Derrick “I defended you.. If that was my daughter.. I would knock your fuc***g teeth out”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

3:13pm Backyard..
Chit chat HAyden talking about an alien invasion.. “If we’re around when aliens attack how lucky are we” (He starts making machine gun sounds and pretends he’s holding a machine gun see image)
Victoria has been trying to remember a name of a party island.. she finally remembers Ibiza.

BB16-2014-08-06 15-24-31-660

3:23pm Fireroom Derrick and Victoria
Victoria wants to know why he never told her Zach was saying things about here.
Derrick – I just defended you because it was the right thing to do.. it wasn’t game..
Victoria – what did you say
Derrick explains that Zach was asking him something along the lines “why are you close to her” “How can you stand her” (Derrick doesn’t want to reveal too much of the conversation)
Derrick snapped at Zach said “I’m not a scum bag i’m not disrespectful to women”
Victoria – he said why are you close to me
Derrick – he said something like you are always with her doesn’t it bother you how do you do it.”
Derrick Adds he never used it as a game move he would have done it for anyone he cared about inside or outside the house. Victoria says she’s been sitting here being nice to Zach and he doesn’t deserve it.
Derrick whispers if he heard Jocasta talking sh1t about him he wouldn’t change his opinion of her. He tells her to be nice to Zach right up to the end.
Victoria – So he’s saying i’m stupid.
Derrick – he didn’t say victoria is a dumb ass she said dude i don’t know how you do that do you really like talking to her
Derrick told Zach he does like talking with Victoria she’s like his little sister.
Zach came back to Derrick “I don’t know how you can do it.. so I brushed it off told him that is his opinion.. he’s just a kid and I’m 30 years old”
Derrick never tells her the complete story just giving her bits of the conversation “Zach said.. she’s naive to the world.. It wasn’t a good comment he wasn’t given you a compliment “
Derrick – I don’t like it when people talk sh1t about other people and they are not there to protect themselves”.
Derrick is pissed with himself though he thinks it showed too much emotion. There was a lot of people outside at the time. “he’s a punk kid”
Derrick- I got your back when you are with me and when you are not with me I defended you last night just know I got your back “
Victoria wants to know next time when people are talking sh1t about her.
Derrick wants her to stay focused he’ll tell her if she really wants but if he does tell her she has to be still be super nice to everyone involved. .
Victoria calls Zach a piece of sh1t. Derrick tells her to relax the rest of the night Zach is probably going tomorrow
Derrick brings up saying to the guys “you got a mother” and if it was someone talking to your sister like the way Zach talk about Victoria. Derrick – “If that was my daughter and I heard what you said about her I would be locked out of the show Because I would knock your fuc***g teeth out”
Victoria wants to know what Zach said. (Smiling she really loves hearing about Derrick defending her)
Derrick doesn’t think Zach was there when he said it. Cody and hayden..
Cody joins them.. says they have an official lockdown.. Cody cannot stand be around everyone right now. .

BB16-2014-08-06 15-44-12-123

3:48pm HOH Hayden and Nicole
Hayden trying to cuddle. Nicole says her face is burnt. Victoria comes in says she was with Derrick and Cody chatting. Frankie came in and looked so paranoid. Hayden “He makes fun of Amber being paranoid but he’s worse”
Victoria – it was funny when he came in

BB16-2014-08-06 16-12-37-291

You can’t even tell the difference between me and Caleb

BB16-2014-08-06 15-58-32-808

3:54pm FIRE ROOM Derrick and Frankie
Talking about Donny thinking they still can trust him for a little longer.
Derrick says they are sitting pretty.
Frankie thinks Hayden is working with Donny.
Derrick – Nicole too.. Nicole and HAyden are really close”
Frankie would nominate Jocasta and Victoria
Derrick says right now those girls won’t put him up but if he puts the girls up they may start targeting Frankie. They bring up the scenario where Donny wins the POV takes Jocasta off the block it doesn’t leave the HOH with many options.
Frankie asks who Derrick would put up
Derrick says he would put up Victoria and sugar coat it.
Frankie who do you put up
Derrick – That’s the 500 thousand dollar question.
Frankie says he will put up Victoria and Jocasta and hope Jocasta goes home..

BB16-2014-08-06 16-19-38-211

4:06pm FIREROOM Frankie and Victoria
Frankie – who do you want gone next
Victoria – this game changes so much each week.. When i’m HOH then i’ll…
Frankie – what if its tomorrow during double eviction
Victoria – i’m sure something will pop up.. until then, just playing as best as i can

BB16-2014-08-06 16-37-35-977

4:38pm Paper football, chit chat etc etc

BB16-2014-08-06 16-45-55-753
4:57pm HOH Victoria and Nicole
Victoria says she’s pretty sure tomorrow is double eviction and there is no more BOB.


A bunch of house guests in and out of the living room playing table football. Just chit chat.
Jocasta tells Caleb to close his legs there’s married woemn around. Claeb tells her married women shouldn’t look there. They laugh..

BB16-2014-08-06 17-29-17-483

5:24pm BEEHIVE Zach practicing his famous poem for tomorrow night. he heads to the bathroom where Frankie is they cuddle. Frankie tries to suck his thumb.

Zach goes up to the octopus ornament says he’s going to take it, “Octo Pu$$y”
Frankie – can you believe that was a villain in the 60’s means you have 8 pu$$ies

They agree no one in the house is as annoying as Rachel (BB12/BB13). Frankie says everyone in their season seems so young to him. Frankie says Rachel was one of his favorite players so was Britney (BB12,BB14).

BB16-2014-08-06 17-59-56-032
5:51pm BEEHIVE Derrick and Hayden
Hayden wonders if they should try and pull Caleb and Frankie/Christine apart. He’s got a chance of winning the HOH. Derrick doesn’t think they can pull it off they know Caleb isn’t coming after them and if they push it he’s going to side with Frankie.
Hayden says he found out Donny’s targets it’s Frankie, Christine, Caleb and Derrick would be the 4th one. Derrick – “I got time” He asks him where Cody is with Donny. Hayden thinks Donny will put Cody up only if he had to just because he has a excuse.. but he’s good with Cody .
Derrick – But he wouldn’t be the target Hayden agrees.
Hayden saying if it’s Double and he wins it he’s putting up Christine and Frankie that what they can guarantee one of them is going home.
Derrick agrees. If POV is played Jocasta goes up.
Hayden thinks that maybe Zach, Caleb and Christine planned bringing up the alliance two nights ago. Derrick thinks it felt staged a bit didn’t feel “Organic”
Hayden – Maybe they are trying to Trap you guys.. Because Frankie did tell us Cody was his target.
Derrick says Christine was not with them when Zach proposed the alliance. Derrick – She thinks she’s good for another 4 or five weeks
Hayden – you know CHristine she’s going to throw it ..
Derrick – She’s saying she’s in an alliance with us and she’s saying she’s in an alliance with you and if she wins she has to decide which side.. she’s not going against Frankie she’s going to go the way Frankie says
HAyden – SHe can do anything honestly..
Derrick and Hayden agree if it’s double evict and they win it Frankie and Christine are going up
Derrick – So if I win it and it’s double evit.. who do I put up Frankie Christine?
Hayden – thats what i’m doing
Derrick – OK OK

6:52pm Feeds have been off for the past 30 minutes

7:26pm Feeds still down
8:14pm Feeds still down

BB16-2014-08-06 20-39-33-490

8:40pm Pizza party is over

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The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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136 thoughts on “Derrick “I defended you.. If that was my daughter.. I would knock your fuc***g teeth out”

  1. I bet if Victoria by some miracle wins HOH she would put up Frankie and Jocasta heck production might just let her win one to change it up

    1. Production is paving the way for Derrick, apparently…so helping the waste of space he’s stringing along is certainly a possibility.

      1. that guy IS a waste of space. first he was an “undercover” cop (on national t.v…hmm??), now hes police sargent?

    2. How is putting up Jocasta and Frankie “shaking things up”?? The only person that’s a complete wildcard and would be interesting if they win is Jocasta. Now that would be exciting

      1. Putting Frankie up would shake things up because he has Never been on the block before and if he goes up, he better take himself off because he will definitely be sent home. The only ones to vote for him would be Ratine and Caleb.

    3. I don’t think we have to worry about Victoria winning HOH but I do admit she looked good in that Eve costume.

    1. I know three people personally cancelling their feeds once zach is evicted too.

    2. This is the one time I hope production has a hand on keeping ZachAttack or else it will be very boring without him. I won’t be watching after he gets evicted!!! Detonators my ass

    3. Let’s just hope and pray zach gets a chance to get back in!! Can you imagine everyone in that’s house face Tm if when zach got evicted the door was locked and they were just gunna do a fast forward week!! Shit would hit the fan lol

  2. I think Ratine’s husband and Derrick’s wife should call eachother so they can complain to eachother about their spouse’s in the BB house that are crushing over other houseguests. (Derrick wants Victoria and Ratine wants Cody). Sad.

      1. Please, just look at his body language. He came out o the HOH bathroom the other night, Victoria was the only one in the HOH and he got behind her, grabbed her by the waiste and tickled her. There was a screen shot of him laying in bed in his stomach and Victoria was laying on top of him. Obviously, you dont know anything about body language and chemistry.

        1. I agree Derek wants Victoria. Body language is there. As a married man he won’t act on it(Not on TV anyway). He maybe on a diet but he can still look at the menu. He’s human, we’d all be lying if we said we never desired/fantasized about someone other than our significant other. Whether it’s acted on is another discussion. I think this is a subject most couples wouldn’t even talk about, lets not be naive both men and women do it.

  3. Did ya’ll hear when Christine said, “Frankie better be gay because if not, then I’m in big trouble.” Well, Christine, you know straight up that Cody’s not gay, yet, you refuse to get off his d*ck!!!! You sad little b*tch.

    1. Actually, I’m not so sure that he’s not gay. He doesn’t seem to be genuinely attracted to any of the girls he just flirts with them as a strategy. Even when Brittney and Amber were in the house and he would be commenting about how hot they are, I dunno it always seemed fake and forced to me. Plus there’s how he has a huge crush on Zac Efron lol, who knows he might be gay.

  4. Only a real dullard is going to be convinced that Derrick is this nice guy he’s trying to play himself off as. Give me a break, he’s talked as much crap about the houseguests as anyone. He only wants Victoria around so he can string her along to final 2 and net an easy win. Cody, Frankie, and the rest are morons for not seeing this. This season took a real nosedive this week.

  5. lol. Did Zach just call Caleb a fruit loop dingus foolingan in his diary session. I will miss his antics soooo much.

    1. Lol. He probably did. When Amber was still in the house, I heard Zach call Caleb a Lovestruck Fruitloop Dingus Fooligan!!!! So funny. I will missssss Zack’s antics soooooo much. Come on production, pull a rabbit out your hat and save Zach some how!!!!

    2. Fruit Loop Dingus Busta Fooligan to be exact. lmao Wow, this show is going to suck @ss if he gets voted off. Especially at the hands of Squidward… or I mean Christine.

      1. I hope last minute twist to save Zach. I’m a big fan. He’s a harmless goofball. His antics are mostly laughed off by the others. He likes to be the center of attention, he is probably the clown amongst his friends. Can he rub people the wrong way? sure, we all can. Does he fall into a category of someone you can only take “small doses” of? maybe, we probably all have someone in our lives like that. The dude is entertaining and I give him credit, he is a college graduate.

    3. He did!! I just fell to the floor laughing. It was great. I’m going to miss that goofball, but if he were brought back in he would be going after Donny and Nicole (the only person to make anything resembling a move this year). So that would suck. They HAVE to bring him back for another season!!

  6. At least when zach gets evicted he will blow everything up… I REALLY hope he does that would make things so amazing and then have the double eviction right after lol that would be perfect.

  7. man that Zach sure has a lot of gayboy groupies hope they don’t cry too much when he leaves Thursday

    I bet Zach comes out of the closet to Julie Chen just too make sure he gets laid after all this is done

    1. Just so you know, homophobia isn’t a good look. And even if Zach does have a lot of gay fans, who cares? He’ll certainly have more than you ever will.

    2. so if someone likes zach, they must be a, “gayboy”? You’re offensive. Talk about the gameplay, talk about the players. Flinging slurs at other posters is unacceptable.

      1. bye yourself u self evicting from the OBB board

        FYI I am NOT afraid of homosexuals i.e. homophobic which in and of itself is a confusing word homo being latin for human and phobia being latin for fear. So I am NOT afraid of humans either.

        Hahaha I’m still here

  8. If we lose Zach this Thursday, I hope there are double evictions every week, because the excitement factor would be evicted with Zach.

    Jocasta on the love show tonight was ridiculous.

    Zach saying he was versatile would make Frankie’s day. Zach is too damn funny! Him on the live show plus feeds! Ugh how will I manage the rest of the season without him?

    1. Couldn’t agree more with your comment about Jacosta. While I don’t like the male/female disparity, that buffoon needs to be outta there!!

  9. BB is DESTROYING Christine with an edit. About time. Easily one of the worst edits I have ever seen in one episode. For the edgic fans out there….OTTN5

    1. Production hates zach, they’ve even been caught on the feeds talking about him during leaks in the production room. I wouldn’t be surprised if they convinced derrick and cody to turn on him. Yet again, Grodner and her merry band of idiots sacrifice what we the fans want for their own agendas. It’s no wonder people keep saying BB is going downhill.

      1. Production didn’t make Zach put Christine and Nicole on the block and insult them in the process. They didn’t make him ASK Nicole to put his own butt on the block. They didn’t screw up the dominoes, or completely choke during the BB Comics POV. He has dug his own grave and he blew multiple opportunities to save himself. Entertaining or not, he deserves to go home. Production isn’t going to fall in love with somebody who tells them to go f themselves every time he gets called to the DR.

      2. I noticed in the BBComicBooks They had a little saying after each one. Wow Derrick got the Golden Boy award for sure – “Just, like, an all-around nice superhero.” That’s what it said after his – So just cut him the check already …..Sheesh. I am not happy about this.

  10. If Jocasta was half as sassy and aggressive in the house and comps as she is in the DR, she may not be up on the block every single week….

    1. You call it sassy; I call it cocky. You call it aggressive; I call it ghetto. This lazy woman taking a vacay and using God to play (which means sleep and pretend to be sick), is no preacher.
      I would not take her seriously as a minister or whatever she claims with all that head bobbing and hood posing. Waste of space where there could have been a watcheable person.

  11. I think it should concern a lot of people that Derrick would react to a verbal statement with VIOLENCE. He’s a cop and if his response to people who just SAY something he doesn’t like is to KNOCK THEIR TEETH OUT or MEET THEM IN A DARK ALLEY, that’s extreeeeemely disturbing and should alert people in his town and his superiors.

    1. This will shock you, so please sit down before reading this:

      People lie on Big Brother.

      Shocking, I know.

      1. It doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be held accountable for how far they are willing to take their statements, whether they are lies or not.

        Look at Aaryn last season and her racist behavior. Look at Matt lying about his wife’s terminal illness. Even Dan took crap for swearing on the Bible. There’s a limit to what people believe is acceptable all in the name of playing a game. You can only hide behind that excuse for so long. Derrick still has a reputation to maintain back home, and if he were half as smart as people are giving him credit for, he’d be more mindful of that.

      2. You can lie and play the game without saying you’re going to knock someones f***ing teeth out. Please, that’s just an excuse. He thinks he’s sooo tough threatening behind people’s back. Pffft.

    2. Only balls that punk Derrick has is his badge. Take that badge off and his a$$ would be smoked. Just another loud talking cop who hides behind a badge.

  12. Watching tonights episode BMC is actually pretty funny, zach is the best I’m hoping he can somehow survive this week and boring people get kicked out aka jacosta victoria christine frankie… btw notice how Donny didn’t get one DR session… not much going on with the beard either

  13. ….forgot to add something. I hate how Derrick tries to justify his violent desire by saying ‘if that was my daughter’. Dude, it isn’t your daughter and you don’t look like a hero – you look like a cop who would take a ‘baseball bat’ to a guy to a guy for disliking someone. I hope he gets reprimanded for even making that statement.

    1. Didn’t he also mention that he wished he had a gun last week? I’ve had red flags going off about him since the beginning. My gut told me his ego and control issues were going to become a problem. Looks like he has other issues to be concerned about as well… I would find it difficult to be under the authority of someone with his personality…especially one who carries a gun and badge…

  14. What was the point of the big bravado talk with Victoria since Zach is going home? You already have Victoria wrapped around your finger.

    1. That’s what I was wondering for a second and than realized he wants to make sure she’s fully under his bidding He seems to know what to say to her and how to to say it. That half story probably fed into her ego and make her trust “big protective bruh (lol)” even more emotionally . Oh yeah and he knows Zach is going home no better time to make it seem like you have integrity and standing up for her I guess.

    2. That was for our benefit. He’s constantly campaigning for America’ s Favorite. He’s a little too slimy for me—constantly aware of the cameras and doing way too much acting. Cant wait for him to be on the block to see how he handles it.

  15. I was trying not to jump on the hate Christine train, but after watching tonight’s episode…

    Sweetheart, what Zach said to you was true. You are a floater (not that you’re the only one). You were doing and still aren’t really doing anything for your “alliance” than showing the whole house you have a big mouth. If you go in the second eviction, it really shouldn’t be that surprising. And The Lord said “let there be shade!” #shadingchristine

    1. I feel you Katie! I was trying my best to like her, but after how she acted tonight I’m so done with her. This season is ugh! Like the only people that should be in the final 2 at this point are Zach and Donny! Ugh!

  16. God I can’t stand Derrick anymore always talking about hitting zach and Derrick don’t forget ur always talking shit about everyone. Hope u get evicted tomorrow. What a Cop, always talking about hitting people . Idont know why people even like Derrick and Cody ?

    1. Cody draws in the same audience Jeff did…lonely housewives.

      Derrick is essentially a floater, he’s even proclaimed to cody they need to play both sides…which is the definition of a floater. People are kidding themselves into believing he’s playing a good game, even as he nails the coffin shut on a sure ticket to Final Five.

      1. He is playing a good game, a good floater game. Actually this season is the season of floaters, whoever can change sides subtly without people noticing is the strategy that most people in the house uses and Derick is the best among them.

        I just personally hate floaters, I’m missing Dani Donato and (even) Rachelle Reilly, they are not afraid of drawing the line and are not afraid of being a target.

        1. The way I look at it is that time will tell if derrick is playing a good game. He had a sure ticket to final 5…let’s see if he still gets there.

          And yeah, I hate floaters too. I especially hate people like cody and derrick, who talk like they’re big men and all, but they play the rat game. It’s pathetic. Give me a player like Zach anyday. He might lose, but at least he played with some heart.

          1. Well said. Zach did play it his way and I applaud him for that fearlessness. He will be well remembered regardless of whether you liked him or not. He’s one-of-a-kind fershure.

  17. I thought that Christine and Nicole would be a dynamic duo and run the game, but Christine kind of annoys me. She calls Victoria a floater, but Victoria has won competitions (1 on her own and the rest were BoB’s from what I remember). Is she a floater because she doesn’t have an alliance? Christine lies to Nicole, who completely trusts her (probably not anymore). It’s Big Brother, yes, but they both wanted to go to the end together. Amber had a chance to be in an all-girls alliance and after being recruited by Devin, she stayed loyal to the Bomb Squad. She then attempted to start a female alliance (WTF, too damn late lol) and got screwed by her own male alliance. Christine will probably be in the same boat. Was she ever on “Strange Addiction” or some other TV show about her nakedness? I thought she was on another show before as a quick segment lol.

  18. I can’t stand
    Cody the guy who cries all the because people talk about him. And zach efron wanna be,
    Frankie the rat, the only reason why Frankie’s picked because he’s Ariana grande’s brother. Wow
    Derrick the ugly asshole who thinks America loves him. Derrick needs to stop acting like Dan

  19. Still cannot believe that production will let Zach be evicted. He is ratings gold and they know it. Not everyone likes his Zachattacks but they certainly stir viewers up. Zach and Donny are the main attraction this season ( imo) and production will save at least one of them.

  20. How is putting up Victoria and Jocasta “shaking things up” exactly? That is all every Frankie wants to do is put those two up. Frankie is really clueless, and I mean really clueless. Either he is playing or he really sucks at this game.

  21. Best In Show: Christine
    Best Depiction of a Farm Animal: Derrick
    Best Ethnic Representation: Frankie/Victoria

  22. Anybody else missing Brittany? Smart, capable, and nice to look at – so much better than what we’ve been left with! Just sayin’

  23. Man I don’t usually like the frat boy metrosexual loser sissy boys in bb but zach was really good tonight. Entertaining and had me laughing the whole episode. I’ll miss him. This season needs Frankie or Christine out next because if they end up controlling the double eviction I will cancel my feeds period.

  24. Each new competition makes Victoria look worse and worse and her and Caleb’s diary room session were so scripted it made me wanna heave. She is really not cut out to be on TV in any capacity. BTW she really sucks as a physical competitor and if she had any intelligence she would know that Derrick was grooming her to be #2. Why is he the only one that talks to her? Doesn’t she wonder that?

  25. What Derek is employing is positive reinforcement and ‘bonding’. The reason why you feel so close to your family and your friends is because you share memories and ‘bonds’ with them. Every time someone says “Remember that time when we…” it gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling and you feel close to them and the next time you see them they remind you of that nice feeling and the feeling of ‘closeness’ gets stronger and you feel you like them more. That is what Derek does! It seems to us that he’s always singing on and on about Team America but it’s not that he’s stuck on stupid, it’s that he’s reminding Frankie and Donny of this bond AND he’s ‘associating’ himself with the money so that every time they see him it’s ‘Derek = 5K = Very Good to Keep Around’ in their head. He’s also using the ‘Lima Syndrome’. Everybody knows about Stockholm Syndrome, and the reverse is Lima. It’s based on the principle that in a hostage situation the best way for you as a hostage to stay alive is to form a bond with your hostage. Like “You have a tattoo on your arm? I have a son by the way, and he has a tattoo in that same spot too…” Tell them your name, talk about yourself, let them feel like they know you. People are less likely to shoot/kill you if they have to look you in the eye and if they feel like they know you as an individual. Then there is the “Us vs Them” tactic. If you watch Derek you’ll see every time he talks game to somebody he brings up something that he has in common with them. Like ‘the grandfather thing’ with Frankie, and ‘Team America’ with Donny, and the ‘daughter’ with Devin and ALL the alliances he has with different people because then he can go to each and say “It’s just us versus the rest of the house and we are the only ones who have each other’s backs!” and they like idiots form a wall around him and don’t realize that really the only person under protection is Derek. And finally, proximity breeds familiarity! So Derek has hammock dates with Victoria and every time he’s talking game (or being all sincere) to someone he goes right up into their space because the closer you are physically to someone is the closer they feel emotionally to you. It’s why when you have a crush on someone to get them to like you back you hold their hand and play with their hair and touch them all the time. Again, whoever is talking to Derek feels like they know him and he’s ‘so nice!’ and he’s their ‘friend’ and come on, you’re not going to shoot your friend (evict him) are you??? LOL

    I don’t know how they haven’t yet twigged that Derek is a cop! Every tactic he’s used so far is Psych 101 and the first thing you learn. It’s interesting (maybe not entertaining) to watch him stack it all up, but one wrong move and Derek’s house of cards will come crashing down. I really want F2 to be Donny vs. Derek, because Derek is trying to use cunning and Donny is the real deal.

  26. She’s going do do what she thinks is best for ratings as usual. No saving zach and pushing Derrick as dan 2.0

    1. LOL, yeah, and with people saying left and right that they’re done watching and cancelling their feeds, that’s really good for the show.

    2. Dan 2.0? Derrick wishes. Dan would have Derrick crying in a corner. Dan used his alliance efficiently, and never turned on them until absolutely necessary. Dan was a heck of a lot smarter with what came out of his mouth, when did you ever him make physical threats about another houseguest? Dan was also great about appearing morally righteous (reading his bible nonstop), but he never paraded it around acting like he deserved recognition for it, like Derrick does with Victoria. Derrick is a mediocre player at best, comparing him to Dan is an insult to the game.

  27. I have a theory and just wondering if any one agrees. Since big brother canada started we have mostly had new house guests in the US version. Do you think CBS is setting up a possible Allstars Canada USA crossover? With Allstars all being only players who would be playing for the second time mixed of the two versions?

  28. all I want is for Donny to be safe this hold week through double eviction please production please keep Donny safe this week

      1. No way! The Fruit Loops in the BB house will always be associated with Willie Hantz, courtesy Frank Eudy and Mike Boogie.

  29. Why is Jocasta so loud? Couldn’t production find a nice refined black woman to be on the show? Damn, for a supposed Minister, she sure is ghetto. Lord have Mercy!

    1. So talking loud is ghetto?! What if she said the same thing softly? Then she’d be arrogant or conceited? Damned if she does. Damned if she doesn’t.

      Please STFU

    2. Zach and Caleb are also really loud in their DR sessions. I think people just find them a little more entertaining. They probably turn the microphone up in the DR when she’s in there to further perpetuate the stereotype. People think being loud and rolling your neck = ghetto. Zach’s temper tantrum/throwing and breaking things during the POV is a more accurate depiction of so called “ghetto” behavior in my opinion. Sorry they didn’t cast a black women refined enough for your standards. I’m equally disappointed they couldn’t find some well mannered even tempered young men who respect women, personal space and property. I’ll guess we’ll both just have to live with our disappointments this season. .

  30. Oh man I cannot STAND Nicole and that whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny voice. Why does she have to extend the end of every worrrrrrrrrrrrrrd like that? And why does everything she say sound like a question at the end with that whiney voice going up all the time at the end of her phrasing.

    Did anyone notice Caleb’s mangling of the English language? A million prescriptions? He looked damn fine in that outfit and they surprisingly even showed some bulge action. I was still so distracted by Victoria’s nose to notice her even nearly naked.

    Derrick is a disgusting pig. And that’s a reference to his nose not his occupation. At a time when we are seeing cases of police brutality much more frequently you would think that he would choose his words wisely. I don’t buy that it’s game talk and its not the first time he has said anything like that. I guess when you feel you’re above the law you think you can say or do anything and get away with it. To make matters worse the hypocrite was badmouthing Victoria behind her back just a couple of days ago, and made comments with the same sentiment as Zach when he said he wanted to hang himself after talking to her in the hammock. Who’s going to be the one to knock out Derrick’s teeth? Even better punch him in the nose so he has an excuse to fix that snout. The more I hear his arrogant mouth rambling on the more I hate him.

    I am dreading tomorrow night. Jacosta’s phoney sassy DR stuff is beyond lame and won’t make up for Zach’s gems. They all think they’re so funny in their DRs and other than Zach none of them is at all. Donny is unintentionally sometimes but the rest are just lame.

    1. I feel Jocasta’s DR’s are totally forced. Its like they asked her to liven up her sessions because shes as boring as watching molasses pouring out of a bottle. It seems so contrived and I am so over watching her in there.

  31. If I even hear “I will put up Jocasta and Victoria if I win HOH” one more time OMG people!!! The best thing I have read(cuz I don’t have the live feeds) is to put up Frankie and Christine. Now that would be an interesting vote out.
    I guess Frankie is popping up in every ones conversations and its getting annoying. I am starting to side with the people wanting him out next. BUT, I still think is shouldn’t be Zach yet.

  32. I know its only me but I don’t really give a flying POP TART. I want Donny gone, I cant stand the way he plays stupid. Im sooo not into him like everyone else is. Thinking hes the greatest thing and oh so honest to everyone. I don’t see why people want him to win the game. Yet, the players who are actually talking and plotting and playing the game are the ones people don’t like? This Donny character sits on his fat ass while everyone else does all the work. THEN by some miraculous miracle , he will be sitting in the final 4 having done F*CK ALL!!! SO when you’re a popular floater its okay to float on by but if people don’t like you, you are nothing but a lazy floater?
    I want people like Hayden Cody Derrick Caleb (even though hes a fool he has been a big part of this game) to be in the finals. K maybe not Caleb but you get my point. I don’t want to see people like Maggie June Adam Oh excuse me, I mean Jocasta , Christine, Donny or Victoria in the finals.

  33. I don’t know why they didn’t pressure Christine to use the veto? They all seemed to want Frankie out so much but when someone who is supposed to be in an alliance with the people who wanted him out, she doesn’t use it. That should let them know right there that this chick has got to go because she will not have their backs. I don’t even know if she had their backs in the first place.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  34. Is Frankie hypersexual ? Is Ariana Grande supposed to be proud of his behavior? I find him desparate and disgusting myself, no other houseguest can say or do something without Frankie becoming ” aroused” If I was a guy in the house I’d be sleeping with my back against the wall. I don’t find Frankie funny; I just cringe instead. Say what ya want about Zach Attack, to me he’s entertainment and lol funny

    1. Do you think every guy wants to have sex with you or just the gay ones? What about all the girls do they want to have sex with you in your sleep too? You have quite a high opinion of yourself.

      Frankie isn’t the only hyper sexual person in there. Caleb wasn’t exactly trying to be Amber’s soul mate, he was being led by his lasso which is why he chose Amber and none of the other girls in there. He is still wearing his slippers and I don’t even want to think about what he does with them when nobody is watching. What about Hayden? How many times does he show his butt and how many times does he have to dry hump Nicole and try to kiss her? She keeps saying no yet he constantly does it. The other guys talk about sex all of the time and its pretty graphic too. I don’t condone what Frankie is doing but nobody has told him to stop have they? What about Derrick and Victoria and their flirting? God, the horror show baby that those two would have. And Cody and Christine? She won’t stop stroking Cody and he’s only useful as the gigolo. If you see what her husband looks like and based on what she looks like its no surprise but still, she is always touching Cody and she’s married. They are all hyper sexual not just Frankie. There are many reasons to not like him but don’t point out that one when most of them are sex crazed.

    2. I agree with you about Frankie. Completely desperate. He said something to Caleb about his shaved head like, calm down I want to have sex with you even more now. What? I’m far from a homophobe but I would have turned and just said “what did you say”. I think that would be enough and Frankie would get the idea. He’s that gay guy that thinks he can say and do anything without any retort because you know he’s gay and all. Disgusting individual.

  35. Its sounds like a good idea to have an All Stars with Canada and America, but it would end up being Canadians against Americans instead of good players teaming up with each other. The divide would be too strong and end up pissing more people off then them enjoying watching BB. Could you imagine the forums for that one? Look at how brutal they can be now with just random players. Lets just keep the countries out of it and stick to the All Star Players in their own BB land.

    1. The pictures that pop into my head. It could be billed as “BB North America- Last Man Standing.” The whole season could only last a week. The Great White North produces some hearty folks. Canada takes this one.


  36. Ahh I would love it soooo much if production helps Zach by finding a way to keep him or bring him back just to see Cody & Derrick’s faces!!!!! PLEASE SAVE ZACH ATTACK BB

  37. So a cop from New Jersey wins Survivor and now the possibility of Derrick winning BB. Will Amazing Race have the next cop winner?

    1. Who would have thought that Tony the cop from Survivor would end up looking better than Derrick on Big Brother. Tony was hated but still ended up with a respected game at the end of it. If Derrick keeps running his mouth he won’t have a job or a wife when he gets out.

      Someone else here was spot on, he turned into Devin, always talking about doing this for his daughter and voting out people in his own alliance. What a hypocrite again.

  38. I don’t usually comment on this, but I had a few drinks and well.. I don’t care if Zach goes, yes he is the most fun to watch right now but someone else will step up and be just as fun to watch. Just like Nicole is better looking now since Amber and Britney are gone. Ratings will not drop like some say. Donny has played the best game IMO.. I would kill to be able to be shut my mouth that much!! My gosh…He’s quite smart and it’s working for him!!! Especially for someone without a real “said out loud” alliance. I think he just might make it thru this DE. Well, at least I’m hoping.

  39. I think Nicole did a good job being HOH. This could have easily been a week where someone less important like Jocasta, Donny and Victoria went out. However, it leaves Nicole in a good position in the game, and has earned a bigger social status in the house because of it. As like most HOHs, she didn’t make it single-handedly, however Derrick’s puppet strings are so unnoticeable that the house will consider it her accolade.
    Christine is playing this game like a fool as it stands. She’ll need to win the 2nd HOH competition of tomorrow, in order to get ahead. It gives her more time to strategize and repair trust with others.
    I really don’t care if Zach is gone tomorrow, but it’s definitely better than clueless Jocasta leaving. It would be a true shame if Jocasta ended up being a jury member over Zach. Even if people fill Jo in on strategies inside the Jury house, she has no strategic eye in the game. One benefit though is that I can easily see Zach being too personal with his jury vote. Jocasta will accept she was played.
    Caleb’s game has definitely recovered after Amber’s eviction, and has ended up being the one I’m rooting for. Of course, he has to turn his hubris a little lower, and win more competitions. But as it stands, the target is not near him for most houseguests and I can definitely see him sliding to the final 4 at this rate.

  40. Here’s the transcript from tonight’s BBAD:
    Cody: Psst psst psst..
    Derrick: Psst psst psst
    Cody: Psst Psst Psst
    Christine: Psst Psst Psst
    Damn it, speak up people!!!!

  41. Frankie needs to go after Zack goes then Christine, Frankie + Christine = slime! If Zack does not go home (I hope not) Caleb should be next! I am just sayin

  42. Well if they flip in the next 24 hours to keep zach I thought it wouldn’t work and Nicole would break the tie to have him gone…but then I remembered Victoria and she will do whatever the guys do so therefore zach will be saved and christin (hopefully) or Nicole (possibly) may be the second eviction.

  43. Dam cody & derrick!!! The show was finally getting some fun into it & they had to blow it. Cant stand either one of them!!! PLEASE have donny or hayden win hoh. I wonder how long it would take derrick to pull them aside & try to weasel his way back in. Would love to see derrick & frankie on the block tomorrow night!!!!!! And then loose pov too. And hope derrick goes home!! He can go back to narcing to put food in his familys mouth. I hope this comes back to bite derrick and codys asses like a great white shark attack!!!!!

  44. Oh Derrick, you would knock someone’s teeth out?! Uh oh… you shameless hypocrite! YOU instigated the anti-women thing in the house! YOU fabricated lies to evict the girls. YOU ganged up with other ball-less male creatures in the house to go after each female character in the house. And now, all of a sudden, you would like to protect the honor of Victoria. What a despicable stinky bastard you are! #DirtyCop

  45. In what situation will people in general be happy with production? If they interfere people keep bitching how rigged it is. If they don’t interfere when the fans want to, they bitch that they didn’t interfere.

    I, for one, am enjoying this season of floaters a little more than last season of a-holes. Not the best season but we don’t have to see Amanda’s and Andy’s face every week.

    It doesn’t look to me like production is influencing too much this season (aside perhaps from some odd casting choices) so let’s just enjoy the ride; there will still be more entertainment to come even without beloved Zack Attack.

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