Wil about Britney: “What does her husband think… Here’s my harlot wife with all these gentleman”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

3:04pm Cam 3-4 Ashley and Wil Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Wil is saying that Jenn has released that Boogie wasn’t looking out for her. She feels like she’s been just following what boogie has been feeding her. Wil is confident that Jenn is on their side. He deconstructing things Frank has said and twisting them to make it sound like Frank wants him to stay in the house.

Wil and Ashley are starting to think Wil is safe this week. (Crazy)

Wil tells her if she wins HOH she has a lot of options she can put up Boogie and Dan and if POV is used put up danielle.
Ashley: ‘that would be sick!!” (Team tits yo )
AShley: “I am definitely putting up boogie and dan.. 100%.. “
(I predict the HOH comp involves a gravity Bong)

Ashley: “one of us needs to win hoh.. we can do some damage to them”
Ashley thinks they have a good chance of winning some type of america’s choice comp or a crap shoot . Will agrees thinks if he stays in the game he 2 of them have a good chance of winning the Head of Household.

ashley asks him if he’s had a chance to talk to britney. Wil is hoping they can find some time tonight. He points out that Danielle seems to be glued to her right now.
Ashley: “All of a sudden danielle is walking around thinking she’s buddy buddy with boogie and dan..she doesn’t understand they will stab her in the back .. She thinks she’s going to go memphis with him “ (Biam ashley just figure it out)

Ashley can see that Dan is trying trying to break away from danielle

Ashley: “What the fuck is up with Danielle.. Oh Ashley be happy.. what the fuck are you talking about”
Wil: “YES.. What is her problem.. is she guilty about something”
Ashley: “Ya… she’s feeling bad about something”
Wil shares a story about how she saw him this morning and she gave him a look then moments later Dan walks in and she all, “HEY DAN!!!”
Ashley: “me to.. The same exact story happened but it was with Boogie.”
Wil: “what the fuck is up with taht”
Ashley: “She’s trying to do what britney does… which is hide behind all these guys “

3:34 bedroom Frank, Boogie and Dan
(Boogie is suffering from a ear infection he’s all messed up)
Frank is talking about if he gets a pandora’s box and it allows him to take out 2 people he should try and evict Wil and Brintey. Dan:”Is that what it is?” Frank: “No i’m just speculating“
Frank gets called into the Diary Room

3:48pm Cam 1-4 Ashley and Wil
they are chatting about Britney with all the guys.. Ashley continues with the theme that Britney is just a meat magnet with the guys.
Wil about Britney: “What does her husband think… Here’s my harlot wife with all these gentleman” Wil and Ashley agree that Britney is really good at being your best friend if you have HOH.

4:03pm Cam 3-4 HOH Frank and Dan

Frank is worried if Britney is in Jury she can really spoil things for them. Frank would like to get her out soon. Dan thinks if you wrong Britney she can be dangerous in the jury if you, if she gets going on the negative train she will get a lot of people to follow her. Frank is really promoting that Britney and Shane need to go soon and he’s hoping that there is a pandora’s box that will make it happen.

Dan: “what are your thought for this week are you still..”
Frank: ‘ya ya ya.. I’ve seen ashley and Wil eating lunch it could be a problem”
Dan: “You’ve spoken any game with Joe”
Frank says not really .

Dan is thinking they might want to get another HOH out of Shane . Dan doesn’t think shane is the type of guy to strike.. (Nice)
Dan: ‘So where are we at with Wil gone”
Frank: “once wil is gone jenn will gravitate back to mike and I “

4:25pm cam 1-2
Britney asks Shane what seasons of Big BRother has he watched. Shane watched most of 11 and 13 up until Dominic left. (in case you haven’t noticed Shane was really pissed when Dom left in BB13)
They chat a bit about casting and players that make it far int eh game taht have no idea what the game is about. Britney tells them that both hayden and Lan were not fans of the show. Hayden was cast to be on survivor but was pulled and placed on Big Brother.
Britney tells them she went to open casting call, so did Lane.

4:41pm backyard Cam 1-4 Shane, danielle and Britney

Britney is saying that Ian will never put up Boogie and Frank, She is worried about how good of a spot he is in.
Shane: “do you think he knows we have a final 4 “
Britney: “no !”
Shane:” Lets keep it that way”
britney and Shane talking about how wil threw their entire team under the bus and they both want him to go.
Britney: ‘He’s so freakin wishy washy.. “
Shane: “FAKE.. I just hope joe doesn’t make a deal with Frank and Boogie.. he told me he’s going after ashley and jenn…”
Britney: “If the veto gets played I can see him backdooring a big player just to make a statement.. I can see that happening” (This is all assuming Joe wins a HOH comp)
Britney what do we do if we win HOH next week .. do we stay true?
Shane wants to be true to the silent 6 he wants to pur up Ashley and Joe but if the POV is played they will make a move.

Ian joins them.. starts beating the floaters drum.. He wants floaters out nothing but competitors allowed in the game. He’s going to target Joe then Jenn followed by Ashley until it’s just the hard core players standing. Britney of course calls him out on all this tells him why do they want to get the weakest players out so they guaranteed the lose in future comps? She adds that it’s in their best interest to stack the house with players that are easy to beat.

They start chatting about getting out floaters, Ian mentions how Matt wasted the Diamond power of veto on Cathy.. (Even though Ian is hammering away trying to get all these floaters out )

Shane asks IAn if he wants to win the HOH this week. Ian says if it’s Shane, Boogie and him he’ll stay in it but if it’s Shane, Britney and himself he’ll toss it to them. Ian doesn’t need the HOH he boasts that there has been many great players who never won the HOH (dan and ian had a discussion about this last night) Ian: “I don’t giove a fuck.. the pictures a letter will do next to nothing for me.. “

5:05pm T!T$ Cut them some slack they’ve been playing a heavy duty game lately and need time to rest.. Big Moves

5:51 Cam 1-2 Backyard Shane, Ashley, Brit and Jenn.. Planes flying up ahead
Britney: “Their hating.. patrolling.. trying to catch me ridin dirty”

5:54pm Cam 1-2 Backyard

Shane: “Did you see Ian come out of the Shower today… he shaved his chest and he had a mound of pubs hanging over the towel. .. I felt bad for him .. He didn’t even know it.. I didn’t want to embarrass him. ” ( I think shane is meaning that Ian shaved his chest yet left his pubes unshaven.. resulting in Ian having the Bushy Look)
Wil:”Oh my god the hawks are circling us..
Shane: “JODI”s dead..”
Wil: “JODI”s dead..”
Shane: “She’s dead”

6:05pm Cam 1-2 Joe, Shane and Brintey

Britney saying to Joe if they vote to keep him they want protection next week if he wins HOH. Joe: ‘If I Win HOH i’ll put up Ashley.. I need you to all know I still need a home.. I don’t want to go into next week as a loner.. cause you all know what happens to a loner.. “

Ian joins them..ASks them what is up. Joe explains that he’s campaigning for votes.
Shane: “Nothing I wouldn’t do if I was on the block” Britney and Shane leave and Joe starts in on ian for Votes…

6:11pm Cam 3-4 Arcade room Wil and Ashley
Wil brings up that someone is saying that Wil and AShley are targeting Shane.
Wil is feeling that it’s hopeless.. he points out that last week everyone wanted Joe out but now it’s all changed”
Ashley: ‘They are targeting our team and making up a big fat lie”
Wil: ‘Yup”
Ashley: “everyone is so fake in this house”
Wil: “They are.. It’s like they are all so bored they are trying to drum up stuff.. the bottom line is joe is a liar, a fake and going around spreading lies and tall tails”
Wil really hates to see Ashley going solo next week with them all targeting her.
Ashley: ‘They are all so super tight and really best friends now.. good job Frank.. you know how many times we saved him.. “

Ashley says the thing that pisses her off is the blatant lies.. They voted Janelle out last week because of it and now they are finding out that someone else is spreading them. (The lie is that Wil and Ashley tried to get Shane backdoored)

6:29pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Ian and Britney

Ian is confirming with her that he wants Dan to win this next HOH. But will not drop out until he knows either one of him, Dan or britney are going to win it. Ian hasn’t been too impressed with Boogie’s game this year he says that all Boogie has done is hide behind Frank.

Britney: ‘Wats the algorithm.. Janelle was evicted.. Feeds cuts.. (What does Brit do for a living.. comsci? )

Britney really wants to win HOH for all the perks, Letter from home, treats, bed etc… . Ian doesn’t care about all that. He’s not even thinking about his family or home right now. britney tells him they are more than halfway done the season. Ian wishes it would go on longer.

Britney tells him she’s worried about him and Frank. Ian tells her not to worry but next week is not a good week for him to turn on Frank and Boogie it’s too early.

They start going over date and times of Big Brother 14 events..

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Team Big Willie-style

I hope if Boogs decides to work his magic again, like he did when he convinced the house to get rid of Janelle, that he will work to get Britney out–she’s a strong player, and the one big move that would ruffle the least feathers…


At this point I really want Team Tits to win an HOH and attack the Silent 6 because right now it’s just too easy for the Silent 6, they’re taking them out so easily. Time for them to sweat. The game always becomes boring when one alliance is too powerful and steamrolls over the other one. So Joe, Ashley or Jenn for the HOH. I’m not sure I want Ian to win it, he seems loyal to the Quack Pack amd might also go the easy route of taking out Team Tits instead of Frank and Boogie.
Unfortunately with the way Team Tits is, we just have to wait for Silent 6 to turn on each other for some drama.

Frank has never voted

I totally agree with you..I would love it one of te TITS won HOH. It seems like Silent 6 are afraid to backstab one another too soon so two of the TITs will end up going home this one and next week. The Quack are also starting to break and that final four with DDBS will not last last because none will want Shane with them in the bottom 3


agreed, I find since Janelle left it’s so boring now!


simon your comments on the tits crew have me weak lmao



Fresh Prince

Simon, I have a problem, hope you could help me out. Every time I watch something on flashback it will work for like 30 seconds, then it will say loading, and then it will just kick back to the live feeds. Any way I can fix this? Thanks


I am following @simononlineBB ! Woo Hoo!


Simon I am @gigiandthensome on twitter… follow back… read my timeline and see that Evel Dick admits that he “loves me”… ha!

Team Big Willie-style

Wil is gone, he’s so delusional he can’t the writing is on the wall…Someone would be smart to bring Joe into their fold…I’m not going to lie, their is a part of me that wants me to see him go on a rampage of taking people out, and going far…

Team Big Willie-style


Dr. Jesse

Has POV been used?


Brit and Danielle need to remind Ian that the pics from home, etc. don’t mean anything when they are hanging on at the end of the next endurance. If her weren’t such a good mole, I would like to see him go soon. I am tired of his foul mouth and his increasing cockiness. He is no longer likable. Ashley is right on this and she needs to start making noise to the other alliance about Ian being dangerous, etc.


Just when I was warming up to Ian, he starts acting like a little fucker. I would love the next time he tries to talk to Ashley she says “Get away from me, nerd!”

Aqua Bernie

I call him “the weasel” He needs to go, he’s also delusional!


and he seems to be suffering from this delusion that he isn’t a floater and that he’s some sort of strong competitor. all he does is sit around and talk about how he knows the game so well but really all he knows are stupid facts that no one cares about and he has no idea how to play this game.


UMMM Ian is in the best position in the house by far and is playing a fantastic game being in his 2 alliances…Why in the world would he expose himself, make enemies and make people notice him by winning an HOH when he will have all the big threats killing each other very soon AND the survivors of the upcoming war will still need him. All he needs is a comp win or two in the Final 4 and this guy can win it all.

Keep throwing those HOH’s Ian and don’t do Brit’s dirty work for her–she wants Frank out then she should get him out herself.


.Please tell me it doesn’t look like Frank has a Pandora’s box.I read the previous post and there were a few comments that suggested Frank was locked out of the HOH,because he might have been given a pandora’s box.Oh,does Dan really want to work with Frank?I mean he knows that Frank was extremely close to back dooring him.So,does Dan&Britney still plan on targeting Frank next week?


I just don’t know who to root for anymore :/

I’m starting to hate EVERYONE.

Shane- I bet he misses kara but has to settle for stalkerelle
Dani- she’s delusional and  psychotic!
Dan- He thinks he’s already won this season.
Ian- Has his head so far up boogie/franks ass he can prob taste what they had for lunch a week ago.
Ashley- why does she always look high?
Will- complains about not being in power all the time, yet he can’t win anything.
Joe- chef Ramsey powerhouse.

frank/boogie are actually playing a good game I guess. They convinced DDSB to take out janelle, and she wasn’t even after them lol.

And Britney is at the bottom of every alliance. Dani/shane/dan will all give her 4th. I hope she regrets not stopping getting janelle out!

And I still feel bad for janelle, she may have lied, but she was only doing what she had to do to protect her floater team because they suck at everything.

Team Big Willie-style

I agree, Mike joked the other night that Britney is the best 4th place finisher in BB history lol…He went on to say that she is playing for 4th again…


Janelle was not trying to save them so they could continue playing. She saved them so she could use them as jury votes. There were no altruistic motives behind her actions.


Ian is a little wannabe, two faced troll. He’s getting on my nerves, trying be all “get floaters out” and he’s a damn floater and a little loser! They just said he is expendable to them! Dumbass!!! I hope he doesn’t win shit and gets evicted with no comps won!


Simon, if Britney, Shane, or Danielle win HOH, will Dan let them backdoor either Frank or Boogie? It’s smart to put up two floaters intially so in the event Frank or Boogie win the veto, they can maintain that alliance. If the veto is used in their favor, will Dan allow them to turn on Boogie and Frank? Or does he want to keep the Silent Six intact?


I think that they need to light a fire under Ian and get him to get off the damn pot. He is still hedging and I don’t trust him. He won’t make a big move. He is hoping he gets dragged along just like Adam of last year.


There is no comparison with that waste of space Adam for 1 very important reason. Adam was at the bottom of the JJ alliance and would have gone first if they all survived and was useless. Ian, however, is in TWO alliances that are ALIGNED until Final 6–now what do you think happens when they all get to Final 6 of Final 5 if 1 gets picked off hmm? They arent going after Ian thats for sure and that is why he is setup perfectly and wants to keep everyone in both groups safe as long as possible until they start killing each other.

Finally some smart gameplay out of a noob.


Team Tits can’t even win anything. They will always be chokers.

Team Big Willie-style

Wil killed his chances when he was shady talking game with Boogs and Frank…Does he not realize how much damage was done to his chances? He has no one to blame but himself for going out…I’ll admit Mike is taking it personal against Joe, he said himself he just hates living with Joe…Shane seems to be cozy now with Frank, I hope he wins HoH next week…


I really hope Dan can get evicted as soon as possible. I mean, every time I saw him talk game with Boogie or Frank, he’s throwing his allies, Danielle,Shane and Britney, under the bus. God, I hate this guy. Hope someone from tits team gets HOH and put him up.


I want a newbie to win BB14….. It’s so hard to get Dan out with an Ashley, Joe or Jenn HOH. It’s too early, they don’t have the votes or am I missing the alliances? If Jenn won HOH and Jenn, Joe or Ashley (Tits+1) won POV. It’s a crap shoot, but at least you would get out one of the vets.
Jenn, HOH
Block, Dan and Boogie
Evict Dan= Frank, Joe, Ashley
Evict Boogie= Danelle, Britney, Shane,
Ian is a toss up
It is their only hope however.


Okay seriously, wtf is wrong with Ian? Anyone seeing this right now, him on the hammock back and forth mumbling under his breath repeatedly, sounds like “ducks, ducks, fucking, fucking, ducks fuck, fucking ducks” ” babies having babies, floaters putting up floaters.” That’s all I could make out. I don’t know what to think of him.


Watched it. Full spaz attack.

Team Big Willie-style

LMAO! That would be awesome…

Team Big Willie-style

Ian hasn’t done shit this whole game, I like him, but it’s funny when he acts like the BB genius when he hasn’t done jack…

Mad Hatter

I saw in another post people talking about avatars… Make Danielle Annie Wilkes from Misery! They both love a man who doesn’t love them. I think if Danielle had the chance she would hobble Shane!

Ice Princess

Its great to have the big alliance, but someone needs to start an alliance with Ashley and Jenn. I’m thinking Dan, Joe, Ashley, and Jenn.


I really hate boogie good point about how he hides behind Frank but Ian is just really sketchy. I believe last night Ian and Dan were couch talking. Ian got called into the dr and Dan whispered “he doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him, so many people in this house have to go” so I’m really hoping on Dan winning hoh next week and doing something exciting… (not getting Britney out though)


It will never be a good week for Ian to turn on Boogie and Frank. Brit needs to win HOH and ice his ass – send him back to Tulane BEFORE jury. How is THAT for your Big Brother experience Ian????

Eagle Eye Play Toy

any doubters should jump ship now. mark my words Joe will win big brother 14. everyone is so rattled but him. He knows what he is doing and is playing this game perfectly


There is an outside chance that, do to poor planning and stupidity on the part of the others that Joe could end up in the final two – but he wouldn’t win – NO ONE in the jury would vote for him!!!

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger


He is a force to be reckoned with. He is going to do EVERYTHING in his power to avenge the ones that have been evicted and secure his safety!
Chef Eagly Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger!!!


If they knock Brit out this early this shit is going to get really boring way fast.
I don’t even care about the game, she is almost 100% of the entertainment on this show.
She makes me LAUGH, and she doesn’t constantly spit out retreads of the same old crap like most of them do (I understand it’s hard to come up with new conversations with the same 11 people day in and day out, but Brit seems to do pretty well with it).

Just my opinion.

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger

Yeah I’ve always liked Brit for her funny personality. Hopefully she will stick around for a while!


No nudes this year?


All of this get-the-floaters-out rhetoric doesn’t make any sense, and I think Ian is just using that as a ploy to keep the heat off of his boys Frank and Boogie. and as an excuse to keep them in the house. I hope the Silent Six breaks apart after this week. They all know Frank wanted to backdoor Dan, and that should be the red flag. That should let them know Frank is not to be trusted. It wouldn’t be smart to waste the next HOH on Ashley, Joe, or Jenn.

SOMEBODY needs to make a big move. I hope either Britney, Ashley, or Jenn win the next HOH, because they will for SURE make a great move.


I don’t trust Ian one bit. He wasn’t completely honest with Brit and Dani when he told them about his convo with Frank. He said that it was unlikely that Frank would put up Dan – my take on the convo was that Frank was more than 50% on his way to doing that until he talked with Ian. Ian won’t tell them how close it really was because he doesn’t want to put his buddy Frank in peril. Too bad Ian doesn’t get that Frank would jettison him like an unwanted piece of baggage if it served to advance his game.

Team Big Willie-style

I don’t get why Mike and Frank have haters? They’ve been playing the game the most out of anyone…Dan comes off as a self-righteous prick, but is loved by a lot BB fans(shrugs)…


My dislike for Frank and Boogie doesn’t have so much to do with game play as how they talk about women – the nastiness, using the “C” word, etc., and how they discount the women in the game as not being a threat – they could carry them further. They are losers in real life, which is probably why they excel at this game.

Team Big Willie-style

Mike does have issues with women, I give you that…I still think at the moment he’s playing the best game…Dan is playing a decent game, but it’s not as good as it was in his original season, if he was on top of everything he would give Mike and Frank the boot, but he is under Mike’s spell at the moment…Britney and Boogs seem to be on to each other…Worst case for Mike is if she wins HoH next week…

Eric CA

The house has gone crazy this year. They all say the same thing, at one point or the other.
They all do he same thing, expecting new results.

“I have to trust that they have my back and i am not their target.” then (blank) is sitting on the block, except his HoH week

“It is too soon to make a move against (Blank) Frank” Frank is on the block, mostly because (blank) will not even try to win an HoH or Pov\

“We have to get (blank) out of the house.” “I do not think taking (blank) out was our best move, (blank) was not targeting us.

“I heard (blank) say I had a fat (blank), I hate people like that.” “(blank) is so mean we have to get them out.”

when discussing (blank) “That person was gunning for you man, I do not trust (blank).” he just finished back stabbing (blank)”Don’t call him out, it just makes you look bad. It is too soon.” “Of course I going to get rid of (blank).”

“We have got to get these floaters out of here.” Floaters Floating around complaining about Floaters.

“We hate to get some of these floaters out of here.”

:”I was going to go off dude, I should have told her F***k you, you don’t have my vote. Yeah she is lucky I didn’t.” “Someone has to make a big move here.”

“I think you have the votes” translation you are going home this week. None of them can complain about this one, they have all done it.

“There are liars in this house.” duh

Through a name out there, they have all done it or will do it. It is the most boring thing this season. You can just cut and paste this blog, it is the same tired stuff


I would love to see final two Shane and Frank. Dan and Mike already won, they need to stop bringing in vet players.


simon and dawg…where online can I read the HOH’s blogs (couldnt imagine watching the show without this blog now!!!)


It appears more and more that Brittney may want to get into s showmance with Ian. She’s always around him talking, playing games, etc. Seems to me she maybe even crushing on him.


I don’t know why everyone thinks Brit is negative when we got Danielle over here with that sour patch face whining about Shane, Trey, her weight, her hate for other girls, all her illnesses and ailments, how everyone hurts her feelings. Damn! It never ends!!! And when she says something and whoever she’s talking to doesn’t respond or respond with an answer she doesn’t like, she goes “Anyhoo.” It’s enough to make you want to say cruel things to her. Go Shane and Brit and whoever else!


Did y’all see a few minutes ago when Danielle blew Shane off in the storage room? He had his hands full of crap and asked her to open the cupboard for him and grab some baking soda. She says yeah, and then just stands there scowling at him. The way he looked at her said it all, she is psycho.


finally some one in the house the way britney is behaving with the guys i mean her and frank especially to touchy with each other


Vote Britney off please


Shane and Danielle NEEDS to Wake Up and see what is going on!!! …. Dan is playing dirty this season!

Rocky Maivia

Britney was singing Ridin by Chamillionaire. What she know about that? Lol


Has anyone noticed what a self absorbed pathological liar Danille is? She is dangerous as a person even in real life because she makes up delusional stories that never occurred or twisted in her mind. And she repeats herself until someone listens to her. She is creepy.


Is it just me? Wil reminds me of Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs..it rubs the lotion on it’s skin…eww


Will and Ashley only complains a lot… sick.