Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that Dani thinks she is the POV champ? …he is going to destroy her and then rub it in her face!!

12:10am Jordan and Jeff are in their bed whispering with the lights off. Jordan tells Jeff that Dani is out to get him and Brendon. Jeff says that Shelly and Adam were going after Dani. Jeff and Jordan talk about going up to the HOH to talk with Brendon. Jordan says that she doesn’t want to stay up all night. Jeff says it’ll just be for a half hour. Jeff and Jordan head up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon about the upcoming HOH competition. They start using the jellybeans to keep track of the days since they’ve been in house. Jordan starts complaining about Kalia and Lawon. Jordan says that Lawon does nothing. Jordan says that whey you make your food, he gets a little of it. Jordan says that they won’t even do the dishes. Jordan says that Lawon just sits there and waits for people to cook.

Dani and Dominic are talking. Dominic is telling Dani all about the conversation that happened in the HOH room earlier today. Dani says that she wants to know why he’s just now telling her about what they said about her. Dominic says that he didn’t think she wanted to talk to him. Dominic says that Jeff told him he would really be upset with Dani and would want to punch her in the face and tell her to stay inside when he’s outside and when he’s inside she should go outside. Dominic says that he told Jeff that he’s not like that. Dominic says that he asked them what could he do at this point and they told him to get Dani to come up there and admit to them what she tried to do. Dominic tells Dani that Jeff said Dani had made the worst play in Big Brother history and that he was guilty by association. Dani starts getting upset and isn’t talking. Dominic asks her what she’s thinking. Dominic starts playing with her hair. Dominic says that Jeff was trying to bully her like two kids on the playground. Dominic says that none of it matters now if he’s leaving on Thursday. Dominic tells Dani to fight hard and try to win everything she can. Dani says that’s how she plays. Dominic says that she needs help and her help isn’t looking too good right now. Lawon joins them. Dominic tells Lawon that he is like a ditzy blonde. Porsche and Kalia come in and then soon after Porsche leaves. Kalia says that Jeff, Jordan, and Brenchel are upstairs right now. Adam comes in and says that Dominic owes him a scary story. Adam says that he needs a bedtime story before he goes to sleep.

12:30am Porsche and Shelly are now outside in the backyard on the couches talking about how Dominic is trying to get the votes. Porsche says that Dominic has already asked for her vote. Porsche says that Adam sometimes gets on her nerves. Porsche says that she knows that Adam voted for Keith. Porsche says that they tried to split up the beers and that Kalia wouldn’t give her any. Porsche says that they all are playing for jury and that one of the four of them is going to make it. Shelly says that Porsche is playing the game and that she has a good heart. Kalia comes out. Porsche says that Dominic is easy to look at. Shelly thinks thats funny. Kalia starts hinting that they should keep Dominic. Shelly says that Dominic has not talked to her at all. Kalia says that Dominic is trying to figure out how to get the votes from people. Porsche says that all he needed to do was win an HOH BLANK. Kalia lets it slip that there is an alliance in the havenot room. Kalia tries to backtrack. Kalia says that Adam doesn’t bring anything to the game. Kalia says that Adam will float to the power. Shelly tells Kalia to be careful around Dani. Shelly says that Dani goes upstairs and spills everything to the vets. Kalia says that she doesn’t know if it’s her or someone else doing that. Kalia says that Dominic got screwed which is why he feels that he deserves to be here. Porsche says so does Adam though? Kalia asks but who do you think would be more inclined to work with us? Shelly says if you knew what Dominic told the vets upstairs I don’t think you’d be defending him. Shelly says that Dominic told the vets that the newbies were going to evict Shelly next week. Porsche says that if Dominic stays we are in big trouble. Kalia disagrees and says that Dani is the one who will be the target if Dominic stays. Kalia is pushing hard for Dominic to stay this week. Kalia says that Dominic is the only one who can beat the vets. Porsche and Shelly don’t agree. Shelly says that he is not that much better than the rest of them. Porsche is mad that Dominic told the vets that her and Dominic were in an alliance together. Porsche tells Kalia to lay off on defending Dominic. Porsche says that Dominic will be dangerous. Kalia says that Dominic would be indebted to them though.

1:10am – 2:30am Brendon, Jeff and Jordan are talking. Brendon says that Dani thinks she is the POV champ? Brendon says that he is going to destroy her in the POV and then rub it in her face afterwards. They talk about whether or not it would be better to backdoor Dani or to just put her straight up on the block. They think that the backdoor plan would be too risky and that they should just put her up and try to beat her in the POV. They talk about how their plan to vote out Keith went perfectly, and that is what left the newbies confused ever since. Jordan says that it doesn’t even feel like Keith was ever here in the house. Jeff says and if I go, people will be asking was Jeff here this year? Jeff says that he still doesn’t understand why Dani wanted him out so bad. Brendon says that it’s her ego. Jeff asks why me though? Jeff asks is it because I crack jokes? Brendon says that part of it is jealousy and part of it is that Dani wants to play the villain since that’s what her and her dad’s role was in BB8. Brendon says that you two are so loved, so she wanted to work with me and Rachel since we had a villain reputation in our season too. Jeff says that he forgot about the paranoia feelings you get in the house and how you can go from a really good high feeling and then WHAM… you are down.

2:45am Dominic and Dani are talking. Dominic says that he plans on sleeping in bed with Dani tonight. Dominic says that he is not sleeping in the havenot room again and that he doesn’t care what they say because he is going home anyway. Dominic complains about how uncomfortable the havenot bed is. Lawon joins them. Lawon says that Jeff and Jordan keep walking back and forth to see if Dominic and Dani are in bed or not. Lawon them tells them that Shelly is not asleep either and that’s why he hasn’t come back in there cause he’s been watching them. Lawon leaves and Dominic says how stupid they are. Dani tells Dominic to say that if they say anything to tell them that he is talking to her cause she is sad cause he is leaving. Dominic starts to bash Shelly. Dani leaves. Dominic says out loud that he hates this cast. Dominic says that Big Brother cast eight completely spineless jellyfish to go against six people who are going to play hard, play together and get you in there to try and lead them so you get targeted …and then get one of the six to get you to try and help so when things backfire who gets blamed …you do! Dani goes to the bathroom to get ready and then comes back to the havenot room. They talk about Dominic going to sleep in her bed, and that she will stay in the havenot room to sleep. Dominic says that he doesn’t want to do that. Dominic tells Dani that he doesn’t want to sleep in the other room. Dominic says that if she is tired go to bed. Dominic tells Dani that she doesn’t have to pity hang out with him. Dani says yeah that’s what I am doing even though it is going to make her look like an asshole. Dominic says that clearly they set up this whole relationship. Dani says that she is in summer camp …and then asks how did I get in trouble at summer camp? Dominic says that he wants to hide Shelly’s stuffed puppy from her daughter. Dani tells Dominic that he needs to change his attitude … that he is being mean.

3:35am Dominic tells Dani that no one is playing this game and that this cast sucks! Dani tells Dominic that he needs to change his attitude. Dani says that she is not sorry she tried to make a big game move and that it didn’t work out. Dani says that she just doesn’t get it cause that’s not how she plays this game. Dominic says again that this season sucks. Dani says that she wants to punch him he says do it. Dani then punches Dominic. Dominic says that he hopes she doesn’t really hit like that. Dani says that she doesn’t fight. Dominic says for her to let him live his own life. Dani says that he got himself in this now get yourself out of it. They laugh. Dani says that she is going to bed. Dominic says that he is going to sleep on this board. Dani says that she hopes he wakes up a different person. Dani laughs. Dominic says that he can’t believe he worked with her with no display of intelligence. Dani offers her bed to Dominic. Dani says tomorrow is a new day. Dominic says no it’s not. Dani leaves the room. Dominic says that his big brother life sucks…

3:45am All the houseguests are now asleep…

6:15am They are still fast asleep..

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Wow, Jeff and Brendon’s heads are getting too big for the house. They better pray Dani or hell eve Lawon win HoH thursday.. I bet then they’ll scramble.


I was bored last night, so I went on Youtube and started to watch Big Brother 9. (they have all episodes) Man what a difference from then to now! The show was soooooo much better then! It was like day 20, and there was already a HUGE fight/blowup in the house, 2 people were taken to the hospital (not for the fight) and everyone was making moves….. none of this calling everyone in the house stupid and dumb all night…. the show was awesome then! They picked a bunch of young, horny people, fed them booze and let the cards fall where they would…. it was great!

Even the HOH compitions were better… you knew they were not rigged, because the one I watched the correct answers were whatever the majority of the HOUSE, not AMERICA answered…. I miss OLD BB


I started watching BB in season 10 when it got bad, and production started getting more involved.

Guess I gotta accept this season is the Brenchel Vs Jeff & Jordan final 4 showdown for the ratings.


Would be nice if they were up front with it instead of having us figure out the obvious. that cenbot hesitation last thurs sealed it for me.


Production has to revamp the competitions , houseguest already know the type of challenges and prepared accordingly, especially at the end, THAT’S NOT FUN! Production should challenge them more with NEW and DIFFERENT challenges to win. How about them throwing out the competition???? that should be banned, whoever throws a competition should be penalized. This show is in need of some big changes or it is destined to Survivor’s luck… boring, with less and less rating


I agree with you. I was watching BB5 and it was majority of the housguest NOT america. But the problem is that the majority of the houseguest will choose a certain choice before the game and not play fairly in that sense. I think that is the reason why they do not use that game anymore.


I miss BB from the very beginning season 1 through the Allstars, wish it would go back to that. That’s when the HGs really played the game.


The best season ever was season 6! I loved how delusional the nerd herd were on there thinking they were the ‘good guys’ lmao

This season really has sucked so far. At least Dom has finally noticed that the casting was awful from the get-go


Brenda will never get it through his tiny brains that they have yet to play in comps with anybody that actually try and win. When they played against people who tried they LOST, and what do they do whine and complain and say it was made to tiny feet or threw a tantrum, so STFU Brenda your gonna get tested for the 1st time, and see if you do well and if you win you will earn respect because you can actually beat people who try at the game and not throw it to you or they just suck. They haven’t really earned shit yet they just pretending that they are the shit delusional as usual.


same here. These losers need to be put in thei place and these so called newbs need to step it up. It’s a shame that they cast this season with a bunch of spineless dummies and losers from previous seaon to complain even more. Every year they throw a bone to the loosing people and they need to do it this time if they want to be “Fair” tis season. BB is going down he drain, they have rigged and become predictable it gets boring to watch.


That’s not entirely true. I just think this batch of newbies see to suck. Obviously some are laying low but sorry i’ll be stunned if someone like Kalia, Lawon or Adam win a physical comp EVER. But Dani will be a beast this week. The only issue with her is that during her season, she won comps when there weren’t ppl battling their hearts out either. It works both ways I guess. B/R were on an island last year and had to fight every week like Dani/Dick had to their season. I don’t really remember Jeff doing super well…i think he won a couple of physical comps right? So it’s just going to be a war this thursday. Porsche is the wild card here. Should be interesting to see how things pan out tho. I’m not a huge Dani fan but things need to be shaken up so I hope she wins.


This season is so predictable, the only ones that were truthful to the ‘newbies cause’ were Cassi, keith and Dom (Adam somehow), the veterans are taking them one by one. Dani was too confident, without DD she is in disadvantage, they really were the couple that could have bring JJBR down, what a shame. I’m not following the show as I used to, is obvious what is going to happen. The only good thing I hope will happen is that none of the jurors give ‘Roachel’ half a million, she doesn’t deserve the pot of luck, she is a vicious ‘biatch’! Shelly and Keila betrayed their alliance from day one, then Shelly tried to play the guilty concious for a short time, that speaks volume of her, can wait to see Kaila and Lawon OUT, they are a waste of time. Not a fan, but right now I’m ruling for Jordan, the lesser of two evils. Dani was my choice to win but unless something big happen BRJJ will take her down 🙁


give them hell dom go go go


Porche might win this season LOL. It’s only her that has no huge target on her back. She just have to stay that way and win comps when she needs it. For now, she’s in perfect spot. Both the vets and newbies think, Porche is someone easy to sway if they have power so they don’t think of her as much of a threat.


She do have a target on her booty LOL I know the guys notice it


That would be crazy if Dom started a ruckus and either get sent home anyways or turn the house around to keep him. Hope he does it, because this season is too predictable of the BR Vs JJ obvious for finals, CHANGE THIS SHIT UP.


Dom gave a very good speech last night in the have nots.. the problem is Shelly is just too “truthful” to turn on JJ.. I’m hoping DOM calls SHelly out tonight about her lies to him.


i hope dom doesn’t leave. maybe it will be no eviction


I hope so too, to make up for Evel Dick leaving early.


remember…Julie Chen said there will be a big change on Thursday for the house…lets see if the house is split up and everyone has to fend for themselves.


it will be 10 people in the house so everyone is for themselves starting Thursday if dom or adam is evicted


WHY would they think it’s a good idea to NOT backdoor Dani?? Obviously giving her a chance to win the POV would be retarded!!


H: I was thinking that too. If they put Dani on the block upfront, she def plays in the POV comp….and chances are she will win the POV comp as she always does when she is on the block. But if they put up two pawns that they don’t really mind losing (just in case), then Dani might not play in POV and they backdoor her. Seems so obvious, right?? Of course, this is all not going to happen b/c Dani will win the next HOH.

I don’t know where Brendon’s head is in this game. For a while, he was looking strong and playing smart (shocking to me) but now it looks as though his ego is so inflated with hot air, he is floating above reality. He needs to come down a couple thousand notches.

Dom sure is an interesting HG, though. I am liking him a ot these past couple days.


Because they don’t know whether one of the people they trust would attempt to screw them by not using POV if they didn’t have Dani up.


Pride comes before the fall


I am sick to death of people saying they are “playing to get to the jury”. That is why the vets are destroying them, the level or competitiveness on the newbies side is horrible. Dont the newbies understand they they need to unite together? Shelly and Porche are delusional if it gets down to final 6 or 7 and think that the vets are going to keep them over their own alliance!

Actually, after careful thought, perhaps Brenchel would backstab JJ in final 6, but that would be two votes that neither one of them would get. Unless Brenchel makes it to final 2.


hahah remember on jeff’s season when he spelled technotronics? he sure is a brain!!! good thing he thinks he has it ALL figured out…


BB really jacked the show up this year with the dynamic duos…it has been completely predictable and boring with the houseguests on there to get “tv time” this is supposed to be a GAME…not a ohhh look I am on TV…and the NEWBIES really sucked….they should have banded together instead of being star struck….I really like JJ, but Jeff is getting on my nerves by feeding on Brendon about everyone being stupid and they think they are superior….


But it was hard for the Newbs to band together b/c they are playing against each other as couples whereas JJBR are so tightly aligned with each other. The way the game is set up this year gave the Vets a huge advantage.


when they are casting for BB are they given psychological and physical tests ? it just baffles me how pathetic these newbies are. they are lazy, don’t try to win comps, easily intimidated and manipulated.


I agree with you, it makes me so mad the number of comps they’ve thrown to please the vets. Is anybody competing besides the vets?


One thing I hate about jury votes is they almost always vote “personally” like if you voted out my alliance member I’m not going to vote for you, or you were mean I’m not voting for you. same thing happens on survivor. Hell even Brenchel because of how immature and pathetic they act, they will NEVER win BB because nobody will forget how they act, don’t even think America would vote for them.


No Brenchel is so annoying and grating on your nerves, no one would ever vote for them…they have no morals and think they are gods gift to TV….they think they DESERVE anything and everthing….America no likey


dominic’s best move at this point imo is to call shelly out what does he have to lose at this point she keeps priding herself on being honest then she just keeps lying her ass off he should attack that if he’s able to break this wall she has up he may be able to get her to flip


Would almost rather have Jessie back that have to watch BR anymore


oh Melissa. You could be my new best friend. Follow me, let’s converse about our periods and eat chocolate while watching BB…

Go team Jeff and Jordan

My best case scenario is for Jeff to win since Jordan won last year. But he’s willing to get his hands dirty so that usually costs. Time will tell!


Is there anything BB can do to shake things up? It will be Bb /JJ if it keeps on as is. I’m with everyone else, I don’t care if bb or JJ wins, I just do NOT want to see the newbies go down 1 after the other with Sketchy Shellie in the middle!


It is funny because the 3 people who could have beat rachel brendan and jj have been ebicted or going to get evicted…. keith, dom, dani


Dani has made a fatal game move when only 3 people have left, and now she plans on trying to rally a rag-tag group of newbies who A) Dont try to win HoH’s and B) Cant win HoH’s; When she was with the vets, she was golden, right now the vets are the only ones who deserve to be there, they’re trying and trying in every competition and thats why they win, the newbies do nothing so..they win nothing. I really hope that BJJ win the upcoming HoH and show Dani that shes not such a big shot


For the most part, I agree that casting is lame. If we think Dom is the most interesting then this cast does suck. Dom has already been up won POV and now he is up again. I’d like to see him just go, maybe the others will grow a pair and rise up.
Dani could have stirred stuff up to…she is a floater.


That Crypt Keeper/Skeletor Shelly needs to be dealt with. I guarantee you she cannot win any physical competition. Right now her only commodity is information and cleaning. That only goes so far (See Kathy from last season).

I want her to be the target so she can stop sitting on her high horse dispensing phony wisdom. If I wanted deep thoughts, I’d crack open a fortune cookie.


If it comes down to JJ vs BR in the finals I’d want BR to win. Even though they are a couple I detest, I feel like production owes them. JJ got the Amazing Race and Jeff his own show.not to mention a favorable edit. They sure didn’t compensate BR for all the BLANK they put them through, the segment on Brendan’s former fiancee still kind of bugs me ; and the incessant trashing of Rachel after she left by Britney/Ragan was just nauseating. I think this season, Shelly will get America’s vote because of the edit she’s getting on the scheduled shows, anyone watching the feeds/BBAD sees her shameless fawning of JJ to be stupid because the vets had a rock solid understanding going into the house that they would stick together. Shelly is content I think just to be a juror. Who knows though, she might break out when she’s eligible for comps but the heavy smoking she does seems to belie a devotion to fitness.


I thought it was great when the veterans first showed up, but since then feel sorry for the newbies that their game was stollen from them. What would really be a show if they put all veterans in a compatition together. The veterans scared these people into not even trying. Everyone was so excited then the veterans showed up and they all turned into puppies wondering who to follow next