Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says today she is going to feed Lawon bad information and tell him that Dominic has her vote..

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7:10am – 9am Shelly is wake in the big brother house. At 8:45am Brendon wakes up and joins Shelly out in the backyard. Shelly and Brendon are in the backyard talking about Kalia thinking that Dani is her friend. Brendon says that Kalia was crying to Rachel about how Dani is her friend. Brendon says that the very next morning Kalia was getting Dani’s batteries. They talk about how Dominic threw the POV. Shelly says that if they talked him into throwing the POV …that was a great move. Shelly says she doesn’t understand why anyone would throw the POV if they were on the block. Shelly say that even Kalia called Dominic out for throwing the POV. Shelly says that Kalia thinks she is a competitor. Brendon says what eating?! Shelly says that Kalia was saying that no one will be able to compete against the vets. Brendon talks about how he doesn’t trust Porsche. Shelly says that Porsche is skating by right now.

9am – 9:30am Brendon tells Shelly about how Jeff says that he saw Porsche motion behind Shelly’s back to Lawon, motioning to him that she needed to talk to him. Shelly tells Brendon that Porsche told her that it was her goal to make sure the newbies don’t talk game. She says that as soon as anyone comes around the newbies they stop talking and its so obvious. Brendon says that Jeff can’t figure out why Dani wants to break them up. Brendon says it’s for the jury. Shelly says yeah …she says she doesn’t want to pay for someone’s vacation or dream wedding. Brendon says she knows that Jeff and Jordan are favorites. Brendon says she will never get past being in Dick’s shadow. Shelly says that Lawon has a bad social game …you can see right through him. They imitate and make fun of Lawon. Shelly talks about how she was digging to find out what Lawon really does for a job. Shelly says that today she is going to feed him bad information and tell him today that Dominic has her vote. …just to watch him run and tell Dani and Dominic. Brendon laughs and tells her to do it. Shelly says she feeds Lawon stuff all the times and that it’s just funny. Shelly says that she and Porsche told Kalia last night that we are not changing our vote, you can go tell them that. Brendon says that he told Porsche to watch time lines. Brendon asks when did Dani start talking to you, and then says that she hadn’t talked game with her before that. Brendon says that Porsche says she’s only been talking to me the last two or three days. Brendon says he told Porsche to just think about it, she changed her personality because she needed something from you. They start talking about if Dani wins HOH. Shelly thinks Dani would put up her and Jeff. Brendon says no she would put up me and Brendon. Brendon says that they asked him what he thought the votes are going to be like. Brendon says it will probably be 8 – 0 …they don’t have the balls to go against the house. Shelly says that she can’t wait to call out Dani. They talk about how Dick is a way better player than Dani.

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9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Adam and Rachel have joined Shelly and Brendon in the backyard. Brendon calls Rachel a little mole ..because she can barely open her eyes. Rachel then goes back up to the HOH to sleep. Shelly and Adam are alone in the backyard. Shelly warns Adam that she noticed him sneaking and whispering with them and says that he really needs to watch that ..that he doesn’t need to go down with them. Adam says that he wasn’t talking game he was just saying goodnight. Brendon joins them in the backyard. Shelly notices in the scaffolding above the backyard she can see people moving boxs and that she recognizes the markings on the boxes are from China. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back, the are talking about the weather. Adam goes inside to change his shirt. Shelly and Brendon talk about tv shows and movies. The conversation switches to talking about Dani. Brendon says that Dani goes from being the smartest player to the dumbest all in one sentence. Shelly then starts talking about how she sees the real person in Brendon from what she saw last season. They start talking about the differences in Brendon and Rachel, how Brendon is logical and Rachel is emotional. Shelly says that if Rachel lost Brendon in this game she would be emotionally swayed easily. Shelly says that she really thinks the final two are going to be Brendon and Rachel. Shelly says that she knows Brendon and Rachel need the money… and that everyone needs it in a different way..

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So tired of this David Spade reject.


hahaha..that’s hilarious! Now that you said that, she does look like David Spade only more masculine!


I can’t wait to see what happens when the vets turn on Shelly. She has set herself up for a big downfall. They will eat her up and spit her out but since she’s shown her disdain for the newbies, they will gladly let her fall on her own Made In China sword.


I think that if Shelly does go and tell Lawon that she is giving Dom her vote the newbe’s will think that they have what they need to keep Dom and then the vets will see who is truly with them or not.

Even though Shelly is setting people up she is putting herself in a better position, as the vets even say that they all won’t make why not try to ride the tails as far as you can go and then push hard to win comps. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.


I don’t think Dani is dumb enough to believe it. She’ll see right through it and know what Shelly is doing. Just like even after the Vet meeting in the HOH the other night and them telling Dani all is good she still knows they’re lying to her and coming after her this week. She may have blown up her game to early, but Dani isn’t dumb.


I would totally agree with you Kimberly, Dani is very smart but I was thinking that may be her judgement might be a little off just because she is so worried about Dom being sent home that she might grasp at straws thinking he might end up staying. I don’t have the live feeds so I just go off of what I read on here and what I see on BBAD.


Shelly would be putting an even bigger target on her back if someone other than the vets won HOH because they would know she lied


Shelly is suck an a** kisser to the veterans.

Rachel Is Boy George

I never thought after seeing episode 1 that Shelly would be the most evil person in the house, I wonder what Cassi is thinking watching the show now


Why is Shelly evil? It’s a game people. A game where the object is to do whatever you have to, to win half a million dollars. It drives me crazy when people cry about people lying in the BB house. That is the whole point.


That makes 2 of us. She is so dumb!! Playing the game with the vets gives her no chance.


I think she thinks the Vets will turn on one another at some point and she’ll benefit from that bc they’ll be going after each other, like now with Dani, and she’ll just keep skating through each week right till the end.


I don’t think I’ve EVER seen people as lazy as Lawon and Kalia. They should put in a couple of people who don’t want to go far and aren’t worried about making enemies to call them on their laziness and stir up some shit. That would make for good viewing.


Oh Shelly, your integrity is showing!


Lawon won’t buy it, he doesn’t trust Shelly at all actually none of them do anymore.


Hmm no lockdown yet…. I wonder if HOH will be endurance


Lockdown this early on a Wednesday?


I just remember they would set up for endurance comps early on Wednesday but looking back dome season it was in the afternoon on Wednesday.. I guess if there’s no lockdown by this afternoon we can rule a endurance comp out.

BBwatch MI

if it is endurance I’m surprised they haven’t started building for it yet. Hmmm maybe it won’t be then. I thought they had an endurance for 5th week?


Once sominic leaves i am not watching Big Brother anymore unless Dani wins HOH or the twist is to let Dominic stay because other than that the season will suck because brenchel and jj are just cursing to the finale four which sucks balls this season is boring the only part i like is pajama jam time late at night


Shelly is such an evil old bitch.


You misspelled butch.




Oh Gawd this season is boring. I wish Dick never left. I want people to play the game and stop always voting with the house. Yawnnnnn.


I’m with you Nay. I want dick!!! We should CBS for teasing us with what could have been. haha


I hate to say this because I really do NOT like that BB brought back people from previous seasons, but by process of elimination I want the following people to go to Jury:


There is no way I want Dani, Kalia, Lawon or Rachel going to Jury.


I want to keep Adam around for a while. He is more amusing then the rest of the new guys.


Yep, I wouldn’t mind if Adam won. He’s grown on me with his quick wit.


there’s a good possibility that dani, kalia and lawon will be in jury not unless one of them goes to the finals


Shelly says yeah …she says she doesn’t want to pay for someone’s vacation or dream wedding.

Ummm if you feel that way, then why are you kissing their asses? this is Jeff & Jordan’s Vacation and Brenchel’s dream wedding(if a miracle happens and they win), that YOUR paying for by helping them. This bitch is dumb. Then aain Brenda wouldn’t pick up on what she just said anyways too drunk with unearned power.


Shelly was stating that Dani said those things




In the beginning I was really routing for Shelly. But as time goes by we get to see a the real Shelly and it is not a good look for her I understand playing the game, but she preaches on how loyal and a st8 shooter she is w/ out lying and she show us the complete opposite. She has let her alliance w/ BR/JJ change her to a horrible person like them. Also JJ I cannot believe how we were all fooled by Jeff On his season I guess now he has a little power which isnt even from him doing anything go st8 to his head he has become a BIG BULLY and his comments are UGLY I hope they do get separated this summer


if you had live feeds on BB11, you will not have been fooled by Jeff. He’s the same horrible person in this season as he was in season 11. CBS like him and gave him a good edit so he could win BB or the 25 grand. He was too stupid to win BB, backdoored his alliance member on some lie told by a person he knew was his enemy. Even production told him he was making a mistake by evicting russell, he’s mister know it all and don’t know nothing. jordan wasn’t nice either. i like her better this season


Jeff also gets very defensive when someone asks him why he took Russell out.. He must be asked that a lot.


i miss those arguments between JJ and Russell. We need some more of that in this house. these people are cowards. if dom stays. just may see an explosion of some kind. hope so


I hope Jeff and Jordan get separated for the summer too, that’ll give her a chance to get away from him, he doesn’t seem very nice to her


I also wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel play by herself for a couple weeks.. this couples/showmance business has been overused


Seeing what decisions Rachel would make without Brendon in her ear making every decision for her would be great!


This has turned into a gossipy game now. Brendon, Jeff and Rachel think nobody can beat them in competitions, can you imagine the arrogance with these three, let’s see what happens when the tide turns.


Well I would too if I had to battle against Kalia, Lawon and Adam. Dani is the only opponent they have more than capable of beating them.


If they’re still in the yard this morning the comp isn’t going to be endurance. Last year they had lockdowns on Wed and Thursday for endurance comps.


They’re still in sequester and Dom will be join them there this week too. It might even be a crazy voting situation like the Crazy James thing where they bring back the most recent evictee or an older one. Though I think it might be next week if that happens. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Cassi or Dom are back next week.


i’m thinking the same thing. i think since dick left there is an extra eviction to happen, so i think they will have america vote back in an evicted houseguest?


Shelly’s lies will be exposed sooner or later. people are already on to her. if she did happen to get to the finals(which i doubt very seriously), she will not win.


It’s pretty much to the point, it don’t matter if her lies are exposed, the damage has been done. I for one, will be throwing a party the following day that Shelly is evicted. Her voice, her condescending comments and her holier than thou attitude have me to the point that I don’t care who wins as long as its not her.

But let’s be honest, it really don’t matter, this is the worst season in a decade. It had great potential in the beginning, then reality hit. ED left and the new HG’s are gutless and are just trying to get to the jury.


I think their is a lockdown.. endurance comp baby


i love endurance comps. my fav.


if dani does win the hoh, she is still screwed. she has no backup as she can’t compete the following week not unless she wins pov. i don’t see her lasting long without an alliance.


I agree Dani needs to win this Weeks HOH or POV and Next weeks HOH or POV . If she can pull that off I think the house will be in enough disarray for her to regroup.


Ahh damn I thought it was lockdown.. not yet


It has been fairly predictable, but I see why the 4 vets should stick together. I think its the newbs that are boring. They have no balls. And I agree with most of you, I am tired of Dani. She’s the one with the big head that got her into trouble.


That’s just what Dom was admitting last night on BBAD. He admitted to throwing 2 competitions and brought up the fact that Lawon and Kalia KEEP doing it. WHY??? Why throw a comp? Any comp! Adam just can’t compete anyway, so when someone asks him to throw the rod, he’ll do it, because he knows he has no chance anyway, so he goes “Duh-Ok!”

Adam even tells his DR sessions what a wuss he is. “Oh, I guess it’s another week of ass-kissing !!!” No Adam, it’s another week of using some social engineering, grouping up (if you can at this point) and knock off the smoking so you can compete for at LEAST POV!

What a bitch these newbs are. I can really only respect Shelly and her underhandedness. Sadly, it’s the ONLY evidence of game any of these nozzles are playing. Maybe that’s why she distances herself from them.

Come final 10 Porsche’s screwed. Brenchel were even going on about that at brevity last night. I think she’s going to be the first of the gold keys to go. Sure, they’ll gun for Dani, but Dani has proven to win comps in the past (well, on BB8). Porsche just eats. Maybe she’ll feel the bite and realize that she has to begin playing the game, but I seriously doubt her performance. She’ll just be like “Ew, I’m the new Britney! I’m the new Janelle.” Got news for you-you ain’t either.


Do the live feeds allow you to see the diary room sessions?


No 🙁


Porsche will make it far! So far, she is the safest among everybody else in the house. No target on her back at all. And also, we know she has the ability to compete in physical games. She don’t need it now yet. She didn’t have to win any even after her Key is useless. Both sides of the house think of her as someone they can sway on their side if they have power. It’s funny but true. LOL. When you are in big brother, you’re only left with few choices to make it far. Use your brain and play smart, play poorly or play dumb. LOL. I love how Shelly said, Porsche is skating for now! hahaha! I don’t think Shelly is being mean in her game. She is just playing the game itself. The outcome of her voting out Keith then Cassi after brought this season to a boring mode which is what makes the audience mad. lol. That’s just what I think. She is merely playing the game wether it’s in a good way or bad way she’s playing the game unlike Lawon and Kalia who I thought would never win a competition. lol. Porsche atleast has that physical strength if she need it later. Shelly’s only mission is to get far in the game. I don’t think she wanted to win that bad. She is just doing her purpose which is to play the game. Not a Shelly fan but I respect her game. Big Brother in the end is about the last man standing (may that person is a great strategist, a floater, skater or whatever). It will always be the last person standing that wins it.


Pinto will be recalled and sent packing. gaining too much weight to last long in endurance comps. plus, everybody is on to her also.


Realizing that Dani is a weak player, she needs her dad. I know most would like to take out Jeff before Jordan and although I like the both of them, I’d like to see Jeff play without Jordan.


dani’s not a weak player, just showed her cards too soon.


I agree…I think Shelly is playing the game.
I am watching Big Brother After Dark from last night…Does anyone else think Dom is really rude/mean? He doesn’t have anything nice to say about anyone but Dani. He called Shelly an old ass and said he’d steal her daughter’s stuffed animal. That’s no way to try to stay.


shelly is playing the game. just like people lie and say they are playing for sick relatives, she’s lying about having integrity and not wanting her daughter to see her lying. she could care less. she will tell her daughter to do what you have to do in order to make it, even if it compromises your integrity. a person that really has a conscience about lying would not even apply to be on the big brother show. you have to lie to get ahead.


Shelly is playing the game but did she not lie when she said she wanted to play a pure game she stabbed cassi in the back when cassie thinks of her highly and she flips flops too much to kiss ass she much worse than an old ass


Tranny (Shelly) sucks ass. Her kid is fake and her “husband” is a woman. Her whole life is a lie. I hope they backdoor her ass back to China.

And. PS? This whole season has been geared to pit BR and JJ for the final. Gee thanks CBS…talk about integrity. NOT.
They should not have bothered with the rest of the cast.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for updates…I don’t bother with the watching the show any more. I just read your updates!


shelly’s so called “child” could be her niece.


Im so sick of Shelly with her holy attitude wat a dyke bitch I absolutly cant.stand her. Jeff really had me fooled he really has the BIG HEAD cant wait til he gets put up and goes home. Jordan does nothing but play wit her hair and look dumb.


After reading thru the posts, Isn’t the thurs nite CBS twist the most important question?
Can they have a comp for the golden key HG’s and the evicted HG’s and send the worst 3 home?
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s see this GAME CHANGING Twist on Thurs nite.
I fear it will favor the vets regardless. but I hope it doesn’t. But it is hard to speculate who is in the Jury hse
until this and the specialty awards are issued. Maybe CBS can evict the worst players and salvage a bad start to BB13


Dominic is mean. The real ass kisser who would deny on other people that he was kissing ass. lol. Yes, Jeff has a big head?! lol. I like Jeff the way he is. He is who he is. I think he has a great personality. Pretty sure he’s better outside. Big Brother is a very stressful game. No excuses for rudeness though and I think he’s a much better person outside. He is just one of those who can’t hold on to his emotions when mad. lol


I hate the personal attacks…the fact is, they had numbers and did nothing with it…they threw veto after veto with keith and now dom….thats just stupid.

Dom quite frankly had he won HoH and backdoored B and R, would be acting like he was the king of the house.

I also find it funny when dani says stuff like “you just don’t get what its like for me doing that” uhm…earth to dani, no one CARES what its like for you…then to bring in ED as like a “hesan honest guy” sort of thing, and claim that “HE” didnt deserve this…its like no, ED didnt…but you going around trying to split up the vet alliance week freaking two….DID put a target on YOU, Dani


Shelly might actually be playing a good game. She has aligned with the vets but the newbies still want her on their side. By starting this rumor it could hurt her game, but the fact is the Newbies still need her vote. Should be interesting these next few days to see who really gets evicted and who wins HOH. This HOH should be interesting. Also does anyone know what the twist is going to be this Thursday? I am waiting for it.


adam doesnt seem like he wants to win at all he barely talks but he is my favorite so its hard for me to watch him do nothing lol