Cody says I didn’t want to be the one to put a dagger in your chest. Caleb “She must have forgot I’m the KING!”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-30 04-08-23-912

1am Cody and Zach are talking in the HOH room. Cody says that he is worried Frankie is controlling him (Zack). Cody asks Zach if Frankie asked you to, would you put me up? Zack says no way Bro! Cody questions Zach and Frankie’s relationship. Zack tells Cody that you are my closest ally. Cody says I just don’t know what you say to other people. Cody tells Zack to watch what he says to Christine because she talks a lot. She is an idiot. Cody tells Zach that he doesn’t want Zach to blow up but Christine told Donny that Zack is telling people that you and him are tight. Zach wonders if he should confront Christine about to see if she lies to him. She is the worst liar. Cody says honestly bro, Frankie is good, but what if he is doing to us, what he is doing to them. Cody says you and I haven’t been talking much because you’re sitting here with Frankie all the time. Zach says maybe we hedge our bets. Cody says like hope he isn’t flip flopping on us. Zach says no like we do something about it. The cameras switch to the havenot room with Jocasta & Derrick talking. Derrick tells her that he wants to sit down with her and start talking game with her instead of just praying with her. He says that other people are playing the game and it’s time for Jocasta to as well. We need to start playing and I if I can’t win I want you to. I know you’ve had a tough life and I would rather someone like you win it as opposed to someone who is looking for an acting career. We need to start playing because people are playing it already. Derrick tells Jocasta to lay low and that sh*t will hit the fan on soon.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-30 04-16-16-683

1:40am Up in the HOH room – Caleb asks Frankie if Amber has named people that she is targeting? Frankie says its awkward. She’s scrambling. She is telling people different things. She has named people in our alliance as her target. She is telling different things to different people. I wanted to tell you but its like a pin-wheel, If I tell you, then you talk to her and then it comes back to us. Zach says she is pulling a Brittany. Frankie says exactly. She is naming multiple people in this room as her targets if she wins HOH. It’s inconsistent what she is telling us. Zach says in my gut I have a feeling that she is coming after me and I have heard she is coming after me. I know you are all about loyalty if I vote to keep her then it screws me when she comes after me and if I vote her out it screws me because you want her here and I’ve voted her out. Zach says from what you’ve told me Amber has 4 votes so that makes me the swing vote and it scares me to vote her out knowing I could be a target of yours. Zach says I am not going against the alliance if Caleb says the thing is we made a pact.. Christine and Amber were a part of the pact. Frankie tells Caleb that Amber is going around saying that you’re (Caleb) her target because you’re ruining her game. Caleb asks I am ruining her game?! Cody confirms it. Caleb gets up and storms out of the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-30 02-01-31-364
Caleb heads down stairs and gives Amber a death stare. Frankie goes out into the backyard. Amber asks what was that about? Frankie tells Amber to leave it alone. Amber says why am I on the block and getting death stares. Why am I being talked about?! Frankie tells her over and over again to stop, leave it alone. Meanwhile inside Caleb heads the havenot room and back to the bathroom. Cody comes in there and Caleb says I don’t want to talk you. I don’t want to talk right now. Caleb then storms out into the backyard and past everyone to the hammock.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-30 02-13-19-253
Up in the HOH room – Derrick, Cody and Zach talk about what just happened. Derrick says to Cody that he trusts you and it broke his (Caleb) heart when you told him. He knew it was 800% true when you told him. Derrick says see how he was going to bat for her (Amber) right now and it killed him to find out she is talking sh*t about him. We have to go to everyone else that was not in the room and for her

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-30 02-20-14-914
In the earth room – Derrick tells Caleb how Cody just told him that Amber said she was coming after you. I trust him. He wanted to tell you alone. He wouldn’t lie. If it was coming from Zach or Frankie I wouldn’t believe it but Cody has your back. This is a game for 500K! Game on! Come up stairs to talk. Caleb heads up to the HOH room. Cody says that he was talking to Amber in the rock room. You know I have your back over everyone. She told me that she was going after someone that was ruining her game. Cody says when she told me that I wanted to come tell you. When she told me she made it out like I was the only one that knew and then when Frankie said it too I was like okay she lied to me. Cody says it sucks for me because I didn’t want to be the one putting a dagger in your chest. Derrick says that was hurts so much is that you’re up here campaigning for her and this is what she is saying about you. We are all here for you. We’re here to play a game and she is backstabbing you. Zach says I came to you two weeks ago and told you how she is playing you. I have your back in this game and I know you have my back too. Hayden joins them. They’re all silent. Hayden asks what’s going on? Derrick explains how Caleb has been putting his life on the line for her and this is how she treats him.

Caleb says DUDE I ate the pickle! They all laugh! Derrick says we’re all talking about loyalty and we all have your back. Caleb says I already knew it before he said it. Derrick says no one knows how tight we all are. Cody says when I found out she was telling other people I knew she is f**ked. Caleb says I just want to go out there and hit her in the face with a banana. Zach says yeah you should, go out there and throw a banana ate her. Derrick says she thought she was flipping the script on you. Caleb says I need to go down there and re-do my goodbye message to her. Derrick says she didn’t realize how tight you and Cody are. Caleb asks what do I do if she wants to talk to me. Do I tell her I already know, you’re going home. Derrick says him to soldier up and suck it up for the next day and a half… then at 5:45 after the second lock down before the live show on Thursday you pull her aside and tell her you know and tell her to have a good trip. Caleb says I just feel like I want to make her next two days a living hell. Frankie joins them. Frankie explains that he covered their backs by telling Amber that Caleb was pissed because of a fight with Zach and Caleb about trust. They all agree that was a great cover. Caleb wonders if on Thursday when Julie comes on I tell her she’s going home. Derrick says if you clear it with them (production) they might give you 30 seconds and you could say I held your life in this game in my hand and I am sending you home.

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It was exciting for a hot second there
when Caleb stormed out of the room…
but now Physical & Violent threats made towards
Amber by Caleb, being egged on by a roomful of
guys is very hard to stomach.
Amber is a beautiful girl who does not deserve this.
Her family must be sickened by all of this.
BB16 has taken a turn for the worse I am afraid.
All these guys are bullies.
Season of the Misogynistic Amped-Up Alpha Males.
How is this game play? It literally is disgusting to watch.
Frankie is the most sickening, way to represent for the
gay community you rat bastard!!! I am Amber will
get away from all this disgusting vileness come Thursday.


OMG, this is a telegenic crew of houseguests, but it IS starting to feel familiar … it’s just misogyny instead of racism:

David=Hayden=Surfer dude
Andy=Frankie=Social bee / rat bastard
Amanda=Joey=Ballsy female
Aaryn =Nicole= Pretty daddy’s girl / mildly intelligent but oblivious
GinaMaria=Caleb=Rough-around-the-edges, heart-of-gold stalker
Jeremy=Zach=No social skills sociopath, easy to not trust
Candice=Pow Pow=Pretty, sassy ethnic woman
Howard=Devin = Sexy, athletic ethnic man
Helen=Jocasta= House mom & spiritual guide
Nick=Cory=Feminized man candy, showmance bait
Judd=Donny=Loveable male hick (thank God we can decipher Donny’s words of wisdom)
Spencer=Derrick=Lurker, strange male, will soon run out of socks
Jessie=Victoria=Cluefree, bumbling pawn, final 3 material but will also mess that up.
Kaitlin=Amber=Model, showmance bait
McCrae=Christine=”Loveable” geek, “student” of the game & will always regret not flipping the game
Elissa=Brittany=Privileged/sheltered girl


GinaMaria=Caleb=Rough-around-the-edges, heart-of-gold but still deranged stalker


I cant believe all the whining everyone is doing about these POOOOR girls, maybe we should just have BB for males and females separated to protect everyones delicate sensibilities….

No one is being bullied- if the women cant hold their own they should either:
A) work together- lol imagine that
B) adopt a different strategy besides going into the house looking for a man to hide behind (amber admittedly was using that strategy- first on devin, then Caleb)
C) just don’t play big brother

This is a microcosm of how society works- if you cant handle the heat- get back in the kitchen (i say that in jest- as a male I AM the cook in the house- so not being sexist there)

NO ONE IS being bullied this year, no one is being abused or battered…. there is only ONE winner and everybody else has to leave at some point- the game is NOT designed for this “fair” playing field everyone keeps screaming for…. this game is as fair as you wits allow it to be, as fair as your ability to create relationships with others allow it to be, and as fair as your manipulation skills allow it to be….

Give the pity party a break- you saw how far a feminist that tried to incorporate those ideals faired…. the ladies may figure it out some season, but it wont be this one….

NOW… with all that said: Caleb has officially entered the books as the WORST and CREEPIEST house guest EVER…. easily the houseguest I dislike beyond all others from all seasons…. I think his actions toward Amber are reprehensible, I dont think he has the ability to create an original thought beyond “I want to own an Amber” —

I could care less about his singing career, his alleged massive celebrity in his hometown, his inability to reach the ever coveted 5’6″ height, or his pickle eating and cookie dough producing abilities….

HE NEEDS TO GO— but not one second before they lay the most EPIC blindside of all time on two people at once…. amber you played the wrong game, caleb you played the wrong game….. this will be such a missed opportunity, I would like to see this buffoon crushed into a million emotions, his brash ego, unadulterated arrogance, and blatant misogyny have earned him that worthy demise, and entry into BB infamy by being the most controllable stalker EVER!!! His family should be absolutely embarrassed by this kid.

Get amber out, get caleb out….. and lets get on with this season of BB…. for the love of god…..


Yay, someone with common sense!


Everything about Caleb so far leads me to believe he has narcissistic personality disorder. If you read all the symptoms he has every one. I can’t imagine with the psych evaluations that the producers didn’t know this.


I agree…. there is definitely a serious disconnect between him and reality…. I can’t even imagine how his mind will process all this once hes out of the house…..

but ignorance is bliss, and I’m not sure anything will ever overshadow his own misguided perceptions of the world around him….


never seen a man get so many periods as Nut Job Cowboy…


….at the end of the day…. Hes BEAST MODE BONKERS BABY


I want to like your comment 1000 times. If you don’t play BB you go home….bye Amber and Caleb!!!!!!


Oh hush! At this point things are getting out of hand. A bunch of men encouraging the village idiot to physically assault a female because she won’t open up her legs to him is beyond typical BB antics. I think Caleb is going to attack Amber before Thursday. It’ll be all those those frat boy and CBS’s fault for not intervening.

Detroit Girl

I like most of this post, except one thing. In no way is Christine lovable. She’s the exact opposite. She’s the geek everyone made fun of in school and now feels like she’s getting much-wanted attention. McCrae wasn’t as attention-starved.


Yeah, I put “loveable” in quotation marks — indicating that it was a fail (at least for Christine). As for being a “student” of the game, she also fails.

And, I have to say, inspite of McCrae’s weird showmance with Amanda, I still find him loveable! 🙂


okay you cant compare helen and jacosta. jac osta is useless and doesnt know what shje’s doing. helen knew what she was doing and was far from useless in comps


Now is not the time to have an opinion of Helen. It’s too early.


OMG!!! That caught me off guard and I almost fell on the floor!!! HILARIOUS!!!


HAHAHA love love


I haven’t really compared them, I’m just recognizing the “roles” that they’re playing in the game. And you’re right! Helen was far more effective than Jacosta ever will be (tho its possible that Jacosta could end up #3?)

And Cody has already gone further than Nick. Etc. They’re bringing something more effective or less effective to their game. It’s all an aspect of the gaming strategy (and show casting).


I do believe bb want Caleb to know she was being evicted.
Think about it he as been going to DR changing his goodbye msg. And can’t get through it.
He told Zach he would cut his Amy bracelet off and never wear it again. I don’t think bb want the world to see that breakdown on live TV. All in the name of game.
The eviction is live tv. No not good tv to see a us army guy breakdown over a group of guys using him.

Caren in Canada

I would like this 1000 times if I could! I have a brother that did a tour of AF. a year and a half ago, and if this were him on there and I saw people treating a service vet (although my bro has a wife and is in complete stable condition) I think I would snap that they would air that all in the name of ratings! Look this kid is not the most endearing person to ever play the game of BB but nobody (not even caleb) deserves to be treated that poorly! I know cbs will do anything for ratings but even they know belittling a vet on national tv is something even they would not stoop too! (just my humble opinion)


Caleb has an attachment disorder and it also breaks my heart for him to be manipulated in this way. Amber does not deserve this, Caleb needs to flip the script before Thurs…figure out he’s surrounded by snakes and let Amber go home with apologies and dignity.
My brother served in the U.S Airforce for 25 years and every time I see a serviceman in uniform I thank them for their service. They give up a lot to serve, and deserve much appreciation and respect! Even the Caleb’s in this world!


I think Caleb will be devastated by how he was played by the guys he learned to trust. The situation with Amber is one thing, but they are making him look like a fool.


They are ten times worse than Amber.


I want BB to give us a competition that involves Hamsters, So I can win it for my Boo Victoria LOL


She needs to simplify how she views her adventure. She got on a cheeseball TV show with a group of crazy and unlikable people and the whole thing turned into a bad idea. You take a deep breath, put it out of your mind, and move on. It’s just a couple months out of her life.

It’s like stepping in shit. You wipe your shoe off and resume your trip. Wasn’t her fault and she has nothing to feel badly about how she portrayed herself, which was as a nice girl and a lady. It is all those nasty people in there and Caleb.

BB, imo, is turning too personal than it needs to. I don’t know if CBS should step in, but I would like more witty play and hard-hitting competitions, instead of this juvenile nonsense.


All these men are pussies especially Cody and Caleb,
They talk the talk but won’t stand up to each other.
Picking on women & girls is so low! The backlash for this
season is going to be brutal, just watch!


Good thing that houseguests are starting to notice how Frankie has been spinning lies. Really hope he goes home

mr ed

Frankie is the lowest of the low. A human JERK-OFF ! He is like $hit stain that won’t come out !!!


Frankie is a cunning, manipulative evil person who twist situations to his advantage too easily as if it comes way too natural. I’m betting that this is the way he is outside the house… It comes effortlessely for him to lie and does this weasel ever sleep? He lies so easily and quickly in an improv manner. If Andy was in the house, Frankie would have given him a run for the money. This whole “America” crap has to go! I can see he is setting up Caleb to go off on Amber so that he gets his measly 5,000, at what expense, the torturing of an innocent victim? I can’t stand to watch this guy…

Wrong about Frankie!

Wrong wrong wrong – you could not be more wrong about Frankie. Inside the house he is playing a character – playing a game. Outside of the house – he is the most honest, caring, talented, positive, supportive, generous people ever put on earth. He gives completely of his heart, talents, resources to make the world a better place. He absolutely does not hate women- that is ridiculous and insulting. Frankie does everything 100% – so rest assured he studied, analyzed previous game play and determined his strategy well in advance of walking into that house.

The best part about Frankie is – he is absolutely ok with who he is and he knows his worth…..and – he wants everyone else to know theirs.

Like his game play – don’t like his game play….that is your choice. But you could not be more wrong to assume for one moment that he is any less than amazing. Just plain wrong.


Said like A TRUE “relative”. LOL. you can only put on an actor’s face for so long, before the real person comes out…


Frankie is nothing but piece of shit who’s true colors
came out sooner then later. He has no poker face to
cover up that hideous mask of a human being!
He’s in for one hell of a rude awakening when he comes out!


Don’t try reasoning with these idiots. Its amazing that after 15 seasons people still don’t understand how this game works. This isn’t an ethics or get along game. I’m sure Frankie and everyone else are pleasant people on the outside. It’s so easy to cast judgement from an ivory tower, but I would love to how you people who criticize the contestants would do in similar circumstances.


Frankie has so many of these women fooled. He’s constantly complementing them, cuddling with them, being in the girls’ club, but I think he really HATES women. If there were nothing left but these “men”, he would be in hog heaven.


I think Frankie does hate women, Maybe because his younger sister has the fame Frankie craves. Frankie seems really needy. He is overshadowed by his sister and I think he seriously resents women. He has put down every woman in the house. He wants to be the only perceived woman and have all the attention to himself. I think Zach knows that and always blows smoke up his ass.

An Actual Therapist

Had to laugh out loud at all these “experts” deciphering Frankie’s psyche.

It’s a game guys…how about you take five minutes away from your computers and get some fresh air.


This forum is for people to share their opinions. You’re reading the same posts we are and also taking the time to comment. Thanks for your ‘expert’ opinion on getting fresh air. You should take your own advice.


Wow Ange, I don’t think you could have missed his/her point anymore if you’d actually been trying to.

Yes, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and yes, they took the time to comment…but they took the time to comment on the fact that there are people on these boards who come here for the sole purpose of trashing these houseguests on a personal basis, and on who they are presumed to be outside the house. Which is, frankly, stupid, as no one here has any idea who these houseguests are outside the game. The fact that you think so highly of yourself that you would presume to know this IS laughable.

Many of us, myself included, come here to read the updates and comments hoping to gain insight into the player’s strategies, not to be a bunch of gossipy judgmental queens.

In short, some of us are here because we enjoy the nature of the game, and some of us are here because apparently we were at the top of the world way back in high school, gossiping in the girls’ bathroom.


He is jealous because he wishes he was a woman. I wish they would get a gay guy that is not wimpy and fem (as always the disclaimer that there is not anything wrong with that!) There are so many normal guys that happen to be gay and don’t act like queens. He tries too hard with all of the pink and hanging on the guys (I would put a stop to it myself since I don’t roll like that but they either like it or are just using it to further themselves in the game with Frankfurter) So many other guys who would represent much better. IMHO that is. I hate the stereotype that all gays are fem.


At this point, Frankie has no redeemable quality that I find entertaining to watch in the game other than seeing him get voted out since he thinks he’s such a mastermind. I hope his game implodes in his face. Too bad he was in the Team America crap. I have a hard time believing if the vote was done again he would be selected unless it’s a bunch of his sister’s fans or people who follow him.


Sigh…delusional caleb


Caleb is a genius.

Come on!

Caleb is the new Chuck Norris

Not A PHD Student

Chuck Norris has to use a stunt double when he does crying scenes.


This won’t be the end of Caleb and Amber: by Wednesday/Thursday, Caleb will realize that Amber only said that she was targeting Caleb to everyone else because she doesn’t want them to know that he’s the love of her life.

Now, Caleb will hate Cody and Christine in addition to targeting Frankie and Zach when Amber’s evicted.


It’s all an act. Caleb has no interest in Amber. Just a ploy to direct his motivation and goal away from the others in the house. So far its working like magic. How many times has it been mentioned putting Caleb on the block? He doesn’t want to be HOH. If he won HOH, then he would get blood on his hands. As it is, he just appears to be dumb, delusional, love lorn and crazy Caleb, that everyone has use to their advantage. Secretly, Caleb is laughing at them for falling for his act.


This will all surely eat him up inside when he finds out after the season how all those guys lied and made him look like an easily manipulated cretin. He’s extremely gullible besides all the other stuff we dislike him for.


From the way this is going, its gotta be a boring season unless production steps in ( which they will probably do ) or next week donny/victoria/jocasta win hoh.


By “boring season” , do you mean the person you want to win doesn’t? I am so sick of this comment. That and the comments about how despicably the game is being played by this house guest or that. That is Big Brother! That has been the game since day 1, and it will be the game until the show ends whenever that is. Your kidding yourself to think that lies, drama, manipulation and collusion of houseguests to frame others is ever going to be over shadowed by the results of the competition or the nicest and most honest person wins. No one will watch that. So suck it up buttercup, and don’t hate the game or the players who make the game worth watching.


I think it’s a reasonably good season of BB,but if you’re a Donny fan it’s disappointing to see his early attempts to open the eyes of others to what’s going on. It would be better to see two opposing groups in the house than one big mess…in a perfect world Donny would get Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta,Victoria and Caleb to see the big picture! Otherwise, this season is predictable, Zach, Cody, Frankie, and Derrick pick each other off at the end!


Its not even about who is winning or losing 5 unanimous evictions is boring i dont know where or how you live your life but alot of us are not so easily entertained. The show may get better in 2 weeks but right now the game sucks. Maybe you love the “house votes” and “clean hand” strategy but i think its boring and have the right to call it like i see it.


This two hoh thing is not working at all. Instead of having two people from opposing alliance as hoh gunning for each other, we have people from the majority alliance completely controlling the hoh and nominations. Boring!

Pls Self Evict

Best case sceanrio: everyone self evicts except zach and donny. Zach and donny are final 2. Either one wins im happy


Why did they have to tell Caleb that? I wanted him to be crushed on Thursday and now he’s going to be the biggest prick on the planet. He keeps wanting to do these aggressive things to Amber and now he’s walking around wearing a crown?! I actually got nervous that he was going to storm downstairs and hit her. I really hope they don’t let him make a speech to Amber on Thursday….then again, if they do that will just be one more nail in his coffin with the viewers. I have never seen someone that delusional and egotistical in my life! He needs to be put in his place, or better yet be utterly destroyed on national television.


“Do aggressive things to her?” OH, PLEASE! Do you honestly think that he would actually hit her with a banana or anything else. I don’t believe how flying off the handle everyone gets on these posts just from someone saying something that I should do or would think about doing. What about commenting on it, oh, I don’t know like…if it ACTUALLY did happened? It was more like sarcastic dialogue…otherwise he COULD have said HIT her with his FISTS. You’re no better than the guys in the house AMPing him up.


He has already thrown a pillow at her while she was asleep. Also, the threats are a form of bullying. They may or may not happen but they are said for an affect or an agenda, therefore that makes them real.


You really don’t know what he would do being that he already came in there with some extremely dysfunctional misogynistic behavior clouded in romance and adoration so that people think it’s not that bad etc. He’s a manipulator. And he’s passive aggressive with his “pranks” when he’s pissed at her which is really a way of crossing the line in a sly way. Maybe it’s just that he’s narcissistic and immature but maybe not. I personally wouldn’t put up with him giving me a death stare game or not that’s a form of aggression coming from a man who thinks he’s entitled to her affection, gratitude, and loyalty. Either way, you can’t vouch for him. He can barely vouch for himself. And I wouldn’t want my daughter or any family member around this nut in the house whether he meant what he said or not. He still doesn’t have enough respect to not make veiled “joking” threats.

WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!!



When she was asleep. I think production should have said something then. Russell Hantz only threw a candy wrapper and was kicked out. Caleb is dangerous with his obsession. He is in legit fantasyland.


Yeah he stormed down stairs, but I bet he saw security in a corner. Lol that stop him in his tracks. I was wondering where he was going so fast.
But if I remember correct I thought Amber did say she had no problem putting Caleb up. To Cody

He can’t keep this convo to himself he has got to hit her with something before Thursday candy wrappers a pillow I just hope he don’t push her.


Yes, she told Christine I would have no problem putting him up…but she was trying to explain that she would go along with a girls alliance, she wasn’t saying that she was targeting him. It’s the same thing as Christine saying that she’s friends with Nicole but she would put her up if she had to. Same thing…


This season is an epic fail of mega huge proportions on every level, from 98 % of this cast, to the lamest twist that involves Double HOH’s, Battle Of The Block & Team America that is beyond cheesy to the blatant hatred & disrespect for women in general. Call it what you want, but I’ve been watching this boring & hateful shit show on the live feeds & after tonight, I can safely say no more. Women fighting women,men fighting men but when it’s a HOH room full of disgusting pigs * led by a pig * bashing a poor genuine beautiful girl who never had a chance in this game because of a psychotic mentally deranged & deluded obsessive guy, I have to draw the line somewhere. Last summer was a hard to watch & this summer is just as worst.
I hate this people with a passion
starting in this order:
I seriously wish I can swallow a pill and erase all of these people from my memory.


So you didn’t watch last year? Talk about epic fail! If I had last year’s BB to do over again, I wouldn’t have watched. At least this year we have Donny and Zach.

mr ed

Your top 4 are spot on! Total creeps to the core ! Zach and Caleb are just plain mental idiots (at least they have an excuse). Derrick pig face makes me vomit ! Frankie and Ratine are something you find on the bottom of your shoe and Cody is a total wimpa$$ pussy !! Thank you.


*sigh*…two hours ago I wrote a “thesis” on the last update about how bad I’m feeling for Caleb, but predicting he’s going to do something stupid and make me regret it, and it happened before my post even appeared. Oh, young man, pleeeeaaaaasssse try to get your emotions in check! Take a second, take even a minute! THINK and don’t react! And ESPECIALLY with any physical threat!! My diagnosis: obsessive-compulsive.

Irked by the stupidity!

He is the MOST gullible player to “play” this game in a long time. He believes everything everyone tells him…everything. Ideas don’t even get a chance to settle in his head before they are pushed out by other’s ideas. He deserves to be sent packing. On the other hand, all of this mean-spirited character assassination-style stuff they are doing to Amber is going to come back and bite them in the @$$. I think she should go home because it is obvious their hatred of her goes beyond the actual game. That is typically what happens when people are jealous and insecure. It’s just a shame to see the males in the house feeding in to this high school, mean-girl fiasco. Can’t wait for the reap-what-you-sow initiative to get in gear and I wouldn’t mind seeing Christine be the first to benefit. I just don’t like her…at all. Not as a person, not as a game contestant. Send her packing.


You’ve got MY vote!


Amber deserves to go home because she jumped into the wagon of the big alliance and did not make it clear to Caleb she was not interested in anything. If that means she has to be completely stand-offish with him or plot against from the get go, then that is what she should have done. She never should have embraced any part of his obsession for her, but instead she has repeatedly attempted to utilize the influence that his obsession provided her to advance her own game. Ultimately, it led to the destruction of her own game, and she shares the blame for it buy feeding into his obsession. Like it or not!


Caleb is a tool! Seriously, how is a grown man so stupid? He’s so easily manipulated that it’s not funny any more, just pathetic. He is back to wanting to throw a banana at Amber. Is he 5? He needs some anger management therapy!

Cody has been talking a lot of shit behind Zach’s back. Is that just a cover? When he talks to Zach they seem tight, but maybe Cody is just trying not to be on the receiving end of a ZachAttack?!

Frankie, people are clueing in…. It’s only a matter of time!

WTH, Derrick saying he hates this game because of the lying and crap? I don’t buy for a minute that you aren’t enjoying every minute of this!

I hope on Thursday that a non-dominating people win the HOH on Thursday.


Totally agree!

This game

I think Derrick was referring to the how to handle Caleb and amber game … He likes big brother but not the small intrigues that are just messy and pointless. Lol … So that’s my thought.


OMG – I never thought I would WANT production to get involved but seriously. This is just plain BORING .


Who knew MEN could be so manipulative. I’m shocked. But it does say a lot of the female cast this year.
Amber is such a lovely girl and one of my pre-season picks because I thought her athletics background would make her a comp queen.
It’s so sad that even the women in the house can’t stand up for her. But can we blame them? From day one every single one of them has been trying to get in on ‘The Boys Club’ and in their eyes one less woman means they are that much closer to membership and acceptance. Hayyyyyyydeeneennnnnnnhhhhhh. Actually Hayden and Donny are the only decent men left.
Amber is the last of the female cast members who I thought would not afraid to put up a resistance to the boys. Too bad. Too late.


I use to be Team Hayden, but I’m not so sure anymore. He’s blowing up Nicole’s game totally. Showmances can be dangerous.


“Blowing up Nicole’s game”, that implies that Nicole had a game. Nicole has done little more than try to play Hayden, while being aligned with Christine, who she uses to protect her from the guys in the HOH room because she is not capable of beating them in a HOH competition. Leaving her with being a floater, and little more. If anything she is messing up Hayden’s game.


I agree Marissa. Everything is shocking about this cast of characters.


I never thought that Christine would choose to be the losing member of a boys club…..I was sure she would rule the fringe members and get to the end…..


Amber’s downfall started when she revealed Joey’s all girl plan. She then virtually handed over her game to the boys and still believes them…instead of her lying eyes.

Caleb's Onsie

At the end of the day, Caleb is quite frankly bipolar. I wonder how many more times he will redo his goodbye message to Amber before Thursday…


yeah right Caleb king of Psycho and Douchebags!

ok if BB production reads this

PLEASE show both of caleb’s goodbye messages. the one crying, and this mean one he is about to do. it would be hilarious to see just how crazy he is side by side

I LikeTheWayYouThink

I hadn’t thought of this possibility but now I want it more than Christmas! This is gonna pop into my head and have me laughing all day.
If you get anymore beautifully twisted ideas, please share

Love to hate it

It’s crazy how people throw a hissy fit when people aren’t playing the game, and when they do they throw a hissy fit. I would take this season over last season any day. I do agree there are some vile house guests and what is going on with Amber is not cool, but I find this season a bit more entertaining with Zack’s crazy antics and even Caleb is amusing. I mean come on, how did you not laugh at this fool wearing that crown thinking he is the king? Would you rather watch Spencer scratch his balls all day or rat face Andy?? And say what you want about Derrick, but he is playing the game and playing it well. This is already a notch above last year in my opinion.


Totally agree with you. And this year there are actually some good people to root for (like Donny). Last year I would root for the person I hated the least and some days I couldn’t even tell who that was!


This village idiot will believe anything his “alliance” tells him.
If they convince him on Thursday that he voted 8 times for Amber to leave he will believe it.
OMG I have never seen such a jackass in my whole life.


Why do I think Caleb’s next Youtube videos after leaving the house will be of him hunting down the guys who so gleefully helped him humiliate himself further and beating them with a stick? I understand the detonators are all afraid of his reaction to Amber being evicted on Thursday, but don’t they realize at some point they all leave the house and he’ll find out how badly they played on his emotions. Of course, any man who crowns himself King, while wearing a onsie didn’t need much help in humiliating himself. All Hail King Breast Mode Cowboy!

Dpov for Donny

I hope Caleb goes home next week what a tool lol I wouldn’t be surprised if he switches moods again with amber

Jody H

I agree that these men are being idiots!! However, the women have been worse to the women because they should have come together the FIRST time 4 women were nominated. It’s ridiculous! It’s the mob mentality. It seems the women are targets and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, including the intending targets. There is a LOT of Frankie hate. I get that. But Derrick is the true ringleader. Why does he get a free pass?

As for being a repeat of last year. Not quite. IMO the vile personalities were true showings. I think people here are just being jerks. Not great, but nothing like last year’s travesty.

It's a mad house

I agree with all of that, Jody H. The whole house is on DOPE! It must be something in the water. Everybody has had something bad to say about everybody. It’s out of control. I can’t believe that none of them aren’t keen enough to even notice when others are talking game. What do they think they are talking about. It’s like a carnival mad house. Each person (nobody is innocent) has spoken trash about at least 3 to 4 people a piece at different occasions. The girls (let’s just say the Witches’ Brew Crew: Christine, Nicole, and Victoria) have totally tore into everything about each other and Amber, Brittany and Jocasta. I don’t know what type of game Amber is playing; and Jocasta is there for the exposure it would seem. The guys all act like monkeys, not even like chimps, and no one has allegiance to anyone except for when they are talking face to face. Frankie and Derrick and Cody are the most treacherous of all of them. Zach is just plain nutty and don’t care who knows it. Caleb is on the “good-ole-boys” trip thinking that bros all stick to together and have each others backs. He is completely out of his element. Those city slickers has him running around chasing his tail like a hyped up Big Dog. He doesn’t want to see that they are dogging him out because they are his guys. Even Donny has an evil streak trying to get out. And Hayden, I should have put him up with the Witches’ Brew Crew. This season, this house, this game is bordering on being a concept house for testing insanity. I’ll bet some students in some psychology class has to write a 10 page manuscript on this craziness. Mercy!

Jody H

You are so correct. I don’t get how they think. If they are talking game, why would they not realize others are. I think Donny should win HOH and put up Derrick and Frankie. I mean, they need to have a turn… But no one is innocent. Zach just likes creating chaos. It screws everyone and no one knows how to handle it.


The above post is an astute observation of this year’s sociopaths on BB16. No one wants to make a big play. They all talk big moves, but no one has made any. Putting up Amber is not a big move – it is was a way to avoid putting up Caleb. How easy it would have been to backdoor Caleb this week and get him out of the house. I do not even see the purpose of why Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and Victoria are in the game. They seem more like seat fillers at an awards show. Do they even a game plan? It will fun to watch the detonators blow each other up quite soon. It will be fun to watch Frankie get blind sided when they turn on him soon because of poor game play coming to light. He better hope he can win comps going forward.

I get tired of

this men vs women thing on this site’s comments. its reaaaaaaally obvious when it is a female posting about how upset she* is over the fact that the women suck this year and are controlled by the men. then it turns into well if negative things are being said about everyone, lets take the one’s specific to the female HG’s and totally ignore that those female HG’s talk just as much crap about the guys, and yet no one hear is claiming they are sexist. freaking ridiculous. people talk trash, there is NOTHING TO DO all summer but talk trash.


There are women/girls playing in the BB house? Could have fooled me. I honestly forget they are there because none of them are playing the game, just whining about being thrown under the bus or someone said this or that.

I get tired of

people not accepting that the entire cast is at fault. hayden will slide to final 5 before anyone notices him. Derrick/Cody make f5 no problem

but cody is still a weenie, what happened to “ill smoke em” regarding Zach?


The photo of Caleb wearing the crown and onesie reminds of the little boy in “Where the Wild Things Are.” Irony?


Lol! You’re right!!! Lol!


I think this season just shows what happens when a the game is dominated by a couple of players. Derrick and Cody have played perfectly. They’ve exploited the mostly male alliance that fell into their laps and used that to control HoHs. Then they exploited the egos of the house to bring everyone together and get overwhelming votes while making others look bad. Their exploiting of Caleb has turned the house into a very anti female setting, but its still a great game move since it got some problems for them out while making Caleb look bad and now making Zack and Frankie look bad, their main competition at this point of the game. I wouldn’t really say the season is misogynistic but that Caleb has some serious issues and Zack has been a real big dick this past week and really shouldn’t be egging Caleb on to throw stuff at someone’s face. He did verbally attack Devin also so its not like he is just picking on the women.

Derrick’s been the most clever person in the house and Cody had appeared as a great anti Caleb to the house guests, specifically the females, and its put them in complete control of the game. Really boring at the moment but gotta appreciate the gameplay. Still hoping Donny can somehow turn this around since he seems to be the main one who sees that Derrick runs the house.

Love BB

Agree with you about Derrick’s gameplay thus far. He’s a very good manipulator. The other HG’s (except Donny) don’t seem to have a clue about him. He’s already planning on who to sit next to in the final 2 and “do nothing” Cody is perfect for him. He is priming his fall-back for the second seat next to him-Jacosta.
That being said….I really hope Donny wins HOH & puts backdoors him. THAT would be great tv!

Jody H

So I go back and forth. Is his game play really that good or are the other house guests just that bad?? In the last two seasons I feel we have gotten people who are way too damn susceptible. I mean really!!


ahhh i am starting to see why evel dick ripped the people who post on these message boards….. all u guys do is complain and bitch about the houseguests constantly


Hilarious! You are complaining and bitching about people complaining and bitching about people complaining and bitching about each other all summer long. But you dropped Evel’s name, so you are cool.


This is a REALITY SHOW that really should be called “Lord of the Flies”. You stick a bunch of “interesting” people in a cage, jab them with sticks all summer, and make them all eat their young. Evel went on the show knowing exactly what it entails. Evel acted the way he did to elicit the exact responses that people have in these message boards. They are called fans! But he was actually on the show and walked the walk, so he has earned the right to complain. You, on the other hand, are complaining about people doing exactly what they are supposed to do when they watch this show and especially the live feeds and blogs. Which is get worked up, bitch, laugh, cry, and complain. Get off your high horse. You are the biggest loser of us all……..wait a minute….I’m actually calling you a loser for calling others losers, so by my own argument that would make me King Loser. Damn. Quick, somebody call me a loser for posting this so that you can take the crown. Hurry!


You must have forgot I’m the KING!


Ha Ha! Caleb, I apologize! I forgot, you are the King. Please don’t do something to me in my sleep!




quite frankly


Blood on my hands under a bus.


Head of the Snake


Derrik, the cop, is in on the plan to push Caleb over the edge with Amber? If he loses it even more and does something physical I hope that he and the other guys in the “Alliance” get thrown out as well for encouraging it!


The cop is instigating a psycho saying he wants to cause bodily harm. Zach who all are cheering for is hoping Caleb will hit her with a banana. The POS Frankie and witch Christina are disgusting. All the others are just weak despicable people. I am sure Derricks wife is so proud. Racist remarks last year and bullying and threats this year. How proud the tv station must be.


Beast mode cowboy probably be stupid that Zach forming the alliance called “the detonators”. Too bad Amber walking out the door and Julie Chen ask Amber a question about Zach forming the alliance called “the detonators”. Also, she never notice that Derrick, Donny & Frankie forming alliance called Team America. She will be pissed.


After the game, when Caleb finds out what Frankie did to him by lying about Amber, Caleb’s PTSD might kick in and he’ll do damage to them all.


The first time an eviction was going to be exciting all season (even though another ‘house vote’), and they go ahead and ruin it by telling caleb and getting him on board… I was really hoping for a caleb/amber blindside and the live T.V. that would ensue. Bastards!


Something had to happen to Caleb’s head while overseas … I ant believe a grown ass man brain could work like that. He definitely isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was one of those episodes where Frankie’s hoh goes to shit and the the door doesn’t open and Amber is safe. They’ve haven’t did that in a while.

Unbelievable! Thumb Down on This!

The saying…”Getting the wool pull over your eyes”…has nothing on the way posters are thrown into a FRENZY over anything that Caleb says and doesn’t do. He hasn’t done anything but walk and sit and walk and talk. He couldn’t even throw a “pillow” without someone wanting the LAPD to be called. He couldn’t kiss the girl on her forehead without someone wanting him charged with SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it goes ON and ON and ON. Talk about PARANOIA from the CYBER WARD! What’s the problem?! It’s like you really want him to be taken off the show and beaten to within an inch of his life because he’s over zealous about a girl in the house. He would never HURT HER! Stop all the DUMB SHIT! What ever happened to COMMON sense? Do you not know how to TAP INTO IT or does it just NOT EXIST in your LIFE? Prayer…People, you need PRAYER!

Beast Mode

People definitely over react but you can’t deny Caleb is a mess. Amber did flirt with him a little and maybe even past the events that hinted she should separate, thinking it would help her game, But she has made it clear she’s not interested. The guy is a stage 5 clinger and you can tell that if this was in real life and not a show, he probably would have hit her or Cody by now, thinking that would make her come crawling back to her king, the king she never had anything with. The guy’s not mature enough with himself let alone a with relationship.

I Don't Like Derrick

You just stated that “people definitely overreact. Do you really think, if not on the show he would have hit her or Cody? C’mon. Pillow? Absolutely Nothing. The water thing was a little off putting. I do agree he is a clinger. He’s not the brightest bulb, easily manipulated. He is probably used to getting any woman he wants. And with him not being the brightest bulb, he probably does not understand or simply get the fact that there might be at least a few women who simply are not interested. Fortunately, for him he is overly confident and has a really big ego, to compensate where he lacks. Not a bad thing to really feel good about yourself, and just know that every woman wants you. People who make comments about him being a stalker, Absolutely Exaggerated. I really don’t think he is a danger to Amber, outside or inside the house. The biggest danger she is in with him, is him getting on her damn nerves, and maybe having to change her cell phone number. But, C’mon.


You just stated that “people definitely overreact. Do you really think, if not on the show he would have hit her or Cody? C’mon. Pillow? Absolutely Nothing. The water thing was a little off putting. I do agree he is a clinger. He’s not the brightest bulb, easily manipulated. He is probably used to getting any woman he wants. And with him not being the brightest bulb, he probably does not understand or simply get the fact that there might be at least a few women who simply are not interested. Fortunately, for him he is overly confident and has a really big ego, to compensate where he lacks. Not a bad thing to really feel good about yourself, and just know that every woman wants you. People who make comments about him being a stalker, Absolutely Exaggerated. I really don’t think he is a danger to Amber, outside or inside the house. The biggest danger she is in with him, is him getting on her damn nerves, and maybe having to change her cell phone number. But, C’mon.


I’m right! You thumb downed because you don’t have COMMON SENSE in your life. Way to be truthful about yourself. Revelations can be eye-opening.


Hey man, we can express any opinion we want. Including my opinion that you are a big cry baby. The comments on the site are frequently judgmental and harsh. Get over it, or stop reading them if you can’t handle it.


Ahhhh Stooks! A breath of fresh air! (I think it’s a lady. She’s been all over me. 🙂

Amber's Daddy

Glad she is not going to be living with Caleb in the jury house for another 6 weeks.
Close one!


I honestly don’t feel bad for Amber she put all her eggs into the male alliance and snitched when Joey was trying to create a girls alliance now that she is low on the totem pole she wants to say the girls need to stick together… It’s a little too late for that, because the same two people (Cody Derrick) that been controlling amber game votes etc. control the rest of the house. Don’t get me wrong I would of rather it had been Christine though


It’s time for this MADNESS to end!!!!


Idk why people saying Caleb ruined Amber game the girls been taking mess about her wearing their clothes and how she is so fake etc.. The guys were saying they didn’t trust her.. I really think she would of gotten sent home earlier if they wasn’t afraid Caleb was going to come after them, that’s why they made that huge plan on getting Caleb to want Amber up. This was Frankie version of a “power move” without getting blood on his hands. Who was Amber close to or try to make deals with?? No one so why would anyone choose to keep her


Where is Jeff Schroeder when you need him to stand up to these loonie tunes. I’d rather have Rachel in the house again at least she wouldn’t take all this shit.


Probably Rachel or Jeff will win every single comp so they probably be scare.


Me too! Every single girl this year is a complete pushover! Blah…


I have a question for those of you that watch the feeds… Does Caleb ever have conversations with others where he’s not dominating the convo about either himself or about Amber? Does he ever show interest in other HG’s lives? Has he built relationships with anyone? From the updates, it appears that ALL he ever does is talk about how great he is and what’s going on with Amber, but I know the updates don’t cover everything. I just want to know he’s as self-absorbed as it’s coming off on here.

I do not like him at all but I was wondering if he truly is this one-dimensional.


He is.. 99.9% of his conversations are about Amber or himself. He’s shared some game talk early on when he was HOH and again when Devin was HOH.

He’s a MEGA annoying broken record type person. I feel sorry for him sometimes because he’s so stupid in love with Amber and is making himself look silly. Either way it’s painful to see him on the feeds hopefully he either snaps out of it and really becomes beast mode or gets evicted in a blaze of glory taking Frankie Christine or COdy down with him.

Like everyone else on the feeds his personality traits become amplified good or bad.


That’s really sad to hear. I was hoping it wasn’t QUITE as bad as it appears. I don’t think we’ve ever seen someone this completely delusional on BB before. He simply cannot conceive of the idea that Amber, the hottest girl in the house, doesn’t like him. I really hope that he’s not like this in real life and it’s just amplified because of the confined nature of his surroundings.

I can’t stand any scene on the show with him in it because he’s so insufferable.


He’s right up there with some of the delusional greats.


Caleb reminds me of Sabrina from BB Canada during the first half of her season. I don’t know which one was worse.


1. GinaMarie and Nick (season 15)
2. Natalie and Matt (season 9)
3. Jase and Holly (season 5)


I thought it quite telling that after all that news hits him, he devises a plan to get on live TV and says, “it will make great TV”. Strange that he is thinking of TV time and being the star. He is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. He needs prozac not steroids.


People have been asking.. these are the bracelets they were given to wear on the Live Feeds


I bought one of these (along with some other things – spent almost $400) through your link. Hope it helps. 🙂


It did! thanks 🙂

julies's Glitter

Finally! The Bomb Squad is starting to turn on each other and this game is going to get interesting. It’s been a snooze-fest for the last 2 weeks. I’d love to see Frankie and Derrick on the block.


It’s been talked about much in the OBB war room about the potential for a mega explosive August . THe twist seems to have shaped the game to turn out his way.

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks.

BB Obsessed

It’s starting to look like an all-male jury. I’m sure the girls wish they all stuck together like Joey had pitched to them in the beginning.

Christine's crazy eye

King Caleb? King of Fools! It’s big brother! Everyone in the house is a justifiable target. That’s what they are supposed to do. It’s been so boring, we should be glad of a little excitement. But, I, for one am not. We all know Caleb is crazy. But, now, the “truth” Frankie and the boys are giving him just seems cruel. King butt head cowboy is like a rat at the feeder bar. He just keeps running through the maze for a pellet and getting an electric shock instead. It’s turned just sad and pitiful.
The women this season ruined their own games. Amber should have just told him to leave her alone. He would either have exploded and been removed from the house. Or the others would have gotten tired of it and voted him out. Instead we get stalker crazy Caleb. And, despite what a lot of you think, she could possibly be in real trouble with him. Nicole and Christine, they sold their games to be popular. It’s now biting them in the butt. Brittney and Joey, too little to late. Pow, Victim, Jocasta, meh.
The guys, who cares? I hope they lock they door and make them stay in there forever. They deserve each other. Well, after they let Donnie out.
Sorry about the long post. But just had to get it out.

Detroit Girl

“Caleb says I am pranking her tonight. I am going to take a whole pot of freezing cold water and dump it on her while she’s sleeping and then throw a handful of baby powder. Zach says you should hit her with a banana.”
– Really?! These two should never get a girlfriend again, ever!

“Caleb says I just feel like I want to make her next two days a living hell.”
– Hasn’t he done this already, since he walked in the house?

“Frankie explains that he covered their backs by telling Amber that Caleb was pissed because of a fight with Zach and Caleb about trust.”
– This despicable, deceitful troll here, he’s so afraid to get blood on his hands. He’ll throw anyone under the bus. Just put him on the block already, or give him a dose of his own medicine. Can we please get the isolation punishment again? What would happen if the house were free of this Xander-wannabe (thanks Luis) for 24 hours?


Why whenever Caleb doesn’t get what he wants from Amber does he resort to violence?? And why do the other guys egg it on. I mean really. Amber run sweetie you are better off out of the house. You got a bum deal. And Caleb is to blame.

Beast mode Mascara

The only thing this self obsessed creep is a beast at is eye shadow


Perhaps it is only wishful thinking but beginning to feel that production is going to step in very soon to alleviate the boredom of this season. Believe they will either have Amber re-enter house, or if Donny appears to be in trouble, a Pandora’s Box or golden veto will save him.


All I have to say is tonight’s BB episode needs to be at least 2 hours to get as much as possible into the show. People who don’t read this blog day in and day out will miss a lot of what is going on in the show. I cannot wait and thank you Simon and Dawg for providing the link to the live show for us West Coasters……


Thanks Linda Glad you find the blog helpful. It really is crazy sometimes the edit they give these people…

Who’s getting the golden edit this year? I always dislike those players the most.


Christine hayden nichole derrick frankie and even victoria to some extent are getting golden edits.


Donny is a pimp, I hope he makes it really far….


Donny is a nice guy. But he is oblivious to 50% off what is going on in the house.