend a summer with themselves they should just have a VACATION like the rest of the world. Big Brother is about playing the GAME whether socially or in competitions. Honestly, I dont even see why they are back in the house if they aren’t even playing. Jordan already won the 500k. Jeff already had his around the world gig. They both were on Amazing Race. Why are they so mad that OTHER people are wanting to take them out of the game? They were planning to take other people out too!

Maybe they’ve been in the house for too long.


I have thought this many times. I like JJ but if they wanted to spend the summer together….spend the summer together. Don’t come in the BB house and use that as your excuse to stay in the game. Do they get paid while in the house…maybe that is part of it. All of these houseguest are talking out of both sides of their mouths. I expect that- but I am so sick of the whining. I’m about ready to turn off BBAD. And while I’m on here typing…….someone tell Kalia to STOP TALKING for at least 1 hr. How much can one person say?! I get more enjoyment from this site just reading about it than I do watching the actual show because of the nonsense.


AGREED!! These adults are acting like 4yr olds…geesshh stop whining & complaining & play the game!!!


Maybe my memory is getting worse, but I don’t remember any past season where people have EVER been this whiny. Pity parties are already being thrown. Tantrums because they don’t get their way. I seem to remember the houseguests playing the game to their fullest before they admit defeat. Not the other way around.


Simon are you trying to kill us or something?!?? If I drink every time J/J/R say flotater I’ll be dead before the next HOH!!


I think that if we were given a nickel for every time the HGs said floater, we’d all have $500K


And I’ll drink to that


I’m proud to be a reader of the Straight-Shootinest Big Brother Site in the Universe! BANG BOOM YO!!!!


Straight shooter dropped a grenade on her lap yo.



well said Simon (the part bout posting profanities about JJ_BR. I get sick of reading em. 🙂 hope my posts are okay as i only post once in awhile and try to post bout game 🙂


Simon, thanks for the reminder about profanities. It is a game and whatever team we are on we should support, and you said it best, in a meaningful way.


I think veto players are Kalia, Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Adam, Shelly.


too funny rach and jeff on block. but how boring this shows gonna get if the floaters are all thats left. (por, la, ka, shel ad) 🙁 bet rach wins pov then who’s kaka gonna put up 🙂


That’s why I’m banking on Dom comin back. The guy brings the entertainment. Of course there’ll be the whispering with Dani, but common, it’s better than Brenchel oozing a over each other.

But you won’t hear Dom yell at Dani to eat something during a house meeting


I missed it what does dani mean when she keeps saying we will fix it?


I would love it if shelly starts straight shooting the other way…

Jeff was “chill” when jordan was on the block vs brendon and now that its his turn he is back to being a bully. Such a hypocrite!

Now Jordan is just as bad……

Week 1 Jeff pulled the vets heads out of their asses when they all felt defeated and the numbers werent fair and then succeded to rule the house with an iron fist and forced EVERYONE into submission (cept for cassi and dom)…..Dani got tired of being their token social player and stirred the pot and then she got the power..

NOW they are all back to square one ready to give up and the newbs are going to pick them off one by one (cuz that was the vets plan for the newbs when they were in power)…

I cannot believe how bad of sports that entire side is….I cant stand Kalia but I did a happy dance in the living room when she won because anyone on team Dani is on my team…

Straight shooter should come clean to dani and kalia and team up with them and stick that way….if she doenst she is done…

The floater subject is so annoying at the moment. Team JJR calls anyone who isnt with them a floater. Dani won her first comp, kalia just won, dom won POV..yet they are still floaters? They also have this talk about floaters in front of Adam, Shelly and Porsce….and with rachael sayinhg more than once and more than one seaosn that if you dont win comps you are a floater….Adam, Jeff, Lawon, and SHelly have all not won anything…so how can they sit back and not be insulted…and Jeff is now the big Floater Finger Pointer…

So stupid…..Go Newbs under the direction of Dani….Get them out , im done with the hypocracy!

Laslty….I will take Dom or Cassi (preferably cassi). Cassi will come in and realize the train wreck the house has become and join Dani since she wont have anything to do with rachael….sicne JJ are now team rachael she should naturally gravitate with dani…and shelly will join suit due to guilt of her getting her voted out by her Clean Smoke Lie campaign..

Thats my take!




I am getting sooooo tired of hearing Dani say “blah, blah, blah”. THink of something else to say. It’s annoying. Dani is such a good manipulator – she has Kalis thinking that she is the HOH, but DAni is pulling the puppet strings. Can we call Kalia PT 2.0?


I feel so bad for Rachel if ya’ll noticed they blame everything on Rachel! That’s why everyone hates her lol ex. Shelly just falsely accused Rachel! How is Shelly a good example to her daughter?


Thank you @LoveDaniBB8HateDaniBB13, Rachel drives me crazy because she does really good and then screws it up. Like she has great game talk and then blows it. I’m tired of everyone saying she is nuts because so is EVERYONE else in the game. Por gets pissed because Rachel didn’t thank her the vote, who cares? Shelly is pissed because Jeff asked a question, uumm you’re being called out, get over it, it’s a game. Lawon is the craziest one. First time poster please don’t hate me, these are just my opinions


the HG evicted Aug 17 goes to JH


**Corection 18th


Dani is sarah palin in those glasses


Still hot tho


not a fan of the Urkel glasses fad


But she’s still hot.


maybe to u shes hot but to me


brendon i guess is more your type


i hate kalia and dani’s whispering thats all they do on bbad, im team J/J so im hoping Jeff wins this veto. Im sorry everyone has their opinions about these players. I really dont agree with daniele’s game play! all she is doing is trying to play like her father, i really dont see her winning if she makes it final 2. Kalia does whatever daniele says, so basically daniele has been HOH for 2 weeks. People all of a sudden are not Jeff’s fan anymore because hes such an asshole, i totally agree Jeff is an asshole, but honestly he speaks the damn truth. Goooooooooooooooooood night. 😀


Omg I seriously love you for that comment. Lol!


Kalia hasn’t gotten credit for anything. She almost one HOH last week. She won this week and definetly has a mind of her own. Oh, and she made shepard’s pie! JJB are still calling her a floater, accusing her of mindlessly following Dani and saying that she doesn’t cook or wash dishes. They do have a horrible sense if entitlement. In their minds, how dare someone actually fight them and try to win.


They did the same thing on their season. Everyone who wasn’t on their side was “evil”. I have never liked these people I don’t see why anyone would


jeff and jordan could tell kalia what dani said about kalia. and that could make kalia want to backdoor dani. dani said it was all kalias idea to [put up jeff and rachel. and dani said she had nothing to do with it. sooo who knows. it also seems that kalia liked the talk she had with rachel in the hoh room.


but I think she said that herself too


When shelly was in HOH, she was talking to Kalia and Dani and Dani said the same thing in front of Kalia. She isn’t going behind her back.

Aqua Bernie

I hope Rachel leaves but if not I want pinto to go she does nothing but get a bigger ass!!!

Aqua Bernie

Oh another thing why is Jordan so afraid to go talk to Kahlia, I thought they were friends. And Jeff needs to calm down. He’s making bad moves!


I love how sure Jeff is that hes coming right back in. I’d love nothing better for him to get evicted lose the comp to Dominic and be the first one sent to jury house


agree with tour post but would just replace jeff with rachel


Leave rachel alone! Whats wrong with you people?! All you care is about bashing her. SHE’S A HUMAN! What you guys don’t understand is that Rachel is giving you all this entertainment. Well whos going to entertain you when she’s gone. LEAVE RACHEL ALONE RIGHT NOW. I MEAN IT. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HER YOU DEAL WITH ME. CAUSE SHE’S NOT WELL RIGHT NOW. LEAVE RACHEL ALONE PLEASEEE!

Aqua Bernie

Give me a break! What are the head doctor? (THE SHRINK) If that’s entertainment, a crying maniac! Oh please cry me a river! WAHHH!


Leave Rachel Alone pleaseee! She’s a HUMAN. Leave her alone please :'(( wahhhh

Aqua Bernie

How can you possilbly love Rachel? Delusions of grandeur!


Great another pathetic rachel fan

Aqua Bernie

Who are you talking about?


Bahaha! Hilarious! Please leave Rachel alone. Lol anyone who acts like that should realize people are going to dislike and talk about her. If she can’t handle it then maybe she should stop acting that way. She is a train wreck that is uncomfortable to even watch. Ugh! Just ugh!

Aqua Bernie

Thank you kayla*team Dani* Rachel is unbearable! She’s really ugly outside and scary inside!


All you care about is yourselves… Perez Hilton said…. etc. Funny!


I think this is the same dude who made the “leave britney alone” video


I’m all on board Team Dani. But I really need to give props to the Elf. He is the one person in BB that is sitting pretty. Of his 2/3 votes that truely mattered, he was with the newbies. And has never really been called out on it. Celebrate your berfday Cruddy. Team Bacon, you deserve it YO


Was watching CBS and they showed briefly Adam before he went in the house .. and i thought to Myself …”self who was that ” for soem reason I had forgotten adam hadnt come into the house as an elf ..
so I have to say ….TEAM BACON !!!!


Just waiting for the Official Team Dani/Bacon tshirts. “And I’ll patent it” and blah blah blah.


why is shelly referred to as straight shooter? is it just something she says a lot… what the hell does it even mean…


Shelly claims to be the most honest person in the house after she stacks lies on top of more lies.

Aqua Bernie

that’s her way of playing the game! Good or bad we’ll see.


I was so happy when Kalia finally won HOH but tonight she is being a complete idiot. “Oh I really believe Rachel is so genuine now”, WTF!?! why would you believe anything Rachel says?? And WHY must she be so scared of Jeff!! What has Jeff won?? NOTHING. Jordan only won HOH bc it was handed to her on a silver platter. These Vets are weak yet everybody is running around scared of them. I don’t get it!
Dani is the ONLY one who wasn’t scared to make moves in this game. At first I hated her but now I respect her. TEAM DANI FTW!

And don’t get me started on the Straight Shooter Shelly! She gets caught up and then pulls out the tears and pity party, that’s no better than Rachel! So over this cast this season. They’re all so WEAK!


I fully believe that you’re on to something. Shooter’s cried like what…3x. Musta pulled a play from the Rachel/kaliah playbook. Just doesn’t run that inference as often.


She’s the biggest hypocrit ever. If nothing else, at least Rachel & Jeff are smart enough to catch on. I don’t get why it’s not so obvious to everyone else!


Because in a house wher paranoia runs rampant, a “motherly voice of reason” can turn into a grounding element. Shooter’s saving grace is the fact that she can tap that ability. She’s the devil’s advocate of the house and give a, somewhat, voice of reason.

Can’t wait for her to get caught up in her shootin tho

Aqua Bernie

I don’t think Jeff won much on his season either!

Aqua Bernie

Lawon is worth nothing! Why do we keep him in there? That’s my big question. If they all claim they are big players and hate floaters , then what the hell is lLawon(AHH) wall fixture!


Is “I love Rachel” brendon?


Simon, did it look like anyone throw the food competition today, i.e. Lawon, Shelly or Adam? Have been watching BBAD & some are questioning the efforts of other players.


Her floating back & forth and playing BOTH sides is finally catching up with her. Justice is a bitch!


I think POV is: Rachel, Jeff, Kalia, Dani, Shelly & Adam


switch Dani for Jordan and u got it


Correction: Jordan is playing, not dani!


Jordan is playin in the POV


I’m so tired of Jeff’s attitude and threats. Seriously, Jeff is on a “I’m a vet and who ever is evicted is coming back to get you” crap talk. I seriously hope Rachel wins POV just so Jeff might get evicted. I don’t like his game, he is absolutely right about one thing though; the bad guys always get whats coming to them. Hope he looks in a mirror cuz that’s who he is this season.


Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are being hysterical right now!


How dare Jordan call someone else a floater when she floated her ass to the $500,000 during her season she’s just mad bcuz Jeff may go home & she wants to spend the summer with him well move your asses to the same state & you can spend all seasons with his arrogant ass who does he think he is going around threating people when his ass is on the line it was all good when the vets were in power now they’re going around throwing bitchy fits Jordan’s dumb ass keeps saying he’ll be back bcuz Julie Chen said so , her dumb ass doesn’t know if he is the one evicted he’ll have to battle it out with another evicted houseguest, I liked J&J @ first but know i believe they are starting to rub people the wrong way….sore losers!!!


Typo “now”


Agreed. If Jordan has such a problem with Jeff leaving then she can follow him right out the door!


Wow, so much seems to be left out of these recaps. Jeff went in to apologize to Shelly for upsetting her and she swore that she has gone out of her way to go up there and get information for him and Jordan. This is complete bullshit because even earlier she threw them under the bus to Kalia and Dani. They were fine in the end, according to Shelly, but the J’s are fools for trusting her. The red flag should have been how defensive she got immediately off the bat when he questioned her.

ED referred to Shelly as “Fireman Bill” the other night. LMAO!!


Hey Pacer showed up!!!! Was she in the HoH bathroom the whole time?


Kalia is laying down the LAW! And in a good way. I take back all the first impressions I’ve had of her. Man, she told Adam his business and in a real diplomatic way too. Exactly what I was thinking. I want either her and Dani or her and Jordan to win this freaking thing.


You got to admit it was alot more fun when the camera was on JJR instead of Kalia/Pinto/Lawan. JJR are what makes it entertaining wether they are lossing their shit or just joking around. Newbs just dont have the personalities for good TV


What’s going on???? I can’t watch BBAD!


Nothing, Kalia spreading her BB wisdom to her fellow newbs


Just my thoughts…

For being the only person who has competed in every HOH, and WON NONE, and in every POV (cause its random since they draw out of a bag no one is allowed to look into, so no cheating there), and WON NONE, it amazes me to how many tantrums and threats Jeff can throw when he basically flat out sucks in competitions. I found it hilarious in the last POV when he said something along the lines of how he wants to “take it into his own hands or something, and not rely on someone else controlling his destiny,” well just LOLO.

He has competed in everything, with brendon rachel and jordan coming in a tie for 2nd.
It’s not that hard; JUST WIN & stop B*tching.


EXACTLY! But what confuses me is why the newbs are shaking in their boots at his threats when he’s won NOTHING!!!!!!!!! If he’s some magical strong competitor, why haven’t I seen it yet?? I just wanna understand why everyone is scared of him, all JJ has done is FLOATED behind Brenchal.
Rachel is actually a competitor, Evict her and JJ will be worthless. “It’s not Rocket Science” as Brendon would say.


Like I posted on the last thread, jeff’s got a big dog bark with a puppy dog bite.

Team Dani!!! Vote Dom


With all of this fighting going on, Adam and Lawon are going to float right to the top and win this game.


And once again BBAD gives a whole lotta nothin worth watching. What has Adam done? Nothing! Dude’s not “METAL”, he’s useless. Lawan and Porsche in the room listening to Kalia say she has a whole master plan in her head. Now the kitchen crew of newbs + Dani is the definition of “blah blah blah”
All of them talking= not one interesting. The vets bring some drama, but Jeff needs to let Jordon go off and chestbump someone. Production needs to give “Vegas” alcohol. Patron, moonshine, whatever. I don’t care. Hide Straight Shooter’s smokes. These people with their character and integrity bs. STFU! Drink everytime they say period, end of story, talk about their periods, and everytime Lawan say’s “Guess What” JUST DRINK!


Oh Kalia… Was happy you won HOH.. what what are you thinking??? Focus on getting one person outbat a time… Get Rachel out if that is who your real target is… Why put up Jeff too?? Your logic is anything but rational… Not that I’m a huge fan of Jeff but who will you back door now if Rachel/ Jeff win the veto?? Now you just made two extra enemies in the game for nothing… Not smart K….


In Jeff’s season, Jeff was part of the jocks and Jordan was part of the populars. Jeff turned his back on his group and chose to hang out with Jordan (from the group the rest of the house was eliminating). Jeff and Jordan were targetted because, historically, any couple who alienates themselves from the main group become easy targets. The were both looking to go out soon, but then BB stepped in with America’s pick and gave Jeff the coup de’tat (no one thought Jordan was smart enough to know how to use it). Jessie, who had been playing a smart game, went home. Chima, who was HOH that week, got pissed and left the show. Once J&J got this undeserved power they became just as obnoxious as everyone else who gets the power. But, since people like J&J, it was ok that everyone else got screwed over.

Jeff is convinced that if he or Jordan or Rachel get voted out this week, since they are the stars, they will get to come back in. Its their right as being BB stars. I can see why he would feel that way. BB stepped in before and saved him because he knows he is America’s favorite.

BB floaters rule

Okay, this has got to be the funniest BB ever. I have never seen such BS about floaters in my life. If you attack and go after avery HOH or veto that is possible, then you become a target, plain and simple. I just am absolutely baffled at the incredible lack of logic. Its been said before, but this is a GAME, and a very rigged one at that. You had to know the vets would win early after Dick left. Even before he left they (CBS) had to do something to equalize or the game would have the newbs pick off the vets. After Brenchels welcome mat wore out (ratings drop) then they had to go another direction. Who knew Danny would win HOH after the Brenchel’s last POV?(insert sarcasm here) So Dani wins and gets rid of Brendon. Now CBS has to make sure Danny stays in the game so that when CBS brings back an evicted Brendon ( which will boost ratings) then the fireworks fly. So enter Kalia to win an HOH. Well wonder why that happened. She’s the only one in the house that brings the wrath of the vets other than Dani. Again, good for ratings. Folks, at the end of the day, this is a TV show and teh only way this goes down is which of these house guests get ratings.

Big brother is so RIGGED

The only way Dani stays in the game is the win HOH so she does.. HA HA.. She get rid of Brandon .. now the only way Dani stays in the game is for her new best friend Kalia to win HOH so Kalia wins even answered the first question before the CBS token chink asked the question…No wonder the ratings for the show is dropping faster than the stock market…And CBS will bring Dom back to play grabass with Dani and how boring is that going to be..Kalia says she has got game.. Ha Ha sure you do Kalia when CBS rigs it for you…

Not Meg

Anyone who seriously thinks this is rigged is just a sore loser like JJR. I am loving that this game is finally going somewhere. Jeff has officaly morphed into Brwndon. Haha