Big Brother Spoilers – Lawon: “Shelly is a F’n cannonball and Porsche is most likely to j#rk Dom off in his sleep” **Updated**

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9:21pm Shelly cleaning the 2 way mirrors in the bathroom

9:25pm Backyard Adam, Rachel, Kalia, Lawon, Jeff, JOrdan, PT and POrsche talking about meeting celebrities. Kalia starts complaining that they do all this exercising and Porsche goes and makes cookies at night. Jeff says he likes to get them when they are raw.

9:37pm Kalia, Dani, Dom Kalia briefly says she had a weird conversation with shelly a hour ago.. Mentions they talked about how people in this house get made at you for hanging out with certain people. Dom says it feels really awkward being out int he back yard. (they were talking about Colonics when I flipped the cam) .. Kalia leaves.. Dom tells her he wants her to cheer up. Dani starts to cry says she really upset that Dom is leaving and it’s all her fault.. He doesn’t want her to be sad he only has a day left wants them to be happy. Dani: “you’re leaving because of me and that sucks”

9:45pm Havenots lawon and Kalia Lawon says that he’s going to be honest to kalia the only chance they got is if they can trust each other. Neither of them have a person to trust. He says whenever someone says something to him he’ll tell Kalia so she knows whats going around the house.

kalia says she doesn’t think they are in the line of fire but she thinks the other side thinks that the late night group is in an alliance to backdoor jeff. THey both say they never knew about it until the whole thing came out in the open. Lawon: “I’m going to keep on staying up late… cause why stop… why stop it’s showing you’re guilty”. Lawon says that Brendon was trying to tell him that Kalia i talking shit about him. Kalia: “Yo know thats not true” lawon knows he figures there trying to keep Lawon and Kalia fighting.

Lawon: “from this talk on… it’s me you boo.. ”
Lawon: “Shelly is a f*cking cannonball”
Kalia: “I can’t figure out what she’s doing”

The both can’t figure out her long term strategy and how she thinks she can win. Kalia says she’s very convincing Lawon adds Aggressive. Kalia says she had a along talk with Shelly in the backyard and Shelly said so much Kalia just need to take a step back and figure out what she was saying.
Lawon: “She going to put dissension between me and you”
Kalia: “I think she’s going to put a lot of dissension between a lot of people .. that’s her game.”

(Nice seeing these 2 team up finally.. Lawon and Kalia are playing the game.. now can they win a comp and actually do something?)

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10:20pm Kitchen Dom, Dani, Adam, and Lawon Playing most likely with the pictures on the memory wall.
Adam: most likely to cry while having sex
Kalia: most likely to masturbate on a reality Show
Rachel: most likely to have sex on a reality show
Keith: most likely to be on a dental product bill board
Dani: most likely to have 2 personalities
Shelly: most likely to break a limb
Brendon: most likely to j#rk off on a web cam (I think Adam said this one from the bathroom..BIAM)
Porsche: most likely to j#rk Dom off in his sleep (This was Dani’s)
Dick: most likely to end up in jail
Cassi: most likely to never wash her hair
Dom: most likely to be the first part time model that takes a shitty memory wall picture
Jeff: most likely to have the best hair

11:25pm Rachel and Porsche Rachel is saying that she likes Dom hates to see him go. Porsche says it has to be done. Rachel reveals that After Dom goes Dani is the next one out of the house they don’t want her to get to Jury. Rachel says that Jeff has the most fans out of all of them and if anything comes to a vote Jeff will win it. (I think Jeff may be losing a lot of fans lately but I could be wrong)

11:30pm Havenots Dom, Dani and Kalia Dom says tomorrow right when he has exhausted all options. He’s going to make one final pull for the newbs to rally around him and take out the veterans. Dom : “I’ll take them all In a room and explain they should all go for it and take out the veterans” Kalia and dani don’t think there’s any chance shelly will flip. Dom: “I want to crack Shelly in her old ass face.. ” Dani: “Shelly is a liar… ” Kalia: “I think she’s a liar and sneaky but I also think in her mind she’s playing fair”
Dani: “In her mind she’s 100% final 6 because they told her that since day 2”
Kalia: “she told me she came to play the game.. she thinks that she’ll float to final 6″..”she wants to come play the game like she will never compromise who she is on the outside”
Dani and DOM “Oh my god she’s lied a thousand times”
Dom: “She lied to my face that she didn’t have any deals with anybody” Kalia says but in her mind that is not a lie. Lawon joins them says Shelly has been telling him not to trust what people saying.. (implying Dani)
Kalia expalins that Shelly was giving her the ultimate pep talk.. “I need to show people that i’m not guarded that I’m a fun people”
Dani: “She talks negative about you all the time…”
Dom: “She hates black people.. They all laugh” (Dom is joking)
Lawon leaves..
Dom asks Kalia if she’s talked to Lawon, Kalia says she has talked to him and she does trust him a bit but right now she’s worried that he’ll flip if it means another week in the house.
Kalia asks dom for information about his meeting in the HOH, Dom says they want me to win HOH and take Dani out. Dom says theres 2 options he’s got.. option A keep sucking BRJJ dick’s and hope that maybe they’ll keep him or option B go 100% against them and rally the newbs. Dom wants to know what they think. Kalia and Dani are not sure they need to think it through. Dom asks what about Porsche, Kalia isn’t sure if they can pull her in but there’s a possibility but Shelly will be hard to get to.

11:56pm dani said the first time she met Rachel in vegas she told her that she respected her game play but there was one thing that she couldn’t understand. All throughout the season she would say she was going to vote for whoever played the best “Game” and Rachel voted for the worst player of the season. “This was her answer.. well right before the live show we all got together and thought that if it was a 3/2 vote it would make for good TV” .. “Whats the point of being here”
DOM: “WOW… ”
Dani: “the only reason they made amends with me is because they are scared if I win HOH”
Dom starts to explain his plan more He’ll try to get them to understand that they are the sheep being led to the slaughter.. Dom will tell them that he can frame it that Him and dani are the ring leaders which makes them number 1 and number 2 target giving the sheep 2 more weeks of safety. Dani really does not see Shelly flipping becuase in her mind she is part of them and with me gone she moves up to number 5. Kalia says she’s had a good conversation with shelly she’s in a good place with her. Dani warns her to really watch it with shelly.

(Dom is really trying to figure out a way to fight and survive but dani just doesn’t think they can flip shelly)

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I feel really dumb for asking this because I haven’t been paying attention…..why do they call Dom PT? I also wanted to hear opinions on what is going to happen after eviction this Thursday.

Booty Booty

In my house we thought it meant – pre-teen!!!!


Dom…..said that he use to model part time …so they have been calling him PT….I gave no clue what’s gonna happen on Thursday… From the chat on this site I think.its the end of the golden keys and every one gets to play for HOH.


Off topic question..Has BB ever had a player that is actually good at pool. Ive been watching for 3 years and havent seen a person who knows how to hold a pool cue properly. Dom seems like he has some average skills but has there ever been a pool shark that killed everyone??


Dom had a flawless game last night. Jeff sank one ball during break, missed his next shot, and then Dom sank every one of his balls.


I’m not a fan of shelly but don’t matter what she’s doing just long she goes far in the game… I think that’s a smart move that she went jumping right with the vets


Simon, what is BIAM? I’ve seen it before on your updates and just wondering.

Booty Booty

OMG Simon, you are a fan of Trailor Park Boys? I think I am in love. I think Conky should be in the BB house!

Booty Booty

But of course, you are from Canada. Here in Pennsylvania, never heard of them until it was suggested by our Netflix account. Over the next few months, we watched every episode made…and then the movies. Love them!


so basically now its…. Dani/kalia/lawon/adam vs shelly/por/BR/JJ

what sucks is even if dani wins the endurance hoh comp on thursday….I HIGHLY doubt kalia/lawon/adam will win a mental hoh…rachel will prob win again :l

big brother needs to toss the newbs +dani a bone to even out the game


Dom: “It smells like butt in here.”

He says this as he walks into the bedroom just as Kalia is done changing. Why hasn’t Dom been this entertaining the whole time?


Is it just me, or does Dom remind you of a young, gay Johnny Knoxville?


No way. However, how awesome would that be if you put the cast of “JACKASS” in the house to fight it out?


rachel is getting cold feet with evicting Dom


I don’t necesarily think Jeff is losing a lot of fans because a lot of his fans don’t watch the feeds or BBAD and he still gets good edit on TV so, his fan base is prob still remaining the same, I think.


Yeah. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I have the feeds and I’ve been reading these honest recaps, and Jeff seems like such a jerk now! Can’t stand him. I really, really hope CBS changes their attitude and actually shows all the negative things Jeff has been saying/doing lately. That’d be a nice switch…


Jeff will also have a lot of fans by default. I don’t see any of the others with a large enough fan base. If they don’t go with Jeff they MAY go with Jordan, if enough people understand that laying low and staying out of the meetings is JJ’s strategy and game play for Jordan.

I’m really enjoying Adam’s wicked sense of humor. I hope he’s around for a while.


Did racho really vote the way she did last season that gave hayden the win because she thought it would be “good tv?” More reason to not like her now how many times do this ho say that she likes people who play the game well and she would vote on who played the best game.




Oh that’s right I meant to say Lane


actually, they voted for Lane because Hayden lied to Brenden during the double eviction and Ragan came to the jury house and told Brenchel everything that Hayden had been saying about him and calling him needled*ck and pretending that he was in an alliance with them and he really wasn’t. Brenden was very hurt


oh that’s right…i remember thinking that BR were never going to vote for Hayden, and they didn’t, but thinking back I couldn’t remember why…good memory!!


I was typing on my BB.. I meant to say they purposely split the votes to make good TV


I hope that he’s able to pull this off in time, they really need to stop being so scared of Jeff and Brendon so much


If Dom had this attitude from the start, this would be a much different game.


In fairness, Dom DID have this attitude from the start, but his side was fractured and lost the majority when Shelly and Kalia made deals with the vets. And as much as they’re saying they’re united, you just know at least two of them (Lawon and Kalia) will side with the vets once the heat is turned on them and they’re in a corner.


i agree, he was the only one of the newbs doing anything but it’s kind of hard when you come into a house with 6 cement block veterans in your way…..he even came the closest to Jordan in the golf comp and won a POV – what else could we ask of him…..and he just seems like a nice, laid back person who is having fun even when he is working hard – i think this season needs someone like him and i will be sad to see him go


15 minutes into the next HOH endurance comp, Kalia, desperate to win and exhausted from standing for 15 straight minutes, eats her own foot for energy. It works and she doesn’t fall until the 16th minute. While waiting for it to end, she eats her other foot in between whines of “Is it over yet?” Then she spends the next 7 weeks complaining that none of her shoes fit anymore. Big Brother is cancelled. And Kalia is locked in the house.


You only forgot “and it’s burned to the ground!”


Great convo tonight!

Dom: “I want to crack Shelly in her old ass face.. ” – (HaHaHa! I know I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it!)

Dani: “Shelly is a liar… ” – (She should know one when she see’s one, pot calling the kettle black, lol)

Kalia: “I think she’s a liar and sneaky but I also think in her mind she’s playing fair” – (Well yeah Kalia, because you have to justify your own lies and backstabbing!)


maybe because dick left early that the twist will be no one goes home this week or something like that i hope thats it


yeah, that’s what i said previously. the only other thing is that they bring back someone from sequester. ED said on Twitter that they will not bring anyone back unless Jeff gets evicted.


Man, I really want Dominic to stay. 🙁 He’s the only newbie I like. I hope he figures somehow someway to get one vote to stay.

And it pisses me off that Brenchel always talk about how they hate floaters, but they always keep the floaters in the game. As a matter of fact, Brenchel got beat by 3 floaters last season. And there are currently a couple of floaters still in the house.


At what point can we start referring to BRJJ as “Nerd Herd II?”


yes i thought for a few days this would be his last chance he has to do it carefully because they tried this us vs them thing at the beginning and it didn”t work obviously he has to say look there is no way they will go after you until where out putting you in the same damn place in the game but with less strong players because the strong will be taking each other out pushing you guys further up the totem poll then by the time the dust clears jordan and rachel or whoever will need partners bam you just pushed yourself into the top 4 or higher this could work if they lay it out like this but i just don’t see the floaters being smart enough to realize this will help them in the long run because even if they make enemies out of jj and br they will still not be targets for several weeks


Why did Dani talk sh** on Khalia’s hair tonigth for the DR? it wasn’t that bad. mabye if she had some flava in her she wouldn’t say such sh**y things like that. I still liek her but she was probably just kidding. I LLOOVEEE watching the after dark on showtime. who loves it here? lately they’ve become more interesting.


Probably because Dani is a mean-spirited bitch. And she has this habit of laughing at everything she says as though she’s kidding, when really she isn’t. Very passive aggressive. Where was her smug face when she realized her house of cards was tumbling down?

Can’t wait until she’s kicked out – I hope she doesn’t make it to jury.


BB Predictions: Final 6 will be JJ, Bren & Rach, Adam& Dom or Adam & Shelley. The est are just hanger ons for reality TV entertainment/ Rach/Bren & JJ are like ABBA they are so hardcore about this game It seems the newbies are getting intimated and anytime they show some ounce of confidence it would labeled as them acting out then they could get voted off, like how it went down with Dom. i don’t see any reason why Adam would get voted off because everyone loves him and his fanboy knowledge could help alot of contestants. Dewon will kick & scream is way all the way out the door to Julie Chen elimination bench Thursdays. same goes for Khalia. I feel like Dani could make it to the end if she plays her cards right. and she might.


Gosh I wish Dom could stay. He’s funny and I think he is getting pumped up to get the vets out. If he stayed, it’d be very interesting to see.


Jeff is acting exactly like Jesse right now. I am no longer a fan of his and can’t wait to see him voted out!


Yep take away the muscles and you have Jessie 2.0. Same cockiness, only difference is America hated Jessie and they love Jeff.


-dancing- finally people come join me on the Jeff is a douche bandwagon. I have room and cookies to share.


I still have PTS but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I will never give up preaching how horrible this guy is..


Once again, I don’t get all of the Jeff hate. Seriously, comparing him to Jesse? Not even close! I couldn’t stand Jesse for 1 minute of screen time.

I, for one, am still a Jeff fan and I watch BBAD, feeds, and read the various spoiler sites.

I do wish Dani hadn’t screwed up and played so hard (unnecessarily) and turned on her alliance so early. Everyone is so pissed off at Jeff and forgetting the fact that he’s not the one who started this. He’s the one who rallied the troops so that they didn’t roll over and play dead once Dick left. Should he be SO pissed off? Probably not, but I think your emotions in the BB house are magnified. I have to admit I was pretty pissed when they started turning on each other and I’m not even in the house! 🙂


Yur a Jeff fan so your opinion is bias. Jeff is just like Jessie from BB11, and is doing much of the same things Jessie did


I think you are wrong there. While I’m still a Jessie fan even though he pissed me off, Jessie was jokingly acting funny and doing things to maintain his persona. Jeff is 100% serious. Jeff believes he is perfect because stupid sheep gave him the power. They thought he was cute.


ugh Dani is getting on my nerves. she is playing this game just like season 8 except nick is replaced my dom


I must say I was never a fan of Jeff and/or Jordan. In fact when Production awarded him that Wizard Power (the coup de tat) that he couldn’t pronounce. I ended watching that season. He has yet to do anything to show he belongs in this game. And now that he’s showing his entitled ass to everyone, more people are realizing he’s no golden boy.


If Porshe has a “Golden Key” and CAN’T be put up…..She should start flirting with Brendon….Follow him around….implying ( even if she doesn’t mean it ) to the OTHER houseguests…that there’s some sort of “hanky panky’ going on between her & Brendon. Naturally this will get back to Rachel…who will fly off the handle & possibly even begin suspecting Brendon of “cheating”…even though he will deny it. But Rachel will remain doubtful as Porshe keeps pushing & PUSHING. But she’s gotta work fast before her “Golden Key” expires. I wish Cassie had laid a big wet kiss on Brendon on her way out the door to start things. But Porshe’s got that “key”. If Rachel finally EXPLODES & gets evicted……if I were Porshe, I’d say in my little pre-recorded “goodbye message” to Rachel, with a sexy wink & a smile, ” I’m gonna’ have your man!” Not only would this cause Rachel to breakdown, but she wouldn’t be able to get back inside to do anything about it. This could also drive a permanent wedge between Brendon & Rachel…….saving him from what would most certainly be a loveless Marriage from hell. Either that…..or send in a Pandora’s box with about 10,000 cockroaches inside. Just leave it sitting in the middle of the kitchen one night. With nothing but a big ? on the side. I’d make sure the box isn’t discovered until after dark. This way, when someone opens it, you could immediately cut all their electrical…..Set it up so the walls of the box collapse, or it’s jostled in a way that the roaches will be sent scurrying. We want them in hair, kitchen cabinets, clothes, furniture…….And then leave them in there all summer long. All thru the house AND the yard. Big Brother FUN!!!