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Written by Gina Scarpa

Who would’ve thought that not only would Rachel win Big Brother this season but that fans of the show would be happy about it? There was no doubt she’d be a competitor and no doubt she’d have a target on her back, but she realized that in order to walk away with half a million dollars, she’d have to be willing to change her strategy as the game went on.

You had a lot of people rooting for you and happy that you won. You were worried about how people felt about you after season 12 and how you’d be viewed this summer. Do you feel like you changed people’s minds about you?

Rachel: Yes! It’s crazy because I had no idea how America was seeing me. It did definitely change and I am shocked and thankful. I was really scared. I thought people loved to hate me. This summer, I had people cheering for me! I was like, “I’m not used to this. This is crazy!” It’s exciting and surreal. I’m so happy. After Brendon left, I had to change and evolve and grow up. Jordan helped me so much with my social game and we really balanced each other out. Thank God for Jordan – that’s all I have to say!

It was clear on the finale that Jeff and Daniele are not fans of each other. Where do you stand with her?

Rachel: I think Daniele… as far as gameplay, I think she would’ve been a great player. She turned on us too soon and she didn’t play as much as she should’ve. She really made a lot of mistakes. Who knows? A year from now, we could be best friends. Look at Ragan! He’s going to be in my wedding. It’s so different when you’re outside of the house. I think Daniele and I are not going to be enemies forever. I don’t know if we’re going to be friends but we’ll have to see.

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Squabble,Everyone and especially me don’t want you here. Your not funny.


Captainlikesjeffs underpants only thing more sad then your attempt at humor was your use of the English language.


squabble– most here agree w/the Captain.. pls go away or drop dead, preferably both.


F A Q 2


Simon, I look forward to “squabble’s” Today on Rigged Brother next summer. This is my first year of visiting OBB, so I did some reading on the past seasons. Call me slow, but my jaw is still down on the floor after reading about Michelle Noonan. Really? Awwww.

Thanks Dawg and Simon.


Please ban squabble


wow i respect that coming from rachel she has put politics aside willing to forgive wow i tip my hat off to u

love u rcahel wish u luck

thanks simon and dawg love u guys


Congrats Rachel! Winner of BB13, CO-HOH Record Holder, CO-Queen of Endurance,Mentalist, and Big Brother. Can wait either Allstars or someone will challenge both Janelle (BB6 & BB7:BB Hall of famer Class of 2011) & Rachel (BB12 & BB13:Future BB Hall of famer). Good luck whoever HG’s contestant can challenge both Rachel (BB12 & BB13) & Janelle (BB6 & BB7).


I hope you get a life before next season of BB, so that nobody has to be subjected to your psycho babble statistics of what everyone has done for the last 13 seasons. NOBODY gives a shit. Go read a book, instead of memorizing all the bullshit comp winners, what’s done is done, it’s over, no one cares. Go bother the people on the Amazing Race or Survivor Pleasssssse


I may not be interested in these statistics and you obviously aren’t but I am sure others may. I don’t consider it any waste of his time anymore than stamp collecting or such. You go Captain. I am sorry I am not that much of a fan apparently but I am impressed that you have gathered such information.


I’m starting to dig some of captains stats..


See there are people that like hearing these and who better to have interested than Simon! I think Captain is okay!


I totally agreed with you NANAHEF:I hope you get a life before next season of BB, so that nobody has to be subjected to your psycho Dani Stalker of what everyone has done for the last 13 seasons. NOBODY gives a shit. Go read a book, instead of harassing Dani, whatโ€™s done is done, itโ€™s over, no one cares. Go bother Dani’s Father Eval Dick!!!!!! Yes, NANAHEF, I try to tell Squabble but he doesn’t have a life. Also, Squabble only thing more sad then your attempt at humor was your use of the English language. Yeah, Squabble is totally a fool and has no life. We know, Squabble doesn’t care about everyone. Captainwedgiearchnemesis has a life with everything. So, Squabble, NANAHEF told me that that STOP STALKING DANI, WE GET IT!!!!!! NANAHEF SAYS,”GET A LIFE OKAY” LEAVE NANAHEF & EVERYONE ELSE ALONE!!!!! I just a messanger!!!!!!!!! Yeah Squabble, NANAHEF says, no one cares about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she earned it. and its nice to see her give jordan credit for the personality turn around.(not a fan of either in terms of “super fan”, but respect both as people


simon, you think that Porsche played Big Brother only half the season and Rachel played the game the whole two months or was it Porsche’s fault she had the golden key?


Porsche laid low the first 4 weeks and went from being target number 1 week 5 to completely off the radar.

Remember the vets JJB wanted porsche out first after the golden key twist was over. Rachel would fight with Brendon because rachel liked Porsche in the beginning.


If Porsche was the CBS asset that Rachel is, then Porsche would have won.

Midwest Fan

Perhaps Porsche will come back for BB14 and be engaged to “Big Jeff.”
She is certain to win then …….. lol


Well if that happen I might enjoy seeing Big Jeff again.


One things for sure, if Jeff had Porsche as a partner instead of Jordan, he would have won.


It was handed to her by production twice


If it’s a rig, I would think the $500K was handed to Porsche in the first wk, only she didn’t get the votes. Porsche got the golden key, don’t have to fight for 4 wks, then Dani, Shelly, Kalia became the target, she was always the only one at the back!


Congratulations, well earned Rachel. I loved you BOTH seasons … always will ๐Ÿ™‚


I think Rachel and Jordan made a good team. They are both good for each other and I am glad that they will be friends out of the house. If there is an all stars it looks like Jeff will come back, maybe Brendan will come back and they can team up and do as well as RAchel and Jordan.


OMG no more Jeff please.

Midwest Fan



I am so happy for Rachel. She’s an awesome beauty and nice person. How could anyone not be proud of her. I hope that we’ll get to keep up on how her career is progressing…and her wedding.


i know!! i could never figure out why people hated her quite SO much, she never really does anything mean (relative to the game) – you have girls like Britney and Monet who are basically children on the corn demon seeds and actively try to tear people down on a personal level (and people like them??) – and Rachel gets drunk and loud and hooks up and yes gets too emotional and whiny (which I am not saying its great) but it affects her and not anyone else and its what a LOT of 20 something girls do, so it’s nothing new and it’s her life anyway…..she’s not someone who puts her negative side onto anyone else – she always came off as a good person who gets crazy

and in terms of the game, she is a great player, so happy she won! she deserved it


Rachel is a Star, the only one on BB13…


Oops! I forgot. I wonder if BB might plan only a pairs BB. Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordon, and other established couples. They’d play as couples, and be evicted as couples. I wondered why BB doesn’t provide maid service so the houseguests wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning. Food should be supplied for the houseguests as well. They are providing a great entertainment as good as any weekly sitcom or drama and there would be no reruns! Also, if I might suggest, it would be great if we could watch the entire comps…instead of having to try and guess how the comps turned out as we listen to BB After Dark.
Thanks BB. We’re older than your regular crowd – both in our mid-60’s, but we love watching BB.

Another BB…how about all couples over 50??? I know the younger people might not like it, but there are a lot of oldsters who would love to watch it as well. Maybe not…


The comps would be parcheesi and shuffleboard? Sounds riveting.. Zingbot might cause multiple heart attacks…


take it easy……




Meaning there would be Napping competitions? I like it !!!


Thank God Jordumb said she wont be on another season of big brother.


Absolutely loved that Rachel won!! Glad her and Brendan won a trip for their honeymoon on the The Talk as well. She worked hard, she deserves it. Way to go Rachel. Have fun with the money and your new hubby. ๐Ÿ˜€


Dani will never be friends with u Rachel, shes a bitter spoiled brat kind of chick. Enjoy that moolah baby.


I agree with BLAH……..with friends like Dani….who needs enemies…Dani is so vile….all her smirkiness and hatred ….so don’t bother with her ..not worth it…. you are a happy person Rachel , she would only drag you down….misery loves company..
so you have a wonderful wedding and enjoy your life ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy for you !!!


I’m so happy for Rachel, she deserved it all the way…always having a target on her back isn’t easy ….and she showed America that she was the strongest player in that house……Best of luck with your wedding plans…..



It’s so hard for me to admit that she’s really improved as a person, but she has. She deserved it compared to half the people on jury and even pinto.
Happy she final won and happy I won’t have to see another Big Brother with her or Brendon. After this their 15 minutes is finally going to be over.


I cannot believe that Dani said that Rachel you are lucky this is not a personality contest and I thought she voted for her. She is really a bitter person just because Rachel did not do what she wanted so she can get on Dominick pants. Whew a sore looser.


yeah, i agree, Dani came off looking really bad at the finale – very bitter and snarky and hypocritical and way off in terms of objectively seeing the game for how it was – i am not a dani hater but i found it hard to like the way she presented herself

whereas shelly and kalia (both of whom i didnt like in the house) came off much more gracious, more diplomatic and classier


After writing so much crap about her, I don’t even know why she would give you the guys the time of day!


Rachel I am so happy for you. I have been routing for you the entire game. You have done in all the monsters.


Dani’s DAD didn’t even say nice things to her…..


I always thought it was evil dick’s fault that they don’t talk, but the way she acted at the finale, I’m starting to think its her fault


It’s a little girl’s fault that her father abandons her?

Midwest Fan

Simon, do you recall how Dick got on the BB Show?

I thought Dani had applied and been accepted and BBP then invited
her father to come on that season knowing this father/daughter had not spoken in years.
It was to be a “surprise” for Dani.


I think Dick had been applying for years before he got on

Midwest Fan

Thanks ………


I feel that Dani is the Brittney of Rachels last season,and I’m glad to see that Reagan seen the real Rachel after the show had finished. Can you imagine hanging out with Brittney? always hating on anyone who walked by anywhere they went? ack Now Kalia and Porshe get the pleasure of having the same kind of company with Dani everywhere they go. Love You Rachel .


so now that the show is over, everyone is turning on each other, having a internet fight is like trying to see who the smartest kid is on the shortbus


Sorry to all Dani fans, but Rachel just made Dani look like a EVIL *****! I mean Rachel always talked bad about Dani (gameplay wise), but Dani to this day bash Rachel!!! Dani needs to grow up and remember its just a game and that Dani has said way worse things to Rachel in the house!


rachel you are a B#$#H and always will be.I did not like you last year and did not like you this pretended to be nicer and got rid of that horrible laugh but you are still a backstabber and tried to turn people against each other.CBS did rig it for you to win it because people out there think back to the 1st comp. where they had to hold on to the banana and rachel won well guess what they brought in the dummys for her to hold on to and knew she would win that to.I hope I do not have to look at your ugly face ever again and shame on CBS for cheating. OH and Jeff you make me sick. If you got in my face like you did Kalia’s I would of smacked you right in the face 500,000 or not you big fat bully creep and you are not good looking.Rachel and Jeff can go suck a egg.


Guess what- Rachel has $500,000 and is getting married and doesn’t give a fig about what you think !!! Pls seek help before you have an aneurysm !!!