Big Brother Spoilers – Lawon about rachel “If looks could kill I would be dead she gives me the look like you mother f*cker” **UPDATED**

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10:00pm Backyard Adam, Shelly and Jeff They are talking about what to do if they win HOH. Cruddy brings up their plans to backdoor Dani,ht thinks the only thing that could go wrong is that dani gets to play for the POV and she takes Kalia down. Jeff isn’t sure if Dani will try to win the POV he thinks she might throw it to not make any enemies (not a chance) Cruddy adds if Dani uses teh POV on Kalia who do we put up against Lawon…. Jordan again? Jeff says no. Adam suggests Rachel or Maybe Porsche. Adam: “I keep forgetting about Porsche” Shelly chimes in says Adam will have a problem with that. Cruddy says he won’t put her up and they’ll vote out Lawon. Jeff tells him they need to first win the HOH then they can talk about who to backdoor. Cruddy says it’s going to be Q/A Jeff thinks it’ll be True/false.. They start studying, Adam rattles off basically everything there is to know about Big BRother mental comps. (Adam is a Big BRother Mentat, I hope that BB makes up some new comps) Adam suggests they always choose option B if it’s a majority rules.
Jeff leaves..
Shelly and Adam agree they have a final 4 with JJ. Shelly shoots straight and tells Adam that she wants final 2 with Adam. Adam says he was really excited about them going final 2 that he couldn’t sleep last night he was running threw every scenario in his head.. (ohh cruddy your going to get killed) Adam tells Shelly that no matter what they have the votes right to final 4.

Jeff comes back… they continue to talk about votes, Adam I would personally tell lawon that he’s just a pawn to get rid of Kalia and Kalia was trying to get them out earlier on.

Brendon and rachel joins them.. they start talking about the competition.

10:19pm HOH Kalia and Dani They are talking about who will be trying the hardest for the HOH comp. Dani says it’ll be Shelly, Adam, Kalia and rachel. kalia wonders if JJ will gun for the HOH.

Dani says tonight on the life show they would of shown the POV and the POV ceremony, “They show Brendon being the martyr and saving his lady from the block”. Dani asks what will she say when she votes out Brendon, Kalia:” It’s tough for me..umm umm… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know I evict the Neanderthal”

Lawon joins them says that rachel is walking all around trying to get us to feel sorry for her. Dani brings up that they use to call Brendon the “Sabetoe” in BB12. Kalia: “Why because his feet are disgusting”

Lawon: “I’ll be honest to y’all she looks crazy right now… She looks like she’s going to crazy” Lawon gets up and says when I win HOH I got something to say.. Kalia: “What are the disadvantages of us coming out with our alliance” (Jesus Murphy Kalia keep it secret) Dani explains that the need to keep things quiet, they are unsure about Kalia and Lawon and those 2 can still go out and gather information, “Be little spies”.

Dani brings up when Rachel came up to the HOH and started getting mad at Dani for the shout out on her HOH blog. When Rachel sat down on the couch she did that Rachel smirk (Yes I remember that hideous thing did it all throughout last year and on the finally) She told Dani How dare you for playing with someones emotions and how dare you for making someone in this house cry like you did. Dani told her to get the hell out of her HOH.
Lawon: “If looks could kill I would be dead she gives me the look like you mother BLANK”.

Kalia leaves to go outside with the rest of them in the hot tub.. Lawon asks Dani if Shelly is onboard to get brendon out. Dani thinks so but she’s not sure.. she thinks that hopefully Rachel’s little display should her that Rachel is a lieing crazy head. Lawon says he thinks Porsche is really trying to be Dani’s friend. Dani says she understands that rachel was nice to Porsche in the beginning so its natural that Porsche would of gravitated to her but now Porsche is trying to distance herself from Rachel. Lawon is worried that if Prosche wins HOH she’ll put up Lawon. Dani doesn’t think so.

Lawon says that right before Dom left he told him to trust Dani and he does..

10:30pm Backyard Brendon, Shelly, Jeff and Adam Brendon is going on and on about how they cannot let a flaoter win this year they have to fight and stick with Rachel. (This is hilarious because brendon would call Adam and Shelly floaters all the time) Adam says no way a floater is going to win you have to earn it to win bb13. Jordan joins them (oh heres another floater in brendon’s book).. Porsche and rachel join them.

10:49pm Backyard Porsche and JEff Porsche says she’s going to vote for BRendon to stay only because she she feels bad and told brendo she would. She doesn’t want Jeff to think she’s made at Jordan or if she’s trying to get Jordan out. Porsche doesn’t think Brendon has a chance to stay. Porsche: “It’s not his fault rachel is like that “. Jeff: “I need some pointers from brendon some calming words” Porsche adds that Rachel is sure going crazy and she’s worried it’s going to get worse. Porsche can’t stand to be around Rachel anymore, Porsche feels like her past close association with Rachel is a big hindrance to her.

11:07pm Bathroom Jordan and Jeff talking about how BLANK up rachel is. Jordan brings up that earlier today she went to the hammock after rachel had calmed down and told them that they weren’t alone and she’s there to talk. Jordan adds that Rachel did her little pouty face and BRendon said: “She doing ok now” Jrodan: “Like cmon really people” Jeff: “WHY THE BLANK DIDN’T HE USE IT ON HIMSELF… now we have to deal with this BLANK”. jeff brings up that he told Rachel she should be happy she’s in the house and get to play HOH. Jordan says that rachel is walking around trying to get everyone in the house to feel sorry for her. Jrodan says that Brendon was trying tell Jrodan that BR were not throwing JJ under the bus. Jordan: “Why would Shelly of lied to us” Jeff says she woulnd’t Brendon is just scrambling trying to cover their tracks.

11:14pm brendon and rachel talking about Shelly and shelly is creeping up to them..

Brendon: “I don’t trust Jeff or Shelly anymore.. they are so focused on winning”
Rachel: “Jeff doesn’t respect me”
Brendon: “He doesn’t respect women”
Brendon: “All these people fight for him.. they’re scared of his temper”
Rachel: “It’s ridiculous they are all scared of his BLANK temper”

Rachel says she can’t work with Jeff.. she scared of him. brendon you gotta work with everyone.
Brendon says he knows the way to win this game is to pretend our handicaped and just float right through. They agree that winning 500K isn’t worth what they have been thtough.

Rachel says they should of let Dick and Dani take the first HOH… They find Shelly sneaking up on them. Brendon is smiling, Rachel: “How long have you been there?” Shelly said she’s been sneaking up on them for awhile she wanted to cheer them up. Shelly starts to walk away (Everyone but Rachel is laughing)
brendon: “Thats so funny”
Rachel: “That so not funny she just heard everything we just said”

rachel tells him she plans on playing useless and see how far she can go. Brendon doesn’t think she’ll do it he tells her that it’s not her style. Rachel thinks she can convince the house to think she is pathetic without brendon and they might keep her around then she’ll play like heck and make it to the fianl 2. Brendon says it’s worth a shot whatever she wants she can try.

11:48pm Lawon, Kalia, Dani and Prosche Kalia and Porsche palyign chess

12:06am Jordan and Rachel Jordan is telling Rachel that she doesn’t have to worry nobody is mad at her she needs to work hard and try to get that HOH. Jordan explains to her that if any of them win HOH rachel is safe. She explain to Rachel that they’re alliance is strong and they can make it to the end they just need to focus.

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Tha Fuzzler

Lawon was cussing up a storm in the bathroom lol

Tha Fuzzler



I seriously think the BB house is making Rachel emotionally unstable. And it doesn’t help that Brendon eggs her on.

By the way, does anybody watch the Dick at Night show? It’s hilarious lol.


Yes. He’s already done three episodes, one of which was after yesterday’s veto episode. And he has past BB players on there as well.


That was a great show. I agree with Ronnie when he said that it would be great to have Brendon come back and go against Rachel to see who would win the entrance back into the house. Hey, at least then they could spend the rest of the summer in the jury house together. I think that is what CBS wants. I would actually love to see Cassie come back!


So I guess Rachel isn’t studying for the HoH tomorrow. Let’s see if the newbie’s can actually win something.



Rachel is faking it. She will try for the HOH, IMO

I really hope Dom comes back as well – if it’s Brendon, I will have to jump on the conspiracy-theory train

big d

I like lawon. I can’t wait to see killia kiss Rachel ass when Rachel wins hoh this week. Watch her throw sani under a 18 wheels truck then a train.


I honestly think she won’t do that. Kalia knows if Rachel gets HoH then she’s going up with Dani with Kalia as the pawn, unless Dani gets the veto.


I’m a new poster here but read the site daily. Rachel has swam to the deep end tonight with this “Dear Brendon” nonsense. Why does all the action happen before BBAD???


BR on hammock. I have entered the twilight zone. I have not seen anyone more delusional then some college buds that took too much 4way. They can’t b human. They must b on a different planet than other people. They r beyond help of any treatment our medical community can offer at this time.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If they ever bring back the Twilight Zone TV show, one of the episodes should be titled “Delusions of Brenchel”


Just when I ALMOST have a little sympathy for these idiots they start this crap. According to BR. They are ….
Great Human Being and Good people like them have no chance to win
Everyone in the house is a terrible BB player
They should have waited to do All Stars because Allstars are the only ones that are worthy of there game

OMG and that stupid ass plan for her not to do anything and just skate to the win because that’s how everyone wins BB Brother. True Competitor (meaning them) can never win…. is just CRAZY

I can’t believe I almost fell for Rachel’s “I’m the victim, Feel sorry for me” act. Douches the 2 of them.


tthat dear brendon shit on the hammock was some loopy….kinda nutty


How funny! Rachel says she is not gonna try and win anymore and she is gonna sleep all the time and then Brendon says “just don’t gain 30-40 pounds”… And brendon wants to bash on how Jeff talks to Jordan… Yeah, you have alot of room to talk Brendon.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Rachel says they should of let Dick and Dani take the first HOH…

Let? bitch they gave you that HOH, be grateful…. I got a right mind to think if Dani had not thrown that HOH to her she would’ve put her up , and got her out before the BS started


you know them right Brenchel would’ve have won this HOH shut up,don’y act like D/D are some big comp actually they just make a deal and that’s it but Brenchel were still holding with no pain in their parts checks your fatcs before you talk


Dick and Dani vs. Rachel and Brendon in comps is almost a joke. Dani had more wins in her season by herself than Brendon and Rachel had combined in their season. Throw in Dick’s comp wins and the numbers inflate more.

The first comp was a joke since almost everyone was throwing it. And then BR act like they’re fantastic at comps when the other HGs openly throw comps to them. It’s laughable.


Guy, are you okay, buddy? You sound like you’re about to have a breakdown. Try to relax and get some fresh air today, ‘k?


Rachel is definitately going to win HOH tomorrow i want to see all your idiots face let me guess comments after that


Why are you getting emotional? Just because some of us on here don’t like Brendon and Rachel doesn’t mean we’re idiots. And if she wins HoH good for her. She’ll be out the door soon either way. She’s going to make personal moves instead of a strategic. So I really could care less. And Rachel’s jaw is going to drop even lower if she gets Dani evicted and Dominic or Cassi walks back in.


remember there’s a Veto watch out for that remember this is big brother


Just like Dick said, Brendon and Rachel would be great if they weren’t socially retarded. They think they can win competitions and that gives them the right to be there when their not in power. But their social game is nonexistent. They isolate themselves and talk crap about people like they did today. You could win multiple HoH’s and Veto’s but if you have a bad social game you’re screwed.


If anyone thinks Guy writes like a person who made it into med school, I have a planet to sell them.


If there are votes to bring someone back in, I really would like Cassi to come back. Although Dom is the more entertaining personality, sending Rachel off the deep end would make for entertaining TV.


True, she was jealous of Cassi, but with Brendan out, there’s less of a reason for her to be jealous. However, you bring Dom back, think about it. Brendan is going home because they screwed Dani over last week by not trusting her, having Dom throw the POV and sending him home. But he comes back, all that was for naught, and Brendan still goes home and Rachel’s game is ruined. That, my fellow BB fans, is sweet revenge for Dom and Dani. And Karma biting B/R in the ass one more time.


The funny thing is if you watched bbad jordon talks still about being true and keep Rachel in their alliance(33 minutes into bbad) and brendon can do is tall shit about Jeff and that they are being backstabbed. Brendon keeps it up in the next day, Rachel will truly have no one.


I know! What’s funny is that JJ didn’t do anything that BR didn’t try and do. They tried to cut the same deal with Dani that JJ cut.


Exactly. Rachel needs to calm him down about talking crap about Jeff tomorrow in his speech because if he does then Rachel just lost the only people she has left.

Mary R

Final four JJ+ Adam and shelly unless twists changes it all up


BR made their bed by being so bipolar. (hope not to be offending anyone who is bi polar by saying bipolar… Though they make bipolar worse than it is). Btw. Wasn’t Charles Manson bipolar?


Rachel and Brendon on the hammock was absolutely pathetic… and they both went to college? Scientist? PhD? They both have a grammar school mentality!
She has some serious issue’s that need to be addressed… He is a complete and total wimp… All brawn, no brain!!
And they are trying to improve their image from last season? Wrong!

Shelly should have dumped a bucket of water on them… That would of been hilarious! And relieved BB viewers of their misery!!


Simon I know this is off the current subject of BR. Though, do u have a backside photo of porsche and and current backside photo of prosche. I really think she is putting on pounds. She onlys wears unlimited amount of clothing (the stretchy and loose shit)


I mean a first day photo and a current photo of her. Just came from darts and a little liquor. Let a word out above

The Meow Meow

“Dick At Nite” is funny as hell. Tonight’s show was great the original leader of the Brigade (Enzo) was a guest. BB needs more of us from an Italian background on the show.


Evel Dick said on Twitter today that when CBS puts the poll up as to who they want to come back into the house, he’s going to vote for Dom so that Dani could have some help!!! That would be awesome and good TV


The thing that sucks is that if Dani is the one evicted next week than she doesn’t have a chance to work with Dom bc he’ll be competing AGAINST her to get back into the house. For that reason I’m voting for Cassi. FIrst, bc I think Dani would be her easily in any comp and get back into the house and secondly, bc if by some stroke of luck she does beat Dani then I’d LOVE to see Cassi back in the house as it would drive Rachel crazy!!!


Brenchel thinks that they are the only ones playing the game, therefore they are the only ones allowed to win the 500k

Mary R

How many people make up the jury


my rachel’s going on!!


I hope Dani and Kalia don’t get caught


I do not think it is fair that houseguests (Dani and Kalia) are allowed to hide things. The HGs tried this last year, and there wasn’t even a competition about household items. I hope the production of BB is hip to this, and therefore will not have any such comps. I soooooooooo cannot wait for the HOH comp later today. I think it will be a Knockout or Questions type comp. My bet for the winner is: Rachel (if she can come back to planet Earth), Shelly, or Adam.


I would like for big brothe to have a show with all the houseguests that voted out the first week to see how they would have played the game


enough is enough dread i just want to punch rachel in the face


if the newbies doesn’t win HOH today it means that they suck because i don’t think Rachel had time to study


Guy, gonna cry?


seriously this show is not for Brendon or Rachel. They are competitors and people see them as threats. their social game is muddled. I feel sorry for them because they want so hard for people to like them until it comes off as condesending. I read the responses here and I find it atrocious some of the things said. Yes this game brings out the worst in people but to call people douche bags and other horrendous names it is uncalled for. No one knows how they are outside the house. everyone in the house is playing emotionally and Dani is definitely playing emotionally. You have to do what u have to do to get further in this game. So on a game perspective, They are leaving Jeff and Jordan in the game,,,Bad move. Jordan already one, Jeff won money. Shelly is not the straight shooter she wants people to believe. Porshe is distancing herself because the house doesn’t like Rachel. but watch if rachel jeff or jordan win HOH oh porsche will be besties with rachel again. I would neverrrrrrrrrrrrr go on BB because it brings out somethings in people that are not nice. Rachel seems like a nice person but she is just anxious and tries to hard. But I love that she is a competitor and wants to see the competitors get through. The newbies are doing what they said they would do. Pick off the vets.


I keep on seeing everyone vote for Dom/Cassi is this on the CBS website b/c I checked and could not find it. So is it for real or a random person screwing with us?


Your pathetic. You feel you have to spew your self righteous BS, when you are slamming those that post in here, you are essentially doing the same thing that you are getting upset about them doing. Instead of bashing on those on here that express their opinion, why don’t you go and pretend to have a life. Or better yet, you and Guy can form your own support group. Losers that love losers.


Dude, I can care less what your 40 year old ass can think. Get out of your grandma’s basement. “Pathetic” me and “Guy” are allowed to have an opinion if people like you are.


Truly. I would have a better chance of explaining what happened to my boxer, than Rachel. They both would have the same blank stares, except for the dog, he’d be trying to understand. In Rachel’s head its…”blah blah blah, mean girls, blah blah blah, everyone hates me, blah blah blah, ME ME ME, blah blah blah, Im right, everyone is wrong.


Rachel has some serious issues. It’s so pathetic how into themselves her and “her man” are.. I think Cassie hit it right on when she told Rachel that she didn’t like girls… Rachel is so insecure about herself and afraid that she will not be the center of attention and so she creates all this drama so she can go crazy and pretend that everyone is bullying her.


Hey guys can anyone give me the number or website that I can find it to vote diminic back into the house!? We are in serious need of a balancer if jeff and jordan still have roachels back after all this BLANK she pulled


Dominic I mean*


Fellow canadian simon how do I vote for dom!? LOL


I couldn’t care less if people defend BR – I just don’t get it. That’s all.

But even more so, I don’t get how you can bash commenters and call them lazy, losers, say they couldn’t win at competitions – that makes zero sense! If we’re lazy people with now life – then you are too. We’re all doing the same thing when it comes to being on here, reading, and posting.


I honestly haven’t seen too many people complain about those rooting for BR. What I do see is that a few of you follow up critical posts with replies bashing the posters who don’t like Brendan or Rachel. And some of it is nothing but frenetic idiotic replies like, ‘Well you’re a moron! Brendan and Rachel are the only ones playing the game and she’s having a breakdown and you have a black heart for making fun of her!!!’ To quote Shelly in almost every conversation she has, “Dude!” Calm down.

You have a right to adore Brenda and Rachel and bash the others and we have to do the same. But when you keep posting replies to our posts and include name calling what do you think you’re going to see in response?

To quote one of your favs – it’s not rocket science.


JJ said BR try to hard in competitions. It’s all the same.


Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly slithering on her stomach. How appropriate. She was in stealth mode as snakes usually are. I know she heard what they said and I’m glad she did. As I said, eavesdropping has been a lost art in these last few BB seasons.

And we all know Rachel is not going to be the shrinking violet. She loves competition (not that anything is wrong with that) and attention. No way she’s going to sit on the sideline and become the ‘floater’ she loathes. Production won’t have their ‘star’ being a wall flower.