Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche Briggs on the Rachel-Daniele feud, friendships, and gameplay..

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Here’s what Porsche told about her time in the house…

Did you expect Rachel to honor your final two deal?

“Yes, definitely. At this point in the game, she had saved me and I saved her. We’d been going back and forth over the past few weeks, playing together, kind of getting back to where we were in the beginning of the game so I expected her to honor the deal just as much as I would have.”

Do you think that Rachel’s decision was only based on your agreement or did Adam being seen as a “floater” help your case?

“Adam definitely played his game. He was very social in his game if we remember – he’s definitely won more competitions than Shelly. Unfortunately, he didn’t use the Veto on me that week but I feel like he’s kind of proven himself and earned his little spot as well. He wasn’t the most physical competitor, just as I wasn’t always able to beat Jeff. Luckily, I was able to beat him once in the Veto but everyone has their own time to shine in the game.”

What will you do with your prize money and what are your plans for the future?

“Well, with the prize money I won, I’m definitely going to see what my family needs and catch up on a few things for them and save the rest. I’m young and this money can definitely last me a little while. I don’t know much about investing but I know that I can save and get a good interest rate on that. Outside of the house, I love being on camera which is why I could go into a show like Big Brother. I really loved hosting the competitions and it reignited a passion for hosting for me so I might try something along those lines. My dad’s always been wanting me to move out of Florida since I’ve been there my whole life. I might stay out in California for a while and see what happens – I’m already used to the weather!”

For the full interview:

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Brown Fat

this is la pretty girls are a dime a dozen in this city so hit the gym darling…you are a hotty but you chunked up a tad in the bb house…practice doing the weather, easy money and plenty of camera time.


Brown Fat, your turned to school em’ on LA. Pretty girls everywhere. And, tan.

Brown Fat

i try bbg but aint nothing we can tell these young know-it-alls. we learn from our mistakes or at least should… my mistake was not going to plastic surgeon school. i’d be sitting pretty slicing chunks off of the old rich, the ugly rich & the fat rich. then selling the extra pieces of george clooney on ebay.


If I had the money, Brown Fat, I would use your services as a plastic surgeon. Need a few tucks, lefts, and extra removed. If only we knew then what we know now……….but we didn’t listen either. 😉

Brown Fat

lol…& i have the scars that prove i didnt listen…i got this one on the top of my head aaa nevermind just know they didnt spare the rod in my household when i was coming up & all i learned from that was that eventually the pain goes away. anyway never hit my kid & he’s great. i do hope he plans on moving out in a couple of years, love him to death but soon it’ll be time for him to leave the nest


They do leave but be prepared that when they come back there are sometimes more with them. But, I have always been glad that I have a place for them to come when times are ruff.


I don’t always watch the local news here in Los Angeles, but when I do, it’s the weather update that I always look forward to. There’s a few male weather forecasters, but all the female weather forecasters have big boobs. Is it part of their job description? I’m not complaining. Just sayin.’

Team PorKa for life, yo!

Brown Fat

its the only way to get me to watch the weather otherwise i just go outside or check out now wonder why there isnt a gay weather hotty for gay men…i call descrimination!


Yep Porsche, Good luck with 55,000. Hopefully, Allstars is around the corner. OH! Just for the record, I saw a bio that you like Natalie from BB11. Why you are favorite HG is Danielle? WTF, I thought you like Natalie from BB11. Jordan is on BB11 as well. Next time, don’t change the favorite HG’s.


I could just hear her loud voice when reading this as if she was in the diary room. It always seems like she’s screaming and reading off a teleprompter.


Yes! I don’t how she thinks she could be a host, unless she works hard on her delivery….


I totally agree. I don’t know what she is thinking. Her diary rooms and hostings seem like she was reading lines and trying to not seem natural.


Are all of these newbies totally delusional or what just plain sick in the head? Porsche stating she wanting to play a clean game. What in the hell is clean about poisoning milk with the intention of make people sick and then saying her reasoning for doing it was she was bored and what does a clean game have to do with wanting to kill an unborn child. This girl may be the sickest and most evil player that played the game this summer or even possibly ever. Doubt she can even spell the word clean game much less actually play one. SICK and DELUSIONAL is the word for Porsche and her game play.


Cool, bring her back for All-Stars.


Love ya Porsche


After some of the remarks she made in her interviews about the benefiber, I think she might have a little problem finding a job. Ask Rachel how hard it is to find a job when people have a certain perception about you.


Gosh she was huge. What is she like a size 7 or something? GIve me a break.


I find it weird that she thinks she wasn’t catty, when we know she was during her time with Dani & Kalia (ex: medicine ball comment, stealing her duck, etc…)

Also, she keeps saying that she switched sides because Rachel pushed her too but I see that as an excuse. She switched sides when Dani & Kalia had the power, and her alliance was in the outs. Instead of sticking with her alliance, she floated to the HOH. So it was typical floater behavior… period.

Overall, I find Porsche to be one of those people that mimics whoever she is around. When she is around Rachel she is kind and fun, when she is around Dani she is mean and sarcastic, and when she is around Adam she is delusional (lol). I would have liked to see Porsche being her own person… but that never happened (even in the diary rooms, everything felt contrived).


1. Adam made the medicine ball comment.
2. The vets turned their backs on Porsche after the Knockout HOH.
3. Everyone has a ‘chameleon like’ personality to some extent.
Porsche’s personality seemed consistent throughout, unlike many on the show.


1) Adam may have started it, but the ‘saving Rachel $400.00’ on an abortion comment was ALL Porsche. I watched it live on the feeds. It was wrong on so many levels.

2) The knockout HOH, if I remember correctly, was AFTER Porsche went upstairs to chill in Dani’s HOH room with her and Kalia (the night they threw that party for Brendon and Rachel and put on the dance). They were all drinking, and Porsche was talking about how Rachel was going to be stuck to her once Brendon leaves. She was distancing herself from Rachel and the vets and aligning with Kalia and Dani that night. Again that was BEFORE the HOH comp. The vets, including Rachel, were suspicious of her behavior (we saw Rachel going up to the HOH making it clear that she was unhappy with what Porsche was doing), so when she pitted two of the vets against each other in that competition, it was apparent that she had jumped shipped and their suspicions were confirmed. She tried to spin it like that wasn’t the case, but when you watch the live feeds and you see her working Dani and Kalia before that comp, it was VERY obvious.

3) I agree that everyone has it to some degree, but with Porsche, she would always transform herself entirely. I think she is immature and has not found herself yet. I don’t think it’s a very big deal, because with time she will grow into her own person (I think), it just wasn’t there on the show. I can’t think of anyone else that really did what Porsche did… Maybe Kalia?


1. You filled in the abortion blank. That word never came out of her mouth. Btw, if you’re that sensitive, it’s possible that Big Brother is not for you. How about Wizards of Waverly Place. They hardly ever talk about abortion.

2. There may have been rumblings, but the line in the sand was clearly drawn AFTER the Knockout HOH. There is no way you can prove that it was not just a simple mistake.

3. Jordan and Rachel can take a lesson from Porsche. She was enthusiastic, wanting to be there. There was no crying in the bushes. She took things in stride, and came across well. The cat-ladies would have you think that she came across as evil, but that’s just because she was on the ‘wrong’ side.


1) Thank you. I am glad that I have the ability to understand the obvious. Thinking that this is a horrible thing to say is not me being sensitive, it is me being human. I think anyone, even Porsche, would regret saying something like that. There is no need to defend it.

2) Disagree. But we don’t have to agree, I just thought it was obvious like point #1.

3) I do agree, and that was one thing I liked about Porsche was that she was not an emotional player. I also liked her speech at the final two. Even though I disagreed with her points, the delivery was well done. However, I like Rachel for being open with her emotions and I like Jordan for being so nice (both way more than Porsche). I don’t think Porsche is evil. I just think that she said some very nasty things about Rachel when she was around Daniele and Kalia, and that is a fact. And again, I think that ties in with her wanting to fit in with the crowd (I recall her admitting to wanting to fit in too). Also I think she was a weak player. I understand her not being able to compete because of the golden keys, but she didn’t have to sit around and do nothing. Dr. Will didn’t win comps but he strategized all the time. He had plans and he would execute them, whether it was subtle or not. Porsche just did nothing. And when she did something it “was what Dani would have wanted.”

4) I don’t think she deserved to be in final two, but that’s big brother for you (just like Erica sitting next to Boogie).

I am glad Rachel won because she deserved it, and I loved this season because of the vets (minus Dani). AND because of debates like this one that we can have on OBB 🙂


Porsche placed better than Rachel in 8 of 11 comps and placed better than Jeff in 5 of 7 comps. Jordan added nothing to her alliance. It’s simple, if Jeff had Porsche as a partner instead of Jordan, he would have won.

If Jordan had made that flippant comment, no one would know about it. Not defending it at all, but would you defend Jeff using ‘stupid’ as a term of endearment towards Jordan? Would you defend Jordan calling out people for doing nothing, when she did less?


Also, you ARE being too sensitive. The politically correct version of Big Brother that you’re proposing is not something I would like to see. Why wouldn’t you want to see people acting naturally? If you like Big Brother, this is what you want. There are other shows to watch for politically correct programming.


I liked Porshe on BB and think she is beutiful. I really think Jordan was jealous of her beauty but neither she nor her blind, deaf and just plain stupid fans would admit to that. I wish Porshe much success. At least she has goals and she certainly has talents. She came in second over all the other players. That’s saying something for her stamina, so for all the people who think she couldn’t do well in CA, don’t underestimate the girl. GOOD LUCK PORSHE!


You are as delusional as Adam. There is nothing about porche that Jordan could or would be jealous of! Porche was boring and floated through most of the show and is not talented in the least.


I agree, Jordan doesn’t have seem to have the mental capacity to feel jealousy. She’s just disrespecting Porsche, because she didn’t kiss her ass.


how did porsche floated? i just thought it was weird that jordan said jeff told her not to talk to pors so she didn’t. regardless the show is over. let by gone be by gone and wish all the hgs the best of luck.