Big Brother Spoilers: Matt Hoffman offers his opinion on Big Brother 13

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Matt is from Season 12 of ‘Big Brother’ and he was part of the famous ‘Brigade’ alliance in Season 12. Oklahoma City fans find out here what Matt had to say.

Tonight we saw the winner of ‘Big Brother 13.’ Were you surprised that Rachel won or how the votes turned out?

I wasn’t at all surprised that Rachel won, but the votes were kind of crazy. I thought after Dani’s little speech before she put the key in that she’d definitely have picked Rachel. Also, I thought Shelly would be on Porsche’s side. I find it pretty crazy that Adam wasn’t taken to final two, since it probably would’ve been a 7-0 clean sweep!

Do you think Rachel would have lost if she had taken Adam to the end?
I think Rachel would’ve been the second Big Brother player ever to win in a landslide shutout victory (next to BB10’s Dan).

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Hey Matt,

Do us all a favor and STFU you lil midget. Your 15 minutes are up. Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares!


Hey Matt,

P.S. your band sux!


Dont be too harsh w/Matt– he probably still has his hand down his pants…


Hey Matt, I know your half Human & half Gremlin…. Who’s the Gremlin in your family, Mom or Dad????? I always wondered why you were always scratching cheese from your bag (you always had your hands down your pants… ALWAYS)… You should go to the doctor & get some cream for that..

I was also told that you had quite a package below……. I heard you were HUNG like a BULL…………….. A GER-BULL (gerbil) lol……. I couldn’t find any info that you belonged to mensa….. Please show us where I can find this info…. I hate being lied to……. Go Gremlin


Wow…finally some sense from one of the most overrated moronic HGs to play this game.


Yeah Matt, thanks for screwing Rachel in BB12. I love the Brigade in season 12. Now, Rachel is also third favorite. Come back for AllStars & Bring your Brigade w/you because I want to see Chilltown vs Brigade. Who will win the alliance of BB? OH! Regan can come as well.


I think Matt should be invited back in another All-Star season. He knows the game, and he realized he screwed up in his season for throwing an HoH competition thinking he was safe. Second chance?


Matt, I’m not so sure. The votes might turn out to be more crazy. Who will vote for Adam, Porsche would be a sure vote. Then even Dani thought Adam a floater, I had no doubt she would vote for A to beat R to pay her back in her twisted ‘funny’ way. Shelly would have no problem to vote for Adam cuz he was not the one who open the Pandora box and he was always there to float along with her. How about Kalia & Jeff, I can’t tell cuz they might just vote for Adam. Kalia might say she wanted the newbies to win, and Jeff might say Adam was loyal to him to the end. ‘This game is about loyalty!’ That’s what he told Dani in that last heated argument in the jury house. So, if Rachel had took Adam, she might just lose $500K. Rachel was really smart. Everytime she said it was her gut feeling, that turned out just right. Bravo!

Mandy Robinson

Thank you so much for posting my article!!!


No problem many.. Send me a email if you ever have anything else.


Simon….. I’m sure you’re aware but just in case you didn’t know….. The final backyard interviews are all on Youtube.. They’ve been there for a few days now…. FYI…. take care




Matt, You were one of my favs last season!
You are right, if Rachel took Adam to final 2 then she would have won by a landslide! He was just mad Rachel didn’t take him so he voted for Porche.
I am happy Rachel took Porche because she deserves the 50K way more than Adam! I must say I liked Adam (never thought he deserved to go to final 2 though) until his final speech to Rachel and then him not voting for Rachel in the end.
I am going to miss OBB!!!!!!!! See ya next year!