“you could have done so much damage with your power girl”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

1:54pm Kaycee and Tyler
KAycee says Fes is so annoying mentions how he knew this was going to happen.
Angela comes in “Do you think we have the votes”

they believe they do.

Tyler – Sam will be the important one
A – Sam has gotten close to Rockstar now.. if she knows that Bayleigh

Angela – says Sam only really cares about Scottie and Tyler
Tyler wants them that bayleigh crying on Sam can sway her
Kaycee isn’t worried about Sam.
Angela – I’m not worried about
Tyler- I’m not either
Angela says this was Haleigh one chance to be like “i can actually do something”
Kaycee says Hayleigh, Fes and ROCKS are puppets for Bayleigh .
Kaycee – when bayleigh says jump they jump when bayleigh says shut the f* up they shut up.. when bayleigh says this needs to happen i’ll save you.. c’mon man
A – they can’t make decisions on their own

T – does bayleigh have something wrong with her .. I feel like she genuinely believe that I said you should be the replacement nominations..
T – that is because I tricked her ass into saying it herself . I literally said so.. She talked sh1t about all you guys.. I was like I’m not going to use the veto if some sort of power is used would Angela be the replacement then.. and she said YES and then I f*ing left.. told you right away told Rachel you guiys freaked out
A – I questioned you for 3 minutes

Kaycee – little do they know we’ve had an alliance since day 3
They laugh that Haleigh thinks she’s a legend now..
Tyler mentions how Sam ran to Bayleigh right away..

2:07pm Kaycee gets buzzed with a peanut workout..

Tyler brings up how he’s looking bad because she’s screaming at him like that.
Angela – who wants to be with someone psychotic like that.. I don’t want to deal with that sh1t.. someone capable like that.. that’s not the first time that will happen..
Tyler says that Bayeligh will now try to frame to the house that she will use her power to put up Tyler next week.

Tyler says Either Sam or Scottie needs to vote.
Tyler – Haleigh is the hacker.. so haleigh is going to cancel my vote.. does Haleigh wants Rockstar to go home..

They can’t understand why Bayeligh thinks they were treating her like sh1t. They think that maybe haleigh entire speech was influenced by Bayleigh.

Angela – Poor Bayleigh she’s been victimized this whole week how could you Tyler.. say good morning to her .. (what a f*ing monster)
Angela says that maybe Scottie is trying to form something outside of the 2 groups his own thing with Brett..
Kaycee – Brett is now the secret weapon
A – all you need is 2 or 3 people than you have the numbers,.. the majority.. you pull 1 person from each side and you are equal.. maybe that’s Scottie’s plan.
A – maybe that is ascottie’
s plan be the leader of his own medium ground
Angela – I wonder what Fes is going to do chop up a onions microwave a patty leave put some cheese on it leave it it to us all to clean it up..
they laugh “he’s so lost.. ”

2:18pm haleigh and JC
haleigh says she didn’t want Bayleigh to go home because of what she did.. if she still goes home that’s fin she just needed to get the truth out.

haleigh – who do I cancel
JC – ask Fes..
Haleigh says it’s better for all their games if Bayelgih stays becuase she’ll use her power.

2:19pm bay and Ha
ha says everyone has stopped talking to her
ba – I’m blown away by Kaycee.. it’s been two hours nobody has come out here and said anything.. (the HOH)
hayleigh says KAycee is a prideful person
Bay expecting people to come down and apologize to her.
Ba – pride brings destruction ..

Bayleigh says she’s going to try to convince Brett, JC, Scottie and Kaycee..
haleigh – especially now everyone know you are going for
Haleigh identifies that calling out a house meeting was bad for her personal game
the only people that are coming for you are in that room (HOH)

Fes comes in says hes got JC’s vote.. “For sure.. ” (LOl here we go again another blidnside)
They laugh at how Rockstar was yelling during the housemeeting “You’re on the block”
Fes – I was reassuring JC that ROCKS is a liability

Ha – if we wing (hoh) we put Angela and Tyler up
Bay – please..
Ha – and I’ll win the hacker.. I feel like we can win

Fes leaves..

They talk about how disappointed they are with Angela for walking away..
Ha – if this is how I go our this is how I go out.. f* it I don’t like these people.. put me up.. put me up to fes.. OK ..
Bay – I bet they feel so dumb.. (LOL)
Bay about Angela – she got set up
bay – Tyler is a terrible person
Ha – he’s telling at you for having a power (Yelling)
Bay – i feel great if I am going home I’m ok with it.. it’s because they genuinely want me out.. with Angela she is threaten she wouldn’t want to be next to me because look at it.. I’m in this game I already told everybody I want to win this game because I want to be the first black person to do it she doesn’t feel like she can beat me .. so why not throw me under teh bus
haleigh agreeing “I know I know”

2:45pm HOH Kaycee, Sam, Tyler and Angela (this is a long winded Sam talk.. i’m only going to grab bits)
Sam – I’m being myself while everyone else is in here with a strategy they came here to play
Sam says to Tyler – I look at you and I see my brother .. my brother’s birthday is on Friday I don’t really don’t want to think about.. it..

Sam starts crying mumbles out Tyler and Scottie.. Brother.. hate it..

Hugs Angela.. they both CRY “everything in here is f* up and it’s all part of the thing… ”
“don’t feel bad… ”

Kaycee tosses some peanut hugs in.. Angela starts to cry…
Angela – I just hate this for you Sam.. it’s so hard for me to see you in this position.. it breaks my heart
Sam – I’ll be out of here soon.. hopefully fingers crosses. (ZOMG)
Kaycee – stop it..
Sam says she’s going to try and get her alliance as far as they can go “outside of that I can’t wait to get home”
Sam – I keep talking about Sammy 2.0 I got plans and I’m excited.. but it has nothing to do with this.

Sam -= I’m sorry you guys are having a bad game and I’m sorry you guys are having a bad day..
Sam to Tyler… Stop picking at your skin.. your skin is beautiful..
Sam – you are tearing yourself up and it makes me so sad (Jesus f Christ Sam)
Sam – whatever I can do for you I’m happy to do that please don’t cry I am going to get over it..
Sam – I don’t know what to do.. I don’t have anything to clean.. I don’t have anything to talk about I don’t want to f*ing be here.. I’m sorry for whatever is going on I didn’t have any hand in it I didn’t mean to do anything to either one of you if I did it wasn’t intentional
They tell her she hasn’t done anything
Sam – you can’t keep the peace.. and I can’t theirs not way ..

More peanut hugs “DEEP breaths.. this is a crazy f*ing game this is a whole new level”

Perfect little wounded bird lamb gets a hug
Sam – I just wanted to protect you…
T – thank you

Sam leaves.. Angela – Holy shit that got real…

kaycee – I think I know who got in her f*ing ear.. Sammy last night said the same thing to me.. she said I feel like people think I am smarter than I really am she’s been hanging out with ROCKS..
kaycee – Rocks has been putting something in her head ,.. you know they’ve been talking a lot..
Tyler see that someone is putting in Sam’s head that they are going to feel bad about her not playing the game whie they are.
kaycee – it has to be Rockstar and ROCKS would do some sh1t liek that.. she’s questioning..
Kaycee – something is being told her to that is making her over think all this stuff..

They all agree they really like Sam deep down they think she’s great.
Angela – it’s so much deeper than sides.. and if she thinks thats the only reason that we have conversations with her that’s horrible
Kaycee – right
A – that’s awful
K – she knows deep down for sure.. but someone’s in her head telling her shit that’s making her over think..

KAycee says her and Sam talk about thing she doesn’t talk about with other people in the house. relationships and “sh1t about my parents”
kaycee – she’s a good person and I feel like someone is feeding her sh1t
They agree the other side is trying to reeling Sam in through ROCKSstar

Angela says the other side is using Sam’s weaknesses on a personal level to get at her
Kaycee – yeah
Angela – that’s wrong that’s bullying..
Kaycee – she see that I know .. She’s such a good person she reminds me of my mom.

Angela says she’s the bulldog protecting Sam don’t f* with her ..

3:03pm KAycee, Angela  and Tyler 
Tyler – I really don’t care if Bayleigh stays this week. let her stay we’ll be fien
Kaycee – what are you talking about right now
T – if she f*ing stays I don’t care.. we’ll be fine
KAycee – she’s going home
KAycee – I just know ROCKS is in her ear… just know it.. she knows what she’s doing..


3:20pm HOH Tyler and Angela

Angela – I can’t wait to watch this
T – hey we’re safe.. we’re HOH.. we’re getting a DUB this week and we’re going to win
T – this is what happens when people’s backs are against the wall.. you know they try sh1t like this

A – there’s not way it’s Haleigh.. I don’t think it’s haleigh ..
T – if she is she’s the biggest idiot in the world for admitting it
A – I know
T – it’s not going to accomplish anything but get a target on my back from who? people that are already targeting me
A – now I have a reason to target her.. she gave me a target .. she gave you a Target
A – She has been throwing comments out here like she’s over this game and she’s done with it kinda feeling defeated.. she used this opportunity to take the blame to put herself on the map Because she hasn’t been doing anything (Ha)

T – she’s stupid either way.. either way..
Angela points out that Bayleigh and Haleigh dressed up for the meeting they’ve had this planned.

3:22pm JC comes in..
Angela says haleigh just put a HUGE target on her back.
Jc – ok … really quick update.
JC – wheres the peanut
T – DR
JC says Bayleigh is going to go around the house and fight for votes talking to people personally.
Jc – She sat with us and she was counting the votes for bayleigh in front of me and fes.
JC says him and Fes were laughing at ROCKS because she was counting the votes for Bayleigh in front of them
JC – I looked fes.. are you kidding me right now.. what kinda stupid b1tch are you
JC – fes told me he thinks he has Brett’s vote
A – no way in hell, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen

Angela says the only 2 people she is worried about is Sam and Brett
JC – do you really think he would flip on us
A – I don’t think so but he’s been hanging out with Fes now
JC – fes wants him out (BRETT)
They agree Haleigh is the biggest idiot in the game.
JC – I’m going to work my balls off to get bayeligh out this week..

KAycee joins them.. JC says the otherside thinks Kaycee has the other power..

3:50pm JC tells them that Bayelgih thinks they have Brett’s vote.. They laugh..
kaycee points out to them that Scottie is 100% in on whatever they tried to pull today.
They laugh at how Rockstar is trying to pull Brett in..
JC calls ROCKSTAR the f***tar.
JC – you could have done so much damage with your power girl..
JC says the only way they can save bayleigh is if Rockstar walks out.. JC says that Sam is getting closer to fes because they stay up until 4 in the morning he makes jokes to her.
They have a good laugh at ROCKSTAR counting votes in front of everyone for bayleigh..
JC – I was like Girl what the f* are you doing
A – what did she say
JC – I told her even if you make the second place that’s still 50 thousand you can get your kids and take them to the f*ing park or something
A – get that mini van
JC – I dunno do something with that money
JC can’t believe that Haleigh did this for Bay
They tell JC eBay controls them “she says jump they jump”

JC – they’ve been puppets since week 1
A – yup

Angela tells JC that Bayleigh was the only person on the other side that was trying to save fes.

4:04pm bay and Sam
Sam – before I go to bed somebody tell me how to vote
bay – I’m telling you to vote.. please keep me here
Sam – ok.. Rockstar said the same thing though..
Bay – did she
Sam – i need to ask a third party tie breaker .. JC.. FEs..
Bay – ask one of them I think they will be unbiased
Sam – you are going to the little house and i’ll be there in a week.

Sam – I would change places with you if I could I would go to the little house first..
Sam – I would leave and go to the little house first if it meant you could stay because you are actually going to play I am not

bay brings up her conversation with Brett and how she never got to know him at all “He’s actually a good guy”

4:30pm Hackers… Tyler and Haleigh wearing the same thing

4:52pm Ha, Ba, ROCKS
Bayleigh says to Haleigh she can’t be mad at her or Tyler for what they’ve done because they are young.. (At Haleigh because she handled the hacker power wrong?)
Rockstar says Tyler is a young man..
bay – this is only a game i’m glad it wasn’t life or death..
Haleigh – this went off very differently in my head..
They think that Brett is mad at Angela right now..

5:02pm HOH chit chat.. .

JC – you know you are matching with Haleigh that’s so cool you should be holding hands..

5:08pm THE HIVE
Bayleigh is complaining about her talk with Angela earlier today..
Haleigh – I hope she feels like a dumb A$$.. (LOL)
they mock Angela
Bay – she screwed up she had the all the girls thing going on she had us.. she traded all that for one person
Haleigh – Scottie is talking to Tyler ..
Rocks – what a cluster f*

JC joins them “f*iong kaitlyn”
Ha – what a b1tch she took her clothes back (how dare her)
Bay – wait you had to give Kaitlyn’s clothes back
Ha – they came over and were like HEY umm… Kaitlyn has requested the jacket and the rainbow thing.. she needs it..
Ha – I literally watched her give that .. I was leaving this for your (JC)
They agree Kailtyn is watching at them and is pissed.

5:38pm A needed rest..

Wounded little baby lamb…

6:20pm Feeds on repeats..

7:18pm feeds down.. partyz

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why is Sam giving up? and what was all that crying and hugs about?

Botox Pelosi

Sam just wants everybody to be happy.


I know…it was nutty…or as ang said “sh*t just got real” rofl


Sam is not giving up. She is playing the game. She is doing the im not trying, i dont know this game, im going home, Im not threatening and so no problem in keeping me here game. I just dont get why everyone is fooled, including this blog. Cirie did this her first time on Survivor and almost won. What about Jordan?? she didn’t cry but she was so non threaten and Im not playing the game.. and she won! It’s a great game to play. Pick a side and mother them to death.. tell them you dont know what you’re doing.. be that poor sweet little baby bird.


yeah, sam’s in surprisingly good position. i think she’s in everyone’s final 4 after this week (i think all members of L6 are plotting to turn on each other around 5-7 players remaining).


Plus Sams proved herself competition wise too

Stevie J

Vanessa got far with the crying strategy too


Sam hasn’t done anything, she just there, she not trying to win, maybe she doesn’t believe she can win.

Hi my name is Scott

She won a physical HOH……..ain’t that something?


and Kaitlyn was a big target, Sam has a feather in her cap


sam’s resume is better than kaycee’s or brett’s.


Tyler gave it to her IMHO.

Who said that!

Giving up?She never started.

Brett's Butt Plug

Hormones. there is a lot of estrogen in that house.

Guney Burd

FFS. These people are ANIMALS.


As opposed to being plants?

…sorry couldn’t resist. I’ve got all my popcorn, tea, I’m ready for tomorrow!


Reel SAM in NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Botox Pelosi

Watching Bayleigh get voted out tomorrow will be awesome. The only thing better will be watching the remaining Hive members say “Who flipped?”


We know it was Angie, she flipped! They know Tyler’s on their side or do you think they’ll remember he is against them?


Somebody reel Sam in NOW!!!!!!!


this made me LOL, i just came back from the Bass Pro Shop with a fishing pole, no joke!


Sam the Maid – I’m being myself while everyone else is in here with a strategy they came here to play
Sam The Maid says to sweet pinky sad bird – I look at you and I see my brother(ZOMFG) .. my brother’s birthday is on Friday I don’t really don’t want to think about.. it..(Douible ZOMFG)
Snake Angelo: let’s hug and cry together my maid sam (The only reason I am keeping you is cause you are a good maid you do my laundry cook my food and clean my mess, otherwise I would backdoor you like fake rachel)


And enter comments of all these people praising Tyler and Angela even for being mean and belittling people behind their backs:


they’re being nicer to rs than bay.


And u seriously actually did it (eye roll)


in these people’s eyes L4 is perfect


i am confused they want to keep bayliegh now after she yelled at rockstar


How terrible of CBS to exploit all these mental health patients for profit!

Seriously, they’re all losing it.

Hoping against hope

Best comment of the year

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

I enjoy watching others spiral out of control. Its their job to entertain me.


I know, right? So true.


First of all…Simon….you’re the man! I love your summary of Sam, ang, peanut, wounded sweet baby bird lamb. I was lmao. Second…everyone just gets all emotional with sam. She must know some are only doing that because they think that’s the key to getting what they want from her. Can’t even own it! Brett is playin his role perfectly this week.

Smitten By Haleigh

Sam needs to stop playing Tyler’s game.


they all do except hive minus scottie. jc admitted this afternoon that tyler is the best player. yet they will all sacrifice their game for him


HOH crew saying that Bayleigh is counting her votes., ( In FRONT of Rocks)
Decide they have Fess, Hayleigh, JC, Scottie, Sam.
Tyler says * And Rockstar will vote to evict herself )..:)
I have never seen such behaviour in any BB season.
It’s like Rocks is just a dog…to be kicked around.
Like she’s not worth keeping. All this in front of Rocks. It’s just so demeaning.
Rocks is annoying with her fake (BrAYING Laugh)…her *message to America *..but even so.
The sucking up is quite dreadful.
Brett and Scottie being the lucky individuals. Rocks and Hay treating them like they’re the best people in the Universe.
But when Tyler walks into the kitchen…Hay cannot hide her hate. It’s a flash..but very real.
Apparantly tonight is the half way party..(with alcohol).
Will Hay drink and freak out * Don’t be freaky with other people Fess?
Will Bay drink even though maybe preggers?
And then : Sam checks Bay. ( Kind of like when she was the robot and told Kaitlyn that if SHE was the robot she couldn’t jump in the hot tub with Fess.
Sam asks who should she vote for>
Bay. *ME*
Sam: But Rockstar said to vote for her.
Bay gulps.
Sam continues. Well, I’ll ask a third party.
For someone who’s not playing the game…Sam is nothing short of good set downs.


I need to point out that it was Fess, Hayleigh and Bay talking about Bay’s votes in FRONT of Rocks. HOH are talking about that happening..and that Rocks is so in thrall with Bay that she would evict herself.
Hay is so focused on hating Tyler..that her game is skewed. And Brett and Scottie KNOW that she is sucking up to get her way.
Brett mentioned when he was in the kitchen with Hay and Scottie that he misses Kaitlyn. Hay jumped up and left in a huff.
I know she’s young…the problem is she thinks she’s an amazing player. And that she rules Fess..and now thinks Bay owes her. Rocks is basically a number for them. That’s all.
Quite sad..when these players look back at the show.


yeah, hay made some questionable choices as the hacker. she played to hide the power instead of what was best for her game. who cares if taking rocks down, putting up brett, putting fes in the competition, and cancelling sam’s vote makes it obvious your side has the power. using it period makes it obvious your side has the power, just own it.


Own it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I wonder if part of the reason Hay desposes Tyler is he’s the only guy she couldn’t snuggle up to batting her eyelashes, her only game play to date.


Has Bayleigh’s pregnancy status been confirmed? Please let that be part of her eviction speech!

Bayleighs Boogers

Yep! Congratulations ! She is having a tiny, entitled, bouncing ball of hate


Do you think Miss Missouri will have to return her Miss Congeniality award?

another name

If i understand Sam at all:
she told tyler she was always going to reach out and be extra nice to the person that was going to be evicted. (in sam’s own way she’s talking jury management).
there is nothing to reel in. there is no way a side that has haleigh on it is pulling sam in. sam may like bayleigh. sam may like rockstar. sam doesn’t agree with the way haleigh acts in the game.
sam knows haleigh bayleigh and rockstar tried to get together a girls’ alliance that excluded sam. She took it hard because her game is to attempt to be the likeable den mother. she still dislikes haleigh’s game, but she tried to push her nominations as hoh off as more aimed at kaitlyn. she spent even more time listening to bayleigh and rockstar.
why is she saying i’ll just wait for someone to tell me how to vote: she never says who she is voting out. she always plays like she isn’t playing.
she is. but she’s playing in an extremely unconventional way.
But. maybe i don’t understand Sam at all.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Give her props. She is not a target, people have to kiss her ass as a swing vote, and she has excellent jury management.

another name

because i believe she is actually playing the game, i agree. she’s been talking about jury management and being an open book, but keeping her mouth shut if she doesn’t want to answer a question for two weeks. the others assume she isn’t playing because she isn’t playing in the conventional way or in the way they are playing.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

A lot of people on this site still think you have to be winning comps and scheming 24/7 to have “game”. Bull shit. This game is about getting to the end. Rarely does the alpha male or female get there. As the great Dr Will said you gotta win, dump, float, shield and do whatever it takes to win.

another name

well. when they say she isn’t playing. she keeps herself from being a major target by playing that she isn’t playing. she sits back and watches the group dynamics. she talks to almost every person on a personal level. she doesn’t get drawn into the war by not being in on the plotting and planning. she doesn’t really mind voting either way because she’s not on the block.
the drawback: i think the cues she takes from d/r questioning… i think she takes it too seriously. i doubt they were enthused by her house meeting.


I think you do. Sam did tell Bayleigh that she is going to the “little house” and that she wished she could go in her place. If Bay didn’t hear ” I’m not voting for you” that’s her fault.


I soooo hope you are right. I’m just worried about Sam’s big heart is all. Your point is well taken though.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Ha- “if we win we put up Angela and Tyler. And I’ll win the hacker!”

Yes, Hay, since you won it once, it’s probably the same comp and you’re hands down winning it again!! = delirious!

And if you’ve already put up Angela & Tyler, switch thenoms and put up…Brett? What good would the hack do if you’ve already put up your 2 targets? =. Dumb!


I’m so fed up with Sam and her cry for nothing ways. Great now I am crying as I write this……


Hope hicks is so frickin hot

Antifa's Worst nightmare

Careful! tons of jealous , virtue signaling, multi Hair color America haters troll these waters. You can’t mention Hope Hicks without getting tons of commie thumbs down… But Yeah! She is smoking Hot! Crush the dislike Commies! makes me smile.. MAGA!

Buh Bye

Because this isn’t a political commentary site. So, yeah. Thumbs down for taking our favorite BB escapism site and polluting it with your political opinions – red or blue.


I know…I didn’t inject politics…it was someone’s handle name. It’s not fun to talk politics anymore because everyone gets too fiery and don’t know how to be respectful…on both sides. Anyhow…I was just making a statement of fact about the hottie :p


As I read this I think where did Brett go? Well played.
Also I think the hive think this is the Bayleigh show. Like RS really…are you that stupid? Do you forget you are on the block or you have kids. I would murder for security and financial peace of mind for my kids future and she wants to give it up for “the first black girl to win”….priorities girl. They look like the biggest fools.


Somebody in production really loved Chicken George, the gloriously clueless guy…but wanted that in a girl…hence Sam getting on the cast


This another that annoys the f**k outta me, why CBS gets 80% of people in the house that doesn’t even want to win the game? Every season, people want to get acting jobs, or romance, or other opportunities, the fuck you don’t come on the show to win 500k then you shouldn’t apply. That’s why the seasons get a little worse where we’re rooting for just a few people. 16 people should be trying to WIN. Tyler,Scottie, & JC playing to win..


when most of the houseguests are recruits, you get a lot of talentless fame-seeking wannabe actors, a lot of whom crack under the stress of the house and just want out at a certain point.

Douchey C

Add Brett & Angela to the list as well. Don’t see them giving up either


Tyler was on another tv show before BB. I forgot the name but it’s the one with Kevin hart. So he’s a fame whore too. Not in it to win it… I think Haleigh, sam, Scottie, and sadly kaycee but she doesn’t know what she’s doing are in it to win it.


Ohhh here they go again, feeling for sweet wounded baby bird lamb. Love it

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It blows my mind when people who’s game has been extremely week and flawed find themselves backed in a corner; then they lose their sh!t and claim some moral High ground claiming their opponents are horrible people. No, you fool. Your game sucks, you can’t own it; you’re stories don’t make sense. You, your power app and your BBbaby have been outplayed. As we day in the airline biz, “BuByeBye, Bay!”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Auto Correct is the hacker. It screwed up my comment LOL. (Own it, Auto Correct!)

Hi my name is Scott

it had to be one of those evil, rich, privileged good looking dumba$$es who just had to be mean and ruin your post!


I enjoy your posts. Very astute. What Bay keeps doing is Transference. Classic. What SHE does..put it on other people.
i.e. When a guy keeps accusing his girlfriend of cheating..watch out. Usually means HE is. Works the other gender as well.
I think Rocks will be mortified after the show seeing as how SHE ALLOWED herself to be treated..and how she invited it. Not a good example of * Female Empowerment..and her * Using her part on the huge platform of Big Brother to spread the message *.
(quizzical expression from me)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Thank you, Capealadin. You are right – deflecting off her own behavior. She is playing the victim and completely devoid of empathy that Tyler’s game was almost up when he was thrown on the block. As Jeff Probst of Surviver says, “Out play, Out wit, and out last.” I’ve been enjoying OBB’s blog site since Derrick’s season but I can never remember what I used for a User name from season to season so I always have to make up a new one LOL. Old timer’s syndrome.


Do you really think she will? I don’t think she will. Both she and Baleigh are on a different planet.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Barbie, probably not. I just watched a you tube video of the House meeting and blow up; so I disagree with some comments here, Bay WAS practically foaming at the mouth and screaming like a maniac. Tyler didn’t back down but remained calm. Then I watched one of her conversation with KC in the kitchen after, and she’s just such a victim! She was really a jerk towards KC. When Angela apologized, when Rockstar tried to comfort her, when Fez didn’t behave accordingly, when KC tried to comfort her, Bay dismissed ANY thing anyone else has to say, their perspective, and continues to bulldoze them with her narcissistic laced perspective.


I would love for CBS to interview Rock Star’s husband and see what he thinks of her game play. Maybe see if she is this easily lead in her real life.

Sakura Haruno

After today I guess I’m Tyler’s only fan.

I keep seeing nothing but hate for him.

What did he do to get people hating on him so much?


You’re not his only fan.


There are a lot of Tyler fans here. I’m not one of them, but sometimes we tend to focus more on the negative and that is why you don’t see how many he has. I see a lot of Bayleigh hate here. She’s not my favorite but I don’t like how rude everyone is being here.

Smitten By Haleigh

Exactly, it’s so bias at times. Anything the other house guests does is minor. When it’s come to Bayleigh they want to hang her.


She did make a valiant effort to remove the biggest threat in the game but by trying so hard to protect her identity as the hacker she shot herself in the foot during the veto. She may have been better served by picking Bayleigh or Fez and dealing with the rumor of who got the power.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Hardly – “hang her” is not the best choice of words (lol). It’s a game. It obviously is bringing out the worst in Bay. She doesn’t seem to remember the lies she’s told in the game and the crap she’s talked behind other people’s backs. All perfectly normal in the BB house. Her behavior and lack of self awareness is horrible many times, and she’s one of my least favorite people in the house. But I hope she learns some life lessons and uses this experience positively. It’s in her hands and I wish her the best. (But I still want to see her walk out the door.)


I’m not sure it’s the game. I read about people from her town saying this is exactly how she acts all the time.


What are you five? You read somewhere that someone you don’t know said something bad about someone you also don’t know! Seriously. This is the internet. Stop spreading false rumors. Your false gossip could ruin another persons life. She has been a professional in the service industry for some time. She does not act like this all the time! There is so much negative nonsense on here about her it is disgusting. But at least we can understand it is opinionated bias, and not your false rumors!


Hmmm, must be a family member.


She will not learn life lessons from this. It will always be someone else’s fault.


Really, you’re going to play Tyler’s please feel sorry for me tricks to get everyone to assure you that they still like him? Grow up, Tyler got slightly called out for a minor bit of his terrible lying habit. He used it as usual as a reason to be nasty to others in the house. The end.


Definitely NOT Tyler’s only fan. He’s been my fav since day 1.


Yeah, I hate Tyler, but I’ll admit that he’s helped make this season entertaining.

Gordon Ramsey

I want Bayleigh to leave, but if you think about it…

Brett SHOULD vote out Rockstar.

Hear me out:

1. He is Rockstar’s only target/obsession
2. The massive target on his back will be now be on Tyler and Angela if Bayleigh stays
3. He can fade away for a couple of weeks, and hit the gas in the final 5 or 6.
4. He could easily hide his vote, or if he had to fess up most of them would understand as long as he came forward before the ceremony.


very good points, but honestly i think brett’s played a pretty weak game and unlikely to see it. he’s basically just a shield for the rest of L6 and has made himself so hated by the other side of the house it’s doubtful he can secure the jury votes to win (but he does have a narrow path).

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Nope. To early for that move. Bay/Hay/Fezzy in that order. Angela and Tyler on the other side. Everyone else who is smart can see this. stay out of the way and let them fight it out. keep your head down.


He’s got nothing to worry about with Angie though. She doesn’t have the numbers plus she’s unlikely to win anything.

BT Switcheroo

Brett’s in a great spot and he should vote Bayleigh out now as he is in her good books (jury and jury house management), and before he does/says something to upset her.
Rockstar won’t win HOH, he is safe from that; plus if Bayleigh likes Brett, then soon Rockstar will, too.
If he makes it to Final Two, he could be the only L6 to receive Hive votes and be able to receive votes from his alliance. He has time to move into a very favorable position, just as Tyler had been before he showed his cards and switched spots with Brett.

Botox Pelosi

Quote of the day Simon.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Fry Gate.


But it wasn’t on her daughter’s birthday!


There is no guarantee that Bayleigh goes home. I can’t stand her but the house will be crazytown if she stays.

I can see Brett keeping her as it takes the focus off of him. JC too could stay under the radar by keeping her.

Good season! CBS should just air the house meeting unedited. Never seen someone yell so loud they started bleeding.


Gums can bleed when one is pregnant. Her yelling did not cause her gums to bleed. She could possibly be pregnant. Also, she wasn’t even yelling to the extreme. Do I agree with how she handled it? No. But what was she supposed to do? They don’t listen to her when she talks calmly. They act as if they’re better than her. She genuinely liked Tyler and felt he betrayed her. She’s a person and sometimes when a person has been hurt by another person multiple times – things happen. Again, I don’t lime how she handled it but I do feel for her. She was playing the game with her heart not her mind.


She can feel or perceive anything she wants…but she turned on Tyler first…trying to get him voted out once the Hacker nominated him.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

When Tyler didn’t take Angela’s POV prize, didn’t it dawn on the Hive that Angela and Tyler were on a team????


That was dumb of Angela to fight so hard to keep the veto. She could have had $5,000. Tyler would have ended up with the veto and Scotty with the granny panties.


You would think.. right? But clearly not with that clueless crew;-0


Opps I responded to the wrong post!!!


I think they just thought the pretty girl was taking advantage of poor Tyler.

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

Yes. Its like they dont even see there is another team. Just random players.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

We’re just now watching the TV show now Now I see why they were all so exhausted after. We know Tyler Brett & KC are athletes (the last four that were still playing); but I’m honestly impressed with Scotties athletic skills! It was cardio, endurance, focus, rhythm … crazy hard comp. Fun to watch even though I knew from OBB what’s happened i the last 3 days.


Scottie said in the beginning that he was pretty athletic and hoped people would look at him and underestimate his athletic ability.


Angela The New Queen of Mayhem was on a mission to destroy the pretender to the throne Bayleigh.
Tangy and company will go after Princess Hayleigh next.


I don’t think they even know they are on a team nor who is on the team with them because the votes never go as they planned it and for 5 weeks couldn’t figure out who flipped..LMAO how could you possibly think it would dawn on them that Tyler and Angela are playing together..LOL

Okay, RockStar Sucked My Cock Once...I Was Drunk!

So Bay Tried to backdoor Scottie and she takes no responsibility for that.

another name

name something negative she actually takes responsibility for?

Jay Crimsion

LMAO that Veto Ceremony Angela was sooo sure of herself that Bayleigh is the Hacker. I spit out my drink when she stood there with such conviction. “I know who the hacker is” uh the heck you don’t!!! Yea that is added to this weeks stupid big brother moment.

Smitten By Haleigh

Sam is honest. She might be second guessing the way Tyler and Angela’s tactics accusing and framing Bayleigh about being the hacker


It made sense and it could be easily passed off because the hacker kept it a secret until after everything.


I know, right? This the 2nd week Angela looked like an idiot. But she got HOH & Veto, so it’s not so bad.


I didn’t know the HOH’s chip can be in the Veto bag so they can get 2 veto picks? This smells like Production funk.

another name

the veto rules changed for the hacker comp. they were told that the veto bag would have all names in it, and if either nom or hoh name was picked it was their choice. it was on feeds in a discussion… soon cut off for talking about production. please don’t ask me to timestamp cus….


Oh ok..


i think when there’s just the two nominees and the hoh, it’s 3 houseguest choice chips and one for each other houseguest. when it’s four people picking chips, it’s one for each player, including the people standing up there. if one of the standing people’s chips is picked it becomes a houseguest’s choice.


Let’s see if he is willing to own that he has a power. Says let is the reason to get her out. So he’s being a hypocrite.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Nooooo, that is being a smart BB player. Hay and Bay are both fools for outing their own power app. Bay has never been loyal to any L6 member and made it clear during her HOH talks with Hay and Rockbottom that Angela would be a replacement on the block if Tyler used the veto. Also made it clear that wounded baby bird, while safe during her HOH, would be soon on the chopping block. She’s a threat, she has a power, she’s miserable to live with …. she still has to go.


i wasn’t 100% that angela would have been the replacement nom. scottie was mentioned a lot.

ultimately tyler asked bay “would angela be the replacement?” rather than “who would be the replacement?” which does show a level of shadiness. but bay misread the implication of that and still misreads it. tyler wasn’t throwing angela’s name out to put angela in jeopardy, it was to allow him to safely not use his veto and go after rachel who he and much of his alliance saw as more of a liability than an asset. furthermore bay totally blew it by responding “yes” to tyler instead of being vague or refusing to answer.

Bay Leaf

Rockbottom, LOL!


If he has to use it, I’m sure he’ll downplay it’s usefulness. It is very weak.


there are pretty significant disadvantages to his using it.

1.) everyone knows it’s the 2nd power app (sam has said she got the 1st, bayleigh has said she got the third) which means america was responding to his hoh, which means america feels he played a significant role in shifting that vote, which should make the hive realize how he’s playing them (though they’re still pretty dumb).

2.) he hasn’t told anyone which will make everyone, including his alliance, question his loyalties.

3.) it draws attention to how difficult he will be to get out, making other houseguests more likely to target him

unless there’s a significant chance of him actually going home, i think he intends to let it expire and not tell anyone that he won it until he’s in jury or in the finale.

Your Mirror

Your posts are so one-sided


LOL — I thought of you as soon as he said it, Simon.


Me tooooo….it was sooo called for


The L6 is pissed that the other side is trying to reel Sam in. But their group is leaving her out of conversations. So they are being hypocritical because they are only using her for a vote and then trying to act like they are taking a higher ground. At least RS, Fes, and Scottie actually have conversations with her. When they start having more inclusive conversations with her, then they can act upset. But until they truly let her in, then they need to stop talking because they are the ones using her.


I’m not sure that’s it. I don’t have the feeds but remember hearing I think RS saying it wasn’t fair Sam was there, not knowing the game. From the sound of the conversation seems like they think someone told Sam she was hurting Tyler’s et all game by “not playing”.


With the feeds down and reruns on I can’t help but wonder if all HELL has broke loose like Bay promised.

Oh Wait! Midseason party. I sure hope things stay civil.

another name

or if they aren’t civil we get a feed leak. 🙂

Rachel’s Vixens

With alcohol and high tempers involved, one can only hope for more chaos!!


How much booze are they getting? Are they drinking Sam’s prison hooch? Is Sam stomping mudholes in the tramps chests?


Feeds are back now but there’s an eerie calm in that house. Weird!


I starting to wonder if Sam is playing everyone!!!! She acts so shy and sad one minute and then she will speak her mind and look strong tje next.? I starting to wonder….


Sam’s lectures are getting on my nerves. She used to be my favorite.


I wonder if the Hive win HoH next which Level 6 member will use Haleigh speech to turn on Tyler! They will use any info in that house no matter if its true or not to their advantage!!


Just realized tomorrow episode is at 2am Friday morning because of football. Set/check your PVRs. Boy do I miss Canada and having Global and CBS to choose from.


Brett should flip just because Tyler stole his Hawaii trip. Tyler didn’t have to do that. Cold-Blooded

another name

they talked it out an hour after veto. brett said it was cool, but he was going to use it as an excuse to get in with the other side.


tyler probably should have taken veto, but eh, hawaii trip is nice and he 100% couldn’t take the $5k.


Maybe he can take Brett with him on the trip!

Kid Rock

JC IS A RAT….. He will be the one looking dumb in the end…. Who is being played more JC AND SAM OR FES HA AND BAY???

I think JC WIL FEEL VERY DUMB WHEN HE FINDS KUT ABOUT LEVEL 6… he has been their GOPHER THE ENTIRE GAME… he really thinks he is apart of their alliance


RE: J.C. vs Fessy: who is looking more dumb in the end

Just one question:

Kid Rock, By any chance, are you Fessy’s slightly more gullible brother Babu Shafaat?
I agree that J.C. is a very bad man. A very, very bad man. But he has owned Fessy…he occupies space in Fessy’s head. Believe it or not, he’s smarter than your average bear, Babu. He knows there are two sides of the house and he’s just happy to watch them kill each other until there’s very few people left and then go from there. He will be happy to break alliances in the end by telling X and Y that they cannot win against Z. Sit back and be amazed, Babu.


The more I see JC, Tyler and Angela’s face, the more disgusted I feel like. They are the type of persons who will act like very nice to you and then stab u from behind and mock at your back with those ugly faces, especially the disgusting floater JC. They might have an advantage in the game but I am so glad the world gets to see how evil minded they all are


I just love JC – he has everyone pegged. He called out Rockstar for not trying to stay. Rockstar and Hayleigh are on another level of stupid.


I have to say LEVEL 6 is probably the best alliance of all TIME! They’re still together from the start!

Although I think Brett is a huge douchebag, he’s still miles better than people like Rachel and Josh.

Rachel’s Vixens

Fes comes in says hes got JC’s vote.. “For sure.. ”

This pretty much sums Fes’ entire lack of game right there!! Stop trying to backdoor Hayleigh and win HOH you romantic fool!


Didn’t Haliegh bring a. box of “organic” tampons up to the hoh when bay was hoh? Don’t thin Bay is pregnant she just has poor anger management skills


Did you miss the livestream and subsequent posts where Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she thinks she’s pregnant this week? She wouldn’t say the word but meaning was clear…. then there was the leak from the B.B. insider about her seeing a nurse practitioner either today or tomorrow… and Swaggy retweeting it…. very very good chance she is pregnant.


Every season it is obvious the women are all PMSing at the same time. This is what us women go through in real life unfortunately. Brain fog, making dumb decisions, feeling sad and pathetic and making *sses of ourselves. Then it’s over and we go OMG did I just do that?


Haley’s meeting–stupid stupid move. Completely dumb. Complete backfire. Pointless.

team fair

ok I actually watched the Bayleigh and Tyler clip on Youtube and even though Bayleigh made some dumb moves in this game…I see nothing wrong with how she reacted to Tyler. She was wasn’t lying when she said she’s had Tyler’s back for most of the game and she exposed him. I think it was a great move on Hayleigh’s part to call the house meeting. I have been listening to the people on this feed without actually watching the feeds and I won’t be doing that anymore because people see things to fit their own narrative and bias. Tyler was being passive- agressive and Bayleigh was upset. So what? She was screaming and?

None of you people know what it’s like living in house with strangers and having no outside contact with family or friends that you trust to vent to. You have no idea how it is going to affect you…just the same way I will never listen to someone who doesn’t have kids tell me they “know” exactly what type of parent they are going to be. Tyler is a liar and he has played a hand in most of the evictions and then to act innocent like she is the crazy one, please guys…it’s easy for you to throw judgements from the outside looking in…

She bit her tongue in anger, so what? You’ve never seen that happen to someone before, you’ve never seen someone hurt themselves by accident in anger. I’m really tired of the i’m so holy and look at these peasants act fool on T.V attitudes going on in the comments….i could say more but i don’t have anymore energy to waste…smh…i hope if Tyler is in the final 2, it’s a tie vote and Bayleigh is the deciding vote…now that my friends will be epic!


RE: Bayleigh

Bayleigh is the person who said she would gut Scottie and lay out his intestines. Here’s how the exchange went while Bayleigh was power-tripping as HOH:

Scottie: Anything you want
Bayleigh: If I find out you are not loyal to me, I will gut you and lay out your intestines

Bayleigh had Scottie swear loyalty to the queen on the HOLY BIBLE. She is also making racist comments like “I cannot live with these crazy white people”

She treats her BEST FRIENDS IN THE HOUSE like dogs and points out what idiots they are. She is nobody that the average viewer is going to feel for.

Tyler knows that Bayleigh is not taking him to the end. He’s just playing the game. You cannot lose perspective. This is a game…and played at its very best…it incorporates a certain amount of deception.

I do not swear at people and call them bad people and accuse them of treating me like trash when somebody bluffs and steals a big pot from me while playing a game of poker. I say: “nice one. well played.” I get that it’s a game. I do not need to vilify my opposition. I’m not a bloody narcissist and I do not believe that the world revolves around me and the world owes me or has singled me out for harsh treatment.

In keeping with the poker analogy: IT IS A CARDINAL SIN TO SHOW YOUR OPPONENTS YOUR HAND. What did Bayleigh and Hayleigh do to establish themselves as all-world dumb-asses? They showed their hand to the other side. Bayleigh telling Rachel about her special power was the beginning of the end for Bayleigh. As for Hayleigh, she’s the dumbest organism alive to be calling this meeting and showing herself as more of a threat when everybody saw her as completely useless and no threat. The only thing that could top the idiocy of Bayleigh and Hayleigh is if Bayleigh’s faithful dog RockSlide would just walk out of the house before the eviction vote on Thursday.

team fair

I repeat I hope if Tyler makes it the final 2, its a tie vote and Bayleigh is the deciding vote…speaking it into existance


I hope if Tyler makes it to final 2, he is standing next to somebody like J.C., it’s a tie 4-4 vote and the great Bayleigh is the deciding vote. I can just hear the gears turning in her brain. “do I vote to give the $500,000 to Tyler who greatly offended me by wearing sun glasses and drinking tea and attacking me with such offensive phrases like ‘good morning Bay” but who does not really have anything against me…or… do I vote to give the $500,000 to JC who sees me for the disgusting, racist, obnoxious, self-centered, crazy, narcissistic piece of human waste that I really am?”
“hmmmmmmmm…. i’m a gonna have to give it to that “little thing” who has said offensive things about me and I have felt like stepping on”


Don’t get the ranking. Angela is a mean girl. Tyler is running the game. Brett is an idiot. JC is arrogant. I don’t like the power Trip of Level 6 AT ALL!!


Anyone else here notice Angela is a straight dime piece. That ass could bounce quarters for days. Straight ninja ass. Just stealthin. One minute it’s hiding. Next minute, bam! Ass city.

The Beef

For your viewing pleasure…….


No she didn’t clear it on that try, but that’s right at 14 ft., a world class height in today’s female pole vaulting classification (world record = 16.6 ft.).


hahaha yes


All Girls Alliance will never work, bitches can’t get along. They’re gonna be scratching & clawing at each other throats in no times, it’s just gonna be more entertainment for the guys.


I’m starting to worry that the votes could flip and Bay may not leave tomorrow. Please lord don’t let it be so!


I would like fessy to win the next hoh. Scottie to win the hacker. Angela and keesee on block. Scottie pick to put up tyler to replace keesee. Angela will go home.


That won’t happen.