Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Wil’s Cocky Attitude Switches the Target onto himself..

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


11:55am Joe, Ashley and Wil are in the bathroom talking. Wil asks Joe who he thinks Frank will nominate. Joe says me and probably you or Ashley. Joe says totally a guess but I think Frank and Shane are together now. Totally a guess but just the way he worded things.

12pm Ian joins, Britney, Boogie, Frank up in the HOH room. Ian says that he would not be opposed to being put up against Joe. Boogie laughs and tell him they are just kidding, we aren’t going to put you up, you passed the test. Ian says that he thought about it last night and figured I might have too and that it would be about time for me to feel the heat. But if Joe won the POV and I went home I would feel terrible. Ian says but I passed the test. Britney asks what test can’t you pass Ian? Ian says Bio-Technology. Frank asks do you think they are trying to figure out what to do with Ashley for the have-not competition at this point too? Big Brother cuts the feeds. Ian comments on how Janelle’s average ranking has dropped to 6th. Britney says that’s going to hurt her Wikipedia rankings. Boogie says that Janelle going how increases his chances for America’s choice. Boogie says you crying a few times is helping you. Ian argues that he hasn’t cried that many times. Britney and Ian head down stairs.

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Frank says say we put up Joe and Wil up and how about if you or I win the Power of Veto we take off Joe and put up Dan. Boogies says it’s not a good idea right now, it’s too early and we have just started building trust. If we make a run at someone like that we need to be certain we have the votes.


12:25pm Wil comes up and joins them. Wil tells them no hard feelings if you want to put me up against Joe. Boogie says here is the thing we like you, and there are bigger duo’s in the house that we want to get out, not to say you and Joe are a duo, but putting you up against Joe is probably best. Boogie comments on how he is strong in POV competitions. Wil says if one more person says I am strong in competitions I will never talk to them again because I am not. Frank asks who Wil would put up. Wil says he hasn’t given much thought to it and says he won’t answer that. Boogie tells Wil that Joe needs to go. Frank says that Joe was up here begging to go to jury. Boogie asks why he took a pay cut to be here. Wil says okay that’s it I just wanted to come up here and tell you I am okay with going up. Boogie asks what that’s it?! Wil says well I’ll just play for the veto and then we will talk. Wil leaves. Boogie tells Frank I don’t like the attitude he just had. He is coming after us for sure. Frank agrees. Boogie says well we get him out, I can put up with Joe another week. Frank wonders what if he wins the POV. Boogie says then we back door him, we put up Joe and one of us. Frank asks who though. Boogie says Ian, or me put me up and I’ll win POV. Frank comments on how if Joe wins HOH next week we can leverage him more than we can Wil. Frank asks are you still on board with getting Dan out someday. Boogie says yeah just not until we get a few more people out … we only just started building trust less than a week ago. Frank asks okay so who can we put up beside Joe to make sure Wil has even less chance at playing for the Power of Voto.


12:30pm – 12:50pm Boogie and Dan are up in the HOH room talking about having Wil as the target. Boogie says that what he just saw from Wil scared him a bit. He knew what we were hinting at. Boogie says that Wil even told them that he knew there was a large group working together. Boogie says why would you be like that when you know you are not the target. They talk about how they don’t want Joe or Wil in the jury. Dan says oh yeah can you imagine Joe on his high perch in the jury. Frank and Boogie talk about how shocked they are at Wil. Boogie says you just did yourself so much more damage coming up here than you did not even coming up here to talk. Boogie says what about putting up Joe and Ashley, she won’t even move in the POV, she will just stand there. Dan asks what message will that send to Wil. Boogie says will say we aren’t coming after him. Dan says what if Wil gets picked to play and wins and then takes Joe off the block. Boogie say oh I didn’t even think about that, lets bag that idea. Dan asks so Wil knows a big group is working together. Boogie says yeah he basically knows the 6 of us are together. Britney joins then and Boogie tells her that her idea of getting out Wil is gaining some traction. Boogies says that he came up here with some attitude. Britney asks attitude, he came down with tude too! I thought it was because of something you said up here. They then tell her about their conversation with Wil. Britney says that he is down there trying to rally the people. Boogie says he has a cripple, and Jenn. Frank says maybe it is just best to put up Joe and Wil. He is so heated and knows we are working together, so if he wins POV he would take off Joe. Frank says sh*t this makes noms easier! Britney says with that attitude. Frank says its ridiculous!
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1:10pm Frank comes out of the Diary room and yells excueeze me everybody it is time for the first Have / Have-Not competition of the SUMMER! Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen..

2:15pm Still TRIVIA..

2:45pm TRIVIA … They are still competing in the Have / Have-Not Competition.

3pm TRIVIA Continues..


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107 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Wil’s Cocky Attitude Switches the Target onto himself..

  1. If I were Frank/Boogie I would get rid of Dan, Wil is a joke

    Someone is about to get deceived, if it isn’t this week, well it’s going to be next week for sure

    I don’t believe the silent 6 will stay loyal too each other, unless Team tits or even Joe manage to win some competitions, and are showing themselves as a threat…

    1. if mike/jenn or ian can win the next HOH…mike may pull the trigger and put up brittney/dan. basically mike has frank/jenn and ian along with frank. the rest of the house could just sit back and watch them take each other out!

      1. Ian will not go after Dan or Brit at this point, he gave his word. Not too sure that Jenn would do anything for Frank or Boogie at this point.

        1. the only chance boogie has to make it out of a double eviction is if ian gets the HoH. then he wont put up mike due to not having time to get influenced. I still believe hes strong in staying loyal to boogie.

            OUTED Dr Wil and he will get booted and spend four weeks or more in Juey abd then they will have the finale night and jenelle will win anerican choice lol Boogie you loser

      1. Boogie is trashing everyone poor Ashley is on MEDS and Boogie call her a sombie and he thinks he will be AMERICAN CHOICE our Jenelle will get this…BOOGIE TELLS THE WORLD HOW HIS BEST FRIEN Wil cheated on his wife great frien

        1. dude. everyone knows what happened with wil and janelle. just STOP

          second. he has SAID he WONT win america’s fav. he said this word for word. that he knows he will NOT win it. but that janelle leaving helps others like dan

          and ashley, how can you NOT talk about her on meds, she was so drugged up on the live show. seriously? you trying to make people hate make for THAT?

        2. so funny all the negative boogie talk, after he just provided one of the best backdoors in bb history. but hey, yeah, lets get RID of the entertainment, lets get RID of a sure win for anyone sitting next to him in jury.

          what is wrong with so many of you? I dont get it. its a game, he plays it very well, why the heck would you want him gone.

    2. Silent 6 decision to keep Frank instead of Janelle is now 100% PROVEN to be the right one because they got a Frank HOH and none of them are going home or even going on the block. Obviously if it was Janelle still in the game 1 or 2 of the group would be on the block for sure.

      So to all those people saying it was dumb to keep Frank over Janelle for the Shane/Brit/Dan/Dani group you now know you are totally wrong.

      1. wow. ok. you can WATCH big brother all stars and see them asking wil about his janelle romance ALL SEASON

        GET OVER IT. boogie did not OUT anything

      2. wil going nuts helps boogie so much. it leaves joe as the easy target in a reset, and may keep chilltown in this game another week so silent six wont turn til both are gone im thinking

    3. If Boogie is such a great friend of Dr will why did he tell AMERICA HOW dR Wil cheated on his wife with Jen the whole world and all of Dr Will patients know he is a low life for cheating thanks to BOOGIE

    4. Poor ASHELY IS ON pAIN medication she could harly play the game last night she was out of it what a cast, Boogie just said he hopes the show edits what he said about Jenelle sleeping with DR will while he was getting married when left jury, real smart move Boogie and youe will not get american choice JEN WILL AND iran is such a poor soul. bOOGIE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAME OF YOURSELF FOR WHT YOU DID TO YOUR BEST FRIEN

    5. I agree, Dan has much influence over Alabama tramp, Danielle and that is very dangerous because Danielle has some sort of influence over Shane. Dan is doing pretty good for himself, and they snake need to cut get the snake from the head! Getting rid of Joe and Wil? that’s a waste of an HOH. Last time, they got Willie out, and Britney’s team fell right apart! Come on, BOOGIE, get DAN OUT. He is clearly leading a pack of wolves that neither you or Frank will be able to defeat in a final 6 situation! I doubt it!!

  2. did i just see danielle complain about back pain after ashley’s been gimpin around the house all morning? is danielle having “lack of attention pains”

    1. Yup, and then Shane was giving her a massage and trying to crack her back. It’s also surprising that Danielle is a nurse and isn’t helping Ashley at all. I know she is trying to hide the fact she is a nurse but it doesnt mean she will give it away by helping her.

      1. There really isn’t anything that Dani can do for Ashley at this point. She is having muscle spasms and is being seen by the doctor. They gave her a cortisone shot. I find it a little suspicious with the horsing around last night that this morning she was in so much pain she couldn’t move. As for Dani and her back issue – this is not the first time she has complained and had her back cracked.

        1. A real nurse could help Ashley get into a comfortable position- supine with pillow under knees and could apply moist or dry heat, as well assist with stress reduction like guided imagery. Just sayin…perhaps Danielle is better suited as a kindergarten teacher.

          1. And who would trust that crazy bitch with their kids?? I can see it now, her going on one of her quests for acceptance with the male faculty , while the kids are working with glue….. Uh NO

      2. Right now it is all about who will go to jury. Wil and Joe in jury is dangerous. Dan, Danielle, Shane, Brit, Ian, Boogie and Frank – any of them in jury would respect game play. Wil would be b*tchy and Joe angry and toxic. I think Jenn and Ashley would also respect game play. I think the best move this week would be to put up Wil and Joe – neither one will know which is the target. If either one managed to win veto they can only take themself off the block. If Ashley or Jenn played and took one of them off, the other could go up. Also, in choosing who to target, they should keep in mind that Ashley may have to remove herself from the game – so they will have to decide who the lesser of two evils would be in jury – Wil or Joe. At least they know going into veto they have 2 physical players.

      3. I said this in an earlier thread, that I didnt understand why Danto ielle wasnt showing concern for Ashley or why Britanny knowing Danielles profession hasnt asked her what she thinks may be wrong or what can help Ashley with her pain. I think Ashley sciatic nerve is acting up, that can be real painful and there is no real treatment for it, just acts up now and then, what may help her is a chiropractor…but I agree with you Dawg, I think Danielle could show more concern, or at least offer an ice pack or heat pack for the girl, or help of some kind. This doesnt bode well for Danielles future in the medical profession in my opinion. GO DAWG!!!

  3. This is why I hate Boogie, if he thinks that he’s gonna win America’s favorite with the way that he’s talking, he has no shot, let alone any fans if he says “Cripple” about someone again

    1. I agreed Janellie will win he keeps talking about jenille cheating with will and now all of DR will patients know he cheated on his wife lol

    2. Boogie as America’s favorite – LOL He is so full of himself. I give him credit for knowing this game but unlike Dan he has no compassion for other people. Dan puts in the work and spends quality time with people; Boogie spends two minutes with you and has your entire life summed up. He is especially cruel with his words about women. I think Frank is able to keep up with Boogie’s game strategy but has a better social game by far. Actually, Frank is a decent player all around for a newby so wouldn’t be surprised if he protects himself against Boogie in some way.

      This BB game is so interesting especially when you have great players. I think the fans now expect more out of BB players once they see how the returning guests do – it really overshadows how weak new players are (joe, jenn, ashley,etc). My favorite part of this season is listening in on the strategy talks among the vets. Casting was really good this year – overall.

    3. i AGREED Boogie will not get american choice when he told america how wil cheated on his wife with JENELLE IN THE JUSRY HOUSE


      and boogie said on BBAD, WORD FOR WORD, that he wouldnt win america’s fav

    5. smart to just nom wil and joe now, then they cant take each other off with the POV, and you get one of them out for sure.

      that or they just flat out pawn and backdoor shane, which to me is just as good of amove, if not better

  4. I think the Silent Six is good for a couple weeks if they can get rid of Wil and Joe.

    The strong players (Frank, Boogie, Dan, Shane) may turn on each other before wasting an HOH on Jenn or Ashley. Probably not much danger in keeping them around.

    Curious as to what Boogie’s endgame strategy is right now (assuming he has one)? If he truly wants to win the game, I don’t like his chances sitting next to Frank or Dan at the end.

    1. Alliance groups are usally 2-4 people, I think six is a little too many. I think this alliance could have been a little more affective if it was formed a lot sooner. I also think there are Boogie’s side of the group and Dan’s and they don’t totally trust each other as the group was formed last week and they’re already talking about getting Dan out. Also, from what I see Boogie is still playing the coach and not really like he wants to win the game. I think he wants Frank, Ian, or Jenn to win and he’s doing his part to make that happen, but it just doesn’t seem like he’s really playing ot win.

      1. I agree. Its kind of like 7 b/c they have Ian too, But I never understood last week when they were trying to form this uber huge alliance with like the whole house. Doesnt that defeat the purpose.! 4 is enough!

    2. he is thinking jenn/ashley or danielle for his end game. but he also probably thinks he can win against anyone in final 2. like he said in DR…he ran danielle’s HOH…thats a good argument if she makes it to the end with him. if jenn follows currnet competition trends…2nd place. same goes for ashley.

      the thing dan and brittney need to be worried about is…long as ian and jenn are still there, they will vote the way mike wants them to. so this breakup of the 6 should happen right after the next two evictions…wil and joe. that following HOH is the game changer!!! hope brittney wins it!!!

      1. I think Ian is a real wild card. Britney and Dan seem to trust him a lot more than they trust Frank and Boogie. (Quack Pack was formed before the Silent Six)

        But of course Ian is still linked and is pretty loyal to Frank and Boogie. I think if the time is right Ian would turn on them though.

        Frank and Boogie really don’t spend a ton of time with anyone but each other, and Britney has been spending a lot of time with Ian lately. She’s really working her social game now that Janelle is gone and not dragging her down.

        She doesn’t control Shane like Dan does Danielle and Boogie does Frank, so she’s getting tight with Danielle, Ian, and even Ashley.

    3. Boogie’s endgame? Who does he want the F3 to be? Who does he not want in Jury Hse?
      Not F3, Shane or Dan. Maybe Ian and Danielle. JUry House, Dan, Shane, Frank, Britney and Jenn.
      He could beat Ian and Danielle at F3 and get the votes over either for the win.

    4. I think kick bodars are those thin bodars that you use right on the surf on the beach. you run on the sand and then you throw it down and slide across the surf on it then step off. the boogie is for stomach surfing but is pretty fun too. If you want to stand out in the surf, you will have to get a surfboard.

  5. The Season of Stupid continues. Yet another wasted HoH on meaningless moves. Now watch next week will be Frank and Ashley on the block, and the send Ashley home. “We are really doing her a favor, she is a lot of pain.”

  6. It appears The SSShhh will stay together for this week…so far

    I don’t think getting Joe or Wil out is a waste…they gotta go sometime plus I agree that I would not want them in jury.

  7. Uuugh!!!
    As much as I hate Frank, I am loving his idea of backdooring Dan

    I am all good as long as the coaches leave ….

  8. when we vote for america’s favorite is everyone included in it from the whole season or is it the people who make it to the jury and beyond. Would kara, jojo and janelle be included in the vote? I don’t think jodi would be included but i think it would be funny if she won with hardly no air time.

    1. Ha! Jodi as America’s Choice, priceless!! The looks of confusion on the other HG’s face would be hilarious. You ought to start a campaign. Also would be a great way to stick it at AG for screwing with production and the edits.

    2. I think everyone in the cast is included… even though none of the cast deserves the 25k, they all were either annoying or boring or both, I can see the blind and gullible choosing Janelle as America’s Favorite..

  9. Users of OBB,
    I’m sorry to say this, but it appears this season is through. I’m, honestly, not that annoying guy, who says “this game is over,” when the first touchdown, goal, or run is scored because things in any kind of game can change on a dime.

    But this game is over folks. Even if a backstab takes place, does it really matter? Those five are just fillers. Just watch when it’s Ashley, Ian, and Jen and the Silent Six. Can a member of the Silent Six really be upset that the other side of the Silent Six doesn’t want to waste their HOH on Jen!

    1. Shh six will remain tight. This week is too soon for a big move. To make a big move before next week would spell disaster because the votes are not there.

      However, if Boogie can convince all to throw HOH to Ion the stick boy and then influence him to get rid of Shane or Danielle, the blood will be on Ion the renegade. Boogie and Frank can promise to protect Ion from anyone who comes after him. Then there can be a”coaches to the end” alliance. So many are expendable. The diabolical possibilities are endless.

      What do you think?

      1. Too early too soon! Ian needs to stick with Wil & Ashley. Wil will be the next to go. Leave Ashley as Jury. Slient 6 needs to stick together.

    1. Isn’t it about time for Pandora’s box? How funny would it be if someone who thinks they will get special powers opens the box and has to leave the game like last season!

  10. I dont think this is over by a long shot…. Dan will sniff out (production telling him) that Frank and Boogie are going to get rid of him and he will get them first… I want Dan to win but i just dont see how its possible at this point…. he has to much work to do and hes not the kind of player to win comps… He needs to get Boogie out without getting his hands dirty….

      1. WTF! Incest??? Why’d you even think that… ’cause she’s southern?

        I think she means by “Bama” Danielle getting down and dirty, punch-a-bitch out for messing with my man. But, I could be wrong.

  11. I love Dan, would love to see him win this. But, I’d be laughing my butt off if Ian won! I would cheer him on! It would make watching this season worth it! The Silent Six need to stick together for at least two weeks, to get the votes in their favor, i.e., get the “T**Ts votes down to non threatening. Will is too smart for them to let him hang around, though I find him so entertaining. I’d say Will first, then Joe. Joe is not a threat. He’s just a pain in the arse. Then the Silent Six can battle it out. But, as long as the T**Ts have the numbers, the Silent Six just may go down. Dan & Boogie have said final two with each other, but I know that Dan is no fool. He cannot trust Boogie. Jenn would be all over an alliance with Dan. He sure knows how to play his social game, and I don’t think Danielle would ever turn on him. The biggest threat in the house, is Shane. The man can win the games!

    1. Finally some who does not think Dan’s an idiot makes me think what other people are watching. I do however disagree with Jen. For some reason I think she’s totally loyal to Boogie. Did I miss something, let me know. I thought she wanted Dan out.

  12. I can’t believe people are seriously still underestimating Mike Boogie?…The guy is tearing it up with his game at the moment…

    1. I disagree-it all easy for Boogie and production saved Will. Dan is the one you all underestimating. Everyone is over estimating Boogies abilities. Boogie did not see he was going to be blind-sighted. Britney told Danielle Janielle lied on Jo JO and that Janielle was talking to Frank. at that point Danielle made up her mind to get rid of Janielle. Dan talked Danielle into NOT putting up Janielle telling her she’s playing with emotions and came back and talked her back to putting up Janielled (the later part was not hard). Boogie cannot even full Frank but WIll can and did. Frank just asked Boogie if he was still on board getting Dan out but Boogie said “later we have to build trust” Frank even sees thank Boogie is hedging his bets. Boogie wants Dan”s allies gone and will roll with Frank or Dan depending on who is left. Boogie is very transparent and he was very afraid of Janille

  13. Wil has no clue! I remember Jani saying kiss Shane’s ass when he won HOH and Wil got all offended.. um this is how you play the game. You have to be nice to the HOH unless you want to go up! DUHH Big Brother 101!

    1. I’ve always wondered why new is at the bottom. It makes most sense to have recent on top! Thanks for the change<3

    2. Love the new comments at the top. Those of us that only come to the site 2 times a day can read up on the new comments without scrolling through 150 old comments. but you also have the recent comment tag, which is what I was using. Thanks again for the best BB site on the internet.

    3. New comments on top is a great idea. Scrolling through all the old stuff to see the newer comments can get annoying. Good job Simon.

    4. Old comments at the top are preferred. Thank you for asking our opinion. I absolutely love the sight and all of the hard work that you put into it!

  14. isnt picking who will go to jury just a bit overated? sure the newbies “say” they dont want a coach to win, but most always pick the best game player anyway. who would have called jesse voting for jordan over natalie? in the end…i think they pick the best gamer and personal connection.

  15. Here’s another idea, How about put Ashley & Wil on the block? Have one of silent 6 alliance play it. Save Ashley & Backdoor Joe!

      1. yes and danielle is trying to say that ian pushed her out the way to pick up the yellow bandana to be on dans team….but she is lying because she wanted to be on shanes team

  16. wil is such a moron. here is how next week eventually breaks down

    cbs will show that wil scene, with boogie basically saying at some point that he just did more damage than if he hadn’t of come up

    and before you know it, wil is out the house, they will keep joe another week as the obvious target, and they gain some trust to at least get a week from the silent six so both are playing in HoH after that week

  17. its so stupid for wil to all of a sudden not say who he would put up. and he soooooo stupid to boogie. I mean, I get it, hes pissed off. but my gosh wil, of all people to give the perfect CBS bit to in order to hand the season villian an awesome way to take someone out, you just did it. you piss off boogie, you go home, congrats wil, welcome to the “statement” week of big brother 14 chilltown 3.0 edition

  18. I think Frank and Boogie should backdoor Shane this week, throw Danielle into a tizzy rendering her useless, and get Dan next oppurtunity they have.

  19. I hope Mike gets rid of Wil, not Joe…Joe is a nutcase that should be kept around as bargainning chip if Mike should find himself in trouble next week…

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