Big Brother psychiatrist gets called in to fix Rachel, Brendon “F#CK JEFF If he wants to Backstab us let him”

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6:27pm team Bacon and Jeff Jeff is telling Adam that he’s had a talk to Brendon about campaigning for votes and said brendon did a great thing for saving rachel but he warned Brendon he doesn’t want to tarnish what he did. They briefly talk about the votes.. Adam says they only need 4 votes and they have them even if Porsche votes to keep BRendon.. Adam warns Jeff of Porsche says she’s trying to play both sides but it’s obvious.
Adam leaves.
Dani comes down says that she’s trying to get away from the game. Jeff says that there’s nothing she can do to escape this. She adds that game aside she hopes that her actions this week shows to them that she’s not all that bad. Dani adds that game aside she’s sorry about everything that has happeed she’s said things and she’s sorry. Jeff apologizes, says things were said and he understands where she’s coming from.

6:55pm Backyard Dani and her Dream team She coaching them on how to do question comps. Kalia is wondering that maybe Brendon and Rachel are acting thinks that there behavour is a little over the top. “Just 5 minutes ago I saw her straddling him on the hammock and moments before that she’s telling him she ruined his life” dani goes back to coaching them telling them to listen for Keywords in the questions and don’t hit the button unless yo know the answer take a breath then hit it.

7:15pm Brendon is telling rachel that he thinks that Jeff is a liar and that JEff has no trouble backstabbig people in this game. Rachel needs to remember that when he leaves. Brendon states that the way Jeff yells at Jordan is unacceptable and he feels if they get married then fine good for them but he’s not sure how it will work out. Brenodon says if he was Jordan’s father he would be waiting outside the lot with a baseball bat for Jeff. and teach him never to talk to my daughter like that ever again He tells her that he’ll never talk to her like that. (Jeff told Jordan to SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND EAT YOUR FOOD during a housemeeting/house fight) Rachel is scared that Jeff will talk to her like that once brendon is gone.. Brendon says go to shelly if jeff starts treating you badly she’ll help you.

rachel tells him she’ll be ok she just needs to focus.. asks Brendon to quiz her to prepare for tommorrows Comp. brendon is PISSED at JEff and Jordan.. he’s saying that at least the other players are straight up with them (yeah like straight shooter) he feels that JJ are nice to their faces but baskstab BR every chance they get. Brendon: “I ant to get away from all these people” Rachel: “nobody is on our side.. this house is leaving jordan be in the game.. they will win bb13 america will love it CBS will love it”

Brendon: “Dani is not going to make final 2… they’re all going to turn on each other.. if I go home I go home it’s not the end of the world” Brendon calls dani a miserable person, “theres no way on gods green earth she’s going to win.. I hope Deni, Jeff and Jordan all get evicted next.. and Lawon and Kalia in the end”.

7:20pm Kitchen Brendon is getting something to eat rachel is just looking around playing the sad victim.

7:28pm Havenots Brendon and Rachel Brendon asks Rachel what is she doing out there all she’s doing is staring at the wall. rachel says everyone hates her she’s sad, she doesn’t want to see brendon’s picture go black and white. Brendon tells her he’s getting worried about her he’s going to talk to production and get a doctor to take a look at her. rachel says she doesn’t need a psychiatrist she just needs to step away from the game for a but. Brendon reminds her she doesn’t have that option she needs to jump right back in. HE goes on and on about how they played the game with integrity and honesty and everyone else in the house will sell out just for a chance to win 500K, that is something they will not do.

Brendon says Jeff can go BLANK Himself I we wants to make deals with Dani after BR stepped in to protect him then so be it. Brendon points out that JEff will sell hi soul for 500K. brendon feels if that is the way people play the game then they shouldn’t be mad that they lost because that is not that way they will play it. Brendon: “We’ve been backstabed by dani and now we’re getting backstabbed by Jeff” Brendon says he won’t leave the house unless he’s positive that Rachel is OK even if it means they lose all the money and get removed he won’t leave her alone in this state.

Brendon gets called into the DR … Comes back says that the DR will call them once the psychiatrist is in

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I think it would be interesting if Cassi was brought back by America’s vote, especially since Rachel didn’t like her. Can’t wait to see what goes down tomorrow!


I would love that! Cassie could be awesome and people might scramble.


I think it would be great if it were Cassi too, it shouldn’t be Brendan because he’s talking about walking out on the game. He doesn’t need the money anyway…remember he is going to make a cure. Also, where do BR get off talking like JJ are so bad. BR backstabbed way more than JJ.


Correction – he is going make a cure AND open Mexican restaurant. 😉


what show are you watching ..


It will never be Brendan definitely Cassi she would deserve yt too


Why Cassie? She did absolutely nothing in this game. All she did was talk about herself all day and claim everyone was hating on her looks. I would like to see someone who wants to play the game come back. Love him or hate him, Brendon should be the one to come back, because I’d be interested in seeing the showdown between JJ and BR. I’m sorry, but the other houseguests are pointless.


Because it would drive Rachel stark raving mad!!! To suddenly be in the position where she may have to beg Cassie for a vote would be priceless.

I don’t believe for a minute that Rachel deep down really cares that Brendon is leaving. She did this whole thing when he left in their season and was perfectly fine as soon as he stepped out the door. This is all for show and it will be back to game on once he’s gone.


i agree. i like brendon and rachel becaue they keep things interesting. could you imagine if they weren’t in the bb house how BORING it would be….


are you an idiot. They are the worst BB players ever.


LOL I’ve read you comments before and why am I not surprised that you would want Brendon to come back. Carazy bitches love BR.


I want dominic back he is hot


agree it will be brendan, because who else left in their to target or make it interesting once they get rid of dani. i think brendan will be back and it will be jeff jordan versus brendan and rachel with dani in the middle.


nah. it’ll be Dom comin back. Dani gets her partner back, rachel snaps for good, and we’re left with a cast that won’t make you’re ears bleed when they talk/scheme.


Didn’t think of it that way. But maybe they never went home since they knew the twist was coming. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


i would hate it if that happened and i would know for sure that this shit is totally rigged.

i love dani this season….even if she gets evicted real soon she has been my favorite hands down. hope dom comes back and if not then cassi.


Quick question, if Rach does leave the game, the elimination still happens, right?

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I think so, especially since dick left, I don;t think they want the season to end a week early


i wonder what dick is going to say when he comes back tomorrow?


I saw in the screen shot America is going to vote out of the four evicted house guests (Keith, Cassi, Dom and Brendan/Jordan) and then whoever is voted out NEXT week will have to do a comp against America’s choice and whoever wins gets back in.


They said Evil Dick will make an appearance tomorrow on the show. I presume it will simply be an interview from his home (talking with Julie). I wonder what he thinks of his daughter’s game play so far?


if this is the case it would be nice to see a brendan versus dani fight to get back in


No DICK is coming back!


Vote for Dom to come back! Cassie is useless in the house and wont trouble the veterans. Dom would come back with a vengeance and is actually going to do a big move in the house unlike Cassi

Rachel Is Boy George

If anyone deserves to come back its Dick, he was never voted out, But i do see Brendon coming back because last thursday they made an announcement about being able to vote on a new twist, then sunday and tonight they don’t mention it at all, I think they were planning on doing the vote this week until they seen Brendon and Rachel go on the block, Im all for anyone but Brendon coming back, Brendon has no chance of winning a vote to come back so i think if hes chosen by vote it will be a rigged vote, he has a very small fan group


Dick can’t come back because he hasn’t been in sequester. Hopefully it will be PT because the others were boring.


they have brendan as leaving on the america’s vote and they haven’t voted to evict him yet

Big Sister

Simon, I just was on the cbs site and this vote a HG back is not there. Are you sure this is legit?


is there somewhere to tell cbs we want more of those mentioned nip slips by porsche?


I have seen that screen shot as well. IF it is real then it was released a bit prematurely because ummmm Brendon hasn’t been evicted lol. I mean we ll know he will be but the fact is he hasn’t. Supposedly the screen shot was taken from the CBS/BB site which is a huge booboo on someone’s part. There is a poll on Facebook by Big Brother Leak which is saying that Cassi has the votes (by the people who voted on the poll) Who knows what would really happen…but I’m almost certain that it would not be Brendon because the public hates him. Most likely it would be either Cassi or Dominic. I hope it is Cassi just so i could see Rachel get even more pissed off Muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

The other Jeff

Hopefully it will be Evil Dick!


I don’t think there will be a BR & JJ fight…. not now that is. Yeah they might be mad with each other but Jeff is going to remind them they are a team and final 4 and blah blah blah and now they are lovey dovey team again …which is going to be boring.

Bring Dom back, I want Jeff to know he dont freaking own the BB house…


if Brenden gets voted back in, it’s going to on like donkey kong!! CBS would love for Brenden to come back for the high ratings


please get someone back who can get rid of that whiney; pouty; pathetic Rachel! It’s getting so I am having trouble watching the show without nausea .. gag gag!


brendon and rachel cant understand why most of america dislikes them, all they do is bad mouth everyone, and show no class when they are not in control………if rachel is a nutcase remove her from the house, that way ya get rid of the two headed monster…..


i think everyone bad mouths everyone…just some are better then others…


Brenchel clearly live outside of reality!

On a brighter note…. BB is drama filled and finally exciting.


On one hand brendumb is worried about rachoes mental state and one the other he is fueling her anger and fear. They are both mentally challenged.
on another note, how many UCLA shirts does mr (wannabe PhD) brendumb own? Is he hoping they pay him an advertising fee.


I have 3 kids in college. My daughter in law school has had a few shirts from school. My son who plays a sport and was in a frat didn’t have every shirt the student store sold.
He may be smart but I don’t believe the UCLA PhD program is holding his spot open while he embarrasses himself on national TV.


he’s much smarter than any of your kids.


Why do we usually assume that people who hold PhD or Masters are pretty damn smart? I think it’s Tyra Banks who said about people being surprised she got into Harvard executive MBA: “It doesn’t take a lot to wow people when they have low expectations.” And Brendon is fully aware of that, otherwise, he wouldn’t spend his time flaunting his education like a badge of honor. I have degrees in both quantitative finance and law and people are always like: “You’re so smart” as if they were about to give me the Fields Medal. Yet, I know people whose GPAs were lower than mine in high school or college and they now hold Ph.Ds. They wanted to hold a Ph. D, they worked their @sses off and reached their goal. So, call me blasé but for one Brendon, they’re 10 people out there who could have been admitted into a PhD program, with tons of fellowships or scholarships and chose not to because it wasn’t their aspirations. JD, MBA, MSc, Ph,D, they’re just a bunch of sigles: they aren’t always a reliable indicator of someone’s smartness. You’d be amazed by the number of floaters in graduate schools.


I honestly see Rachel winning this HoH. Just watch. That way she will put up Dani and maybe kalia, Dani wins POV, then kalia or lawon is voted out. Then Dom comes back in. Then Rachel goes crazy again. Sounds about right to me.


if anyone comes back it will be brendan. i don’t think they will bring someone back that has been able to watch from home and plus i think brendan and rachel will annoy everyone and the house will go crazy.


Everyone voted out so far has been sequestered. They haven’t been watching the show.


If its up to America, I don’t think Brendon would have a snowballs chance of getting voted back in. The hours and hours and hours and hours of long drawn out drama between him and Rachel are just too painful for anyone. You can have the same drama from Rachel by bringing back Cassie or Dom and we don’t have to hear her innermost thoughts all day and night.


Evel Dick is coming back!


We hope so. Dick deserves a chance to renew his following. Love evil dick.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

You need you eyes checked then, Rachel will not be able to compete in this state, she gonna need a few days to get this out, but even if she do win HOH she will be out the next week, nobody in the house wants to keep her around especially now.


Why is he so angry with Jeff? Because he called them out on campaigning for votes?


Because Brendon was certain that by saving Rachel, Jeff would be up as replacement nominee and that Brendon would have a better chance of staying. When Dani didn’t do that, it was because Jeff “backstabbed” them. If it went according to Brendon’s plan, it would be Brendon v. Jeff on the block with Jeff getting evicted. Non-PhD student Jeff out-maneuvered Cancer-curing Rocket Scientist Brendon by NOT falling on his sword for Brendon, so that makes Jeff a backstabber.


Wrong. It was because it was apparent that some sort of deal was made because Jeff didn’t go up. The fact that Jordan went up was their proof that a deal was made and indeed there was. JJ have been plotting behind BR’s back. However, BR has considered plotting against them, but never did. The fact is, if it weren’t for BR, then JJ probably wouldn’t be there. BR won the HOH’s to keep the vets safe. That’s another reason why Brendan is pissed. I think BR was stupid for not getting JJ out sooner, but oh well now JJ or someone like Lawan or Kalia will win. I believe this is what America wants to see.


Sorry, but I don’t think that’s it either. No deal had been made until after Dani decided to keep the J’s safe. Dani said she wasn’t after them and Jeff said, “If you do what you say, we’ll return the love next week by not putting you up if we win HOH.” Brendan was fine all week until the little nagging gnat known as Rachel got his ear and kept insisting a deal had been made. It wasn’t until yesterday that Brendan was pissed and it was all because of Rachel. She gets all wound up and isn’t happy until she gets Brendan and others just as wound up.

But those of us who know Rachel’s m.o. predicted this. She’ll step up her griping about Jeff today, and if Brendan goes home she’ll confront Jeff saying something like, ‘we kept you safe and you stabbed us in the back by making a deal. I WILL win the next HOH for Brendan.’ Or something to that effect.

It’s not hard to predict what the drama queen will do – it’s not rocket science….lol. And again – I predict she’ll be a fierce competitor ‘for Brendan’ which will be proof that these antics of hers are not her having a break down.


BR went up to the HOH to cut a deal with Dani after JJ just made one. Both sides were looking to make a deal. Perhaps if they had had better timing, they would have gotten it first :-). It certainly wasn’t because BR was so “honorable” and didn’t go that route. They were perfectly willing.

The real issue BR had though was they got so nasty with Dani and Dom at the house meeting and really made it so personal. Its baffling to me how they have played the game before and still don’t realize that the person you piss off today is the person that is deciding your fate tomorrow.


i mean seriously a doctor, because someone is leaving? You’re not going to jail or even dying. She acts as if she won’t see Brendan ever again. or is it she’s worries who brendan will be with once he’s out? These two really need to leave each other alone.


I think Brendon and Rachel should be thanking their lucky stars that ED had to leave the game so early. Had he stayed in the game, they might’ve been calling for a psychiatrist a whole lot sooner…


Oh, no question! How much more dynamic the house would have been if he remained in the game!


Probably so. It would’ve been interesting to see the dynamic of the house.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I feel sorry for that Psychiatrist’s ear.




Who will shelly vote to evict?


I think Brendon. Shelly loves Jordan, don’t think she’ll vote her out.


OMG! Are you serious, Brendan is not going to leave Rachel in the house in this state….did they forget this is a game that they volunteered to play? This is getting ridiculous! And, he is saying how bad Jeff talks to Jordan, he talks the same way to Rachel and all the other HG’s that is why they wanted him out! I don’t know if I can watch this if Rachel continues to be a 3rd grader!

Mary R

Why he is so mad at jeff

Mary R

Jeff should not of said that but what Jordan was saying did come back cause dani told racheal about what Jordan said and held it against her… And Jeff saw that it could be used like that.. Don’t you think simon


Can you explain what you’re referring to? What’d Jordan say and how did Dani hold it against her?

Mary R

Jordan said about when juile asked her about back door plan of BR …. Dani told racheal see Jordan was going to back door guys too


And Jeff did later apologize to Jordan for saying it and said it shouldn’t have come out like that…


on a unrelated topic speaking of nip slips whats going on this season did the vets coach the newbs on how to change properly well obviously jordan didn’t do any coaching but damn wheres some nude action

The Meow Meow

Brenda needs his a$$ kicked first off. Secondly, FINALLY someone gets Rachel some help. How the hell did she pass the psych evaluation to get on BB? I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be crazy YO!


Its a reverse psyche eval – the worse you do the better your chances are of getting in!! LOL Look at Chima – how the heck did she get in? Or Lydia?


I think that what people need to consider is that the fact that a psychiatrist was called,that leads to questions of liability concerning safety of this production. At this time, I don’t think it too far fetched that Rachel will leave with Brendan. Money issues seem to be a recurrent theme with these two, if Rachel did leave; it could be with a monetary settlement and a very sympathetic outgoing edit. I’m remembering Chima, I always have thought that she should never have been on a reality show of any kind. The woman was raped and almost murdered by a serial killer, there are bound to be psychological difficulties even for the strongest of victims, which I think Chima was. But, I am at heart a cynic, and while watching last nights show, I couldn’t help but feel BR are acting, if they are they overplayed their hand this time.


america WILL NOT vote brendon back in …..however i wouldn’t be shocked if CBS puts him back in


I agree 100%


I’m not so sure about that. Brendon back in is allot of drama, makes for good TV!!! America may want the drama, who knows. How can you say what everyone else may want. You can’t say America won’t vote Brendon back, they just may.
It’s not like the choices are very good.
If Brendon would not have lost it this week he would have been a good choice, in my opinion. But he’s lost it now. If Dominic comes back it would be too one sided. Cassie may be a good choice, but Keith only want’s to be on tv, not play the game.

So only time will tell who the Fans vote for.


I completely agree. Some people want to see some sort of showdown with Rachel and Cassie, but for what? That little dispute they had was nothing. I don’t know what people define as a fight, but that wasn’t it. Out of the people evicted, Brendon would bring the most drama. Whether you hate him or not, that’s what people want to see. On all the boards, what are people always talking about, Rachel and Brendon. If you don’t want him to come back, stop talking about them constantly.

Also, I recall people saying that no one would want to see BR back in the house for BB13. That may be the case, but you still watch the show. The reason is because you want to see them fail. Love them or hate them, people are watching to see them fail or see them succeed.


I disagree, at least for me… I can’t stand them period.I don’t want to see them ever. I don’t care if they succeed or fail. I watch the show because I like the show. they just happen to always be in the middle of everything. I’d love not to talk about them, but seeing as how CBS shows 35 minutes everyshow of them fighting, crying and making up, i have no choice.

and to whoever above posted America might not vote Brendon back but I’m sure CBS will…. couldn’t agree more. it’s like America really wanted to see Dani in a bikini over Porsche…. (sarcasim)


Keith – lots of feed time watching him watch himself. He is one creepy guy! And he is a deacon for a church!! I don’t know what kind of creepy church that is but I would be running.


If B/R isn’t broken up with an eviction tomorrow. It’s lights out for me. I’ll skip the rest of this season. Not gonna watch this crazy train all summer. I’ll come back at finale night.


yea right, you’ll keep watchin


Ha ha ha!! So true!


Yea right i think your on crack


I wish the other houseguests had something going on because they just sit around and do nothing. Brendon and Rachel are good tv. They drive me crazy but at least they are doing something unlike the rest of the houseguests who are just laying there.


So true.

Big Sister

Did you notice that they started the show by showing Rachel’s fall once again?? Her instability would make anyone other than Brendon rethink the whole marriage idea. What will happen if she doesn’t win HOH? I think she really scared him today.


LOL! after the fall happened, I IMMEDIATELY had a feeling that that moment would be the beginning of the following episode right before they do the names of the houseguests and the theme song (that’s usually when they have like a funny line or a funny moment) and I was so excited to actually see it happen. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed that moment hahaha


That falling moment would’ve been better if it would’ve happened a few steps later cuz she would’ve toppled right into the hot tub! Now that’s some funny shit!


The funniest thing about that fall was that it looked like Rachel was deliberately running between Jeff and Jordan to interrupt their conversation – as though she wanted to make sure she was getting their attention. She could have run around the deck, but no, she had to run between two people trying to talk.


Rachel is in no way “playing the victim”! That’s so crazy.
Obviously, she’s right about no one liking her. Jeff and Jordan, have no problem with backstabbing them – SHE’S RIGHT ABOUT THAT.
She’s not playing a victim – she truly is being bullied by the house and really, they’re only doing it because they already know how much AMERICA hates BR, so they would get praise from bully her.

These people didn’t get selected, just because!


You are just as delusional as brendumb and rachoe.

She's a looney

You are truly insane yourself if you dong think she’s nuts. She flipped out on Dani for writing something in an HOH blog when she did the same thing last week. America wouldn’t hate her as much if she was always like this, unfortunately for her, she is only like this when things aren’t going her way. She’s a lunatic and needs to be escorted straight out of the house and into something that looks exactly like the Have Not room!


Oh come on. She asked for it. She attacks the others and then puts her lip out and stomps. It is her actions that cause people to feel that way about her. I just watched her stomp when she lost the Veto.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

That didn’t make any sense.


Totally agree with you, Water. Contrary to what people think, there are a lot more people supporting BR. Everyone does hate Rachel and she does not bring it all on herself. People hate on her because they know America hates BR, just like people in the house love JJ, because they know America loves them. If people hate Brenchel soooo much, why do they constantly talk about them on here and in the house. Maybe the rest of you are delusional, so caught up in America’s golden couple, that you can’t open your mind up to supporting others on this season. BR may not make the best decisions and they can sometimes act a fool, but who the heck cares. Their on TV, don’t you want to see some craziness or do you just want to watch people look at spiders all day? If you watch BBAD or the live feeds, you’ll know what I mean by the spiders.


Ummmm, actually in the beginning everyone was saying that they liked Rachel so much better this season. No one in her season or this one started out not liking her. That came once we started to see what kind of person she is and what kind of character she has. Golden Rule: Treat others like you wish to be treated. That is exactly what has happened here – she is getting treated like she treated others but apparently she thinks that treatment is pretty shabby and it makes her angry.


It won’t need to end a week early now that dick is gone. There won’t be a need for a double eviction unless of course someone comes back soon. I wonder if they are waiting to see if Jeff is sent packing so they can save him again


Whatever. Same bull crap, different day with B/R. If you don’t agree with their antics then you’ve turned on them. Brendon can be mad all he wants, he going home permanently. America will never vote him back in.

If America votes anybody back in it will be Dominic. Dick is already campaigning to get Dominic back in the house.

Fed up with JJ

Oh please Jeff treats Jordan like crap and its ok cause they are Americas sweetheart. Jeff needs to pull it together you dont treat her that way. And just for the record America does not hate BR some peopledont like them and some people do. I am one of the people who do like them. Team BR


Jeff does not treat Jordan like crap. I’ve seen a lot of instances of him telling her that he’ll support her decisions, etc. So what if he snapped at her once or twice? That happens in all long term relationships. Not saying that JJ is perfect, but I don’t think it’s at all fair to accuse him of treating her badly. They are normal. BR, on the other hand, are constant drama. Brendon is a constant pendulum swinging between putting Rachel down and sweet talking her. They both have some serious emotional issuesto deal with.


Do you know brendumb cheated on rachoe by masterbating on the internet to another man who he though was a woman? Google it.

Kalia for life

im for you team BR and just to let you there (cbs) are bring him back


I agree with you on Jeff’s attitude towards Jordan. He’s way paternalistic with her and I have always suspected him to date her because from an intellectual standpoint, she can’t challenge him.

With regard to BR, I am not on their side (I’m on team Dani so far) but it’s good to have some of their (mature) fans here. It balances the discussions. May the best player win BB13!


Like Jeff is the sharpest crayon in the box!



Right!! LOL I think Jeff and Jordon are equally matched on intellect.


He’s not a brain but Jeff is definitely smarter than Jordan and keeps up with current events, etc. This is not a criticism of either group, but in Chicago his speaking pattern would be considered ‘south side’ or ‘blue collar’. Think of the Bears super fans on SNL and the way they spoke. That’s Jeff.

Or as Mike Ditka, the old Bears coach used to say, he’s a Grabowski. (that’s Mike Dikka to the Super Fans)


I also like B/R they make the show worth watching. We shouldn’t judge people in this, it is a game and we don’t know what it is like to be locked up together like that. Especially if you are all kind of the same personality in a competive way.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Brendon says if he was Jordan’s father he would be waiting outside the lot with a baseball bat for Jeff. and teach him never to talk to my daughter like that ever again



Also more evidence of how f-ed in the head Brendon is.


Rachel and brendon both nutjobs!! And I think brendon should be evicted and Rachel should be removed from the game that girl has some serious issues!! And Brendon is one to talk about how to treat ur girlfriend flippin controlling possessive obsessive CREEP!! I Love JEFF and JORDAN!! U can tell Jeff truly cares about Jordan the only reason douche bag oops I mean Brendon talks shit about Jeff and Jordans relationship is cause he just wishes he could have that too!! Anyways Brendon and Rachel are awful and they both need a little psychological help!!


Now brendon wants kalia and lawon (the floaters – at least that’s what BR has been referring to them as) to make it to the end? I love how they want floaters out and competitors to make it to the end until they want revenge on someone, then it’s a whole new game.
What did Jeff do so wrong to BR that is making Brendon so mad? To me it seemed like Jeff was trying to salvage Brendons image by telling him not to tarnish his act of selflessness by saving Rachel and salvage Rachels game by telling her she needs to calm down and play nice. What am I missing here?


Nothing. That is how br act when they feel desperate.


Jeff snapped at Jordan sometimes during their first season, too. He doesn’t talk down to her, though, or go crazy for no little thing. Jeff and Jordan have a normal relationship. Brendon is seriously emotionally abusive to Rachel, she seems a lot less emotionally stable than last year, and he’s been pretty nasty to her during some of their fights. Jeff has faults, like everyone does, but I think he and Jordan seem to have a very good relationship. Maybe Brendon just thinks something is wrong between them because they don’t have giant blow out fights every other day. I don’t think BR could survive without a ton of drama.


Why wasn’t their fight shown on T.V?


Who’s fight? Jeff and Jordan haven’t had a fight, I think he snapped at her once and then apologized later. Brendon and Rachel’s fights make it on tv because it happens all the freaking time.


run Brendon,RUN


If Rachill is faking this breakdown she’s crazy. If not she’s crazy. Any way u view it she needs help. I think she wants out n would rather b considered crazy than a quitter


Brendan needs to run until he hits the ocean….then start swimming…..


I’ve been thinking the same thing about those two. The only honest thing Rach has said through-out this whole season is when she told Brendon she would ruin his life. That is a fact he should run far and fast or he’ll spend his life babysitting an unemployed trainwreck who’s life’s goal is to be in the spotlight 24/7, but doesn’t have the confidence or the mental capacity to make anything of herself. My 2 year old grand-child behaves better than she does and I have seen her make some of the same faces when she doesn’t get her own way. If I were her parents I would drag her outta there you know they have to be humilated by how she acts on national tv.


btw, PLEASE let it be Dom!


Production will set it up so brendan comes back. No doubt. They need villans in this game. The other houseguests are just too boring. Adam might be the worst ever…he literally adds nothing to the show. Even his goofy antics look forced.


Observer where did you get this. It is not on the CBS site as you imply. Did you hack their server to get this?


Sorry Observer, I found the other spoiler site that published the ‘Vote’. Next week’s Evictee could be Rachel or Dani playing against Brendan or Dom. Now that is a twist to look forward to. Thanks Observer.


Its fake, the fourth is already on there and brendon isnt out yet


But it’s only a matter of hours now! Yay!


No, I am not hacker (I wish, I would get in if they do have a vote and stack them up for Dom, he makes me laugh).
I just found it by googling “Vote Dominic to return to house, BB!3”. Everyone kept talking about a vote and screenshots so I wanted to see if I was missing something, lol. I don’t know if it is fake or not, I just wanted to post it so people could see what was being referred to.

And as for Brendan being on there already, they explained on that site that CBS possibly jumped the gun on posting it and likely had his pic up because they assume he was going to be out.
In any event, I hope they actually do this, I want to see some of those smug bastards get shook up by an old ally returning..


i think rachel and dani should kiss. that would send america into a tizzy.


Vote Dom back everyone!


No thanks! I’d rather see Evil Dick or someone else like Russell. hee hee

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If Rachel is truly this unstable and if it’s not fake then I honestly feel sorry for her. She should not be in this house because it makes her look insane and crazy. I think outside of the house she is probably a lot more normal. She is still human and I feel sorry for her.


GMAFB get rid of these 2 juvenile idiots already! As if there were any doubt, I am referring to BR.


In season 12 didn’t they interview Brendan ex fiance and even.she said that Brendan was controlling. Rachel definitly is the major cause of the negative drama in the BB house but Brendan definitly enables her.


When they interviewed his ex fiance i actually felt bad for him. I thought that it was a low class move at the time by cbs… Now I totally see that guy she was talking about by his action / demeanor this season.


I know I’m in the minority when I say I’m not much of a fan of dom.


Not at all. I didn’t like him either


I’m not a fan either.


Seriously I’m not huge fans of brenchel but I come on here everyday and read all the updates. Well the thing is I see hypocrisy from everyone in that house and in the comments on here. Dani lies and says she wasn’t making deals when she spoke to b/r. But she had just made a deal with jeff. Kalia and dani bash them in the hoh constantly. And almost everyone on this site bashes them but never calls out anyone else. They are constantly discussed. Do any of you really think Americas choice has anything to do with it? Please brendon will be back.


You are right but I’m never hypocritical. I hate them straight up. She is truly trash and has no class



Can't stand it anymore

It is truly sad about Rachel. She did and is having a nervous breakdown. CBS and BB should remove her from the game. This just isn’t a normal meltdown. No money is worth this. And shame on Brendon for not immediately taking her to the DR and get her taken care of and removed from the game, for her own good! Brendon is enabling her and his way of settling her down is to agree with her so she can come back to santity. However she has already jumped over the edge and once you stepped off the cliff there is no coming back. If BB does bring Brendon back into the game after being evicted, BB is just as sick as those two! I will lose all respect for BB. They encourage the train wreck and sit back and let this all unfold. If I where her parents, I would be on the phone with BB and threaten a law suit! And tell Brendon to go to hell.


If this is a nervous breakdown then Rachel had about six of them last season and should have been removed then.

Oh, guess it’s not a nervous breakdown – it’s just Rachel being Rachel – major drama queen and master manipulator.

Can't stand it anymore

This is her worst breakdown. She has never called herself a loser and can’t do anything right before. If you watch the feeds when they are on the hammock and she goes into great detal about their personal life after BB. They should have never come back into BB. But I’m sure she thought she good redem herself. It’s no longer about the game, but now it has impacted her life outside of BB from season 12 and now after this, she will be impacted even more then before. It’s not worth someones health. She is clinically insane!!!


I didn’t like dom


What we are seeing in Rachel’s behavior is simply Rachel whipping out her bag of tricks. She is a master manipulator and is as predictable as sunrise and sunset. When she gets her way, she is loud, arrogant, and condescending. When she does not get her way she goes into victim mode. Rachel is not well and may even need to be on mood regulating medication. She has unrealistic expectations and devotes herself to convincing the others that they should play the game only in those ways that benefit Rachel and Brendan. No one is allowed to be in it to win for themselves. Her personality overwhelms Brendan to the point that, in her company, he has no sense of personal boundaries. He cannot differentiate between her pain and his own. It goes beyond empathy. He could be having the best day ever, but if she is feeling victimized, or sad, or angry, etc., he takes it on as if it were his own feeling. In time, even if they go through with wedding plans, she is bound to wear him out. She is very high maintenance and he will never be able to fill the bottomless pit that constitutes Rachel’s emotional needs. She needs help he can’t provide, no matter how smart or well-educated he may think he is. He is her co-dependent and is operating under the delusion that he has the tools to mold her into his fantasy wife. And since they are in the public eye, it is that much harder for Brendan to admit he is in over his head. It is too much of a blow to his enormous ego. Brendan never seemed to have such a sense of entitlement until he hooked up with Rachel. He was somewhat pompous, but he still knew how to blend in and act like regular people, with realistic expectations.


Well said and I agree.


Agree this is definitly a person with some issues. No longer want to make fun of her.She needs help


She is not a master manipulator shes unstable that’s the truth, it’s not any “game” tactic how could it help her any way she’s just a crazy bitch.


The comment about the Rachel and Brendon’s relationship is way on track. Something is really wrong with Rachel and she does need some serious mental health intervention and counseling. She shouldn’t be there– personally I would start hiding the knives. I think she is so out of her mind with grief and other assorted mental health issues that she is not in control of her emotions and her actions. If I were production I would seriously worry about someone getting hurt physically from one of her outbursts.


Well, I don’t know about Rachel but watching her makes me want to take an anti-depressant. Brendon has he’s own way of releasing pressure……..if he leaves, I’m sure he’ll be singing, “Tweet, tweet, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.”


i miss your comments they are so wise!!!!!!!


Thank you, Crazy. I am really having a hard time getting into this season. I kinda had my fill of BR and JJ with their own seasons. Oh well, it took me to the final 3 weeks to have a favorite last year. And, that was the first time I picked a winner!


Well said!!


The compete clause in the returning houseguest will be fun. If Dom gets the vote, then I’m hoping Dani gets evicted next week and those two have to fight it out to get back in. Next thursday should be pretty awesome.


nooo…i want them both to be in…i want to see more D&D


I think Brendon made a huge mistake watching last season after he was in it. Have you all noticed how paranoid they are this season? They think there is another brigade in the house and everyone is out to get them like last season. I think it would be funny if Rachel got her shit together after he left. Brenda has corrupted her. Last season Rachel at least had fun and did what she wanted. This time around she has been told constantly Rachel if you do this people will make fun of you. Last season nobody liked you remember. You can’t trust anyone but me. I think any woman who dates Brenda would need help. Glad hes leaving and I hope we never see him again after this season. And I am not making excuses for Rachel either I think she would be difficult to live with and is very insecure but Brendon just makes it worse.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

RIIIIIGHT she’s just acting, y’all make up the dumbest shit ever, the women is insane it’s been proven for 2 whole season, it;s not an act this is how nuts she is.

BB King

All CBS cares about is ratings. Cassi and Dom are not ratings material. But Dick and Brendon are so it might be one of them. I don’t think Dick will come back though.


This is so awesome!

Mary R

Can they fake that voting screen


A friend told me that there is a similar poll on facebook right now (brendon in the lead by a very large margin). I told her not to believe it cuz all america’s voting is done on the cbs bb site period.


I bet if you took a REAL poll from the people from the people who participate in this forum we’d get a different result 🙂


I’m voting Dom’s virgin ass back in if there is a vote. Nice to see that this season is finally picking up. Dani is WiCkeD!


Rachel will try to get attention in anyway she can, including seeing a psychiatrist if she thinks it may play on the sympathys of the other players so they forget about her irrational outburst. If that doesn’t work, she’ll blame it on PMS. Next in line will be the ‘mean girls are all against me’ pity party. Her breakdown included the dry sobbing that we have seen from her time after time. Her plan to get everyone to hate Dani blew up in her face and now she is embarrassed.


please people stop wanting Brendon to come back if he leaves tonight. He does not make good tv unless you like puking while watching tv. Seriously he’s comment about coming up with a cure for cancer and becoming rich. Seriously?? Stop with the maddness!!!!!!!!!


CBS enough of the pathetic Brenchel show. I have never seen two such IDIOTS . They are an embarassment. I am actually starting to think they have mental issues and should be taken off the show instead of NORTH AMERICA laughing at them


The person that gets voted back in doesn’t get back in automatically…they have to “battle” the next evicted houseguest (after this week). Everyone in the house thinks they are going to jury when–in reality–one person will not make it to jury still after Brendan/Jordan leaves.