Big Brother Spoilers “It would help my game to tell him she’s going home” ZachAttack

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-29 20-25-49-196

7:50pm – 8:30pm Pool tournament The guys play while the girls watch
There’s an argument whether the 8 ball was hit first before the cue ball was sunk.. Zach/Caleb against HAyden/Derrick (Boom-bots)
8:36pm after 15 minutes the argument is over Pool game back

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BB16-2014-07-29 20-28-27-012

8:26pm Amber and Frankie
Amber says she’s never put any of them up she’s been loyal to the alliance.
Amber – I shouldn’t have to campaign right now..
Frankie blames everything on Caleb says he told Caleb to go talk to Amber right after the POV ceremony so the thing everyone was worried about (Amber running to the girls) wouldn’t happen. Caleb told him “I’m too sad”
Franke – It was his idea.. he asked for our support.. i was like yes I support you fine.. I was the instrument of execution.. I told him you have to talk to her right after.
Amber So i’m the pawn..
Frankie – Yes .. I was fine putting up DOnny but he felt this was a good idea.
Amber- Me campaigning when I’m Supposed to have people that have my back is ridiculous
Frankie tells her she’s staying and the vote is going to be three to six.
Frankie says Zach told Nicole about the bomb squad
Amber asks him if he’s talked to Nicole, Frankie he has she’s pissed she went up.

BB16-2014-07-29 21-16-50-336

9:07pm HOH Frankie Zach and Cody

Frankie says he’s talked to Caleb so he would stop bothering Nicole, Frankie brings up his conversation with Caleb where Caleb told him if Amber goes home he’s on his own in this game.
Cody isn’t down with Caleb threatening them.. he’s not down with it
Frankie says the only two options are Blindside him or keep her. If they tell Caleb he will drag every person into the Beehive and go through all this again. Frankie stresses that Caleb Is blinded by Amber he’ll fight harder than ever to keep her. Zach doesn’t like the idea of them cutting all their ties with Caleb. Caleb could win HOH. Frankie says every person has to have a story to tell Caleb the moment she goes home they have to go into damage control and tell him about Amber lies.
Zach says Caleb’s goal in Big Brother is to be in the Jury house with Amber.
Frankie – how is that helping my game

Zach says if Caleb wins HOH he’s putting up 2 of their six
Cody doesn’t think it will be him he thinks it will be Zach
Zach disagrees says Caleb likes him more.
Cody – I don’t now
Zach – It would help my game to tell him she’s going home.. I would be technically throwing everyone under the bus”

Zach – ‘No one wanted to tell you this honestly Amber is going home you are going to be the only vote to save Amber’ Zach adds he’ll tell Caleb he values his loyalty and friendship that is why he’s telling him this. (Wildcard)
Cody – I don’t agree with that at all
Zach – ya because you want to tell him
Cody – No I don’t if you do that and I win HOH I would be like you want to be his boy and have his back you pop up there with him
Zach – Shutup
Cody – I’m not even joking because you would be fucking us all over
Zach – It would help my game but no I wouldn’t do that..
Frankei – you would give everyone the excuse to put you up.
Cody says this has turned into a bad situation an amazing situation would be Caleb hated Amber and wanted her out.
Franke – that was the point
Zach ‘to believe that she still likes him .. we knew he was idiot but not that much of a idiot
Zach tells them about Caleb saying he’s cutting off his army bracelet if Amber goes home because it means he broke his word
Frankie – He’s going to lose his mind.. can’t wait..
Zach – He’s going to want to evict himself.. he’s going to cry want to leave the house.
Zach says his plan was to have Amber crawl back on her f*** nees
Derrick joins them
Cody – We’re keeping AMber
Frankie says he cleared up the whole Nicole thing with Caleb he covered both their a$$es.

Frankie says Caleb told him if Amber leaves he’s working alone. Caleb had a breakdown in the HOH “He’s so incapable of processing his emotions.. if we tell him before hand he will do exactly what he’s doing.. he’s going to drag everyone into that room and threaten them”

After the eviction Frankie and Cody are going to tell Caleb they are breaking up a power couple they want a all guys alliance till the end liek they had planned before Devin brought the girls in.
Derick is worried Caleb is going to be pissed say to them he’s going to self evict but before that he’s taking one of them with him. “Franke Derrick you’re on the block POV is used Frank Zach you’re on the block”
Frankie suggest they could split the vote and throw Hayden and Nicole under the bus. He explains Frankie Donny, Hayden Nicole Victoria vote Jocasta to stay. Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb vote to keep Amber.. Derrick doesn’t like that plan says they’ve hadn’t been able to keep a secret yet. Zach agrees too risky

Zach – He could pull a brendon and one of them go home”
Christine joins them they want to decide if it will be a blindside on Thursday.
Frankie says everyone in the house has to have a story about Amber and her lies and what she said about him. Zach agrees with this plan.

Cody tells Zach that Caleb told him he blew up the bomb squad not Amber.
Zach asks how did he blow up the bomb squad.
Christine says it was he told her she was a outsider. Zach doesn’t get it he told Nicole she is on the outside nothing to do about the Bomb Squad.

Zach says fine i’m going to tell Caleb
Frankie – Please don’t tell him
Zach – he’s already crying in the DR
Caleb comes up.

BB16-2014-07-29 22-05-35-635

BB16-2014-07-29 21-39-57-457

9:38pm Kitchen Derrick and Cody
Derrick says once Caleb goes the outsiders have the numbers and guys like HAyden that have been playing neutral will look at them and say you guys aren’t the majority anymore.
Derrick warns him about CHristine “I’m pretty sure everything we talk about goes to Nicole.. also Nicole lied to us to”

10:05pm HOH Nicole, Frankie, Cody, Christine

Christine saying Caleb cries every day and it’s getting annoying. They talk about Caleb eating something a have nots isn’t allowed so that he gets a penalty nomination.

BB16-2014-07-29 22-10-31-972

10:08pm Have nots Derrick and Cody
Derrick thinks the outsiders are up to something.. says if Amber goes home that one less person for us and Jocasta stays
Derrick Derrick – Right now if HAyden is with them it’s 6/6
Derrick – Hayden was with them he was on the outs before he was brought in he knows he’s on the bottom of the bomb squad.
Cody says Hayden you and I are super tight
Derrick – Are we are we though.. we can’t all win
Derrick – donny called Hayden over to the hammock twice today
Derrick says DOnny never calls them out to the Hammock.
Derrick – Nicole lied to our faces 100% certain Nicole told Derrick that Frankie mad up what was supposedly said to her by Amber
Derrick adds that Frankie told Nicole today in front of Derrick that he only told Caleb what Nicole said to hm about Amber. Nicole got scared and cut Frankie off saying “We don’t have to talk about that anymore”
Derick – He cut him off in front of me”
Cody says if this is the case it means Nicole is playing them all she needs to go home next week.
Derrick wonders if Nicole is trying to cause dissension between them and Frankie.
Derrick says he doesn’t’ care he’ll flip the f*** script keep Amber here and send Jocasta packing.
Derrick – I don’t’ want to do that because I can’t trust Amber but we need to be on the same page.. If I’m being paranoid you need to say Derrick you’re being paranoid.

They agree to talk to Frankie..

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BB16 sucks

Zach is definitely a mentally deranged person.


Let’s not forget his obession with Victoria and his need to talk about her any chance he gets


If Caleb’s a psychopath, Zack’s a sociopath.

I don’t find Zack funny at all. One look in his eyes and that expression he gets on his face and you can see a deranged person. I think he actually gets off on hurting people.


Goofy, I usually agree with your posts, and I agree again.


What about Frankenstein saying he can’t wait to see Caleb lose it after Amber is evicted. I know its a game, but wishing someone as emotional as Caleb, which they know he is, to have a breakdown is just pure sick. Frankenstein needs to go!


I’ve been away for 4 days and just now able to catch up on BBAD (except tonight’s), also missed the last 24 hrs. of this site, so not sure what you all are thinking, but I have to admit that this situation has become disturbing. I get this is a game, yada, yada, yada, but there is an element of true hurtfulness in some/most of these HG’s. As irritating as Caleb is, and you know I’m the first to mention it :-), he’s a KID who (I hope) has just not grown up yet. Although he’s COMPLETELY full of bravado, tries to convince ANYONE and US that he’s The Man, it’s obvious that he does have a heart and that it’s hurting. I wonder if the lack of a father figure and only an older brother (who sounds like a douche) and a mother who sounds sweet but very tired, may be his problem… I also am hoping that he’ll get some real guidance somewhere, not in front of some camera beating animals to death or some other nonsense to prove what a big strong man he is. He needs a REAL man, a friend who may have a 21st century marriage, to show him how to treat a woman. Anyway, just feeling bad for him, that’s all. This game’s too big for him. Now he’ll probably do/say something that’ll make me gag again. :-). He DID talk about Amber’s period again tonight…..almost lost me again.
PS: All of you who can’t wait to jump on me with *see, we TOLD you he was god’s gift to women!* (you know who you are) can kiss my arse. 🙂
PSS. And…..Francine is making me vomit.

Sorry this was so long!!!


*banging head against the wall*. Well, never mind; it took all of two hours. Somebody wake me when it’s over.


Well put!


i’m amazed by the number of phd’s that frequent obb to make a medical diagnosis, there must be more doctors commenting on this site than the mayo clinic, cedars-sinai, or johns hopkins…


Some of these houseguests are so blind and stupid that it is actually hard to watch this year. They cannot see that they are all being played and manipulated and cannot think for themselves. The only one that seems to actually have a brain and can think for himself is Donny who knows that if Frankie and Derrick will not be beaten if either are in final two. Please house guests grow a brain and start using it This season is so hard to watch and it is so not entertaining. Frankie is as bad if not worse than Andy from last year, and just wish they would figure it out that he needs to be evicted sooner than later.


Zach is mentally deranged, not as much as Frankie. That guy is just pure evil! Sick and twisted.

Teri B

I’m still nervous it won’t work. They just keep talking about Caleb and (OMG) what will he do? He needs to be blindsided….PERIOD, end of story. The more they talk, the likelier they are to reveal the plan to him. UGH

I wish they could just make a decision and stick with it…..ah, the beauty of BB, right? LOL


I hope he wins HOH and come after them they just think they have every in the bag somebody needs to bring them down a peg or two I cant stand frankie or derrick zack is stupid christine is a bitch and shes ugly I hate her and that scary bitch nicole they act like their days are not numbered

Lady E

Funny that you used the word “period” and Caleb is talking about Amber lol


It’s sad to watch Christine act like a complete ass on national television… She is so happy to be with the “cool” kids for the first time in her life that she is willing to embarrass herself in front of America. She is seriously laying under the covers with another man, caressing and massaging Cody’s arm…. How disrespectful to her husband! I would be so pissed if I saw my spouse under the covers with some one rubbing all over them. Christine…. you are just shameless girl! At least if you have no respect for yourself, at least have some for your husband. He is your HUSBAND, not your boyfriend.


From what I have seen so far she has also kissed Cody two times one on the lips & one on the forehead.


It’s going to be boring without amber in the house I loved her and cody together and Caleb getting upset who wants to see ugly christine and nicole or victoria for that matter I cant wait when tgey have to turn on each other




Christine is heartless and cruel in her digs about Victoria and Amber…all the while, she really isn’t playing any sort of game herself. I would imagine that she would be really, really hurt if other people talked about her the way she talks about them. Frankie is getting more annoying as he is convinced that he holds all of the cards in the game. Caleb is hard to watch when it seems that he really needs to be in psych-eval for his delusions and self-absorption. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a triple eviction next week and all three of them were sent packing?


Is it possible that production can have a 2nd veto comp to get amber off the block? They were in lock down for no reason outside and inside? Hmmm just going to have to see what production has up their sleeves


Lmfaooo. I can’t wait what celab will do somehow. Although I don’t want amber to go but she’s going so ya! But am hoping there will be a drama.

At the end of the day...

Why is Caleb so obsessed with periods?

Derrick for the win

Why does he know everytime she has one, does she tell him? What does he mean men has them too they just don’t bleed out of their butt-h—s, Has anyone told him about the birds and the bees?

Creeped out..

Um, anyone else find it totally disturbing when married Christine lays in bed with hot guy Cody and strokes his arm and hand endlessly? Seriously I cannot be the only one…so gross..her husband should be pissed! I am and i don’t even know them..


B*tch has no shame! Well, it’s the first and last time a hot guy will be willingly laying next to her in bed. She’s taking full advantage. But I’m surprised no one there is calling her out on it in the house … Like it’s normal for a married woman to flirt/cuddle/stroke another man.


It’s possible that she and her husband talked about this before she came on the show. Maybe he gave the “O.K.” for her to flirt if it helps her game.


Christine and her hubby may be living an ‘alternate’ lifestyle, could be active nudists and participating in couples swapping. Perhaps their marriage is an open one. They both display a tendency toward non-conventional living (tats, ear-lobe stretching, piercings?).

Da Buddha

Was this the last week of double HOH? If not, and if Caleb wins, every one else, who apparently have all agreed they want Caleb gone soon, if not next, agree that his nominations win the BOB. He is dethroned and after that it should be easy to back door him, unless he wins POV


Unlike Gina Marie Caleb does not have a hat of ambers but don’t worry. Somewhere in that house he has a dress of hers hidden that he will wear around his neck for the rest of the game.


Around his neck? He will probably just wear the dam thing lol. Also when Amber leaves the house she is probably gonna go home & unpack & be like “why am I missing a pair of my panties?!” She will then get on the live feeds & see Caleb sniffing them, then wearing them LOL!

Got to be kidding me?

Frankie was saying to Chris imagine Vic without makeup in HD and she was laughing
Are you joking? These 2 seriously need to look in the mirror themselves they both ugly inside and out
It’s cute Fakie things he is 21 when really he is the third oldest in the house and had to lie about his age




I love Zach cuz he’s interesting but it sucks that he’s everyone’s target.


Zach is so angry at Christine right now. If he won Hoh next week I believe he would nominate her again.


Oh wow, Derrick realized its actually better to keep a number than to get rid of it. Would love to see him work that same magic that saved Zach on Amber but mostly I just want see Frankie’s backdoor plan foiled.


You know…that’s the only thing I want…to have Frankie’s game foiled!!! I hate that guy!!!


Am I the only one that finds it strange that Jocasta’s not campaigning at all? I know she’s a potato in this, but it’s really weird that even she and Amber are chatting about what they’ll wear on Thursday and nothing else, not even a “how are you feeling about the vote?”

Did Donny tell her he’d campaign for her? Has she asked him how the campaign is going? Jo doesn’t know about the BD plan, so why would she feel safe enough not to ask for a single vote? Something’s not making sense here.


Jocasta already has her secret veto, in fact she has 10 of them. She’ll use it on thursday night. Why bother campaigning if she’s a shoo-in for final three. :)) I honestly think Jocasta does not know how to play the game, she’s a “nice” housemate but other than that she does nothing to add to the table. Apart from her loyalties with her bff Donny, she’s non existent game wise.

Jacosta is weird!!!!

Nice house guest?? She is a religious zealot who speaks in tounges. If it wasn’t for the stupid bow tie we wouldn’t even know she is there. I always hate how big brother players think god is going to help them win this game. Come on people how effin stooopid are you, how did you even get fast in this game?

Jacosta is weird!!!!

Cast not fast


I read on one of the sites that Christine’s husband is aware of the way she is acting, and is not happy at all about the situation, and justly so. To do that to your spouse is terrible, but to do it on national television is unbelievably cruel. I honestly believe that this is the first time men have paid much attention to her, and she is acting like a teenager. Even this evening rubbing Derrick’s back for so long was nasty to watch. Maybe she should try sliding down the bannister a few times to make herself feel better


HaHa! The banister…gross!!


Actually that is not true. I actually followed her husband on twitter just to see his reaction. It is definitely him cuz he has pics of them together. He is completely fine with it all. He laughs and jokes about it and all the people who are making a big deal about it. Personally I think it’s wrong but he doesn’t care. He said her flirting is part of her game,


Actually, when her behavior first began drawing attention and people were bringing it to His attention – he was quite upset. It was obvious he was hurt. If u look back thru his twitter feed (as long as he hasn’t deleted it) u will see it. He said, literally, he is Not cool with it and it is something they will have to deal with between the two of them when she gets home.
Now, after being advised by other previous house guests and fams of HG’s, he is putting up a facade of bravado – probably partly to save face and partly to try to diffuse the trolling tweets. He was advised that if he acts like he cares – it will fuel the fire. That the best thing he can do is act like he doesn’t care, block the haters, and just deal with his true emotions about it all privately and with her once she gets home.
I personally am absolutely appalled by her behavior. I agree with the obvious observation that she has probably never been a) ‘in with the cool kids’ and b) shown so much attention or in such an intimate circumstance with such a hot jock kinda guy before. Like someone else said – she’s acting like a giddy nerdy high school teenager getting to hang out with the captain of the footbal team.
If I were her husband, I don’t think I could get over this. First, watching her fawn all over someone like this. Second, being publically humiliated and disrespected on such a huge scale… In front of millions of people.
She is showing zero respect for her husband or for their marriage.
It’s sad really…
I would actually pity her if it weren’t for her mean girl behavior toward Beittany and Amber. The hot minute she felt like she was in with the cool crowd, she became what she claims to have been tortured by in high school. Her obvious jealousy of the truly beautiful (inside and out) girls has been just unbearable and ugly to watch.
What a pathetic human being.
When she leaves the house and comes back to reality, she is in for a rude awakening…


I totally agree with all of you. I think Christine’s behavior is disgusting. I feel bad for her husband. And I hate how she bad mouths everyone too. I was just saying I read his twitter and he is now defending her actions.

Butters Mom

Derrick has been suspecting Frankie of lying and now all of the sudden he thinks Nicole is lying and not Frankie? Derrick is not a very good detective… paranoid idiot.


or Frankie has been lying all his life and has it down to art. You could be the best detective in the world and still get screwed up by this stupid game.


or Frankie has been lying all his life and has it down to a fine art. You could be the best detective in the world and still get screwed up by this stupid game.


To be fair, nicole acting like the guilty one would make most people think she’s the one who’s lying…


I’ve been dying for the house to split – I’m tired of the unanimous or almost unanimous votes. If the detonators flip and keep Amber while the outsiders keep Jocasta, that might finally happen.


Apart of me can not wait until Thursday to see caleb’s reaction when Amber is voted out, but then again I know that they will just convince him that they did it for him and he will forgive them and continue to work with them. Then be sent home the next week anyways the same way that Amber was, and Brittany the week before. Next week will be a repeat of this week, them telling him that he is safe all week and just backdooring him.


To me…backdooring someone is weak game play…it was great when it first happened…but now? Darn you Nakomis!


Ya it would be more fair if only the people picked for the veto comp could be put on the block if the veto was used. Or give all the HG’s a chance for the veto imo.

andy 2.0

it used to be like that in the earlier seasons like season 4


I want these houseguest to actually compete. They can not take out anyone one without a back door. Everything that is done is so cowardly…. This is the only season that I have seen where not one person who was the target was put on the block with the intention to get rid of them. Almost each person that has went home has been a backdoor. It’s so annoying. If you cant take out your target head on, then you are just weak. Back dooring every week is for pussies, FRANKIE, DERRICK, CODY!


um…Pow and Britney were not Backdoored.


How many days is Caleb going to wear that tanktop?


maybe Amber sneezed on it and in that case he will never take it off


I’m really laughing out loud! A Lil tear came down.


just wish there was a way to let the little pink weasel know just how many people do not like him and want him out. He thinks he is playing a great game, and everyone loves him. Boy is he in for a shock when this done.


There are 317 million people in the US. Sundays episode of BB had 6.43 million viewers. That means barely 2% of the population actually watches the show. Your opinion of anyone in the house, does not matter. Some of you need to get a grip.


my opinion does matter, as a HUMAN BEING we all have the right to our opinion, just because you do not agree with it does not mean I do not have a right to it.


And him being on Team America and being ari’s brother he probably thinks America loves him


IT just donned on Derrick that the more numbers they send home from they side the outsiders get stronger I think Derrick just realized even though Christine is in they alliance she’s most likely would flip on them if Hayden and Nicole won HOH and come after them he see Hayden is cool with Donny, Nicole, Victoria, Christine, and Caleb and they could all rally together cause they like Hayden and try to take out the other side and lets be honest everybody I just named Frankie screwed over and would probably love to see Frankie on the block and I think once he goes up the house is going to vote him out.


When did Derrick stop trusting Amber? He seems smarter than this. What a waste of an HOH week. Nicole was ripe for the picking this week.


I don’t think he ever trusted her which is why she was always being nominated. Fact of the matter is Amber talks too much and every week she wants to put a different person up on the block. Now she’s talking about putting Caleb up should she win HOH. Other HG’s are like WTF??? At this point she is sinking her own ship.

Oh yeah

I wanna see the alliance of Donk take over! (Donnie and Zach)


Horrible name…where do you get the K from?


Cuz Donch looks like gonch, not a hard K sound like Zach’s name…sheesh


Does Frankie ever let anyone else in the alliance talk!! Good god!! Shut the F***K up!! Can’t stand him!!!


Does Frankie ever let anyone in the alliance talk!! Good god!! Shut the F***K up!!! Can’t stand him!!!

tyrese jones

with the way the girls seem to be getting picked off soon this will turn into frankie’s dream house.


I really hope this backfires on them!
It will be a nice change to see the detonators squirm


I can’t wait until Frankie is on the block on a Thursday night!! I’d LOVE if her were up next to Christine, omg, i might buy the feeds for that. I want to see them both beg and grovel.

Ted Marie

The whole house should wake up and look at Yucktine and her behavior. The fact that she can’t be loyal to her own husband for a few months should give them all the heads up that she shouldn’t be trusted by any of them. She is despicable and I bet her husband has stopped going to their church from complete humiliation.


And now, after the full circle of emotions, I feel sorry for Caleb and HATE to see the Evil Gay Clown together with the Deranged Bipolar Zach and Giggly Hyena Christine manipulating Caleb and Amber to the level of humiliation and the basic human disrespect.

I only hope Frankie drowns in his own poison and Zach gets self-evicted. Cody has no balls and is gossiping around the house worse than any girl. The stupid paranoid Cop is despicable as well.

Sorry if I’m being too repetitive, but so far Donny is THE ONLY person I would like to see win it all!



I agree with you. This has gone too far.


It’s certainly exaggerated feeling but right now I wish all the worst in life to both Zach and Frankie, and to a lesser extent to Cody and Derrick too!

To decide as a mob to evict Amber is not manly but understandable. To manipulate Caleb as to put Amber in physical danger — it’s really disgusting and inexcusable! THIS is a kind of characters that commit atrocities in war situations, and for that reason I literally hate them (their families as well — they fell off of those trees..)


The whole “brittany” treatment is making me reaaaally dislike nicole. I already hate christine and I don’t even like amber, but this treatment of her is some other level “mean girls: the ugly ones” shit


Big Brother twist: Donny and Derrick are the only straight guys


Frankie is the most disgusting person on the face of this planet.
I seriously cannot stomach his face, his mannerisms, he is
truly a desperate bitter fame-whore!
The only reason he got on the show was because of his famous
sister. I cannot wait for his eviction. It will be glorious .
Zankie is the dumbest thing to ever emerge from BB!


Caleb made the comment that he was the most well known person from his home town (population around 34,000) even before he went on the show. Im from a small town (population around 3,000) about 10-15 minutes from caleb and believe me Nobody knew who he was and we wish we didnt know him now!!!!! And in small towns everybody knows each other and each others business. What an embarrasment to all kentuckians!!!!!!!!!!!! And now hes a dietician too. LMFAO


It’s true, these knucklehead remarks will hound him. They’re embarrassing. It’s not that he has too much self- esteem, it’s that he has too little. It’s sad to see that the rejection of ONE girl can make him so crazy. Or..maybe he’s been rejected a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s really hard to know how to take his crappola. I think he might be obsessive-compulsive.


What if Caleb is playing the House!!!!! This was his game plan. To appear childish, love torn and foolish. This could be just a act. It seems so strange that he targeted Amber as soon as he entered the house. Why wasn’t it noticed prior to the day the game started. Caleb is going to win this game!!!! He is outsmarting them all.


I respect your opinion, Crissy, and wish it could be true, but IMO, he’d have to be an Oscar-worthy actor for this mess, and I don’t think he has the brains for that. Could hope tho, huh? 🙂


Impossible. His diary room confessions would show that he’s just playing a role but he means what he says.


First of all am I the only one that is rooting for Victoria? Secondly I am gay but I find Frankie’s actions to be predatory and in the outside world someone like Caleb would bash his head in for touching him the way he does. Cody modeled underwear for a company whose clientele are largely gay so he is used to that type of attention but it still sheds a bad light on other gay people. Notice that Frankie doesn’t touch Donny like he touches the hot men. That’s because in gay lingo Donny is a troll, and that’s what disgusts me about Frankie. Every single one of the young guys could be getting BJ’s right now because that’s the you’re off sick person Frankie is


Can’t Nicole see that Christine is alone with the boys all the time? Would think she’d get a clue. Hope Amber gets evicted and Caleb goes beast mode and starts to take this game seriously and stops being so creepy. Geesh!

the season just got boring

So amber’s gone….though the house is so paranoid about it. Whooptie doo. So the Detonators walk to final 4 or 5 and then fight amongst themselves… thrilling. Like watching paint dry. Can one of these outsiders make a move already, And no Christine, a move that means you aren’t sacrificing your game for the boys.


1 skinny woman has made all these “men: show their vaginas and women show their asses. Hard yo believe 1 of these jerkoffs will win 500k. Your know the only deserving 1 Donny won’t win…pathetic.


Wait, what?

How is Donny the only deserving one on the season? It’s certainly not for his gameplay (not yet, at least), which is what should determine BB’s winner.


So did Caleb get a penalty nomination or not? And if so, does that mean he automatically goes up on the block… or what?


Christine is wrong about there never being an all girl final 3. In BB6, the final 4 were all girls–Maggie, Ivette, Janelle & April.


I hate production interference but right now I’d give anything for them to rig a Donny win and send the RIGHT message!


Omggg they better blindside amber!!! Stop being sooo scared of caleb geez who cares


I can’t believe that someone who is a cop can not read people any better then Derrick. Frankie is a liar and a weasel is Donny the only one that can read these people. I can not stand watching Christine on the live feed. Let hope someone wins HOH and takes out Frankie, then Derrick and Christine

Derrick for the win

Derrick has already stated several times he doesn’t trust Frankie, but right now they need to be careful with their numbers for their side, should really hang on to Amber-which I dislike- to keep their numbers for a bit, but then you have her and Caleb in the jury together which is bad, who knows maybe all will work out find between them once they do get to jury, but I wouldn’t bet on it, one really needs to leave before jury. Maybe less in jury this year so they both can leave and never be heard of again. dreaming here I know.

Bb girl

I enjoyed tonight episode of BB it was hilarious I laugh my head off lol! Wasn’t a big fan of zach but now I want them to keep him around because when it comes to drama you can count an the zach attack lol. Plz keep him in the house longer it is going to be way more fun to watch once he is in the house.