Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff “Cruddy puts his scabs in a plastic bag with vaseline”

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8:50pm Dani and Porsche Bonding
Dani talks about what happened in her season when they got down to 4 players. She says they got body paint and other random things. Dani: “I’m totally going to body paint Adam like a ninja turtle or a avatar” Porsche starts to talk about her plans after the show.. Porsche plans to stay in LA for a bit. She needs to head back to Florida for a bit to get her dog. She brings up that she’s dating someone.. feeds cut..

8:55pm Backyard Dani and Porsche chit chatting on the couch. Brendon, Team Bacon, Jeff playing pool When the feeds come back Jeff is saying to Team Bacon and Brendon “Cruddy puts his scabs in a plastic bag with vaseline” Adam: “For the record I do not do that”

Cruddy joins Dani they start joking around that “My Chest is Itchy” is a code phrase. Cruddy laughs says that next time julie chen asks a question he’s going to say “Well Julie I’m not going to you i’m going to show you in interpreted dance” He then gets up and jiggles around for a bit.

Adam says impersonating julie chen: “Well Adam how was it wearing a elf costume all day…” Adam conitnues as himself: “Why Julie I want to tell you but I would rather show you in dance” Dani wants him to do it says everyone will love it, “You would gain back all the fans that he lost tonight”

9:25pm Dani and Kalia

Kalia says everyone thought they were going to get threw this week without this craziness but looks what happened. Dani says it was because BR have finally realized that Brendon is going home. Dani: “The world revolves around them and they are not happy so if they are not happy we have to be miserable” Dani says can you believe Rachel was trying to call me a liar for what I out in my HOH blog.. Dani thinks it’s sick for Rachel to say that. Kalia agrees adds that the entire house (minus Brendon) thought Rachel was being insane.

Kalia: “i’m not hugging him or anything”
Dani: “oh if you do i’m going to punch you in the back of the head..”
Kalia: “donkey punch”

Dani brings up how mad she is at Rachel for doing what she did. Dani says she was shaking she was so mad and that’s not like her. Kalia brings up that Lawon and Jordan have been bonding. Kalia wonders if it would be a good idea for one of them to go to Rachel and comfort her. Dani thinks it’s a waste of time for her suggests Kalia does it, “Rachel wants me dead in life and this game”

Dani says she went to Jeff after the blow up and told him she’s gone out of her way to show him that the plan to backdoor him was not personal it was 100% game play and she knows she’s said some things to him and she apologizes for it. Dani feels that Jeff and her are a bit better footing now.

9:34 Backyard Cruddy, Jeff, Jordan They are talking about how rachel needs to get it together. Jordan says she doesn’t think Rachel will want to play after this and they will lose another number in their alliance.

9:37pm Brenchel emerges heads to the hammock

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I hope Rachel doesn’t wanna play after this.


You should add “Brendon goes home/Rachel follows voluntarily” to your poll.


This would seriously make me do a little happy dance. Make no mistake, I KNOW the feeds will be boring without them, but I just canNOT stand them and their self righteous, delusional ridiculousness.


As entertaining as they are to watch – it’ll be even more entertaining to watch them lose. I respect their competitiveness in competitions but I would NEVER want to see them win this game.

Kalia for life

no no buddy brenden is coming back watch and see. that why they pick thesr weak players this year so they can win

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

BBAD was supposed to be good tonight…..

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

She should cheer up and stop whining, she will see her bookie in a few weeks.


No because she will go to sequester :/

bb13 sucks

yeah she will, on TMZ showing his starfish to the real boy george and asking for his hand in marriage where they will later adopt a lil asian child give him cancer and figure a way to cure him

Kalia for life

no 2 days he will be back and win it watch and learn


ok ok. we heard you the first 50 times you said that


Rachel is product of Brendon 100% not matter what bullshit she does he pets her ego and feeds her treats, He’s a pussy, I bet if he told her to stop all of her shit instead of aww it’s ok we’re gonna get married some day, she would change. When she wants to go cry in the bushes let her WTF!!! Don’t go over there and talk to her make her see that she looks like a asshole. Rachel needs someone to set her straight, Brendon acts like he’s desperate as hell and he can’t call her on her BS.


LMFAOOOOOOOOOO I’m pissing myself right now.

Brendon: (to Rachel) I’m so proud of you. You know how many people have chemistry degrees in this world?
Rachel: (acting as if she has these stats stored in her head) Um, well, only 14% of the US graduates are chemists.
Brendon: … No, that’s not true. 14%? There’s no way.

LOLLL shot down immediately. Rachel is so stupid. She doesn’t think 14% of a population as large as that of the US is a lot? Last time I checked, chemistry did involve SOME math. I’d like to see proof of her chemistry degree.


perhaps we should demand to see her transcripts or Birth Certificate … sorry that was uncalled for *hangs head in shame*


Getting A BSc and having chemistry as your major is very difficult. She prb used up all her saving going to school for four years and has to work… not unlikely. A BSc is useless on its own you can’t get a job with it. SHe prb has plans for the future but needs money to complete her graduate degree/….again not a Rachel fan but give the credit where it’s due don’t just hate b/c


Maybe the BSc she has is a Bachelor of Sucking Cock


Somebody pass me a barf bag… Bratchel is makin me sick “I’ll be there for you, I’ll make your resume for you, I’ll do whatever you want” blah blah blah. All he does is stroke her ego and she sits there and all he says is “I love you” all whiny. Get a feffin life!! I thought BBAD would be all fireworks and blowups, but no, all we get is The Bratchel pity party!!!


Why don’t you guys do different avatars to represent the house guests in your pics? Didn’t you do that last season? There are sooo many good ones for these characters.


Ugh!!! I so wish I had BBAD! Waiting to hear of more meltdowns/blow-ups for Brenchel!


Im watching and your not missing anything, if i hadnt of read about the blow up on this web site i would never know it happened. All calm and polite now


Really looks like Shelly and Adam are going to flip on JJ…hahaha

Oh really?

What happened?


Was just joking they love each other they have a final 4 pact. just funny cause i was reading just a few hours ago how they might flip and vote out Jordan. From what i see on BBAD Adam and Shelly are firmly with JJ

Haha ok :)

I see, I’m glad about the final 4 possibility. I think that it would be interesting if it would be Jeff/Jordan/Shelly&Adam vs. Dani/Kalia/Lawon&Porshe and Rachel would be the next evicted houseguest. On another note though, If another houseguest comes back I hope that it’ll be Cassie since she was voted out primarily due to a personal and non-strategic move by Rachel. Rachel needs to go so that other more interesting things happen to the house outside of Brendon and Rachel’s drama.

I think that Brandon has stayed with her for so long is due to the fact that he might be worried about how she will react if he breaks up with her.


Also, that screen capture of Dani looks like one of those doctored photos where they erase the person’s eyebrows. Did she shave them off? She looks scary!!

cruddy's bitch

Brendon must be a psychopath…that entire exchange on the hammock made me wanna puke. I think Rachel is putting on an act to gain sympathy for next week…too bad she pissed everyone off before this performance. I swear to Christ if Team Bacon and Straight Shooter switch sides I’m gonna flip out. Thankfully if the rumors are true, Jordan will be back

Kalia for life

well they dont need to. they coming back in and winning it all. i betting my house on it.


Voting cassi back

Kalia for life

u can vote 1 billion times breden is come back even you he get no votes.


Shes getting my vote too…anyone know if you can only vote once or multiple times???


This is the last night of Cruddy I think. Gonna miss me some Cruddy.


And when she is upset he tells her not to get emotional but then he winds her back up by nasty talking other houseguests.


Next week: Dani vs Dom or Rachel vs Brendan to stay in the House, good stuff


Perhaps the twist this week will be a game of Rock – Paper – Scissors – Lizard – Spock to decide who gets to come back in the house … with all the batshit Craziness I have seen today …. wouldnt be surprised.


I’m actually starting to like Adam a bit more. I just wish he was a bit more “real” in his DR sessions. And I wish he’d cut it with the whole metal, hand symbol, scratchy-voice-screaming thing. It’s getting reaaaaally old.


Ughhhh! Could this BBAD be anymore BORING!!!! Geeezus!


Just jumping the gun on whats going on in the house right now. BR on couch with JJ/A/S and you can almost hear a pin drop. Brendon trying to rally the troops with the same crap about Dani being evil and floaters and blah blah blah. No one listening to him anymore no one buying his bullshit. It’s kinda sad kinda funny all rolled into one.

cruddy's bitch

I know Jordan’s eyes were completely glazed over.

cruddy's bitch

Brendon….you are a LOSER. Stop talking you arrogant piece of shit.

If Brendon does come back you know cbs rigged it yet again. I’m hoping Cassi comes back because if she does and Rachel is actually headed for a straight jacket, that should push her right off the edge deep into the canyon.


Brendon really should focus on finding a cure for stupidity because there is no way on this Earth that he will ever have the smarts to find a cure for cancer. Giving up half a mil for Rachel, the skank? These two are pathetic. I have to mute or change the feed when it is them one on one. Everything they whine about others doing to them is the exact same thing they do to everyone else. I hope this week is full of events to drive Rachel home. The only thing is, the new twist could keep her in the game if she has to battle someone to get a chance to come back into the house. At this point, I would almost like to see Jesse make a reappearance than to ever see BRenchel ever again.


Ahh me and Jeff’s brother share the same birthday, august 3rd! (Jordan was like “what do you think your brother did today for his birthday.”)


Well, Happy Birthday, Matt! Hope it was a good one.


Grandma… I think I love you…


OMG CBS has this sooo rigged. They have Amer Vte and depending on who is probably being evicted Thurs 8/11(Prod will know by Wed afternoon), CBS will have the two biggest rivals compete to comeback or stay in BB house. Dani or Rachel or Shelly against Brendan, Dom or Cassi in any combination. Loser goes home not to the Jury House. Amazing, CBS has got this wired the way they want the twist to favor, WOW


Dick is going to be on BB tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Everyone who loves Dom aka PT PLEASE vote him back in the house!

Tha Fuzzler

That’s Gross Dani you need to rinse your back! LOL


Dick come back & give Brandon a key! He wins comps. I don’t care about all the personal BS! You just win comps!


I wouldve punched shelly in the nose for sneaking up under the hammock like a little kid. I really just don’t like her.
You could see the annoyance on their faces too, they weren’t amused either


You know, I have been reading all this anti-BR venom, since Friday and all I’ve got to say, is that in th immortal words of Mike Boogie: “You people just don’t get it.”

Is brenchel annoying as hell? YES!
Is brenchel batshit crazy? YES!
Is brenchel arrogant? YES!
Is brenchel all of the silly names all you haterade drinkers have called them on here?? HELL YES!

And that, folks IS EXACTLY WHY THEY SHOULD STAY IN THE HOUSE! We’re trying to make a great tv show here, people! Who gives a flying sh*T about who you LIKE??? That’s not what this is about! Adam and Shelly are FREAKING IDIOTS for not keeping Brendon this week, especially after today’s pricelessness!!!KEEP THE BIGGER TARGETS IN THE GAME!! IT TAKES THE HEAT OFF OF YOU!!! This cast is D-U-M-B! Plain and simple.

Do I think Brendon is a douchebag? Of course. But when douchebags start leaving, show’s gonna start suffering, big time. And if you are a fan of BB, you dont want that. I think Jordan is great…nice, cute, sweet as pie. But you know what? A.) You already won th show and B.) you bore us all to tears…so gtf out.



YOU may think they make for interesting television but most of us are sick of having to watch the histrionics of two effed up people who shouldn’t even be there in the first place.

It’s not that we don’t get it, it’s that we don’t want it. I would argue that you’re the one who doesn’t get it.


You are right. I don’t get it. I’ve only watched every season of this show. Again, you are another one. It’s become personal with you. You don’t like them. But honey, without those histrionics, people are gonna get bored and change the channel. We’ve all seen it happen before. (Well, I have.) The dynamic. polarizing personalities get booted early and the rest of the season becomes unwatchable snoozefest, as this one will with Lawon, Adam, Kalia and Jordan.


This looks like Rachel will not play the HOH and voluntarliy out of this game. Just like chima all over again.